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Deep by ClockworkSeal
Deep Splash.png

Deep is a quest by ClockworkSeal about an indahl girl who wakes up in a cave with nothing but a mysterious gear and the clothes on her back. The quest begins to get, one might say, DEEPER, as she discovers more and more mysterious places and secrets that she may very well be in the center of without even knowing it.


Deep's an artistic, exploration-based quest run by ClockworkSeal.

Ven awakes with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. With nothing but a clockwork gear inexplicably found on her person, Ven must venture into the Deep.



(Player Chracter) Cute Indahl girl


Cute fluffy Mok guy

Other Chracters


Telmes is a Mok scholar used as an in chracter poster on the Inside the Quest threads to answer any questions about the Deep.


Nev is an unrelated character who featured prominently in many pchat sketches while ClockworkSeal was developing the setting. His oft-ill-fated travels have been worked into the 'official' canon of the setting as a folktale told about a young Indahl who set off into the depths alone on a fool's errand.

After one of the various sketches of Nev in an unfortunate situation (having been captured by some unseen entity), there sprang a massive quantity of porn involving him, for which he came to be known.

His tale is briefly mentioned by Telmes in the 'Inside the Quest' thread.

Plot Summary

Part 1

The story begins with the player character, Ven, waking up in an underground pond. The reader quickly learns that Ven has no recollection of who she is or where she's come from; the only hint to her history up to that point is a gear she was clutching at the time. After a little exploration, Ven finds a deep chasm with a broken rope bridge, a length of chain at the bottom of the pond, and a mysterious vial. In the process, she's bitten by a strange fish. She then uses the length of chain to climb down the chasm, but it doesn't quite go far enough to reach the entrance below. Ven is ultimately forced to clamber into the lower tunnel when the post she secured her chain to snaps, nearly sending her plummeting into the chasm.

(( More to come ))

Part 2

Part 3


Set in the world of Khamon.

The world is at a fairly low technological level overall, the highest technology around is the divinely-inspired clockwork. Clockwork has a number of fantastical applications beyond those of real-world clockwork. Magic does exist within the setting, but is difficult, uncommon, and requires certain components to work which lead to it not being used as a technological equivalent.

The year in Deep is shorter at 300 days (which are, individually, the same length).



can hold breath fo long time....happy in the water but not amphibous....have underdeveloped teeth makes eating consistis of soups and aquatic plants....face markings denote tribe....mostly dwell in their own villages but some live in cities....have long fingers and a tail....very dextrous and famed for their clockwork...low light vision....somewhat frail, not the best at physical activities


Short...furry...Longest lived of the races (80-90 years)

Other Races

The following races have been breifly described by Telwis:

The Sado are a bunch of big guys, but they're usually pretty friendly. They're spread around quite a bit.

The Oldon are mostly nomads, but a few of them live in the cities and towns. Telwis has never met one, but he's heard that they're very strange.

The Bzzers are just odd. Telwis has met a few, but never really tried to talk with them. He doesn't know much about them either.

Most races live to an upper limit of about 60, though some live shorter and some live longer, barring the intervention of violence


  • Because of the sudden ending and lack of updates Deep was first considered to be a one-off quest.
  • Due to their similar art styles and setting many Anons belived (some still do) that Deep and Journey were somehow related
  • Bothe Ven and Telwis are availble as chracters in the tg Strip Poker project
  • Deep was the first quest on tgchan to use a much higher quality artwork




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