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Narus' Quest by Toastline

An alien receives a ball in the mail, which immediately starts talking to him. The ball, which is some kind of manifestation of Quest, can apparently do anything as long as it has enough "impulse weight" from suggesters. It features several races of aliens with imaginative biologies and social structures and can be anywhere from vastly intriguing to vastly amusing.


Narus, recently having started a mandatory vacation, receives a strange grey ball with glowing patterns on it. Voices speak to him through it. He takes it to his tinker friend Anciu, who determines that it is probably an hyperdimensional object of some kind. The voices make a request to plug into a source of information, so Anciu makes a device to remotely connect to the Transcomputer Network, and the voices surf the web for a little while. Their porn adventures are cut short just before they actually see any, because they somehow receive an image of a creature in Narus' room and one of them breaks off to alert Narus and Anciu. Narus departs in case the creature is after him, going to a shopping district place. He buys a Steve-influenced outfit and some food. Before he can eat, he is interrupted by a strong, brief magnetic interference (he and Anciu had felt something similar while he was at Anciu's, but much more weakly). When he starts eating, he notices that Basse is sitting nearby and they have a brief discussion. At a combination of /quest/'s behest and his own thoughts, he goes to an electronics store, and from there heads to the spaceport. He calls Basse and mentions the thing that had been in his house earlier. A voice speaks up and changes the shape of the voiceball into a small mobile robot thing, taking Narus by surprise.
A bunch of other things have happened since then, but here's a highlight:
<Shiitake> I'm somewhat ashamed that during the giant leg lick we intruded upon Narus's private parts
As the one running the quest, I have to say I think that is a good response. At the same time, I'm amused that such a comment is something that would even come up. Also, D:

The quest is out of continuity with Flight of the Megasus (there was a link here but the site died), and takes place around ten Earth years before it.


Characters who have been named

Narus 48 Epicentral

A male Silirw Cyral. Approximately 1.4 meters tall and 50 kg (if measured on Earth)

Anciu 7 Epicentral

An hermaphroditic Silirw Enial with a penchant for tinkering. Approximately 1.8 meters tall and 90 kg (if measured on Earth)

"Dessen 1 External"

A neuter Szierkhogh. Variable meters tall and ∞ kg (if measured on Earth)

Basse 136 Epicentral

A male Silirw Cyral who shares a house with Narus. Approximately 1.4 meters tall and 43 kg (if measured on Earth)

Obict 116 Epicentral

A female Silirw Cyral who was on the same spaceflight to Wur as Narus, and saw him save the day. Approximately 1.3 meters tall and 46 kg(if measured on Earth)


The black thing with orange glowy stuff, AKA ???

Appears in pause-updates. Was in Narus' house while he was away. Answered some questions in Inside the Quest.

Known Races

Silirw Cyral

Smallish, bipedal, sorta vaguely reptilian in appearance. Can change skin colouration and patterns.

Silirw Enial

Larger, hexatentacular (usually acting as quadrupedal). Can also change skin colouration and patterns.


Extradimensional mind-controlling shapeshifters. Can change ANY aspect of themselves. Well, almost.


Sorta robot-crustacean things


8 eyes, 2 major limbs coming out at the sides that have mouth-hands on the end. The limbs each have a branch with a sound-producing bodypart on the end. They can imitate sounds and self-harmonise.


They can see in the dark and have to wear amorphous suits in a lot of atmospheres.

Internet Results

Cyral Culture OR History

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Evolutionary history of Silirw species: Cyral
Silirw cultures of the past
History of Silirw-Silirw cultural interactions
Culturally significant events
Cyral Cultural icons
History of Silirw-Alien cultural interactions

Expand 'Culturally significant events'

Abbreviated Timeline of culturally significant events
0-Universe created
1-Life begins
2-Silirw Enials develop intelligence
3-Silirw Cyrals develop intelligence
4-Northright Region separates from Epicentral Region
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39-first government established
80-Natural chemicals discovered with sensory enhancement properties
360-Transcomputer Network becomes available to the public
435-Jeylon 1 Opposite is born
512-First known alien contact
547-First known evidence of extradimensional matter discovered
548-Lhgeehdths-relocation methods are dramatically improved
549-Excavation of first of the Second-set Underground Cities begins
550-Large increase of Lishg activity on Uis
551-Presence limit is instated for all Lishg in all areas of Uis
552-Zauds are introduced and become popular pets
553-Dnids Occupation is quarantined for unknown reasons
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563-"na ekjrhi" is murdered
598-Extradimensional storage becomes available to the public
655-Synthetic Pathogen targeting Silirw is discovered
702-Monner 24 North is born

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Expand historical entry 512.

Presently we know alien life forms exist. Probably no one is alive today who was alive before we knew this; it's become a fact of life. Thanks to the Cramakc, our first contact, we are part of an enormous intergalactic community! Our naturally helpful tendencies left us well-equipped to work things out between their representatives and ours. It wasn't all smooth going, though...

When the Cramakc came in their vessels, no one knew what to expect. They had tried to send transmissions, but something blocked them. Surveillance equipment saw them coming and we prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best. The government had already picked its finest minds in the fields of theoretical xenopsychology, biology, linguistics, and statistical analysis, along with others. The Cramakc were already advanced enough that they didn't have to worry about us doing anything harmful to them, and they knew it. The aesthetic of their technology's was definitely an influence on us. Their tendency to make items whose appearance does not belie their function caused a stark contrast to our own items. The idea caught on very well in the public, giving rise to the popularity of appliances and architecture with hidden panels, buttons, niches, and so on. At the time, their tools were simply confusing.

Now that we embrace the aesthetic, we confuse aliens who sees our [produced things] too. By using certain conventions in construction, we can make it intuitive to discover what an object does, for those who know what to look for. People realized very quickly after the style became widespread that it could get out of hand very quickly (which it did), and the then-active acting group, "We Want You To Watch Us," performed a sketch featuring the idea on their television programme.

The Cramakc themselves rarely appear on Uis anymore. Their influence is still all over our planet: The phones we use to communicate intraplanetarily and interplanetarily are their technology. The translation implants that are so ubiquitous now are actually here by the Wilthes' courtesy, but without the Cramakc we wouldn't have those either. ...

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547-First known evidence of extradimensional matter discovered

Hyperdimensional matter. How do you discover it? From the looks of things, the best answer seems to be that you don't, unless it comes to you. And you had better be careful if it does. Many of the predictions came true: it can have effectively infinite mass, for example. Lucky for us, the first matter of this sort had finite mass, was in space, and had a seeming resistance to spassitudinal motion. It was the remnants of a vessel, most likely from our own universe.

We only know this much because of a helpful extradimensional person who arrived later, and gave us a few extradimensional tools with which we could observe the ship fully, with instruction for their use. To date only three extradimensional persons are known to have visited Uis, but their very existence has shaped our understanding of the nature of our universe, and to some degree the nature of many more.

Along with the observational tools, the first of these people came a simple device for storing objects in a space with an extra axis, the technology behind which has been immensely useful in saving room. She would not explain the workings of these. The second such person helped greatly refine what we knew about higher dimensions, but was reluctant to show us anything new. With his help, we were able to replicate the devices given to us by the first. These first two hyperdimensional people never revealed their names, but the third has given us the name "Dessen" to call it by.

It has declined to give us new technology, but has revealed the existence of other universes and demonstrated things that defy our understanding of our own. Examples include spontaneous generation of wormholes, and its ability to alter the physical properties of itself and other objects, such as gravity and even temperature (which is particularly baffling), by methods which could not be identified. It has only appeared in the last [~1 decade], and not all of Uis has heard of it, for various reasons. There has been speculation about its intentions, particularly after the Epicentral government said that it sometimes walks among us, but does not reveal itself. We do know that it was created as an observational tool, by an extrauniversal civilization that we can only assume exists from Dessen's testimony. It claims that they seek perfection in all things, and that it is part of this process. The possibility of other universes has been a topic of fiction and discussion for millenia, so having confirmation of their existence raises many questions, scientific and philosophical. That's a little beyond the scope of this text, though.

Page ends here with a list of references to other sources of information about the topics of extradimensional objects and people, and other universes.

Loli cat girls

unable to translate


Definition: pornography
Pornography in alien cultures
Pornography in media
Index of pornographic materials
Pornography discussion forum
Evolution of pornography

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Index of pornographic materials

This index is created for those of us who have the most interest in pornography. There is no way to create a truly complete list, but it contains all known Silirw pornographic materials to date!

Ancient Inscriptions of Sex page note: "not too exciting, but this is where it started."
The Sexual Act (ancient) page note: "Religious/philosophical/scientific literature. Funny how they used to all be one thing."
The Sexual Act (modern, named after the ancient writ) page note: "very instructive. I learned some things."
Scaro 8 Opposite's Porn Portfolio page note: "My favourite! All Cyrals, though."
The Complete Works of "Merrito" page note: "This guy took lots of pictures of Enials AND Cyrals. Very artistic."
How to Perform Various Sexual Acts Well (Cyrals) page note: A video series every Silirw should watch!
The History of Sex Robots page note: Pre-Galactic Establishment video. I'm sure it would be handled differently now...
Gmet and Hovvc page note: television series about a pair of lovers, with some explicit scenes. It was ok, in my opinion.
The works of "Tiral" page note: Strange, fantastical paintings. Some are just crazy to me. Some are really hot.
Kink Caterer Archive page note: Features nearly any kink you can think of!
The Sexual Side of Silirw page note: publication for alien xenophiles. Why keep it to ourselves? Not available for free.
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The Complete Works of "Merrito"

(need image from
"Merrito" was the pseudonym of Lakan 13 Left, a great artist and pornographer. The field of pornography was already very old and still underdeveloped when he started, but with such a low interest by the general public, he felt had to really get creative. Most pornography beforehand was very simplistic, just showing the acts of sex, but Merrito was not satisfied with this, opting for a more unique presentation style.

picture displayed: Spectrum #4.image fidelity will not be perfect.
The "Spectrum" series features rainbowlike arrangements of multiple subjects, such as the one shown here. The shine on the eyes is visible due to the use of an As-Eye camera with Extraspectral settings. Merrito possessed the Extraspectral vision trait, and felt that others should see his works as close to the way he did as possible. This influence is also present in many of his paintings.

Not all of his art was pornographic. Even so, that is what he is most well-known for. Though he did not succeed in making sexually explicit works popular, he still gave us some pretty and sometimes thought-provoking things to look at. In this ["book"] is a roughly chronological sequence of all of "Merrito"'s known pieces, accompanied by background information, and sometimes commentary by Merrito himself. We hope you will enjoy it.

introductory page ends here.

The Sexual Act(modern, named after the ancient writ)

If you're reading this, you probably want to learn some things about sex. Great! But don't expect everything to be explained here; there are some things you have to learn on your own. Some of the techniques herein may not be the best for your partner or yourself, so you are encouraged to experiment. This ["book"] only deals with sex between Silirw of the same species, but some principles can be applied outside of that. Now, let's get on with it.

A female and a male
A female and two or more males
Two females
Three or more females
A male and two or more females
Two males
Three or more males
An hermaphrodite and a female
An hermaphrodite and two or more females
An hermaphrodite and a male
An hermaphrodite and two or more males
Two hermaphrodites
Three or more hermaphrodites
A female and two or more hermaphrodites
A female and a male
A female and two or more males
Two females
Three or more females
A male and two or more hermaphrodites
A male and two or more females
Two males
Three or more males
Other combinations

Accommodating nonstandard sexes:
Hermaphroditic Cyrals
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Cyral Anatomy

Anatomical database-Cyral entry
Definition: anatomy
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals
Anatomical modifications for Cyrals
Anatomy and culture
Historical Views of anatomy

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Ooh, comparison, that should be enlightening.


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Bones. Let's see a skeleton.

(image needed here from
Images are captioned: "These torso skeleton sketches are by an alien scholar, and are inexact. They are also not to scale." The bone structure is one of the most differing parts of Cyral and Enial anatomies. Cyral bones are more numberous, less flexible, and plate-based. Enial bones are fewer, quite flexible, and more rounded. The Enials, of course, also have wings, which require additional structures near the base of the skull to attach. In both, the brains are encased with several openings for blood flow and transmission of information. The heart is also encased similarly. The gonads, which are held internally, have protective bones which prevent entry of foreign objects from certain angles.

The flexible, simple skeleton of the Enial (the skeleton shown here is an hermaphrodite, [[for the record]]) allows them to perform contortions that would break a Cyral. Both are capable of [[an extreme frontbend]], but only Enials can reverse their posture, such that (to demonstrate) their wings are positioned below their eyes, with their mouth now above their eyes. ...

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Anatomical modifications for Cyrals

pictures omitted.
Do you want to modify your body at the anatomic level? We can help with that.
Additional arms. Your eyes moved onto your torso. Whatever you want.
Maybe you lost a foot and are having trouble regrowing it. We can help you there too.
As a government institution, we are totally reliable.
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-contact information
-other medical institutions

Anatomy and culture

One of the earliest problems encountered in our history was how to count. It may seem simple, but remember that there are more ways to count than we can count. At the earliest times, the Enials counted on their fingers. When it came time for the Cyrals, there was a problem- a different number of fingers on each hand! The common ancestor, we now know, had 2 digits to its 6 limbs. In the precursor-Cyrals, the middle limb split along the middle, joining with the two beside it.

(need image from
Many numbering systems were considered before a base-based system, the duodecimal system we use today, was finally settled upon. Of course, no one really counts on their digits anymore except as an occasional mental aid. image is accompanied by the text, "The symbol of a stylised Enial hand with its fingers between a similar Cyral hand has become synonymous with mathematics, nature, and unity."

The ridgeflaps at the side of the Enial's upper body, from behind the eyes to the base of the wings, can be used to suspend things from, such as jewellery. This is a fairly common practice which arose independently in multiple regions. Sometimes pieces of dirt can become stuck in the ridgeflaps and cause irritation and other problems. Stretching beyond the earliest recorded history, people have come up with devices for cleaning them.

Several past cultures had come up with an idiom involving the cleaning of one's ridgeflaps, though they were not intended for the same contexts. The modern Enial Language 1 contains a variation along the lines of "maybe [[he/se/she]] is cleaning [[his/hir/her]] ridgeflaps," to be used when someone is busy with some unknown task. ...

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search for whatever passes for twitter to see if anyone has said stuff about the magnetic pulse

listing relevant results
BCI(standard) discussion at BCI Institution Network #1
BCI(standard) discussion at BCI Institution Network #2
Anytime observations #1
Anytime observations #2
Anytime observations #3
Anytime observations #4

Query: Differences of Reproductive Organs in Enial and Cyral species

Returning predicted most relevant result: Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals,organs. Selecting predicted relevant data
The gonads of the Cyral can be further subdivided into 3 parts: The storage component, the fluid-generating component, and the gamete-generating component. The latter two are positioned on what appear to be stalks, offset from the storage area.
The male and female gonads of the Enial are more self-contained, with all the parts inside the body of the organ.
Just like the male genital covering, the female Cyral genital covering overlaps such to form an horizontal line.
The female Enial genital opening, fully closed, is essentially a dot, which can increase in vertical size, and somewhat horizontally, to accommodate the shape of the male member of the same species. ...
picture displayed: Sketches of Male Enial gonad in empty state, intermediate state, and full state.view more images from this page?
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Query: Enial/Cyral Hybrids

Summary of Enial/Cyral hybrids query results: Such an[sic] hybrid is not currently possible.

Crossovers with other quests

The black and glowy entity met up with Truthio from Resonance around the time of the Narus' Quest update before the insane asylum tour began. Frolicking was done.

Other Appearances

Dessen was a participant in Fight Quest.


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