AsteroidQuest/Three Stripes Intermission

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The Three Stripes Intermission is an individual story arc within the larger AsteroidQuest.

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Three Stripes

Three Stripes is a predator! Which means he likes to hang with his nuemono buddies, and control neumono buddies, and eat nuemono buddies. Except he doesn't really like to do those last two anymore, since he discovered it's really wonderful to have friends he doesn't have to tell to like him and that's worth not eating them.

Three Stripes and his tribe-hive buddies have a new home, away from their old one. There's no more salikai, but there are strange outsider neumono instead.



Giant is the Queen of the tribal hive and Three Stripe's friend. She's the biggest neumono he's ever seen and is really strong, and puts teeth she has won in fights in her ears.

She can be kind of overprotective of Three Stripes at times.



Crown is a member of the tribal hive and another one of Three Stripe's friends. She wears a funny hat she got from her mother made from the feathers of a special bird.

She kind of has a problem with Silent.



A funny horned person who works with the outsider neumono. He comes in to talk with Three Stripes and the hive, and to ask Three Stripes things, and he uses a metal thing to make pictures to talk because he doesn't have empathy and he doesn't know the hive's words and they don't know his words either.

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A strange, tiny neumono with the ability to silence her own empathy. She's kind of weird, but Three Stripes considers her a friend anyways. His buddies don't seem to like her very much, though.

She wants to train for some reason.