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This quest is all about the metagaming of trying to play one of the most complicated tabletop RPGs ever. With a little luck we may even make it through enough metagaming to experience some gaming too.

The game that it's all based on is Atlas Games' Ars Magica, 4th edition. Its sourcebook is available for free from the SJ Games online store if you sign up:

It can also be found here:

House Rules

The material in the main-book of Ars Magica is complicated, partially-incomplete, inconsistent, occasionally mistaken, and inadequately balanced, as well as not strictly intended for forum-play use. The QM is aware of this and working to fix things, which means that as play progresses a series of differences from what's in the main book will accumulate to address both these shortcomings and player preferences.

  1. We hadn't even started playing, or finishing character generation when we got our first one: The +1 Faerie Magic virtue deals with non-Hermetic learning and use of the magic that fairies have.
  2. The Magical Deficiency flaw has been adjusted so that instead of -1 'Minor' and -2 'Major' deficiencies there is now -1 Minor, -2 Serious and -3 Critical deficiencies. Those respectively reduce the effective prowess in using an art by -3, dividing it in half, and dividing the whole total in half for all casting, laboratory and other use totals (but not learning limits) involving the art.