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File 127811432725.png - (83.01KB , 900x900 , Discussion.png )
18941 No. 18941 ID: 6550ad

So yeah, I've decided to finally open this thread, even when I don't think it's going to be used much, but it's nice to have it here, in case people want to discuss or ask something about the quest.

Also this is my first Quest, and it hasn't been too long since I started drawing either. So I'd thank some feedback. What people like about the quest, what they dislike. What can I do to improve. <- important.

Also, if this thing doesn't end in catastrophe, and I decide to make more quests, this'll be the thread for them too.
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No. 19047 ID: 0f5309

no complaints so far. keep up the good work.
No. 19048 ID: db0334

>Last Flifht
No. 19098 ID: 360168

Quest's adorable, man.
No. 19284 ID: a594b9

Being chief security officer without security cameras is hard :(
No. 20267 ID: bc237d

Just read through the quest.
Gotta say I like pretty much everything about it. The use of small in-picture frames for actions and such is really clever.
Does the shape of the antennas have any significance?
No. 20271 ID: 98ce68

Thanks :)

Maurians, as insectoids, use their antennae as sensory organs, to smell, in particular. The shape can vary a lot, but it doesn't have a special significance.
No. 20292 ID: 0b2a05

Adore it. Please keep it up!
No. 20786 ID: d560d6
File 128017574472.png - (922B , 16x16 , lastflight-favicon.png )

Crop of Tiak grabbing the captain's shoulder with the contrast boosted to compensate for the scaling. Would probably be better to redraw from scratch, mind.
No. 20790 ID: 512caa


That's awesome. Thanks, man! :D
No. 21031 ID: 55c4cf

The Last Flifht sounds pretty awesome.

I'm really enjoying this quest, you're doing a fine job.
No. 21250 ID: 4c2bc6

Gonna try to draw a "GUI" template tomorrow. So I can have the inventory, countdown and maybe other stuff always on every panel. I think that would be pretty useful.

PS: Durr I lost my trip. But what gives? I wasn't using it anyways.
No. 21656 ID: 858819

I'll post this here, because I'm interested in getting some answers.

So, after the latest updates I've only seen complains about the last developments, which gives me the impression that I'm doing it all wrong.

I agree that the bomb was hard to spot, but so far any other item I've hidden it's been found without problems. Even people finding small mistakes (like a pixel of a different color that shouldn't be there) in my pictures and mistaked it for something hidden.

I have the impression that if I make it so obvious everybody can spot it at first glance, it defeats any purpose of it.

Second point: Inventory fuck up. Yes, this is my fault. I've lost the track of many items at the beggining of the quest, and later, when I added the on-screen inventory to solve this, I already forgot about those missing items. Because of that, it's been impossible to tell which items were lost during the quest (like the bomb) and which were just forgotten by me (like the computer part.)

I'll try to stop this from happening again, my apologies.

But I don't know if it's past the point where people can't keep track anymore of items, characters and clues because of my inability to present the game in a more comprehensible way. I already have very few readers, so if this is happening, I guess I should just stop the quest before it dies of clusterfuck. I don't know, I need opinions.
No. 21667 ID: d560d6

Dunno about anyone else, but my memory is terrible, and because quests are spread over weeks and interleaved with each other, I'm doing well if I can even remember what the protagonist's name and species is in each.

The inventory thing was pretty unfortunate, but not worth stopping the quest over.
No. 21678 ID: d7c869

the bomb's location made it appear to be a part of the pod and not behind it. so at a glance it seemed like a blue thingy and not a bomb. this is not entirely your fault. since you drew the image you knew exactly what to look for so it looked obvious to you. if you have a prereader that doesn't come here ask them to find the odd thing out in the picture. if they cannot after a good bit of trying then the clue is not cluey enough. they only reason we spotted it was you made it glow, having something change midscene draws a lot of attention towards it. which is probably the other thing that made it hard, character interaction. everyone was so busy thinking of what to say they weren't really looking at the image. if, instead, we came back to the room and he commented "something feels off" then everyone would of scoured the thing and cross referenced the fuck out of it.
No. 21679 ID: c1c607

>Inventory oopsies.
It happens.

>I don't know if it's past the point where people can't keep track anymore of items, characters and clues.

>I should just stop the quest before it dies of clusterfuck.
Carry on until we reach an end. Any end is better than no end.
No. 21692 ID: 083780

D: Don't stop man, the problems are minor at best (well, maybe except the inventory stuff, but nobody minds that, really).

As somebody who deems the quest very likable, I would ask you to continue this quest.
No. 21693 ID: e973f4

Agreeing with the sentiment expressed elsewhere. I like this quest (even if I don't suggest very often ??? :c); the inventory thing was kind of a cock-up but it's not worth quitting the quest over (as long as you "learn from this" or however you want to phrase it).

You probably have more readers than you think! But I will make an effort to post more from here on out.
No. 21694 ID: 55c4cf


don't stop
No. 21696 ID: 3ce5b4

Alright, it's nice to get these responses. I'll try to be more careful in the future, and avoid being a baby when things go wrong.

Thank you all!
No. 21950 ID: c1c607
File 128207437824.png - (146.53KB , 1400x700 , Sparrow.png )

Current map of explored areas. Green rectangles represent vent openings.
No. 22018 ID: d560d6

Can we please not give Mongro the key just yet? It would be really helpful to not have him go traipsing through the Zero Deck before we've had a chance to see whatever he wants to fiddle with, and it's not as if he's expecting it quickly because we told him it'd be much more difficult than it was.
No. 22209 ID: c1c607
File 12825729231.png - (261.88KB , 803x713 , Mysteryhammer.png )

No. 22426 ID: d560d6

Well, we've identified that Mongro probably wasn't in the suit (Trake is looking most likely for that and we still haven't seen him since). He offered to help if we got him the Zero Deck key---tazer upgrade if I remember correctly. Since he's electronically skilled, if he's not after Tiak's blood he might be able to show us if any future bombs we stumble across can be reasonably disarmed. And getting the server reassembled sure would be helpful for making our Security station actually useful.

But, no, I've been (repeatedly) saying don't give him the key first; that's not what I meant at all.
No. 22427 ID: 0805f7

Mongro is still the second most fitting person to be in the suit, at least from the people we have met. First, if Trake is dead.
Besides, the only thing FOR him are his own words. All due respect for Tiak, he's reading "genuine surprise" from a different species that hates him.
No. 22428 ID: d560d6

He's lacking a shoulder wound, isn't he?

The main reason to give him the key at all is that eventually we're going to bump into him in engineering, he's going to ask if we have it yet, and Tiak is a terrible liar. :V
No. 22430 ID: 0805f7

We didn't really check. We asked "hey how's your shoulder doing?" and he acted surprised. Could've been genuine, could've been not.
Check this out: he has the skill to disassemble bombs, but to construct them as well; he has the skill to restart the ship's systems, but to break them as well; etc.

It's quite a conundrum. I just want to withheld giving the guy a key until we run out of options. I mean, we didn't run into him yet.
No. 22434 ID: d560d6

>I just want to withheld giving the guy a key until we run out of options.
No. 22843 ID: c740ff

>This is verging into /questdis/.

Then lets use it. Gosh, it's the one quest that would actually benefit from more discussion between players.

>It's a probable murder weapon
It is. I wouldn't be surprised either way, what with everyone having an arsenal in their pockets.

>It's not supposed to be on board.
Every single passenger minus the Student had a weapon on them. Shouldn't we confiscate those as well?

>Confiscate it.
How? Everyone has an agenda. There's no place on the ship to hide it beside, as efa282 pointed out, next to the engine--but that still would allow Suit Guy to get to it.
No. 22844 ID: 97cb33

ah, but suit guy's suit is broken. his shoulder would get radiated if he tried going down there.
No. 22845 ID: d560d6

I get the impression that this is a whole other class of weapon. You're saying "they won't let me own an RPG, so they should take away his 9mm pistol as well!". Remember that this thing would normally be used on vehicles.

In an idea world we'd try to get some physical evidence off it to support murder charges, but otherwise we can at least drop it down the garbage system to be destroyed. Take the ammunition out first if you're worried about it---worst that can probably do is be used to add another drop in the ocean of bombs.

Hell, let Tiak at it with the screwdriver. :V

(Also worth noting that just because it's in Zeno's cabin doesn't mean he fired it. He might be hiding it as part of his investigation just as we (unsuccessfully) hid the cutter in our bed.)
No. 22846 ID: c740ff

>You're saying "they won't let me own an RPG, so they should take away his 9mm pistol as well!".
Not what I meant. This is supposedly a civilian flight--technically nobody beside Tiak should have any weapons at all. If we were going by the book, we'd have to chuck everybody's guns, knives, bombs, missiles launchers, tactical warheads, etc. into the poop chute.

I'm all for disassembling it or destroying it completely, though. Not that I can't see that coming to bite us in the ass later on.

>ah, but suit guy's suit is broken. his shoulder would get radiated if he tried going down there.
Or he could've, I dunno, fixed the rip.
No. 22926 ID: 4d5177

>You know she's [Zira] not one of the people trying to kill you.

Not to spoil anyone's goals of harem construction, I don't think it's safe to assume she's harmless just yet.
Everyone we asked so far said she's a Snake-hugging hippy pacifist, true. However, she really doesn't act the part.
Lets see. She and Mikos had a rivalry going--he considered her dangerous and even went as far as taking her picture. She knew he was on the flight as well; after all, she went out of her way to find his files. Beside all that, she has shown fine agility and has an affinity to knives and darkness and slitting people's throats in the dark.

Now, I'm not saying that she actually did anything. I'm saying she's being mighty fucking suspicious.
No. 22927 ID: d560d6

Yeah, I'd rather not involve Zira unless strictly necessary, and right now isn't strictly necessary.
No. 23118 ID: d560d6

>in the suit (Trake is looking most likely for that and we still haven't seen him since)
>Tiak opens Trake's jacket for a moment to see his shoulder. Other than the laser wound, it is intact. No scalpel injury.

Well, so much for that theory. :V

What are we down to for suit guy now?
- The snakes would never fit in it.
- Mongro probably wouldn't; he might be able to cram a pair of arms down each sleeve and move stiffly like it did, but I can't see that muzzle ever fitting under the hood.
- Zira and Yery are too small.
- The Captain's shoulder seemed fine.
- The Barman's shoulder is cybernetic and undamaged (the suit bled a little).
- Trake's shoulder is fine.

We seem to be left with:
- The doctor? Appears to be lying about things, but seems too tall and lanky and is doing pretty well to conceal the injury if so given he's patched us up twice now presumably using that arm.
- The navigator? I don't think we ever checked and he seems too short.
- The janitor, possibly merely pretending to be snooker-loopy.
- Some other unknown passenger or crew we've not yet met.
- Something ridiculous like a remote-controlled robot covered in bloodbags.
- Entire quest is psychotic episode and it was Tiak committing the murders all along.
No. 23125 ID: c0f623

>Some other unknown passenger or crew we've not yet met.
My buck rides on this one.

Here's something: we've met all the passengers except one. I'll make a list.
1. Yeri (room unchecked)
2. Zira (room unchecked)
3. ????
4. Mikos
5. Snakey
6. Queen

Beside that, there are 6 crew rooms, but apparently crew is not forced to go through cold sleep while launching jump engines and some of them sleep wherever they wish anyway.
No. 23126 ID: d560d6

It's also worth considering that this ship easily has enough lax security and slack space in it that we could have a stowaway.
No. 23129 ID: a594b9

Hey, it's almost as if the war is being waged aboard this very ship. A cold war. A silent, sneaky murderous war. A war of secrets, and resources.
No. 23130 ID: d560d6

...and seduction.

But I just can't see Tiak delivering hard-boiled monologues.
No. 23470 ID: 3d7ddd

>This will let people overhear that you've been taken off the investigation.

Basically this. We have enough heat on us as it is. We gotta spread the word that Tiak's not involved anymore.
No. 23479 ID: d560d6

><Shiitake> I think the problem with Last Flight is that everyone suggesting has a wildly different view of what's really going on and what we should be doing.
><LionsPhil> And people are confident enough that they're right to boldly blab their theories out to every character they feel is 'safe'.
><Shiitake> yes... instead of assuming everyone has their own goals and we should be tight-lipped

Although at this point I'm half-wondering if the best to damage control telling everything to the Captain is to give the same laundry list of crazed theories to Zeno, Zira, Mongro, the Doc, and everyone else on board up to no good.

It'll either deadlock the lot of them, or blow the whole thing up into a massive bloodbath. And, hey, we did say we valued "truth". :V
No. 23481 ID: 3d7ddd

Flapping our lips at anyone who cares to listen is a good way of getting killed earlier. Currently, the best damage control I see is laying low and waiting for Colonel's/Captain's next move.

Also, to those who were mentioning it, well, of course nobody's saying we should listen to the captain and abandon our efforts of justice. It's just that getting caught snooping immediately after being told not to is a good way to lose all brownie points with anyone everywhere. Also killed and dropped off the poop chute.
No. 23504 ID: 2563d4

Well, people are already well underway blabbing everything to Zira, and I bet the bartender can hear everything, down to the awkward flirting. :V
No. 23509 ID: c7cf0c
File 128527565397.png - (46.49KB , 600x600 , genders.png )

Giving the direction of some of the last suggestions, I feel like I should give some fluff about how Maurian relationships work. I don't like to do infodumps, and prefer to give all the information inside the quest, but I don't want to digress in the thread about it, so I'll leave it here.

I'll try to be brief. Maurian relationships are mostly influenced by two factors: They really value their individuality and privacy, and as a species, they are alarmingly infertile. Most of the intercouses produce no descendants, and that is one of the reasons Maurians need to rely on other alien species to do their dirty work. They were slavists in the past, and now they still abuse less advanced or wealty civilizations to do their hard labors.

Mostly for those reasons, maurians don't have family units. Most of them live alone, getting out of their homes to pass time with their friends and coworkers, but they treasure their personal space the most. Sexual intercourse can come up as a casual thing to do between friends, or as a way to gain financial aids from the government. But they can form couples too, if the individuals feel enough affection or attraction to each other to share their privacy, which doesn't happen too frequently, but isn't too strange either.

There's no marriage or legal couples for Maurians. They can live together all the time they want and separate when they get bored of each other, or can't stand it anymore. When any female finally gets descendants , she gives the eggs to the closest Offspring Care Center in the planet or orbital station she lives at the moment.

Maurian children never get to know their parents, and are raised and educated in isolated camps, being too precious to leave in the hands of a family. When they're ready, they're "released" into society, where they're given the choice of different universities to study and choose their future.
No. 23511 ID: 5d5aec

well no wonder they are infertile, everyone knows that if raised with love you are better at expressing love. tru faxs.
No. 23515 ID: a594b9

So what you're saying is that we could just go "Hey Zira, wanna fuck?" and she'll go "Okay sure"?
No. 23516 ID: 2563d4

But, unlike snaketits, she won't respect us in the morning. :c
No. 23517 ID: 5d5aec

for serious though. it's probably a hold over from when they had queens and workers. workers were totally infertile. so when they evolved they had a hard time getting over that hurdle. probably need some hormone.

50 bucks says that the hormone only generates properly when exposed long term to a pheromone created by their mother.
No. 23519 ID: c7cf0c


Depends on the individual. But as I said, they hold their privacy dear, so they aren't inclined to open up to a stranger in such an intimate way.
No. 23520 ID: 2563d4

Go home, Oedipus.
No. 23523 ID: 13e9fd

pheromones are airborn, would get them from being within the same room for a total of 5 minutes a day.

also, they probably like privacy because it's a comfort. they were most likely left alone for long stretches of time in the raising facility, so being alone is what they know. if raised with a LOT of interaction they would probably be a LOT more open.
No. 23541 ID: c6fa0a

So, just read through all of this today... pretty epic mystery stuff. I spent hours trying to think this over, and there simply aren't enough clues yet to figure out what's going on, or even some simple things, like who was in the Hazmat suit. ;)

There are certainly a lot of areas left to explore on the ship, and we don't really know who's trustworthy.

There are a couple of things left that I think we should probably check out:

1) We STILL haven't checked the "Crew files and registers" the Queen told us about.

There might be yet more people on the ship that we don't know about. There seems to be evidence pointing to there being 2 "Mikos" bodies - one which was shot in the cargo bay, whose body we haven't seen yet, and the other which had its head vaporized. Which is which?

Also, there might not yet be any good candidates for the guy in the hazmat suit. The only thing we know for certain are a small number of people who AREN'T good candidates. At the moment, out of the remaining people, the only options I can think of are the Colonel, the Navigator or an unknown person we haven't found yet.

2) We never asked the doctor who walked by (in the hazmat suit) when he was working on the corpse, or if anyone came out of that corridor 15 to 30 minutes later (after the stun wore off).

3) We should really find out whether or not that floating camera of ours can go through ventilation shafts. They seem to be present everywhere. If the anti-grav device for the camera is silent enough, we could probably spy on people... including the Captain and the Colonel.

4) Zeno still wants to talk to us, so it might be a good idea to look him up after chatting with the bartender.
No. 23543 ID: c0a910

Regarding the first point, the crew files are locked inside a password protected cabinet. We can't just cut it open because the files themselves are paper, and our tools would just destroy them in the cutting.

All other points are fine, though. Personally, I never bothered bringing the Doc up because he would just lie and the other crew trust him.
No. 23605 ID: 2563d4


Step 1: Fill glass with semi-sentient ooze
Step 2: Load it with fructose to mask the smell
Step 3: Garnish with extract of perticanto
Step 4: Serve before it can crawl away
Step 5: Fetch doc for medical emergency
Step 6: While the doc is out, steal his supply of laxatives
Step 7: Convince the janitor that the bridge is dirty and the control panels need a good rub-down with antibacterial cloths
Step 8: With the ship veering madly out of control, the mech should fall over and crush Mongro. Send the Doc to help to distract him from the poisoning.
Step 9: Ask Zira to help with an experiment by pressing the touchpanel on the "antique radio" in the brig, which you have unwelded.
Step 10: When the explosion rings through the ship, tell the bartender that you just saw the Navigator remote-trigger the bomb.
Step 11: Lead the survivor to the zero deck elevator, claiming the doc is down there to treat their wounds
Step 12: Wait for the splat
Step 13: Leave a suffocation grenade held by its striker lever in the leg of the spare pair of Captain's trousers
Step 14: Tell the janitor that the navigator has been covering the bridge panels in disgusting fingerprints again
Step 15: Listen for the crunching sound of the mech toppling the other way onto the Doc
Step 16: Convince the Colonel that the Janitor must be a terrorist since he keeps trying to kill us all with uncontrolled hyperspace flight
Step 17: Help Hong Kong Phooey clean clean up the remains of the Colonel
Step 18: Trade the laxatives with the semi-sentient ooze for a pipe-cleaner
Step 19: Trade the pipe-cleaner with the mild-mannered Janitor for another pill
Step 20: Make the captain a cup of coffee
Step 21: Dissolve the pill in the cup of coffee
Step 22: Spill the cup of coffee in the captain's lap
Step 23: Wait for the poompf! and gasping sounds from the clothing locker when he goes to change
Step 24: Retrieve the passcode from the captain's cabinet
Step 25: Retrieve the crew files from Engineering
Step 26: Retrieve the crescent key from the captain's corpse
Step 27: Leave the crescent key on Nayria's pillow
Step 28: Remove the power pack from the HER and use the wires from the security office to connect one end to the crescent key and the other to the water main
Step 29: Hide in Nayria's shower
Step 30: When Nayria picks up the key, ignite to the crew files with the welder, triggering the fire suppression system and completing the circuit
Step 31: Inform the Janitor that the airlock is filthy
Step 32: Help the Janitor vaccum the airlock by turning on the main depressurisation pumps
Step 33: Ask Yery if she can identify the semi-sentient ooze
Step 34: Wait for semi-sentient ooze to finish digesting Yery
Step 35: Sleep soundly for the first time since the cryopod broke
No. 23620 ID: 922689

We should execute this immediatly.
No. 23892 ID: 2563d4

Ok guys, let's try to get our story straight before Tiak ends up locked welded in the brig with the bomb because each of us seemingly has our own plan and following each of them interleaved is going to work badly.

- We heard shots
- We told the Navigtor we were going to investigate
- Shortly afterward we casually wander into the Doc's office and antgonist him
- The Colonel knows we weren't checking in the captain's office or corridor during that point, and might know we didn't go down the lift (of course, Tiak shouldn't know where the Colonel was)

So what is our story for what we did after leaving the Bridge? And why did we decide it was all clear and start bothering people?
No. 24002 ID: a594b9

...the doctor will remember the timeframe. It's not hard to collect the testimony of both people there and conclude that Tiak was the only one who could've been in the office.

We should say that we peeked into the captain's office, saw nobody was there, then went down the elevator and checked.... another floor. Anyone else got an idea which floor? One nobody else would be on. Also, we should have been there for like 5 minutes. (long enough for someone to go up the elevator, slice up the desk and go back down)
No. 24098 ID: 701a19

No, we're basically hosed at this point. There is no excuse we can give that can cover up for the fact that Tiak immediately went for the records.

If he had gone to his room instead then we could claim that we were trying to pursue the suspect, lost him in engineering, then came back to continue our questioning. But with Tiak caught at the cabinet? No, there's no way out of this.

Tiak should provide his name, rank, and serial number, then claim he doesn't need to tell enemies of the republic anything more than that. Accusing the colonel of either treason or not being a colonel is a stupid idea, but we're not looking at good options here.
No. 24101 ID: 2563d4

The Colonel, unless a complete idiot, which he apparently isn't, would have had that password changed by then. And would be waiting for us.

The Colonel, unless a complete idiot, which he apparently isn't, will now read our PDA, with our TODO list, copies of various notes such as the demand the ship stop before it jumped into hyperspace because it was loaded with unauthorised weapons, and all the scanned-in letters to the Captain we just hid the originals of. And the crew files we just nabbed, although annoyingly we didn't get to Misc, the most exciting folder.

Frankly, Tiak doesn't have much to say anyway. If the Colonel is crooked, we're basically doomed, since Tiak's not a great fighter and /quest/ are terrible at sneaking (honestly, after being assumed for dead, the majority vote was to talk to the first person we met [the Janitor]). If he's not, we get to see how far Maurian jaws can hang open. Especially if Tiak keeps a personal log on that thing.

"Dear Diary, today I woke up in the coils of a large-breasted snake queen..."
No. 24202 ID: d677cc


What is the plan, here?

Do we have a plan?

Could we maybe come up with a plan before we wind up dooming ourselves with a bunch of mutually contradictory suggestions?
No. 24205 ID: d677cc


Oh, I guess not.
No. 24296 ID: c6fa0a


Pretty much no. XD

While this IS a pretty serious quest which would certainly benefit from some kind of preparation and group consensus, that's never going to happen on /quest/. ;)

Just throw your, uh, attempts at sensible suggestions into the pile in the main thread. The author seems to be doing a good job of trying to represent all suggestions to a degree... even if that results in me banging my head against a wall half the time going "OH GOD WHY DID WE DO THAT?!". :P
No. 24313 ID: d677cc

Well, the thing is, it happens sometimes. Or at least it used to. I'm seriously wondering why no one is willing to even try.
No. 24314 ID: 2563d4

Possibly part of the problem is that the quest is moving too fast. Starit probably feels like he's between a rock and a hard place at being told updates are too frequent but, say, the gap to give a story on Mikos was a little over two hours. So Seven posts (the other three weren't actual replies to the question), and Seven gets through unchallenged (and, no, I'm not hating on that suggestion [much]). The only way discussion would work would be if we could stop everyone posting until we'd discussed, and actually outright stall the quest. :/
No. 24317 ID: 6550ad

It's not the first time someone tells me that I update too frequently. At the same time, it's one of the few things I can be proud of, regarding the quest: Neither the art nor the writing really stands out, but at least I can keep the quest going at an acceptable pace. Even when there are authors that obviously can update faster than me, doing sessions and all that.

And I actually only do 3-4 updates every day. There's an average of 4-5 hours between updates normally. And even after that time, sometimes I get only 2-3 posts to continue.

Part of the problem might be that not that many people read (or at least, actively suggest in) the quest. I'm not complaining, it's getting way more following than I expected, being a newbie and all that, and I'm thankful for it. But there's like just a bunch of people that suggest regularly, and then happens what >>334114 says.

Anyways, I don't know how to solve this. If you guys think that less frequent updates is the solution, then I'll do it. I'm open to any suggestions.
No. 24318 ID: d677cc

Part of it is probably just my frustration about being unconscious every third-to-fifth update, but this certainly isn't the only quest where that kind of thing happens.

I would say I'd like the updates for this particular section, which feels kind of crucial, to be a little slower, but really that'd only be true if I could actually get people to work together in this thread so that we have one coherent story, and that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon. So, y'know. I don't know.
No. 24329 ID: 2563d4

I think part of the problem with that is that your delays between updates don't correlated with the importance of the decision. When Tiak's just bumbling about the ship snooping, missing a few chances to suggest isn't a biggie. But we've had cases where he's been on the spot and the gap has been pretty small.

Anyway: looks like we're going to be trying to sneak about anyway. Can people please this time not decide to completely and totally trust whoever fits your personal theories and wave hello to them as we pass?

Yes, even Zira.
No. 24336 ID: 2563d4

Also, positing that we get out somehow and have some sense of direction (if nothing else we should be able to tell if the vents go up or down if we can get into them): where do we want to go?

- Zira's cabin to warn her? (I don't agree personally.)
- One of our snakey "friends"? (This isn't much better.)
- Security in case our stuff's there?
- Engineering or Zero Deck to hide/snoop?
- Captain/Bridge/Doc to hopefully overhear things (although we kind of know his affairs by now)?

I don't think we have any idea where the Colonel's room is. :/
No. 24345 ID: d677cc

I kind of want to hide. I'm not sure.
No. 24349 ID: 701a19

Tiak is already in deep enough with Zira that she could royally screw him over with the greatest of ease. The 'Colonel' said he's been asking around, but she didn't rat us out. Warning her of danger is completely appropriate.
No. 24357 ID: c2c7a9
File 128622800127.png - (55.80KB , 206x403 , fdsdfgs.png )

Silly antperson don' know to keep clothed in cryotube~
No. 24372 ID: 2563d4

I'm immediately having doubts over my sense of direction. Anyone know where the map of the ship has got to?

(Also, Tiak was concious when he got lead to that room. He should know where he is at least, even if he doesn't know the tuuubes.)
No. 24373 ID: 2563d4

Oh, hurr, there it is:
I'm guessing we're on one of the right-hand-side rooms on Mid deck since I think(?) there was an empty one; plus Mikos'. So right-and-away-from-bathroom is "south".

Isn't Yery next to Zira, across from the canteen? We will have to be careful about noise. Also I guess Mongro might be already at work on the brig so that's someone else to avoid if possible.

Because the rooms are mirrored, if I'm wrong, right is still south, but will lead us over the canteen and then the brig. That will probably go badly if anyone is listening. We at least can't climb over the Queen's room that way and end up being invited in again.
No. 24374 ID: 2563d4

...we must be on the right-hand-side because the door to the hall is on the left.
No. 24408 ID: 2563d4
File 128629045854.png - (51.40KB , 1400x700 , tiak-path.png )

>In the last half an hour he's been taken to the Colonel's cabin
I'm so observant sometimes.

Red is where we've been. That was almost certainly Zira's room, especially given >>/questarch/236923 , which probably means that the remaining room next to Nayria is Zeno's.
No. 24472 ID: c0444c

The trouble with jumping down from the vent into Zira's room is that we couldn't go back into it without making it obvious we were there.
For once, I'd like people not to know where we are.
No. 24819 ID: f35afd

No. 25074 ID: 0310e1

<Rubric_Marine> Also, Starit, I have a question. I might have missed it when I was reading the Last Flight; are humans around in it, or are they the precursor race of that 'verse, or something?
<Starit> I haven't explained it yet because you're the first person that asks it. Kind of both. They're the precursor race of this universe, or at least of the civilizations that appear in it. They colonized the worlds and gave them the technology to travel through space, and then they left.
<Rubric_Marine>First person to ask? Really? Huh.
<Rubric_Marine>Also, cool. Kinda reminds me of Mass Effect.
<Starit> They're still there. There are sights of human spaceships in the frontiers of the explored galaxy, sometimes when a Maurian colonist ship lands on a new Planet they discover traces of a human base and evidence that they just left before they arrived.
<Starit>But they humans are elusive and never make contact with them. Nobody knows why.
<Rubric_Marine> Ah, so the humans are the Vorlons of this 'verse. (I dunno if I used Vorlons correctly at all; I've never watched B5.)
<Starit> Me neither, so I don't know either :P
<Rubric_Marine> I think they watched over the younger races and protected them from something. I'm not sure.
<Starit> Well, nobody knows if the humans in this universe are watching over them, eluding them or don't give a crap anymore. But they have their theories.
No. 25196 ID: fba40f

If only we had followed this man's advice
No. 25931 ID: 80bb9a

Why? Why didn't we do this?
No. 26509 ID: 2563d4

There's only one possible answer!

No. 26510 ID: d677cc

I'm increasingly tempted to just say fuck it and kill everyone we run into from this point onwards. |V
No. 26544 ID: 2563d4

I don't really want to be That Guy who rants at other's suggestions, but:
- It currently seems quite likely that Mongro is involved with smuggling these rifles. Bluffing him with one of these rifles is not going to work very well if he knows they're all unloaded for transport.
- How is a medium-build ant dude going to beat a large, four-limbed bugwolf dude unconcious? If Mongro is our suit-wearer (possible, I guess), we already know that won't end well.
No. 26613 ID: 2563d4

Gentlemen. We need a plan. And possibly to think through what Mongro has been up to and how this ties into the Captain's dealings, mysterious Doc, etc.

Issues still outstanding:
- Weapons smuggling
- Green goo
- Crescent keys
- Mainframe broken

People expected to still be alive:
- Captain
- Colonel
- Navigator
- Bartender
- Zira
- Yery (Chemistry student)
- Zeno (Our head-biting slithery counterpart)
- Nayria (Queen Snaketits)
- Possible stowaway original security officer?

Plan A until further notice is to kill everyone else and go on the run with the money maybe. Seriously, though, let's try not to lose this gun. Ever.
No. 26616 ID: 2563d4

Oh, and yeah:
- Bombs. Bombs everywhere.
- The Doctor
And don't forget Zeno (last we knew) had that heavy energy probably-murder weapon. I think that's the only other weapon we've seen outside of all these rifles...?
No. 26617 ID: a09a03

Now we have a gun so people have to do what we say.
No. 26618 ID: 10103d

Everyone on the flight is armed. Every single one. I'm not even kidding. I could make a list.
No. 26619 ID: 2563d4

So...shoot on sight? :3c

Seriously, though. We should probably see what Mongro welded into his room once we've finished with the Zero Deck. Are we willing to gun down the Colonel if he tries to stop us, or do we think he's just mislead?
No. 26622 ID: a09a03


Every time I see that mentioned, I think of this.

But now he's dead so we can stop worrying. Yayyy!
No. 26624 ID: 2563d4
File 128960701538.jpg - (43.53KB , 1024x446 , eighties-ant.jpg )

Recently, we seem to be more pic related than >>334157 or >>332408 or >>333321 .

And as for >>332363 , well...
No. 26816 ID: acf251

Gosh, this quest makes me paranoid.
The only thing we'll do from now on is having Tiak press his back against a wall, the muzzle of his gun darting nervously from room entrance to room entrance, hugging every bit of cover available. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE WE NEED EYES IN THE BACK OF OUR HEAD NO TRUSTING ANYONE AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
No. 28107 ID: 2563d4

Oh for...now? Really, now /quest/ is going to have one of their "oh no we can't ever hurt anyone" moments? With Tiak, a protagonist who's doing well if we can point the right end of his weapon at the target and pull the trigger without it falling apart or blowing up in his hands?
No. 28116 ID: 70e5c6

I've always advocated for trying to solve things without stuff getting stupid. This quest has gotten frustrating many times due to people who make ridiculous suggestions or try to use the heavy-handed or "100% honesty" or "I'm 100% sure I know what's going on!" approach whenever possible. As an example, when we first spotted the guy in the cargo hold, I said stun him right in the face before he pulled a Han Solo on us, but I got outvoted by "staring contest". We lost, he ended up dead, and we had to kill Mongro because we no longer had a stun-capable weapon. All of that could have been avoided if the majority of suggesters weren't trying to turn this serious-themed quest into a lulzfest.

There's no point to *killing* someone if we can get a prisoner out of this who we can interrogate. Dead men tell no tales. Now that we know that Mok's violent, we can legitimately lock him up and question him. He's got a goal - getting rid of that cargo - and without our help he's never going to be able to achieve that goal. If we take him into custody, he'll have no choice but to tell us what he knows in an attempt to sway our loyalties and complete his mission.

If our gun has a stun setting, we should use it. And way more often, too. Get in a confrontation, stun the perpetrator, lock them up = instant win. We probably should have just locked everyone in their damned cabins, sealed the air vents, and melted the doors shut for good measure by now.

If the Colonel kills Mok, that just proves that he isn't on the level. The only way it would be excusable is if his weapon has no stun setting. So far the Colonel has proven to be 100% legit even if he's an ass, so there's no reason to suspect him of anything unless he does something like, say, silencing Mok.
No. 28127 ID: f5e4b4

I wanted to clarify this before, but somehow it slipped through my posts.

The sub-rifle doesn't have a stun setting. In fact, most weapons don't have that function, only the ones designed for security purposes.

In the same line of thought, the Colonel's gun isn't a reglamentary weapon, but probably of his personal property. It would be unlikely for it to have a stun setting.
No. 28128 ID: 70e5c6

That's disappointing, but it's something we'll have to deal with.
No. 28132 ID: 2563d4

>Claim Tiak committed the murders while in a room with two armed people who don't particularly trust him in the first place
No. 28133 ID: 2563d4

This is still ignoring the part where Tiak is not very good at doing fancy things with weapons. (And that the brig is broken after somebody drove nails into the card slot.) Or, for that matter, that Colonel has already been shot-to-disable, but unfortunately is demonstrating that you can still fire while bleeding out.
>So far the Colonel has proven to be 100% legit
Pffthahahahahaaa. This'll be the same Colonel whose own "investigations" involve denying and naysaying everything, and discovering even less than we do, including not even showing any interest in the contents of our PDA until we threw them at him?
No. 28140 ID: 2563d4

>lol wut? It's a miracle he didn't go on a killing spree on day one. He was about to shoot the captain, ffs.
Perhaps you should try re-reading day one, as the bartender has been mostly disgruntled and grouchy at most.

Speaking of re-reading day one, I've picked out our findings from thread 1 and half of thread 2 onto the wiki so far.
No. 28152 ID: 2563d4

>re-reading old threads for wiki
Sigh. (That'd be my old ID.)
No. 28192 ID: 2563d4

In retrospect, that's better applied to >>/questarch/247121 , which was possibly Mok assembling extra bombs. :V (The warhead one had already shown up long before this point, though.)
No. 28198 ID: 2563d4

That's entirely current at the time of writing, and has provenance for most things since half of it will be lies people told us.

There's all kinds of little minutae to note, and I've probably missed a bunch, but it's better than nothing. I do like how for all the "that bomb in your office was intended for Zira", it went off half an hour after the meeting time. :V
No. 28416 ID: f5e4b4

From the anon thread discussion.

I'm sorry if people are feeling discouraged about how the quest is going, and yeah, it has never been intended to be easy.

But I want to clarify that I'm not actively trying to screw people over, and over all, there are no punishment over bad suggestions, neither reward for good ones. There are just consequences. Not everything that is happening has been "triggered" by Tiak's actions, all the characters have their own agenda and they act according to it.

About the bad suggestions... I've felt pretty frustrated about this too, but I can't do anything about it. Sometimes I wait for half a day to post the next update, and yet I only get 1 or 2 suggestions. I have to run with them. Other times I've gone with the democratic vote.

Finally, you people only focus on the bad things happening, and there have been a lot of good developments for Tiak that I didn't see coming, just because people had good ideas.

Finally, the quest isn't over as long as Tiak is alive, and even in the worst situation, there's always going to be a possible solution, no dead ends here.
No. 28417 ID: 55c4cf


Consequences means the results of choices, good, bad, or anywhere between the two. Things happen around the ship based on our choices, whether we are there or not. Those are still results of our action or inaction, so the consequences thing works for both the people complaining and yourself.
No. 28418 ID: 55c4cf

I've just been keeping up again recently, and although I do like your quest, I've been telling you my problems with it since the beginning so you can't fault me for not talking to you about it.

In terms of some of the complaints, I'm going to have to follow up and agree.

It can be fairly hard to keep track of all the mysteries, we really don't have much we can say we solved or accomplished. It feels kind of hopeless and there's been little guidance since the start.

Sometimes you have to sort of clarify the different things that need to be done, or can be done in the updates so the players have directions they can follow, or rewrite their own 'clever' ideas of how to do none of them, or multiple plans more effectively.

The end result is kind of like a chicken ant with its head cut off bleeding and running around into explosives and telling the Captain everything.

This is your first quest, and I love it, and have encouraged it since the beginning, but as players most of us have nothing to say we pulled off sans surviving thus far.

It would be a change of pace, but being more assertive in goals and direction so we have a good idea what needs to be done so we can do it in the alloted time.

Otherwise we're never going to have a head.

Another suggestion I have, would be to not always go with the majority vote, or fully following the suggestion.

I can't attest to players all loving it or not, but padding the intended suggestions, or going with the idea with the most progressive resulting action so the story can continue is certainly something I try to do so the players can continue to enjoy the game/story, and more options are available instead of feeling as if they're surrounded by brick walls.
No. 28421 ID: f7166d

Okay, the people bitching about us not having solved anything are full of shit. At least one of the major mysteries has been completely wrapped up, and several others are near completion.

The thing with Mongoro and the smuggled weapons was a huge mystery that tied up a lot of the mysteries in the quest - including one of the very first ones. (The drone, the man in the suit, Mongoro's mysterious behavior).

The relationship between Mok and the other characters has also mostly been explained.

We know that the captain is involved in smuggling the green snot, whatever that is, although this is still pretty mysterious.

The point is, I think a lot of the people complaining are completely ignoring the things we HAVE solved. There really aren't that many mysteries left, and we basically know who is tied to what.

The problems caused by bad decisions stem from the reason why the quest is actually good, though. like the fact that Last Flight is run as a straight murder mystery with no rails. I don't really think there's a problem with that at all, and, although some of the things have seen kind of overly bad and not expect-able, I'd generally say that the shitty situation is entirely one of our own making.

Looking back over how Tiak schizophrenically treated all the male characters on the ship with either rude unhelpfulness or unwarranted disclosures, it's no surprise they treat him with distrust and, eventually, hostility.

Of course, /quest/ is never going to be mean to a female character, so they are our only consistent allied (I'm talking about the Maurian ladies), but their approaches tend to either be to confront angrily or disclose completely. Almost no suggestions are for anything remotely subtle. It's partially because of the nature of the board, I think. It's hard to plan long term and it is to be expected that people will be somewhat schizophrenic.

Perhaps some reminders would be OK - maybe in the form of restating decent suggestions that were overridden to do something unrelated - like, if going to do "X" was a good/clever idea, but people ended up doing an uncontradictory "Y" instead.

I think handing out clues or pointing to solutions would ruin the quest completely, honestly. If a mystery is simple, there's no point.
No. 28422 ID: 2563d4

>the captain is involved in smuggling the green
I don't think we know that for sure. We know he's smugging something, but the lead we had for being responsible for the goo was the Doctor. (The Doctor also had a crescent key so maybe it's both and the keys go with the goo?)
No. 28423 ID: f5e4b4

Alright, thanks for all the feedback. I'm still not giving giving up clues, or extra information. But from now on, I'll try to be more explanatory in the posts about what the options and short term objectives are. And I'll come back to good ideas even if the suggesters forgot about them.

And I guess I'll swallow my pride and remind people in the channels to suggest, especially if there's only 1 or 2 suggestions and there's something important to decide.
No. 28424 ID: f7166d

Okay, you're right. We don't know for sure, but we do know he was pressured into smuggling something on board the ship. I guess I jumped to conclusions, making me a terrible person in general.
No. 28426 ID: 2563d4

Oh ease off. I'm just trying to make sure we're aware of what we know and what we suspect (and what we were told) because this is a quest heavy on lies and guesswork source amnesia keeps contributing to bad decisions. (Heck I think I just got it wrong that we know the Captain's "secret mission" is actually a smuggling one.)

I'm not even disagreeing though! I'm not sure what else the Captain might be involved in unless there's another undiscovered plot going on on this ship. The weapons smuggling, extract, and bombs are all "claimed".
No. 28427 ID: 55c4cf


I personally hand out minor clues to an extent, and give people some direction in the way I described and I still don't think much of the mysteries have been solved or explained. Granted, most of them are going to be partially, or fully explained very soon assuming I can ever get on the ball.

I don't want Starit to hold our hands and show us every way, I just think that giving more update to update direction and goals would help keep people on the ball, rather than the complete schizophrenic touching base to base without ever finishing much to the end unless required.

If one person was handling Tiak, he might have been dead by now but he might have followed a slightly more sensible path. We might have completely handled some of the minor mysteries a lot faster, and have a few more things done.

But that's hindsight. I definitely like the things you are talking about, Bite, it's why I've pushed Starit to do it when he wanted to abandon it in the beginning.

Questing is by no means easy, and a delicate balance between leading the readers and making them completely lost is something I don't think anyone can accomplish all the time.
No. 28428 ID: 55c4cf


The speed of your quest vs. More suggestions might be the core of the frantic disjointed leaps in the quest. A lot of your updates occur in bursts, and a few of your readers might have missed a good portion between school, work, or sleeping, which leads the quest to people or situations that may not have happened if everyone had a chance to give input. Slowing down on a consequence heavy murder mystery might have been/be a good idea.
No. 28476 ID: 70e5c6

Fun fact: Yery doesn't appear to be on Mok's suspicion / hit lit.

Is this an oversight, or does this imply that Yery is, in fact, a trusted ally of Mok and/or Mikos?
No. 28477 ID: 70e5c6

Ooops, wrong link. This is the list: >>/quest/264692


Colonel: ???
Captain: Involved. Priority target. XXX
Doctor: Possibly involved. X
Snakes: Involved. XXX
Belint: ???
Dan: Involved. Possible murderer. X
Shortie Mcwhats-her-face: Involved, possible murderer X
Mongro: ???

Then again, the Janitor and Trake also aren't on this list...
No. 28479 ID: 2563d4

It's possible Mok simply didn't know about Yery. She spent a lot of time in her room. So far I think the only thing suspicious about her is the absence of anything suspicious about her.
No. 29244 ID: 2563d4

I refuse to give up on this thread.

So. Wild conjecture on Atuk's death? Get it out of your system before the next time Tiak has to report to someone? I note his head is still attached, which is a novelty. :V

Also we should probably find where the Colonel got off to and his version of what happened on the bridge before we got there. And Dan.
No. 29288 ID: 897302

I assumed he died of massive radiation overdose, causing his eyeballs to go splat. Someone tipped him over the rail in Engineering to get rid of him so the smuggled weapons/poison/whatever else is wrong on this ship could get through without anyone stopping it. They didn't expect us, a new security officer, to find our way onto the Sparrow. This is terrible for Tiak, yes.

But we're gonna save the motherfuckin' galaxy by saving this flight. We can usher in peace between two races.

Also, Starit - Love the quest. Your art has gotten better notably in the short time you've been on /quest/. Keep up the good work.
No. 29355 ID: 2563d4

Hey. We moved the captain's lockbox to the floor vent outside at one point.

Did we ever retrieve that and crack it open? I can't find further mention of it in my wiki summary.
No. 29357 ID: 70e5c6

Nope, we kinda forgot about it. D:
No. 29390 ID: 7c0299

>I don't think we should go to the infirmary.

My plan was to wait for Captain to come back and walk into his room. Then we could proceed to Zero deck without the slight chance we'd run into him in the elevator.
No. 29391 ID: 2563d4

Good thinking, Batman.

inb4 we open the hallway door to leave just as he exits the lift.
No. 29412 ID: 2563d4

Oh, yeah, and well done on addressing the update rate thing, Starit. I think recently it's been doing a lot better at giving more people a chance to respond to the bigger events (like the current one).
No. 29415 ID: c9aa87

No. 29418 ID: 7c0299

Did you read my post? If she knows there are witnesses, there's even less chance she'd be willing to just reveal all her plans out of the blue. Or are you just trying to chat her up to waste time?
No. 29419 ID: 423166

Has everybody managed to sneak aboard a weapon on this bloody ship? Whoever checked for them on the way in should be shot.
No. 29420 ID: c9aa87

The number of potential witnesses has been dwindling since before the quest even started... *desperatesobbing*
No. 29421 ID: 2563d4

>just trying to chat her up
>it's Seven
Gee, I wonder.

We haven't actually hit 50% deaths yet, believe it or not.
No. 29429 ID: 221021

Yeah, who ever was in charge of security for this place was terrible at their job. Wait...
No. 29440 ID: d560d6

So the keys go with the goo, most likely. I shall try to get the wiki article to catch up with what we've found this thread.

And I sure hope the Colonel didn't have any sentimental attachment to that pair of pistols, now we've destroyed one and traded the other away for a generic one for, uh, some reason that nobody seems to want to explain.
No. 29445 ID: d560d6

>This is likely a lie, as the others have made no move to steal her key.
She is wearing the same top she kept her key on. It is gone. This is why at least two of us would like to know where. The answer is probably "it got nicked, go fetch, my little ant boytoy".
No. 29446 ID: 1854db

That could be a misdirection in itself. To send Tiak on a wild goose chase while she fortifies her position or something.

But I guess that is a good point; if hers was stolen it is quite possible that the others on the ship were merely waiting for an opportunity to steal it.
No. 29447 ID: 55c4cf

Whateva, I do what I wan'.

All I have to say is the "She's not supposed to have it," stuff is entirely subjective. That's going off of a piece of paper to someone whom has betrayed us already at least once or twice.

It's also retarded to go back on it, considering this isn't an adventure game where we can load the game from before we made 400 other choices since then. The most I can see us doing is asking her about it, and finding out more info from her but I am pretty confident she will cooperate and give info with the key as with before giving it to her anyway.
No. 29448 ID: d560d6

Well, yeah, but "they could be lying" goes for pretty much everyone. Unless we're seriously going to go for a "round up everyone in one room and have them sit there on their hands until the flight arrives on autopilot and is boarded and the investiation is taken up by someone above our paygrade" end, we need to trust some people to some degree to get stuff done.

Like, uh, Yery just now to distract the Captain! That went well. Yes.

It will be interesting to see what "vital information" Naryia has to offer (i.e. has been witholding, obstructing our investigations) about Mikos' murder.
No. 29458 ID: 55c4cf

Suddenly the quest is cast into Rorschach vs. Ozymandias debate.

We know how this ends.
No. 29459 ID: d560d6

If we assume the brig will actually hold Yery, we're actually now down to 50%:
8 still up and about (Tiak, Captain, Doc, Dan, Zira, Colonel, Zeno, Naryia)
8 dead, incapacitated, or imprisoned (Mikos, Trake, Mat, Mercenary, Mongro, Mok, Atuk, Yery)
And a green goo in a pear treeeee~
No. 29460 ID: b92442

The queen grabs the key, tells us our efforts were futile since her masterplan started two weeks ago and shoots us with a plasma gun? Yeah, proably.
No. 29461 ID: 70e5c6

I want Rorschach to win this time. ;___;
No. 29462 ID: d560d6


No. 29464 ID: 1854db

When war breaks out because the queen has full control over Alpha I will just go 'told you so.'

I'm not voting. Truth can be found without sacrificing everything, people. Giving up the key has ended the game.
No. 29465 ID: 55c4cf


What. Peace vs. Truth. I don't even know what you're on about.
No. 29466 ID: b92442

I'm on about this: independently of what we choose, we'll get neither truth nor peace.

The queen has been fucking with us (literally) and she has been fucking with us (metaphorically). She will continue to do so.
No. 29467 ID: 55c4cf


I sort of get how that's a reply to the Rorschach vs Ozymandias thing then, but it's still kind of non-sequitur and would have made more sense as an independent and fully explained post. Just bouncing off what I said was kind of confusing.
No. 29472 ID: 36beb5


Don't forget to check the other elevator car once we're down to the Zero Deck. It's minor, but there may be some hidden goodie in there.
No. 29479 ID: d560d6

I thiiiiink we did, but I might be getting confused with when we checked out the unwelded shaft from the engineering deck.

...I'm suddenly reminded that we never found the keys for that "totally inoperative" walker.
No. 29480 ID: d560d6

...I only see the one set of lift doors. Hunh.
No. 29486 ID: b92442

I have some kind of really bad feeling, which revolves around a mini-boss fight before we get through the door. One really ugly boss fight.
No. 29778 ID: 2563d4

Hypothesis: the ladder comes out inside the mysterious black locker-thing in the Captain's office, which only opens from the inside ( >>/quest/269737 ).

So our camera may not be able to get out that way, and getting Tiak out that way may involve being caught red-handed by the Captain. Or maybe it goes somewhere else! Maybe we should see if the walker walked off or blew up or is waiting to chainsaw us in the face when we open the large blue door, too.
No. 29779 ID: c8969e

From Zero Deck all the way up to Top Deck? Yeesh. Quite the climb.
No. 29814 ID: 2563d4

(Mostly because re-reading this might give someone an "a-HA!" moment and solve all the crimes.)

14:29 < Shiitake> ...starit, what's that glowy thing Tiak has? I don't remember it
14:30 < Starit> Thats' the data cylinder
14:30 < Starit> Because SCI FI, I refuse to use a CD or a USB stick
14:30 < Shiitake> Oh I see
14:31 < LionsPhD> Cool, it IS the cabinet thing.
14:31 < Farmer> 'Zeroth Law' was something Asimov himself predicted.
14:31 < Shiitake> y'know I just realized that data cylinder is probably the most valuable object on the ship right now
14:31 < LionsPhD> ...I have little idea what to /do/ with this information.
14:31 < LionsPhD> Shiitake: Probably! If only we had working comms to upload it to space-Usenet.
14:32 < Shiitake> ADF: Clearly this means that the captain and doctor really *were* planning on betraying the snakes. They had back doors to the device
14:33 < Shiitake> unless they're somehow one-way doors
14:33 < Shiitake> and were meant to be used only to exit the room in case of an emergency
14:33 < LionsPhD> But the weird thing is that they *do* seem to be one-way doors. :|

(Obviously we've just discovered that they're not.)

14:33 < LionsPhD> They're---yeah.
14:33 < LionsPhD> It *is* odd there's no branch to Naryia's room.
14:33 < Shiitake> yes.
14:33 < LionsPhD> I dunno if the keypad door at the bottom can be opened from the side Tiak is now on.
14:34 < LionsPhD> We might have to go round to get back in there.
14:34 < Shiitake> We want to do that anyway to recover Tiak's gun.
14:34 < LionsPhD> I'm not really sure what to do right now.
14:34 < LionsPhD> Oh, yeah, our stunner fell off.
14:34 < Shiitake> Yep
14:34 < Shiitake> Also the rifle
14:34 < LionsPhD> ...we dropped that?
14:34 < Shiitake> Yep, all we have is the laser pistol we took from that lady
14:35 < Starit> I forgot to draw the rifle falling, but yeah, it was attatched to the strap as well.
14:35 < LionsPhD> Also it would be nice to find whose charred corpse is in the exploded remains of the walker.
14:36 < LionsPhD> Unfortunately what we'll PROBABLY actually find is that they got out and used the fire extinguisher.
14:36 < Seven01a19> Nobody's. The walker is fine.
14:36 < LionsPhD> And will then either chainsaw us in the face the moment the lift opens or have returned to their room.

(Apparently not! :3c )

14:36 < Shiitake> why is that seven
14:37 < LionsPhD> (It's kind of notable the Captain, who has been incredibly reluctant to leave his office, is not in his office right now.)
14:37 < Shiitake> Yeah the captain's definitely in the walker
14:37 < Phrix> We need to behead everyone
14:38 < Shiitake> We STILL don't know why there's poison sitting in barrels down there.
14:38 < Phrix> Preserve the heads, then revive them after we've... Done whatever with the plans for the machine
14:38 < Seven01a19> *The person in the walker is fine
14:39 < Phrix> I vote we broadcast the blueprints far and wide
14:39 < LionsPhD> The poison was Mikos' doing, I believe.
14:39 < LionsPhD> Phrix: No working comms.
14:39 < LionsPhD> _Presumably_ Mikos planned to kill all the goo.
14:39 < LionsPhD> Maybe the snakes [too].
14:39 < Phrix> When we get there, of course
14:40 < Phrix> If possible
14:42 < LionsPhD> http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Last_Flight_of_the_Sparrow#Reto_Mikos
14:42 < Seven01a19> Load the blueprints into the radio as a queued message.
14:42 < Insomnia> Which is great because I said to get the fucking fire extinguisher when we walked in the room
14:42 < LionsPhD> I'm not sure we can do anything like that with the mainframe fucked.
14:42 < LionsPhD> Som: Mmm. :|
14:43 < Starit> Eh, before people get pissed. People are saying to go to the Infirmary. Just wanted to point out that Tiak still doesn't have a way to open the cabinet doors from the room side.
14:43 < Seven01a19> We know.
14:43 < Seven01a19> Also? You're wrong.
14:43 < Starit> Alright
14:43 < Starit> Me?
14:44 < Toastline> man I always thought Zeno was wearing funky glasses; it didn't strike me that one of his eyes was actually bionic :v
14:44 < Seven01a19> Opening the CABINETS is as easy as using the cutter on the hinges.
14:45 < LionsPhD> Toastline: Well, that's what I thought at first
14:45 < CirrUpdatin> Same here, as well.
14:45 < CirrUpdatin> Then "oh shit no that's actually his eye."
14:45 < Starit> I think I mentioned the bionic eye in the first description. Or maybe not. It's not really well drawn enough to make it obvious anyways :Y
14:45 < LionsPhD> Hunh.
14:45 < Seven01a19> We need to get Zira and bust into the doctor's room, then be all "HEY! We need you to give us the password for the resurrection chamber so we can start un-killing people! Oh, and you're under arrest for treason."
14:46 < LionsPhD> >two barrels labelled as "supplies".
14:46 < LionsPhD> >two
14:46 < Starit> Where is that?
14:46 < LionsPhD> >three barrels down there in medical
14:46 < LionsPhD> http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/223620.html#233150
14:46 < Seven01a19> We can't really worry about that now, LP
14:46 < CirrUpdatin> I love this assumption that Zira is somehow not also going to try and kill Tiak.
14:47 < Starit> Ok, serious screw up from my side.
14:47 < Starit> I don't know why I drew three barrels
14:47 < Insomnia> yes demanding a password in the same paragraph as telling him he is a traitor is the best idea.
14:47 < LionsPhD> Ah, OK.
14:47 < Toastline> !
14:47 < Starit> Two barrels.
14:47 < Toastline> 4 lights
14:49 < Seven01a19> Cirr: She hasn't tried yet. At this point Tiak might as well say "I've become numb to hidden agendas. You haven't tried to kill me; that's proof enough you deserve my support. Just tell me what you need."
14:49 < CirrUpdatin> "I need you to die. Sorry. No hard feelings, I hope." *stab*
14:49 < CirrUpdatin> and then Tiak was dead
14:49 < Seven01a19> Doubt it!
14:50 < Insomnia> Either way, that's not how I would talk to her.
14:51 < Phrix> This unnatural trust for Zira worries me
14:51 < Seven01a19> Som: "This is the password? The real password? 'Cause I'm going to be storing all prisoners as severed heads, and I'm starting with you."
14:51 < LionsPhD> Phrix: Seven is trying to pair Tiak x Zira.
14:51 < Seven01a19> Even though their society doesn't work like that!
14:51 < LionsPhD> That's about it.
14:51 < CirrUpdatin> Seven is trying to pair Protagonist x Any Other NPC In The Quest at all given times.
14:51 < Phrix> WANNA BONE?
14:51 < CirrUpdatin> Sometimes Any NPC x Another NPC, too.
14:51 < LionsPhD> I still think Zira's quite likely for bombing Tiak's office. :V
14:52 < LionsPhD> The timings for that make nosense given her story.
14:52 < Seven01a19> Possibly, but in her defense she thought Tiak was dead at the time.
14:52 < Insomnia> I don't think she is the culprit for that.
14:53 < LionsPhD> Nope. That was before the whole lift thing and Tiak assumed dead.
14:53 < Seven01a19> Also, she's the only person who hasn't either backstabbed or facestabbed Tiak at this point. Besides Dan, of course, but he's useless.
14:53 < Seven01a19> Really? Huh
14:54 < Phrix> Snakebitch has treated us alright
14:54 < Phrix> Aside from the date rape
14:54 < Insomnia> snaketits, at least do it right
14:54 < LionsPhD> Mat and Trake were also fine, but are now kind of dead.
14:54 < Phrix> I apologize
14:54 < LionsPhD> Poor crazy Mat.
14:55 < Insomnia> mat was one of my favorites, i miss him
14:55 < Seven01a19> Yea :/
14:55 < Seven01a19> Trake was a bro.
14:56 < Phrix> Mat was mostly harmless
14:56 < Seven01a19> But so entertaining!
14:56 < Phrix> But if he got a weapon and a bit of paranoia...
14:56 < Shiitake> They were offed because they were nice basically
14:56 < Shiitake> I have no idea how Mat got killed in his room
14:56 < LionsPhD> Well, Mat was a witness of Mikos' murder, and Trake probably poked too close to Mongro's gun-smuggling.
14:56 < Shiitake> He's been blocking it!
14:56 < LionsPhD> We still have little idea of exactly how anyone died. :|
14:57 < Shiitake> Yeah all we know is that they used the plasma cutter
14:57 < LionsPhD> And that Mikos got shot and then later stood up and head-vaped.
14:57 < Shiitake> which is something that is very hard to conceal
14:57 < Seven01a19> Really? I thought he was decapitated and then neck-vaped
14:57 < Shiitake> It's hard to say.
14:57 < Starit> All the clues are there. It just needs someone to put the pieces together.
14:58 < LionsPhD> We got conflicting information, actually. The doc and Mat said different things.
14:58 < Shiitake> ...I just realized Mikos could've been brought back with the device
14:58 < LionsPhD> ...I thought Mikos was the *least* likely since the HER turned his head into gas and a scorchmark on the bulkhead
14:58 < Seven01a19> Doc said something different because he's involved.
14:58 < Shiitake> Yes the corpse is probably not Mikos'
14:58 < LionsPhD> Well, yes. I mean, Doc might even have killed him :P
14:59 < LionsPhD> And I take it everyone is assuming "Dr L" is Labras
14:59 < LionsPhD> So that revival project is his baby
14:59 < Phrix> Goddamn
14:59 < Phrix> reading two murder mysteries at once
14:59 < Shiitake> Last Flight is a very, very complicated mystery
14:59 < Seven01a19> Shii: Oh? What if the Doc killed Mikos then un-killed him?
14:59 < Shiitake> seven: OH
14:59 < Shiitake> That would make perfect sense
14:59 < Seven01a19> Great way to fake a death.
15:00 < Insomnia> how would he unkill him with only one key

(Of course we've since learnt that those doors are two-way and the keys mean NUZZINK.)

15:00 < LionsPhD> That'd be...weird?
15:00 < Insomnia> which we stole
15:00 < Shiitake> He was murdered early in the flight
15:00 < Shiitake> before we stole any keys
15:00 < Insomnia> still had 1 key early in the flight.
15:00 < Shiitake> The three keyholders may have cooperated
15:00 < LionsPhD> I guess "man who was killed twice" and "machine that brings people back to life" do kind of go together :V
15:00 < Seven01a19> The HER was in Zeno's room.
15:00 < Shiitake> yeah
15:01 < Shiitake> I suspect that the snakes have been involved in at least one murder
15:01 < Seven01a19> Also, it depends on if the captain and/or doc have any way to access the machine from the back.
15:01 < LionsPhD> Seven01a19: That was after we found it and hid it in ours, wasn't it?
15:01 < Shiitake> We haven't moved the HER
15:01 < Seven01a19> No, THAT was the heavy cutter.
15:01 < Shiitake> mostly because there's no point in using it
15:01 < Shiitake> ...wait a sec
15:01 < Shiitake> I doubt that Zeno ever used the thing
15:02 < Insomnia> No shit
15:02 < Shiitake> He wouldn't know where it was safe to fire
15:02 < LionsPhD> Hmm, yes.
15:02 < Shiitake> so yes no evidence linking the snakes to the murders
15:02 < Shiitake> and y'know we should probably tell Zeno the HER is under his bed
15:03 < Shiitake> wasn't there a bomb in there?
15:03 < LionsPhD> There was.
15:03 < LionsPhD> Also Naryia told us he doesn't use the room much.
15:04 < LionsPhD> So I guess it could be an inept plant. I mostly put it down to Zeno doing his own investigations, the same way Tiak's been hoovering up weapons and trying to stash them.
15:04 < Shiitake> Mok probably put the HER there
15:04 < Shiitake> or someone helping him
15:05 < Insomnia> Who is Yery working for.
15:05 < Shiitake> Yery's working for the USCE if that note was hers
15:05 < LionsPhD> ACSE, I'd have thought.
15:05 < Shiitake> erm
15:05 < Shiitake> ACSE? something like that
15:05 < Insomnia> And who on the ship
15:06 < Shiitake> well we know for sure that the captain is with the ACSE
15:06 < LionsPhD> I don't know if she /is/ subserviant to anyone on the ship.
15:06 < Shiitake> the doctor is apparently working with them for funding
15:06 < LionsPhD> She seems to have been planted there to keep the peace. I'd expect her to turn on the Capt or Doc if they'd decided to acquire all the keys for themselves.
15:06 < LionsPhD> Er. Not the peace as such.
15:07 < LionsPhD> The status quo, I guess.
15:07 < Shiitake> and also that the cargo the captain is shipping is the device, which explains why he didn't talk under pressure. The thing is just that important.
15:08 < LionsPhD> And we're taking it to "one of the most influential and wealthy planets in the Maurian Republic"
15:08 < LionsPhD> (Where Mikos was a Mayor.)
15:08 < Shiitake> Whoa what
15:08 < Shiitake> I missed THAT
15:08 < LionsPhD> http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Last_Flight_of_the_Sparrow#Reto_Mikos again
15:09 < LionsPhD> Those were...Dan's words.
15:09 < LionsPhD> I mean maybe it was just en-route, and another ship was planned to then take it on another leg of a journey.
15:11 < LionsPhD> This doesn't entirely mesh with what Mok says because I thought ACSE was a Maurian company, and they're taking a thing developed under the leadership of a Maurian to a Maurian planet.
15:11 < Shiitake> Mikos wanted to use the poison...?
15:11 < LionsPhD> I'm not sure how that's transporting it "for the snakes", which is what Mok thought.
15:11 < Shiitake> Mok didn't know what the device was. He just knew something was being smuggled, and thought everyone was a traitor
15:12 < LionsPhD> That's what Mat said. Click the little "[ref]" bits.
15:13 < Insomnia> Phil: I don't think that's the case by the way about her keeping the peace or she would have reacted when we took the first one, and the queen had two. She didn't try to stop us til the third. It's possible that Yery was the person the captain was talking to about the problems.
15:13 < LionsPhD> I'm not sure we've ever found anything explicit about what Mikos was going to do with it, but pouring it all over the goo seems plausible to me.
15:13 < LionsPhD> Insomnia: Hmm. Could be.
15:13 < Shiitake> Wait, if...
15:14 < Shiitake> if Mikos' murderer took the extract from him, then that means Trake killed him. He had the powder in his pocket
15:14 < Shiitake> dunno who killed Trake
15:14 < LionsPhD> Trake found the powder in the barrels, according to his PDA recording, I think.
15:14 < Shiitake> Probably Mongro though
15:14 < LionsPhD> Which does mean that collapse was more recent!
15:14 < Shiitake> hmm
15:15 < LionsPhD> But we sort of knew that.
15:15 < Insomnia> Toad
15:15 < Shiitake> oh yeah you're right, he did find it there
15:15 < Insomnia> Trake -found- the powder and was shot
15:15 < Shiitake> yes som
15:15 < Shiitake> Right
15:15 < Shiitake> Well anyway if we find some loose powder anywhere else that's the clue to who killed Mikos
15:16 < Insomnia> why would that be the case, wouldn't they keep it in the barrels where he found them
15:17 < Insomnia> Who or what was in room 103
15:17 < Shiitakf> Are you saying the barrels were in the cargo bay before Mikos got shot?
15:17 < LionsPhD> Trake's PDA.
15:17 < Insomnia> Whose room was it
15:17 < Insomnia> his?
15:18 < Shiitakf> ...
15:18 < LionsPhD> It's a Zero Deck room; they're all abandoned.
15:18 < Shiitakf> I just realized if Mongro's head wasn't unrecoverable the colonel might've revived him
15:18 < LionsPhD> Mikos' stuff was loaded on board before Tiak even woke up
15:18 < LionsPhD> http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Last_Flight_of_the_Sparrow#Timeline <-- Mongro took note of it for us
15:18 < Shiitakf> wait I actually do need to run
15:19 < LionsPhD> (Well...*maybe*. "Some stuff" went on on the Zero deck then. It was probably the device.)
15:23 < Insomnia> i notice the wiki says that the HER was used to blow off mikos' head on zeno's entry but the referenced post said "could have"
15:24 < LionsPhD> oh, does it? Good catch
15:27 < Insomnia> Mat's story was different than the doctor's 'autopsy'. The doctor has the means, the connections, a hidden background, and is missing most of the time you would expect him to be being a doctor.
15:28 < Insomnia> His assistant was the hazmat suit fellow most likely, and probably did a lot of the legwork for him, as well as following us around. I'm pretty sure he stole the cutter from our cyro chamber.
15:28 < MobileSqueegy> Mongro was the hazmat suit fellow
15:29 < MobileSqueegy> He dumped the suit in the reactor or whatever
15:29 < Insomnia> The autopsy is a good alibi unless someone refutes it.
15:29 < Insomnia> so he had to die too
15:30 < LawyerDog> All I'm hearing here is that the best option is to cuddle with a reanimated Mongro
15:30 < LionsPhD> Haha
15:30 < Insomnia> Why wouldn't a chemist be working for a doctor whose work beyond doctoring involves some super cloning machine perhaps. Maybe the note yery had was from the doctor too
15:31 < LionsPhD> I don't really think Mongro was working with anyone except the stowaway guy he had guarding the guns.
15:31 < Insomnia> There are indefinite statements in the wiki, i don't need four people confirming it was him.
15:32 < Insomnia> Phil: Mongro didn't like working for or with the doctor, that doesn't mean he didn't do things for him.
15:32 < LionsPhD> Yery and Doctor working together makes some degree of sense.

(snip some bits about where to go heal next since we're doing that in-quest now)

15:42 < Shiitakf> hey I think we should ask the queen about Zira
15:42 < LionsPhD> But, sure, probably. I certainly trust her more at this point.
15:42 < LionsPhD> Shiitakf: I think we did, a long time ago. Um. Lemme see if I can find it.
15:42 < Shiitakf> Hmm
15:42 < Shiitakf> Didn't the queen just treat the burn injuries?
15:43 < Insomnia> i mean it's highly suspect he's the one killing, or working with whoever is judging by his indifference to the deaths, heavy involvement with the machine, alibi over the body, and his not even making a fuss about losing his key. He believes he is getting it back or losing it is of no consequence at all.
15:43 < Insomnia> That worries me.
15:43 < LionsPhD> (Yeah, the daterape healing visit was after getting armshot.)
15:43 < Shiitake> right
15:45 < LionsPhD> http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/223620.html#224029
15:45 < LionsPhD> She didn't say much.
15:46 < Shiitake> I was just concerned about her identity
15:46 < Shiitake> I suppose it IS possible that Zira stole that name
15:46 < Shiitake> but we're getting into paranoia there
15:46 < Shiitake> erm I am I mean
15:46 < Insomnia> Is it paranoia if it is warranted
15:47 < Insomnia> i need to lay down
15:47 < LionsPhD> Well, "Zira Niadar" might well be a pseudonym for a Zira-neƩ supporter :V
15:48 < Insomnia> but when i wake up, we better not be getting yelled at and/or murdered by the doctor
No. 29815 ID: 2563d4

And now Tiak has to make it again with an aching chest wound!

oops sowwwy mister ant~
No. 29959 ID: 2563d4

You can't uninvent things. This technology exists. It's pretty much inconcievable that ACSE won't have copies of their research back home, regardless of what Naryia may think.

Your choices pretty much become trying to limit it to the "good guys", which is nebulous at best, or levelling the playing field.
No. 29961 ID: 2563d4

Hey, you. Yes, you, with the theories.


The main page is kept to facts, since source amnesia is a terrible affliction and we don't want to go working off chains of bad and misremembered assumptions. This page is for putting all the conjecture together so maybe we can work some stuff out, since IRC and this thread and other moving targets aren't working. Go nuts.

Although if you all go nuts at once be careful about edit conflicts. If you make yourself a section per theory and use the little "[edit]" links next to them I think that'll help avoid them.
No. 30109 ID: 55c4cf

devil's threesome is the greatest solution, damn haters
No. 30532 ID: ca77f5
File 129649288981.jpg - (11.25KB , 186x162 , catchfuck.jpg )

No. 30597 ID: e0c719

You know suddenly this quest makes perfect sense. It wasn't that we couldn't figure out who was working against us. It was that EVERYONE WAS WORKING AGAINST US GODDAMMIT
No. 30601 ID: 103735

And this is news to you? :-/

Starit is the new tgchan questing troll. Less incest, more futility.
No. 30602 ID: 55c4cf

What futility, what is this baby talk. We solved the mystery everyone was whining about not being able to solve finally and people are still acting hopeless.

We're actually closing loose ends, and are nearing the end. There's nothing futile going on.
No. 30608 ID: 103735

Early in the quest:
Suggestor1: "I think everybody works against us, haha."
Suggestor2: "lol, good joke."

Suggestor1: "..."
Suggestor2: "well, fu--"

When this happens, the quest author knows he did something right! :D
No. 30609 ID: 2563d4

I'd say "people thought that was a joke?", but then half the suggesters still trust arming Zira.
No. 30611 ID: 28e94e

I thought this was obvious
No. 30826 ID: 55c4cf

It's not so much that everyone was WORKING against us, it's more that everyone has been doing things on their own, and for themselves. This isn't like a lazy adventure game where all the people just sit around and stare at a wall all day while you do everything.

This flight has been us doing stuff on the clock, while everyone else on the ship is doing their own things. What we see as 'against us', is really more for themselves. A lot of the people who died weren't working against us, they just got caught by the wrong person at the wrong time.

The Captain and the Doctor were my top two suspects since near the beginning of the ship, it's why I was more than happy to find snake tits was an alternative healing method. Especially since the doctor's been suspiciously absent a giant portion of the time and we almost never found him ANYWHERE ELSE. We also stalked the captain a long time without seeing him do much or move and do much of any consequence.

I just wanted to discover some harder evidence before I accused him or anyone, and lo and behold, I DID figure something out and now it's dealt with.

Time to save the ship and roll around in titties and not-being-dead.
No. 30965 ID: 1854db

Things aren't going very well are they?
No. 30968 ID: 2563d4

That's been pretty much the normal state of the quest. :3
I mean the magnitude is increasing toward the climax, but on the grand scheme of things at least we kind of know what most people were up to by now, what we need to be doing, and we're ssssort of in control of the situation. Apart from having to shoot an unarmed, imprisoned person because they're too stupid to be a good little detainee and avoid horrible burning death.

Hmm. I hope there are plenty of escape pods~
No. 30977 ID: 2563d4

Speaking of murders, have we solved Mikos' yet?

Most people were decapitated by the cutter, which we can kind of probably safely assume is the Doc by now! Mikos' M.O. was different and the first murder apparently by someone who didn't know about the device, unless their motive was to give it a live test it or something.

(Also presumably Trake was shot by Mongro and then decapitated by the Doc for...some reason! Maybe the Doc feared Trake had seen too much as well.)
No. 30980 ID: 55c4cf


Well, it was the first time the doctor had used it. By the time we saw him with it he was pretty used to it.
No. 30995 ID: 5af84d

>We killed the doctor
>internal bleeding
Not saying I'm pessimistic, but this ant is half empty.

On a sidenote, Maurians have developed blood vessels? I guess I was mistaken to see them as purely insectoid.
No. 31060 ID: 337b39
File 129727579655.png - (59.11KB , 608x629 , wryyyyyy.png )


I made something in flash for a class and chose the intro of Last Flight for that. This doesn't necessarily count as fanart, so I'll throw it in here: http://solidcake.info/lastflight/
No. 31063 ID: dc2a46

Quest-based-adventure-game, GO!
No. 31093 ID: 425cb4

I just wanted to mention how the increasing "blackness" at the edge of every screen was a perfect indicator for tiak's state of health.

Stupid me for not noticing it earlier.

I think it's a nice touch and just shows how much thought the author gives even to little details.

Anyway... I suppose we are approaching "wake-up-in-hospital-and-experience-epilogue-monologue-by-visiting-NPC" time.
No. 31094 ID: 2563d4

I'm expecting "oh shit Zira's faction are the only one with revival machines and everyone else is now under their jackboots" ending.

Also we lost track of the goddamn money down on Zero Deck after the colonel shoo'd us away and we obeyed, so no retiring in luxury for Tiak unless he can do it nestled in snaketits' cleavage.

But hey we're mostly alive and solved at least some of the murders!
No. 31101 ID: 28e94e

I wonder how many months it'll be before somebody leaks the real story. This is huge, it's pretty much inevitable that somebody's going to go to the media with the real story.
No. 31103 ID: 252e1b

Shoulda put Mok into a pod first, but perhaps it was for the best anyway. Mok would never have kept his mouth shut.
No. 31104 ID: 2563d4

We've yet to find if Tiak does. Or what Zira did with the data.

Also I think the escape doors were sealed until we pushed the button, so I think the chance to save Mok really passed back when we let him get shot, much like Mongro was for it long before we ended up having to stab him. Maybe if we'd bothered the Captain or Dan last we saw them to remember to move him. Or if fixing the mainframe made inter-deck comms work. :/
No. 31109 ID: 252e1b

It wouldn't have been in the captain's best interest for Mok to live to talk. Maybe Dan would have done it, but maybe not.
No. 31112 ID: 2563d4

01:40 < Starit> I don't want to reveal everything that you guys haven't found or figured out but I can answer some questions.

01:42 < Squeegy> Starit was there a better end we could have gotten
01:43 < Starit> Worse and better are relative terms
01:43 < Insomnia> Well we could have obviously found the murderer earlier and not set the ship on fire.
01:43 < Starit> For example
01:43 < Starit> Obviously everything would've changed depending on what happened with the machine and the plans
01:43 < Shiitake> Well, starit, obviously Zira wasn't on either race's side, otherwise she would've given the blueprints to one of them
01:43 < Squeegy> Did the doctor kill everyone?
01:43 < Starit> Yes.

01:44 < LionsPhil> I bet we could have totally saved Mongro (to later be executed :V ).
01:44 < LionsPhil> Presumably Trake was shot by him before the Doc came along headhunting.
01:45 < LionsPhil> Unless the Doc started off doing some variation of Mozambique drill where the final aimed shot is with a cutter.
01:45 < Starit> Well, more exactly, the doctor didn't kill everyone. Besides the one Tiak killed, the former security guard wasn't murdered.
01:45 < Insomnia> yes we could have not killed mongro good call, phil
01:45 < Starit> He just accidentally fell over the rail
01:45 < LionsPhil> Hahaha
01:45 < Shiitake> Oh for chrissakes
01:45 < LionsPhil> oh Maurians, you and your complete lack of Health and Safety regulations~
01:45 < Shiitake> I figured he was a big red herring

01:53 < Starit> Also, I want to make another murder mystery quest, but more in the future.
01:55 < Starit> Lol, bad choice of words. I mean, not now, maybe after I try a different kind of quest or two
No. 31113 ID: f5e4b4

Well, that was a blast :D

Thank you all for making this happen, I really doubted that I would be able to pull all of this off, but thanks to so much support and help from you guys, it's been possible.

No. 31118 ID: 1854db

It's become clear to me that Zira was an agent of the Humans. I am pretty certain that they have spies everywhere, and she was one of them. How else would they know when the races were coming to planets they were living on?

So yeah, they didn't want that tech in the hands of either of the two races (for the stability of the universe) and Zira accomplished that with Tiak's help.

Hmm. I'm too busy atm to go through and find all the objects in the quest that had human symbols on them. Anyone care to do so?
No. 31143 ID: 2563d4

>Seven's last post in the thread is still trying to ship Tiak x Zira
oh lordy lord
No. 31152 ID: dc2a46

>Tiak Belint, private investigator
So, WHEN is it happening?
No. 31175 ID: f5e4b4
File 129754283273.gif - (469.86KB , 1000x750 , Fallingant.gif )


>Tiak, open the airlock.
No. 31264 ID: e0c719
File 129779581640.png - (7.39KB , 720x450 , puppet.png )

but if he's in space why does he fall down and why does the camera shake that's not WAAAAAAAIIIT A MINUTE
No. 31265 ID: 2563d4

The Last Flight of the Sparrow is filmed in SUPERMARIONATION.

(Of course we all knew that everyone was using Tiak as their puppet.)
No. 31266 ID: a41aaf

It can't be, nothing explo-
Oh, wait, that's because it wasn't also in VIDICOLOR
No. 34479 ID: 2563d4

><Starit> Well, as a curious thing I can tell now. Someone got out of the ship with the bag of money in one of the escape pods.


Slippery Colonel is slippery.
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