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Survivors by BiteQuest

Adventures of a robot bunny cook. Or something like that.

The quest protagonist is an android named Clara. She lives in a post-apocalyptic world, and after years of attempting to keep a barbecue prepared for guests who never come because they were killed by bombs or a super-plague launched in response to an alien invasion, eventually decides to abandon her last set of orders and attempt to repair her decaying systems.




An android made to look like a rabbit (it is illegal to make them look human) and owned as a personal servant by her human master before the war. She is a capable cook, servant, and maid, and has some rudimentary stealth and companion mods. After decades of preparing burgers for giant roaches, she, like many of the other machines, started to adapt to her new world and stop obeying the orders of a human that would never come.



A highly customized spiderlike android still futilely caring for her long-deceased master, upon being informed by Clara of her master's state, she is distraught, but cannot come with Clara because her power source relies on a charging station, unlike Clara's which can burn organic fuels like food.

Ruins monster

The monster in the ruinsLinkToBoard.gif

A crazy crow robot who apparently destroys other robots to harvest their parts, implied to have been killed by the military after Clara informed them of it.



A human who inexplicably survived the war and plague, and possibly the only one. He cares for Jayce and lives trying to survive. He is wary of being found out about by the military, which may imply that there are things he isn't telling us, or he may just be worried about his illegal android. He's a proficient mechanic, and has only grown more so from learning to survive after the apocalypse.



Jacob's extremely customized and slightly insane canine android companion, who is filled to the brim with illegal modifications and settings, and has grown quite unstable from them. She has a collection of companion modules in an attempt to fulfill her dream of becoming sexy, which she repeatedly insists that Clara help her with. She has occasionally answered questions in the discussion thread and occasionally skirts around the fourth wall there.


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  • Deetran Five and eight combat androids in an abandoned military base, apparently still maintaining communication with other bases
  • Intelligent bugs apparently created by the aliens and then left behind, who want Clara to cook for them

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