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List of potential Feeding Soul Elements


  • Pro: Would encourage us to make new connections, Has many of the advantages of will, desire and civilization, could even gain power from having enemies.
  • Cons: Could lose power when bonds break... i'm gonna need some help with this one


  • Pros: Gives us a very good reason to make a queendom, is something aligned with Sol Invictus (to a degree), creating civilizations would show we mean no harm.
  • Cons: Would grow very very slowly, acquiring power with the spread of civilization would be very limited (if useful), No immediate way for this to give us power, possible conflict with Wordblood, pretty opposed to Luna, diametrically opposed to the dragon's shadow, word of god dosen't really like it the way we imagined it.


  • Pros: gives Saulanna a motivation for a genuine relationship, manifests extremely often in sentient beings (desire doesn't just mean lust, remember), the deva itself would be motivated to feed
  • Cons: Might make Saulanna harder for us to control, A feeder of desire pretty strongly puts us on the succubus route.


  • Pros: Light is everywhere to feed on, Could feed on Soul fire light, operating in the shadowlands could potentially make this element more potent once we're able to gain power via spreading it.
  • Con: Word of god hinted it might be better used for a different deva, Overlap with UCS (possibly?), Shadowlands are very dark, would be next to useless in the underworld.


  • Pros: The mental image (Oh good LORD, the mental image...xD ) of raccoon waves, raccoon ropes, and other raccoon stuff, compatibility with hero's soul
  • Cons: Raccoons aren't exactly primordial, and we have no way to spread raccoons or to reliably feed on them. Let's save this one for later.


  • Pros: Could allow us to 'rebirth' souls within us as subsouls, very connected to Saulanna's life since becoming a titan, could allow us to remake criminals into decent people before integrating them into us.
  • Cons: Influence of potential human subsouls, only interacts with singular events, remaking criminals similar to brainwashing


  • Pros: Time exists at all times (ha. ha. -.-) ensuring constant food supply, could (by word of god) let us un-spend titan's will
  • Cons: Feeding on time or spreading it could be very dangerous, the fact that the Dragon's Shadow needed to destroy the underworld calendar to manipulate time tells us that there would probably be something like that in the real world, and in the underworld, we'd have to test our will against the Shadow.


  • Pros:
    • First and foremost, our main goal in creating a feeding soul is to have a better way to generate and manage Titan's Will. You might object at this point by saying that the name 'Titan's Will' might be a metaphor, but names in this setting have power, so the chances are quite slim that Will would not influence Titan's Will. Boosting our new soul's primary purpose is one of the most useful things we can do for it for obvious reasons. Once we have established that an element of Will helps processes relating to Titan's Will, it is fairly straightforward that directly boosting our new soul's primary purpose is just about the most useful sort of boost there is.
    • Will, both as an element of humanity and as itself in particular is suited for retaining our connection to humanity and sanity in general.
      • The previous point is especially relevant because every Moon Hero and Sun Hero (presumably including ourself) suffer from a titanic curse that causes them to periodically lose their self-control. Power to boost willpower would therefore be extremely useful both for ourself and for other Heroes we might gain as allies.
    • Will would also help a lot with convincing and not being convinced in social combat, for obvious reasons.
    • A Feeding Deva of will may well help us resist getting too swept up in a feeding craze, or the sensation of the feeding.
  • Cons: Eating will could be very easily read as 'mind control', spreading will isn't very possible in any way i can think of, giving up our own will to feed sounds risky, the feeding soul might try to 'feed off' the will of the other Devas, may make us feed like the Fae, which is a VERY bad idea.

Future Devas

  • This list was started after post 63712 in the discussion thread
  • Last update: 11/18/2012

Suggested in Pairs

  • Purpose Deva of Element
  • Attack Deva of Masks
  • Control Deva of Chaos
  • Creation Deva of Life
    • Suggested with a noble deva of reproduction
  • Defense Deva of War
  • Discovery Deva of Secrets
  • Finding Deva of Secrets
  • Growth Deva of Magic
  • Guidance Deva of Chaos
  • Judgement Deva of Negation
  • Library Deva of Secrets
  • Library Deva of Knowledge
  • Secrets Deva of Masks
  • Stealth Deva of Masks

Suggested as Elements

  • Artifice
  • Chaos
  • Judgement
  • Knowledge
  • Law
  • Masks
  • Math
  • Rebirth
  • Reproduction
  • Secrets
  • Truth
  • Void
    • Suggester thought we'd need to give him a restrained purpose to prevent him from killing us

Suggested as Purposes

  • Artifice
  • Growth
  • Keeper
    • Technically suggested as Info Keeper
  • Masks
  • Math
    • Yes, it was suggested as both a purpose and an element.
  • Sorcery

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