A Small Quest/Inventory

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Inventory for A Small Quest.


Sam's Bag
It holds your stuff! Contains various tools appropriate for an archaeological dig.
Rope Dispenser
Jaina carries this miraculous piece of lostech that generates a continuous and retractable spool of rope.
A handwritten collection of jokes recorded by Anet. Serves a practical use as a textbook of Formican language.
It turns things on and off. What exactly those things are, we're not sure yet.
Fire Extinguisher
A robust piece of lostech, it shoots out extinguishing foam with an incredible amount of recoil.
Mirror Lens
A valuable piece of lostech, capable of recording a short video and playing it back as a hologram. Upon closer inspection, it is in fact a fully functional camera capable of much longer holographic recordings and has many old recordings stored.
Mysterious Bone Shard x1
A sample of an anatomically inaccurate skeleton you found. It feels like plaster.
Insulation Shards
Fragments of the mysterious substance shrouding the Great Temple's interior. What could have broken these fragments off?
Camo Cloak
A poncho made of treated leaves that blends well into shadows.
Rubber Glove
Just the one. Shockproof, but not roof collapse-proof.
Mystery Sphere
A heavy and perfectly round shiny sphere. It's cool to the touch.
Rolling Suitcase
An ancient and durable piece of luggage. Storage you can rely on!
Precursor Casualwear
The uniform of pre-collapse temple dwellers. One size fits all.
Serum Experiment X-0.X
A failed prototype of a drink meant to kickstart fertility rates, chock full of pheromones and feel-good chems. It's bright pink.
Scrap of Armor
A dinner-plate sized pad of kevlar-like material. Good against impacts and electrically insulated.


Very Pointy Stick
(Jaina) A spear-length piece of plastic, basically a toothpick. Strong materials are hard to come by in the Great Temple and harder to fashion into weapons. (Scalpels: Pointiness++)
Poking Stick
(Anet) Sometimes a scalpel tied to a splinter is all you need to poke a hole in things. (Scalpel: Pointiness+)
Crude Pickaxe
(Sam) Sometimes a staple tied to a splinter is all you need to poke a hole in things.
Ancient Pistol
(Sam) It looks like a gun, and probably shoots like a gun, but there's no removable magazine.
Surgical Buzzaxe
(Anet) A surgical sawblade strapped to a rubber grip. You could slice a very tiny pizza with it.
Zap Spear
(Pent): A metal spear wired up to a battery to deliver painful shocks.