Fen Quest Statistics

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Inventory and Time in Fen Quest.


On Hand


Small Bag with Coin Pouch
25 Copper
5 Silver
Coin Pouch
Custom Armor
Scimitar: Sharp Enchantment
Healing Cloth


Light Armor with underclothes.
Coin Pouch
Small Bag
Metal Oils
Leather and Cloth Scraps
Upkeep Miscellany
Fen's belongings:
80 Copper
40 Silver
30 Arrows
2 Enchanted Arrows (Piercing)
2 Lightstone Arrows
Carving Knife: Sharp Enchantment
Lightstones (2)
2 Torches
10 Day Rations
2 day Canteen
3 Medium Bottles of Oil
1 Vial of Tomato's Poison
1 Vial of Peaches' Poison Antidote
Small Empty Vial
Copper Seal of a Greater Knight (Orjin)
50 feet of rope
4 stakes
Thick Gloves
Thick Socks
Bundles of spare warm clothes and blankets.



Day of Basic Rations: 3 Copper
1 Good Meal - 3 Copper
Pint of Basic Booze - 2 copper
1 day of water (no canteen) - 1 copper


Small Bag - 6 Copper
Backpack - 2 Silver
Small Bottle - 4 copper
Medium Bottle - 2 Silver
Oil (for small vial) - 1 copper
Oil (for medium vial) - 2 copper
Firewood for one campfire - 1 copper
Pickaxe - 10 Silver
Hammer - 8 Silver
Torch - 4 Copper


Longsword - 60 Silver
Bow - 40 Silver
Arrows - 2 copper each
Dagger - 40 Silver


Chainmail - 60 Silver
Scalemail - 80 Silver
Full Platemail (Custom fit, including helmet and visor) - 400 Silver, 1 Week


(Orjin's Supply Box/Army Bank)

40 Silver
19 Gold
Moss's sketch of Krix's palace and town
Kimankara Set
1 Longsword
Heavy, Partial Plate Armor (Standard, Decent Fit)
Lemon Berries

Crow Zone

Note: Contents may be moved while Fen is not in communication with crows.
305 Gold
3 Mithril Coins
Noble Bag (Rasyan's)
Cloth (Rasyan's) (Some bloodied)
Noble Clothes (Rasyan's)
Gold Necklace (Rasyan's)

Cheese, Outdated

28 Copper
22 Silver
Half Vial of Tomato Poison
Various Stationary
Croc's Knife
Fancy Dress
Red Cloth

Dropped in Anomaly

Medium Backpack
Leather Armor Set
50 feet of rope
Metal Stakes
Firestarter Set
19 Arrows

Dates and Times of Interest

Each season is 100 days.

Next Warp: 62nd of Spring
Next Mail Delivery: 62rd-63th of Spring
Expected delivery of full armor set: 65th of Spring

Current Date

56th of Spring, Year 242. Morning: deciding what to do

Letter Delivery/Receive

41st: Letters received from Zizi and Cheese. Letter sent to Zizi
48th: Letters received from Zizi Cheese, and Moss. Letter sent to Zizi.
54th: Letters received from Fen's mother. Letter sent to Cheese, Moss and Zizi. Letter expected on 55th from Zizi.

Coin Economy

1 Gold is worth about 40 silver or 180 copper, while 1 silver is worth 4.5 copper.
1 Mithril coin is worth exactly 1000 gold regardless of economic fluctuations.
A peasant usually makes about 1-3 copper per day, while skilled labor approximately 1 silver per day.
Exact values change between regions and time, and these are approximate values.

Military Rank & Title

Current Rank/Title - Greater Blood Knight