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Statistics for characters in Dungeoneer.


Power: Represents strength and focused application of it. Increases damage for most attack types.
Vitality: Endurance and ability to take damage.
Accuracy: Precision of strikes and actions.
Speed: Quickness in action.
Wits: Quickness in thought, processing complex situations and doing things on the fly. Adjusts casting speed.
Skill: Affects the complexity of techniques someone can learn.
Spirit: Capacity for surges of effort. A second wind, of sorts. Adjusts spell magnitude.
Luck: How fortunate someone is.

Rank A: Superb.

Rank B: Excellent.

Rank C: Proficient.

Rank D: Undeveloped.

Rank E: Inept.


Power: B
Vitality: B
Accuracy: D
Speed: D
Wits: E
Skill: C
Spirit: S
Luck: E


Level 2 Homunculus

A mysterious golem girl from a lost era. A lush body fashioned of clay and stone that's embraced nature to house a frightful spirit, though she's not entirely comfortable in her skin. The engine of calamity that drives her goes where it will.

Detected Abilities

Woody Homunculus Body
Deem's body is an amalgam of alchemically treated clay, stone and plants animated by her magic. This makes her difficult to injure and even her bare hands are effective weapons. She's refined an incomplete form of golemetry's Fourth Magic, the capacity to connect to the world, which makes her body more lifelike. She can eat and drink, and benefit from potions and healing magic. She gain small amounts of mana from respiring, sunbathing, eating and drinking. Living things grow and heal faster in her presence.
Distill and Disperse Modes
Deem has two forms. Distill Mode refines and process energy, while Disperse Mode spreads it. Disperse Mode loses access to Spell Revolution and instead gains Earth Surge.
Gigant Mode
Deem can heal and enlarge herself by absorbing additional earth, clay and loose rock into her body. The degree of physical improvement depends on size and the quality of materials used. Integrated plants grow to fit. A larger body is more mana intensive to move.
By slowly infusing it with her mana, Deem can shape earth and stone like clay. The stone tools she can create with it are of high quality considering their material.
Hidden Reservoir
Deem can refill the mana reserves available to her golem body by drawing upon the energy stored in her Dungeon Heart. This gives her a mana capacity that vastly exceeds that of an ordinary magic user. However, the majority of the spells she remembers are designed for use in dungeons or rituals and hence are quite expensive.
Ancient Power
Deem has strong affinities for earth magic, reinforcement, enchantment, curses and golemetry. However, due to Deem's limited circulation speed, simple spells are extremely slow compared an ordinary mage. Deem knows no Rote Spells, meaning there are no spells she can reliably cast under pressure.
High-Speed Ritual
The extraordinary density of mana channels in Deem's Heart fragment and her familiarity with massively parallel activations allows her to cast high complexity spell in a fraction of the time it would normally take.
Damaged Spell Channels
The damage which removed a fragment from Deem's Heart has lingering consequences, as some of her channels cross the cleaved surface. These severed circuits are not entirely responsive to Deem's control and cannot open or close properly, causing slow mana leakage. Additionally, if she's careless or unlucky when casting spells, she might activate a damaged channel.

Earth Surge (Disperse only): Deem can momentarily amplify her physical abilities with a pulse of mana. It loses effectiveness if she's not in contact with the ground.

Spell Revolution (Distill only)
Nearly completed spells are circulated continuously in a closed loop of fully intact mana channels, allowing it to be cast very quickly when required. This is preset to a handful of rote spells and each spell takes a considerable amount of time to reconstruct following cast.
Rote Spells
In My Image: Copies magical effects affecting Deem to the target. This can also be used to suppress magic currently affecting the target prior to casting the spell.
Sculpted Simulacrum: Conjures a effigy of the target constructed of materials based on its surroundings and animates it as a golem. It's able to mimic some of the target's abilities.
Ritual Spells
False Idol - Verdant Image: Deem accumulates power within her golem body, allowing access to both Distill and Disperse mode and gradually magnifying their power. This happens by her spending time in a shrine and people bringing her offerings or seeking her out. Her healing aura is intensified and magic items, treasures and denizens that spend time in her presence have a chance of being enhanced. This ritual remains in effect until she disperses the power as a dungeon spell, spends a day outside her territory or fights as an aggressor. Deem must accept a large offering to activate this rite.

Special Equipment

Focus Medallion
A medallion for trainee mages that resists the activation of spell channels. While it's a slight hindrance to Deem, it should reduce misfires by her damaged spell channels.
Crystal Lens
A basic lens for scanning creatures.
657 gold pieces

Power: E
Vitality: D
Accuracy: E
Speed: C
Wits: A
Skill: C
Spirit: A
Luck: D

Reisarf Silen

Lvl 2 Human Alienist

A young magical prodigy wielding a chimerical staff, eyes opened to the lore of the outer spheres. His spell channels have outstanding capacity and processing speed but his pact with Stargazer has left him fragile and his accuracy is abysmal. Although if the explosions are big enough, you don't really need to aim?

Sometimes a girl.

Detected Abilities

Is it from staring unblinking into the eye of eternity or just his nature? Reisarf is extraordinarily laid back. He is immune to fear and resists all mind influencing effects.
Reisarf is bonded to Stargazer and she has tutored him in the destructive and alien principles known to the Far Ones. It draws upon their understanding of distance, space and the illusion of form as well as bizarre spells drawing on the elements they have contaminated: shadow and water. Since these principles are difficult for a human mind to understand, Reisarf relies heavily on rote spells in battle, and has increased difficulty casting without Stargazer's aid.
Secondary Storage
Reisarf can create a secondary reserve of mana inside her body by moving part of her normal pool of mana into it. Once created it is isolated and her mana will refill naturally. The secondary reserve can then be unsealed at any time to refill her mana pool.
Rote Spells
Stray Illume: A scattershot-style blast of magic missiles.
Gazerbeam: A magical laser. Power is enhanced when channelled through Stargazer.
Starlight Destroyer: A level 1 wizard should not have this spell. Full power destruction. Somewhat risky to cast.
Spatial Warp: Teleports Reisarf several feet from her current position. Can be automatically activated with a high probability of success when attacked. The exit point is in line of sight, difficult to predict and the spell is disorientating to use.
Evil Eye: A paralysing curse that breaks the enemy's concentration and interferes with their movement.
Curse of Formlessness: A curse that attacks a creature's definition of its own shape, causing weakness and loss of coordination. On a spectacular success, they are transformed into a slime-like creature.
Spatial Extrusion: Creates extra space, making an area larger. A spatial extrusion that would extend solid material instead fills the area with dark water that defies gravity. The space collapses violently when cancelled.
Ritual Spells
Matter Virus: A spell that mingles features of one material with another, creating a hybrid material with some of the properties of both.

Special Equipment

A chimerical staff - a shape-changing alien creature that acts as her companion and a spell focus. She can move on her own to defend Reisarf in battle.

Power: C
Vitality: C
Accuracy: B
Speed: D
Wits: D
Skill: D
Spirit: C
Luck: D


Lvl 1 Chimerical Staff

A deep spawn and Reisarf's staff. Only she can understand her? She comes from the ocean but dreams of the stars?

Detected Abilities

Alien Form
Stargazer is resilient to most forms of attack and can alter her shape.
Independent Action
With an infusion of mana from Reisarf, Stargazer can metamorphose into a more physically capable form to defend her. Her abilities rise by two ranks split between her choice of Pow, Vit, Acc and Spd. Physically simple forms are larger.
Mana Battery
The fluidity of Stargazer's internal mana supply is improved, allowing her to receive and transfer mana with ease. The amount of mana stored can exceed her normal maximum. She can quickly refill the mana of anyone touching her and burn mana to overcharge Reisarf's spells.
Mana Sponge
Stargazer can exceed the normal limits of her Independent Action by absorbing additional mana or shortening its duration, increasing the mass, complexity and/or physical capability of her transformed form.

Special Equipment

Reisarf Silen
An alienist - a human that acts as her companion and wizard.

Power: B
Vitality: D
Accuracy: B
Speed: B
Wits: C
Skill: B
Spirit: E
Luck: D

Moriko Aritawa

Lvl 4 Hammerai

A disciplined warrior from a faraway land. Serious and honourable. A superb all-rounder using highly technical skills. She has a unique hammer based fighting style. Her only weakness is her low spirit, meaning she has difficulty recovering from setbacks. That dash of demon blood is well concealed.

Detected Abilities

Void Mind
By centering herself, Moriko can greatly increase either Pow, Acc or Spd for a time.
Break the Flow
By pressing with an aggressive attack, Moriko is able to disrupt spellcasting and special techniques.
Hollow the Mountain
Even a mountain can be worn down by the hammer. Moriko can deliver a punishing set of blows that saps the enemy's strength and weakens their defence.
Measuring the World's Pulse
If you would move the world must move with you, if only slightly. By opening herself to her surroundings Moriko can read the motions and intentions of those around her, letting her assess their techniques and traits.

Special Equipment

Aritawa Hammer
A finely crafted hammer. Those hammersmiths of the mysterious east are apparently very good at what they do.

Power: E
Vitality: E
Accuracy: E
Speed: E
Wits: E
Skill: E
Spirit: E
Luck: S


Lvl 1 Royal Jelly

An immature slime with the mark of royalty. A childish level of development in almost every respect. It remains to be seen what she'll grow up to be.

Detected Abilities

Gelatinous Body
An amorphous form that's soft but can easily heal injuries and reabsorb lost pieces. The weak point is the head.
Inimical Inversion
Degrades and consumes curses affecting Alkaline with a high probability of converting them into a positive effect.
Temporary Abilities

Temporary abilities that are greyed out are currently unavailable.

Alkaline can temporarily give a small boost to her size and strength by absorbing water.
Acquired by drinking / carrying lots of water.
Alkaline can collapse into a puddle of goo. She can move swiftly like this but can't attack. She can take damage but the core of her body is difficult to locate. It takes a while for her to reform.
Acquired by drinking / carrying lots of water.
Spit Shot
Alkaline can propel small objects or small globs of her own mass out of her body at high speed.
Acquired by earth-moving.
Muddy Mien
Alkaline takes on a mud-like consistency. She's physically stronger but becomes clumsy.
Acquired by earth-moving / absorbing clay.
Gluttonous Goo
Alkaline can quickly recover health by eating things. If she overeats, she'll start gaining additional mass in a clump at her base. As she gets bigger she gains a bonus to her slime and slimy secretion production but she suffers penalties to her agility. She can burn off the additional mass to heal herself or instantly create slimes.
Acquired by overeating, potion of satiation.
Toxic Shroud
Alkaline can form clothes of toughened slime to help protect herself. Her defense grows stronger the more poison and curses she's absorbed.
Acquired by playing dress up and/or doing physical training.
Shadow Slick
An expansion of Puddle. Alkaline's puddle form becomes flatter, like a shadow. She can climb walls in this form but will slip off ceilings. The puddle has a false depth to it, causing objects and people to sink into it and become mired. Intense light can remove the effect.
Acquired by consuming a nightmare curse.
Slimy Secretions
Alkaline can create small quantities of the following substances.
- Nourishing Goo: Edible slime. Depending on its composition and concentration, it's known as slime-milk, slime-syrup or slime slushies. Superb fertilizer for plants and, in concentrated form, has minor healing properties. Plants can survive and grow embedded in Alkaline.
- Oozy Oil: Slick and slippery slime. It's flammable. Can be processed into a low quality oil.
- Goo Glue: A sticky substance with a moderate adhesive strength.
Stretchy Slime
Alkaline's improved the versatility of her slime. She can stretch out parts of her body and create tentacular appendages or layer it together for extra protection.
Bad Egg
An expansion of Spit Shot. Alkaline ejects a dense blob of volatile slime. The unstable concoction explodes shortly afterwards. She can increase its power by expending stored curses and poison.
Clumsy Mime
Alkaline has a chance of successfully repeating a technique she's seen used, at a degraded quality. If successful she can use it once shortly after witnessing it.
Spawning Quirk - Eggs
Alkaline can choose to create eggs. They keep indefinitely and can be rapidly hatched and grown into full slimes when needed. Small bonus to population total and Alkaline can create eggs in excess of her population limit. They can also be filled with any of her Slimy Secretion options instead.

Power: D
Vitality: C
Accuracy: C
Speed: E
Wits: B
Skill: B
Spirit: D
Luck: B

Merud Emetter

Lvl 1 Human Golemeter

A journeyman with the golemeter guild with a focus on autonomous golems with higher functions such as speech. Astonishingly perceptive and knowledgeable.

Detected Abilities

The creation, control and upkeep of golems. At its most basic level it is puppeteering inanimate objects and steadily moves towards more complete and independently operating golems.
Merud has a broad range of basic knowlege in various types of magic. Given time and preferably no distractions, he can cobble together various spells.
Wizard Eyes
Merud is very perceptive and skilled at identifying supernatural effects, their sources and parameters.
Rote Spells
Command Golem: Allows a golemeter to assume control of a golem to make it perform better at a single task. Can be used to issue orders to a golem the golemeter did not create. Hinders or can even take temporary control of a hostile golem.
Improvised Construct: Creates a basic golem from nearby material.
Battery: Imbues a golem with a small reservoir of energy, allowing it to perform tasks far from the golemeter for up to an hour.
Supercharge: Temporarily enhances a golem's abilities but it takes damage over time.
Soul Semblance: Merud can equip a golem he has created with complex abilities such as the speaking on a limited topic or performing complicated tasks without oversight.

Special Equipment

Golemeter Robes
Protective clothing that can be animated by the mage wearing it. In an emergency it can operate as an independent golem.

Power: A
Vitality: A
Accuracy: C
Speed: D
Wits: D
Skill: C
Spirit: B
Luck: D

Hin Ivac

Lvl 3 Half-Ogre Blacksmith

A blacksmith accustomed to struggle. Will she rise to the heights she seeks?

Detected Abilities

Giant Blood
Great power over the physical world. Hin is resistant to any effects that would reduce her physical condition and gets an additional bonus on effects that would enhance it.
Item Creation
Hin is trained in the skills and secrets of creating magical items. She can temporarily enhance tools and gear or with the correct setup create permanent magical items.
Conjure Figment
Projects the shape of something Hin visualises. It has only a little substance to it. Useful for planning.
Gluttonous Ogre
Consuming food recovers Hin's stamina and gives her a temporary boost of health. Overeating lets her overcome injuries and illness faster. Hin can eat a wider range of food without ill effect and resists ingested poisons and curses. Potions have an increased effect, as do other food related special effects.
Glutinous Ogre
Hin's body produces slime. She can reflexively sweat tiny amounts of it out of her skin to give herself some protection against fire, cold, acid and cutting attacks. She can also spit slime. Secreted slime can be made sticky, slippery or acidic. Hin can allow abilities that only affect slimes to affect her, at reduced effectiveness.
Dragon of the Orange Crags
While dwelling within the Orange Crags, power slowly flows into Hin as reinforcement magic. Within a few hours, Hin gains a boost to size, Power, Vitality and most abilities; a slight impairment to Speed, a powerful acidic breath and can consume gelatinous substances at no harm to herself, possibly boosting her power. When fully transformed, the added strength is on par with the spells reinforcing an elite guardian of Deem's dungeon. It swiftly wears off should she leave.
Hin can forge items out of liquids, although viscous ones work best. As part of working it, she can harden such substances into a glassy solid, although the exact properties of the material depend on the effort put in and liquid used.

Special Equipment

Little Mace
A simple enchanted weapon Hin crafted as an apprentice. This mace can be shrunk down to the size of a toothpick when not needed.
Handy Hin Hammer
A hammer that can be used to precisely soften what it's hitting, making it easier to work.

Power: C
Vitality: B
Accuracy: D
Speed: D
Wits: C
Skill: E
Spirit: D
Luck: C


Lvl 1 Cave Quasidragon

Deem's first companion in this era. A cave dwelling lizard that might someday become a dragon. In the mean-time hoards chin scratches.

Detected Abilities

Dragon Blood
Chakarchelou has a fractional amount of dragon blood, giving him a small boost to his physical attributes if he is allowed to hoard gold. With a large hoard, he might grow permanently stronger.
Scorching Breath
Chakarchelou can breath a cloud of choking smoke and burning sparks. He can't use it immediately in a fight as he needs a while to stoke his flame.
Tough Scales
Strong armour with a small chance of resisting hostile effects.

Special Equipment

Covetous Ring
Improved physical attributes, mana regeneration and dragonish things if allowed to hoard gold.

Power: D
Vitality: C
Accuracy: D
Speed: C
Wits: B
Skill: C
Spirit: D
Luck: D

Belphejar Doyle

Lvl 1 Cauldron Gulper

A witch's cauldron that wandered off to see the world. It belongs to Deem now. Its mana storing and potion creating abilities will surely be of benefit.

Detected Abilities

Melting Pot
A gulper's supply of magical energy is embodied in the liquid they carry around. While it makes them vulnerable to having it spilled, they can easily replenish their supply. They can render things they've swallowed down into magical ingredients, particularly already magically active substances such as potions or wizards. Based off what they've been eating, they can use up their broth to fuel magical effects; spraying caustic, curse-laden liquid at their enemies or consuming it to fuel reinforcement magic. It can give the mixture to allies but because of the rough and ready nature of its potion making, there's often side effects.
Slow Boil
This gulper can take time to stabilize it's mixture, allowing short lived potions to be harvested from it with a shelf life of about a week. With the right ingredients, conditions and extra quality control, permanent potions can be created.
Cauldron Anatomy
The gulper has a metallic hide and is resistant to magic. Most of what passes for its organs are located in the thick base of the pot.