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Inventory and other statistics for June Quest.


  • Hairpin
  • Hair band
  • Mystery key
  • Key card/ID tag
  • Button

Party Members

  • Wheelbot
  • MediBot (unofficially) destroyed
  • Lt. Taylor
  • Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe
  • Devin (rank unknown)
  • Steven
  • Elena
  • Cherie
  • Keel (rank unknown)

Weapon Statistics


Black Fang Arms SAH 22

The Black Fang Arms Semi-Automatic Handgun is chambered for the .22 magnum cartridge. Was picked up by Sarah in the Sick Bay cargo hold. Now currently floating in space. Features:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Blowback-operated
  • Magazine-fed
  • Capacity of 30 rounds
  • Integrated laser targeting system and flashlight
  • Battery life of 8 hours

Junequest taser.png

Custodian Industries Mk. IV Stun Gun

  • Fixed sights
  • Battery stored and ejected like magazine in grip
  • Ambidextrous
  • Armed/Safe switch
  • Similar weight and appearance to handgun for easier use
  • Polymer high-impact resistant frame
  • Front replaceable probe launch package
  • 3 stun probe pairs per package
  • Adaptive internal computer for precision stun delivery based on body mass