Coxwette/Quest Log

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A Quest Log for Coxwette.


New in Town

☑ Get a job
☑ Find a place to stay
+20 exp

New Visitor

☐ Get at least one new guest at the Plath House


☐ Get new food to serve at the Plath House

Le Pannier, hon hon hon

☑ Become a bakery delivery boy
+20 exp

Special Sauce

☐ Find some alcohol for Penny to serve in the Cafe.

Better Books

☑ Find better books for Miss Angela
☑ Deliver new books to the schoolhouse
+20 exp

Get the Mail

☑ Get the mail for Rita
+30 exp

Some Postman is Grooving

☐ Read the love letter

A Date? You mean those dried fruits?

☑ Take a Coxwette citizen on a date
+50 exp
c@ d8!
anal:third date?


☐ Help Naz prank the Plaths.
☑ Get bent Naz
+50 exp

Forty Whacks

☐ Escape the Plath House.


☑ Talk to Lofty Loraine.
☐ Find Cletus' letter
→Ghost blowjob?

Safe Safe

☐ Open the wall safe.


☐ Talk to Susanna about the businessman.

Educational Technology

☑ Get a computer set up at the schoolhouse
+30 exp

Hungry for Apples?

☐ Get apples for the Shoppe Stoppe.


☑ Hang three event posters for Geoff.
+20 exp


☑ Get the name of Naz’s blog
☑ Read some of Selma's fanfiction.
+30 exp

Prank You, Come Again

☑ Prank Penny's cafe
+20 exp

Getting to the Bottom of This

☑ Find the post office Booty Bandit
+10 exp

The Lineage

☐ Gain entry to the catacombs
☐ Locate 'The Lineage of Nelson Plath'

Naz and Charlie make a Porno

☐ Get costumes for the shoot

Chest Day

☐ Open the chest in the Plath House's attic

Horse Puns

☐ Think of clever name for horse-railing mission
A Roll in the Hay
Saddle Up
Mount and Laid
Why the Dong Face

A Well Job Done

☑ Help Rachael fill the Coxwette well with concrete
+20 exp


Sunny Bee

Deliver doughnuts to the Coxwette Police Force.
+10 exp

Baguette Gette

Deliver pastries everywhere in town
+50 exp

She was a Dancing 'Yeen

☑ Dance with Rachel
+20 exp

Moaning Mona

☑ Sex Ramona Plath
+100 exp

Doing I.T

☑ Fuck Naz Leibowitz
+100 exp

Reverse Cowsquirrel

☑ Fuck Selma Hall
+100 exp

Total EXP



131 bux