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NEO SEX MALL by BiteQuest
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NEO SEX MALL is the tale of Pektil, a young Mok who, after being exiled from his village after losing both of his parents (and totally not for owning a dragon dildo), sets out to make himself HUGE so he can protect the people he cares for. His destination? The SEX MALL, an extra-dimensional mall specializing in more erotic wares than your average mall. However, the definition of "HUGE" in the SEX MALL is completely different than what Pektil is expecting. After a few mishaps and embarrassments, he meets Sommer, a... creature that has lived in the sex mall for her whole life. A beautiful friendship is subsequently formed.

Neo Sex Mall has an interesting mechanic similar to quests such as This Is A Story in which, in addition to suggesting character actions, suggesters can also write background events and characters and in some cases major events in their suggestions.

Petkil's current inventory is tracked on the wiki.

Plot summary

Petkil does some stuff.

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Because of the user content driven mechanics of the quest, there have been several cameos of both specific characters and species from other quests and settings, which the author allows. For reasons likely involving inside jokes of Bite doing porn of Cirr's characters, there has been heavy use of them.

Specific characters

Ei, from The World Is Mine, by Cirr

Dasaki, the furry character of Dasaki

Kata22ti, from Defective, by Cirr

The Perfect Cube, from The World Is Mine, by Cirr

SARU-601, from The World Is Mine, by Cirr


Moks, from Deep, by ClockworkSeal

Tozols, from Tozol Quest, by TestPattern

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