Demon's Rage

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Demon's Rage by DreamerOfThings


A demon called Hated, defeated thousands of years ago by the Children of Light, finally breaks free from his prison and is set loose on the world. He is hateful and violent, eager to kill magic-users and take the sparks that let them use magic for his own. However, the voices in his head find that short-sighted and guide him towards things like sociopathic exploitation and manipulation of others for long-term sustainable growth so that he can achieve his ultimate goal of exterminating the descendants of those who imprisoned him. With their dubiously sage advice and his own powerful magical skills, Hated quickly does a little murdering to gain magical power and then starts conquering barbarian tribes, ultimately becoming the barbarian king and chosen champion of their god. He feasts on the magic of hundreds of shamans daily to gain staggering levels of magical power, and marshals the tribes to invade the nation to the north so that he can exterminate their ruling line.

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