Super Clothing Damage Adventure

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Super Clothing Damage Adventure by Uplifted

In which a girl gets magic powers and guiding voices for her birthday and sets out on her clothing damage league challenge.

Unfortunately, the quest was cancelled, and wrapped up at a premature end.

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Known Character Abilities


  • Base Abilities
    • Fireballs
      • Fireshields: Aria can block weak attacks using fireballs, though this may also be used as an on-touch attack.
      • Explosion: Aria’s flames explode outward with enormous force, massively damaging both her own clothing and her opponent’s, and potentially deflecting any attack if timed correctly.
      • Firesuit: Aria may light up her body with a slow burning flame, making her too hot for some opponents to touch, and doing damage to vulnerable parts of an opponent's clothing, such as buttons, straps or stitching. However, it will also slowly burn away Aria's clothing while active.
      • Rocket Blast: Aria can unleash a sudden, powerful blast of fire from her skin, propelling her or blasting anything unfortunate enough to be in it's path! It is an instant move, and cannot be maintained.
    • Intangibility
      • Intangible touch: Aria may turn any nonliving object she touches with her bare skin intangible so long as she continues to make contact with it.
      • Bum Rush: If Aria gains enough momentum, she can pass through opponents and objects, but this exhausts her power, so intangibility is on cooldown for a couple seconds.
      • Phasesprint: Aria can punch her feet through the ground to boost her speed, but looses all traction. The more speed she gains, the harder it is to stop.
      • Slingshot: With enough momentum and a thick enough material, Aria can pass through a surface, and be vaulted back out with the same velocity. This is not 100% reliable however, as Aria will not always be able to steady herself after being spit back out.
  • Item Combos
    • Sword
      • [Fireshield] + [Channel Sword] = [Fiery Parryblade]: This combination sets any channel weapon ablaze, but causes it to repel other objects.
      • [Intangible Touch] + [Channel Sword] = [Phaseblade]: This makes the blade pass through all objects, unless Aria focuses on specific ones to stay solid.
      • [Intangible Touch] + [fireshield] + [Channel Sword] = [Fiery Phaseblade]: Like the phaseblade, except repulsive. And on fire.
      • [Explosion] + [Channel Sword] = [Bladesplosion]: Sword explodes. May or may not harm Aria’s clothing depending on how and where she’s holding the sword.


Abbey's appearances Inside the Quest.

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