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Art. by Radio

The first quest by Radio, that deals with emotional art students, and social rpg interaction.


The art style of Art. is done in MS Paint, as is the tradition of Quests. The art is sketchier, unpolished and raw, to reflect the themes of the main characters 'Scruffy' attribute, as well as to fit the theme of an unkempt college student trying to figure out who it is that they are while dealing with an annoying 'Quest' meddling with their life.

Occasionally the panel by panel style will change to a more talk sprite, like rpg page, where in the players will be offered a variety of options ranging from 'Reflect' to 'Escape.' These were inspired by the traditional battle menus found in JRPG Games, as well as the general style of Visual Novels.


Connor: The main protagonist...kinda. A ponytailed illustration major with a case of the melancholies, and a craving for anime. He's apathetic to the concept of being a 'PC' if not straight up annoyed with the life at times, but does find comfort in the fact that of all rpgs, he's in a non-combat oriented far.

Sean: The hometown best friend of Connor, and the second PC introduced to the reader. A smart witted video game addict with a taste for calling out Connor's bullshit, Sean spends his days studying at OSU in the STEM program, while also involving himself in fencing and socializing with his group of hometown buddies.

Mason: The at school best friend of Connor, who lives on the first floor of the dorm building, as well as real life. Unlike Connor, Mason is a driven young man who won't stop until he reaches what he considers to be perfection, in both his art and lifestyle. He's been known to be a clean freak, much to the chagrin of Connor, and happens to create an strange atmosphere when near him. He is a PC who takes it with stride, hoping the readers lead him down a path that won't get him killed.

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