Lunar Quest Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom

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Traits and abilities for Lunar Quest's Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom




Body: 7

Mind: 13

Persuasion: 10

Saulanna: 6 Moon Power (Max)

Wordblood: 6 Titan Power (Max)

Kairosa: 6 Titan Power (Max)

Power can be spent from all three pools, in any combination. Moon Power is the only power that raises the soulfire glow, and the only power that can fuel Moon Abilities. Other abilities may be fueled by any Power. Power numbers are out of date, as updated numbers were not given after everyone's soul force was raised to 3.

Titan Stats

Saulanna Soul Force: 3

Wordblood Soul Force: 3

Kairosa Soul Force: 3

Effective Soul Force: 9

Current Titan's Will: 1



Flowing Defense

Moon Boost

Moon Claws


War Form


Forked Path Oracle: Presented with a selection of options, Kairosa attempts to get a feel for which option is more "favourable". What is favourable must be described. Total accuracy not guaranteed.

Reconstitution: Kairosa can undo and reclaim one measure of Titan's Will from any expenditure (for things that cost more than 1 TW, they will become dormant and useless until that Will is replaced).

Will Generation (lv. 3): One measure of Titan's Will once per month. Improved to once per week with Will Compression. Improved to once per day if dedicated to a target.


Breath of Life: can breathe out mist capable of supporting mortals in the Inner World

Seeing the Tongue Slip: Wordblood detects nuances of a target's speech and body language that reveals the thoughts behind their words.

Titan's Blessing: can apply the benefits of his Boost to others

World Reading (lv. 2): By spending a dot of Power, Wordblood can activate this ability, allowing him to detect a target's Health Points, Will Points and other active statistics.

Words of Power


Cost to upgrade

Saulanna's physical body can be altered using TW, which is represented as buying up Might, Agility, Toughness or Beauty. The other Talents, dickery and inspiration and all the mental ones, can't be bought up, since they're measures of Saulanna's mind and personality. It just costs a flat 1TW for any upgrade and can only go up to 5, for now.

Moon or Titan abilities usually cost just 1, but those abilities which can scale up (which is not actually the majority) cost an amount equal to the level you're going to get (CL+1). More abilities, and upgrades to existing abilities if they have upgrades, become available as Soul Force levels up.

Soul Force upgrades cost TW equal to what you already have (CL). As said, Soul Force 1 is effectively zero because if you had less you'd be dead.

  • CL = Current Level


Competencies are ranked Master > Expert > Advanced > Average > Basic Unless clarified by author, the exact nature of each competency can only be guessed via its name. If info is given, include it below. This section is out of date.


Knifework (Expert) - Probably combat with a knife.

Clubbing (Advanced) - Probably combat with a club.

Evasion (Advanced) - Probably dodging attacks.

Swordplay (Average) - Probably combat with a sword.

Natural Attack (Average) - Fighting things in animal form

Bow & Arrow (Basic) - Probably fighting things with Bow & Arrow

Shooting (Basic) - guns?


Repair (Master) - ???

Smithing (Master) - ???

Alchemy (Expert) - ???

Enchanting (Expert) - ???

Metallurgy (Expert) - ???

Soulcrafting (Expert) - ???

Leatherworking (Advanced) - ???

Woodwork (Average) - ???


Deathlore (Expert) - ???

Abjuration (Advanced) - ???

Magelearning (Advanced) - ???

Theurgy (Average) - ???

Necrosurgery (Advanced) - ???

Metaphysics (Basic) - ???


Deception (Expert) - ???

Intimidation (Expert) - ???

Torture (Master) - ???

Streetsmarts (Advanced) - ???

Smoothtalking (Average) - ???


Concealment (Average) - ???

Infiltration (Average) - ???

Theft (Average) - ???


History (Advanced) - ???

Jewelry (Advanced) - ???, is this appraising jewelry or crafting jewelry?

Physiciancy (Advanced) - ???

Athleticism (Average) - ???

Ecomonics (Average) - ???

Logistics (Average) - ???

Salesmanship (Average) - ???

Tutoring (Average) - ???

Worldliness (Average) - ???

Environmancy (Standard (does standard = average?)) - ???

Theatre (Basic) - ???

Basic Command (Basic) - ???

Economics (Basic) - ???

Horseriding (Basic) - ???

Outdoorsyness (Basic) - ???

Sleuthing (Basic) - ???

Tactics (Basic) - ???