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File 138144535339.jpg - (225.06KB , 1600x900 , Discuss!.jpg )
76727 No. 76727 ID: 5ce288

You can feel free to ask me anything, not guarantee I'll reply. (Spoilers and all).
Expand all images
No. 76746 ID: 5ce288
File 138152045697.jpg - (177.49KB , 1600x900 , Ella Ipslore Backview.jpg )

I put clothes onto her. Now let me explain some things and admit to some fuck ups.

Inventory System
The upper left box is the left hand, below that is the left pocket. The same is true for the right side. Items that can be carried out of hand or pocket due to a strap or something will change the inventory lay out, otherwise things will stay this way.

Sam disappears – Ella arrives at the House – [Unexplored Memories] – Ella tries to commit suicide

Mistakes Have Been Made
In the first panel, Sam’s hand is kind of pointing down.
Rather than taking the time to finish the character design the first character sheet mashes a background that doesn’t match with a white line image. The character design is not the most detailed I could make it, but is more detailed than the normal art style, giving the impression later that Ella’s scars show up from nowhere.
Sam text when waking up Ella for the first time is not the right color, nor is Sam’s hair for that matter.
The second character sheet is a lazy attempt to solve the background problem by inverting the white lined image.
It look me way too long to figure out how to give Ella proper looking stringy white hair.
The perspective on the first room is messed up.
In the third character sheet I forgot to invert Ella’s portrait, since she was looking in a mirror earlier.
I didn’t properly give a good rundown of the timeline.
Sam never found a safe place to put the knife, it’s currently residing in hammerspace.

No. 76834 ID: f64e84

It's strange how this quest has us doing all sorts of random flight-of fancy things, but it's rather interesting...Am I right to think that any random imaginative thing we say will turn into a little mini-event thing?
No. 76835 ID: 5ce288
File 138186019473.jpg - (116.44KB , 541x598 , Merrygold Concept.jpg )

Anything that's chosen will. That will typically be limited to dreams and day-dreams that I believe will have an impact on the story. They will be more directed experiences however, the challenges of the dream will be passed over and only the choices that effect the real world (and occasionally just choices I think will be fun for the players to make) will be given.

I apologize if this is disappointing, but there is after all a kidnapping plot to get back to. You can think of the dreams as the comic relief portion of the story.
No. 76848 ID: 5ce288
File 138196555722.jpg - (125.24KB , 800x600 , Temperments Sketch.jpg )

Let’s examine the character sheet and talk about humours.
On the character sheet there are four main areas: Name, Humours, Core Motivation and Misc.
The first two of these fields are self-explanatory. After that is Core Motivation, which hasn’t been talked about a lot, presumably because most people thought it was just a bit of throwaway text. Ella’s core motivation is “Stay Alive”. When we glanced at Sam’s humours you might have noticed that bit of text missing from the area, that’s because Sam’s core motivation is not known to Ella. Core motivation is just a short hand to sum up the most important thing to a character and not too big of a deal needs to be made about it. Though I will point out characters will sometimes act out of their core motivations when their humours are out of balance, like Ella’s attempted suicide.
The second unexplained portion of the character sheet is misc. This is where a portrait is currently kept to identify the owner of the character sheet at a glance. This space was actually reserved for traits. Each other character has traits in this area, but because the players never complied with Sam asking Ella to talk about herself Ella’s character sheet doesn’t have a list of these.

Now then, the second part of this post is humours. Humours are the four ‘life-bars’ that keep Ella alive. Unlike normal life bars in games Ella will not die if they empty, but if they fill terrible things could happen to her. Each humour represents a physical and mental balance, and when this is made unstable, an outward effect is usually the result.
To give an example from the most recent update. Ella thinking about the possibility of a child being sexually assaulted upset her humours, specifically it upset her phlegmatic humour. This was expressed by Ella getting nauseated.
What governs over the humours is both vague and complex, but here are the general guidelines.
Sanguine – A humour that typically is expressed outward. Examples of this expression are violence, lust, anger, compassion or blood leaking from any of the facial orifices.
Chloric – A humour that typically is expressed outward. Examples of this expression are determination, focus, envy, controlling others, or painful physical cramps, or sprains.
Melancholic – A humour that typically is expressed inward. Examples of this expression are depression, brooding, inattentiveness, artistic expression or mental illness relating to ego.
Phlegmatic – A humour that typically is expressed inward. Examples of this expression are laziness, stubbornness, attentiveness, coldness or mental illnesses relating to anxiety.
As you can see each of the humours is complex and overly broad, which was part of the joke with Elsbeth’s knightly virtues, lampshading some of the pitfalls of the system. Regardless of those pitfalls, I believe it is thematically appropriate for the adventure we’re running and I hope you have fun with it, even if you learn to hate it.
No. 76849 ID: 0f6f63

When does an imbalance of humors results in a crisis? Ella started the quest suicidal due to an imbalance, and the crisis ended when she reached equilibrium. But since then, we've stayed from equilibrium without apparent ill effect. Does it take a certain amount of time outside equilibrium before ill effects are seen, or a crisis is triggered? Or does only maxing a humor trigger crisis, while achieving equilibrium exits?

Are the other character's humors as fluid as Ella's, or is she especially susceptible to change? I'm starting to wonder if we have to worry about triggering crises in people around us.

>Core Motivation: Stay Alive
...that actually strikes me as dangerous. Obviously, perverting it resulted in suicidal impulses. But if it's played strait? That means we're someone who would do anything to survive, and would put her own safety above any other concern. Considering the situation we're trapped in, that kind of self-centrism could have some very nasty consequences.

>other character's humors / core motivation
This could explain the conflicting reports we've gotten from Sam and Jordan about Taylor. It could be Taylor's core motivation is normally something positive for Alex, but when Taylor enters a crisis of imbalanced humors she becomes a threat.
No. 76850 ID: 5ce288
File 138197055088.jpg - (290.33KB , 1600x900 , Early Concept.jpg )

>Crisis Questions
A crisis typically occurs both when a humour is maxed and when the difference in humours is too deviant from the balancing point.

>Ella’s Core Motivation
Ellla’s core motivation is indeed quite selfish. It could lead to both good things and bad things depending on how it’s expressed. Over time Ella might have to face that fact she is a selfish person and change that about herself, but for the moment she is a selfish individual at her core. However as a vessel for suggestions, she can still have as many good qualities as everyone cares to give her. She’s not a horrible monster, she’s just as flawed as everyone else.
No. 76851 ID: 7bbaae

What happens if you max a humour while the others aren't far behind? Nothing much? What happens then if you max ALL of them at once?
No. 76858 ID: 5ce288
File 138204820125.jpg - (133.43KB , 800x600 , Too humourous.jpg )


It can't be good.
No. 76886 ID: 1a029e

Not asking for spoilers but just saying this for others to think on:
Father can create copies of people. Husks that break when hit, but copies anyhow. On top of that, it seems to be somehow capable of 'feeding' off people.
Given the two traits, I think 'Jordan' isn't actually Jordan, but Father, making use of a Husk to get rid of Taylor, for being too determined to accept defeat and sit around for whatever Father has planned.
Why go to Ella? To cause infighting-Father might be the kind of monster that feeds off negative emotions/perfers victims in a state of dispair. It's next planned meal could be a broken and hurt Alex, from watching as Taylor, Jordan, Sam, and Ella all die...
As a matter of fact, that might be why the 'humors' are a thing-more of Father's powers effecting things.
No. 76888 ID: 75a612

Yeah, humors are probably connected to the feeding. It can't be a coincidence father's got one eye colored for each humor, and that we've got 5 people, 4 of which colored for a humor, and the 5th white (all colors, superimposed).

It's possible that Jordan is acting for father, or a replacement. (Although, if we can trust the journal, those spider-simulacrum weren't very convincing).

It's also possible Jordan's just playing his own game.

The problem is we really don't have enough information, or reason to trust most of these people enough to make good decisions.
No. 76893 ID: 75a612

You know, these images really don't need to be in the 2 and 3 thousand pixels range. It's kind of excessive. I mean, it's fine if that's the scale you draw at, but there's no reason not to scale down to something reasonable for viewing before uploading.
No. 76897 ID: 5ce288

Reasonable for viewing is subjective. My monitor is rather large, all my work fits very easily on my screen. Are there problems looking at it on smaller screens?
No. 76902 ID: 75a612

It's more that it's kind of silly. I get a noticeable delay waiting for a jpg that big to load, just so my browser can scale it down to 18% to fit. At 100%, a single tic-tac-toe game was more than I can fit on-screen.

Mostly it's fine, the Alex drawings just came across as way huge-er than they needed to be.
No. 76903 ID: 7bbaae

What kind of monster monitor are you using?!
No. 76904 ID: 5ce288

It was a gift. It's 1920x1090
The images for Alex were the size they were because I wanted them to be the size of paper. I'll try to do smaller scale images than that in the future.
No. 76905 ID: 7bbaae

They're far larger than the size of paper, though...?
No. 76941 ID: 5ce288

You're right. My mistake, I'll try to correct that in the future and maybe contact a mod to edit the original images.
No. 77024 ID: 5ce288

Apologies for the slow updates. I've fallen rather ill.
No. 77047 ID: 5ce288
File 138264539419.jpg - (140.16KB , 800x600 , Save Yourself Quest Title Screen.jpg )

Please leave feedback here.
I have only one open question, and that's if I should continue to use the same thread for part 2. I don't know the image limit, and I have a feeling at some point if I keep using new threads certain parts may need more than one thread.
No. 77048 ID: 92b445

Hrrrm...It varies from quest to quest I think.
Generally? I'd say it all works out and seems fine and dandy.
I find it fascinating how it seemed as if we as much wrote the story as you did- our hypothesis became reality so often.
No. 77049 ID: d2b9fe

No biggie.

>image limit
I think the last time anyone actually broke a thread was when we let the lunar quest dis get past 2000 posts. A mod had to split it in twain just so it could load.

There are threads with twice as many images and posts as the current thread on the first page of the archive. You could keep the quest going in the first thread if you wanted, or start a new one. Really, more a stylistic choice than a functional one.

Hmm. The humors bursting from her wasn't exactly what I expected from a crisis. Might explain the need for seams though- this has happened before.

Nice to see we aren't dead, though.
No. 77104 ID: 5ce288
File 138274709138.jpg - (93.92KB , 366x567 , Tayor Concept.jpg )

Thank you all for the feedback.
I wish I could comment on the interesting theories and ideas people throw out there, but I honestly don't think that would be the best.

I'm glad people seem to be enjoying the quest.

Here's some Taylor concept art.
(Attempting to hammer out her unusual features.)
No. 77109 ID: 07a342

...She would have been some sort of lightning robot?
Soo we've got Ella the stitched-together (Zombie?)
Sam the elf princess
Alex teh captured Angel
And Jordan the Betrayer...
No. 77111 ID: 5ce288
File 138275775282.jpg - (109.62KB , 299x561 , Tayor Concept 2.jpg )


I'm still working out Taylor, I have a concept but it's vague... and I'm looking for the best expression. I feel like it'd probably be best if I didn't comment on what kind of being each individual draws upon for their unusual traits, and just leave it up to audience interpretation.

As for Jordan, you haven’t seen his unusual traits yet either. But I’ll get to that after I try a few more concepts for Taylor.
No. 77112 ID: d2b9fe

Yes, commenting on our speculation prematurely is mostly to be avoided. Unless we veer too far in the wrong direction and you want to wave us off from making bad decisions based entirely on our own fiction, or something.

>Ella the stitched-together
Kind of appropriate, considering her color is white (all colors stacked together). Which I suppose ties back into the humors, too (being dependent on all of them).

Although so far it's hard to see the significance of everyone else's presumed color associations with the humors mean. (Although there are some general personality associations).

If we start the next chapter in Sam's perspective, it'll be interesting to see if humors behave differently for them. I kind of suspect Ella's are the most volatile, while the others might have greater stability at the cost of specific weaknesses (dependent on their color).
No. 77119 ID: 5ce288
File 138277339261.jpg - (157.14KB , 612x801 , Jordan and Taylor.jpg )


Moar Concept Art

Not really happy with how Jordan's unusual traits came out. I might change them if I can't get a good enough impression of what I was going for.
No. 77186 ID: 5ce288
File 138291115911.jpg - (158.03KB , 612x801 , Taylor and Jordan 2.jpg )

I invite people to dicuss the ethics of killing Taylor here. Since there seems to be a bit of a conflict, and I imagine, should Taylor live, there will be more conflict in the future.

Also moar concept art.
No. 77187 ID: d2b9fe

Well, quite simply, we have nowhere near the evidence needed to convict, let alone kill, anyone.

...especially since the person supplying the information as good as admitted to being a murderer.

Taylor's flinch and silence doesn't mean he's right, anyways. It could hit home for some other reason- maybe she has good reason to think she'd make a terrible mother (like she accidentally let a younger sibling, or child in her care, come to some terrible harm. Or she blames herself for something. Or she, herself, was abused). One news report is hardly the most reliable source anyways- there tends to be a media circus, and rapid trial by media surrounding that kind of story.

I mean, yes, it's possible Jordan's right. But nowhere near certain enough to commit murder, or allow a murder to be committed.

And it just seems out of character for Sam to comply. Ella already established this is the kind of thing Sam would moralize and worry about for hours- Sam suddenly committing just on Jordan's say so doesn't make sense.
No. 77255 ID: 5ce288

The next update is huge, and I'm also working on new and improved character sheets for everyone. I apologize for the long pause.

I'll be around to ask questions while I work on the update.
No. 77257 ID: 5ce288
File 138313209336.jpg - (156.46KB , 800x600 , Sample.jpg )

Feedback on this new character sheet, please.

Seems to be too much empty space.
Ella is posed how she is as a personality indicator btw. Other characters postures will be different.
No. 77260 ID: bd48c5

Girl, we gotta raise your choleric bile levels. Don't You wanna become extremely ambitious like me?
No. 77261 ID: d2b9fe

The core motivation isn't anywhere on there. And it seems kind of odd to have the humor meters so small when their changes are so important. (Maybe they could take up the upper right quadrant and the note about what equates to balance could be pushed down? Unless the lower right is for something that hasn't been shown yet).

The little humor vials might work if you wanted to use them as a UI overlayer on top of normal shots.

Logically, if she lacks ambition, she doesn't have the ambition to try and make herself ambitious. :V
No. 77369 ID: 5ce288
File 138338732384.jpg - (176.16KB , 600x800 , Sam Sample.jpg )

Spiffty new character sheet that attempts to address some concerns.

This is likely the final version.
(No, I didn't die, I'm still working on the update.)
No. 77388 ID: 5ce288

Dearest apologies for the small update.
The original undertaking came headlong into some personal problems. However all the scenes planned have been moved to slightly later on in the story.
No. 77583 ID: 5ce288

Anyone know how I can report my thread?
No. 77584 ID: fc937d

Check the box the left of the post, and then head down the bottom right of the page, type in your reason (thread complete, say) and hit report.
No. 77599 ID: 5ce288

Feel free to discuss the decision on which character to follow here, the next update will be slightly delayed, as I wait for a decent number of opinions and work on neutral updates that will occur later.
No. 77600 ID: fc937d
File 138430437101.png - (281B , 16x16 , humors.png )

Made a potential favicon, based on the original humor meters.

Not sure if I should try and make one of the new test tube looking ones. Humor values are also just thrown around randomly because equality was boring. (Not sure if the values should be shuffled?).
No. 77603 ID: 5ce288
File 138430769835.jpg - (190.81KB , 562x556 , Knit I Merfolk.jpg )

Oh my gosh, thank you.
I have no idea what a favicon is, but I'll do my best to find some use for this.
No. 77604 ID: fc937d

>no idea what that is
A favicon is that little 16x16 icon that appears next to the url and/or on the tab. (So it would replace the boards' default >_ one).

Just kind of a nice vanity touch, that helps identify tabs when you have a bunch of quests open at once.

Since you like, I'll add it the queue waiting to be applied.
No. 77606 ID: 5ce288

Thank you, as I would have no idea how to do that.
No. 77652 ID: 5ce288

Is it bad form to participate in other peoples quests while running your own?
No. 77653 ID: beeca1

No. 77654 ID: fc937d

Not at all!

>Ella seems to be father's favorite
...I wonder if Taylor was being groomed to replace the pink creature, maybe Ella is being groomed to be father's replacement. Claws / scythes, white motifs, and all 4 humors balanced tie to his 4 eye thing.
No. 77666 ID: 5ce288
File 138451627546.jpg - (170.18KB , 800x600 , The Artisan and the Idealist (What If).jpg )

I invite people to speculate on these two.
Opening with this "What if" picture for if the adventure had happened differently.
No. 77667 ID: e8a5f8

Facsinating. I suppose the Artisan is already dead, and the Idealist may follow soon after, depending on how things goes.
So, I think this is all about conversion-a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. A monstrous body will lead one to believe he/she is a monster, and more likely than not act like one. That, crossed with Stockholm syndrome, is how the Ruler of that realm (I forget the monster's name.) Operates-Father's only the face, so to speak.
No. 77680 ID: 5ce288

The italicized text in the latest update (>>548385) is a system warning, like with humors. In this case, it's letting you know a wrong decision in the next update could lead to the death of one or more characters.
No. 77681 ID: beeca1

That's not how you do cross-board links. You do it like >>/quest/postid. Or /draw/ or /meep/ or whatever.
No. 77682 ID: 5ce288

Thank you

Like this?
No. 77697 ID: fc937d

Really don't like being held over a barrel like this, or to language we don't define.

Possible holes:

-If we agree to kill the 'invader', our agreement is only valid so long as Taylor Qualifies.
-We haven't agreed on any time frame. Our agreement is not complete until we kill the invader, but up until the invade dies in some other manner, we haven't violated it either.
No. 77698 ID: 5ce288


I'll make sure to run the wording by the class once or twice before you agree. If you agree.

I hope the adventure isn't becoming too troublesome...
No. 77699 ID: fc937d

Why is Jordan saying he has claws? We've never seen any on him, just on Ella.
No. 77700 ID: 5ce288
File 138466192970.jpg - (85.91KB , 444x493 , Jordan Anger.jpg )

Allow me to disagree?
Also this. >>77186
No. 77701 ID: 5ce288

Jordan and Ella both have claws. Ella's are just more pointed fingernails. Where are Jordan's are more abstract lengths.
No. 77702 ID: fc937d

Vagueries of the art-style, I suppose. Those didn't stand out to me as particularly monstrous or different at the time, while Ella's seemed rather pronounced.
No. 77703 ID: 5ce288

I apologize. Jordan and Sams abilities were deliberately subdued.
No. 77704 ID: fc937d

Don't update just yet with the people agreeing to terms- I'm writing a longer post with some points that need clarification.

Silly thing to ask, but I don't want rapid update speed roping us into a bad deal.
No. 77705 ID: 5ce288

For important decisions I try to give space.
In this case, I likely won't update until I get three or more replies, or until tomorrow. (Whichever comes first).
No. 77707 ID: fc937d

Eh, a silly concern, but when two people had suggested already and I knew it would take longer to bang out a wall of quibbles than your average update speed... :p
No. 77746 ID: 5ce288

Since it is bound to come up. I'm here to inform everyone the titles are personality types, not exclusive roles.
No. 77758 ID: 5ce288

>...what happened to our killing the living with a touch?

Ella's touch does not harm through clothes.
No. 77759 ID: fc937d

...so then, with Sam's confession, we've got a Pushing Daisies style romance.
No. 77760 ID: 5ce288

If Ella chooses to return Sam's feelings. It is a bit of a complicated issue considering Ella is gay.
No. 77767 ID: 7bbaae

Er, if Ella is gay doesn't that mean it would be easier, considering Sam's female now?
No. 77768 ID: fc937d

Depends on how Ella sees Sam, how Sam sees him or herself (an issue they've both avoided thinking about too much), how permanent the transformation is, and if the transformations stay in place if or when a way is found to leave the house.

...it's pretty complicated, even before considering the problems of a friend to romance transition, or the necessity of saran wrap kisses.
No. 77769 ID: 7bbaae

Hmm, good points all.
No. 77814 ID: fc937d

I have to confess to having some trouble here, since I'm not actually sure what the character herself should be feeling. I made the suggestion for confused babble hoping to give Ella a chance to let something of herself out, maybe a hint on how to play this.

...I mean, I know we make decisions for characters (and yes, push or lead them places they might never have gone on their own) but I sort of like to try and play them in context. Making something like a romantic decision in the dark is pretty tricky, and something I'm hesitant to do. Since any decision is either going to suddenly define how the character feels about a bunch of different things, or complicate things when it contradicts views or feelings the character hadn't expressed to us yet.

I mean, obviously, Ella isn't going to want to hurt Sam, she owes Sam some kind of response, and an explanation of how she feels. Problem is I'm not sure how she does. (And I'm not sure she does, either?).
No. 77815 ID: 5ce288

That's a fair assessment. I'll have to think on it. I was honestly leaving the situation up to the players on how Ella would resolve all the questions surrounding this turn of events, but I'll take some time and update when I can.
No. 77901 ID: 5ce288

Anyone know how long it takes to get confirmation to registration from the wiki? Cause I keep going "Man, suggestions aren't coming in fast and right now I have nothing to work on. Editing my wiki pages would be cool"
But I can't.
No. 77914 ID: fc937d

Yeah, wiki accounts have to be approved manually, and worst case they can sit there for a week or more.

I'll see if I can get ahold of Typo on irc and bug him to rubber stamp ya.

And sorry about the brief suggestion drought. Sometimes people are reluctant to speak up at critical junctions like this (for fear of saying the wrong thing) and I was personally too busy to stop and think up a plan. (Gotta balance who ends up going alone, which pair Alex is in (or location is safest for them), and maybe trying to tie skills / knowledge / powers to best effect in each location). I'll get a plan of action up later if no one beats me to it.
No. 77917 ID: fc937d

Okay. Hrm.

First problem is where to stick Alex. We only have 5 people and 3 assignments- so that means one pair backing each other up, one person keeping track of the child, and one person alone. Which means we're suck with the choice of bringing Alex into one of the dangerous areas, or leaving Alex with the person waiting to stall father, and sending someone into danger alone.

Then- who can stall father? Ella has the advantage of being the one person he's unwilling to see hurt (although that means she doesn't get to see the basement, as she wanted). Jordan might be able to fight, and also has a personal connection. Taylor might be able to fight, but leaving her alone with father could result in him forcing her into the power systems again, and forcing the deal between Ella and Ash. Sam... all Sam could really do is try to stall him with words. Unless her hard to notice power could be used to actively mislead or distract him?

Possible useful powers for exploration: Sam's logical, and might be able to think things though. ...and if she's caught alone somewhere where she's not supposed to be, maybe she could escape notice? Jordan has some knowledge and understanding of the house and demons. Taylor may have an intuative understanding of certain things with her powerset, and being tied into the houses' power systems. Ella... mostly has the determination to understand, and the familial connection.

Which, uh, still doesn't leave me with a clear answer arrangement. I feel like I'm doing one of those river crossing puzzles.

Knit-i-wiki should be fine, now.
No. 77924 ID: 5ce288

It's okay, I understand no one wants to be responsible for a bad set up. I'm just looking for ways to occupy my time.
It's up to you guys (though if the suggestion I take doesn't specify I will assume parallel). Naturally though, if people decide to go serially that leaves more time for Father to come back and things to unravel between Ash, Taylor and Ella.
No. 78215 ID: 7fea89

So. Father Abraham is THE FATHER looking to repay depts...
That's ominous sounding in my opinion. Get ye pants on tight fellow questors, smart money says this is gonna have more twists then an M.Knight Shamalyan movie!
No. 78239 ID: 5ce288

I hope said twists don't seem as forced and contrived. :3
No. 78279 ID: 7fea89

>Jordan is in a love-triangle versus Ella's mother with Abraham as prize.
Well that's unexpected, and I'm worrying there's something deeper there...

>Twists: contrived?
Hrrm. Hard to say. On the one hand you seem to like drama in your quests. But at least in Save Yourself Quest, it's balancing resolving issues with keeping calm, while keeping the group together. So that's an interesting caveat to the situation.

And honestly...I feel like we'll probably be lucky if we can tell Ella's foot from Sam's face by the time it all ends. I dunno about forced or contrived but then again I used the M.Night referance without full knowledge of what I'm implying so there's that.
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