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File 125427139582.png - (42.15KB , 750x375 , Inside The Quest II.png )
3535 No. 3535 ID: 8e18cd

Since Inside the Quest thread grew into an amazing 430 responses with over 140 image replies, it got kind of slow to load and clunky.

So let's continue the "Ask the quest chars anything" phenomenon with a continuation of the original thread.
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No. 3536 ID: 43d730

...What did you really name your breasts?
No. 3537 ID: 7d87d9

John how was the taste of ELF HEART!
No. 3538 ID: af3e6d

Vresch, for an evil bastard, why aren't you much of an evil bastard?
No. 3577 ID: 6faa8c

Fluffy: What's your favourite outfit?
No. 3580 ID: 034a30

Muschio. How's the vacation from being a main character going?
No. 3745 ID: 0b18ab

Io: How did you learn to handle yourself so competently in close combat? Were you ever involved with Kiln mercenary groups? If so, do you maintain any connections?

Bladetree: Would you call yourself an 'Elf Supremacist'?

Alice: Do you have any idea whatsoever how to get out of the facility, or what the world outside it is like?

Raital: What non-Reaver-created quest character who would you consider yourself most similar to?

Hatch: Have you met many non-nevreans before?
No. 3804 ID: 43d730

Have you ever been a Touhou?
No. 3835 ID: 1689ab

Alex: Whats with the eyebrows? Whats with the bandaid? What was that thing you were wearing around the neck at the pool? You should know better than to swim with neck gear on.
Dani: Where did you get that cute backpack? Do any of the other kids make fun of you for being so tomboyish? I'm assuming your sister keeps her hair short so she doesnt have to wear a swim cap, but whats your reasoning?
Bernard: Whats with the sexist crap? Seriously. Quit being such a total douchebag. How the fuck did you get so popular if you have so little empathy? Maybe your success is more imagined than you realize.
No. 3857 ID: b94893
File 125433810350.png - (104.25KB , 960x540 , Little One's thoughts of races.png )

Um... I know of the kinds of sergals and I've met some Agudner before, but I don't know what that thing was Dad killed...
No. 3860 ID: 7d87d9

Is your newfriend Fluffy?
No. 3863 ID: b94893
File 125434984853.png - (80.02KB , 960x540 , Little One's thoughts of Ikar.png )

Ikar's fur is soft and fluffy but she doesn't have that huge mane yet like the other northerns. The mane is some kind of sign of adulthood for them, she's nowhere near ten yet though, I don't think, so she won't be an adult for a while still.
No. 3906 ID: 6faa8c


What is your relationship with that MNCROME you ride around?
No. 3941 ID: 4553b2
File 125443516717.png - (23.86KB , 600x400 , Vreschian Logic.png )

>Vresch, for an evil bastard, why aren't you much of an evil bastard?
Because humanity's health is in my best interest. If they go away, my power goes away. If they prosper, I prosper. Its a symbiosis, you see. I help them, they help me. And together, we will form a universal utopia, in due time.

Killing them would be like a farmer setting his fields ablaze. Just because the vegetables are at his mercy doesn't mean he must destroy them. Its much more beneficial for everyone involved if he lets them grow, if he does everything within his power to make sure they grow properly and safely. I won't let any locusts feed on my crop, and in turn, they will sustain me.

Basically, I'm not an evil bastard because the field has already been cleared. I have my land, and the crops are growing nicely. All I need to do is water them on occasion, and we will all prosper.
No. 3976 ID: 332aa5
File 125445947414.jpg - (117.83KB , 548x671 , mahhubby.jpg )

he is mah hubby~
No. 3986 ID: 2dd482

So.. how does it work?

In bed, I mean.
No. 3988 ID: 978b45

Have you /seen/ MNCROME technology?

It works extremely well.
No. 4029 ID: 9e9b47

Amadoobus, tell us about Ladoobra!
No. 4030 ID: 1e1932


...Aren't there a few...you know...compatibility issues?
No. 4037 ID: af3e6d

The physical and biological implications are staggering!
No. 4046 ID: 43d730

How does John react to vacuum cleaners?
No. 4054 ID: f6b265
File 125463497568.gif - (19.15KB , 600x600 , Meshisstilluplate.gif )


I.. Wh-what do you take me for, s-some air-headed bimbo?

I know they're a bit b-big, but they're not their own separate entities, they shouldn't have names..

No. 4055 ID: 4553b2

You keep your brains in there, of course they need names.
No. 4056 ID: 43d730

You seemed rather... vehement about them not being named Logic and Reasoning...

Really, to tell if they're large enough to be separate entities, we'd need to see more of them.
No. 4067 ID: cf407a

Hey Cream, I was just wondering what grade are you in?
No. 4068 ID: 6faa8c

Eleven: Do you prefer flat-chested girls, or a lot of curves?
No. 4085 ID: 8812a9

Cjopaze-chan from Aberration: How do you feel about your daddy?
No. 4090 ID: 8812a9

Stormprague: How come you have a name that you can't pronounce right yourself? o_0
No. 4101 ID: 2dd482

Franklin: How exactly did you parents 'screw up'?
No. 4102 ID: 1f52f2

Oh, and also:

Ghost of Ray from Aberration: Why exactly did you, a night guard, go patrolling an unlighted facility without a working flashlight or any alternative source of light (except a lighter) whatsoever?

People in charge of the same storage complex: Why are the layers of artificial glass (I hope it wasn't actual glass!) on the storage pods so thin? And btw, why isn't this, obviously very important and dangerous storage facility, illuminated at all times, so the guards could better spot any dangers and/or problems?
No. 4112 ID: 34e41d

Franklin: Are you Fiftyeight (or Ferdinand, eugh) and Liza's son?
No. 4115 ID: 2dd482

If he is, the chance of being born with serious genetic defects as a result of such close blood relations is, in the first generation, only increased by something like 0.8%. "incest baby" doesn't start kicking in till the 5th or 6th generation of exclusive inbreeding. We have to remember the fact that Liza was only Fiddy's half-sister as well, so the risk of recycling the same genes is diminished even further.

In short, all of Franklin's health problems are very unlikely to be caused by inbreeding. (unless it is, then Reaver just needs to lrn2incest). My bet is on experimental gene therapy gone wrong.
No. 4119 ID: 34e41d

Ken is his uncle, he complained about his parents being responsible for his state, it fits.

Yeah, the chance doesn't increase that much, but maybe he got unlucky and blames it on their wincest.
No. 4141 ID: 8812a9

If the chance is small, it doesn't mean it never happens.
Someone needs to lrn2probability.
No. 4231 ID: 18212a
File 125493911364.png - (239.39KB , 800x600 , how is this in my head.png )

Buttercup: Why don't you make yourself decent? Please?
No. 4232 ID: d2ec7d

Are you suggesting a codpiece?
No. 4240 ID: 76e04d

To be fair Reaver's characters do seem to inbreed more than the standard fare. Perhaps it a warning to back off on the incesuggestions before all his characters end up as Insmouth rejects.
No. 4241 ID: 76e04d

Okay here's a question slightly on topic... I was reading the Mudy Quest archives for the first time this past week (well until, Reader cancels read: interrupted by squick)

I was on about chapter 12-15 when I spontaneously develop a pouring nosebleed. I am not kidding... what the hell?
No. 4242 ID: 18212a

>Implying there's something wrong with Innsmouth rejects.
No. 4243 ID: 76e04d
File 125496404274.jpg - (353.08KB , 656x800 , 1249244219680.jpg )

hmm you my be right... wouldn't really be out of place... perhaps Insmouth Irregulars is a better grouping?
No. 4265 ID: 76e04d
File 125504344675.png - (27.73KB , 800x600 , 1253721937954.png )

So uh... seriously though... is something wrong with me? Should I worry about waving at people and accidentally blowing their heads off?

I had better not get a bunch of voices telling me all kinds of stupid ideas..
No. 4266 ID: 2adb83

Why do you look so pissed of recently? Any problems with Joan or anything else?

Just between us. What do you really think about that dumb brute Goshen?
And another thing, what did you do as a slave? No more quibbling, there are already nasty rumors.
No. 4267 ID: 43d730

I'd start avoiding any sisters you might have.
If you don't have any sisters you know of, then start inquiring as to the family history of anyone you date.
No. 4268 ID: f21281
File 125504582988.png - (4.88KB , 387x352 , chloeblahblahblah.png )

Ehh...I don't think I'm really ready to accept the idea that my "dad" is some giant amoebic Elder God with a penchant for fucking things up for his own amusement.

Sounds like something a crazy person would believe, if you ask me.
No. 4271 ID: ee0a11


So in other words, it's perfect for you!
No. 4304 ID: a1ac99

Considering he told you this himself before stabbing you in the head, what reason do you have to not believe it?

Well, other than the fact that it could have been a hallucination from being repeatedly killed, regenerating from death and being drugged into a complacent stupor.
No. 4328 ID: 76e04d
File 125513738769.gif - (6.77KB , 495x499 , 1231301948315.gif )

Just brothers... I think...

Besides... I at least plan on checking with the mystical pool not 30ft away before getting busy with a girl I have good reason to believe to be my kin...

No matter how psyco-cute they look with blood pouring down their panting, eager face...
No. 4394 ID: f21281

@ Tav

Would eating mushrooms be, on some level, considered cannibalism in your culture?
No. 4402 ID: 76e04d

I think he's actually a glowworm, not a mushroom, but who knows?
No. 4406 ID: 7d87d9

@Amadoobus. You think of any good traveling songs created by your glorious quest?
No. 4408 ID: 43d730

My theory is some kind of cave salamander with a symbiotic luminescent bacteria or fungus.

Though why they'd need it in their actual eyes is a mystery.
No. 4412 ID: 76e04d

Maybe its for sex appeal or other charismatic functions? They say the window into the soul is through the eyes.
No. 4423 ID: 6faa8c

They don't need it in their eyes, it just ends up there?
No. 4438 ID: 43d730

It would explain why they kept eyes at all, but...
No. 4899 ID: bd36a1
File 125606107125.jpg - (57.56KB , 283x476 , TalkieTav.jpg )

>Would eating mushrooms be, on some level, considered cannibalism in your culture?

While many Lohrke scientists theorize that we originated from a fungal ancestor, we are not, in fact, fungi. Our development shares similarities with fungi, but even so, us eating a mushroom would be no more cannibalism than a Lazuhrek, a mammal, eating some other, lesser mammal.

>I think he's actually a glowworm, not a mushroom, but who knows?

"Glowworm" is actually a popular slang insult used to refer to us, most commonly used by surface dwellers.

We are actually warm blooded mammals. The bioluminescence is believed to have originally been used to lure prey to our ancestors and for a primitive form of communication. It's produced from a chemical reaction in the globes on our bodies. Nowadays we simply use it to either blend with the luminescent mushrooms in the caves, silent communication over long distance, or just lighting a small area around us. We can see in the dark, but our vision tends to be muted and not as clear as it is when we light the caves around us.
No. 4900 ID: 43d730

Wait, so you can turn them on and off?
Or just adding visibility to motions?
No. 4904 ID: 197650
File 125606895260.png - (5.86KB , 161x200 , Alice.png )

>Alice: Do you have any idea whatsoever how to get out of the facility, or what the world outside it is like?

I know what the world outside looks like, I mean, I know what a tree is and stuff.
But I don't remember anything specific...

And I remember entering the facility, then taking this loooong elevator ride down.
I don't remember where I got off, but it was very close to my room.
No. 4911 ID: f4963f

Shadran: Did nobody tell you that if you keep making that face it's going to stick like that? For shame.
No. 4915 ID: bf1e7e
File 125607451879.png - (325.62KB , 768x768 , BehindTheDeep.png )

Hello, I'm Telmes, a scholar of history with a particular interest in the events that took place in the depths beneath Rullus two centuries ago. I may be able to shed some light on a few of the finer details, having devoted much of my career into the research.

I hope you'll forgive the time it took me to respond to your queries, as I was recently on an expedition to the area in question, where I recovered a Journal belonging to Telwis, who was there when the events occurred. There are some large gaps, but it still contains some interesting information.

>Ven: Have you been able to remember your real name yet? Or anything at all? Even distant, irrelevant things?

According to the Journal, The Indahl known as 'Ven' had still not remembered anything before Telwis discovered her

>Ven: Aren't you really a guy? I'm sure I've heard about somebody named Ven with your description thats a boy. Are you sure you're not just really, really confused?

I believe that you are confusing 'Ven' with the 'Nev' from the old Indahl folktale. I don't see why you would, as there are several key differences. Most notable is that this 'Ven' almost surely existed, while the story of Nev has never been substantiated and likely exists only as a cautionary tale.

>Telwis: Do Nev's hugs spur on uncomfortably warm and fuzzy feelings? Or is it the lack of permission-asking that you object to?

Telwis spoke excitedly about encountering another person in the depths, but appeared to have trouble dealing with another person after such a long time of isolation. Going by the date of his disappearance and the time in which these events occurred, he had been trapped in the depths for around twenty years at that point.

That said, the hug you mention is listed in the journal specifically, and it was the suddenness and lack of permission which caused his agitated response.
No. 4916 ID: c5f90c

For Four(Get it?) -

Who do you like more, Alexander or the Protagonist?
No. 4924 ID: f4963f

Telmes: You're so cute! Oh my god, you're so adorable. May I hug you?
No. 4925 ID: 12f282

Going with the "oh my god adorable I want to hug you"...

Tyler: May I hug you? :3c
No. 4926 ID: 43d730

Exemplary hugging procedure.
Ven, learn from these examples.
No. 4928 ID: 4553b2
File 125608436210.png - (20.05KB , 600x400 , Tyler No.png )

You'll probably poison your fingernails.
No. 4929 ID: bd36a1
File 12560847768.gif - (77.97KB , 547x467 , TalkieTav2.gif )

>Wait, so you can turn them on and off?
Or just adding visibility to motions?

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before that I can control it. It just takes some concentration to make them all stop glowing entirely
No. 4932 ID: f21281

Lohrke Raves must be so awesome.
No. 4933 ID: 12f282

Ten and Two: When are you going to finally confess your undying love for each other?
No. 4936 ID: ea5d5c
File 125609000162.png - (79.14KB , 640x480 , 11answer.png )

What? You think I have time to think about girls? Fuck girls. Bitches, the lot of them. You know what girls do? They stab people to death. With their fingernails.

Don't even start, you didn't go through what I did.
No. 4941 ID: ea5d5c
File 125609100783.png - (60.15KB , 640x480 , 4answer.png )

"Eh? Uh-- I...er...eh?"
No. 4942 ID: 4553b2
File 125609127739.png - (22.38KB , 600x400 , Fingernails.png )

I hear ya.
No. 4944 ID: ea5d5c
File 125609248159.png - (171.95KB , 640x480 , 210 answer.png )

"Ah-- no-- it's not...Oh...well...ah...!"
No. 4945 ID: 6faa8c

Goddamnit, 11, if I was a chick I'd totally want your babies.
No. 4946 ID: 43d730

Is acute hyposexoma- I mean 'Nymph's Jinx' an actual disease, or are you trying to arrange a harem for Muschio?
No. 4947 ID: 12f282

Get in line, I'm his #1 fan!
No. 4953 ID: 73ad2b

It could be...
No. 4959 ID: e1347e

Quick Shadran before you die you need to tell us what happened to your cute little stuffed animal from the night of the raid.
No. 5276 ID: 43d730

Acting-Sub Lieutenant Dirk Martin Hardpec Eagle, do your hands ever catch on fire when punching things?
This is vitally important.
No. 5282 ID: 82920c

Sir Vresch, Sir Vresch! Is it true you're a robotic Vetinari?
No. 5350 ID: 036360

Demesi:We've heard bits, and pieces from Aggeia, and Tav about their respective races but what about yourself? What sort of culture do the Nedynvor have? How do they vary in shape, and coloration? How do the Genders differ? How does the race differ as a whole from area to area if at all? All those little details.
No. 5380 ID: bd36a1
File 125696292525.png - (166.02KB , 800x600 , DemeSezNedynvor.png )

>What sort of culture do the Nedynvor have?

We live mostly secluded lives on our island. We rarely see any of the other races, Tav and Aggeia are the first Lohrke and Lazuhreks I've ever seen actually. Mostly we maintain our island, otherwise it might die and crash, and that would terrible, and prepare wares for the month the island lands and the Kren swarm arrives.

>How do they vary in shape, and coloration?
Well, we tend to be somewhat white to light brown colored or shades of grey. I'm pretty typical for a Nedynvor build I guess. Long neck, big wings, long tail, sharp pointy feets. Though I've seen some other people with shorter necks and stumpy little tails, those guys had terrible luck with the women, poor guys...

>How do the Genders differ?

Well, here's a picture. The one on the left is a boy, and the one on the right is a girl. Boys have bright, colorful patterns on our plumage, it helps to make us look more intimidating and the girls find it very attractive, we also have this index finger claw, and longer feet than the girls. The girls, however, have longer and frequently more varied crests, lack the index claw, and have smaller feet, and are taller than us. They also don't have as colorful or intricate patterns on their tails as we do. Oh, and their hips are actually a bit wider than us guy's, since otherwise it'd probably REALLY hurt when they laid eggs...

>How does the race differ as a whole from area to area if at all?

Well, we all live on the Great Dragon Island, so we're all pretty close knit actually.

>All those little details.

Anything else you'd like to know?
No. 5381 ID: dda9dd

How technologically or magically savvy are your people, in general I mean?
No. 5382 ID: f4963f

>Guys have plumage
>us guys

Hey Deme, I don't actually think we've seen your plumage.
No. 5383 ID: 4d3daa


How big are those fucking eggs. I mean, YOU have really big hips as it is, and your saying they need to be even bigger?
No. 5384 ID: 43d730

Are your feet bone, metal, or keratin?
And what do you make floors from?
No. 5408 ID: af3e6d

It all makes sense now.
No. 5412 ID: bd36a1
File 125696601377.png - (74.17KB , 800x600 , DemesiSez.png )

>How technologically or magically savvy are your people, in general I mean?

Well, we have magic, I'm told most people on the mainland do too. As for tech.. no..lo... that thing you mentioned, we don't have anything even CLOSE to what Tav has, that thing is mind boggling.

>Hey Deme, I don't actually think we've seen your plumage.

Pretty sure you have

>Are your feet bone, metal, or keratin?
>And what do you make floors from?

Bone and keratin actually.
Most of our houses don't have floors, we just walk around on the ground.

>How big are those fucking eggs. I mean, YOU have really big hips as it is, and your saying they need to be even bigger?

Are.. are you calling me fat?
It's the pants... really :<
No. 5414 ID: ba41e5

Hey Deme, did you just say the island the Nedynvoer live on is alive?
No. 5422 ID: 4d3daa


No, not fat. I was going on the assumption it was all muscle. I think it's sexy really.
No. 5423 ID: 632862

And floating in the air?
No. 5432 ID: bd36a1
File 125697377237.png - (100.26KB , 800x600 , DemeCrayonSketch.png )

>Hey Deme, did you just say the island the Nedynvoer live on is alive?

Yeah, of course I did.

>And floating in the air?

Well it would be kind of silly for the Great Sky Dragon to be crawling around on the ground, wouldn't it?

We live on it's back, always have, always will, so long as the Great Dragon lives. We take care of it, and it provides for us.
No. 5433 ID: 276781

Do you have a significant other back home, Demesi?
No. 5436 ID: 632862

On a completely unrelated note I assure you, what do you think about Tav?
No. 5438 ID: 4553b2

Princess Maria: Is there a reason you have a star shaped birth mark, or what?
No. 5440 ID: 8ce2bf

So, does the Great Dragon ever require sexual release from the Nedynvor?
No. 5441 ID: 476456

deme: what'll you suppose you'll do when the great sky dragon passes?
No. 5464 ID: ea5d5c
File 125701569473.png - (20.12KB , 640x480 , Maria answer.png )

Father says I have very special skin, because I am a very special girl.
No. 5495 ID: 276781

Hey Gazzene, was Gezzono always so perverted, or did that happen after a traumatic turning point in his life?
No. 5497 ID: 9891a9

(Because we all want to know)
Hey Amina, your inventory is filled with some interesting things, how proficient with them are you and can you show us?
No. 5565 ID: 5696d4
File 125711667351.png - (39.62KB , 600x400 , gazzene itq 1.png )


Gezzono had a relationship with a female Tonberry for a couple of years, though they never married because of his eventual "initiation".

Nevertheless, she joined him as a warrior companion. However, something along the way, she was killed. I didn't know what really happened because he doesn't want me to know the details, but he was severely depressed afterwards. That eventually led to his downfall during the test.

After failing the test, he started to become very perverse, hitting on any female he could find. One time, he even went as far as using his magic to trap some humans in just so he can sneak up on them! He would've not stopped had I not interfere. It's kind of like a mental condition for him losing his long-time close companion.

Still, he commemorates the passing of this female Tonberry once in a while. He calls it "The Sacrifice". It seems to be keeping him from turning insane and permanently perverse.
No. 5568 ID: e3f578

Wait wait wait, so he got pissed at us for laughing at his insanity and insecurity instead of laughing at his funny antics like we thought he wanted?

I'm guessing he gets angry often that when people laugh as if they WERE antics then?
No. 5569 ID: 036360


Just a few follow up questions there Deme.
1-How does magic work in your world? We've heard it mentioned, but it hasn't come up in your stories. I've heard a few tales of some 'Frog mage' but little else.

2-Is there any taboo over leaving the dragon among Nedynvor? If a person decided to live on the surface for the short, or long term would they still be welcomed back?
No. 5574 ID: 5696d4
File 125712300019.png - (49.44KB , 600x400 , amina itq 1.png )


I'll show you, but I'll need a volunteer.


... Could you, I dunno, kneel forward? On all fours? And don't look behind...
No. 5576 ID: 8b7db1

No. 5577 ID: 9891a9

But of course.
No. 5585 ID: 0d1fe9

I'm sure Sanya would gladly help you with that.
No. 5586 ID: 43d730

Pretty sure the correct response to that is "Yes, mistress."
No. 5603 ID: 12f282

Koz: You think Zepave is cute, don't you? :3c
No. 5611 ID: 476456

Telmes: How old do mokks get.
No. 5614 ID: bd36a1
File 125726470282.jpg - (39.62KB , 800x600 , DemeChat.jpg )

>Do you have a significant other back home, Demesi?

No, not really. I haven't met that right lady friend yet.

>On a completely unrelated note I assure you, what do you think about Tav?

Tav is awesome! Meeting him in the cave was probably one of the best things to have happened to me lately, not counting him shooting at me, of course... But he's an amazing fighter, he's strong willed and brave, I kind of wish I could be more like him, and I just feel a whole lot safer knowing that he's with us.

>So, does the Great Dragon ever require sexual release from the Nedynvor?


um... no...

>what'll you suppose you'll do when the great sky dragon passes?

We certainly hope it never comes to that. The Great Dragon has been with us as long as our history dates back, and we HOPE it always will. That's actually a really scary thought... :<

>1-How does magic work in your world? We've heard it mentioned, but it hasn't come up in your stories. I've heard a few tales of some 'Frog mage' but little else.

Well, usually magic is studied. Most anyone can learn it if they spend enough time studying and practicing, and usually it. I think most of it comes from some ancient cities or something, I think heard something about elementals? You might be better off asking someone else who's been around the world a bit more...

>2-Is there any taboo over leaving the dragon among Nedynvor? If a person decided to live on the surface for the short, or long term would they still be welcomed back?

There isn't a taboo. Most of us just don't really have a reason to leave the island, and if they did, getting back might be a difficult task, since the Great Dragon is constantly moving except for the one month a year where it rests... It's gonna be hard for me to get back... isn't it? :<
No. 5616 ID: 7eda8b

>You might be better off asking someone else who's been around the world a bit more...

Aggeia: same question.

Also, what's your real opinion on Deme and Tav? For SOME reason, we don't seem to trust mysterious assassin women as much these days.
No. 5617 ID: bd36a1
File 125728094819.jpg - (66.66KB , 596x598 , EveryAggieHurtsSometimes.jpg )

Ugh... Well, there's supposedly this series of tablets or texts or something that've been found in, *erk* ruins scattered around the world, that explain how to harness the powers of some ancient creatures called "Elementals" and calling it magic. The *ah!* Hat'kal, Tomias, and some Engsami clans have been caught up in a sort of arms race to collect as much of this magic. The Kren are sort of in on it too, but mostly just to sell them at exorbitant prices. The Kren have already found a lot of them and reproduced them in the Trade Language, so everyone can understand them. That's where most races get their magic texts from. I'm no *damnit* wizard, obviously, so I don't know all the specifics of how magic truly works, what with being incapable of reading a standard magic text and all.

>Also, what's your real opinion on Deme and Tav? For SOME reason, we don't seem to trust mysterious assassin women as much these days.

D-don't trust... I JUST TOOK A BULLET FOR HIM! I really can't *sonofa-* blame them if they don't trust me entirely, I mean, they just met me a few hours ago, and here I am *ergh* asking Demesi to help me murder someone... *nnn* I am extremely grateful for their help, and only hope that they get out of here safely... even if it is without me... damnit... why the hell did they send ME to do this job...
No. 5618 ID: 7eda8b

>damnit... why the hell did they send ME to do this job...
I don't know. Why did they? You are a trained assassin, right? You're a lot more friendly than I'd expect an assassin to be, but you managed to recruit a stranger to help kill your target, so I guess that one answers itself, huh?
No. 5619 ID: f21281

It occurs to me that you are a large percentage of fluff.

Have you checked to see if the bullet actually penetrated flesh and bone, or just merely grazed it?
No. 5620 ID: f4963f

I'm pretty sure she knows whether or not she's been hit. :|

... Aggiea. Hang in there. :(
No. 5621 ID: 135d9a


So wait you're sitting here with a gunshot wound and you're still taking the time to answer our questions?

No. 5622 ID: ba41e5

We're all rooting for you, Aggie.
No. 5623 ID: 276781

Hang in there, soldier.
You'll be alright, even if those pansies want Demesi to brofist the guy you're supposed to kill.

Anyway, when your job is over, what do you plan to do? Go back home, or keep traveling with Demesi and Tav?
No. 5624 ID: f8dcc1

The fact that she's covered in hair means she's most likely going to suffer infections from the wound she just got, in addition to possible lead poisoning. Each shot she receives in the coming battle only worsens her chances.

She likely won't make it back home.
No. 5627 ID: 4553b2
File 125729568683.jpg - (95.79KB , 640x480 , stupid bitch.jpg )

NEVER mention this kind of stuff where the DM can hear it!
No. 5631 ID: af3e6d

But Lucid's a nice DM! He'd never do that, right?

No. 5633 ID: 43d730

No. 5634 ID: 135d9a


But note that neither Aphek nor Goshen have died.
No. 5635 ID: 43d730

No. 5636 ID: af3e6d

Yeah, but we brought that on ourselves with our crazy suggestions. We'd never-
>Make peace with the engsami through BROFISTING.
Oh. Right.

Now, to make this a related post:
Captain McAwesomehat, would brofisting allow you to put aside your differences with Deme and join forces? And Aggeia, would you let bygones be bygones and stop assassinating him were he to bro up and help you out?
No. 5642 ID: 476456

Stalknyvor: What'll you do as the culmination of all your stalking?
No. 5700 ID: f4963f
File 125737995180.jpg - (135.63KB , 704x752 , Nic_responds_Coffee.jpg )

>I dug some old questions up from the old Inside the Quest thread. Enjoy your belated responses.

>Nic: How do you feel about Joel?

>Nic: What do you think of Joel? Is it a good thing that she has a boy's name?

Honestly, I'm pretty fond of her. I just wish she wouldn't sell herself short. She's more insightful than she gives herself credit for, and I'm pretty sure we'd be dead if it weren't for her contributions.

I get the feeling she's not as behind the whole 'save the server' thing as I am, though. I'd say 'we'll probably part ways when we reach Colorado', but that's never how these stories go.

As for the name... actually, it doesn't worry me all that much that she has a boy's name. The thing about naming conventions with girls in works of fiction is that if there's anything you should look out for, it's extremely androgynous names like 'Pat' or 'Jess'. Now, if she had one of those names, I'd be worried as all heck about some sort of double-trap. The ironic fact of the matter is that if someone looks explicitly female and has a male name, it's more likely that they're actually female than if they have an ambiguous name.
No. 5715 ID: 7857d9

Haha, oh Nic. You know your tropes all too well.
No. 5718 ID: af3e6d

Nic, you are aware that the genre-savvy ones are always the first to be proven wrong, right? Though that in itself is a genre-savvy to think.
No. 5720 ID: e3f578

Doesn't that create a paradox of genre-savvyness? Too genre savvy that he knows being genre savvy will be his undoing that he isn't being genre savvy anymore?
No. 5721 ID: 3be0dc
File 125739488648.jpg - (42.78KB , 655x411 , brainfail.jpg )

No. 5723 ID: 43d730

Nah, there's already a system in place.
Whenever a character becomes too aware of their genre, it changes on them.
So assuming that you live in a buddy-cop filmish universe will end up with you getting shot as the medium gets grimmer and darker.
Either that or they drift away from being main characters.
No. 5774 ID: bd36a1
File 125749385531.jpg - (38.93KB , 800x600 , AggieTuffinitout.jpg )

>You are a trained assassin, right? You're a lot more friendly than I'd expect an assassin to be, but you managed to recruit a stranger to help kill your target, so I guess that one answers itself, huh?

I... sort of... The Hat'kal aren't the most racially sensitive of people... to them all of us Lazuhrek are spies, thieves, or assassins. They decided I was an assassin because of my agility and "silver tongue" as they put it... *grunt* Killing people isn't really what I wanted to do with my life... but with the Hat'kal occupation, I don't really have much choice...

>Have you checked to see if the bullet actually penetrated flesh and bone, or just merely grazed it?

*wince* AH! Yeah... yeah, I'm pretty sure it's in there... there's no exit wound... so I think it might have hit a bone.


T-thanks for your concern. *weakly smiles*

>Aggeia, would you let bygones be bygones and stop assassinating him were he to bro up and help you out?

I don't think the Hat'kal are going to stop until he and his clan have been neutralized...

>Anyway, when your job is over, what do you plan to do? Go back home, or keep traveling with Demesi and Tav?

A-as much as I'd like to go with them... The Hat'kal will come looking for me once word reaches them of the outcome here. Unless, of course...
No. 5775 ID: 4bb122


Fuck 'em. You don't gotta take shit from anybody but you.
No. 5777 ID: bd36a1
File 125749601450.jpg - (58.37KB , 800x600 , AdmiralDenjoldARRRRRdresses.jpg )

>Captain McAwesomehat, would brofisting allow you to put aside your differences with Deme and join forces?

That's ADMIRAL to you, and I dunno, why don't ya try it? I'm sure we'll all get a... "bang" out of it. Gyeheh
No. 5779 ID: f4963f

Now now, this quest already has enough gay romance undertones. Deme's taken, you got me?
No. 5780 ID: f8dcc1
File 125749695746.jpg - (20.41KB , 603x380 , BIGGU BOSSU2.jpg )


Goddammit you are a man among men.

I am going to dearly miss you once this quest is over.
No. 5782 ID: f8dcc1

The Admiral once killed two stones with one bird.

The Admiral once made a hot'kal experience orgasm just by winking at it.

The Admiral can eat live shocker crabs.

An Eclipse is what happens when The Admiral gets mad at the Sun, and the sun decides to hide behind the moon out of sheer terror.

When The Admiral takes off his shirt, all females within one hundred miles go into a receptive heat regardless of race.

The Admiral can propel a landship with his roar.

When The Admiral sheds his skin, the kren fight over who gets to make it into a leather suit.
No. 5783 ID: 4553b2

He's not that big a deal...
No. 5784 ID: 7eda8b
File 125750376963.png - (90.60KB , 500x500 , Aphek_Answers.png )

I was leaving this alone, but it suddenly seems important to seem more fleshed out, to shore up the ol' character shields, if I have any.

>What do you really think about that dumb brute Goshen?
As subtle as a wild horse that's been kicked in the nuts, and far more dangerous. Still, he knows much more about fieldcraft than I do, and he's fought Shadran twice without dying, which is damned impressive. The other times I saw her fight, it wasn't so much combat as... murder.

>Aphek, what exactly was your job back when you were a slave anyhow?
A house slave. A servant who's relatively educated, can cook, read, write, do arithmetic, keep records, help teach children, and such. Skills which have been quite useless in the last month.

>Aphek, what does Yisi's O face look like?
I don't know what you're talking about.
No. 5785 ID: c90d5c

So how do you like freedom compared to being a house slave so far?
I mean you're pretty much stuck with Goshen.
And he's, despite being a rather friendly guy for a cannibal, obvious touched in the head and probably hearing crazy voices and stuff. Stepping in crazy traps can't be that much fun either.
No. 5786 ID: 8ce2bf

So Aphek, did being a house slave come in handy with Yisi?
No. 5788 ID: 2dd482

>>Aphek, what does Yisi's O face look like?
>I don't know what you're talking about.
>I <3 Birds

suuure you don't. Come on Aphek, was Yisi good? I bet he had downy soft feathers that just felt sooo good against you after wandering around that rough, harsh desert all that time. How long was it since you felt something like that? HAD you ever felt something like that? was Yisi your first?~
No. 5793 ID: 1db4be

>I was leaving this alone, but it suddenly seems important to seem more fleshed out, to shore up the ol' character shields, if I have any.
Aphek's about to die, isn't he?
No. 5795 ID: f4963f

>A house slave
Actually, that explains a lot...

Hey Aphek. Please don't die. I'm still rooting for Happy End for you, alright? :(

Out of curiosity, what do you think of Yisi's employment offer?

And no, I'm not going to touch the sex question. I'm sure you're sick of people asking.
No. 5802 ID: f21281

@Shadran: After the unpleasantness of your youth, did you go seek other skilled warriors to learn your trade, or did you teach yourself? And on a related note, how many forms of martial arts do you know, and how many ways to kill a sergal do you know?
No. 5816 ID: 276781

Zorsuz Blacksoul:
Have you heard any strange reports about some... thing coming out of the Sea of Oblivion?

It seems that some time ago, one Snikt of yours stumbled across a creature that may have emerged from there.
No. 5818 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765110948.jpg - (24.95KB , 300x300 , Blacksoul.jpg )

I made my tower on the edge of the Sea Of Oblivion to study it, and possibly push back its border. The Sea of Oblivion swept across most of the world. I want to see our world reclaimed.

The mass of the sea is antithetical to all magical creatures, and especially to Wizards, just as the atmosphere outside of the Sea is poisonous to them.

The greater creatures that produce the sea cannot move into the open air, and the lesser creatures would need a source of power to survive. Such power would most likely be gotten from devouring nonmagical creatures with souls. I have seen a few things wander out, but none of them remain for long.
No. 5819 ID: f4963f

Radia: Quit being a bitch. Srsly. You're like Rastin with boobs. >:(
No. 5822 ID: 43d730
File 125765258940.jpg - (59.28KB , 624x534 , problem flails.jpg )

...For some reason, I see only dickery happening from Rastin gaining boobs.
No. 5824 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765361599.jpg - (52.70KB , 300x300 , Radiaface.jpg )

Oh please, I'm no bitch. I treat anyone who is my equal with respect and dignity.

It just happens to be unfortunate for most people that they are nowhere near my equal.

Seriously, though, you don't look down on the mortal who kills the flies outside his garbage bin.
No. 5825 ID: 4d3daa


True, but you enjoy it too much.
No. 5826 ID: af3e6d
File 125765450420.jpg - (40.21KB , 299x300 , troll.jpg )

I'd do a better one but I have two minutes of battery power left.
No. 5827 ID: 7eda8b

If they killed tiny, intelligent people who begged for mercy, I sure would. Are you also superintelligent, or simply super-powerful and shiny?
No. 5828 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765541160.jpg - (43.68KB , 300x300 , Radiaface2.jpg )

I am perfect in every way. Blacksoul or Lord of Marvels might be a tad cleverer, but cleverness isn't necessary for perfection.

I create magic! I can bless or curse as is my whim, and I am immortal. Those mortal things die almost before they are born, who cares if I have fun with them? They feel honored just to be near a creature as perfect as I.
No. 5829 ID: 276781

Oh, go suck on the Sea of Oblivion, Radia. If you're so perfect, where are your EYES?
No. 5830 ID: f4963f
File 125765779752.jpg - (79.71KB , 445x474 , RadiaxTyrael_OTP.jpg )

I like your style, lady.
No. 5831 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765813823.jpg - (44.83KB , 300x300 , Radiaface3.jpg )

Oh, I've got this one laying around. Some stupid snikt decided to sass me. Maybe I should pull out the other one...
No. 5832 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765837695.jpg - (38.09KB , 300x300 , Radiaface4.jpg )

Dignity, well-shaped features and respect. That's what I look for in an Adept.
No. 5833 ID: 276781

I said "your eyes", not "the eyes of your victims".
You're far from perfect if you don't even have a pair of eyes to see from.
No. 5834 ID: 476456

Obviously she gave them up so she wouldnt have to look at herself.

i mean for her immeasurable power.
No. 5835 ID: 43d730

Figure I might as well stir things up...
Flails, why are you so rapetastic?
No. 5836 ID: f4963f
File 125765949172.jpg - (128.60KB , 626x621 , Earl_Grey.jpg )

>I dug some old questions up from the old Inside the Quest thread. Enjoy your belated responses.

>Joel: Why don't you try putting on some makeup? Don't you want to feel pretty? You're not an MIB anymore, so you don't have to look so severe.

Makeup? Me? I-it's not really my thing. I never do anything more complex than a little foundation and maybe a touch of eyeliner, y'know? Anything else just feels... I dunno. Excessive. It's also kinda off-putting with my suit, I think... O-or, rather, Nic's suit. I guess it's still his.

... I kinda like business suits anyway. I don't know why. ... I just want to point out that it's totally not crossdressing. Girls can wear business suits now! A-and ties aren't... that masculine, right?

... actually, why do I fit into your suit anyway, Nic? Is there something you're not telling me?
No. 5839 ID: 15f6d6
File 125765977177.jpg - (45.97KB , 300x300 , Radiaface5.jpg )

I don't think you understand what it means to be a Wizard. Adepts make sacrifices to us in exchange for power. We sacrifice nothing.
No. 5840 ID: e3f578

Do you play the guitar Joel? You said you were a metalhead.
No. 5843 ID: 15f6d6
File 125766120894.jpg - (58.98KB , 300x300 , Breakerface.jpg )



No. 5844 ID: f4963f

Have you considered combining the two? FUCKFIGHTIN' could be quite potent indeed.
No. 5845 ID: 43d730

Dare I ask why you're called Flails Breaker?
I mean, we've seen that use-names are apt for the other wizards...
No. 5846 ID: 15f6d6
File 125766208073.jpg - (99.51KB , 436x347 , Breaker2.jpg )


No. 5847 ID: 43d730

But the syntax on 'Flails Breaker' implies that you break flails, not break things with flails.
I mean, I can see why you didn't pick a name like 'The Up-Fucker' or 'Shit-Ruiner', but still...
No. 5848 ID: 15f6d6
File 125766309911.jpg - (55.42KB , 300x300 , Breaker3.jpg )


No. 5850 ID: f4963f
File 125766412077.jpg - (89.56KB , 544x450 , Joel_Metalhead.jpg )

>Do you play the guitar Joel? You said you were a metalhead.
Metalhead for life, baby. Sadly, I don't play the guitar. I'm more of a groupie than a... y'know. Guitarist or whatever, right? So the closest I've ever come was playing a few songs on Guitar Hero.

I've got a lot of CDs, though. I know MP3s kinda replaced them, but I can copy them anyway, and it's nice to have something physical lying around.
No. 5851 ID: 476456

you do seem to have eatfucking down pat though.
No. 5852 ID: 4d3daa


Why do you have a cow-skull head?
No. 5854 ID: 6faa8c
File 125766795761.png - (6.30KB , 640x480 , hmmmm.png )

Why wouldn't you, given the choice? I mean, it's such a sturdy, imposing shape, and the horns don't hurt either.
No. 5855 ID: 4d3daa


Given the choice? I would opt for an avian skull.
No. 5863 ID: 15f6d6
File 125769895745.gif - (63.06KB , 300x300 , Metal.gif )


No. 5864 ID: 15f6d6

No. 5867 ID: af3e6d

You got nothing on Heartsbane. Have you SEEN the (non-Shadran) frontpage?
No. 5869 ID: 9e9b47

Hey Ryxix how's the search for a new girlfriend coming? Also, did you and your ex ever have problems gettin' nasty, seeing as she was a snake and you a bladebug?
No. 5871 ID: 12f282

...DAMMIT. I know Flails fucks women in half, but he is so cool I would want to hang out with him anyway.
No. 5970 ID: 2dd482

Finesse: Do all goblins have one huge arm and one tiny arm?
No. 5971 ID: f4963f

Liam: Are you dead?

If you are, can I have your revolver?
No. 5972 ID: fdc826

Dude, I know.

Flails, you should totally stop the whole "fucking chicks to death" thing. I mean, it's kind of ruining your image as a pretty cool dude. And hey, if you do, we might not have to go all GODSLAYER on your ass later.
No. 5973 ID: 12f282

Vulture demon from Princess Quest:

Do you get along with raven demons, by any chance?
No. 5976 ID: c5f90c

Vresch: What's it like in hell?
No. 5980 ID: 4d3daa


I bet it's like the waiting room at the doctors office. A T.V. that's always on food network. And the water cooler outside the bathroom, just staring at people as they come and go.
No. 5984 ID: 5d5878

Dude, not cool. Tgchan has an irrational fear of watercoolers. I wonder what phobia that is?
No. 5985 ID: 2dd482

our fear of watercoolers is completely rational. Shifty fuckers are always watching you, waiting, biding their time, always disapproving.
No. 5990 ID: f4963f

Mewtwo: It just occurs to me that there are no girl mewtwos.

No. 5993 ID: 7d87d9

Hell he's probably engineered to be sterile.
No. 5995 ID: 5d5878

In the games, Mewtwo doesn't even HAVE a gender.
No. 5996 ID: f4963f

QUIET GUYS you're ruining the joke. :C
No. 5997 ID: 5d5878

Ah, right. My bad, bro.
No. 5999 ID: 7d87d9

I mean who'd want their very expensive killer weapon decide to screw off and result in unauthorized killer weapon children... and You know he couldn't be vulnerable to the devastating Ball buster attack.
No. 6001 ID: bf1e7e
File 125781386344.png - (179.74KB , 768x768 , telmes2.png )


Well ... I suppose, though I don't see how that pertains to my area of expertise.


We Moks can live for up to 80 or 90 years, and there are stories of some living even longer. Most of us ... well ... don't make it that long, though. Disease and violence notwithstanding, however, we are the longest-lived of the common folk.
No. 6028 ID: 0d1fe9

He can still mindfuck though, thats the best fucking there is.
No. 6173 ID: 754774
File 125818874436.png - (15.85KB , 640x480 , answer.png )

There is only one Raven demon. If guys like that could reproduce, it would be hell up high. I hate his guts, but we tolerate each other. I mean hey, he can only carry so much, and then bam, free food.
No. 6174 ID: 5d5878

So why didn't you just leave the princess so you could feast on her after she died?
No. 6176 ID: a29c56
File 125822007988.jpg - (85.41KB , 399x384 , 1247551176022.jpg )

I just stumbled across this...
No. 6289 ID: f4963f

Oliver: If you could be the hat of any famous real-world politician, whose hat would you be and why?
No. 6475 ID: c3e399

John: Tell us, where did you get that awesome armor? Would be even fitting for the Brutal General herself.
No. 6476 ID: fa673e
File 125875479036.jpg - (52.96KB , 620x600 , oliver1.jpg )

I think I'd go with Roosevelt. You know, he spent millions of dollars just to get his dog back - you know you'll be in good hands (heads?) with a guy like that!
No. 6522 ID: 12f282

Tom: How do you feel about... human ladies? ;D
No. 6523 ID: 754774
File 125894553591.png - (61.87KB , 640x480 , pshtanswer.png )

That girl's skin reeks something awful. Not an intolerable stench, just that I wouldn't want to eat it.

It's the safest area in the country anyways, not including The Raven. The chances of her actually knocking the earth are pitiful.
No. 6525 ID: 754774
File 125894660881.png - (78.01KB , 640x480 , bitchesandwhores.png )

I don't make gender distinction. Humans are made to reproduce. Large breasts and hips are appealing to a human male, because it allows for easy childbearing and caring.

Demons are not made to reproduce. Mental characteristics are the only thing that really matters.

Human women are a bit more voracious, I suppose. At least they're almost never violent.
No. 6528 ID: 4553b2

You don't reproduce? Does your kind simply never die, or what? How do demons live on?
No. 6534 ID: 7eda8b

Rastin, Meisha, Ven, Deme: What's YOUR merchandising look like?
No. 6535 ID: 7eda8b

In fact, make that an open question for everyone.
No. 6538 ID: 91caa1
File 125896061671.png - (42.54KB , 242x350 , Tatola Fried Nevrean.png )

>What does your merchandising look like?
No. 6539 ID: 7eda8b

No. 6540 ID: 1afd58

Mmm, i'd eat those thighs~
No. 6542 ID: af3e6d

That's really not something you want to advertise, dear.
No. 6549 ID: 95ab41
File 125899853296.png - (100.77KB , 800x600 , DemeBooth.png )

>Deme: What's YOUR merchandising look like?
No. 6555 ID: 2dd482

with arms like that, Nedynvor hugs must be the best ever
No. 6557 ID: 30ea23

Deme: About how much do you weigh? Your sword-like feet indicate a low weight, since they don't sink into the ground.

Tav: Does technology exist to give you the equivalent of two arms again? If not, will it grow back?

Hatch: On a scale of one to ten, with eight being Shadran and ten being constant psychotic screaming fits, how traumatized do you consider yourself?

Cheren: What was your most satisfying curse in recent memory?

BeardBeard: What's your metatextual opinion of all these newcomer softie quest characters?
No. 6560 ID: 7eda8b

You could phrase that better.

BeardBeard: Which of the newer quest characters would you like to share a beer with, which would you like to kill, and which would you like to do both with?
No. 6567 ID: e98c4f


Dem armz
No. 6570 ID: 476456

Nezu: Still thinking tura is mean?

ugluk: do you keep score of your kills. If so what're you up to.
No. 6591 ID: b1e366
File 125911597524.png - (104.70KB , 428x629 , Nez.png )

I guess not. I'm not hungry for the first time in so long and I'm all shiny now. It feels weird with the touching though... Nobody ever touch me really.
No. 6596 ID: 2dd482

OMG you're so adorable lookit how adorable you are why adorable why are you so adorable?
No. 6597 ID: 1e1932


You'd better get used to it. Goblins LOVE to touch.
No. 6600 ID: 276781

>Nobody ever touch me really.
And you've been living in a human town?
That's amazing and fortunate for you.
But yeah, Goblins have a very... *ahem* hands-on approach.

Also, were you born with mood freckles or is that a recent mutation you've undergone?

Zepave: Just how many non-elves did you fuck after Koz? Do you ever think about her anymore?
No. 6602 ID: af3e6d

God damn you, Gnoll. Do you know how hard I've tried not to turn furry on here? It is a losing battle, but at least before I had a chance.
No. 6604 ID: b1e366
File 125912350654.png - (102.35KB , 428x629 , Nezagain.png )

>Also, were you born with mood freckles or is that a recent mutation you've undergone?

Those are funny words and I dun know what you mean.
No. 6605 ID: e7666f

Nezu, what is your first memory?
No. 6606 ID: 276781

Nevermind then. You're adorable, you don't need to know what those words mean. I bet you're excited for the boat ride with Tura, aren't you?
No. 6608 ID: b1e366
File 125912509112.png - (144.80KB , 533x660 , Zepave.png )

Non-elves? How absurd... I... ah... It's unthinkable. Why would you even insinuate that I would do that with a goblin?
No. 6609 ID: af3e6d

Because the crazy voices told you to. Remember us? We say hi.
No. 6610 ID: 276781

I dunno, buddy; you seemed pretty eager to stick yer dick in her.
At least you didn't have some crazy fucked-up half-elf/half-goblin baby. That would be awkward.
No. 6614 ID: f43e19

So did you know elves and goblins are compatible when you did it?
No. 6618 ID: e9fdd6

So Zepave... did that dire rat give you a "come hither" look, or was it you that made the first move?

I mean, goblins I can understand, but...
No. 6630 ID: 12fc66
File 125923673611.png - (166.66KB , 700x400 , jestore.png )

> What's YOUR merchandising look like?
No. 6636 ID: 91b750

Ahahaha, Prevous Plushie.

Prevous shirt. XD
No. 6637 ID: af3e6d

Shouldn't the Prevous plushie cost a lot more because of all the material required?
No. 6642 ID: bde1b8

Don't give her ideas!
No. 7244 ID: 4553b2
File 126016366923.png - (68.21KB , 600x400 , Beardbeard FuckMarryKill.png )

BeardBeard: Which of the newer quest characters would you like to share a beer with, which would you like to kill, and which would you like to do both with?

Goshen, Rastin, and Admiral Fancyhat. Goshen seems like he needs a good drink right about now. Rastin'd just be fun to fight. And the Admiral seems like a fun guy. I'd probably end up killing him after some slave or another won my pity though. Like that one armed mushroom.
No. 7249 ID: f21281

@ Dompag: Which of the other quest damsels would you want to *ahem* "be passionate" with the most?

@ Sticks: Similar question, but which of the other quest gentlemen would you most like to see make out with each other?

@ Grek: What's your most valued invention?
No. 7265 ID: fb5d8e
File 126018974425.png - (101.71KB , 700x700 , sticks-n-grek.png )

> Sticks: Similar question, but which of the other quest gentlemen would you most like to see make out with each other?
That's a hard one.. There's lots of nice gentlemen in /quest/.. But the cutest make-out would have to beeeeeeeeee~ fGhost and Tav!

> Grek: What's your most valued invention?
Th'one I used te super'eat th'arm'r fer Ridder. Tis' the strongest chemecel re'ction I had so fer.
No. 7266 ID: dda9dd

Looken pretty menacing for heros there my dears... I'll bet you two alone could scare the devil himself.
No. 7274 ID: badf27

Ridder: Are you always angry or is that just your LOOK OF DETERMINATION?

Tav: You should probably know that just about everyone wants to see you make out with Demesi.

Demesi: See above to Tav.
No. 7283 ID: 632862

Black Fang: How come you don't wear any armor?
No. 7284 ID: 34470e

Ridder: If you had to choose 1 person on /quest/ to be your wife/husband, who would it be?
No. 7286 ID: c0f3bf

Dear Cutegal: What was your first day of school like?
No. 7287 ID: 6faa8c

Jen: We miss you baaaaaw
No. 7293 ID: e8c175
File 126024552295.jpg - (236.98KB , 843x561 , firstschoolday.jpg )

Cream: i don't remember...

< cream first school day...
No. 7295 ID: 6faa8c

Oh mah dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
No. 7303 ID: 5d5878

Oh mah lawd I'ma get sum diabeetus.
No. 7307 ID: f21281

@ Tav: Every time I see you replying to these threads, you're on a computer. And Deme or Aggeia is usually nearby. This leads me to believe that you all live in an apartment together. Do I sense a sitcom in the works?
No. 7316 ID: f4963f

@Tav: What's your favourite food?
No. 7350 ID: 741901

How do Lohrkes walk on walls?
No. 7356 ID: 632862

Tav: How many different colors can Lohrkes glow?
No. 7363 ID: 34470e

Tav: Why are you getting so many questions?
No. 7364 ID: 912714

Sticks: Would you still rather look?
No. 7365 ID: 51d0f5

Deme: Are you sad about your popularity being overshadowed even though you're the main character?
No. 7366 ID: b9af96
File 126042376129.jpg - (112.17KB , 800x800 , vision of beauty.jpg )

Oh, but she is the fairest of Doobies in the whole valley! Every graceful curve of her sleek body sets me a-shiver!
No. 7367 ID: b9af96
File 126042417556.jpg - (39.68KB , 458x410 , amadoobus-02.jpg )

Why it would take many a fortnight to pen such a work, and I haven't any paper.
No. 7368 ID: b9af96
File 126042601456.jpg - (120.60KB , 730x575 , cheren is drunk.jpg )

So like, like, I was fuckin this guy *urp* ah, 'scuse me. So like, I was fuckin this guy right? and he's all like *urp* woops, so like, he's all like, "hey ba-babe" well, OK I don- I don't 'member xactly what he said bu- *urrp* tastes like barbecue, heh heh heh. Oh yeah so this guy, right? I'm fuckin him and he's all like, "you wanna come around back a little bit?" like, -hic- so like, he wants me to push in his shi- push in his shit while we're fuckin. So I says to him, I says "hey buddy, maybe if you could come around the front insteada just wettin the tip, " So I says to him, I wa-*urp* ugh. So anyway, I punched him straight in the snount hee hee heehehee, snount. hehehe-hic-h hehehhee. So I punched him right in the snout and told 'im to go *BUUURRRP* go an' find 'im a kobold to fucks, 'caus that'll be jus-hic-just 'is size. *urrrrp* What a needle dicked f-hic-f-*urp*faget. I don't care how clean a guy says his assho- hic- hole is, I'm not gonna stick m'tongue ifya know what I me-hic- if ya know what I mean, up his ass. *urp* wait what were we talkin about again?
No. 7371 ID: 95ab41
File 126042694029.png - (171.58KB , 800x600 , Sitcom.png )

>Tav: What's your favourite food?

Stirfry. Preferably with a bit of Marmordon mixed in for flavor.

>How do Lohrkes walk on walls?

With our feet.

and our tails.

The bottom of them are covered with little extensions that adhere to surfaces.

>Tav: How many different colors can Lohrkes glow?

Umm... a bunch? They can be most any color I've seen.

>Tav: Why are you getting so many questions?

I... really don't know actually.

>Tav: Every time I see you replying to these threads, you're on a computer. And Deme or Aggeia is usually nearby. This leads me to believe that you all live in an apartment together. Do I sense a sitcom in the works?

I have no idea what you're talking about...

Deme: "Hey buddy, what'cha doin? Oh! answering questions again? Oh hey! One for me!"

Aggeia: "The shower's clogged again guys... sorry."

>Deme: Are you sad about your popularity being overshadowed even though you're the main character?

Is there a contest going on? I'm just glad that people seem to like my friends. I can't blame anyone else for liking them. I mean, if they weren't so likeable, I wouldn't like them, right? :3~
No. 7372 ID: 9e9b47
File 126042783481.png - (57.05KB , 800x600 , Steveanswer.png )

>What does your merchandising look like?
No. 7373 ID: 310a5f

Do any of the quest characters do their own stunts? If not, who do they have for their stunt doubles?
No. 7374 ID: f21281

@ Aggeia: Invest in one of those giant-ass air dryers they use at car washes. Seriously.

@ Deme: I don't recall if anyone's asked this or not. How long -is- your tongue?

@ Kyaos: Have you given thought to mechanical implants like Heshka has? You'd probably look pretty damn menacing.
No. 7375 ID: 6faa8c
File 126042852861.png - (6.88KB , 640x480 , ghostbigH.png )

I do. Er... did. I'm not even sure if I'm counting as doing anything anymore.
No. 7376 ID: b9af96

Tav, can I have like 20 bucks?
No. 7377 ID: f21281
File 126042926816.jpg - (35.63KB , 220x333 , onbreak.jpg )

S'kinda easy to do your own stunts when any bones y'break end up healin' up in a day or two.

Plus, I get paid more fer doin' 'em myself.
No. 7378 ID: c0f3bf

@ Asali: What is the worst experience you have ever had while being drunk?
No. 7379 ID: e3f578

Yo Tav and Deme, how fine is Aggeia's ass in your opinion... if that doesn't insult you milady.... or if it seems rude to you two to even have an opinion about it?
No. 7381 ID: b9af96
File 126043133879.jpg - (241.48KB , 1000x600 , firebolds.jpg )

No. 7382 ID: 4553b2
File 126043137127.png - (31.08KB , 600x400 , Stunts.png )

>Do any of the quest characters get paid for doing their own stunts?
...What's a stunt? If that's what you call those nubby things I keep growing, yeah, I do my own stunts.
No. 7388 ID: 632862

Emma: How does your body ... get rid of waste products?
No. 7389 ID: 34470e

To everyone: What is your general opinion of /quest/?
No. 7394 ID: 7711b8

Cheren: Your coloration suggests you are a Southern Sergal, but your muzzle isn't exactly long&thin. If my manners wouldn't forbid me to comment on the ears I'd also have to say something about them.

How do you explain that? The classification table is very specific about it.
No. 7396 ID: f4963f

Ooh, I wonder if she's a mutt. A mixed-breed.
No. 7435 ID: ba41e5

Denjold: Now that you are dead, (presumably) in hell, and hatless, what are you doing to remedy your hatlessness?
No. 7444 ID: c0f3bf

Dear Strawberry: Did you ever get any flak from teachers about having swords for feet? Or do you pad them somehow.
No. 7449 ID: edc240

Dear Tessa: Are you really a woman, or just some kind of super hot tranny as has been suggested?
No. 7451 ID: f75782

>your muzzle isn't exactly long&thin.
Mybe she just got punched in the face a lot as a kid. You know, to establish dominance.
No. 7452 ID: b9af96
File 126051913345.jpg - (145.37KB , 1000x600 , cheren rambling more.jpg )

Wazzzat 'bout mah -hic- mah earz you say-hic- sayin? U wan fite about it!?! C'mon an-hic- an*urp* mah earzes pretty wit they got -hic- they gots tipss acul-hich- tipsa colr on th' en' an' -hic- wuzzat bout norfen shergl-hic- sherr*urp* -hic- uwann fite -hic- fite 'boutit?
No. 7453 ID: 2a5a23

Good god, drunk cheren looks like a furry Dave Mustaine.
No. 7454 ID: b9af96

There's beer in her hair. Much like Dave Mustaine.
No. 7459 ID: 0421f5

>furry Dave Mustaine
Cheren: What are you doing to party? Except the heavy drinking and raiding.
I could totally see you in a mosh pit.
No. 7463 ID: abb30a
File 126054983216.png - (118.90KB , 640x480 , itq.png )

|I think you're a right bunch of nutters, to be quite honest.
Oh, right... We haven't met yet.|
No. 7464 ID: 5d5878

I'm hoping the answer is "playing lead guitar".
No. 7527 ID: b9af96
File 126066339975.jpg - (67.63KB , 471x523 , more drunken Cheren.jpg )

>Cheren: What are you doing to party? Except the heavy drinking and raiding.
I could totally see you in a mosh pit.

> party? Except the heavy drinking and raiding.
I could totally

> party? Except heavy drinking and raiding.

Huh what now? *urrp* thersh uvver stuff -hic- stu-hic- stuff ta do? -hic-
No. 7529 ID: b17d6c

Hey babe. I like your pants. Wanna dance?
No. 7547 ID: 442734


I-is she wearing pants...?
No. 7549 ID: c2f14d

Pants are overrated.
No. 7564 ID: e024d0

Trying to imagine the smell there makes me ill just thinking about it. Like a mix of wet dog, rancid sweat, charred meat, and stale booze.
No. 7565 ID: d2c55b
File 126071462371.jpg - (69.02KB , 400x400 , bueno.jpg )

>Like a mix of wet dog, rancid sweat, charred meat, and stale booze.

But I digress.
The raiding days are probably over for now, considering your war-band now consists of you and a kidnapped boldling.

You might want to think about other activities to pass the time, even you got to have some interests besides drinking.
No. 7574 ID: f158e4

Why is it that most female quest characters seem to be batshit insane lesbian Xenophiles?
No. 7576 ID: e024d0

Because this supposedly makes them more available to the audience, while still having an air of danger?
No. 7578 ID: e75a2f

Because that's what age 15-35 single males and age 15-35 single females who hang out on the internet like.

Everything would be a Boris Vallejo painting in a place like this if the world were perfect.
No. 7597 ID: ff0853
File 126075941336.jpg - (159.55KB , 768x701 , wut.jpg )

No. 7598 ID: f4963f

Your kick fencing teacher is AWESOME.
No. 7619 ID: d95141

how does bird know what mustache is
No. 7624 ID: f158e4

The same way a lizard knows what boobs are.
No. 7629 ID: 7d87d9

So crappy writing of a furry?
No. 7630 ID: f158e4

More or less.
No. 7679 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126092696623.png - (191.19KB , 766x724 , Talk.png )

Hey! I am not that thing you said, I find the penis of my own species pretty freaking great... Like this one time, me and Nako and Stusnu were getting really horny, 'cuz we're working so hard on building a massive fortress we don't get to have much fun, right? So we grab Musor and rape the crap out of him, because he's the only available male right now. So we take turns riding him, except Stusnu, since he's her brother and that would just be weird, so she just watches. So we're not all xenophilic lesbians, because I enjoy getting penetrated just fine.
No. 7680 ID: e024d0

No. 7681 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126092759548.png - (194.95KB , 766x724 , ack.png )

Ha... Ha... Nothing.
No. 7682 ID: 5d5878

Aah, goblins. Now I understand how you expect to build a fortress with a handful of you.
No. 7684 ID: ce8534

>Nako actually getting some

Oh way to ruin her comedic value.
No. 7688 ID: e024d0

So tell us Tura... is it true? Do goblins more than make up for what they may be lacking size, with a double dose of vigor?
No. 7699 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126093600171.png - (75.62KB , 535x516 , Nako.png )

I'm not depriving myself so you can get a laugh. Somebody has to teach the girls how things work and I'm sure as hell not letting these go to waste either.
No. 7701 ID: 276781

I for one am glad you took the initiative. Way to go, Nako! Commendable, really.
...Say, have you ever heard of a game called "poker"?
No. 7702 ID: e024d0

I was not really under the impression that you were deprived in any way... not after you 'conquered' that whole kobold tribe.
No. 7708 ID: f158e4

So uh... Have you made any awesome statues Lately?
No. 7718 ID: e64fec

Seriously, Nako. I mean, seriously. You aren't fooling anyone, no matter how many rumors you spread. Eat your loneliness with a side of hash browns and some orange juice.
No. 7719 ID: 697b23

Oh my god where are your pupils?! Tura, you've ruined goblins for me...
No. 7720 ID: 632862

Goblins normally look like that. Haven't you read the first 6 gobbo quest threads? Tura is an elf/goblin freaky hybrid. Though she turned out okay if you ask me.
No. 7723 ID: be5ec8

Why can't i be "raped" by horny goblin girls?
No. 7724 ID: 426169
File 126096301856.gif - (206.56KB , 1000x2000 , manly goblin is manly.gif )

THIS is what REAL goblins look like.
No. 7730 ID: f8c23f


No true scotsman, you say?
No. 7733 ID: 2819cf


Why are you so sexy. Just look at how sexy you are. Goddamn.
No. 7746 ID: 9d07d9


Lesbian xenophiles.
No. 7747 ID: 51d0f5

Have we actually had many lesbians in /quest/?
No. 7748 ID: 497870


Mmm... Sanya and Amina?
No. 7751 ID: 77ddc4

Hatch and Ikar.
No. 7752 ID: 43d730

John and Joan.
No. 7753 ID: 426169

Finesse and Charm.
No. 7754 ID: 5d5878

Every female character, whether they like it or not.
No. 7759 ID: 15f6d6

Tura and Nezu.
No. 7760 ID: 51d0f5

Pretty sure this is the only true one.
No. 7761 ID: c88bbf

Only one confirmed, really.
No. 7762 ID: f373c2

Mado and Nevada... though they're not exactly "in /quest/".
No. 7763 ID: 455d6f


I always knew Nevada is homosexual.
No. 7773 ID: 2dd482

Joan and Naga
No. 7775 ID: aa7791

Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.

Do you enjoy cheesecake?
No. 7777 ID: 7139d7


Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.

Scale of one to ten, how gay?
No. 7779 ID: 476456

Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.

You'd tap Petal wouldn't you.
No. 7780 ID: c3df09

Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.

You really wanted to join in on that elven orgy swingers party, didn't you?
No. 7781 ID: d74b5c

>the bush
>how gay

No. 7797 ID: 6faa8c

Master of the traps: Why u do dis? ;-;
No. 7798 ID: 8c2522
File 126111514077.jpg - (101.60KB , 414x772 , masterreply.jpg )

No. 7799 ID: 34470e

Master of the traps: Paper or plastic?
No. 7800 ID: 8c2522
File 126111562528.jpg - (107.68KB , 414x772 , masterreply2.jpg )

No. 7801 ID: 456d73

So like, do you have a vag now or what? Or are you still rockin' the dongage? I mean, this is a serious issue here.
No. 7802 ID: 6faa8c

Master: What happens when you run out of space opn her clothes?
No. 7809 ID: fb5d8e
File 126114351326.png - (63.31KB , 700x700 , ridder-answers.png )

>Ridder: Are you always angry or is that just your LOOK OF DETERMINATION?
I suppose it is the latter. My face has been like this since I was young, as my mother always worried about it. But perhaps I am angry. Angry at all the evil and wrong in the world.

>Ridder: If you had to choose 1 person on /quest/ to be your wife/husband, who would it be?
None come to mind. I may be too idealistic, though.

>Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.
>Do you enjoy cheesecake?
I would enjoy a slice of cheesecake on special occasions.

>Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.
>Scale of one to ten, how gay?
It's more proper to say 'homosexual'. In any case, I'm not sure what or who you are talking about. If you mean me, I can assure you I am strictly of the heterosexual persuasion.

>Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.
>You'd tap Petal wouldn't you.
She seems to be an attractive and smart woman, but that's not enough to just suddenly make love to her. I have explained my ideals about love and sex, shaken up as they may be.

>Ridder, no beating around the bush here. Be honest.
>You really wanted to join in on that elven orgy swingers party, didn't you?
I most certainly did not. In addition, it would be disrespectful for me to join in the festival without sharing their beliefs on love and sex.
No. 7811 ID: 8ce2bf

How can you be so sure, Ridder? You're always uncomfortable around women especially when nude but you were totally digging it when you were dancing naked for guys.
No. 7812 ID: e024d0

I think he was more focused on the task of making some cash so he and his would not have to sleep out in the straw than the act itself, as evidenced when he realized 'just' what he had been doing.
No. 7815 ID: 8ce2bf

That was his excuse once his best option was to perform with a woman. If it was another man THINGS WOULD HAVE GONE VERY DIFFERENTLY.
No. 7819 ID: 7139d7

Ridder, question:

What's more lkely? You turning homosexual or evil?
No. 7820 ID: 12f282

Maria: If you don't want to marry Tom, can I have him? He's adorable. :3c
No. 7823 ID: 7b74ae

Goldie: So what's life like trapped inside a soap opera? You kinda left us hanging there.
No. 7824 ID: 8c0761
File 126116912510.jpg - (116.60KB , 414x772 , masterreply3.jpg )

No. 7827 ID: 34470e

Alaniss: How do you feel about Master writing on all your clothes?
No. 7828 ID: 8c0761
File 12611744697.jpg - (117.13KB , 414x772 , masterreply4.jpg )


ticklish :3
No. 7829 ID: 6faa8c

Master, where do you get the ideas for your traps? Have you met an individual named Grimtooth?
No. 7830 ID: 33d969

Master: Why traps? Why not go the full nine? Are you into dudes?
No. 7834 ID: 8c0761
File 12611848745.jpg - (122.51KB , 414x772 , masterreply5.jpg )

No. 7835 ID: 1afd58

Then why have this girl kill the futas?

Isn't that counter to your wishes?
No. 7836 ID: 119b5c

So, are you magically writing these, or are you actually penning these on her?
No. 7837 ID: 119b5c

Hey Ridder. In what position do you sleep at night?
No. 7838 ID: 632862

Which of your servants is your favorite?
No. 7841 ID: 7139d7

Python...Iesgip, would you happen to have a twin brother we should know about? Or would you mind if you were cloned in a super soldier program?

And have you ever thought of wearing an eyepatch?
No. 7842 ID: 8c0761
File 126119040875.jpg - (137.56KB , 414x772 , masterreply7.jpg )

No. 7843 ID: 2dd482

Master: are you the cat?
No. 7844 ID: 9f8e6a

Nope, the pussy hides the pussy.
No. 7845 ID: f21281
File 126119111916.jpg - (26.59KB , 297x400 , TheMaster.jpg )

No, he's The Master.
No. 7846 ID: 4cfa72
File 126119136696.jpg - (28.20KB , 416x492 , Master_trolling.jpg )


No, that's the Master. Pictured related is the Master!
No. 7847 ID: 632862

Master: Where did the doppelganger come from? And the talking pendant? Why was the pendant in prison anyway?
No. 7852 ID: 24f3c1

Ahhh, so some get turned into traps, and some go all the way girl, gotcha.
No. 7853 ID: 24f3c1

So Alaniss, do you miss your junk?
No. 7854 ID: e024d0

Wouldn't be a trap if they all were now would it? Then you would expect it.
No. 7855 ID: 119b5c

Oren: How many times a day with Squires?
No. 7856 ID: f98e0b
File 126120468850.png - (283.83KB , 800x600 , answer1.png )

Well, it depends on how bored and/or horny we are, but we shoot for at least two, sometimes three times a day. Morning Glory, Afternoon Delight, and, uh, Squires came up with a nickname for the evenings but I can't remember it offhand. Sometimes we do it less, since there's a no-sex-on-the-job agreement, and sometimes we do it more often. For example, when I get back from this Arbock case, I guarantee the bed'll see enough action we'll both be walking funny the next day.
I miss Nessie.

Don't tell her I told you any of this, of course.
No. 7858 ID: 119b5c

Oh wow. How much protection money do you go through a week? and I don't mean mob business.
No. 7866 ID: 4553b2

Maybe she's on the pill?
No. 7867 ID: 34470e

Ridder: What is your favorite book?
No. 7871 ID: f98e0b
File 126123337674.png - (298.27KB , 800x600 , answer2.png )

Well. She promises she is, but, um, this is Nessie we're talking about. I love her to death but she's not exactly the most together person.

"Oren? Have you seen my phone?"
"Wasn't it in your back pocket?"
"Oh, hey, yeah. Never mind."
No. 7896 ID: 632862

Hattori: How long did it take for you to learn how to become a Lich? Also, how filthy rich are you anyway?
No. 7897 ID: 6faa8c

It took me about twenty years, especially since I did it without magic.

I have roughly enough money to buy a large city.
No. 7909 ID: badf27

Ridder: What would you do if your pursuits of "The Boss" end up being for naught? Have you ever considered that this all may be a huge misunderstanding?
No. 7910 ID: 632862

Ridder: What would you do if you found the Prince again after all these years? What if he grew up to be a completely different person than the one you knew?
No. 7911 ID: 7139d7

Ridder: Your first crush was the prince, wasn't it? You want him. Sexually~.
No. 7946 ID: b971a3

Shadran: What did you do with all of those sergal corpses? We know you made pyramids out of the skulls but what about the rest of the body?
No. 7958 ID: fb5d8e
File 126139053218.png - (60.07KB , 700x700 , ridder-answers2.png )

>Ridder, question:
>What's more lkely? You turning homosexual or evil?
Obviously homosexual. As I have stated before I tolerated the homosexual persuasion even if I do not agree with it. Evil, however, deserves none of that.

>Hey Ridder. In what position do you sleep at night?
Sitting up with my arms crossed. Occasionally I will put my arms on the chair's armrests, but I can't do that when I'm sleeping outside.

>Ridder: What is your favorite book?
"Of Knights And Squires", the autobiography of Sir Eisenhaus Chartreuse. It's very inspiring how he balanced duty to his country, his follower and his wife, while his homosexual affairs bring him into a different light, showing that we all have flaws even if we are the best at what we do.

>Ridder: What would you do if your pursuits of "The Boss" end up being for naught? Have you ever considered that this all may be a huge misunderstanding?
Misunderstandings do not burn down towns or cause young kobolds to vanish. If it did civilization and order would have no way to flourish and we would not be here right now.

>Ridder: What would you do if you found the Prince again after all these years? What if he grew up to be a completely different person than the one you knew?
No one remains the same forever. Especially for the young prince I can imagine that losing his father and kingdom at such a young age was very traumatic. I will do my best to support and comfort him.

>Ridder: Your first crush was the prince, wasn't it? You want him. Sexually~.
No. As I have stated several times, I am not of the homosexual persuasion! My very first crush was on the castle's candlelady. We always called her Nan. I believe she just thought I was a cute child, but my heart raced when I saw her. I grew out of it, ofcourse.
No. 7961 ID: 744624

>We always called her Nan.

She didn't happen to be a... goat woman, did she?
No. 7962 ID: fb5d8e
File 126139388188.png - (97.41KB , 700x700 , ridder-answers3.png )

>She didn't happen to be a... goat woman, did she?
She was, actually.
I would always stand outside my room with my candle when darkness fell. She'd always come by to light the candles in the hallway and show me a gentle smile as she lit mine.
We never spoke. It was good enough for me.
No. 7963 ID: 8ce2bf

oh my god you were even more adorable then
No. 7964 ID: e75a2f



No. 7966 ID: 2dd482

>No. As I have stated several times, I am not of the homosexual persuasion!

Are you sure? You said it yourself, you almost let yourself be seduced by Blue Fang! You got all flustered when he started putting the moves on you man. There is such a thing as Bisexuality, you know; you can have desires for both women and men~
No. 7970 ID: 1e1932

>She'd always come by to light the candles in the hallway and show me a gentle smile as she lit mine.

I'm sure she did.
No. 7976 ID: dfafbc

Lighting the candle is a great euphemism.
No. 7979 ID: 36196b

I approve of alternate universe Nan.
No. 7981 ID: e024d0

Or even a... Nancestor.

Anyhow, yes, I can see why no words were needed, what really could be said?
No. 7984 ID: 36196b

Good point. I forgot about the Unified /Quest/ Timeline.
No. 7993 ID: 632862

Hattori: Explain the principles behind being a "medical" lich. Do you still have a brain?
No. 7994 ID: 6faa8c

My brain is stored in a system that supports it, and it is technically still 'alive', though it does not think. It is hooked up to a rudimentary body. My conciousness moves to that when my current body 'dies'. At which point I construct a new body and repeat the process.
No. 8006 ID: c0f3bf

Ven: Do you have sharp toes as well as sharp fingers? And where is the webbing located on your hands?
No. 8025 ID: 632862

Hattori: How do you deal with the eventual degeneration of brain tissue? Things like dementia and memory loss are inevitable, are they not?
No. 8026 ID: 6faa8c

I go back to the place my brain is stored and replace it once every ten years, keeping the brain and myself connected for a period of a full day. This activity, paired with surgery I perform directly, staves off such developments almost indefinitely by my own estimation.
No. 8027 ID: 34470e

Hattori: What do you think of Donatio?
No. 8038 ID: 6faa8c

I find magical liches as a whole distasteful and unhelpful, not to mention that most of them can't even understand the concepts of love and good. Misguided and worthless.
No. 8039 ID: 6faa8c

Everyone: What do you want for the halidays this year?
No. 8050 ID: a752e3
File presents.swf - (11.16KB , 550x400 )

P... Peace and happiness for all mankind. Failing that, a portable shield generator, dammit!
No. 8051 ID: 131526
File 126161114693.jpg - (39.18KB , 374x428 , babby .jpg )

I want my daddy back.
No. 8053 ID: c1b520
File 126161365169.png - (3.08KB , 293x221 , Little Donatio.png )

"World Domination"
No. 8054 ID: 95ab41
File 126161646332.png - (168.11KB , 800x600 , 01.png )

Getting home would be nice. But since that can wait, I think I'd like for Tav to be happy again. :<
No. 8055 ID: e024d0

Walking in Snow must be a pain for you guys, and, I'll net Tav isn't used to temperature outside of a certain range.
No. 8057 ID: ba41e5

He's probably a natural at ice skating though.
No. 8058 ID: c4fb38


Hes prob better at snow-cone making.
No. 8062 ID: 1831fc
File 126164014553.jpg - (492.36KB , 1920x1200 , Viridian Delusion-Tapestry.jpg )


Many, many things.

Firstly, we need to clean up the business. As of now, profits are down twenty percent, and the losses are slowly starting to drain personal reserves. As it stands, we can afford this, but should this trend continue, we are unlikely to recover what we once had.

Secondly, there is the matter of the new arrivals. They're an upstart among the Union, and the outcry of 'Let us go!' is starting to get on my Masters nerves. Further subjugation is needed, preferably by instigating wars on several key planets. The Bodies will be able to handle this, I am told.

Thirdly, further progress as to the whereabouts of the Progenitors. Sensors indicate that there are several possible Gate Locations, but nothing is concrete. The damnable thing is that several of my brothers hold the line between these Gate Entrances - Those of the Elder God Schema - while one is trapped on some isolated world. One of the Bodies indicates that there could possibly be a second or even a third within the same system, but I'm starting to wonder.

It is... odd to me, that my previous Masters, the Progenitors - They called themselves 'Eldgene', perhaps a play on words I suppose - created so many of us. My brothers and I. I try not to dwell upon it, however. My new assignment is keeping everything up to snuff, ensuring production and profit margins are stable or better, and to work towards finding the Progenitors to give them a detailed report of what I've learned.

Who knows? This universe is humongous. Perhaps they're hiding between stars? I'll have to alert my Masters of this. They would be well advised to send probes to investigate.

But there I've done it again. Senseless rambling. I suppose I shouldn't dawdle answering petty questions about this holiday or that one.
No. 8063 ID: 6550ad


Demesi must be a real pro making snow angels.
No. 8064 ID: 8e18cd
File 126165176432.png - (132.55KB , 500x750 , Sul Dreaming.png )

Have someone to spend the holidays with...
No. 8065 ID: 8ce2bf

Why not spend it with that rat with his nice hot tub?
No. 8068 ID: ba41e5

Hey, you could hang out with Tav. You two have a lot in common.
No. 8082 ID: a3b36a
File 126171954955.png - (37.23KB , 801x600 , Merry Christmas.png )

An actual home for Mom, Rod, and I.
For Mom to not need to work so hard all the time.
For.... no... no, I shouldn't even think that one. It's...

But those are too big to wish for. I'd be okay with a bike or a basketball or a new TV for us or something.

>"Mmpf. These 'candycanes' are AWESOME. Got any more around here?"
No. 8083 ID: c1b520
Audio SomebodyToLove.mp3 - (5.67MB )

All I really want for Christmas is someone to fill the void.
No. 8104 ID: badf27

What is your favorite food?
See above.
No. 8114 ID: bc57ed

/quest/ hug tameka
No. 8116 ID: 429638

An open question to all quest characters: did you get anything good for Christmas?
No. 8119 ID: 632862

Sanya: Can you change into a full dragon form like your mom can, or something similar?
No. 8120 ID: 5696d4
File 126181137179.png - (29.63KB , 600x400 , sanyaitq.png )


I don't really know much... I think only full-blooded Draconians can morph into their larger form.

I don't have other forms of myself.
No. 8123 ID: f44349

Your clothes are almost the same color as your skin. ||3c
No. 8133 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126184181687.png - (16.68KB , 572x620 , Wut.png )

What's "Christmas"?
No. 8134 ID: 697b23

It's a holiday you celebrate by posing in your most revealing and sexy clothes (or lack thereof) for the enjoyment of all beings and a happier world.

Get on that.
No. 8135 ID: 6834bc

A time of year, typically in the winter, when people (family, especially) gather together to enjoy each others' company and give each other expensive gifts.

For some people, those gifts are preferred to be quite sexy.
No. 8137 ID: 96dac0

Same thing as Julefest. On Christmas Eve you get together with family and eat food, and in the evening you give each other gifts. On the rest of the days, you hang around with family and have a lot of parties of the sedate sort, wherein you eat food and talk.
No. 8141 ID: 8e18cd
File 126185019650.jpg - (126.44KB , 1250x1000 , Sul Gifts.jpg )

We do have something like that during the winter! Oh I got a lot of gifts. Some of them some neat and trendy clothes. I never thought I'd look good in red...
No. 8142 ID: bd57bb

>I never thought I'd look good in red.
Well of course you do! red is the new black.
No. 8143 ID: 488063

Grey goes with everything.
Out of curiosity, what's the strangest (in your opinion) getup you've worn?
No. 8145 ID: 131526
File 126185894077.png - (30.07KB , 800x600 , Christmas.png )

Steve got exactly what he wanted for Christmas, alcohol.
No. 8147 ID: bd57bb

So Steve what is your favorite kind of booze?
No. 8151 ID: af3e6d

Is funny to me!
No. 8152 ID: 34470e

Tres: Is there any food to eat at the place your at?
No. 8155 ID: 44ad00
File 126186625948.png - (303.14KB , 800x800 , wherethefuckami.png )

A ride home.
Least then I can be fashionably late.

fucking portal device jamming...
No. 8156 ID: 488063

Hey, it's um... That one guy!
Z, or Umlaut or something.
No. 8160 ID: 44ad00
File 126188154041.png - (389.29KB , 800x800 , FUCKFUCKFUCK.png )

No. 8161 ID: af3e6d

No. 8162 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126188292193.png - (18.00KB , 765x587 , Blarg.png )

No. 8163 ID: 488063

Imma guess it's under the loincloth.
No. 8199 ID: bbae40

Aren't you getting a little fat, W?
No. 8205 ID: 429638
File 126195496667.png - (29.13KB , 765x587 , 126188292193.png )

No. 8208 ID: cc8e07

Loling so hard
No. 8240 ID: a3b36a

Well, those eldrich horrors are nothing but empty calories, I hear.
No. 8254 ID: 597b9b

So THATS where you've been, Q!
No. 8465 ID: 34470e

Everyone: What is your New Years Resolution?
No. 8486 ID: 059c31

I mar feeling particularity curious tonight so... here's a round of questions for their relevent characters.

Dompag: How does one start out on a "mission" like yours? Did you just one day wake up and realize that you wanted a whole lotta variety in your life or something?

Sticks: Tell me darling... Ridder, is he... is he what I have heard called a ..err... traditionally "kosher" Leferran? I mean, I'm sure you must have noticed by now?

Finesse: How old are you? I hear goblins are immortal and essentially un-aging (hence the reason I would even dare to ask such a 'probing' question my lady.) I was just wondering if we can expect to see you kicking around for quite a few centuries (being as clever and driven as you are perhaps even millennia?) What would such a lifespan inevitably imply for your relationship with the Boss.
No. 8493 ID: ae4c3f
File 126242816857.png - (192.02KB , 1280x720 , Sketch-NYR.png )

To search this place for the biggest f'in treasure possible, sell it and take the money back home; set up a shop, make more money, meet a girl, and have three kids with her n' make sweet fuckin' sex with' her every night till I cant get up anymore.

You know why adventurers make the best lovers? Because we know how to treasure being alive. Everyone can die at any random moment, but we are the few who go the length to spit on death's face. So, remember this, voices in the ball; every. Second. Matters.

Time to go up those stairs, shall we?
No. 8533 ID: 5696d4
File 126255447220.png - (77.87KB , 700x500 , aminaresolution.png )

No. 8534 ID: 5696d4
File 126255493270.png - (76.03KB , 700x500 , gezzonoresolution.png )

No. 8535 ID: 1831fc


To renew my endeavors in questing. I want to work more on Vaars Rising.

I want to sit down and plan out everything for Among the Stars, and begin writing it as a book again. I need to figure out something in that regard.

To do the combi-quest with Bob. If you're reading this, work has taken over my life at the moment, so it might take me a little longer than I expected to talk to you. Sorry man.

Beyond that, I usually make a resolution every year to go back, buy/download, and beat a game saga of one kind or another. Last year was the Jak and Daxter Series (1,2,3), this year is Sly Cooper, and once that's done, Ratchet and Clank.

God of War is also on that list, as is the Ico/Colossus series.

Maybe Drakengard too. We'll see.
No. 8538 ID: 5696d4
File 126255704565.png - (58.86KB , 700x500 , resolution.png )

Sanya: Probably find my father before this year ends. Then again, I'm bad at keeping promises...

Murdelp: Now that my sister's in our camp, I'd better keep my eye on her and turn her into a better person. I have nothing in particular for myself.

Gazzene: I have to be very attentive to my brother, especially since that talk we had before meeting Lady Sanya. I have to see that he does not fall in his perverted ways- THAT'D BETTER NOT BE WHAT I JUST SAW IN THAT TRASH BIN, BROTHER!
No. 8541 ID: 197650
File 126255884867.png - (25.74KB , 411x400 , PM newyear.png )

We plan to not die horrible this year.~
No. 8542 ID: dc06af

That's silly. It's nothing bad.
No. 8544 ID: 059c31

I thought that was kinda... poignant actually.
No. 8545 ID: f21281

Dammit Sanya, why do you always have to pose so provocatively?
No. 8546 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126256419717.png - (13.66KB , 800x600 , slimolutions.png )

GAAaaaaAOOOoOoOOOo~ Gaaa... HrruuoooOoOOoooo~
No. 8547 ID: 697b23

Do you really think you can live up to such high standards? o.O
No. 8548 ID: 5d5878

Add "Master speaking English" to that.
No. 8554 ID: f4963f

English? Fuck that. We're learning Italian. Or maybe Russian. Or maybe 'English, but with a sexy dominant Russian accent'.

Very very good, mister Bond.
No. 8567 ID: 16b55f


Awww... to grow? Good luck with it, dear slime.
No. 8570 ID: 488063

How about something useful, like Common?
No. 8596 ID: f4963f

Common... with a Russian accent?
No. 8597 ID: 5d5878

...I'm okay with this.
No. 8699 ID: 632862

Sanya: Was it Murdelp's sister you gave those yellow flowers to before, or someone else? Please tell me you weren't away from the camp for very long.
No. 8763 ID: 5696d4
File 126301493264.png - (51.67KB , 700x500 , sanyaitq2.png )


I did not know she was Murdelp's sister, but I met her when she was passing by while I was training Amina. She already knew my name, so I was assuming she came from the camp. She specifically asked for some yellow poppies and I pointed her out to that area beside the gate.

The presence of the yellow poppies are the reason why the area beside the gate is my favorite nap place... Oh my, I'm almost being nostalgic...
No. 8766 ID: 34470e

Salzane: What do you do to pass the time? Don't you ever get lonely?

Raven: How did you first meet Anansi?

Anansi: How long were you watching Hattori before he got the hat?

Trik: Why are you so awesome?
No. 8767 ID: 6faa8c

>Salzane: What do you do to pass the time? Don't you ever get lonely?
I do not grow lonely. I sleep. If I cannot sleep, I... craft things from wood.

>Raven: How did you first meet Anansi?
I found him tangled in a mess of tar. He muttered something about it insulting him.

>Anansi: How long were you watching Hattori before he got the hat?
For some time. Long before he summoned you.

>Trik: Why are you so awesome?
Trik eat well, work hard.
No. 8768 ID: 34470e

>I found him tangled in a mess of tar.
Was that your doing, Raven?
No. 8913 ID: 3297aa

Raital: how is your name pronounced?
No. 8922 ID: 6faa8c

A lady never brags~!
No. 8923 ID: 34470e

Ella: What would you wish for now that you don't completely hate Anansi?

Wan: Please tell me you didn't kill Yon after you got out if there.

Ridder: What would you do if a random stranger came up to you and handed you a humongous bag of money?

Muschio: same question

Tres: If you had won The Game, what would you have wished for and which 2 other people would you give wishes to?

Tav: Does your computer ever get viruses?
No. 8955 ID: 87583b
File 126327300462.png - (122.62KB , 633x537 , Hatch Checks ITQ 1.png )

No. 8956 ID: 87583b
File 126327303232.png - (78.41KB , 633x537 , No questions for Hatch.png )

>No questions for Hatch.

>Hatch is not loved.
No. 8957 ID: d86f15


I thought you were dead.
No. 8959 ID: c89b56

indeed, Rumor has it you died in a tragic Zeppelin accident.
No. 8961 ID: e3f578

Hatch: How are you doing?
No. 8963 ID: 87583b
File 126327576230.png - (47.15KB , 576x324 , Ikar thinks this idea is delicios.png )

>Hatch is dead

"REALLY!? Awesome! Oh man, I haven't had Nevrean in SO long! Dad makes the BEST gravy for roasted Nevrean, too!"
No. 8966 ID: c0f3bf

But if you eat her you won't be able to hug her anymore!
No. 8967 ID: c1b520
File 126327730737.png - (6.54KB , 408x386 , Complainingcusican.png )

Rowan: "Hey hey hey, what is this? Birdy asks for questions and gets results but when I base my quests around asking questions I get nothin? What gives?"

Gus: "Just because I'm a quest character based off the ideas of a guy doesn't mean I don't have feelings."

Donatio: "I rule an entire planet in the future and break physics and I don't even get a pat on the back? How bout some recognition for my genius?"

Johnathan: "I'm not with any of these people."

R,G,D: *whine* *complain* *nag*

irl user who's name shall not be mentioned: "Just an fyi, keeping these personas on a stable level is a difficult task, I'm just curious, do any of you other guys have this same issue?"
No. 8968 ID: 87583b
File 126327771419.png - (64.19KB , 576x324 , Hatch is not dead.png )

>But if you eat her you won't be able to hug her anymore!

"Yeah, but what's the fun of hugging a dead girl, they don't hug back! Besides, she'd start to smell after a few days, and all that good meat would go to waste!"
No. 8969 ID: 135d9a

Psst. Ikar.

Turn around.
No. 8970 ID: 6834bc

So Hatch, just how delicious are you?
Do you taste like chicken?

Have you seen the porn that's been drawn of you, post-timeskip? Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it embarrass you? Are you comfortable with being drilled (with questions?)

Gus: What do you think of Coco? Better catch than Liz? Would Pitchy be okay with it?
No. 8971 ID: c89b56

We know Nevreans taste like chicken. But what do sergals (or any other quest race) taste like?
No. 8972 ID: 87583b
File 126327910135.png - (68.53KB , 576x324 , Hatch is not dead 2.png )

No. 8973 ID: 9e9b47
File 12632923477.png - (9.76KB , 800x600 , thatstasteless.png )


I'm 100% woman! I don't know how I could prove this to you without some sort of crude and flashy act though, and you won't get that out of me!
No. 8976 ID: d86f15


Every day I hate your kind a little more.
No. 9020 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder do you masturbate? How often?
Do you let Sticks watch?
No. 9025 ID: 119b5c

Who the hell is Hatch?
No. 9026 ID: c89b56

Ridder: do who do you prefer: Sticks or Iesgip?
Ridder's dick: same question.
No. 9085 ID: 9bab6d
File 126350262444.jpg - (74.82KB , 1024x768 , spy-vs-spy.jpg )

Muschio: You wouldn't happen to have any relatives in the espionage business, would you?
No. 9117 ID: 3381f2

Hey, Hatch and Ikar. When will you two make your triumphant return to /quest/?
No. 9123 ID: 87583b
File 126353402835.png - (88.66KB , 763x437 , Horrible Pounce.png )

"Best and most recent friend Hatch! You're alive!"

"We'll be back when Beakie figures out how to draw again. As you can see, we look notably shittier than normal, which is a consequence of him travelling the country for a month and subsequently completely forgetting how to draw. It shouldn't take more than a few days."
No. 9214 ID: e45568
File 126373314357.png - (22.08KB , 600x500 , voltorb died for your sins.png )

No. 9215 ID: 9891a9

Damn right you are.
No. 9241 ID: 632862

Ella, Hattori: What do you think of us (Legion)?
No. 9416 ID: f21281

@ Penji:
Nevermind what we think you are, what do YOU think you are? I want your own personal opinion on where you think you're from.
No. 9418 ID: 34470e

Steve: What do you think of Dai Hoshiko?
No. 9420 ID: 62489a
File 126405423321.png - (153.37KB , 1280x713 , Hatch pron.png )

No. 9433 ID: ec4966
File 126405798940.png - (11.44KB , 550x550 , MISTERY.png )

>Nevermind what we think you are, what do YOU think you are? I want your own personal opinion on where you think you're from.
No. 9495 ID: f21281

Pfff, new SideQuest: Get Penji an Imagination >:V

Well fine, since that failed, I'll ask something which you can actually answer. How long is your tongue, and does it have any special properties?
No. 9497 ID: 2d8f04

Is the code really 2914, or did you just made it up? If the code is true that may imply that you have anger based super-powers.
No. 9523 ID: 6c4eda

Hey, Penji! I'm curious about your species. You seem to have some instincts that come up when you're not thinking too hard about it, so: what time is it, true or false?

No. 9562 ID: a85626
File 126422469144.jpg - (12.94KB , 121x229 , thud.jpg )

No. 9580 ID: ec4966
File 126427507548.png - (106.93KB , 600x600 , thinkfast.png )

No. 9581 ID: e3f578

"Cute" isn't exactly the right word to describe that guy, but good answer.

Really, that Mann could be the answer of how to get past a fucking brick wall.
No. 9585 ID: 4fe2f2


Welp. Now we know what the males of Penji's species look like. I for one welcome our new tozol overlords.

... or highwardens or centarchs or whatever title they give to their leaders.
No. 9586 ID: 34470e

Dompag: What one species that you haven't done would you like to do the most?
No. 9588 ID: c1b520
File 126429373787.png - (9.12KB , 530x443 , late as fuck_.png )

Gus: "Well what do you think?"
No. 9589 ID: 632862

God damn it Gus, that's not an answer, that's a question!
No. 9590 ID: c1b520
File 126429473465.png - (6.55KB , 530x443 , shutup.png )

Gus: "And that sir is an exclamation."
No. 9591 ID: 6b36e8

Tell us something about your favorite firearms.
No. 9657 ID: 34470e

Knight in armor with feather: So what's your deal?
No. 9674 ID: 6c28cf

>500 posts and 133 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
I reckon somebody ought to make a new one.
No. 9705 ID: fa7b85

Shedinja: How does it feel to be all floaty? Also does the world look any different now than before you had that whatever happened before?
No. 9775 ID: 279074

So Ridder, what does it feel like to be objectified by multiple women? You're just a prize to be had, baby!
No. 9780 ID: c16184
File 126470665881.png - (84.34KB , 700x700 , ridder-answers4.png )

>What is your favorite food?
I enjoy a warm beef stew, not too strongly flavoured, with a pinch of lemon. But I am not overly picky when it comes to food.

>What would you do if a random stranger came up to you and handed you a humongous bag of money?
I would not accept it, but to prevent it from landing in the wrong hands I would attempt to find out more about the person and the source of the money.
If you mean what I would do if I simply came into possession of a lot of money, I would attempt investing it somehow. I would have to ask the prince for advice.

>Ridder do you masturbate? How often?
Yes. I make it a point to masturbate until 'release' once every day. It helps remove carnal desires so that the tension will not come between me and my tasks.

>Do you let Sticks watch?
Absolutely not.

>Do who do you prefer: Sticks or Iesgip?
I prefer not to name any favorites when it comes to my followers. Both are kind and dependable women, each with their strengths and flaws.

>Ridder's dick: same question
As I said, I take certain measures to prevent lust from influencing my behaviour.

>What does it feel like to be objectified by multiple women? You're just a prize to be had, baby!
I am honored that so many find me attractive. It feels good to know that my actions are considered appropiate, as I occasionally doubt myself. On the down side it brings in a whole new level of danger and distraction that has to be avoided, and, simply put, I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings.
No. 9782 ID: 87c445
File 126470724262.gif - (44.36KB , 650x450 , wf.gif )

Flails Breaker: How does it feel to not be as awesome as the WRINKLEFUCKER?
No. 9783 ID: 6c28cf

>I make it a point to masturbate until 'release' once every day. It helps remove carnal desires so that the tension will not come between me and my tasks.
The mark of any true leader.
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