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== Cameos ==
== Cameos ==
Because of the user content driven mechanics of the quest, there have been several cameos of both specific characters and species from other quests and settings. For reasons likely involving inside jokes of [[Bite|BiteQuest]] doing porn of [[Cirr|Cirr's]] characters, there has been heavy use of them.
Because of the user content driven mechanics of the quest, there have been several cameos of both specific characters and species from other quests and settings. For reasons likely involving inside jokes of [[Bite|BiteQuest]] doing porn of [[Cirr|Cirr's]] characters, there has been heavy use of them.
*Ei, SARU-601, and The Perfect Cube from [[The World Is Mine]]
*'''Ei''', '''SARU-601''', and '''The Perfect Cube''' from [[The World Is Mine]]
*Kata22ti, from [[Defective]]  
*'''Kata22ti''', from [[Defective]]  
*Dasaki, the furry/anthro character of [[Dasaki]]
*'''Dasaki''', someone's mursona
*Moks, from [[Deep]]  
*'''Moks''', from [[Deep]]
*Tozols, from [[Tozol Quest]]
*'''Tozols''', from [[Tozol Quest]]
= The Mall =
= The Mall =
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The Mall is governed by a few simple laws:  
The Mall is governed by a few simple laws:  
*No Theft – Fraud and misrepresentation of products are also considered theft.  
*'''No Theft''' – Fraud and misrepresentation of products are also considered theft.  
*No Violence - any non-consensual violence is a crime. Non-consensual spellcasting or psionic powers are considered violent acts, no matter their effects.
*'''No Violence'' - any non-consensual violence is a crime. Non-consensual spellcasting or psionic powers are considered violent acts, no matter their effects.
Attempting to incite incidents of theft or non-consensual violence is considered a crime.  
Attempting to incite incidents of theft or non-consensual violence is considered a crime.  

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NEO SEX MALL by BiteQuest
Neo Sex Mall.jpg

NEO SEX MALL is the tale of Pektil, a young Mok who, after being exiled from his village after losing both of his parents (and totally not for owning a dragon dildo), sets out to make himself HUGE so he can protect the people he cares for. His destination? The SEX MALL, an extra-dimensional mall specializing in more erotic wares than your average mall. However, the definition of "HUGE" in the SEX MALL is completely different than what Pektil is expecting. After a few mishaps and embarrassments, he meets Sommer, a creature that has lived in the sex mall for her whole life. A beautiful friendship is subsequently formed.

Tgchan logo.png Petkil's current inventory is tracked on the wiki.

Neo Sex Mall has an interesting mechanic similar to quests such as This Is A Story in which, in addition to suggesting character actions, participants can also write background events and characters and in some cases major events in their suggestions (though It can't be anything happening directly to or affecting Pektil). See this [1] for details on how to suggest background characters and stuff.

Participants are also encouraged to draw their own art for the quest and add further background details, though it must be done with something simulating a CRAYON. Unless otherwise stated the first image posted after an update becomes CANON if it reflects the text of the update accurately.

This quest was probably inspired by infamous dead quest SEX MALL QUEST.


Totally what it all looked likeLinkToBoard.gif


A tiny Mok from a little Mok village. It was all fun and games until one day his parents were brutally slaughtered by an unknown assailant or assailants. It was very tragic, but the mystery of the horrible rape/homicide caused him to be shunned by his fellow creatures and left him psychologically damaged. Or rather further shunned as the village already considered him annoying. And weird, because he diligently looked after a random dragon dildo some mysterious stranger had given to him. And because of his tragic, angsty dead parent’s back-story, he devoted his life to discovering a place where he wouldn't be powerless if it ever happened again, a place where he could become HUGE. Truly HUGE and stop bad things from happening to people like his parents. He totally wouldn't be projecting though, that would be creepy. So, yeah, uh, HUGE. So he left his village and headed for the local mysterious portal, seeking a means to transform himself from a miserable little fucker into SUAVE HUGE FUCKER. He of course arrived at The Sex Mall, so he became a literal fucker quite quickly, still working on the HUGE and suave though…

Sommer Ecrote

A fluffy black and orange fox/ferret/greyhound feral with psychic, empathic abilities. She can use her powers to read the minds (to varying degrees) of others, and can even cause them harm. From a young age she was trained to put her powers to use as a bodyguard, but her tutor was somehow killed. She then lived with Frost Mother for a time, before she found work at The Last Whisper. She originally participated in the clubs vore activities, but her empathic powers picking up the thoughts and feelings of those involved, was very unsettling for her. Clearly upset by such activates, Great Lung Po offered her an alternative job as the clubs doorman. Her relationship with Po seems rather dubious, at best. Sommer is a native of The Mall, meaning she was born, and has resided there her entire life. Strangely for a Mall resident, she still seems very uncomfortable with the sexual nature of everything.

Miss Elinore Priesmyer

A stern cyborg lady who maintains the machinery in the back works of The Mall. Her torso is mostly flesh while her limbs and face are grubby, metal augmentations; her left arm in particular is covered in a variety of tools and tentacles. In her original world, she was captured and forcibly transformed into this cyborg form by a group of “would-be galactic conquers”. Her memories of life before this were completely erased, as they programmed her to be a surgeon, presumably to convert others into cyborgs. Consequently performing terrifying acts of rape surgery are one of the few things she finds truly gratifying. Practicing such…specific, sexual interests would provide a sizeable income, in The Mall, but Miss Priesmyer instead prefers the life of a humble mechanic.

Great Lung Po

A scary, white Eastern dragon. He is the owner and manager of the popular Last Whisper vore club. He seems to be considered very rich and powerful by the standards of The Mall. Po initially hired Sommer to provide the fetish activities of his club, but she is very uncomfortable with vore. He now instead lets her work as the clubs doorman. Interestingly, Po also owns and pays for Sommers’ apartment.

Frost Mother

An intimidating, black Western dragon, who owns and runs Gearsong magic shop. She has great knowledge of all things magical and a great hatred of Po, and Eastern dragons in general. During her youth Sommer apparently lived with Frost Mother, until she was capable of looking after herself. Frost Mother however, disapproves of her employment as a bouncer, believing it a waste of her empathy talent, and further dislikes her having to associate with Po.

Red Robes

A strange humanoid creature that talks with a buzzing voice, and is dressed head to toe in tattered, red robes and wraps. He (it?) is a member of “The Cult of Divine Penetration” a group that seeks “…to penetrate all things, to pierce barrier and open wide orifices of existence. Is to make always the way open!” Due to some terrible, undisclosed, past transgression, the Cults movements around The Mall have been greatly restricted by The Authorities. Despite this the Cult is mainly seen as weird but harmless by most Mall Residents. As they can’t freely move around the Mall, Red Robes hires Pektil to do a little spying on the areas they are denied access to.

Your average law enforcerLinkToBoard.gif

Authorities (Enforcers)

Intimidating humanoids that are used to police The Mall. Muscular and tall, they are typically a mix of human and animal features resulting in a variety of bizarre anthros, usually wearing nothing but a creepy grin on their face. They are incredibly strong and very difficult to hurt; they are also equipped with massive weaponized cocks, that ejaculate a paralyzing poison. Enforcers have no capacity for desire or emotion; they know neither joy nor sorrow, and are therefore immune to the assorted “charms” of The Mall and its patrons

Other characters

Zephyr Talonthunderclaw
Herm gryphox, (a furry neon pink foxtaur; with wings and massive genitals that excrete Monster Energy drink, all of which is the result of heavy body modification). Sie works as a courier and delivers Pektils’ spy package to him. Despite his energetic hornynes they seem fairly friendly, and offers to hangout with and/or anally devourer Pektil sometime.
Jin Suk-Ho
A hot as hell and drunk off her ass Kumiho (Korean fox/kitsune thing) Pektil meets at the party he is spying on.
Blaze Davis and Mercy
A cheery dwarf/gnome who runs Magitech gadget store with his lovely, lady automaton friend Mercy.
Brittany Aubry
black-spotted barbet, giant, that offers to help out Pektil if he ever wanted to become a macro.
Opal Ivey
half-succubus; quarter-displacerbeast; quarter-blinkdog, who works as the floor supervisor, in Sommers apartment building. She fucks Pektil as payment for letting him into Sommers’ place.
Kiley Brunsting
A furry humoind who runs the first magic shop Pektil visits. She takes his virginity as payment for making him “huge”.


Because of the user content driven mechanics of the quest, there have been several cameos of both specific characters and species from other quests and settings. For reasons likely involving inside jokes of BiteQuest doing porn of Cirr's characters, there has been heavy use of them.

The Mall

The sex mall is a dimension outside of space and time. An interconnected bridgeway between worlds. Anything can be gotten there. Mostly sex oriented but I guess they have ice creams and things. Brave, foolish people seek it out. Dark, silent souls are drawn there. They have what you need, if you're willing to reach out and take it, at the SEX MALL

The Mall is governed by a few simple laws:

  • No Theft – Fraud and misrepresentation of products are also considered theft.
  • 'No Violence - any non-consensual violence is a crime. Non-consensual spellcasting or psionic powers are considered violent acts, no matter their effects.

Attempting to incite incidents of theft or non-consensual violence is considered a crime. Also all beings classified as "dangerous" must be restrained appropriately unless they have a waiver of trust.

Breeches of the law are handled by the Authorities, who will apprehend the culprits and take them before a magistrate to plead their case, the magistrate will determine an appropriate punishment if necessary. Most minor incidents are unreported and handled between parties, as magistrates will issue a fine to the individual bringing the charge, if he deems the offence to be a waste of his time. Punishment also scales based on ones standing with The Mall community. Those seen as a benefit to The Mall will easily receive pardons for the odd infraction, while repeat offenders are harshly dealt with. The law only applies in public areas, any area not marked as public should be considered lawless


Using the conveniently local, mysterious magical portal Pektil arrives at THE SEX MALL, where he wastes no time in his quest for huge and trades in his virginity for magical hugeness at the nearest magic shop, and of course due to completely inevitable misunderstanding Pektil ends up the same size but with a huge dong. After getting thrown out of the shop and somehow causing a minor riot in the food court, Pektil heads for an Information Booth to try and find a more steady income than job offers from random hobos. Finding a promising ad for a mechanics assistant, Pektil is interrupted by Hacke, a floating snake shark, who finds him cute and wonders if he’d like to try “something” with her at a local club. They arrive at “The Last Whisper” vore club, where after a quick explanation by the bouncer, it turns out the snake lady wanted to kill and eat Pektil as well as fuck him. Declining her offer, Hacke leaves in a huff and Pektil chats with the nice fox/greyhound bouncer lady Sommer. She gives him a few tips about living in The Mall and even offers him some work as helping her with some shopping after she finishes work. Pektil waits for her in the gender swapping bar down the street, where manages to earn a little money mopping the jizz off the ceiling. Sommer eventually shows up and Pektil helps her shop for assorted dick shaped vegetables and cuts of meat at the market, before walking her home, where she offers to cook him dinner. They spend the rest of the evening cooking stew and lying around her cozy apartment, chatting about her empathic powers and life in The Mall. After a brief interruption by the delivery of a mysterious package they turn in for the night, with Pektil crashing on the couch floor cushion…

The next day, with Sommer apparently still asleep in her room, Pektil sneaks out and heads for the Machine Area to see if the mechanics assistant job is still available. He meets the prospective employer Miss Priesmyer, a strange, scary and naked cyborg mechanic lady who offers him an immediate start as her assistant putting his tiny size to use scrambling under machinery. After a good first days work, Pektil heads back to “The Last Whisper” to try and hook up with Sommer again, but according to the staff she didn’t show up for work today. Huh. Deciding to check if she’s ok Pektil goes over to her apartment, but she isn’t answering the door. After a quick fuck with the floor supervisor to get a spare key, he rushes in to rescue Sommer, finding her covered in her own fluids and shit, having apparently masturbated herself into a coma due to the Perfect Cube. Pektil too is soon overwhelmed by its presence and blacks out…

He awakes in The Mall's treatment centre, where a sanctioned Psyker who treated Pektil and Sommer explains what happened after he blacked out, mainly he shat himself and then the Authorities rescued them, also the sick perverts who sold the cube to Sommer have been detained. Fully recovered Pektil checks in on Sommer, who is also doing well, and asks if he will do her a small favour and let her boss know what happened. Back at “The Last Whisper” Pektil meets Po, a scary eastern dragon who owns and runs the club. He is pleased that Pektil is looking out for Sommer and rewards him with a strange magical bead. Tired from the days ordeals he heads back to the treatment centre to snooze with Sommer, though his sleep disturbed by a strange dream of The Mall…

The next morning, after an awkward “thanks for sorta saving me and being really sweet” from Sommer, Pektil decides to kill a few hours before work finding out how to become HUGE, y’know the reason he came here in the first place . He finds some anthro macros to chat with, who explain that becoming permanently huge is sucks expensive and kinda complicated. Releasing hes gonna need lots of money Pektil gets back to work with Miss Priesmyer, and also decides to try to sell some of the magical stuff he acquired/stole. He heads for Gearsong, a trinket shop recommended by Sommer and meets another scary dragon, Frost Mother. She appraises his junk, and is particularly interested in the bead Po gave him, which is very valuable as it can be used as a means of resurrection. Pektil explains where he got it and Frost Mother promptly flips her shit. She apparently has a bitter rivalry with Po. She also reveals that she was once Sommers foster mother and disapproves of her associating with Po…

Anyway Pektil keeps the bead and sells some other stuff, he is about to head home (a cheap room rented from Miss Priesmyer) when he is approached by a weird dude in red robes who overheard he was looking for money, and offers Pektil a gig as a spy. Seeing that Pektil is understandably suspicious, the guy offers to take him and a friend to dinner, so he can explain the job in detail. Pektil agrees and brings Sommer along and they all head to “The Horn of the Ancients” a classy restaurant with a hell of a floor show involving a giant phallic horn of a sleeping Behemoth. The robed guy treats them to an expensive meal and then proceeds to bore Pektil with his story, something about being a member of “the Cult of Divine Penetration” and how they aren’t allowed into certain areas of The Mall, and therefore need to hire the likes of Pektil to spy on some big party being held in a few days, that they aren’t invited to. Sommers’ empathy isn’t picking up anything strange from the guy, and what little she knows of The Cult itself suggest its weird but harmless, so Pektil agrees to take the case…

Back at his rented room Pektil is mulling over what to do with the resurrection bead Po gave him, maybe he should try to get it surgically implanted? He asks Miss Priesmyer for advice, what with having all those implants, and by a lucky coincidence it turns out she herself is a surgeon, and would be happy to perform the procedure for free if he agrees to her terms. Unfortunately said terms term out to be participation in Miss Priesmyers’ terrifying and gruesome, surgical rape fantasy. Although he manages to get the bead implanted for free, (and some free sex) Pektil is very shaken by the whole thing and finds it increasingly difficult to work with Miss Priesmyer, who is happy to carry on like it never happened. Desperate to try and put the experience behind him, Pektil calls up Sommer and they hang out in a park and a petting zoo. They share their feelings and shit, Sommer talks a little about some of the unpleasant past experiences when she first started working for Po. Sommer stuck with Po because he is still nice to her, she urges Pektil to do the same with Miss Priesmyer. Pektil decides to confront Miss Priesmyer about the rape elephant in the room, but is surprised when she reveals she has feelings and shit too, mainly about trying to be a person rather than a tool or fetish. Reassured after their discussion Pektil agrees not to quit and instead offers the to put the skills Miss Priesmyer taught him to use fixing her faceplate, something she cant do herself, she thanks him for this kind gesture, giving him the rest of the day off work. With his big spy gig coming up Pektil decides to spend his extra free time gearing up. He heads to Magitech and buys all kinds of spy crap, including a tricycle and a cockring he also manages to get an impromptu hand job from the shop assistant. Afterwards he heads over to Sommers’ to ask her about moving in together as roomies, though she turns him down as the apartment is technically Po's.

It’s the day of his big spy mission, and Pektil catches an elevator to one of the swankyer areas of The Mall and meets his contact for the mission Zephyr, a crazy pink foxtaur thing who works as a courier. He gives Pektil a package containing a tuxedo and the details of the mission; he is to work as a waiter at a private party for The Mall elite and use the hidden recording device in his outfit to get “readings”. Okay. He suits up and heads for the massive party, which is being held near an impressive and even more massive door/tower thing. Pektil gets down to business, waiting tables and eavesdropping on the assorted partygoers, the two most notable groups being some Western dragons who don’t like Po and a bunch of weeaboo demigods who are allies of Po. Worryingly Po himself is also attending! After doing a bit more spy/waiter shit Pektil is called over by some drunken fox lady he saw sitting with the weebs earlier, who need his help finding the bathroom. After wandering around and eventually finding the toilets, Pektil realises that there is a lot of noise coming from the party and he should probably be spying on it rather than trying to cop a feel of some random slut. He heads back and is treated to the sight of a truly gigantic orgy that only The Mall could host. More than a little freaked out he heads back to Jin Suk-Ho, the fox lady, to find she has miraculously sobered up. She offers to smuggle him out under her robes so he doesn’t have to wade through the sex. Outside the party she thanks him for his troubles and even slips Pektil her contact number. Mission accomplished!



Virginity lostLinkToBoard.gif
Xmas at The horn of the ancientsLinkToBoard.gif
Not canonLinkToBoard.gif
Dasaki fucks Pektil overLinkToBoard.gif
More SommerLinkToBoard.gif
Goblin Shark from Horn of the Ancients floor show (and Shark Savers?)LinkToBoard.gif


Note: some fanart is considered canon and is marked as such.

Hip Bird (unused character suggestion)LinkToBoard.gif
Female Snikt (unused character suggestion)LinkToBoard.gif
Ei gobbling a sandwich (canon)LinkToBoard.gif
Shenanigans (canon)LinkToBoard.gif
Pektil is not a criminal (canon)
Elinore Priesmyer
By Slinkoboy
More Sommer
By Slinkoboy
Sommer Slinkoboy styleLinkToBoard.gif
Dat shit is straight up buttermilk, yo!
By Coracleboat

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