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File 161945772655.png - (65.04KB , 900x900 , p0.png )
997795 No. 997795 ID: eedbeb

A short quest set in the world of this comic: https://tippler.itch.io/stay-inside

Will contain disturbing situations but no sexual content.
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No. 999695 ID: eedbeb
File 162070226291.png - (67.80KB , 900x900 , p97.png )

“Oh yes, for sure.” you say. Crap, you should have come up with some jokes instead of watching Emma kill people, you’re totally unprepared. Hopefully you can watch a few other Magics before it’s your turn.

Your form almost shatters when you hear your great aunt calling for you. She ushers you up to the stage.

“Since this was your idea, you can go first.” she says. You are going to die.
No. 999696 ID: eedbeb
File 162070228014.png - (93.10KB , 900x900 , p98.png )

You need help, and fast. Jo probably has some jokes right? Mortals are funny, have to be or else they get depressed. Shit, everyone is watching you…

“Excuse me for a moment.” you tell the assembled Magics. You bring back the TV and quickly find Jo who is MAKING OUT WITH THE FUCKING MOLE.

You scream, loud and shrill. “Stop kissing! Stop kissing right now!!”

Jo and the mole separate like a pair of opposing magnets. “What the fuck?” Jo says. “Dude, don’t reveal yourself when I’m with other people!”

“I cursed him, it doesn’t matter—“

“You what—“

“I’m what—“ the mole says, horrified.
No. 999700 ID: 23e313

"I made sure you don't have mole...cule of self-control around her. Your boyfriend will probably kill you with an iron...ny bat!"
No. 999703 ID: 8fb3ba

Do magic die? Because you are dying up there.
Try to remember a joke your mom or dad told you that you thought was funny. They'll probably laugh along if you tell it and that's better than no laughs.
No. 999705 ID: bc7042

You know, originally I was worried that this was going to be really bad but then I realized you were magic and if anything this will be a good thing, getting her to not want to summon you again because now she’s worried about what you are manipulating in her life, just shrug it off and ask for help with jokes. She summoned you for help with problems you can bother her for something stupid simple like this, right?
No. 999708 ID: 031458

Also his curse only kicks in when she dies so- HAH NO TIME TO EXPLAIN TURN THAT SHIT OFF

"Heh, mortals and their mouth parts amirite? When were around they use them to make perfectly good screams, but as soon as you leave them alone they start sucking on each other. I pop into a room hearing moaning and wet expecting to see a wild animal chewing on the delicious innards of a dying man. You ever seen that? That's a good time right there. But I get there and what do I see? The wild animals were the mortals all along."
No. 999713 ID: 0fae41

Nevermind, everything is working as intended.
You'll just have to improvise on your own.
...What's the deal with magic plane food?
Why's it so crowded in this plane anyway? You'd think that in an endless inky abyss, it'd be easier to a-VOID people! Get it?
No. 999714 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah you cursed him so that he'd have a compulsion to join the mob as a hitman. Become a whack-er-mole.
And you cursed her too. She'll be compelled to travel to Japan, so she'd be an East-er bunny. (or some other country that makes sense here)

NOW DANCE, MORTALS. Dance for our amusement!
If they actually do it, go "why are you doing what I tell you, isn't that backwards?"
No. 999741 ID: eb1fcc

"Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven was a registered six offender!"

"Why don't vampires need condoms? They need permission to come inside!"
No. 999763 ID: eedbeb
File 162075663591.png - (101.21KB , 900x900 , p99.png )

“Don’t worry about it, it was just something quick to make you fall in love with Jo so she’d cheat on her boyfriend.” you explain.

The mole starts sobbing into his paws. Jo slides off the bed and approaches your view.

“Why would you be such an asshole?” she says. “I thought we had a good deal going on—“


“I don’t fucking know, try to do puns or something!”

You rack your brains and address the crowd. “Why’s it so crowded in this plane anyway? You’d think in an endless abyss it’d be easier to a-VOID people.”
No. 999764 ID: eedbeb
File 162075664467.png - (83.27KB , 900x900 , p100.png )

No. 999765 ID: eedbeb
File 162075674264.png - (46.78KB , 900x900 , p101.png )

“It didn’t work! They’re just staring at me.” you howl.

“Okay, okay, calm down, uh, try sex jokes, like ‘why do vampires need condoms’?” Jo says.

You can’t deal with this. “No way! Mortal sex is gross, think of something else.”

“Jesus Christ, I’m not a comedian, you can’t ask me to come up with jokes. I don’t even know what you Magics think is funny!”

The mole is still crying and Jo looks furious. If you tell another bad joke you’ll never be able talk to your parents again out of embarrassment. What do you do?
No. 999767 ID: 094652

Switch gears and try sketch comedy!
Play pool, then have a 10,000 pound steamroller crash through the board and scream "did somebody order a corner pocket of pizza?"
No. 999781 ID: 031458

Welp nothing to do but run I guess.

Use the power of the RED STAR and punch yourself into the mortal realm through the viewing portal without being summoned.

Tell the Mole the negatives of curse won't affect him so long as Jo lives, and then take your leave.

Realize that you probably have No way back home just a little too late.
No. 999784 ID: 0fae41

Slapstick. Make something funny happen to the mole!
No. 999799 ID: 23e313

Perform the greatest joke of all: a magic that feels bad for causing so much unduly misery.
No. 999804 ID: eedbeb
File 162077967549.png - (78.79KB , 900x900 , p102.png )

>Slapstick and sketch comedy

You draw on your meager power supply and manifest a steamroller which you ride into the back of the stage, destroying the flimsy set.

“Did somebody order a pizza?” you bellow, and then let the steamroller flatten you into a circular sheet.
No. 999805 ID: eedbeb
File 162077970351.png - (75.70KB , 900x900 , p103.png )

The crowd starts to laugh and then erupts into applause that generates a flurry of green sparks. You survived.

“I’m next.” Scrunchy says, and nudges you off the stage. You take the TV with you and slither to the edge of the crowd. Nobody is looking at you anymore. Everyone is excited to see what Scrunchy has to say.

The elder taps the microphone and takes a deep breath.

“I regret causing so much suffering.” they say.
The audience howls with laughter.
No. 999806 ID: 124d4d

And in that moment Scrunchie was attempting to be summoned but you hop in instead.
No. 999807 ID: 23e313

Use the red star to do your best Karl Marks impersonation!
No. 999808 ID: b1b4f3

That was probably the truth. Poor Scrunchy.
Ask what they did!
No. 999813 ID: 23e313

I realized I mispelled Karl Marx. Apologies.
No. 999818 ID: eedbeb
File 162079087980.png - (59.95KB , 900x900 , p104.png )

You’ve heard a few of Scrunchy’s stories, mostly from other Magic’s now that you think about it. They were a very popular magic back in the old days, spending more time in the mortal world than home until they became a recluse.

You want to learn more and you clamor with the crowd for Scrunchy to continue.

“Most of you have heard,” Scrunchy gulps and you see tears creeping out of their eye. “That I am very old. That I was brash when I was first summoned. And that the mortals referred to me as God.”

There’s some cheering, but it’s halfhearted and confused.

“I flooded the world. I killed sons and daughters. But the worst part was that I created converts and missionaries who spread the word of me as something to be revered.”
No. 999820 ID: eedbeb
File 162079116767.png - (65.78KB , 900x900 , p105.png )

“And the lie I taught them was that there was a heaven! That they have something to hope for after death instead of the doom that awaits! There are still some that pray to me when they are sick or dying. I hear every one.”

The Magics aren’t laughing anymore. There’s some nervous muttering and the Magics on the edge of the crowd start to leave.

“My predecessors made the rules which we must follow, concerned that the mortals would take advantage of our power. They made the wrong choice.” Scrunchy continues.

As the elder speaks, tendrils of red start to wrap around them. Someone is already trying to summon Scrunchy! You race towards the stage, shove Scrunchy out of the way, and manage to take the portal in time.
No. 999821 ID: 7adb7d

Wink to Scrunchie and mentally prepare yourself for what is probably going to be an extremely stressful summoning.
No. 999825 ID: 094652

"Ow my continuity."
No. 999827 ID: 23e313

Wait, I'm confused, wasn't misery and terror %100 neccesary to power magic up?

Eh, screw it. Let's perform whatever task we are told to do while increasing the world's KINDNESS and WELL-BEING.

Fuck the goverment.

The magic one, that is.
No. 999847 ID: 33dd48

No. 999867 ID: eedbeb
File 162084080148.png - (60.83KB , 900x900 , p106.png )

What surprising insight from Scrunchy! You knew that you had to cause TERROR and MISERY when you did your business in the mortal world, but not that the rules were because of some crotchety Magics who were long retired. You agree that they made a bad decision and resolve to attempt to increase KINDNESS instead.

There might be limits to what you can do, since you get part of your power from negative emotions, but you’re still omnipotent, stupid guidelines or not. You wonder if there will be consequences at home.

You mentally prepare yourself for whatever poor sap has summoned you.
No. 999868 ID: eedbeb
File 162084081213.png - (114.04KB , 900x900 , p107.png )

“Oh, it’s you.” Gruoch says, clutching a bucket of vomit to her side where she’s slumped against a nondescript wall. “When I was praying for this migraine to stop, I wasn’t planning on summoning anyone.”

She wipes her mouth and sighs. “Mind explaining why you’re using so much power on me? My anti-Magic curse is driving me nuts.”
No. 999870 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you don't know what she's talking about, you never used your powers on her.
God, this has something to do with the rings, doesn't it? See if you can investigate her somehow.
No. 999872 ID: b348d4

Ask if flicking her head off again will make the migraine stop. Also, you can’t explain why but it might narrow it down if she describes the effects in more detail.
No. 999874 ID: 05a2ab

Check your magic connections with her and see if you really are using magic on her, also check where you are, are you still in the bunker?

Don’t offer to knock off her head, maybe scan her and see if there’s something you can do to alleviate the headache. If she asks why you are being nice just say you made her suffer enough when you tried to kill her twice. Consider it a freebie.
No. 999880 ID: ecd7fb

Oh hey it’s the cursed rat, yeah we got nothing to do with ya this time but sure we can remove the headache. Tell her that your currently bumbling around the idea of changing up how magic works, messing with the status quo. God’s kinda tired of hearing everyone’s prayers, thinking it might do good to make em come true.
No. 999881 ID: 031458

I'm not. I was instructed not to mess with you nor throw you into the sun.
What's more, today I need to attempt "Kindness".
I'll check what's going on with you, bare with me.

Bring up a window about Gruoch that displays thier current status. All effects on them magic and otherwise. I want to see what boobs and curses they have, and how they are linked.
No. 999897 ID: 99cd0c

Annoy her until her negative emotions fuel you enough, after that.....

Resurrect her children.
No. 999900 ID: 094652

... Well, kindness to some and terror and misery to others. Dependent on context.
Keep the Balance in check and all that. For instance...
Half-formed zombie children. See if she's willing to eat them again just to stay immortal.
No. 999901 ID: eedbeb
File 162086374490.png - (50.91KB , 900x900 , p108.png )

“I ain’t done shit.” you say. “I’m nice now.”

Gruoch starts to laugh and then heaves into her bucket. “Right, and you just happened to be the Magic who was summoned before my headache started.”

You sigh and squint at the rat. Your mom’s curse is recognizable, and you see several others churning against each other. The anti-Magic one is squirming like an impaled slug. None of them are yours, and you can’t see anything in there that isn’t hundreds of years old.

“I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s not me.” you repeat. “I can try to fix it, if you want.”
No. 999902 ID: eedbeb
File 162086375794.png - (31.19KB , 900x900 , p109.png )

“Yes, by taking my head off again.” Gruoch sneers.

“I said I was nice now! I’m not gonna follow the rules and that means being KIND instead of a jerk that makes my summoner cheat on her boyfriend. If you want me to fix it tell me what’s wrong.”

Gruoch groans and rubs her forehead. “It’s a simple curse. It gives me a very motivational migraine whenever a foreign Magic is trying to affect me. The longest it’s ever lasted before was a day. At this point I’m ready to do anything to make it stop, including killing your summoner.”
No. 999903 ID: b1b4f3

Well if the anti-Magic curse is reacting to something you can't detect, and it happened right after you were summoned the last time, then it's probably something related to Joanne. Maybe she's using the rings wrong?

Here's a simple experiment we can do. Take the red star and just put it close to Gruoch's head. See if the anti-magic curse reacts to it, even if you don't turn the star into anything.
No. 999904 ID: fd7fd1

Ah, I think I get it. She’s keeping track of magic use in the city, we gave the fox the ability to avoid detection, she’s actively trying to figure out stuff in the city, and because of this is suffering adverse effects. Tough shit she’ll have to just deal with it.
No. 999909 ID: 99cd0c

Maybe we can turn the curse into a tangible concept and extract it safely from her body.
No. 999914 ID: 031458

>including killing your summoner
Don't be like that. I'm being legit.

Let's start with something simple.
Remove their ability to feel pain. This is inherently both a blessing and curse so it shouldn't break the taboo or need star power. It also prevents you from having to tamper with moms curses just yet.

It won't kill the lightheadedness or nausea of a migraine either, but the rat will be less debilitated.

Mention that she actually summoned "god", but god sent you instead.
No. 999920 ID: eedbeb
File 162087207984.png - (50.41KB , 900x900 , p110.png )

“You haven’t though.” you say, a hint of a threat in your tone.

“Of course not, you didn’t give us good information and nobody’s reported her yet.” Gruoch sighs. “Go away if you aren’t going to be useful.”

The rat falls silent and you take a moment to think. You’re sure that you didn’t do anything to Gruoch when you made Emma, but maybe this is some bizarre side effect of creating the rings. You’ll have to take them back from Jo and Emma when you get the chance.
No. 999921 ID: eedbeb
File 162087209856.png - (83.00KB , 900x900 , p111.png )

While you’re here, you’d like to do something to help Gruoch. The simplest solution would be to dull her pain, but funnily enough one of the curses has already beaten you to it.

You need to extract the anti-Magic curse, which is understandably impossible. You grit your teeth and start trying to drag the wiggly thing out of her body.

Your form shakes and you imagine the curse as a particularly stubborn kidney stone that you’re pulling out of the rat’s stomach. It’s mentally uncomfortable and not effective.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” Gruoch says. The rat looks taken aback by your strained face.

You gasp and slump back to the floor. You can’t remove the curse directly. Do you:
-Leave the curse
-Use your red star
-Fuel your curse undoing with a lot of excruciating murder
No. 999922 ID: b1b4f3

Using the star might make things worse. You promised not to use it until you saw what the rings did, anyway.
Lots of murder to get the power would mean going back on your decision to stop being a jerk.

So "leave it" is the right choice here, though I wonder if we can't do something else? Instead of undoing the curse, maybe you can just weaken its pain a little? Or put it to sleep for a little bit, or put HER to sleep for a little bit? Not sure if that would count as a curse. Heck maybe you can just fetch her some medication. Stealing it is fine.
No. 999936 ID: 0fae41

Stick around, because you're going to be useful. You could make a clone of her and transplant all the bits of her except the anti-Magic curse onto the still-living other body. Still, that leaves the mystery of why the curse is going off in the first place. What other magics are active, and what are they doing right now? Did they pull some sort of massive effect that rewrote reality? Is the migraine actually our Emma, waiting to burst out of her skull and kill her?
No. 999950 ID: 031458

Is there anyone i could kill that would make the world a better place to do so?
List the names. They will fuel the power.
No. 999953 ID: 99cd0c

What if we fuel the curse removal by causing a world wide spook! (not a panic, just a spook)

Otherwise let's leave the curse for now.
No. 999954 ID: 8750b5

Have her open up to her many existing mental traumas from the horrible choices she made in life and use the grief to fuel the removal.
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