Silvermoon Clan Inheritence Wars Chronicles: My Brother I Will Defeat You

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We hope you enjoyed this demonstration of what a truly terrible quest can be like!
-- Some delusional simpleton.

Best Quest Ever. Hands down.
-- Anon, speaking The Truth.

This quest was fun, had a high level of participation and updated fast.
That's more than what can be said of a lot of "high quality quests" around here.

-- Another Anon, speaking The Ironic Truth.

Called 'SCIWC:MBIWDY' for short.

The Best Quest Series In The World, run by Beakie as an example of how to make a Truly Awesome Quest. The title alone makes it already hilarious. SCIWC:MBIWDY's high quality art and storytelling didn't stop some delusional people from mistaking it for a 'parody'. But the Tru Hardcore Fans of SCIWC:MBIWDY know better, of course.


chapter one: (link)

chapter thirtyseven: (link)