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A race of birdlike people. Appeared for the first time in Journey Quest. Created by Lucid

Appearance and Racial Features

A female and a male Nedynvor.

According to Journey Quest, Nedynvor are large avian humanoids that hail from the Island of the Great Sky Dragon. They are tall, long necked creatures with long, wide, wing-like arms that end in broad flat fingers. Males possess an extra finger in the form of a sharp claw-like index finger, they possess the same bones as a female, except rather than having two sets of phalanges in each finger, the male's have one set that breaks away to form the finger claw. Their tails are long and typically end in 3 or more prongs. Their tails also split along the prongs and spread out into a large tail wing. The male's tails possess colorful and intricate patterns across their plumage which is used for intimidation and to attract mates. Their legs end in sharp blade like extensions made up of a combination of bone and keratin, which has to be kept sharp for hygene purposes. On the back of their head, Nedynvor possess an organ that collects additional oxygen supplying it to their brain, this allows them to function properly in areas with low oxygen content, such as very high altitudes. Their tongue is long and prehensile, extending up to five feet from their mouth at full maturity. At the end of the tongue a small, hard tip is capable of delivering a potent bio-electric shock, used for stunning food. Atop their head is a surprisingly hard plate of keratin that protects their cranium.

Nedynvor are insectivores, primarily dining on large insects, grubs, and worms collected with their long tongues. Nedynvor society revolves around their island, which is actually a very large living creature. The Great Sky Dragon, as it is known, relentlessly soars through the skies only landing in the ocean once a year, for the span of one month, to feed and rest. During this time the island is swarmed by Kren merchants seeking to acquire exotic Nedynvor wares, and sell their own to the inhabitants. The Nedynvor maintain the Great Sky Dragon; plucking parasitic insects, keeping order on the land located on its back, and even casting their dead into feeding pits. Nedynvor don't really actively worship any given deity. They acknowledge the “Great Dragon” (the flying island) and refer to it much in the same way as other races would acknowledge their own God(s). When a Nedynvor dies on the island, their body is prepared, and then a procession takes them to a “Feeding Pit,” which is actually a secondary mouth for the Great Dragon, in a ritual symbolizing the Nedynvor being returned from whence they came.

Nedynvor in different quests

Journey Quest

Demesi of Angoldas - A young Nedynvor lad, who on his first solo trip away from his home island, awakes to find himself mysteriously at the bottom of a pit inside a cave. Completely out of his element, and not knowing anything about how the world outside his island works, he sets about exploring the tunnels, looking for a way home. Upon finding the cave to have been somehow sealed, he is left with no recourse but to venture further into the depths of the cave. A Kren merchant set up in the cave system informs him of a nearby Lohrke settlement. Demesi sets out to seek their aid to get himself back home.


Ashedel - A female Nedynvor. Commanded a presence at the Tower of Olber. First appeared in Chapter Seven, where she lost a game of cards and a sword duel to Muschio. After which they had sex. Which lead to a small controversy. There is also a controversy regarding Ashedel looks, since prior to them being featured in DiveQuest, Weaver made no attempt to contact Lucid about how the females look like. And thus Ashedel doesn't resemble a real female Nedynvor.


A Nedynvor/Volto hybrid was featured in one of the chapters. It caused some disruption due to Reaver misplacing Nedynvor author as Weaver, because it was featured in DiveQuest. The character was grievously injured after the realization... then the quest went on hiatus.

Knight Blades

A Nedynvor named footsies that was a Death Row inmate was featured shortly. He was promptly killed by Ridder.

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