"Please suggest an action."

Intro by slinkoboy - 12/21/20 @ 06:27 PM PST #

Welcome to Questden! Quests are interactive adventures, similar to adventure games or DnD campaigns. They often have unique worlds and characters, and there's plenty of artwork to go around too! You can read currently-running quests by clicking QUESTS on the left, under BOARDS. You can read completed quest threads by clicking the + sign on ARCHIVE, then on QUEST-ARCHIVE. Check the WIKI (linked at the bottom on the left) for a list of active and completed quests, as well as information on getting started!

10 years! by Slinkoboy - 04/23/19 @ 01:24 PM PDT #

Holy cow! That's a lot of years!

Four More Years! by Dylan16807 - 04/19/10 @ 09:55 AM PDT #

2009-04-19: <Flynx> Go crazy:

Final Server by Dylan16807 - 12/05/09 @ 12:00 AM PST #

www3 is now up, with the site moved to it. It's a monster of a server that will host tgchan for the indefinite future.

Hooray Downtime by Dylan16807 - 10/24/09 @ 08:40 AM PDT #

A system glitch meant that www1's host didn't send an email about it being about to move between datacenters. That was a fun surprise. Back now!

Something cute <3 by Flynx - 10/19/09 @ 04:37 PM PDT #

This place just wouldn't be the same without you.

...and it probably wouldn't even run ;D Thanks for doing such a great job.

New Server, screw Canada! by Dylan16807 - 10/05/09 @ 01:16 PM PDT #

It's 10x faster! Also we have a FAQ now.

Be Cool, Follow the Rules by Starit - 08/30/09 @ 01:03 PM PDT #

Ladies and gentlemen, the Rules-section is complete.
So check them out and, more importantly, follow them, in order to prevent any kind of problems or misunderstandings as well as any kind trolling.


Rules & FAQ by Flynx - 07/20/09 @ 10:25 AM PDT #


I probably need some help to fill the still empty Rules & FAQ-section. It would be nice of you guys to get into /txt/ and help me out with that, hm?
FAQ :: Rules

Flynx out.

New Server, all hail Canada by Flynx - 07/12/09 @ 02:10 AM PDT #

The transition is complete! We assimilated Dylans-server and it seems it didn't hurt too much. Be gentle with- who am I kidding. MAKE IT SUFFER AND SCREAM!
Flynx out.

Server-load by Flynx - 07/10/09 @ 12:34 AM PDT #

sorry, but I have to close the boards for a while, the server-load is as high as never before - I'll re-open them once there are more resources available.
I'm working like a madman to get this running on the server I got from Dylan, but I have to read into a lot of stuff about moving databases without breaking too much.
Sorry that it's taking so long, but I've never done that before.

Let's see how KusabaX will hold up... by Flynx - 06/04/09 @ 12:54 PM PDT #

Oy! Kusaba is apparently much better than Wakaba - try it out, let's see how it'll hold up. :: Flynx