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File 145775175063.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , disthread.png )
98325 No. 98325 ID: 32d627

right, im sleep deprived and working on some commission stuff before i can update again; figured i'd open this up while i had the chance.

anything goes, ask whatever or just talk about these horrible cat-shaped things.

i swear the art will be better when i get some rest
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No. 98326 ID: 306305

Why are they called tiny when they exist in a void and there is nothing for them to be tiny relative to
No. 98327 ID: 32d627

the name just kind of stuck when i first thought these weird things up- in scale to us, they'd probably be about a foot at maximum height.

primus is about 6 inches tall, for some reference here.
No. 98330 ID: 5ad4a7

Obviously we need to make some appropriately-scaled scenery.
No. 98333 ID: 47160d

Also what are our creation limits? Because if there are actually none then there is some really cool stuff we could make
No. 98340 ID: f56624

this is a cool quest mang
No. 98341 ID: 32d627

go hog wild here, fill the landscape with giant shoes if your heart so desires

on creation limitations: there's not too much i'm gonna prevent from being made right now, but for reference's sake i will probably pick things that have function over things that would be virtually useless to TCPs: considering these little gremlins play with anything and tend to look past Intended Use, that's not gonna be too much not allowed.

but who know, /quest/ seems to be pretty resourceful and if yall come up with shit i have NO idea what to do with, we'll see where that goes.

thank you for reading it! i'm really glad it's getting so much suggestion, as it's my first quest and a project i've wanted to revisit for some time. tgchan definitely seems like the place to put it after all.
No. 98342 ID: 03c8e7

i'm having a lot of fun with this so far! i'm looking forward to more
No. 98344 ID: 32d627

>98342 thank you, acid soup's what brought me to tgchan and got me interested in giving this site a try for this project, so it's kind of thanks to you!
No. 98345 ID: 32d627

someday i will learn to post with proper syntax. someday
No. 98349 ID: 047500

this quest apparently unlocked my maternal instincts somehow
i want to give the kitties all the things and hug them forever (yes even buddy. especially buddy)
No. 98352 ID: 99a64d

Click on the post number above their post and it does it for you.
No. 98353 ID: 47160d

Wait the meadow was named... does that mean we can influence it and stuff?
No. 98355 ID: 32d627

(thank you for the tip!)
moreso you can directly reference the meadow IN influencing- for instance, telling a TCP to go explore a specific area
No. 98366 ID: 32d627
File 145783893856.png - (21.68KB , 500x500 , buddy.png )

someday maybe ill give a shit about tcp's quality but for right now have what could have been
No. 98367 ID: 15a025

I don't what you're talking about mortis, tcp looks amazing!
No. 98372 ID: 6a0e58

This whole buddy subplot is reminding me of someone I used to know who had chronic pain from joint hypermobility syndrome.

The only actual solution for pain was medication but it just seemed like, even though it was necessary, it opened up a whole nother box of problems.

Feels like theres a disconnect here, we're an omnipotent entity that can call anything into existence but we just can't fix some things.

I guess that's kinda the point though? Even if we find some insurmountable problem as an individual or as a society or as an omnipotent void thing, we're still finding distractions and ways around it.
If you can't fix it, don't make it a problem I guess.
No. 98373 ID: 6a0e58

Sweet artwork btw mortis
No. 98375 ID: 34dbe0

this quest is making me think Horrible things.

main Horrible thought at the moment: when our tcp limit increases, we should spawn a tcp with a really nice comfy body (plushie? jelly? etc), hhhh...hhhave primus kill it quickly before we get attached, and give the body to buddy.

WHICH IS AWFUL!!! but is pretty clearly how the up/down machine is supposed to be used. plus sorry but i'm invested in our first two.

i'm even finding myself thinking that im unwilling to make primus go through that, so what if our third tcp was actually just meant to. sit by the spawning pool and kill the fourth one, so that buddy and primus are completely unaware of the process and don't have to have any like, horrible traumatizing memories from it. WHICH IS FUCKED UP!!!! my love for these little cat things is quickly becoming pretty fucked up
No. 98376 ID: 32d627

a heads up for those currently debating what the fuck to do with buddy right now: you CANNOT directly change a TCP's anything without use of an outside machine's help.
please note that these machines do not come with a low cost, and the more dramatic the change, the worse it's gonna get for you if you're attached to these cat-shaped things.

be caaaareful!

BINGO! buddy's struggle with its pain is VERY much inspired by people dealing with chronic pain issues. (myself included) it was decided pretty early on in the planning stage that weapon TCPs would have incredible disability and physical weakness stacked against them, despite the fact that they'd also be incredible maiming machines if the void put them to it.

whether it's discouraging you to make weapon TCPs or encouraging you to take CARE of weapon TCPs or both? that's up to you.

also, thank you!! i'm so glad that yall like the quest so far.
No. 98377 ID: 34dbe0

WAIT I JUST REALIZED... we have a spawning pool for non-tcps.

so, while this is still hideously immoral, we COULD create a non-sentient, extremely dangerous beast to lie in wait for our next TCP so at LEAST we don't have to make another sapient creature commit murder.

this plan relies on two things: 1. we can un-poof anything we make, which unfortunately i have a feeling is not true and 2. the plan someone else suggested of just spawning a TCP corpse is not possible.

i would also say that we could try to spawn like, OP god medicine that mitigates buddy's pain perfectly with no side effects but uhhhhh that would severely undercut mortis' intent with buddy's disability (which is something i'm invested in as well, and i'm not really all that interested in finding a perfect miracle cure for it so much as /quest/ as a group finding a creative workaround.) if we can't have machinery without heavy costs i assume we can't have drugs/potions/consumables without heavy costs as well.
No. 98378 ID: 32d627

good! this could easily be a horror quest and i have made accomodations/plans for it to go that way! i'm glad that people are starting to debate how they want to do this, as i'm well equipped and ready to turn this into a horrible blood (or would it be fluid?) bath.
No. 98379 ID: 32d627

>we don't have to make another sapient creature commit murder.
a good idea but its Gotta be a TCP- they're the only ones that cat be influenced by the KILL command.
>we can un-poof anything we make, which unfortunately i have a feeling is not true
very not true! you make it, you gotta deal with it
>the plan someone else suggested of just spawning a TCP corpse is not possible.
possible, yes. will it work? well, is the bee that you spawned REALLY that good of a bee? is it a bee, or a Bee Shaped Thing? your call there
No. 98381 ID: 34dbe0

hmm, ok. well, if the corpse plan has even a tiny chance of going Horribly Awry i'm not willing to risk downloading buddy's consciousness into it. on one hand i would rather take NO risks at all and just focus on mitigating buddy's suffering through coping mechanisms, distractions, etc, but also literally the only thing it wants is for its body to stop hurting so my heartstrings are a-twangin.

also! u might wanna let ppl in the thread know that the disthread is up and running so that more ppl will come here to hash it out - i think a lot of times people just go straight to the links of the quests they read and don't click around to check the other boards.
No. 98383 ID: 32d627

done! will probably keep updating but with non-buddy-pain-fix related scenarios until /quest/ can come to a relative degree of agreement/majority rule on how this is gonna go.

that's not a promise your solution will work as intended, mind you
No. 98384 ID: 47160d

His body has him in horrible continuous pain, I think it would be better to upload him
No. 98386 ID: 5ad4a7

It sounds like body replacement is not something we can do freely. It will only become an option if we create a TCP that goes/is bad and needs to be KILLed.

Which, I assume, will happen at some point. Heck, we could probably make a bad TCP on purpose. Like, use a bad word for a TCP. ...well, since the word picked seems to be up to the author, I'm not sure that will work. Or even if we know what words are bad. KNIFE didn't make a violent TCP, after all.
No. 98387 ID: 5ad4a7

...maybe we can approach it from a different direction. Could we make something that would ease its pain? Like, a magical painkiller bracelet?
No. 98388 ID: 32d627

type choosing is kind of tricky, yes it is up to me but i also am going to pick by hand if i see a word that i think, as a character designer, will be really interesting to the quest and as a standalone design. knife worked incredibly well as 1) i actually designed knife type TCP already and 2) it would get us to the meat of this quest, aka the horror elements.

BUT, i did pick tent by randomization. cactus was equally tempting, so i ended up doing a randomization for it and will probably do a similar tactic if a type isnt agreed upon or too many are suggested.

personality is kept ENTIRELY different from type, and there's no guarantee that a word will spawn a certain personality/morality of TCP
No. 98389 ID: af3241

low-stress positive environments are beneficial to people with chronic pain issues irl so maybe we should just keep keeping on with being good to buddy instead of going straight to "KILL THE MISTAKE" ?
No. 98394 ID: 99a64d

The biggest issue with Buddy is that he lacks any orifices through which to ingest painkillers. I suggested Dermoplast, but that isn't exactly a high strength painkiller, hopefully the placebo effect will help with that, but I'm not confident about that. Maybe we could inject him with something using a syringe?

Would it be possible to surgically remove Buddy's blades?

This quest is going to turn into Dwarf Fortress isn't it?
No. 98395 ID: 3663d3

oh oh. once we get a third cat we should get a cleric cat. pull a blade out and cast heal magic.
No. 98396 ID: 32d627

>Would it be possible to surgically remove Buddy's blades?
you could certainly try!

>This quest is going to turn into Dwarf Fortress isn't it?
have fun kids
No. 98397 ID: 4f0a85


ok but buddy is a sweetheart, how would it feel to know we killed someone to take their body? :( :( :(
No. 98398 ID: 0c7bf6

I'm not sure if we could pull the blades out, since they seem to be part of the body. But maybe a cleric/healing TCP could help pain relief?
No. 98400 ID: 99a64d

Some kind of medical TCP would be our best bet for the next one. Maybe a medkit? Then teach it surgery and have it remove the blades. I'd consider teaching Primus surgery, but I don't think he would take well to it.
No. 98402 ID: 47160d

Again, we don't need to kill someone. We can just create a body
No. 98406 ID: af3241

what if we just make a protective slime suit for buddy and turn them into a rankurusu
No. 98409 ID: ab9ddd

Jesus Christ Fractal, you fucking maniac. Plotting to kill a plush/jelly TCP with a ravenous monster. Good God, of all the things I've read on this site that's genuinely the first to make me laugh and feel extremely sad at the same time.
No. 98410 ID: 32d627

im glad to be the catalyst for this
No. 98411 ID: 9fd26b

i agree with making some kind of medical tcp - not so drastic as to keep buddy in a drug stupor forever but. something calming
if the TCP limit is 3 and we kill the 3rd TCP, can we spawn another TCP? or do corpses count toward the limit?
No. 98412 ID: 32d627

corpses do not count towards the limit, only living TCPs do!
No. 98413 ID: 47160d

WHY WILL NO ONE JUST CREATE A FUCKING CORPSE?!!?!?!? I mean we still need to figure out what sort of TCP to use but it hardly seems like it needs discussion
No. 98414 ID: 32d627

you could try it!
No. 98416 ID: 9fd26b

because of
it's very very likely that whatever comes out of the void will lack whatever makes a TCP... a TCP. and that TCP essence is vital, that's what the upload/download works on

speaking of essence, aren't TCPs defined by their noun? if we removed the knives from buddy wouldn't it... dissolve, or disappear, or something? that's a morbid thought
No. 98417 ID: 47160d

But we are moving Buddy into it so it doenst matter if it is lacking a soul or something
No. 98418 ID: 47160d

New thing, we let it make a copy of buddy when we use it so that if something goes wrong we can deal with it and then put Buddy back
No. 98419 ID: 32d627

nope, can't do!
modifications of existing items or entities can't be done without the help of machines or other objects, see:
>a heads up for those currently debating what the fuck to do with buddy right now: you CANNOT directly change a TCP's anything without use of an outside machine's help.
please note that these machines do not come with a low cost, and the more dramatic the change, the worse it's gonna get for you if you're attached to these cat-shaped things.

>be caaaareful!
No. 98421 ID: 9fd26b
File 145793178671.jpg - (34.87KB , 373x521 , bubsy.jpg )

me when someone spawns a literal corpse at our only spawning pool that only these cat children with no concept of death can move
No. 98422 ID: c180f3
File 145793342621.jpg - (22.36KB , 450x320 , can-stock-photo_csp0556939.jpg )

A middle aged man experiencing sudden chest pain.
No. 98423 ID: 9fd26b
File 145793377947.png - (32.70KB , 300x240 , bubs.png )

No. 98430 ID: a7001c

Since we have a pair now... Can TCPs breed naturally?
No. 98432 ID: 5b7863

inb4 void master of d00m is secretly mortis pulling some meta-game fuckery
No. 98434 ID: 32d627

TCP have no genitalia (or organs at all) and cant' breed OR engage in any sort of sexual activity!

i don't need to pop in and fuck shit up! i just facilitate here
No. 98436 ID: 32d627

No. 98438 ID: 15a025

>Dad is a girl or prefers she/her
I actually think this is pretty cute actually.
No. 98439 ID: 15a025
File 145798573969.png - (223B , 16x16 , tcp icon.png )

I tried to make you a fav icon but failed horribly.
No. 98440 ID: 32d627

it is PERFECT and when i figure out how to favicon i will slap that on the thread
No. 98444 ID: 34dbe0

okay, extremely important question: can TCPs accidentally be killed, or can they only be killed with a direct KILL command?
No. 98445 ID: 32d627

TCPs can kill TCPs at the void's request
make what you will of that
No. 98446 ID: 15a025

Can DAD type tcp make other tcp kill other tcp?
No. 98447 ID: 32d627

No. 98448 ID: 5ad4a7

DAD seems like a very dangerous TCP...
No. 98449 ID: 32d627

maybe yall should have thought of that before spawning in dads
No. 98451 ID: 15a025

I get the feeling we need to kill the DAD tcp then. The fact DADs can order other tcp to kill worries me and I feel they're going to want to have buddy put down once they seem it.
No. 98453 ID: fac1d0

if we try and kill dad i really feel like we're going to be creating our own antagonist. then again, we may have done that just by creating her.

but fuck it. we already learned that we can't have a perfect world. treat dad well, and let's make the best of this. she's our creation, she's got the potential to be good.
No. 98454 ID: 5ad4a7

I say let's flirt with danger and keep Dad around. Maybe she'll turn out to be nice and everything will be fine.
No. 98457 ID: 6a476f

okay but shes a kitty too and youre being unreasonably mistrusting
once the corpse thing is done i think we should give dadcat the kind of stuff given to primus and buddy too
No. 98460 ID: 34dbe0

i agree that the best course of action right now is just to be as kind to dad as we have been to primus and buddy. as far as we've seen, there's no real reason for a tcp to become hostile unless we start being jackasses. i feel like trying to scheme or preemptively outwit them only bite us in the ass down the line.
No. 98462 ID: 15a025
File 145800004327.png - (257B , 16x16 , sad buddy.png )

Just for the hell of it I tried making an icon for poor buddy as well. Don't think it turned out so great either.
No. 98464 ID: f562b1
File 145800115785.png - (5.44KB , 600x500 , TCP tower-Dadden.png )

I actually did a little blueprint thing of the dad-den I wanted to create.
No. 98465 ID: af3241
File 145800195035.png - (13.67KB , 500x500 , wiz.png )

may i suggest making it more wizardy
No. 98466 ID: f6442a

Looks like more of a bad dragon's lair to me.
No. 98469 ID: 15a025

Why not both?
No. 98470 ID: f562b1

Wizard tower-esque on the outside, but on the inside it actually looks like a proper Dad den?
No. 98471 ID: fac1d0
File 145800610072.jpg - (86.88KB , 500x625 , b77d961b47fa4fcee77fcfa3333269e4.jpg )

this on the outside, with pic related inside?
No. 98472 ID: 99a64d

Since I missed the last suggestion period for new TCP I'll just leave this here; DOG CAT!
No. 98474 ID: 6a476f

what happened to the medic cat plans
No. 98475 ID: b991b7

we got distracted by dad cat
No. 98478 ID: f562b1

Medic would be a creature, unable to intentionally use their powers. Should we really do it that way, or perhaps go for Bandage, Suture, or Syringe? Of course, Syringe might become another Weapon type with poor starting health.
No. 98479 ID: b1b975

yes but also consider this: syringe cat would look fucking way badass
(dont actually do it but)
No. 98482 ID: f562b1

Hmm, actually a suture might be another weapon type. It's sort of a thin spike designed to pierce things without tearing, with a string to "lasso" or "grapple" the skin together. Gauze would probably be the best bet for medical use.
No. 98483 ID: af3241

what if we suggest bernard we might get a st bernard cat
No. 98484 ID: 3663d3

what about defense materials? like shield cat.
No. 98486 ID: c47b0c

Band-aid Cat sounds like it might be able to help buddy.
No. 98487 ID: 76ce46

gauze cat gauze cat >>98482
No. 98488 ID: 76ce46

(also holy shit am i glad no one called dad cat daddy)
No. 98490 ID: cd90cb

Gun cat must be a thing.
No. 98493 ID: f562b1

I would have suggested "Father" if I was here for it. Two syllables and a reasonable title for a Dadcat. TCP prefer two syllables after all.
No. 98494 ID: 665ed8

Lol what are you basing that on?
No. 98497 ID: f562b1

You forgot to prefix it with /quest/. It's >>/quest/708278.
No. 98498 ID: fac1d0

gah, thanks! could not for the life of me figure out how to do that right
No. 98505 ID: b6d927

Can we rename a cat?
No. 98513 ID: 32d627

nope! you've NAMED her so there's no goin back now
No. 98519 ID: af3241
File 145807791026.png - (434.46KB , 500x720 , awful.png )

i support DAD CRAWLER with my life
No. 98527 ID: db31dc

this, more than anything, is what makes me so nervous about dad. while dad's abilities are passive i could easily see how this kind of thing could still occur

at the same time i also feel like attempting to kill dad would Not Be a Good Idea - one reason being: i feel like dad could thwart any attack made against her by overriding the void's commands (unless im misunderstanding her abilities) and then we Absolutely have made an enemy of a very powerful tcp, if not all the other tcp in the process

i think the best thing to do is what a few other posters have suggested and be kind to dad, i dont think we can make a morality judgement about dad yet, but at the same time i think knowing the risks of making an enemy out of dad is good too
No. 98528 ID: f6442a

I don't think dadcat spawned with any ill will towards other tcps or the the void so it's best we keep it that way.
No. 98529 ID: f562b1

If Dad does become villainous, we just have to raise TCP away from her and teach them archery or something to take her out without her being able to take over. So far, she's been making good calls though, so I doubt it will come to that.
No. 98530 ID: 1a22f8

she's no nonsense but tbh in that situation so would most people be
No. 98533 ID: 32d627


you can now request TCP type sketch previews!
No. 98550 ID: 34dbe0

ok so there actually might be a benefit to dad's superior authority?

if a TCP DOES go bad down the line, and won't listen to us - what if it would still listen to dad anyway? as long as she's still good, she'd be able to talk the bad tcp down without violence. idk, not relevant right now but just something that occurred to me
No. 98552 ID: 9ef29c

No. 98560 ID: 15a025

Good thinking!
No. 98561 ID: 1b60c0

But hopefully we'll never need to test Dadcat's authorial power, because we'll never accidentally create an unstable cat.

*absently thumbing through a folder of Terrible Cat Names*
No. 98579 ID: 0c7bf6

Medic TCP that starts out with perfect health but it deteriorates bit by bit whenever its healing ability is used.
No. 98580 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, Primus can passively heal anyone smaller than him, which could effectively recharge the medic's batteries.

I guess the medic cat would have to be Large to get around that.
No. 98586 ID: f36501

so from the drawthread, is it safe to assume that cats named after body parts will tend to be kinda monstrous looking?
No. 98587 ID: 0f1773

i think so. the brain one was super gross. so maybe lets not
No. 98593 ID: af3241

but what if we go for something weird like elbow, will we get a cat of infinite corners or something styled after the band
No. 98595 ID: f36501

why not just use corner then? seems safer considering how the smile and brain tcps are
No. 98599 ID: 5ad4a7

What's wrong with monstrous TCPs?
No. 98600 ID: f562b1

Smile cat looked pretty cool in my opinion.
No. 98602 ID: f36501

yeah they looked cool, I'd just be worried for their sanity/health, yknow?
No. 98605 ID: 0f1773

No. 98607 ID: da5511

https://instaud.io/private/273cc6e1f1a670b20e204c5475607ab979668247 i wrote a catsong
No. 98609 ID: ab9ddd

This is magnificent we're gonna need a bike horn version asap
No. 98611 ID: da5511

https://instaud.io/private/5f37cf7a0000202ff2609be5253ead1d36db4d21 i'll shitpost just this once. just for you
No. 98612 ID: 8de278

these are amazing
No. 98613 ID: 32d627

i don't think i was ever ready for this kind of fanart but god i am over the moon about it THANK YOU. official dadtheme confirmed
No. 98614 ID: 34dbe0

holy shit
No. 98616 ID: ab9ddd

Oh my God I was joking. It's fucking fantastic though, best shitpost of 2016.
No. 98622 ID: f562b1

>official dadtheme confirmed
No. 98696 ID: b1b975
File 145901196869.jpg - (52.85KB , 500x313 , 4954E99A44497F0B9E7A154D52251938C4356FE1851BF9D760.jpg )

dad type bcp
No. 98700 ID: 0c7bf6

Little dad and BIG DAD
Double the dad
No. 98772 ID: 3663d3

we need more defense, how about... Indestructible cat.
No. 98774 ID: 5ad4a7

That's not a noun.

It has to be a single word, and a noun.
No. 98780 ID: 78a868

Bulwark cat?
No. 98790 ID: f56624


Cat cat

everyone knows fractally nested things are indestructable
No. 98791 ID: 76c187

What no how about a nice container TCP to be a sister or girlfriend for Primus. I'm thinking chest cat or maybe cargo cat.
No. 98793 ID: 15a025

Cargo cat sounds cute.
No. 98795 ID: 5ad4a7

We already have a storage-type TCP though.
No. 98797 ID: 770c55

[whispers again] medic caaaaaaaaaaat
even if passive it could still help buddy as a range of effect thing
No. 98801 ID: f6442a

Don't forget you can suggest cats in the draw thread to see how they'll turn out.

Like paradox cat!
No. 98809 ID: f562b1

>Like paradox cat!
Don't you mean Schrodinger cat?
No. 98830 ID: 76c187

That's the joke.
No. 98860 ID: 32d627
File 145974351759.png - (13.13KB , 500x500 , knifetcp.png )

fun little preview of some things in the works...a TCP catalogue of sorts??
No. 98863 ID: 27d779

Wait a minute...
>Cat cat
>two cats

No. 99067 ID: 2c4dc5

So anyone wanna discuss what sort of cat we should make next?

I am not a fan of making more weapon TCPs, or making body part themed TCPs for suffering reasons.

So far designs I am a fan of:
Pros: Circle! Cute!
Cons: No idea

Pros: Could be very powerful
Cons: Could be very powerful

Pros: HOT DAMN THAT DESIGN, maybe provide energy or something?
Cons: Might need fuel of some kind

Pros: Great designs, probably some cool powers
Cons: There's got to be drawbacks for each of them, probably causing trouble to the environment they're in (we could work around this with some clever creating though.)

Cons: Might wanna squish stuff/end the world depending on how mythological we're getting

Pros: BEARD (and smithing)
Cons: Alcoholism likely if exposed to booze, possible urge to die in glorious battle

Of course, these are all total guesses, but I think it would be cool to see what designs/names everyone was thinking.
No. 99068 ID: 9f0151

i will forever be pushing medic cat
No. 99069 ID: f562b1

I think we should go for either a Material type or a Food type. Those are the two types we don't have covered.
No. 99071 ID: 99a64d

I vote leviathan or dwarf. The former because HOLY SHIT IT'S SO FUCKING CUTE GOD DAMN and it's probably pretty strong too, the latter because we dorf fort now.

We also don't have any body part types, but maybe that's for the best.

Medical skills are something we could tech to any TCP at any time. If we wanted a healer TCP I'd recommend a hospital cat. Hopefully it would have an effect similar to Primus, but stronger.
No. 99074 ID: 3e182c

What about some sort of TCP that was totally immune to god powers? Like a knight or crusader eldritch TCP or something. Could we make any cat immune to God powers? Sure, it would include us I'm sure, so our other TCP's would have to teach him, but he'd be able to confront other gods.

Perhaps this here leviathan or dwarf could be like that?
No. 99078 ID: 35151f
File 146049147114.jpg - (14.17KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )

Hey guys
No. 99079 ID: f562b1

...Say, "Immunity" is a noun.
No. 99080 ID: 2c4dc5

yeah I agree!

Out of the list I made I'd probably root for Mountain, Rock, Leviathan, or Dorf with a strong preference towards Mountain or Leviathan.

Immunity could be interesting, but lets be careful with the abstract kinda TCPs. Never know what power you'll get and that power is gonna be strong.
No. 99082 ID: 35151f

guys here's an idea:
Demigod TCP

let's just go fucking nuts with the op bullshit
nothing could ever go wrong because we personally are presumably intangible, ergo invincible.

Other potetially-broken-yet-useful ideas:
Overseer tcp (for that orweillian flair and as a possible boost so we can spread our attentions more efficiently)

SCP TCP (because puns and monsters go great together)

Painter TCP (this could either be entirely useless or entirely broken as fuck and I heavily support flipping that coin)

Lycra TCP (huggable AND skintight!)

Dwarf TCP (so we can expand the basement more efficiently and have a bunch of new locations that the quest creator won't need to draw every time we're in the overworld)

Planet TCP (this can only end hilariously for all involved)
No. 99083 ID: f562b1

Security, Containment, Protection is three nouns, not one.
>Planet TCP
Probably would just end up as a very rounded TCP with some lumps and a gel coating it (Except for the lumps) that looks like water, but that's still pretty fun sounding.
No. 99686 ID: 39c8c2

Congrats on becoming the featured quest Tiny Cat People!
No. 99696 ID: 32d627

i never expected TCP to get even half of this recognition, let alone getting featured!!
No. 99701 ID: 32d627
File 146294161006.png - (28.83KB , 1080x1080 , wretch.png )

bonus; finalized wretch design!
No. 99702 ID: 35151f

>tidds and slime
someone way off in the distance is furiously masturbating to this as we speak
No. 99703 ID: f6442a

Gee riot, what are you doing all the way over there?

So is Wretch a (T?)CP? Is she an avatar, and the Void can create something like it as well?
No. 99705 ID: 32d627

wretch is wretch! youll just have to wait and see
No. 99706 ID: 32d627

also; mission accomplished
No. 99707 ID: 5ad4a7

Now that's interesting. How did Wretch get into the sliding puzzles? She must've went in there and messed with things after we created it. I'm betting the chest at the treehouse was the one that used to be in the temple, and Wretch put something else up on the pillar we're working on now.

No. 99766 ID: 32d627

unrelated to the current story but related to why updates have been slow lately; i'm struggling to handle a housing situation (rather: lack of housing) and updates have to be put on a lower priority as a result.

i have a patreon and gofundme up for those interested in helping out- thank you so much for reading and participating in this quest!
No. 99916 ID: 15a025

I think wretch has the potential to become a cool friend who likes pulling some goofy pranks.
No. 100029 ID: 0461fb

Am I the only one who feels like the tiny cat people could make a pretty cute reality sitcom?
No. 100229 ID: bc6ef5

New to the series, can we still create things while we're in the dungeon? Or is that prevented by outside forces
No. 100230 ID: 2a7417

Can't create things on an 'adventure.'
No. 100231 ID: cb6897

Guessing we can't teach them either?
No. 100299 ID: d035ee

What would happen if we were to create two TCPs of the same type? I'm assuming they'd have different personalities, but how much would their appearance differ from their counterpart? For instance (and I am in no way suggesting we do this), if we made a second KNIFE TCP, would the blades be in a different spot or something?
No. 100489 ID: 2f5847

My running theory:
Elements of the construction seem somewhat randomized. I don't think that all DAD TCPs are female, that seems counterintuitive, but it's what happened with ours.

There are many kind of knives, so a 2nd Knife TCP might potentially have greater offense (if it favored Ka-Bars or bowie knives)
or maybe greater structural integrity (a butterfly knife TCP could probably stone it's blades between parallel bones)
No. 100786 ID: 13e5d4

This quest is too cute! :3
No. 100869 ID: 4b991a


Well mortis /did/ make some artslam posts giving background information on tcp's
No. 100870 ID: 4b991a

We have a discord chat owo https://discord.gg/x6xTQaC
No. 100874 ID: c6dfde
File 146725685947.jpg - (32.34KB , 564x410 , 67c82840bf868bb76cd6fdfc4867a921.jpg )

Every single time I see your thread I think of this Mortis. I know it has very little to do with anything really, I just felt like sharing cute tiny cat people.
No. 100893 ID: d035ee
File 146727395461.png - (154B , 16x16 , WretchIcon.png )

Oh look, now Wretch has a favicon too.

No. 100899 ID: 52632a

guys I'm not saying we gotta fuck the wretch
but we gotta fuck the wretch okay
No. 100900 ID: 2f5847

U wot M8.

Why would you even assume that TCPs procreate?
No. 100901 ID: f562b1

Wretch is a "god" like ourselves, not a TCP.
No. 100903 ID: 2f5847

I just meant that while we could tell our TCPs to go fuck something, there's no particular reason they'd understand us or comply.

Although I guess the alpacas might...
No. 100904 ID: f562b1

We could always do like Wretch did and make a somewhat malleable statue of us. If we can ever decide upon a form.

What do we look like on the communicator, I wonder? Big crowd of stick-figure cat people?
No. 100944 ID: d530a4
File 146734970345.png - (6.42KB , 447x390 , areyounasty.png )

my contribution
No. 100946 ID: 32d627

god bless america
No. 100984 ID: 3ef6c8

Plz do more edits like this.
No. 101025 ID: 4dece0

This has been bantered about already elsewhere, but I'm gonna say here as well, I have to imagine Void changing masks/expressions like Hexadecimal, from Reboot.

If you're not familiar, start from about 2:50 in this video and watch for a few minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT7a9qAnpPU
No. 101026 ID: 32d627

people have brought this up numerous times so; yes i will say void changes masks like hexadecimal
No. 101028 ID: 5c5afe

Kinda feel like it would make sense for the 'orbiting' masks to display the supposed emotions of conflicting suggesters (anger or seriousness for actions that carry an undertone of anger, etc.) when we're having trouble coming to a decision, tbh
No. 101029 ID: 5c5afe

Oh man, i hope that we do something creepy in the future with our mask for creep-out or intimidation purposes, maybe just have one eye taking up the whole mask at some point far from now
No. 101070 ID: 93244f

At some point we need to make a Hope TCP.
No. 101077 ID: 350a50

And perhaps a Will TCP to go with it.
No. 101082 ID: f562b1

Are the God Cat People actually just Medium or Big Cat People playing games with the TCP?
No. 101088 ID: 91ee5f

Determination TCP.
No. 101096 ID: 93244f

wait what happens if you make a God TCP?
No. 101104 ID: 350a50

Probably makes a TCP based on the god that created it, would be my guess.
No. 101331 ID: 15a025
File 146812878189.png - (765B , 64x60 , weird wretch thingy.png )

Tried making another goofy tcp thing. Went a little better than I thought it would.
No. 101393 ID: 32d627

mortis here reporing from 3DS browser hell
my brother roman recently put this in the tcp thread but if you missed it there: my laptop is busted and im currently trying to hunt down a fix and/or temporary replacement. thank you for sticking with me, and i hope to be back in action ASAP!
No. 101405 ID: 398fe1

Eagerly awaiting more hitting on Wretch.
No. 101685 ID: 79a07e

Yeah no seriously, we have got to PLUNDER that technically non-corporeal ass.
No. 101690 ID: 91ee5f

If you're going to use pirate talk, then at least use the correct words! We have got to PLUNDER that technically non-corporeal BOOTY!
No. 102053 ID: 32d627
File 146965037940.png - (4.83KB , 263x284 , dad dick.png )

i drew dad porn
No. 102055 ID: 15a025

noot noot
No. 102258 ID: c441c1

Since it never got answered in the ITQ. Wretch which void face is your favorite?
No. 103064 ID: 32d627
File 147200035216.png - (20.80KB , 500x1100 , imjustsayin.png )


TCP will return this week
No. 103066 ID: 91ee5f

What's with the "HORK"? Is Wretch choking on something or what?

Also, whoo! TCP's coming back! 8D
No. 103067 ID: 32d627

see linked vine and be amazed
No. 103068 ID: 398fe1

That's a pretty great magic trick.
No. 103108 ID: d035ee
File 147207424491.png - (417B , 16x16 , FavIcon.png )

Favicon for thread 3.

No. 103210 ID: 685d20

w e l c o m e b a c k
No. 103903 ID: 32d627

so uh, life update
i've wanted to get back to updating TCP and maybequest, and i guess it's pretty obvious the regular updates haven't been working out yet
recently i was taken to the ER for stroke-like symptoms and diagnosed with hydrocephalus. it's very likely i was born with it or got it early, and it's equally likely i have permanent brain damage as a result.
i don't know the extent yet, or if my lifespan has been shortened any. i'm on state insurance + foodstamps and have just about zero income so the neurologists i have access to have waitlists a mile long. until i get placed on SSI/disability, my options are very limited.
what this means for TCP and future projects, i'm not sure. i know i will be continuing them to the best of my ability, as the universe TCP takes place in has been my comfort for many years, and i want nothing more than to be able to share it with people. updates may be slow, but none of my projects are or will be abandoned!
thank you for sticking with me!
-ringor mortis
No. 103904 ID: 398fe1

Wow that's terrible. Did they drain any fluid yet?
No. 103905 ID: 32d627

not yet, but they might need to do surgery to put a tube called a shunt in
in which case i will most likely have to be in and out of the hospital once every couple years for maintenance surgeries
No. 103906 ID: 398fe1

Sheesh you'd think they'd have done that in the ER to relieve the pressure. Or is there medication for that and they just had to give you a dose?
No. 103907 ID: 32d627

ER didn't do shit for me aside from tests unfortunately, they're not qualified enough to do the brain surgery required or give the meds, i guess? they were very cagey and seemed to want me out ASAP after giving me my diagnosis

whether it was just a busy night or something else, idk. it was my first time in the ER. (neglectful upbringing lead to little to no doctor treatment growing up)
No. 103909 ID: f67b34

I wish you the best and good luck with that. Love your comic!
No. 103910 ID: f67b34

*comic, quest, etc
No. 103921 ID: 350a50

Wishing you good luck.
No. 103935 ID: af6e04

I love your quests and I wish you good luck
No. 103959 ID: 9f3729

Holy shit mort i hope you figure stuff out thats fucking awful!!
No. 103965 ID: 3e182c


Hydrocephalus is weird. At least it's nowhere near the worst thing that could happen to you. :p
Ever heard of the man with no brain?
He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus as a baby, but had his shunt removed at 14. Then went Thirty Years Leaving it untreated. When he finally had it put back in, he only had a tiny, thin strip of brain matter lining the skull. Thing was though, he had been living a normal life despite this. He had a job, a house, a wife, kids, the works. It was only when he eventually had trouble moving his legs did it become a problem.
So yeah. Let them have their waiting lists. You're probably not in any immediate danger, and the body is apparently really, really good at working around slow brain damage, what with it able to reprogram parts of itself to replace the functions of damaged tissue -n- all.

Also, yeah. The people working ER's are typically dicks. Overworked people generally are.

Anyway, like the others, I wish you luck!
Also, glad to see TCP back, I had been missing it so.
No. 103966 ID: 32d627

i feel weird about begging but here i am with this shit again
my living situation is very complicated and now my medical situation has gotten just as weird, so it's about time to plug this shit again. any sharing of this with friends, family, etc, would be super appreciated to keep me off the streets and possibly fund a future tube in my head
No. 104030 ID: 32d627
File 147553927556.png - (18.45KB , 770x770 , ref.png )

full design for eastwood!
No. 104031 ID: 32d627
File 147553930043.png - (20.55KB , 860x860 , ref.png )

and one for miller, for posterity!
enjoy new (potential) friends
No. 104035 ID: 86cf98

Lets discuss what TCP we want to go for in detail as to not clutter up the main thread. I'm shooting for a defensive/support kind of TCP like maybe a stealthy one. What about an Armour or rather Knight TCP? It might not count as a weapon. Itty Bitty Kitty in a suit of plate-mail would be neat.
No. 104036 ID: c441c1

the white mage is quite useful it has both healing and at high levels resurrection. If you want to get expansive it also has support ability's to buff tent and dad in fights by making them faster and tougher.
No. 104038 ID: 86cf98

A wizard or magic TCP has potential to be cool. We don't 100% need a healer, but if such a TCP could possess a range of abilities, then I think it should be a possibility.
No. 104039 ID: 9876c4

I'd be really careful with adding support types, as that's already Dad's role to a T.

Meanwhile, a potential lobster type TCP
*is tanky
*is armored
*Has pincers for quick repairs/utility
*potential aquatic ability
*potential bonus limbs
*Cute antennae, which no one else has yet.

But of course, we may not get all of this on one creature.
Not quite my thinking, but close enough.
No. 104040 ID: 350a50

Trying to powergame the TCPs with things like 'Teleportation', which isn't even a noun, will probably not work out well.
No. 104041 ID: 350a50

Lobsters invade TCP, real live footage
No. 104042 ID: 350a50

Embed didn't work.
No. 104043 ID: c441c1

Some ideas from IRC: also no copyright characters direct from the authors words. Wizard, knowledge, LUCK.
stuff we probably shouldn't touch but can: "best", god, "spit", wretch, anyother god name.
No. 104045 ID: 91ee5f

We could use "mortis" to create a TCP, since mortis is a noun.

Actually, after looking at mortis' drawthread, I'm kinda curious on what conditions need to be met in order to create a BCP (Big Cat Person) or a MCP (Medium Cat Person)? Either one of those would be a good addition to the family! We'll just have to make the house bigger so that they can come inside.
No. 104046 ID: f562b1

I assume the Void Collective is a bunch of Mediums and the Gods are Bigs.
No. 104055 ID: 91ee5f

For some reason, that doesn't sound right. I guess I'll just have to wait for mortis to give an answer.
No. 104056 ID: 0fae7a

Lets just hope nothing fucked up happens, like what if our new TCP gets cancer or something.
No. 104057 ID: 350a50

Cancer TCP?
No. 104064 ID: 9f3729

no doofus, we're getting a lobster tcp! Not a crab one!
totally different species!
No. 104066 ID: 9876c4

No. 104067 ID: 350a50
File 147564121762.gif - (1.24MB , 500x276 , crabbattle.gif )

Oi you twit, if'n ya don't shut ye gob I'll cut ya.

That said, I could see the game interpreting it as an Abstract Type based on the zodiac. Might be interesting.
No. 104069 ID: f562b1

My bet is that a Lobster, being a creature type, will either randomly activate different "Benefits" with only one active at a time, or will randomly just pinch those nearby.
No. 104070 ID: 534314

Well it'll sure be useful in a pinch, that's what.
No. 104071 ID: 91ee5f

*ba dum tss*
No. 104072 ID: 9876c4
File 147564831829.jpg - (327.15KB , 900x786 , lobster_cat_by_hawanja-d59x7qb.jpg )

In response to at least one defensive question.

Yes, we can dig under terrain. The tower has a basement, after all. I plan to partially flood it, and put the lobstercat there.

But if we want to bunker up, that's an option.
No. 104073 ID: 9f3729

I support plan Catte Bunker
No. 104074 ID: 32d627

so for some innane reason i have the urge to write smut
if yall have some ideas for any wretch/void situations lay em on me and i might do one
No. 104075 ID: 9f3729

multi-manifestation drifting
you have two or more vaginas / dicks, and feel both at once
No. 104076 ID: c441c1

clearly wretch wants voids booty, *eyebrow wiggle*
No. 104077 ID: 9876c4

Consensual sex in the missionary position for the purposes of spawning

or maybe

No. 104078 ID: 9f3729

other, less good ideas:
-post-game bad end land, where the prize turns out to be the losers get brainwiped into dubiously-moral sex slaves for a while
-Smooze woman and mask cat make hilariously vanilla forays into bondage, IE "oh man tie my hands together, that's hot" without realizing just what a bottomless well they're laying on there at all
-Goop Girl and masquerade feline enjoy a weekend in frozen time exploring orgasm control and just what happens when gods have overly-explosive orgasms with all that creative potential in them
-idk, slime encasement? ideas well dry, tap again later
No. 104079 ID: 398fe1

Wrestling except all limbs are tentacle-dicks.

I meant, should we concerned about enemies digging under our defenses?
No. 104082 ID: 32d627

quick addendum; i personally don't enjoy or plan on writing any sort of dubcon/noncon/similar vibe stuff for fun enjoyable smut stuff

i can't say it won't come up as a topic in my quests and stories but never to actually be enjoyed as someone who as been through this shit it does not appeal to me at all on many levels
No. 104083 ID: 9876c4

They can do that whether we keep stuff down there or not. Unless we make the terrain type impassible. But if we magninot enough we can make it harder to attempt.

I find the second one to be absolutely .. cute.. !
No. 104084 ID: f562b1

Given that Void is the "God of making and manipulating the masks that float around them," I think it's easy to go beyond what Jukashi did (>>103146) but it's actually a pretty creative go. I'm kind of imagining Void starting out like that then when Wretch's aphrodisia hits it quickly becomes real bits.
No. 104086 ID: ea2bfa

Welcome to my special Hell, mortis. I... actually haven't been expecting you at all, but it's nice to have you. Anyways, hilariously vanilla bondage does sound pretty cute!
No. 104088 ID: 3e182c

Void being a mass of voices and wretch being an oozing mass of aphrodisiac... I could see some wacky dominance swapping possession like stuff going down.
No. 104089 ID: 12cd9f

If we have a theme of masks and identity as well as discord, maybe we could use that to avoid being eaten somehow? I mean what the mask looks like isn't what's actually there, except in a double-bluff situation. It's the thing under the mask that's real, not the mask itself, but if Void is Void then is there maybe nothing under the mask at all? Just a mask without a face. An act without an actor. How can you eat nothing?

So maybe we could have a sort of distributed self thing, and if we hide our masks all over the place then so long as we have more masks somewhere we can't be eaten/killed. Like it creates a sort of lich situation where we can get ressed if someone finds one of our hidden masks later. Or maybe if someone tries to eat us then it'd be like pulling off a mask only for there to be another mask underneath, and you can keep pulling off more masks but there's always another one. Or you take the last one off but then suddenly there's nothing left in front of you at all and you turn to look at the pile of masks you threw behind you and now there's a bunch of Void clones wearing them and silently staring at you.

We could be the spooky absurdist monsterthing.
No. 104090 ID: 3725ee

wretch and void finally meet up, void decides to give wretch a kiss but all the masks want in on it, then that goo starts working and things escalate normally from there.
I dunno I imagine it should start out cute.
No. 104096 ID: bba272

When we start merking gods our TCP should wear purge masks.

Also, can we convert enemy cats by the use of Dad? We should try something along those lines once combat starts.
No. 104098 ID: 12cd9f


If not Dad, that could be a mask-theme thing as well. Masks are for acting like a different person, right? Maybe we could make, like, a magic mask that gets put on a TCP and then they count as one of our TCPs while they wear it. Since usurping control of a TCP is against the natural order of things it might also count for the "discord" aspect of Void's nature.

Other ideas: a mask of a god that lets them directly control a TCP as their avatar when they wear it, or for a lesser version, that allows that god to speak through said mask. Maybe not even requiring someone to wear it? If we want to set up a god team we could create a temple with shrines to each god, for the education of TCPs in theology and for meetings between multiple gods, since maybe the communicator only allows two-way communication? Also various other magic masks, like one that hides TCPs from the senses of other TCPs or even from other gods. Masks that give TCPs powers when they wear them.

Wretch's sludge influences behavior when ingested so it shouldn't be too much a stretch to say we could maybe make a thing that has effects on someone that uses it.
No. 104099 ID: 91ee5f

For some reason, this idea is making me think about The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.
No. 104102 ID: 350a50

It would probably end up with all of Void's masks licking Wretch all over.

Once we're stronger maybe.

I think for now we're just a lesser god. So maybe Identity and Discord can come together to create disguises?
No. 104114 ID: f562b1

>Anyways, hilariously vanilla bondage does sound pretty cute!
This seems to be the only thing with more than one vote, so I guess I may as well side with it too. It sounds pretty funny.
No. 104116 ID: 665ed8

I vote for this very much, cute Wretch best Wretch
No. 104143 ID: 716fdd

The marmet discourse is real. Also I feel so bad for our TCP (and mortis) we've just flooded the thread with so much input
No. 104150 ID: 86cf98
File 147589805648.png - (13.75KB , 500x500 , Vestor the CrawDaddy.png )

Got bored and drew Marmet/whatever we call them in a vest.
No. 104158 ID: 9876c4
File 147591298363.png - (14.80KB , 200x200 , SpecOpsLob.png )

I see your sweater, and raise you a-
No. 104159 ID: 37f049

What have you done
No. 104160 ID: cb3485

A weapon to surpass metal gear.
No. 104171 ID: 350a50

I vote we make this canon later.
No. 104173 ID: 9f3729

this is a good idea
No. 104175 ID: 91ee5f

Are you guys blind? Snake never used goggles like that. Those are obviously Sam Fisher's goggles, so this is a reference to Splinter Cell, not Metal Gear Solid.
No. 104177 ID: 9876c4

It's not a direct lift from either. It's all gear I thought would be optimal to equip a warlobster. I can't deny that the tri-lamp setup is aesthetic as hell, though. :3

I'm on the case

Anyone want to layer the red sweater under my edit?
No. 104178 ID: dd7b30

went to the ER again on the 30th, didn't make a ruckus about it because i still have more doctors to see before i can come to a final conclusion, BUT
good news: my hydrocephalus is normal pressure and uninfected, which means it is not likely to harm me now, or in the past. it's pretty much the best case scenario, but i'm not getting my hopes up until i have a neurologist appointment.
the bad news: my symptoms are still happening, which means there's still something severe going on. i'm gonna be seeing a lot of doctors this month, and will keep people posted as shit happens.

onto quest news: maybequest will also be returning soon, and i'm going to try and adopt a new tactic for making/handling quests, including TCP. yall as the readers probably won't see much of it, and it's still very much a work in progress, but hopefully when i've got it figured out, updates will be faster and more convenient.

thank you for reading! i love the lobster names
No. 104181 ID: b7883c

Hope things go well with that.
No. 104182 ID: 4b5aa3

good luck!
No. 104185 ID: 9876c4

I wish you many long years with a structurally sound and well functioning head.
No. 104192 ID: af6e04

I'm glad to hear more Maybequest updates are coming. I was looking forward to seeing where that went.

Still wishing you best luck over the next month.
No. 104194 ID: 37f049

Glad they ruled that out at least. Good luck!
No. 104222 ID: 86cf98
File 147624240839.png - (11.67KB , 500x496 , Marmet, man of the Night.png )

Here is my Rebuttal.
No. 104224 ID: 9f3729
File 147625949146.png - (12.04KB , 500x496 , the lobster reaper.png )

A rebuttal to the rebuttal
No. 104225 ID: ea2bfa

No. 104229 ID: 9876c4
File 147627190942.png - (142.72KB , 500x500 , SpecOpsLob exploded.png )

You did better shotshells
Those boots look comfy.

A Buttal, in glorious 500pixelvision.
No. 104370 ID: 243b93

i just need you to know that lobster cat is a beautiful and perfect entity, thank you
No. 106722 ID: c0097f
File 148228169340.png - (35.49KB , 600x400 , CzWcvWNVIAAtfqA.png )

gonna plug this here because i have no idea what's going on with my housing situation anymore and my brother and i need cash to ensure we don't end up on the streets Again

i've been taking custom TCP commissions for a while now and want to open it up to yall as well, considering they're pretty damn fun for me and i figure if there's gonna be interest, it's probably here. i make bases for these little guys and recolor to match people's commissions, and you can get one for a lot cheaper if you order on a base. using bases helps us work on a personal project of indexing all the types we can think of, which i hope to release some time next year.

the team that works with me on TCP got over 200 types based already and a generator that's made...i want to say 17 septillion? 17 sextillion? combinations of unique TCPs with strange and bizarre qualities, if you want to pay 10 bucks for a random one. these randomized little guys also have the potential to be more than one type.

i also have regular design commissions listed here: https://twitter.com/rinmortis/status/807724346533822464 and if you're down to get a TCP (or anything) of your own, email me at ringormortis@gmail.com and i will hook you up.
No. 108581 ID: 609e55

Miller is adorable. Unfortunately, this might be a bad thing, given tropes and the nature of Spit. Something tells me that if anyone dies, it's going to be her. :(
No. 108687 ID: 85cc2c
File 148697555453.png - (48.44KB , 500x500 , x988iBw.png )

No. 108766 ID: af3241
File 148713369476.png - (110.57KB , 1000x1000 , 02142017-tcp-voidsession-valentines.png )

happy valentine's day! your kitties love you!
No. 108768 ID: 7b7ab3

And we love our precious, little kitties! ~<3
No. 108770 ID: 398fe1

Lol, even the plushie TCP corpse got in on the fun.
No. 108771 ID: 85cc2c

moxie i swear to god im gonna cry
No. 108796 ID: a363ac

oh no Marnet is eating the glue!
No. 108829 ID: 4acb29

She's not eating it, she's using it to decorate her shell.
Also the plush corpse is still a corpse and is still oozing. Can we er...do...something about that?
No. 108854 ID: 243b93

just popping in to say that i love love love this quest
No. 108971 ID: d79f26

we need to seriously start considering what cat to make next. some powerful ones that could be useful if we can wrangle them;
NOT: the concept of other, everything that is, they are not, could work like the anti-meme SCP, "it is not round" "it is not made of glass" etc.
SKIP: the idea of passing over something, skipping from point A to C without going through B, possibly teleportation or KING CRIMSON powers.
or for full mind control goodness
LOVE: love itself, everyone loves it and it loves them.
No. 108978 ID: 9f3729

Goo clunge tcp, clearly
No. 108980 ID: 9876c4

Would a Pussy TCP just spawn a scaled-down cat?
No. 108984 ID: 79a07e

Hm. Maybe we can think of this from the perspective of an RTS or SRPG. Not necessarily entirely passive, but inflicting status effects, limiting terrain, and other debilitating effects. Think building constructs in Tactical RPGs, or Geo Symbols/Geo Blocks in Disgaea. I think stuff like that would be extremely effective if we could do that, or anything remotely like it.
No. 108986 ID: dd5b4d

Back-up TCP.
No. 109051 ID: f0e552

Trapping tcp?
No. 109056 ID: 85cc2c


just as we were getting to the good shit, tablet died
gonna borrow my brother's, most likely, but updates are gonna be slow unless i figure something out
No. 109075 ID: ebeee1

Neutronium golem TCP
No. 109504 ID: db0da2

Favored TCP ideas:

Dwarf cat, as a craftsman/engineer for our larger projects.

Pheonix, giant, or Leviathan, Marnet turned out nicely, I think there's a lot of potential in powerful and beefy creature-types, especially considering how Spit won't know what they are. We could also do a body type if we feel like being more conventional.

Void type, that's "Void", not "void", if we did an abstract I'd want it to be this one, we'd have maximum synergy with it and the best shot at controlling it.

We might want to try a spy, eye, sight, or satellite type, to get the information advantage over Spit.
No. 109510 ID: 9876c4

I'm not a very good powergamer, but the idea of a dwarven TCP makes me giggle a bit.

particularly if it's a Scottish Fold that speaks in brogue.
No. 109529 ID: 0c367f

Exactly what I was going to say: Big fan of the idea of some sort of TCP we can use for surveillance/espionage.

You also mention "I think there's a lot of potential in powerful and beefy creature-types, especially considering how Spit won't know what they are." The fact that we know about things unique to Earth is probably a big advantage.

For these reasons I'm currently leaning towards a CHAMELEON TCP.
No. 109535 ID: dd5b4d

Go for maximum versatility: SQUID TCP

Camouflage! Jet nozzle! Tentacles! Possibly a big type if we get a giant squid.

Or perhaps octopus. It just doesn't roll off the tongue as well as squid though.
No. 109536 ID: db0da2

Now that I've slept on it I think a sight TCP is a necessity. We have to know what Spit is doing as soon as possible to avoid being blindsided. A camouflage-capable TCP is all well and good, but it still requires sending a cat into Spit's territory whenever we want to learn anything. With a sight TCP we'll be able to spy on Spit remotely, possibly even through walls! Abstract types are supposedly dangerous, but I can't help but feel that the hype can only help us in this case, given that "sight" is about as far from any combat related concept as possible.
No. 109537 ID: 8d4593

Singularity tcp. A walking black hole is perfectly safe, right?
No. 109538 ID: b15da4

Sure, as long as it's made of antimatter.
No. 109542 ID: b412df

If we focus on making things to surprise Spit with, then a Technician Type or Alchemist Type might be useful.

Although knowledge on what Spit is doing would certainly be useful, something like a Surveillance Type or a Spy Type.

Then again Spit's speciality is being sadistic from what the other's said, so maybe a Therapist Type might help. Also since it seems some TCP's abilities are painful to use.

So many choices.
No. 109543 ID: db0da2

You're both thinking too small. Clearly, the only way we can adequately protect ourselves is with an omnipotence TCP.
No. 109544 ID: 67456a

To put it bluntly, the sheer power required for an Omnipotence TCP would probably completely destroy it before it could do one thing. I mean, Buddy nearly killed herself casting magic, and she's only knife type.

It's like trying to channel an entire nuclear plant through a lightbulb. Just not a good idea.
No. 109546 ID: db0da2

Mhhmmmm, you're right of course, true, true-


Spit has been known to cheat by attacking other gods IRL, which means the only way to beat her must be...!

Where do you live mortis?
No. 109549 ID: 0c367f

Oh gosh, you're right, chameleon is the wrong way of thinking about this. We need an animal with truly insane camouflage skills and other abilities.

I'm currently pushing for CUTTLEFISH TCP.
No. 109550 ID: 91ee5f

.....I've got this sudden urge to go rewatch Avengers: Age of Ultron now.
No. 109555 ID: dbf8a5

If it's camouflage you want, why not go all the way to an INVISIBLE, INTANGIBLE, PLOTERGEIST TCP. Instead of just masking its visual presense, it could hide inside of walls to avoid being smelled, heard, or touched. It would be the perfect saboteur, able to float right through the enemy's defenses for easy access to their base's vulnerable internal systems. It would also provide a good opportunity to talk to the enemy's TCPs in order to convert them.
No. 109556 ID: 398fe1

TCPs are based on single nouns.
No. 109557 ID: db0da2

I know, I was just being colorful. My actual suggestion is just a "poltergeist" type, though I still prefer "sight" or "surveillance".
No. 109558 ID: 4854ef

Just now realized the one mask off to the side is that weird face someone typed out, it's hilarious to see.
No. 109559 ID: d662ef

I don't think we should make another weapon type, but if we did I would want it to be...

The cat of promised victory, EXCALICAT! Literal guaranteed victory is probably the best ability a TCP could have, but even if it doesn't quite work that way I can't imagine Catiburn being anything other than stunningly powerful. The cost to use its abilities could be prohibitively high, but if it takes on the characteristics of Excalibur's scabbard as well it should be durable enough to take it, though I wouldn't want to try making it use magic.
No. 109562 ID: 8111b6

Forget that. If one's going foor a weapon, go whole hog. GAU-8. Could get some BRRRRRRRRT goin' on. On a related note, isn't 'gau' one of those onomatopoeic words for big cats?
No. 109565 ID: 9876c4
File 148903870257.jpg - (12.65KB , 253x350 , ffvi__gau_by_tiggerfactory_png.jpg )

Citation needed.

It's a region in Germany, another in Switzerland, an island in Fiji, and a swear word in Cantonese, though.
No. 109569 ID: 85cc2c

https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/29546.html#i33279 opened up for requests on my drawthread again, btw
No. 109638 ID: 15a025

Happy tcp day!
No. 109640 ID: a363ac

Merry TCPaversery
No. 109649 ID: 85cc2c
File 148929888630.png - (49.62KB , 500x720 , 1yearsmall.png )

thank you all SO much for one year of TCP! starting this quest has honestly helped my life so much, and i'm really excited to get rolling with act 3 soon.

more coming soon how we're gonna do act 3 and also, a print version of this illustration if any of yall are interested in slapping this baby on your walls (at proper print size, of course. this is scaled down significantly)
No. 109650 ID: 7b7ab3

Happy anniversary! I'm loving this quest!
No. 109651 ID: 350a50

Your art is just too damn adorable.
No. 109660 ID: 85cc2c
File 148935476712.png - (16.75KB , 500x500 , flynt icon.png )

our team now has a proper twitter for our works, along with a twitter specifically for TCP updates. we're looking forward to introducing the team and going more into what happens behind the scenes of our projects, as well as delving into the worldbuilding behind morbit.

as such, we're prrrobably gonna make a new disthread for our quests as a whole, and maybe even a group drawthread to show off everything we concept (that isn't a spoiler). lots of neat things in the works, and if you want to toss us a few bucks, we now have merch out!


thank you all so much for a year of fun, questing, and support!
No. 109670 ID: 398fe1

I'm a bit irked that both Wretch and Eastwood are somehow coming to the conclusion that Void is either a habitual liar or flirts with everyone when we don't actually do either of those things. We wanted to fuck with Spit because Spit is a bad person. Why was this impossible to get across?
No. 109672 ID: 398fe1

...in the end I guess it feels like Void's dialogue in the quest itself doesn't reflect the attitude or opinions of suggesters anymore.
No. 109676 ID: 85cc2c

ill take some blame for this, personally
i was pretty offput and distressed by the sheer amount of flirting and the nature of it towards spit, and i was hesitant to include a lot of it in voidsy's actual responses (when doing so would have been a lot more accurate towards the character)

my bad there, honestly.
No. 109677 ID: 3abd97

/quest/ has something of an irreverent and disrespectful attitude towards villains in general. It's easy to be flippant when any real consequences or threats exist within the narrative, but not outside it. And refusing to take certain people seriously sometimes throws the off their game.

Honestly, blatantly sexualizing threats could be seen as something of a defense mechanism, or a power play.
No. 109678 ID: 65ec8d

There might have been something lost in the format. We're using text, after all, and the difference between a suggester ironically flirting and actually flirting isn't necessarily going to be clear.

Like, personally, I posted a "flirty" suggestion, and I assumed that from context it would be obvious that it was an attempt to mess up Spit's "intimidating silence" ego act by pretending to do the opposite of being scared, not any sort of actual flirting. But I can see how, from a look back at some of the beings /quest/ has flirted with unironically, it might not actually have been obvious.
No. 109682 ID: 79a07e

Pretty much what >>109677 said. We're not being flirty because they're actually hot, we're being flirty because we're MOCKING their attempts at being intimidating. It's defiant blitheness in the face of the enemy. They want us to be afraid? We're going to be the EXACT OPPOSITE, just to mess with them.
No. 109684 ID: 79a07e

Furthermore, /quest/ has a thing where we're defend friends and people we like to the death (not to mention if they're our waifu like Wretch is we'll follow to the ends of the earth) but our enemies will just get insults, scorn, and general attempts at total annihilation.

And spite. We really really like doing things for spite if we don't like you.
No. 109685 ID: b7883c

>We wanted to fuck with Spit because Spit is a bad person. Why was this impossible to get across?
I think the issue is that us flirting ironically out of spite is in practice almost identical to us flirting genuinely. Doing the almost exact same behavior with completely different meanings in different contexts can get confusing when seen out of context.
No. 109686 ID: 79a07e

Fair. I think it'd come down to a tonal difference, which over text is...obviously impossibly hard. I think maybe we could've done with some slightly better wording. Still, though. I would've thought personally that considering our discussion about psyching her out, we'd have gotten our intention across- but like you said. Context in text is hard.
No. 109689 ID: 9876c4

I didn't make the quest so I don't get a vote, but I like this discussion thread, because it already has all our silly art in it.

Glad things are getting there for team morbit.
No. 109694 ID: 96af5c

considering tgchans reputation for swooning over murder furries, i can't blame mortis whatsoever :P
No. 109715 ID: 4854ef

Bah! Spit is true Waifu Material.
No. 109772 ID: 398fe1

Frog-Crimes over on the eagle time forums has a pretty great design.
No. 109776 ID: 9876c4

>First action is to create 2 opposite TCPs
>Immediately give them guns
>Portfolio is Justice

Seems legit.
No. 109841 ID: 40ce7d

I really like this quest and although the amount of co-ordination involved would be astronomical, I can't help but wonder what could have been if all the different forks of this story were players in the same game.

Absolute fucking anarchy, most likely, but
No. 109843 ID: 398fe1

It's a pity the Omega Update forum thread seems to have died.
No. 109846 ID: 85cc2c

good a time as any to bring this up: after this thread is over TCP is going on a short hiatus to catch up on both maybequest and the omegaupdate session, as well as prep some New and Exciting things for act 3

(and also to focus on our main videogame project)
No. 109850 ID: db0da2
File 148987946393.png - (146.44KB , 297x616 , Evangelion Unit 01.png )

In the event that things with Spit escalate too far, Dad's walker will need an upgrade.
No. 109852 ID: 31daba

>Teach Dad: Gendo Pose

Let whatever comes next happen on its own.
No. 109853 ID: 398fe1

Oh good, I was hoping we'd get to see the slow realization that the Omega crew screwed up their first two TCPs.
No. 109855 ID: 398fe1

...though I suppose if they choose a Deity related to money, their TCPs might get enough of a boost to make them worthwhile.

Did our Phantom get any sort of boost due to being mask-related?
No. 109856 ID: 350a50

It's not a 0% chance, I think.

Coin-operated Machines, maybe?
No. 109871 ID: 73767e

Get in the robot Buddy?
No. 109882 ID: db0da2
File 148994435943.png - (7.41KB , 540x129 , chwoka's decorum.png )

Those guys are pretty great.
No. 109935 ID: 144af2

I must be missing something. What omegaupdate thread? I'm genuinely interested.
No. 109944 ID: 398fe1


Don't spoil nothin'.
No. 109949 ID: db0da2

>Don't spoil nothin'.
If "Sonny" is one of y'all then we're already screwing this up. It would be a shame if we missed out on seeing a new set of players learning the mechanics organically because some people couldn't exercise restraint.
No. 109957 ID: fc2fa7

Its spreading!
I also like how the first suggestion in
is "porn", I like that guy we should invite him over.
No. 109959 ID: 85cc2c

to make sure this is loud and clear: you're welcome to partake in the other threads as long as you don't spoil any worldbuilding, plot, or mechanic shit

just play along with how its coming and we'll see how it goes- there WILL be consequences for any spoilers and you will likely not enjoy them

on that note, we'll probably be introducing the team that works on morbit stuff soooonish? probably when we end this intermission. whoo
No. 109963 ID: 350a50

Warning noted. The masquerade shall be maintained.
No. 110004 ID: 85cc2c


big thanks to swirly, one of our amazing team members, for writing dad and jasper's song and even providing accompanying music!
No. 110032 ID: db0da2

Plans for the next thread:

Upscale alchemy operation. Replace the dinky herb garden and single tree with a massive vault of botany. Try fertilizer and other such things to see if we can improve our operation. Hydroponics should give us higher yields faster, but we should experiment and compare both methods to see if there are any complications. Get bees for the trees. Maybe expand to other magical plants to see if we can't get some ironskin or swiftness potions.

Test if the Eastwood mask increases the effectiveness of the potions.

Try making an inverted Spit mask to act as an anesthetic.

Make more copies of all of the masks except Spit's. We'll probably only use the Miller and Eastwood masks, but just having the others won't hurt. Also make extra wands and hats so that we can use all the cats' abilities at once.

Test what Jasper's wand and hat powers are.

Fortify the base: traps, armor, locks, shuttered embrasures, more horrors, etc.

Finish testing wand and hat powers, keep anesthetics and potions close by. Test range, line of sight, and interactivity between powers.
No. 110046 ID: 144af2

There's a team?
Dammit! Why am I always too late to contribute to the things I love?
No. 110147 ID: 85cc2c

just to reiterate this once more; we're gonna go on hiatus for a little bit, so yall are welcome to discuss strategies for the game here as much as you like in the meantime!
No. 110764 ID: 85cc2c
File 149255420614.png - (2.91KB , 200x159 , primus test.png )

sprite test for act 3, will be doing these for the main characters to demonstrate the new style.
No. 110850 ID: db0da2
File 149291163895.png - (822.42KB , 1500x800 , tiny cat people Read-Expected-Got.png )

We should ask someone how the tcp defection system works. What does it take for a tcp to count as officially defected, do they just have to want it? What side do they count as being on: no side, their own side? Can they be adopted by another god, and, if so, does this bypass the 5 tcp per god limit? Can defected cats survive the end of the game? Can you trade cats by telling them to defect to another side? If your tcp defects are you able to spawn a replacement?

I'd also like to become more unified strategically with our allies, they all seem to be pretty much doing their own things at the moment and that's less than ideal. We should all be using the same level of technology and force, so that no one pushes it too far and starts an arms race, and no one shoots themselves in the foot by holding back too much. We should make sure that all of our bases are equally outfitted with facilities, meaning they all create their own alchemy setups, we fortify our bases to the same level, and we copy good ideas from each other. We should also discuss with the others what tcps they plan on making. Food, creature, body, and form types are all consistently good as long as you don't pick something completely stupid, but weapon types are nearly useless without magic enhancing their powers, we should encourage the former and discourage the latter. We also have the advantage of being from Earth, meaning we have access to a bunch of potentially powerful tcp ideas which we should share with them. Container and machine types could be great, but they require planning and coordination to be useful, so we should talk with the others about maybe scheming something along those lines. Our communicator doesn't have a group call function, but we might be able to work around that by having the others stay in the same physical room (this has the added bonus of keeping Spit from trying anything), or by doing something tricky with calling multiple people at once. We should have our tcps do joint training exercises to build camaraderie, and give our cats time to share all the stuff we taught them as preparation for the UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY with the others.

We could probably end this whole thing pretty quickly by getting another god to create a DEICIDE tcp and teach it MORTALITY, JUSTICE, DUTY, SACRIFICE, and SPIT (we would also probably want to lie to it and downplay the risk involved in using its power, maybe even convince it there's an afterlife or something; it's scummy, but one life is easily worth it to save all those lives Spit would take). Of course, I doubt we could actually convince any of our allies to go through with this, they'd argue that the risk of the plan backfiring is too great, and they'd be right, given that narrative convention would demand that it backfire in order to avoid an anticlimax unless we tried the plan at the absolute last second,, but we might be able to convince them to do it as a last resort.

We might want to give our cats bodycams so that we can see what happens in the unhallowed sanctuary. We should install an airport security style checkpoint at the entrance to the sanctuary to prevent Spit from doing the same.
No. 110851 ID: 350a50

>We might want to give our cats bodycams so that we can see what happens in the unhallowed sanctuary
I like this idea.
No. 110852 ID: db0da2

We should make a black hole type. It would be container type, meaning its ability would be voluntary and free of cost AFAIK, so we wouldn't have to worry about accidentally sucking up the world, but could still instakill enemies and absorb our way past fortifications.
No. 110853 ID: 15a025

The bodycam sounds like a good idea. I feel Spit would just do the same in response though. Possibly even finding a way to abuse it.
No. 110854 ID: 398fe1

We can't. We have 5 TCPs, that's the max.
No. 110855 ID: 350a50

What if we disguise it as accessories?
No. 110858 ID: db0da2

I meant "we" as in one of our allies.

I know, hence:
>We should install an airport security style checkpoint at the entrance to the sanctuary to prevent Spit from doing the same.

This is a good idea.
No. 110859 ID: db0da2

We should also get someone to make a sniper type, or something else long-ranged to fill that gap in our team composition. I prefer sniper type to sniper rifle type. It would get identity synergy with sniper rifles and wouldn't lose health every time it attacks. It would also be more versatile, given that it would have a larger health pool and abilities relating not just to attacking, but to (to quote Wikipedia):
>detection, stalking, and target range estimation methods, camouflage, field craft, infiltration, special reconnaissance and observation, surveillance and target acquisition.
A sniper type would be especially potent against Spit, given that her base is in the middle of a wide open desert with no cover.
No. 110884 ID: e15767
File 149308915947.png - (22.22KB , 771x770 , eastwood tf1.png )

good to see some discussion going in here! still no ETA on act 3 considering the massive amount of prep that needs to be done, but we are hard at work on it (and probably going to make a new disthread soon for quests set in the same universe...because that is coming)

in the meantime, my brother roman and i are looking to get some serious repairs done on our RV- aka our house. we decided to go forward with a goofy little thing to raise money and reward yall for helping us out: a VERY NONCANON horror mutation drive for eastwood. donate a dollar, eastwood mutates a little. goal is to turn him into a horrible monster and also fix the giant holes in my roof! everybody wins!
http://homebrewdeviants.tumblr.com/post/159961476886/spring-2017-morbit-mutation-drive here's the link for it, feel free to check out all the rewards (including a shot at getting your very own canon morbit god, shhhh) and share with your friends.

yall rock, seriously. keep on discussing here and we'll have the new thread up soon.
No. 110888 ID: 398fe1

Um, is that the right paypal link? The name doesn't come up as Roman Mortis.

The icon is the same as Roman's twitter, at least.
No. 111153 ID: 193303

Unfortunately for both of us we have to use our old names for PayPal until we get our names legally changed.
No. 111176 ID: 398fe1

So how will mutation choices and other non-commission donation bonuses be handled? Via email?
No. 111177 ID: 8a251a

either email or any of the other contact methods listed work fine!
No. 120345 ID: 35089a

what the fuck ever happened to FRACTAL
No. 120376 ID: 33cbe7

knocked out, stone cold, face down in an olive garden parking lot
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