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Author of Rendamel and Skeleton. Is not a dog. May be a box. Rumoured to have pink hair and lives in a box in a public bathroom. May actually be a slime or a scrubbing bubble. Be warned she will take no literal shits from you. You will have to dispose of your literal shits on your own.

Fancies herself a freestyle rapper.

Within Smik's mind's eye, she has green, scaly skin and wears a cow suit. She will beat you to death if you tug on her udder.

None of these.
This is canon. (Note from NotDog - this is not canon.)

Camwhore/Camescort Services Offered

  • For $500 you can see her face.
  • For $1,100 she will marry you so you can immigrate to New Zealand. She lives in a flat house attached to a big tent. You can live out of your car under it. Or you can live next door in the public bathroom. Or you can live in her box. Her neighbours are rotated like crops.

Quests by NotDog

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Collaborations: Dead Eye