From questden

4chan is where most of Questden's userbase (originally) came from.


The Traditional Games imageboard of 4chan, /tg/ gets shit done. Common topics include hate of Elves and Matt Ward. It remains without any doubt, one of the best, if not the best 4chan board evur. It was spawned from /b/, with the purpose of giving a proper home to raging 40k neckbeards.

4chan's /tg/ board is where most of the classic quests were hosted. Ruby Quest, Dorf Quest, Joandventure, and Driblis Quest were all started there, so there was some value to the place. It's still the same as ever if you like reposts, D&D edition wars, reposts, 40k wankery, and more than ten posts an hour.

It's more or less entirely unmoderated, which - although liberating for the board's /t/rans/g/ender closet-furry population - means that the trolls over there rarely even bother to hide their intentions because they know that it's nearly impossible to get banned. Keep your trolldar active, and if you find one be sure to respond correctly.