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An author for quests for who a lot of learn and occasionally suffers from long schedule slips.

Habits and Quest Details

Knit-i-Fine tends to make typos which occasionally leads to an update to her quests being posted, deleted and re-posts in rapid succession. Sometimes several times. Her art style is very simplistic, using silhouettes more often than details figures and using color only very sparingly. Knit-i-Fine's quests all involve horror and/or romance themes. Knit-i-Fine draws herself as a monster girl. She's a wierdo like that. Knit-i-Fine has suggested the following quests for the future: Satyr Quest, Succubus Quest, Closet Quest and Kill Yourself Quest. Knit-i-Fine has shown an image for another quest labeled "Grey Quest" but hasn't given any information about it. She is a tumblr user.


Author of Save Yourself Quest, Kill Yourself Quest and Alien Love Quest.

Other Content

Knit-i-Fine runs a tumblr here. Knit-i-Fine runs a stream here. Drawthread

Quests by Knit-i-Fine

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