Panacian Quest

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Panacian Quest by what
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Slayd the Panacian (Red, six legged centaur-y critter with wings and a big tail that kind of look like a cross between a cutebold and a salazzarine) wakes up and goes to the magic food giver. Today, as well as food he also gets a shock collar. Huh.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

A few tranquilizer darts later he wakes up in an A34 Animal Containment Unit, unaware of how he knows what one of those is. Turns out Panacians are being bred/captured and/or enslaved for use as maintenance drones and test subjects by races of tall lizard-y/pangolin-y things and big footed, hoodie wearing, things. He makes a friend and finds out that he is unique in not having been "programmed" to obey his masters yet, and thus can still escape. Despite this he goes straight to one of the scientists and gets selected for an experiment in which instead of actually following along he starts injecting himself with all manner of upgrade nanites. And it looks like they don't tend to survive the experiments. Good luck, Slayd.