The Oremor Trail

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The Oremor Trail by Lagotrope

A quest by Lagotrope that is part of the Cheeverse. It is about a party of kobolds on the Oremor Trail lead by one named Durk Nuuk'erm. There is much ass-slapping and bedding of women, surprisingly. It's also obviously a parody of The Oregon Trail.

The second thread is part of a three way crossover with Story Seeker and Work of Chaos, and is told simultaneously, from three separate perspectives.


Durk Nuuk'erm's appearances Inside the Quest.

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By TroutLinkToBoard.gif
Chop, Lumie and Bedhugger,
Durk Nuuk'erm, Flava Flav and
Chedda and Tom
By LonelyWorld

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