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File 161815620357.png - (339.48KB , 2048x2048 , CBE0B789-72DA-489B-8705-239AF5F3FBB6.png )
995636 No. 995636 ID: 4f5d63

Two friends embark on a journey. Their goal is to reach the summit of local towering giant Mount Amble. Shouldn’t be too difficult for a couple of experienced hikers, right?
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No. 995639 ID: 4f5d63
File 161815667963.png - (319.51KB , 1767x1679 , 5AA7F1CA-258D-4C4C-B786-E3A3FC876F4B.png )

Your name is Shutter. It’s early morning, and you’re packing your bag for the journey ahead. In about 30 minutes, you’ll leave your flat and meet your best friend Hock at the usual place. You’ve hiked with Hock many times, but the pair of you have never faced a challenge like today’s: the looming Mount Amble.

What do you want to make sure you bring with you?
No. 995640 ID: e7c7d3

A charge battery for your phone. Don't want it dying while you listen to some sweet tunes
No. 995641 ID: 0fae41

A knife, a two person tent, flares, satellite phone, bow and arrows, and a camping stove.
No. 995643 ID: 15a025

The obvious first.
Food, water, tent, matches, flashlight, knife, first aid kit, spare batteries, gloves.

Then if you feel like extra preparing:
Extra rope and a second knife.
No. 995644 ID: ca2950

Bring an overpriced survival multi-tool from a shady website
No. 995646 ID: e51896

Oxygen masks, air gets pretty thin so high up.
No. 995648 ID: eedbeb

map and compass. wool socks
No. 995654 ID: 12b116

A flashlight, a first aid kid, a single bottle of water and a survival knife with a sheath.
No. 995675 ID: ad2fd0

Heavy coats gloves boots and stuff. Mountains are cold
No. 995679 ID: 11b6d7

Multiple wool socks. I recommend wearing several at the same time with spares just in case.
No. 995685 ID: 4f5d63
File 161817911386.jpg - (129.33KB , 1800x1200 , 6A570A98-3919-4020-84B9-6B1D619A7BD5.jpg )

Though you’re quite experienced, you’re a fairly low-tech hiker. You pack and repack your bag several times, debating. Sure, this hike’s a big job, but it’s not like it’s life or death or anything.

You finally settle on an equipment roster of the following:
* utility knife
* rope
* flashlight + extra batteries
* headphones and your trusty ABBU Gold Greatest Hits cassette tape (Dancing Skink blaring, hell yeah)
* sturdy boots and 2 pairs of wool socks
* lunch and snacks (not essential — you are a rabbit and can feast on vegetation as needed)
* duct tape
* water bottle + 6 iodine tabs
* map of Mount Amble’s trails, with your path clearly marked
* first aide kit
* compass
* your phone, fully charged, in low-power mode
* your favorite walking stick
* house & car keys
* edible plant field guide

It’s just after 6:15 AM when you’re ready to leave. You leave a sticky note on the fridge for your roommate, Flug, who you know is sleeping off a wicked hangover, letting him know where you’re headed and when you should be home. Also, for god’s sake, Flug, would it kill you to take out the trash, please?

With that, you leave your flat with plenty of time to meet Hock, locking the door behind you.
No. 995686 ID: e51896

Awesome. Lets give Hock a call or a text informing that you're on your way now. Then get in your vehicle and drive on over.
No. 995695 ID: e7c7d3

Who's driving?
No. 995764 ID: 4f5d63
File 161820119809.png - (270.96KB , 1800x1200 , 4AC38BEC-9CBA-4825-BE35-04C8DA90B64B.png )

You let Hock know you’re headed his way, then hop in your shitty little car. The car roars to life. Do you need to consult a GPS to get to the meetup spot?
No. 995765 ID: e51896

You'll save batteries if you didn't. plus you do have a map.

no gps
No. 995767 ID: b1b4f3

You should in theory know your way there. No shame in using a map app to get directions if not?
No. 995795 ID: 12b116

maps are for the weak. Just wing it.
No. 995824 ID: d8e21f

You’re gonna let a piece of paper tell you what to do? No way.
No. 995829 ID: ce39da

You did pack an analog map, remember? Don't be afraid to stop and consult it if you lose your way.
No. 995852 ID: e5b672

psssh directions are 4 cowards. Save battery and go on memory.
No. 995858 ID: 4f5d63
File 161826956864.jpg - (194.48KB , 1800x1200 , 8801752C-801F-4014-87E2-FEE0DCAD96DE.jpg )

You know the meetup spot well, and have driven there many times through the rural countryside. Even so, the looming trees that line the road seem unfamiliar today, almost sharp, eerie, dangerous, like claws... Your rabbit ears twitch as you swallow hard. You turn the radio off and drive in silence, peering at the path ahead nervously, feeling particularly vulnerable in the grey morning.
No. 995859 ID: 4f5d63
File 161826961323.jpg - (142.97KB , 1800x1200 , FC56D698-69FA-46A1-9E14-3FC6FE4D0A13.jpg )

Your concerns ease as you approach and see Hock eagerly awaiting you. You exit your vehicle and wave as Hock jogs toward you.

How do you greet your friend? What do you discuss before beginning the hike?
No. 995861 ID: 708905

Greet enthusiasticily with a hug and firm backpat. Talk with them about their hike prep and make sure you are both prepped
No. 995871 ID: b1b4f3

Say hi, share your inventory lists so you know what the group supplies are and if you're short on anything.
No. 995873 ID: eedbeb

immediately lampshade the homoerotic nature of backpacking into the mountains together.
No. 996021 ID: 19da02

No. 996116 ID: 4f5d63
File 161837502407.png - (256.45KB , 1200x1800 , A8F4FA6F-DC02-472F-BD61-831C7DDD8C2C.png )

As you see watch Hock (athletic Hock... sweet Hock... handsome Hock...) approach, your mind briefly wanders against your conscious will. You imagine yours and Hock’s rabbit bodies intertwined as you embrace, holding each other close in a perfect world, content.

Hock’s firm hand but small slapping your back snaps you back to reality. “Mornin’, pal!” Hock says, “You ready?”

You nod to clear your head, and you quickly refocus on the matter at hand.
No. 996117 ID: 4f5d63
File 161837505948.png - (166.46KB , 1800x1200 , 91592803-5228-47F3-AB7C-6863FEADF1E6.png )

You briefly discuss supplies, equipment, and the general plan of how to scale the mountain. Hock marks up your map with notes and hands it back to you. You feel well prepared, but uneasy. How can you know you’re ready when you’re not entirely sure of what you’ll encounter?

Despite your copious hiking experience, you’re anxious to get going. The longer you delay, the more a creeping sense of dread seeps into your being.

You suggest the pair of you get going. As is your habit, you shake hands with Hock before beginning up the steep slope of the trail. By your count, you have about four to five miles ahead of you to get to the summit of Mount Amble. How have you strategized your trek with Hop?
No. 996122 ID: b1b4f3

Stick to the trail. Use your compass and map to get back to the trail if you somehow lose it. Don't get separated, turn back if you lose any important supplies.
No. 996124 ID: 8a51ec

A well-planned stroll along the trail, with necessary precautions taken to not get lost. You really just need to keep an eye on your map. Don't get distracted by gay thoughts.
No. 996125 ID: 894419



No. 996285 ID: e51896

Be wary of wild aminals that could eat you
Ask what Hock brought with him today.
No. 996659 ID: 4f5d63
File 161871710815.png - (204.25KB , 1800x1200 , C1668B11-A9FE-4772-B726-620EAA8AA89F.png )

You are the beginning of your trek with Hock. You have studied the map closely and have your route nearly memorized. Hock, less familiar with the path, asks you to give an overview of the hike. You briefly trace the path you intend to follow, pointing into the distance.

The hike itself is not the most challenging part of your trial, you and Hock both know. These hills are filled with dangers. You both mask your scent with some homemade a stench Hock had brought.
No. 996660 ID: 4f5d63
File 161871712818.png - (158.82KB , 1800x1200 , AECCBB6D-C438-469F-92C1-962410D54856.png )

It’s not long before you encounter your first obstacle: a wide and churning river of ice cold snow runoff. You squint through the mesmerizing swirls of water, you can see small, silver fish struggling against the current.

What do you do?
No. 996661 ID: eedbeb

obtain the fish. nothing is more important
No. 996664 ID: e7c7d3

There are no bridges nearby?
No. 996666 ID: b1b4f3

Look around for nearby bridges. If not... are there any logs you can topple over to make a bridge? Or any spots where you can jump over it?

Wading is not a good option unless you're ok with stopping immediately afterwards to dry out and warm up.
No. 996719 ID: 506f7b

Test how powerful the currents are with your walking stick, and how deep it is. Maybe if it isnt too deep and rough you can use the walking stick as a pole vault
No. 996786 ID: d09be1

Any parts of the current that is narrow enough to jump over?

Kind of weird the trail leads to a stream. Did there used to be a bridge here? Look for signs of a broken bridge.
No. 996929 ID: 19da02

No. 997867 ID: 4f5d63
File 161948561071.png - (183.36KB , 1800x1200 , F503CA92-A6EC-48C4-BF8E-93A628A2CC21.png )

This is strange. The river shouldn’t be running this high this time of year. The guide you’d read beforehand mentioned that it should be shallow enough to wade through, given you could dry off afterwards. You wander up and down the river for a while, looking for a crossing. You hear Hock shout that he’s found a way to cross the river.

The stepping-style stones seem risky, but a reasonable option nonetheless. You notice more of the fish have gathered near these rocks, probably because they provide good cover from predators.
No. 997868 ID: 4f5d63
File 161948566010.png - (186.11KB , 1800x1200 , C5BF96F8-826B-4AF0-B200-8B845E909645.png )

You agree to the crossing and follow Hock across the river. Hock leaps lithely from rock to rock, but you are less steady.

You eye the fish below, wondering briefly what they would taste like to a vegetarian.
No. 997869 ID: 4f5d63
File 161948568243.png - (158.61KB , 1800x1200 , 36F66CD0-55EE-4CF9-A004-D30FBDB488B4.png )

Tragedy. You slip on the slick rock and plummet into the water, smashing your side on the rock on the way down. You shout as you fall. The water is deep, and you crash through the surface. Your ribs scream in pain, and you’re stunned as you begin to sink. The fish near the rocks beneath the water are drawn closer instead of being scared away, which is only vaguely strange considering your extreme pain and shock.

You have the items you brought with you and your sharp skills. What do you do?
No. 997881 ID: eedbeb

fish: feast on shutter's flesh
No. 997882 ID: e7c7d3

Use your flashlight to fend off fish
No. 997961 ID: 19da02

try to get to shore as quickly as possible. Just ignore the fish for now.
No. 997970 ID: b1b4f3

Use your walking stick to push away from the riverbed!
No. 998689 ID: 15a025

Forget the fish, focus on getting to the shore.
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