Welcome to Tezakia Quest, the webpage version! This quest (interactive story) was originally run on Livejournal. It's been converted to webpage format for convenience and readability. It has also been cleaned up somewhat to be an easier read. I hope you enjoy it!

This version leaves the original commands and comments intact. Reading them is not required, but they are provided for those wanting the full experience.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11, Part 1
Chapter 11, Part 2
Chapter 11, Part 3
Chapter 12
Bonus Stuff
This is a list of the various bonus things I made during the quest's run.
To avoid spoilers, it's recommended you read the quest up to the point in parenthises.
First Q/A session (Chapter 2)
Dilia's HELL YES adventure (Chapter 5)
Second Q/A session (Chapter 8)
Comic 1 (Chapter 9)
Comic 2 (Chapter 9)
Comic 3 (Chapter 9)
Shorty's Big Escape! (Chapter 10)
Comic 4 (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Sekani (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Sekani 2 (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Amiel (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Amiel 2 (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Dilia (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Dilia 2 (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Jiniki (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Tayza (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Grasshopper (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Jaysiph (Chapter 11)
Stat card: S'kili (Chapter 11)
Stat card: Iiji (Chapter 11)
Final Q/A session (Chapter 12)

Tezakia Quest and its characters are (c) Greg Johnson. Many thanks to the original suggestors, to Guindo for proofreading with me, and especially Dylan, without who this conversion could not exist.