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WAAAGH! Quest by Master Pelle

This quest is about the ork Bigtoof Facebreaka in Warhammer 40k universe who are destined to become the greatest ork in history. But his quest to become the greatest ork is difficult path because he will face many peoples who are standing his way.


Bigtoof Facebreaka

Roles: Boss
Klan: Unknown
Kustomizer: Bigtoof can customize weapons, armors and some vehicles.
Squiggoth Tamer: Bigtoof can tame squiggoth with fear and respect. All squiggoths will not attack him.
Current Equipments: Armoor of Mork's Wraitz, Da Hellshoota, Chainsword Choppa, Blade-Pick Choppa, Bear-Skull Helmet with Night-Vision Googles, Grapnel, Medi-pack, 1 Frag Grenades, 4 Teef, Some small rocks.

Bigtoof is the main hero of the quest.

Runtsmacka CrazyEye

Roles: Runtherd
Klan: Snakebite
'Ere com da GROTZ!: Runtsmacka have incredibly talents for tossing gretchins with his Grabba Stick and his accuracy for tossing gretchin is almost godly good for a orks.
Runtz Trainer: Runtsmacka have talents for training gretchins into specific roles.
Current Equipments: Bag of Unknown Herbs, Grabba Stick, Slugga, Squig Hound, Reinforced Cloak, Whip .

Runtsmacka is a old runtherd who have plenty experienced and know plenty thing.


Roles: Wrestler/Heavy Weapon Specalist Nob
Klan: Bad Moon
Wrassling Expartz: Luzhador is expert in wrestling moves and hand to hand combat.
Big Gunz Spezhalist: Even his love for wrestling, he is even good with handling of heavy firearms like Rokkit Launcher or Big Shoota.
Current Equipments: Kustom Rokkit Launcher, Kustom Slugga, Bunch of pictures of Luzhador himself.

Luzhador is a odd ork who had learning wrestling from old hololithic movies and he like to showing off to both allies and enemies.



Class: Agri World
Nedvania was once a peaceful Agri World that produce many foods around the system until the invasion of orks. The planet finally drove off the orks with aiding of Imperial Guards and Space Marines. Even since the invasion, the government of Nedvania started recruit many conscripts in the army to defend and hunting down the orks.

Bigtoof's Current Horde

Here is the list of Bigtoof's current horde force.

Gretchin: 25 (2 in scout training, 6 days left)
Choppa Boyz: 6
Slugga Boyz: 8
'Ard Choppa Boyz: 1
'Ard Brute Boyz: 2
'Ard Shoota Boyz: 5
Battle Squiggoth (with Big shoota): 1
Wartrukk (With red paints): 1

Unofficial Orks Units

Choppa Boyz: Choppa boyz are orks who are only equipped with one or two choppas and lacking any firearms like slugga or shoota.
Brute Boyz: Brute boyz are tough ork who prefer hitting REAL HARD with their big choppa. But sadly their career as brute boyz are quit short because nob always "confiscated" their big choppa. Some brute boyz who successful keep holding on their big choppa end up becoming fearsome nob.

Special Items

Armoor of Mork's Wraitz: Armoor of Mork's Wraitz is a heavy armour that come with camo-cloak, backpack and some pouches.
Da Hellshoota: Da Hellshoota is a powerful automatic snazzgun that shots both lasers and bullets, and it also have a inbuilt grenade/stikkbomb launcher.
Killy Blasta Wumen: It is a strange energy weapons that shot holographic images of naked female humans. The blast is powerful enough to kill a human with a single shot.

Orky Cost List

Orks in planet Nedvania use their own value system to making trade with other orks in teef.


Bow - 1 Teef | Choppa - 1 Teef | Chainsaw Choppa - 2 Teef | Big Choppa - 2 Teef | Big Chainsaw Choppa - 4 Teef | Slugga - 2 Teef | Shoota - 2 Teef | Big Shoota - 15 Teef | Rokkit Launcher - 13 Teef | Burna - 6 Teef | Snazzgun - 15 Teef | Power Klaw - 20 Teef | Stikkbomb - 3 Teef each | Tankbusta Bomb - 8 Teef each

Big Gunz

Katapult - 8 Teef | Skorcha - 8 Teef | Kannon - 15 Teef | Lobba - 15 Teef | Zzap Gun - 25 Teef | Boomgun - 40 Teef | Killkannon - 30 Teef


Lite Armor - 4 Teef | 'Eavy Armor - 8 Teef | Mega Armor - 40 Teef


Warbike - 10 Teef | Buggy - 20 Teef | Deffkopta - 20 Teef | Trukk - 20 Teef | Looted Wagon (Without weapons) - 20 Teef | Battlewagon (Without weapons) - 40 Teef


Electronic Bitz - 4 Teef | Metal Bitz - 3 Teef

Servants and Squigs

Gretchin - 3 Teef | Slaves - 3 Teef | Hair Squig - 1 Teef | Attack Squig - 5 Teef | Squig Hound - 5 Teef | Squiggoth (Battletank sized) - 20 Teef

Crafting Cost List

1 Metal Bitz = 4 Choppas
1 Metal Bitz = 2 Big Choppas

  • 1 Metal Bitz = 2 Sluggas
  • 1 Metal Bitz = 2 Shootas

1 Metal Bitz = 1 Lite Armor
2 Metal Bitz = 1 'Eavy Armor

  • Need Mekboyz for crafting.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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