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<Dylan> Why are you uploading images please stop uploading images. Are the templates broken? We can fix them.

<Dylan> To be clear I'm glad that you're adding images to the articles but you shouldn't need to upload them to the wiki when they're already on the site.

Oh fff- I didn't think of having them linked directly from the site. I'm used to uploading every image I need when working on a wiki. Shit, I'll read up on what I need to do to try and fix all that. Thanks for telling me about that, by the way. Trout 18:54, 18 September 2011 (CEST)

>Making the Category:Quests list huge and ungainly with abandoned noise does not help people find quests anyone cares about. It is a more browsing/search-in-page oriented organization.

>If you put dead=1 in the infobox, they will end up on Category:Dead Quests instead, so the full-wiki search can still find them. Or you can list them using words on the author page with a plain old link to the thread, where search will still find them.