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When I was young, like most young people, I didn't have enough friends. So I made some up instead. Eventually, that became like a habit for me. Eventually, it became like a byproduct of functioning. Eventually, it became necessary to my existence. I live to tell stories. Or maybe I tell stories to live - the exact cause and effect isn't important.

When I was eleven, I sat next to someone I didn't know at school, and that person was making beautiful art. I told the person, "That's really pretty," (shyly, awkwardly, as all eleven-year-olds do when attempting a compliment). That person said "thank you," (just as awkwardly, being an eleven-year-old, too). I decided that I wanted someone to tell me someday that the things I imagined were pretty, so I could say thank you. But, first, I had to figure out how to get them out of my imagination where other people could see them. Art is a little less integral to my existence, since it wasn't discovered until a later point in my life, but it's still something that tends to happen when I'm around.

When I was thirteen, anime began to become popular where I lived. I encountered manga. This was story-telling and art all rolled together in one perfect form (or so I thought). There were a few failed attempts at imitation, but that one encounter shaped my art more than anything else.

When I was twenty, I finally played my first tabletop roleplaying game. I had done chat and forum roleplay before, but this was the first time I did it with rules and dice and papers and everything. It was Exalted. I played an Infernal because the Storyteller let me. Exalted remains my favorite tabletop to this day, followed shortly thereafter by World of Darkness and Shadowrun.

A few years ago, I found tgchan through looking for Jukashi's work. I read some of the quests, lurked a lot, never suggested, but I looked on in awe.

I think my writing is good. I think my art is passable. I think both pale in comparison to what else graces the tgchan. That isn't going to stop me from trying. After all, the only way to get good is to produce a lot of not-good stuff on the way there, and I am at least gifted with enough good taste to not be blind to my own short-comings.

One of those is probably verbosity and the willingness to wax philosophical at the drop of a leaf, so here's a pithy quote and my quests:

Meyichi - self-deprecating icosohedra, newbie, and japanophile.

Author of Exquisite Bride Obsession.