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File 125356380569.png - (43.39KB , 500x400 , vyt corner.png )
3139 No. 3139 ID: 5696d4

This will be for vyt's art dumps and general discussions.
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No. 3141 ID: b198ee

Oh so you weren't just a one shot quest maker. I didn't recognize the ID code.
No. 3142 ID: b94893
File 125356580132.jpg - (16.03KB , 402x285 , seriously.jpg )

No. 3143 ID: 5696d4


But of course. Why would I spend hours dabbling around here if I will not spend WEEKS? :D
No. 3144 ID: b198ee

Well it's good to have you, even if you are a bit eccentric. Nothing wrong with that.

Are you planning on continuing Sanya Quest next or starting a new project? Also is your coloring sloppy on purpose as a style or are you lazy?
No. 3145 ID: 5696d4


Sanya Quest will continue at an indefinite date. It must be obvious, as the thread has "Part One" written all over it.

I hate coloring.
No. 3148 ID: 15f6d6

The bucket tool is your friend, by the way.
No. 3150 ID: 5696d4


Ugly bucket tool leaves pixie dusts (read: WHITE PIXELS) along the way. Still needs a lot of cleanup afterwards.
No. 3156 ID: 15f6d6

What program are you using? My bucket tool works just fine.
No. 3159 ID: 18212a

Here's a tip: Draw the outline in a layer, then make a new layer under that one. Then color with a large brush. Thick outlines help.

Also, vyt is only a quarter as eccentric as I am, so welcome!
No. 3175 ID: 5696d4


I use Photoshop and GIMP. For Sanya Quest, I use the latter. Not to mention I use a tablet to draw in.

I do know what you want me to do, but it's either:
1. The pictures now look blocky because I used the cheaper method of doing my drawings: with a pencil tool;
2. I now require a lot of layers to carefully color the pictures in, always giving me more than 50% of the possibility of screwing something up and repeating the whole image once more;
3. A completely-filled picture just looks sucky.

What you've mentioned is actually the best way of filling an outline with color, but I do not want to waste precious time (which I usually do when I follow that method).
No. 3176 ID: 3386b1

The terrible coloring looks like a style. Just claim it's intentional and no one will be the wiser.
No. 3178 ID: efa41b

That's your problem. GIMP somehow induces artifacting prior to fills. I don't even know how that was done.
No. 3182 ID: 15f6d6

I use Photoshop and Painter, but my whole quest is drawn and colored in Photoshop. I don't color with a big brush, though. I set a separate layer for colors and then bucket fill them, using a brush to color in whatever that misses. I mean, your colors are on a separate layer right now anyway.

If you are getting a little white line, just hit the bucket tool again in the same space and/or change the tolerance. Multiple clicks will fill in more and more area. Also, make sure the "all layers" box is ticked.

I guarantee it can't possibly take more time than manually coloring everything.
No. 3184 ID: 5696d4


As long as I'd WANT to admit it's a style, I will have to be honest and say coloring really isn't my forte.
No. 3301 ID: 43d730
File 12539393991.png - (38.70KB , 612x536 , thetruthrevealed.png )

My theory, anyway.
No. 3303 ID: 5696d4

A lot of people have been asking me the same sort of questions about Sanya Quest lately. I'm going to put them in one reply so I won't have to be questioned again.

Q: Why does Sanya's nose change over time?
A: Laziness.

Q: Why do you keep forgetting her tail?
A: Laziness.

Q: Where are their weapons?! Why aren't you drawing them everytime?!
A: Laziness.
No. 3304 ID: 64d98f
File 125394046047.gif - (14.05KB , 600x450 , 0077.gif )

nice quest
No. 3333 ID: 931ee5

This is less of a theory and more of a scientific law. Huge dense objects produce gravity, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, and Vyt is a troll.
No. 3354 ID: 5696d4


Your mom's a scientific law.
No. 3357 ID: 7eda8b

Ooh, ooh, let me try.

Your mom's entropy must always increase.

Your mom's a huge, dense object that produces gravity.

Your mom produces an equal but opposite reaction.
No. 3358 ID: 43d730

90% of everything is your mom.
No matter what it is, somewhere on the internet is porn of your mom.
No matter what it is, somewhere on the internet is porn of your mom as a man.
Every time you mention it, someone will reinstall your mom.
No. 3463 ID: 18212a
File 125421448019.png - (102.66KB , 447x339 , Edward Elric.png )

No. 3465 ID: 5696d4
File 12542268403.png - (54.70KB , 600x400 , wut.png )


>Sanasha is unamused.
No. 3969 ID: 1e1edf
File 125445388361.jpg - (50.34KB , 400x400 , advice___thing.jpg )

No. 4275 ID: 5696d4

Sorry for bumping this little thread of mine, but I'd just like to ask the people who do read my quests for any general comments or suggestions. I am always looking forward to improving my way of running quests, and thus am always welcome to any critique.

No. 4348 ID: e973f4


Uh, but yeah, my one overbearing complaint at the moment is that I seem to be responsible for like a third of the suggestions.

Then again that's not really your fault.

No. 4349 ID: 15f6d6

What the fuck is leather mail? Do you even know what mail is? (I'll give you a hint, it isn't a synonym for 'armor') >:C
No. 4351 ID: ed8d8a

Well, that would be armor made of lots of little rings of hardened leather. obviously.
...honestly, it makes more sense than scale mail made of actual lizard skin.
No. 4352 ID: 7eda8b

Wouldn't that just be lamellar?
No. 4879 ID: 7eda8b
File 125602042186.png - (129.70KB , 416x520 , frank_miller.png )

>"I know it's bad for you to know that I'm a prostitute"
No. 8857 ID: 34470e
File 12630998622.png - (148.78KB , 1148x500 , THAT3.png )

<Goldude> Sanya kinda looks like Goshen in this pic: http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/12630981257.png
<vyt> Goldude: Hush you
<vyt> :3
No. 8859 ID: 5d5878

Sanya x Goshen. It's awwwwrite.
No. 8861 ID: a84f09

In before Goshen is her father
No. 8869 ID: c89b56

Nah... Goshen prefers the dustbacks.
No. 8910 ID: 5696d4
File 126317366761.png - (119.50KB , 700x500 , luceana.png )

Because I want to show what Luceana looked like.
No. 8911 ID: c0f3bf

No. 8918 ID: 4ce1b0

What the hell is with that crotch plate?
No. 8919 ID: 67c611

That's not a crotch plate.
No. 8920 ID: 51d0f5

Rug don't match the drapes?
No. 8921 ID: c593ec

Sure it's a crotch plate. If it was pubes, they wouldn't be casting a hard drop-shadow.
No. 8935 ID: 488063

It's a sharpened metal pseudopenis.
Why did you think there were so many jokes about tonberries + knives = rape?
No. 8937 ID: 51d0f5

>Sure it's a crotch plate.
...then what's holding it on?
No. 8938 ID: 5c8bae

Smoke, mirrors and curly pubes.
No. 8939 ID: 8ecfd4

Special crotchplate glue. Or maybe it has a bulb in the back for attachment... those do exist you know.
No. 8947 ID: c89b56

With Armour like that no wonder she's dead.
No. 8990 ID: 5696d4
File 126334602323.jpg - (1.00MB , 1696x2334 , scan0002.jpg )

This is now my art dump, or something.

Anyway, I'd really want some opinion on how I'm doing with my own quest. I'm just curious.
No. 9077 ID: c0f3bf

The catboy seems a bit strange and out of nowhere, but you're doing pretty fine with it. Other than that, good job.
No. 9078 ID: f86358

i see elements of the catboy since when we "entered" sanya, but i do agree with the pick of species. catbois are weird when not scrhoedingian.
No. 9168 ID: 5696d4

People are really confused about how Mind Crush works, so I'll try to explain it in my best way that would not spoil anyone about the things to come.

If you didn't figure out, Mind Crush is basically a roll-for-luck ability. That means the effects differ everytime, and it usually depends on the roll.

Now, I don't want to go into the technicality of this stuff, but the effects can range from an instant kill to a complete backfire. This also goes for the other four abilities I posted at the start of Sanya Quest, as their effects also differ depending on the roll.

I set these abilities up so that people can just "play with chance" for something that might be blocking their way. That the named characters are only mildly hurt at best is purely coincidental.

(However, I'd like to be frank. I don't like my quest to end just because someone "fucked it up" using this ability. Keep in mind the seemingly random effect of the abilities and be reasonable in your choices.)
No. 9371 ID: f35d0a
File 126393900320.png - (2.48MB , 1696x1932 , gazzeneluceana0001.png )

No. 9372 ID: f21281

"Murdelp, get off of me. You're reminding me of my caravan."
No. 9729 ID: f35d0a
File 12645675006.png - (1.38MB , 1568x1507 , gazzeneandmystery.png )

So I was riddled with questions about how certain things work recently. I think I've made my quest plotline too confusing with all those plotholes in place.

If you guys have questions about my quest, you can either post here or in the ItQ thread. Save yourselves and me the trouble of forgetting and/or confusing everything in the quest. I'm not very proficient at trying to tie things yet.

But I'll try my best.

Picture unrelated.
No. 9759 ID: 632862

Vyt, it's not much of a mystery when there's a major character that's been named but not seen called "T. Lord" and you can see his big ol' Tonberry tail.
No. 9760 ID: f52552

Because he still might be The Doctor?
No. 9766 ID: f35d0a


Suit yourself. I'm not saying anything about this character yet. :3
No. 9976 ID: f35d0a
File 126491475722.png - (49.00KB , 700x500 , aminapaperdoll.png )

Since we have Sanya's dress-up, why not add one for Amina as well? This will coincide with the current part until the dress-up games are over.

Otherwise, be happy.
No. 10002 ID: 34470e
File 126493161880.png - (34.46KB , 700x500 , THAT4.png )

Damn. Looks like Amina has also Dai'd. We're no good at this.
No. 10004 ID: 9e9b47
File 126493266892.png - (45.13KB , 700x500 , herpaderpa.png )


A fresh and inventive new costume!
No. 10005 ID: 632862

I want to make a gimp suit but I lack familiarity with the concept. Closest I managed to get was Sul's default outfit.

Another idea I had was a Sneaking Suit.
No. 10008 ID: 632862
File 126493480798.png - (48.40KB , 700x500 , Amicks.png )

No. 10009 ID: cfad4e
File 126493838086.png - (87.13KB , 500x500 , aminarmor.png )

Stop dressing like a whore.
No. 10010 ID: cfad4e
File 126493841098.png - (66.39KB , 500x500 , battleslut.png )

Alternately, start dressing like some kind of psycho ninja whore.
No. 10011 ID: cfad4e
File 126493936064.png - (70.71KB , 500x500 , battleslut_PLATINUM.png )

oh hi i was just admiring the shape of your skull
No. 10082 ID: f35d0a
File 126509133355.png - (53.92KB , 700x500 , 58.png )

Remember this? I do.

Anyway, The "HO-" thing there? Please disregard that. I am admitting that I was not thinking clearly back when I was listing this; that is one of the rejected ideas I had for the five stones I've established. It should be KN-, which should've hinted you to "KNOWLEDGE".

Again, I'm sorry.
No. 10083 ID: 8b7db1

Either that, or the person who wrote the list in game is a REALLY BAD SPELLER.
No. 10088 ID: e4a9a8

"HO-" as in HONOR?
No. 10089 ID: 3cccf3

or hope.
No. 10090 ID: cd61c2

The stone of Hoes?
No. 10091 ID: 8b7db1

Best stone ever.
No. 10092 ID: c0f3bf

WE are the stone of hoes. Also, if there's a stone of knowledge and a stone of wisdom, the inversion of the stone of knowledge may be giving whoever's holding it false information about the world, leading to well-intentioned extremist territory or somewhere similar.
No. 10118 ID: f35d0a

I'm starting to see some people... "raging" about my quest.

I must be popular now.
No. 10121 ID: 8399bd

We're going to rage all over your quest :3
No. 10135 ID: f35d0a


Good luck.
No. 10136 ID: 8399bd

Thanks, it's a tough job *nods*

It'll be the most rage-ist rage that ever raged rage town. (not really)
On a related note, I wish you would have let us see Sanya punch the crap out of that guy. I only condone violence when it's hilarious.
No. 10289 ID: f35d0a
File 12654851501.png - (102.02KB , 700x500 , nocitomes.png )

No. 10290 ID: c0f3bf

They have telekinesis as a racial power?

...Fuck yes.
No. 10292 ID: f35d0a

Some questions about Nocitomes from the IRC...

"That cross on their faces. They somehow look different in the quest."
It's just a placeholder.

"What is the reproductive organ? Is it a cloaca?"

"Do they masturbate by telekinesis? Do they propel themselves onto each other with telekinesis?"
... If they want to. 8I
No. 10293 ID: c16184
File 126548752721.png - (50.89KB , 500x500 , nocitomes.png )

No. 10296 ID: 3066e7


Man, the life you'd have after being born with that face...
No. 10300 ID: 5a2e05

I gotta know, is there a trollface one?
No. 10316 ID: 632862

If ever a trollface Nocitome was born, it would be put to death immediately.
No. 10320 ID: 3066e7
File 126552883647.png - (187.19KB , 641x2614 , whitewhale.png )

My Nocitosona has a WHITE WHALE face.
No. 10324 ID: 3416ec


No. 10764 ID: a85626
File 126638699071.jpg - (44.83KB , 636x456 , ff10_sin.jpg )

I...I think I know what happened to Sanya's father.
No. 10765 ID: c1b520

He turned into the monster from Cloverfield?
No. 10766 ID: a85626
File 126638793971.jpg - (71.93KB , 581x413 , Sin.jpg )


...no not that monster. Sin.
No. 10909 ID: f35d0a
File 126661268092.png - (37.04KB , 400x400 , 01.png )

I apologize in advance for this post. I feel the need to vent out what I've been bottling up for weeks.

Recently, I've been receiving backhanded comments about my quest. While they are usually ignored due to their lack of evidence and/or the person's sole intention of "doin it 4 the lulz", they do get on my nerves sometimes, especially when I am in one of my worst moods.

I don't feel the need to confront these people I'm mentioning, though. I don't think they're the ones I'm supposed to be focusing on. I want to improve on my art skills, especially the ones that make my quests running. No, comments like "your quest isn't interesting enough" do not help that cause, because they are subjective to the person's standards (or fetishes, whichever you prefer).

Still, I'd really like to hear from you how I am going with my quest. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated as long as their intentions are to help me know either my weak points or my strengths and improve on them.

Thanks in advance.

(Image attached is a preview of a frame in an animation I am working on.)
No. 10912 ID: e3f578

Yeah, okay, this may be really fucking obvious in my posts but anytime the prophecy comes up I just want to strung that character by the balls, particularly Gazzeno when he gets serious which is all he talks about then. I know this might not be helpful for the quest and all seeing as its an important bit of the story all and cemented like a muthafucker in SQ but the point just may help out in some way. Also possibly grating is the lack of an emotional rainbow going on. Just saying there's a bit not much beside perrvy happiness, stoic dutiful seriousness and BAAWWW.
Just not enough varying emotions going on.
No. 10915 ID: cfad4e

The slooooowwww taaaaaaalllking kaaaaayyyyyy osssssss dark gooooooods is really annoying. I tend to just skip over it.

When everything seriouses the fuck up, it feels pretty railroady. Like, there's only one option and we can't mind crush them instead.
No. 10929 ID: badf27

My only issue is your sometimes oversized foreheads thing.
No. 10934 ID: c0f3bf

The prophecy ticks me off, but I guess that's the point isn't it?
No. 10935 ID: f35d0a


Duly noted. Whenever I update, I always get occupied with advancing the plot that I keep forgetting to spice things up by adding emotion to things.

On the topic of the prophecy, I will agree that it's getting annoying whenever it's brought up. It's just that it's the only thing gluing the events altogether. I am at a loss on how I can fix this, though. Any ideas?


I've also already started on making Gezzono talk more normally. Don't worry.

The second part is also the case with me trying to advance the plot too much. I'll revise my plan for the next parts and see if I can do anything about this. Let's be hopeful I can come up with something.


Haha, yes. The foreheads. I still haven't gotten a good grasp of figure drawing and anatomy. Unfortunately, the head is one of the things I can't draw well consistently. For example, sometimes Sanya's head would shrink up.

I am trying my best to practice drawing so I can be consistent and good at drawing. This is something that takes time, so I can't guarantee you that I'll be able to fix that problem before Sanya Quest ends. Still, I'll see what I can do.


Same with my comment on Test. It's due to my hasty attitude. Should I add parts that do not concern the prophecy for a change? Maybe a side mission that the party can do. I'll look at my own options, but I'll appreciate it if you can give me ideas as well.


Thanks for the comments, guys.
No. 10977 ID: 2134ed
File 126671722540.png - (172.74KB , 1300x500 , vytcomp1.png )

So I noticed something...
No. 10979 ID: 2134ed
File 126671730649.png - (158.75KB , 1300x500 , vytcomp2.png )

The same picture, minus the shading.
No. 10981 ID: 2134ed
File 126671737613.gif - (521.35KB , 700x500 , Untitled-1.gif )

I think I overdid it a little.
No. 10983 ID: 2134ed

No. 10984 ID: e3f578

Your idea for side quests in place of the prophecy makes sense. Though it seems like we're almost endgame and dragging it out seems hazardous. Perhaps, as it is appearing, the prophecy is going to be less of a driving point and more of "FUCK UP DAD" and it looks like the person most concerned with the prophecy, Gazzeno, might have just gotten that message.

I hope anyway. Lord knows he hasn't gotten a lot of the messages we've been trying to send now that didn't deal with his girl. Fucking stubborn is what he is.
No. 10992 ID: cfad4e

Still not following you here.

They both have gigantic sideways-pointed cat ears.

...say, Amina's hair has certainly grown out since she was first introduced.
No. 11001 ID: f35d0a


I do see where you're going with this. Yeah, if something is obviously coming close to the end, it's almost pointless to drag it out. That's why I'm going for the "let's know the partymates out more" trick: events that will show the personalities and attitudes of everyone. It's kind of important to really know each other out, I'd say.
No. 11010 ID: 19ecf1

you mean inside and out... right? :3 c
No. 11028 ID: 620bfb

Reminds me of a Bioware RPG where you'd go around and talk to the party members between missions.
No. 11036 ID: a74132

Every. Fucking. Team member.

Every. Fucking. Mission.
No. 11037 ID: 01d17e

Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.
No. 11165 ID: f35d0a

Sorry for being away for two days straight. Second day's my birthday, and my wish was to get a life for that day.

Moving on, I'd like to remind people that Sanya Quest will continue later on. Also, as we are drawing to its climax, I'll probably have to tell you that any drastic action might affect the ending of this quest. Yes, there are multiple endings to this quest, and people will have to coordinate with the characters in order to achieve the ending they want.

That is all.
No. 11166 ID: fc8259

That is great news! Also, welcome back.
No. 11167 ID: e828f5

Happy belated birthday. Did you save me a slice of cake?
No. 12145 ID: f35d0a

I'm guessing I lost a lot of readers (read: three or less) because of me not announcing this, so here I go:

I will be on a short hiatus for this week. It seems that school is starting to catch up on me, giving me projects that consume most of my free time. For this, I will have to sacrifice my questing time just to make it up.

I'll be back by March Break, which is next week. I'll have a lot of free time there, so until then, see you all.

(I can still opt to answer questions and clarify things about my quest, however. Compared to questing, those only take a few minutes.)
No. 12180 ID: c0f3bf


See you in march.
No. 12483 ID: f35d0a



No. 12484 ID: 1ac39d

No. 12554 ID: f35d0a
File 126856088051.png - (238.35KB , 700x700 , murdelpxgazzene.png )

No. 12555 ID: 1ac39d

No. 12561 ID: 15ffae

What, you noticed now that Gazenne is missing her tail?
No. 12592 ID: 301c1e

Gazenne has a dickbutt.
No. 12673 ID: 13e232

O_o wut.
No. 12692 ID: a85626


No. 12698 ID: 19ecf1
File 126869927354.png - (268.82KB , 450x450 , sad nuke.png )

steps upon seeing

that is all.
No. 13286 ID: f35d0a

I feel like I shouldn't riddle you guys with more reasons why I've not been updating much lately. It's kind of my fault for getting all these stuff on me recently.

When I return (hopefully well enough to be able to update again), please expect that I will be more lenient towards your requests. I'll be needing every help I can get to start drawing again.
No. 13287 ID: bf49dc

'sfine, life always > quests
No. 14080 ID: f35d0a

No. 15732 ID: f35d0a

As much as I'd love continuing Sanya Quest, several factors have contributed to me questioning myself on whether I should continue this or not. I'm not going to list them here, as what I need more is an immediate response from whoever here cares.

Should I continue Sanya Quest or not?

I'll see to your comments and decide this week. If I make a new quest, consider Sanya Quest graved.
No. 15733 ID: badf27

Continue it, but crank down the SRS factor a bit. Right now the quest takes itself WAY too seriously.
No. 15735 ID: 0b2a05

Gonna agree with fredrick, and try to increase the influx of revelations/information. But yes, continue.
No. 15738 ID: b43d64

I like Sanya Quest. I check it pretty much every time it updates if I'm around.

Here's a bit of stone-cold truth Vyt, straight from me to you.

A quest is supposed to be fun for you. That's why an author runs a quest. They have an idea, they want to tell a story with some friends chipping in and saying "this could happen, do this." and it works. You tell the story and draw so many pictures and put alot of time and love into it, and the readers appreciate it and enjoy it. But you shouldn't forget that a quest should be enjoyable for yourself too. The READERS should remember to make their suggestions something that would be enjoyable for you. That's what this is all about in a nutshell. Whether you continue Sanya Quest is up to you, not us. Do you like it? I do. I'd be sad to see it go. So you think about it.
No. 15739 ID: 0fc814

I've been telling you to tone down the srs for months. (By which I mean I told you once and then was disappoint when you didn't)

Though, I mean it in the nicest way possible when I say I'm not sure if it's salvageable at this point.
No. 15740 ID: f35d0a

I'll have to be honest here: I do not know what should I do to tone the seriousness down. Are the characters too emotional about stuff? Are the situations too grim? I keep asking myself this, and several other questions, everytime I update, but I seem to keep failing at trying to find a resolve to this. It only leaves the readers uninterested and discontented, and as a result, also leaves me uninspired to continue.

I will agree with Test. The quest has been running for fourteen chapters. Probably the only fun chapter I made was by the time when the Wisdom Stone took direct control over Sanya (lots of incestbold, was sure fun), but I kind of missed how I replicated that one (I even got berated for that chapter being irrelevant, so I got confused).

But enough babbling. I do need a very good reason why I should continue with it. Being met with responses like "it's kind of too late for that now" only gives me more resolve to give up.
No. 15744 ID: 426169

You could do something drastic, of course.
Major cataclysm that flings the party apart, forced change of scenery, change that status quo.
For srs tone, yeah you do need to balance that out with something. Maybe not wacky sidekicks, but maybe witty banter, or the occasional chance for the characters to relax?

I don't know if I'm being helpful, but I hope you keep at it, Vyt.
No. 15748 ID: f35d0a

Okay, fuck waiting for a week to decide. Just realized I can't really think while having doubts, so I'm going to decide now.

Goodbye, Sanya. It's been nice knowing you.

Will be working on a new quest. Maybe a light one, so it wouldn't seem so stupid.
No. 15750 ID: 620bfb

Any closure? Do we get a rocks fall?
No. 15751 ID: ecf25b

Does this mean she's a zombie now?
No. 15752 ID: e3f578
File 127414924118.gif - (1.23MB , 227x136 , AAYWG.gif )

I hope if he does anything Gezzeno ends up getting serious MILF ass from saving that mother tonberry. See, this quest is like K-On, alright but makes good porn.

Shit is the beesnees. Rest in peace, SQ, you did good kid. Ya did good.
No. 15753 ID: 1ac39d

don't just say it's exploded but put it on hold for a year or so. right now it's nothing but serious quests so everyone is tired of being serious all the time. when zany quests make a comeback then it will be fine.
No. 15754 ID: e3f578

Not enough badass quest man. That's what I've been saying.
No. 15757 ID: d11fec

Man, you shouldn't worry what people over on /tg/-prime are saying, even if it's all just us under even more anonymity. If you want to do it, just put it on hold for a bit and pick it up later. Take the (primarily constructive) criticism in stride and come back better than ever.
No. 15762 ID: f35d0a

Oh, please do not misunderstand. I did not stop SQ because people hated it. In fact, I felt underaccomplished running it, and aspiration was running low every chapter.

Closure? I'll see how I should present that later on.
No. 15764 ID: a85626


*tries whispering subliminally* Northern Sergal...
No. 15765 ID: 49b821

You mean her dad?
No. 15766 ID: 1ac39d

No. 15767 ID: 426169

Well, if you're looking for inspiration for a new quest, may I suggest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEjLuyBc-6c
No. 16044 ID: f35d0a
File 127456143150.png - (112.40KB , 480x480 , agga dat whatever.png )

I got bored.
No. 16426 ID: f35d0a


Created a new wiki page for Tinker Quest. Some information will be posted here, but only from established questions and answers. Still, feel free to check it out.
No. 16924 ID: f35d0a
File 127575981382.png - (200.47KB , 600x800 , practicecloaca.png )

Gezzono. Body details are removed for spoilers.
No. 16940 ID: 6547ec

Are spoilers really an issue if the quest isn't being run anymore?
No. 16941 ID: f35d0a

Well, think about it.

Why would I still put a spoiler warning on a quest that's not currently running?
No. 16942 ID: f98e0b

Because YOU'RE A NUT
No. 16943 ID: 1806cd

No. 16950 ID: bfec0e

No. 16955 ID: 1ac39d

so... ratata quest 2?
No. 16969 ID: f35d0a

It's not really a Rattata, nor am I starting another quest in a Pokemon universe. It's more on my inability to draw real rats.

Or ratfolks, for that matter.
No. 16987 ID: 4531bc


Is it weird that I recognized this?
No. 16989 ID: 4531bc

No. 17022 ID: a525b9

That boy needs therapy.

Thanks, first time I've actually seen the video that went along with this!

It's weird to see Gezzono being shy or bashful. Still, I dig.
No. 17048 ID: 1a99f0
File 127595055472.png - (40.49KB , 640x480 , ratquest.png )

K guys I made a thread where we can talk about the rat girl with public masturbation issues
No. 17051 ID: 0f9dad

technically, that's http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/312939.html

not that i'm going to stop public masturbation or anything
No. 17074 ID: c4c313
File 127596891479.png - (59.40KB , 640x480 , diana.png )

Because she really could use the help.
No. 17075 ID: c4c313


I admit I was hoping for Diana to run into a little more trouble than most people here. Not that she should get locked away or tortured, but seeing some of the full spectrum of life, if you know what I mean. It's okay if we always steer her in the right path, but come on this is tgchan. It's like our duty to mess with the character's lives.

Off the record, I would advise her to avoid such dangerous public activity by masturbating furiously in privacy until she's used to it. But that is provided I was, in fact, giving her good advice. I could stop messing with her as much if the quest author doesn't like though. I really am only trying to help their efforts!
No. 17078 ID: edee12

usually this goes to psychology assignment.

then when results show, she is usually moved to another school to prevent furter niggur comments.

well, she could take pictures of him. its the official creepy japanese way of doing it.
No. 17080 ID: 1a99f0

well, it's not like any of us want her to get all boring, but if you play with your toys too much they can break. We need to at least keep her out of trouble enough to keep her out of serious trouble. Like, if she gets expelled, it'll be pretty hard for her to see Jonah.
No. 17082 ID: 8ce2bf

Are you blind or what.

No. 17083 ID: c4c313


Good as blind. I did check for anything, but didn't see it. -_-
No. 17084 ID: c4c313


You have an incredability to draw ratfolk. <3 Dem teef
No. 17088 ID: c4c313


>> a relatively fulfilling relationship on each side,

Mine has two relatively uh, fulfilling relationships on each side. Incest is wincest, as they say.

I thought you'd point it out, but the reason my diagram sucks is because I deliberately picked "Boring" as one of the points of the triangle. I could have picked the triad of "Love, Hope and Dreams" or something new-age faggy like that. I was trying to demonstrate that when you pick three points that can be related to each other, it looks like you're covering the full spectrum when actually you're only covering your narrow, biased slice of it. It's like making a color pyramid out of red, orange and red-orange. I don't like narrow restricted views of sexuality, whether they do give you the illusion of being the One True Path to lead you to the Only Good Relationship and are colored green, or not.

>> as written it looks too credible for comfort.

Sorry for doing my job too well. :3
No. 17091 ID: 1a99f0

but the green diagram never claimed to cover everything related to relationships or sexuality. It just had three major pillars of relationships on it.
No. 17097 ID: d560d6

>Implying there are only three pillars
Mneme's criticism via a gamut analogy is quite appropriate.
No. 17098 ID: 1ac39d

..no he said three major pillars, implying more pillars exist.
No. 17099 ID: c4c313
File 127601528269.jpg - (335.60KB , 1600x1227 , mccloud-uc-triangle.jpg )

For the record I also find this thing quite annoying.
No. 17103 ID: 1806cd

tis true.
That was only a triangle designed based on a theory of relationships. Those are only major thigns, and there are many many more things. Hell, you could probably overlap the red triangle and it'd still make sense
No. 17104 ID: d560d6

That's not even a proper triangle! Proximity to the top point is largely arbitrary.
No. 17105 ID: 8b7db1

>You can see exactly what I mean from this handy pyramid.
>It keeps me safe from evil alien censorship.
No. 17110 ID: c4c313
File 127603222879.gif - (38.64KB , 200x282 , pyradome.gif )

No. 17111 ID: c4c313
File 127603234032.png - (89.67KB , 862x759 , pyramidOfLove.png )

I felt kind of bad for making such a crappy 10 minute stupid pyramid thing, so I took another shot at it the last hour or so. Didn't think people would take it as seriously as Roseanne Barr
No. 17113 ID: 1a99f0

that's better, but I think that the labels for the top side and center are a bit strange. I like it other than that, though.
No. 17116 ID: b4b04d

>physical: touching, kissing, sex
No. 17117 ID: 1963d1


>All 3 combo is Best Friends Forever

No. 17119 ID: b89e1f

Friendship with touch. Ya never punched yer buddy on the arm, tapped his back?
No. 17126 ID: 1a99f0

you can tap a perfect stranger on the back, or hi five or brofist someone you just met. You can get in a fight with people you like, dislike, or don't even know. The diagram seems to be talking about intimate contact, which is less common among people who aren't familiar with each other.
No. 17127 ID: 1a99f0

also I'd be willing to bet that there's plenty of contact between any two people that consider themselves soulmates.
No. 17158 ID: a594b9

Mneme... do you molest all your friends?
No. 17166 ID: 1a99f0

No. 17756 ID: f35d0a
File 127664408119.png - (2.05MB , 1264x2066 , dianaandjonah0001.png )

Something I made when my computer stopped working for a day.
No. 17766 ID: a594b9

Her head is too big.
No. 17770 ID: f35d0a


But yeah, I realized that. I'm still not consistent with proportions.
No. 17771 ID: aeade0

at you got the tails.
No. 17818 ID: f35d0a
File 127676036960.png - (59.49KB , 640x480 , kimxdanny.png )

Most of you might not know which quest this came from. It's from my first quest.

Anyway, Kim picks up a note while Danny... is distracted.
No. 17819 ID: 697b23

Psh, how could we forget your first quest? It was like Ruby Quest, only potentially more adorable (even if slightly less thought out).

Of course, the most memorable part was the whole "I'M AWESOME AND SO CAN YOU" spiel. ;)
No. 17886 ID: f35d0a
File 127683901875.png - (17.65KB , 200x273 , sanya new look.png )

No. 17890 ID: b8c037

What if a vibrator made a vuvuzela sound.
No. 17891 ID: f98e0b

I'd quit
No. 17893 ID: 1a99f0

i'll take 100
No. 17916 ID: 620bfb

It'd be like having sex with BEEEEEEEEES.
No. 18008 ID: e973f4

She looks kinda like Mewtwo to be honest. :V
No. 18921 ID: 7c97d9
File 127809000876.png - (444.43KB , 567x944 , scan0001.png )

Mika fishes out a very peculiar creature, while Agga looks on with bewilderment.

Sorry for crappy quality.
No. 19057 ID: 7c97d9
File 127821614317.png - (155.59KB , 640x480 , new look.png )

Only recently have I finally decided to give my characters their new looks. This is in accordance with my desire to make my drawing style more realistic. The only thing holding me back from doing this a long time ago was the fear that people might not get used to the new look, but it turns out that it's actually the least of my worries.

These are still prototype versions, but do let me know your opinion about them.
No. 19058 ID: aa4289

huh, looks pretty good.
No. 19066 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 19068 ID: 7c97d9
File 12782178019.png - (134.68KB , 640x480 , new look2.png )

Thanks. I think I screwed up Diana's look there, so here's more sketches.

The main problem I have right now is with the likes of Sanya and Diana, whose heads aren't really humanoid and thus are hard to draw for me. I've been looking around for references on non-humanoid heads, and taking note of how they're supposed to look like. Granted, it'll still be pretty hard for me to adjust to something I've only had recent experience in, but hopefully I'll be able to pull it off.
No. 19069 ID: aa4289

downward slant diana looks kinda evil.
No. 19070 ID: 67c611

That's some nice stuff.
No. 19071 ID: 7c97d9
File 127821893139.png - (111.70KB , 640x480 , ohgodmrssandersplease.png )

<MiB> silly ratgirl you cannot a Gendo... you have no glasses.

But someone does. And she'll make sure Diana will be the perfect candidate.
No. 19075 ID: 7c97d9
File 127822182887.png - (54.86KB , 640x480 , new tonberry look.png )

Even the Tonberry looks more realistic than that snowman-looking figure I used to apply.
No. 19076 ID: bc1727
File 127822241666.png - (248.58KB , 640x480 , Diana 25.png )

Dammit Vyt, you went to bed too soon. Sheesh.

Tracing is so fun. Hopefully you get something out of this. I believe you were really on the right track to begin with.

If you want to go for a less cartoony look, I can give a few pointers (but I like your style as it is, forget the haters).
No. 19077 ID: bc1727
File 127822246570.png - (125.99KB , 640x480 , Diana 0.png )

Sketch layer hidden.
No. 19078 ID: c4c313
File 127822265797.jpg - (9.24KB , 256x143 , mouseTeeth.jpg )


Depending how much you want to anthropomorphize it, mouse teeth follow the angle of the muzzle, not sticking out at a 90 degree angle as many cartoons have it. The best I've seen of this effect is to:

1) ignore the realism to draw the cute buckteeth in drawings facing the viewer.
2) most of the other angles of the head don't show the teeth at all
3) perspective on the head from below, throw caution to the wind and dive right into uncanny valley!

Honestly mouse teeth aren't as big as people make it out to be. Now beavers they got some teeth, but mice mostly just have a permanent :< expression.
No. 19079 ID: bc1727

>just have a permanent :< expression.

That made me d'aww.

Also, all true.
No. 19080 ID: 7c97d9

Wow, I'm actually glad I had to finish something up before thinking about sleeping.

I guess you weren't really lying when you said I was on the right track. One thing I noticed in your redline is the ear placement, which I usually place randomly if I don't get it right the first time.

Wow, you just made my sketches look adorable. Thanks for the help :3

The huge mouse teeth was more of a preference, so expect them to be intact on my drawings for no apparent reason. Still, that image will give me some pointers on how to draw the head looking up. Thanks!

Now I have some good images to hopefully make a dream out of when I sleep now.
No. 19081 ID: c4c313
File 127822396284.png - (202.36KB , 640x480 , anexplainfag.png )


Ooh, nice! Only thing I would suggest, Reaver, is that you integrate the eyes more into the head. Looks too much like stock eyelash templates just pasted on. Not that it isn't all ink on paper in the end after all, but there's a certain trick to getting the eyes shaped with the edges of the head, getting those negative spaces to look right, that makes the eyes look like they're part of the head.
No. 19082 ID: bc1727



Have you -ever- seen Reaver red-line someone's art? Hehe, I'll take it as a compliment.

Anywho, thanks for the suggestions, Mneme. I was going for the OP style as much as possible and it's admittedly pretty far from how I usually draw eyes (hopefully that isn't terribly detrimental). I'm still pretty happy with it, had fun with it and I'm glad if it helped, however remotely, Vyt.
No. 19084 ID: c4c313


Aw, well you draw as good as Reaver then, with similar styles. And eyes. I mean that lower right one just screamed Garth to me.

Maybe Reaver just doesn't redline people's art under the name Reaver. :3
No. 19115 ID: 7c97d9

He really does draw very well. I hope I get to see him doing quests one day. :D
No. 19126 ID: 7c97d9
File 127828848117.png - (93.28KB , 400x640 , murdelp gazzene new look.png )

Last redesign. I'll get back to updating sometime later.
No. 19128 ID: 9f4050

gezzene is tiny.
No. 19142 ID: 1e9d01

Gazzene's face isn't as long as that other newstyle Tonberry's.
No. 19151 ID: 7c97d9
File 127830635574.png - (54.76KB , 400x640 , murdelp inked.png )

Gee, I wonder why.

Also, Zeekar helped me by redlining this, particularly the whole body. So I'm inking the final version.
No. 19196 ID: 25fc10

Murdelp just gets more adorable all the time. I am sad that Sanya is done.
No. 19212 ID: 7c97d9
File 127839221868.png - (64.76KB , 640x480 , 03 rendered.png )

Sanya Quest will not be continued on that point. However, I do plan on "recycling" some parts of it if I ever want to redo the quest.

And by the way, people were wondering about Diana's fur color. Here you go~
No. 19223 ID: 23517c

Does she have grey fur or is that GREYSCALE
No. 19225 ID: 360168

>Diana's fur color

I doubt it's greysacle.
No. 19349 ID: f409cc

This is like a driver's license photo, only magnified in severity.
No. 19364 ID: 8ce2bf

Male mouse tears are an aphrodisiac to female mice.
No. 19365 ID: df7322

that's nice, but diana and jonah are rats.
No. 20093 ID: 7c97d9
File 127926176784.png - (52.41KB , 316x659 , gazzene swimsuit.png )

This is from an oC session, and I cropped this out because it's probably the only thing I've done right in that session.

I do hope you still remember her swimsuit. It still fits her new design~ <3
No. 20999 ID: 7c97d9
File 128047679235.png - (69.28KB , 340x500 , agga war mode.png )

With the right convincing, Agga can utilize inventions specifically for dangerous missions.
No. 21027 ID: f16b80

Underage b&
No. 22254 ID: 7c97d9

I dead? No no.

Last few weeks have been very busy weeks for me lately. First official job plus a series of apartment clean-up and pest control have left me with little time around the internet. I've almost thought of undergoing a quest hiatus because of those, but ultimately decided not to.

However, there will be very limited activity coming from me and my quests, at least while the aforementioned conditions haven't been completed yet. Fortunately, I still find time to draw, though it's during the day and so I can't really indulge into stuff that I'd usually draw when I'm up at 3 AM with no one else.

Status report, there.
No. 22256 ID: dec39b

Congrats on the job. Glad you'll still be around, I really enjoy your quests and stuff.

No. 22424 ID: 7c97d9
File 128322889098.png - (135.52KB , 640x480 , huh.png )

Hehe, thanks for the support. I'm just seven days away from finishing this job, though it only gets busier and more stressful from here. Hopefully I'll be back once I'm done.

Here's something I whipped up just now. A Talyxian which to me looks almost anatomically-correct. Could it be Amina from Sanya Quest or someone unrelated?

There's a chance you might see this in Tinker Quest, so watch out! For now, I'll work on how to make it even more Talyxian-like.
No. 22425 ID: 97cb33

huh is a good filename, was like "huh, look at that" you are totes getting better.
No. 22614 ID: badf27

vyt i am the first to rip you a new one but your art style is definitely improving

maybe now i just have to worry about getting squicked out by the subject matter, instead of the art AND the subject matter
No. 22804 ID: 7c97d9
File 128399656174.png - (953.33KB , 941x1267 , scan0001.png )

Been working on my drawing, starting with Sanya from Sanya Quest. Some very noticeable changes if you've been around since I started. If not, I'll list them out:

* More convincing appearance. No more dragon boobs; we all know they're unrealistic.
* Better body proportions. Had I continued Sanya Quest, there will no more be "short-legged Sanya".

... and that's pretty much it.
No. 22805 ID: a594b9

Wider shoulders (and maybe hips)

The tail doesn't quite look right.
No. 22806 ID: a594b9

Oh I know why the tail doesn't look right. It shouldn't be trespassing in between the butt cheeks.
No. 22807 ID: 97cb33

yeah, raise the tail a smidge.
No. 22808 ID: abb30a

Neck seems a little thin.
No. 22811 ID: d560d6


I disagree that simply moving it up is the right thing, since that'll give you Kidney-tail Syndrome.
No. 22813 ID: 7c97d9

The issue with Sanya's tail is trying to fit it in with her body. I know that the tail is just an extension of the backbone, but I'm having difficulty putting in a draconic tail to a humanoid body. I'll probably have to compromise by not exaggerating the butt cheeks, as well as other advices given out.

Thanks, though.
No. 22815 ID: 97cb33

hmmm, from that it looks like the biggest problem is the base is too thick.
No. 22859 ID: 7c97d9
File 128408226393.png - (1.32MB , 1322x1427 , scan0002.png )

No. 22860 ID: e31d52

Sevi ~<3
No. 23144 ID: 7c97d9
File 128443098313.png - (341.52KB , 539x678 , surprise caravan.png )

The nightmare!
No. 23320 ID: 03f4bc

I've been thinking about this thread and how it serves little purpose nowadays to the discussion of my quests. I'm planning on making separate threads for my running and future quests while remodeling this one into art dumps and discussions about my quest running performances and other stuff like that.

I did not do this way earlier because I somehow foresaw that I won't be getting substantial discussions about my quests, and so thought it'd be a waste. However, I now have a very cluttered thread that spans across different quests, and it does not help me in the long run.

If you have opinions about this decision, feel free to post. I will put up the new quest discussion threads for my running quests later on.
No. 23394 ID: 7c97d9
File 128495236390.gif - (31.46KB , 480x640 , sad robot.gif )

<Clai|Work> draw a sad robot vyt

I don't think I did a good job. But it's animated a bit, so take a look.
No. 23396 ID: fd6d7e


No. 23414 ID: 5eea01

No. 23635 ID: 7c97d9

Finally got a new motherboard to replace my old, supposedly dying one. This means no activity from me in a few days or so, give or take another few days.

I will try to come back as soon as possible.
No. 23664 ID: 3416ec


Godspeed, Vyt.
No. 23766 ID: 7c97d9
File 128573344516.png - (223.84KB , 800x600 , skadoodles.png )

After forgetting to buy something essential, I'm back to doodling again. This whole thing took me under an hour.

Top left: a practice in sketching something similar to Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch". Not quest-influenced.

Bottom left: Something I forgot to implement in Tinker Quest - bags. After this chapter, you will see Agga and Mika carry some sort of inventory storage; this means I will be utilizing items for once.

Top Right: "I'll draw random quest characters that come to mind!" Behold, Tom and Ruby from "Ruby Quest" and Penji from "Tozol Quest".

Bottom Right: ???
No. 23767 ID: dad664

Eeeeeeee Chibi-Penji is so ad'aaawable I wanna just snatch her up and hug her to bits :3c
No. 23769 ID: 0b2a05

okay those are pretty damn adorable
No. 23774 ID: 19dce0

You're getting better, vyt! Although that Tom and Ruby pic creeps me out. Uncanny, it is. That Penji is the most adorable thing, however, and the Tinker sketch there is pretty good. They're looking very anatomically sound, which is something I recall Sanya having trouble with at times.
No. 23798 ID: 2563d4

I'm going to be a dick and point out that Penji's legs are completely wrong because I tend to make exactly that mistake myself.
No. 23828 ID: 7c97d9

That's not being a dick. This is being a dick:


... What I mean is, you pointed it out and I'm taking note of it. Thanks.

Anatomy's only one of the things I failed to do properly in Sanya Quest. Now I have to work on my story-telling.
No. 23836 ID: a09a03

It's good to see you practicing. That's a very mature response to the complaints you've gotten.

Chibi penji is darn cute even though the legs are wrong.
No. 23991 ID: 7c97d9

I am back with a new motherboard. Hopefully this will be the end of my problems.

Whether they are fixed or not, activity from me will resume in a few days.
No. 24571 ID: 7c97d9
File 128651500877.png - (102.67KB , 480x640 , sanyaamina.png )

Remember when Sanya first met Amina?

Well, it got a bit... "up close", right?
No. 24577 ID: 0b2a05

oh god dragon grope
No. 24963 ID: 7c97d9
File 128700274044.png - (812.10KB , 635x987 , scan0003.png )

Some assery I've done at school. Note the inconsistency found on the tail.
No. 24976 ID: 7c97d9
File 128701763272.png - (62.62KB , 640x480 , sanya dat ass3.png )

More assery!
No. 24993 ID: 1854db

The tail shouldn't decrease in width like that when it gets close to the butt. Why did you think it would? Go look at pictures of lizard folk or something.
No. 25007 ID: 701a19

Her tail should line up with her coccyx.
No. 25014 ID: 03f4bc
File 128706726052.jpg - (176.68KB , 1024x768 , finalskeleton.jpg )

I got the tailbone right. The skeletal structure is pretty much solved. However, I'm confused by how I should flesh the whole tail out. It's not as easy as "joining two bones together", as this concerns all those muscles around the tail. Please understand that I am having problems with the tail mass, not the tailbone.

I'm hoping this reference image will help me out, as it shows the skeletal structure of an authentic dragon as well as a muscular shadow beneath it. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how I should shape the tail out.
No. 25024 ID: 7c97d9
File 128708885884.png - (117.75KB , 640x480 , sanya dat ass3 color.png )

Glorious assery!
No. 25027 ID: a41aaf
File 128709104227.jpg - (378.97KB , 1065x1600 , Chiang Dao Elephant Camp elephant butt 1.jpg )

>However, I'm confused by how I should flesh the whole tail out. It's not as easy as "joining two bones together", as this concerns all those muscles around the tail. Please understand that I am having problems with the tail mass, not the tailbone.
Basically, the muscles at the base of the tale have to be strong enough to lift and support the entire mass of the tail. For fleshy tails, these muscles are BIG. Imagine the base of the tail as a cone of muscle, with the base sitting under the flesh on top of the pelvic bone, and the tail bone extending out from the point (with the rest of the tail musculature wrapped around it). The tail should not narrow as it reaches the pelvis, but widen.
<-- Informative elephant butt.
No. 25391 ID: 7c97d9
File 128764082091.png - (58.50KB , 1024x768 , sanya will have to choke a bitch.png )

Might as well. I mean, Sanya's a pretty unstable half-dragon, anyway.
No. 25392 ID: e31d52

Oooh yes so dark and brooding, liking torture for no fucking reason but to like it and seem grim and dark.

It's like you never even read Silvermoon.
No. 25397 ID: 03f4bc

Funny how you think this is still related to the quest. Though I guess it can't be helped anyway. :3

Also, yeah this is just something I've always wanted to do ever since everyone picked it up. No hard feelings or anything.
No. 25404 ID: e31d52

It's related because you still think it's a good idea, for god's sake. Being Grim and Dark for no reason but to be Grim and Dark is inane and juvenile.
No. 25409 ID: 3416ec



Be nice.
No. 25412 ID: 135871

I take it she failed the candidacy or what ever the fuck it was called?
No. 25413 ID: a4b4e3

He doesn't have to be nice when he's giving critique in the discussion thread.
No. 25414 ID: 5c4201

sure, but he didn't give any advice on how to fix it, just complaints.
No. 25415 ID: e31d52

Dunno why I bother or you try, Beakie, it's not like he'll listen or bother to improve what we point out.
No. 25416 ID: e31d52

How about not writing a character to be GRIM AND DARK for no reason other than that? Perhaps he should try for an honest to god background? Ooh, ooh, I know, maybe he should make the character more than a stupidly jerkass hard-boiled asshole!
No. 25417 ID: 5c4201

okay, we already gave him that advice, you are being redundant.
No. 25418 ID: e31d52

Too bad he doesn't really care, huh?
No. 25419 ID: e3f578

Trine, you're this [-] close to being a new... ugh I hate comparisons they make me sound like a dick. Point is, brah, you be insinuating.

Anyway does it matter if he cares? Has he said he doesn't care? Do we care if he cares? Fuck no, he's some dude on the internet.
No. 25420 ID: e31d52

I care because I want to see him improve. His art is growing, and so should his writing, likewise. Unfortunately, it isn't. If it had, this reboot wouldn't have started the way it did: With a professional bounty hunter killing his only source of info JUST BECAUSE it would seem grim and dark for the character to do so. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but I'm feeling incredibly cynical.
No. 25422 ID: a4b4e3

>sure, but he didn't give any advice on how to fix it, just complaints.
The complaints are advice. It's called user feedback.

If someone has a complaint about a quest it should be brought to the author's attention, and the author can then decide whether or not it's actually an issue.
No. 25441 ID: 03f4bc

I'm not going to complain much, but I am going to clarify stuff so people don't assume stuff that isn't.

As a practicing artist and author, I am open to criticism. That includes complaints and advices, and I do take them into consideration. Just because I am full of mistakes doesn't mean I'm aware of them, and so even the silliest of complaints give me a heads-up on what's happening. For someone like me, any response is better than none.

That being said, I have limited knowledge of how to fix stuff myself. If I commit mistakes over and over again, it's a good assumption that I don't know jack shit what to do with them. I know this might be asking for too much, but I do want to hear more of what can be done to resolve my problems. Hearing what NOT to do is one thing, but helping a guy out with sound advices is better.

Trine, I've already considered your complaints the moment I read them. I'm working on the things you've mentioned myself, though if you really wish, you can contact me via IRC (Rizon server, #tgchan or #rubyquest) or Steam (ID: vytalibus) to sort things out personally. Hopefully I can at least entertain you after everything's said and done.
No. 25443 ID: 03f4bc

And to clarify what I meant by >>335197, it's that I did that more to mock myself for such a horrible start. It's something I have to live with, now that it's kind of gotten stuck in my "reputation".

With that out of the way, trust me that I'm working on making Sanya a believable character. That includes her motives and personality. Again, you can contact me personally if you want to talk about it.
No. 25449 ID: e31d52

You want me to be specific, I'll do it right here, thanks.

As I said, your art is growing, and so too should your writing. Had this been the case, the way the current thread started would not have happened: professional bounty hunters don't kill their leads because they can. That's called "Being a fucking moron" and raises questions, such as "Why hasn't this person found employment as something else, if her methods are this asanine?" It shakes the sense of reality and tears down the suspension of disbelief. I'm guilty of similar acts, myself, but I learned really quick that erotic writing is not my forte and is in fact kind of creepy.

So I stopped.

To be frank, I really like Tinker and think it's a great step in the correct direction for you. Or, rather, a leap. You don't focus on silly fanservice, the characters are more like people than caricatures, things actually make sense rather than be convoluted in such a way as to cause maximum suffering to one person, the plot isn't centered around sex, it gave me a lot of hope.

And then you started this other one, which I prefer to think doesn't really exist.
No. 25452 ID: 7c97d9

I started Tinker Quest without any plot whatsoever. The readers are free to choose between characters, and little plot or character information is needed for the readers to be able to suggest what to do. While I admit that I find it easier to run Tinker Quest than any other quests, I felt it wasn't helping me with characterization and plot.

And thus Bounty Quest was born.

As much as I appreciate your comments about Tinker Quest, I do want this to be realized: I aim to improve. You already mentioned that I haven't really worked on my writing much, and that same notion drove me to start Bounty Quest. This way, I get to hear what you think about the things I lack.

Bounty Quest went off to a rocky start, as I was not able to deliver a very good introduction. It jumps off to an immediate point with little explanation whatsoever (which I blame on my constant struggle to create an actual starting point), and the character seems to be violent than ever. It was my intention to portray the character as lacking in terms of morality, but I fail to deliver a backstory to support this stance. Nonetheless, I'm continuing with it, since I believe I owe the readers, including you, an explanation for all this before I consider my quest an epic failure.

Bounty Quest isn't a fanservice quest. It isn't an angst-only quest. It's simply me treading on unfamiliar grounds, and trying to keep my balance steady. I wish that you stick around for a little while longer while I manage myself to bring a half-decent plot and characters: something I cannot do in Tinker Quest.
No. 25453 ID: e31d52

>something I cannot do in Tinker Quest.

But you are. It's weird that you recognize what you're doing wrong, but not what you're doing right! Tinker is full of likable, enjoyable characters, and it doesn't feel tied down to a 'plot', instead growing one organically that we feel much more influential in.

Again I'm going to point to my own success and try to drive you from there. In Hat Quest, I had no prewritten plot either. If you're looking for it, this becomes evident by the way the plot turns so rapidly (Coyote is the villain! No, Clown is! No, both are!) but it's important to note that plots can emerge from almost nothing. If you watch your suggesters, and take note of how they react to situations, you can more easily craft a story for them.

Quests are powerful in this sense that they give this feeling of power to people who normally, as observers, don't have it. They bring change and resolve issues present in the world, and this satisfies them.

My point here is that You don't need to write a plot ahead of time. Sometimes, it can even hurt you. Instead, it's better to start as vague as possible, perhaps with a small goal, and let it grow from there. Hatquest was originally going to go from Hattori destroying the Hat and taking over the world, instead, the suggesters made him a hero and saved the world. The less defined your story is, the easier it is to tailor it and refine it in a way that your audience enjoys.

You're doing this in Tinker already, perhaps without even realizing.

The point is, when players know there's a story already, they're more likely to simply give up, and follow it blindly, then blame you for terrible writing.

Less restriction in Quests is generally better. There are some examples where it's not, but for you, I think you should stick to the more freeform manner. Bounty feels less like an adventure and more of hitting signposts you've marked for us.
No. 26130 ID: 7c97d9
File 128883813612.png - (250.15KB , 600x750 , goblins.png )

It took lots of convincing from Maomar for the goblins to cooperate sincerely.

Lots of it.
No. 26143 ID: fd6d7e


Yeah, we kind of guessed that.
No. 26297 ID: 7c97d9
File 128910011040.png - (99.74KB , 519x456 , mika.png )

Something I drew during oC, after Lucid has given me valuable lessons about hips and anatomy.
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