The Witch of Whimbly

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The Witch of Whimbly by RML
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Yeriko is a catperson adventurer-turned-shopowner-turned-adventurer at the ripe old age of 43. After losing his less than faithful wife and seeing his only son killed in a robbery, Yeriko sets out from his ruined bookstore to investigate an legend he found in an old book.

The legend tells of a witch, deep in the woods of Whimbly, who would grant a single wish to any adventurer brave enough to find her at the cost of her own life. Yeriko, though quite a bit older than when he was an adventurer, still thinks himself capable of setting out on such a journey; at least until an illusion causes him to stab himself in the throat. Thanks to some powerful magic, Yeriko does not actually die but instead is transported to another world, seemingly becoming younger in the process. Here, his journey truly begins.

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