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Go Go Go Race Quest by Carbon Friendly



You are a popular and handsome race pilot in the futuristic year of 1996. You are the famed racer Dirk Eagle, and it is up to you to win The Big Race! Go Go Go RaceQuest is all about Dirk's journey to the Future Zertan-Egrid Race (Official) and the various hurdles along the way. It's a very lighthearted quest, with the eventual titular race to be a very subtle parody of the F-ZERO series.


Acting Sub Lieutenant Dirk Martin Hardpec Eagle

He is a total winner.

Acting Sub Lieutenant Dirk Martin Hardpec Eagle is the biggest winner in the universe. He's won every race he's been in and plans to keep it up. While the ladies love his winning streak, he's made more than a few enemies in his career. He drives the Raw Umber Eagle, a top of the line utility racing hover-vehicle, capable of reaching mach 87 speeds. It has some issues with turning, however.

Gary M Oak

Not pictured: Just how short he is.

Gary is a short, short man, who is also the enemy. He's Dirk's arch-nemesis and has come second to Dirk in every race they've been in. He has a rather negative tone towards Dirk, which is probably because he is such a sore loser. He has an autobiography and he drives a vehicle known as "Clemen's Hammer".


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