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File 161725761012.jpg - (1.40MB , 1400x1050 , QuestStripFinal.jpg )
994099 No. 994099 ID: fd4d13

It’s strip poker night at Questden! You help decide who wins it all- and what the losers forfeit!

This is a massive seven-quest crossover game of strip Texas hold ‘em. The winner of each hand keeps their clothes and can make anyone who doesn’t fold do a dare. Each player has brought a special item they can bet as a last resort!

Suggestors vote for the fifth community card (the “river”) based on the reactions of each player. Feel free to suggest dares, but the players might be too distracted to listen!

The Players
(From left to right. Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy (assisted by Landi the Fairy), https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Arthurius Radiant, Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid, Enclosed Curtains, https://questden.org/wiki/Enclosed_Curtains
- Mary Kil, Bitequest, SEXCOM, https://questden.org/wiki/SEXCOM
- Willamina and Cat, Edmango, Catalyst, https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
- Alma Harjula, Gnoll, Inhabiting Malevolence, https://questden.org/wiki/Inhabiting_Malevolence
- Franklin, Clockwork Seal, Porn Quest, https://questden.org/wiki/Porn_Quest
- Queen Chinzebeth VII, Lonelyworld, Chinzebeth VII, https://questden.org/wiki/Chinzebeth_VII

The Rules
- At the beginning of each round, the dealer (Blingo Bopkus) will privately deal each player two hole cards and reveal the first four community cards (the flop and the turn). Each player then decides whether to fold. Players who fold automatically strip one item of clothing, but are safe from dares that round.

- Suggestors vote on what the river card will be based on the remaining players’ reactions. Each remaining player takes turns showing their cards and announces what they will dare the other remaining players to do if they win. The winning hand does not strip, and the losers perform the dare. Tie winning hands neither strip nor perform dares.

- Players are out when they have no items or eligible clothing left to bet.
- Players out of the game can still be dared.
- A player may decide to bet their special item instead of an item of clothing for a round.
- Players keep the clothes and special items that they win.
- Suggestors may suggest dares, items of clothing to remove, topics of conversation and drinks to be enjoyed.
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No. 1002452 ID: ca2950
File 162267687446.png - (623.16KB , 968x695 , drinkmore.png )

Alma takes off her boots and lobs them at Arthurius, just as he is climbing back up to the table. “I can’t keep taking off all the good stuff at once, so you can have these, but yer proloby a big perfert that gets off on women’s shoes or something. Pervert!”

“Woo!” Mary says, although her exclamation is cut short with a sharp intake of breath. She wipes her brow with a suspiciously dress-shaped napkin. “Yeah! T-throwin’ stuff!” Mary says, her breath catching again as she grips the edge of the table and bites her bottom lip.

“He’s not a shoe pervert!” Serah says. “He’s only got a hat hard-on!”

Alma waves her flask of party juice around willy-nilly. “That’s even worse! I’ve never even heard of that!”

“Ooooh, that does sound horrible,” Serah realizes. “You’d have to tell them the entire date that your eyes are down here!”

“Y-yeahhhhhh!” Mary says, breathing heavily. “That’s right!” she pants. “Just like that! What Serah said!”

“Yeah!” Serah takes a swig of her party punch and nods. “You’d be like, lower! Lower! Come on, you can pay attention to something other than that!”

“Lower! That’s right!” Mary digs her fingers into the felt.

“I can… kinda see the appeal,” Serah ponders. “In bad weather, you could kiss all you want and never get wet!”

Alma snorts. “Wow. Somebody is really bad at kissing.”

“Kisses under the hat should get you really, really wetttt…” Mary says as she exhales, squirming.

“Yeah! See, Alma? Mary gets it! Thanks Mary!”

”Fucking shit Landi” Mary mutters under her breath, “N-no, Serrrrrrahhhhh! Thank you!”
No. 1002683 ID: 1d109c
File 162291221397.png - (1.65MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational11.png )

Chinzebeth remembers something “Mr Sillyman, women are getting indecent, you best put on thatf blindfold, and take off a couple articles of clothing as per Mr.Arthurius’ Dare.”

Kog shrugs, : “Uh, yeah sure”

Kog Sillyman, manservant and part-time wallflower, removes his neckruff dutifully. He drops it on Arthurius, waking him up from a boot projectile related injury.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Ugh… whu? What happened? How long was I out?

He notices the crown next to him, gasps, and grabs it, holding it close to his chest.

Serah raises her eyebrows, but remembers that Kog is furniture and should be treated as such, and looks back at the real source of her problems: Queen Chinzebeth. So smug. So happy. So excited. So .... ah, she can’t stay mad at somebody so gleeful over getting a fluffy pet. Er, servant! Not pet. Definitely not a pet.

“So you lost, but also won,” Serah says. “Congratulations on your new Mary-like-person, I guess. Also, congratulations to you too, Arthurius. Even if you didn’t really win my corset. Why did I fold?!?!”

Kog shrugs “Seems to me both you and her majesty had your eyes on the prize, her majesty wanted the coin, and you I guess wanted Franklin . . . or maybe not, what do I know.”

:sp_arthurius_3: :And I won a golden crown... with diamonds! I’m so happy right now, that even if nobody takes my bounty hunting services here, this trip was well worth it. I actually own a huge collection of hats in my closet, and this one is a very valuable addition to my collection and is going in a special secure spot in a safe… oh yeah! Thanks, your majesty!

“This is marvelous! Truly marvelous!” Chinzebeth exclaims. “Mary, I say I am quite happy you came!”

“Ah’m real close,” Mary squirms in her seat and slaps the table, then shakes her head roughly. “Uh, yes! Glad yer’ so h-haaaaappy!”

“Did you have a particular Mary-person in mind when you asked for the Gene Point?” Serah asks, curious.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chinzebeth exclaims. “Why, I would choose an elegant but ferocious creature! One that could match my magnificence and power!”

“What about a fox?” Serah says. “Foxes are nice, aren’t they?”

Cat: I dunno I’d ask for like some kinda tiger or rhyno person probably.

Willamina: What about a HIPPO? They’re deadly!

:sp_arthurius_3: :My sis has a pet Tapir that she created, and they’re really good at eating nightmares. Imagine the sweet dreams you’ll have without having to worry about nightmares if you have a tapir soldier each night eating them!

“Um …” Serah frowns. “I think my fox- I mean, friend! Might not get along with a tapir. It’s nishe idea though.”

Arthurius shrugs

:sp_arthurius_3: :Well, it is the queen’s C.Org, not ours, so...

Alma wrinkles her nose. “Nobody else findsh it a little morally queshtionable to be fabricating people ash slaves? And this is comin’ from someone that works in a lab where they’re just growing monsters in the basement.”

Serah is too drunk to stop fantasizing about new pets.

Chinzebeth is intrigued by Serah’s earlier comments “Lady kensington you have a beastman pet? How wonderful! We should arrange some play dates!”
No. 1002687 ID: 8483cf
File 162291566634.jpg - (540.95KB , 1000x750 , mk11.jpg )

Mary slams her fists on the table, doubling over, twisting and writhing in her chair before she arches her back and screams “AH! AH! C-C!”

“Gesundheit,” Serah says with an absentminded glance leading into a wide-eyed double take.

“AHM CUMMIN!” She hollers, her words trailing off into a long, ululating howl as she rocks back in her chair, eyes rolled back, white-knuckled grip on the edge of the table. As her howl slowly tapers off, she slumps down in her chair, sliding halfway out of view.

“Huh-wha?” Franklin startles, suddenly snapping back to attention. “What’s going on?”

“Wait, is that what I think it is?” Serah studies a suspiciously-familiar napkin on the table. Then, quick as a flash, a tiny blue arm reaches up and snatches it under the table.

There’s a slight shuffling sound, and Landi clambers onto the table. Her whole body is drenched in … fluid, but her dress is only slightly crumpled and just a little sweaty.

“So what’d I miss?” Landi says with a roguish grin. “I mean, aside from Serah getting her titties out! Can’t say I’m surprised.”

Willamina: I WANT what she’s having, that looked great!

“Get in line, Bacon Bits!” Landi giggles.

:sp_arthurius_3: :... ummmm… I'm just going to let you two borrow this to clean yourselves up.

While blushing, He passes Mary and Landi what he thinks is a towel, too drunk to realize it is actually the belt he won from Chinzebeth much earlier in the poker game.

“Hey thanks!” Landi says, wiping herself down, leaving a shining sheen on her hair and wings. “Guess this rag is the closest I’ll get to a royal flush tonight.”

Mary stares off into space with a silly grin on her face.

“I can’t believe you two,” Serah says. “Why did I even bring you if not to embarrass me?”

“You’re doing a great job all by yourself!” Landi says.

Mary slowly returns to reality. “When I say that girl,” she points at Landi, “Knows her way around a pussy, I mean it pret-ty literally.” She smiles and picks the Gene Point token up from the table. “Well then!” she says. “I’d best go trade this in for Her Majesty’s C.Org.”

“Alrighty! Gimme just a sec.” She plops off her chair, wobbling slightly, and skitters off into the darkness, leaving a trail of moisture behind. There’s a bright blue flash, and silence.

“Hold on wait, is the round over?” Franklin asks, “What’d I even have? Did I win?”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Whoa! Is she alright over there?! And wasn't Bobby Slurpps over there too?! I'm concerned… should we be checking to see if they're not hurt or-

Another flash accompanies Mary scampering back to her seat, followed by a tall swan decked out in military gear.

“Grimothy, at your service, your Majesty,” the swan says to Chinzebeth, clicking the heels of his boots together and bowing.

“OH! He’s perfect!” Chinzebeth claps her hands with glee “He’s everything I could have hoped for!”

“Glad I can be of some use to you, Majesty,” he says, moving to stand behind her hoverthrone.

Mary, in the meantime, settles back down in her seat, sighs, leans back, and returns to soaking in her post-orgasmic bliss.
No. 1002690 ID: fd4d13
File 162292120138.png - (1.45MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00009.png )

Arthurius notices the portal to Cyberhell is still open, and decides to ask Glyt a question once he finds a break in the action against the cyber demons

:sp_arthurius_3: : Hey Glyt, so Franklin said that he met with some people in a kingdom that were literally butts, and opened a portal to see if you had some photographic proof...

“You just want to see big butts!” Serah teases. “Arthurius likes butts! Hehe!”

“Who doesn’t want to see big butts?” Glyt adds

Arthurius becomes very flustered

:sp_arthurius_3: :Do-don't be kink shaming-er-I mean, LISTEN! All I wanted to do was get some proof of that unbelievable statement that sentient butts exist because Im generally intrigued in knowing how they can even function in life and...

Arthurius suddenly realizes that statement came out really wrong and now finds that Serah is snickering even more. He quickly finishes his Absinthe in response. In his somewhat drunken state, he out of habit called Serah by someone else’s name as a result of her bullying.

:sp_arthurius_3: :S...STOP IT, LILLY!!

He sinks in his chair, trying to make himself invisible to everyone at the table

“Woah! Franky these hot babes . . . and less hot guys don’t believe our epic adventures? Even after you showed them your assx? That’s rough!” Glyt feigns concern

“Well in fairness,” Franklin responds, “I didn’t bring my assx with me to the party, it’s still back at my apartment.”

Cat: I mean it sounded unlikely, but if there were some kind of anthro penis people then that artifact he has totally makes sense. And if I’m making the mental leap of there being peni-people then there are probably ass-people too.

“I knew you were telling the truth, Frank...y?” Serah tests out Franklin’s nickname, hoping nobody notices.

Franklin’s ears involuntarily twitch toward Serah.

“Ass people would probably be pretty wary around penis people.You;d never want to turn your back on them… or front. How would that…” Alma trails off, squinting while staring into the distance. ”Ugh… That’s the worst.”

“I mean the Pen Islanders weren’t really people, they were like these weird Monsters that the Vagiants made for their war against the Asslanteans,” Franklin corrects Alma matter-of-factly, “But they lost control of them and it led to both of their civilizations getting fucked.”

“I got you covered boonta champ!” Glyt pulls out an Asslantian talisman, “I keep this around for luck! Only a talking butt person could make something like this . . . or like a really horny person who likes talking butts maybe!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :W...why was he looking at me when he said that???!

Tired of the bullying, Arthurius sinks further down his chair until he is hiding under the table

“Thanks for the help Glyt!” Franklin chimes in, “I need to get back to the game I think I zoned out for a minute and missed some stuff, I’ll be sure to call you back sometimes when there’s less demons around so we can catch up!”

Franklin looks around the table to attempt to figure out what happened while he was distracted, it looks like the game was a tie! He stands up and steadies himself on the table while he uncharacteristically sheepishly pulls off his Sporty Shorts, standing fully nude except for his socks! He walks around the table toward Arthurius and Serah.

Willamina: Uh-oh Serah! Watch out for the DANGER NOODLE!

Cat: The danger is his penis! So is the noodle.

Serah stiffens in her seat. She tries to hide her excitement by playing with her hair, but immediately gives up. It’s the hardest thing in the world for her to keep her eyes where they should be.

“Mmmmn delectable~” Chinzebeth coos while admiring Franklin

“Well, it looks like everyone else is giving stuff to Arthurius, so I guess since it’s a tie I should make sure that Serah gets some of the clothes, so I think I’ll give these to Serah!”

“Really?!” Serah reaches out with both hands eagerly.

Cat: Uh, I’m not sure that’s how this game work-

Willamina: SHHHHHH. Look how happy she is!

Cat: Uh, yeah. HAPPY. That’s totally the word I’d use.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Actually, I was the one who… ummm... nevermind… Serah can have it. Just don't throw any clothing at me… please!

He rubs his throbbing head in pain.

“Thank you, Franky!” Serah clutches the Sporty Shorts to her chest happily. “Um. It’ll be nice to know I don’t have to flop home- I mean WALK home naked!”

Serah’s just too excited at this point to do anything but clutch Franklin’s shorts and smile. She so, so wants to grab Franklin’s tail and pay him back for grabbing her butt earlier, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

Franklin gives Serah a wink, and then walks back around the table to his seat - picking up his fallen snortilla chip and trying one more time to toss it through a portal, with no success.

No. 1002693 ID: 8483cf
File 162292919874.png - (216.41KB , 1357x600 , BeefyarmFlop.png )

Serah tries to shuffle the cards one-handed and fails miserably. She resigns herself to doing her job properly, bites her lip and gets to work, clearly still regretting folding the round before.
No. 1002694 ID: 8483cf
File 162292922429.png - (787.47KB , 1058x1113 , Whatcardsarethese.png )

“Beefy Right Arm of the Forbidden One?” Serah says, confused. “Are these even the right cards?”

“Hmm!” Mary says, “This reminds me of a children’s card game from mah reality … “

Landi bursts out laughing. “Oh! I know these rules! Bobby’s apartment is awesome! Keep playing!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Again, how long was I passed out for?? Did poker finish and we're playing a different game now? What's happening?!

Without looking at her cards, Mary says, “If ah win, everybody’s gotta kiss somebody else at the table other’n me! With tongue!” She slaps her hands down dramatically on the green felt. “I already got enough kissin’ from Landi over there anyhow.” She winks.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Eh, Kisses? But I don't know the first thing about ki- I mean, I don't know who'd be interested in kissing me, I think I made the queen mad at me, and Alma has been trying to start arguments with me throughout the game for some reason…

Serah looks down at herself nervously. “I’m down to my last piece of clothing… but…” She frowns. “I have this, too!” Keeping one hand to her chest, she pushes her glowing orange flask into the center of the table.

Arthurius stares at the flask

:sp_arthurius_3: :Hey, so what kind of refreshment do you have there, Lady Kensington? You’re not drinking any of it.

Serah smiles proudly. “It’s not for refreshments. It’s for freshening up!”

Arthurius tilts his head.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Sooo… a freshment then? Please explain, I’m confused, Lady Kensington.

“It’sh a mutagen specially designed to give you silky smooth skin and shining shimmering lustrous locks!” Serah beams. “I’m very proud of it! It never wears off! I think. Uh, I mean, mutagens kind of... bind themselves to your essence’s re… regeneneratory index, so they should stick around for a long time. Like the one I have now that makesh me so tall!”

:sp_arthurius_3: : Whoa! Did you say… shining hair? Lustrous hair would look so fashionable with my hats! But wait... When you say shining hair, do you mean that literally? I wouldn’t want my hair glowing bright permanently like that, causing trouble sleeping at night...

“It’sh a metaphor. I think!”
:sp_arthurius_3: :Normally, that “I think” is what would make me worry the most…’ but I’m drunk, so who cares?! It is a risk to take If I want my hair looking fashionable with my hats! And even if it turns out to be literal, I can find out first hand why Landi and Mary liked to shine so much, and find out what it is to be me like Landi does!

Suggest the river card! What might it be???
No. 1002696 ID: e51896

Holographic Charizard Pokémon card
Or Arthurius' business card
No. 1002697 ID: 27edeb

Earthbind (Alpha Edition)
No. 1002699 ID: 629f2e


Agreed. Arthurius' business card is the best possible river.
No. 1002783 ID: e51896
File 162303196511.png - (1.03MB , 1280x720 , poker012.png )

“LOOK at us,” Willamina laughs loudly. “Bunch of half-naked IDIOTS fighting over crowns and potions. You know what would really be fun to argue over?”

“How many licks it takes to make a fairy-”

“SECRETS!” Willamina plows forward. “Dirty dirty secrets!”

“Secrets?” Serah asks. “What kind of secrets?”

“I don’t know,” Willamina shrugs. “Embarrassing secrets. Sexy secrets. Stuff you don’t want to see the light of day. I’d take those over a CROWN.”

“That does sound fun,” Cat says.

“It’s sounds incredibly dull if you ask me” Chinzebeth sighs “this is definitely more of Lady Kensignton’s sort of thing”

“So how about it?” Willamina asks. “Got any secrets, Lady Serah Kennnnnnnnsington?”

“Um…” Serah bites her lip. “I like muscly farm boys? That was my secret I gave up last- uh, last time I got drunk with Landi and started talking about boys.”

“That’s about as surprisin’ as the sun comin’ up in the mornin’,” Mary says flatly.

“Well…” Serah says. “I… mean… it’s not just that! I really like strong guys! I’m strong now, and I want my guys to be strong too!”

“So you like it ROUGH!” Willamina says slyly.

Cat: She wants to get taken to POUND TOWN, emphasis on POUND, and TOWN. and HARD. wait I didn’t say hard, pretend that was in there somewhere.

Serah stays silent.

Willamina: What about you hatboy? Got any secret squirmy little secrets hiding?

:sp_arthurius_3: :”eh? me? Putting me on the spot there… well… umm… ok, so… I never… ummm… I never… kissed or been kissed by another person..."

Arthurius is blushing hard, embarrassed for revealing that.

“You’ve been talkin’ about some girls you know back where you’re from. None of ‘em are sweet on ya?” Mary asks, suddenly very interested.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Well, there are two girls, but there are reasons why we can’t be more than great friends. Gimme a moment.

Arthurius pulls out his phone, and pulls up a picture of a human redheaded woman in a yellow hoodie to show to Mary

:sp_arthurius_3: : This is Lilly, a human dreamer who is working temporarily with us, and she has a life outside of our dream world which would make relationships difficult. She’s a bit of a scatterbrain, loves to cosplay and dress up for certain missions, but seems to like to pull annoying pranks and tease others for fun when she gets the chance, especially me for some reason… I think she once told me she has a boyfriend, but she never really brings him up.
No. 1002784 ID: e51896
File 162303198605.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , poker013.png )

Arthurius then swipes to the next picture of a female dreamcier in large glasses, and unkempt short hair

:sp_arthurius_3: : And then there’s Magnolia. Obviously, I refuse to date her because she is my sister. I already told you about her a bit, she creates dream objects and lifeforms. But she is not very talkative or expressive, so it is very hard to get a read on her… don’t get me wrong, she isn’t emotionless, just that she has difficulty expressing herself. I’ve been trying to get her to open up more at social gatherings like a romance festival, but the silly girl brought a teddy bear with her to date so others wouldn’t bother her.

Willamina: Oh yeah, I remember seeing her there. But I was *AHEM* distracted.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Really? Huh. small multiverse....

“I dunno why you couldn’t kiss either one of ‘em,” Mary says, shrugging. “I’m bettin’ it’s gonna be a good long time before I see Landi again. That don’t mean there was anything wrong with us foolin’ around now.” She thinks a bit. “As far as t’ other ‘n bein’ your sister, I think them two twins at the spa kissin’ would be real cute, so I’m for you kissin’ her too.”

Willamina: Me too TBH. I mean, I kissed my brother when we were younger, It’s not THAT weird if yer lonely.

Cat: Um. Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna kiss my bro though, I’m on the opposite side of that whole topic haha.

He puts his phone away.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Who knows, maybe you’ll meet them both if you come to the upcoming Beach Day? They’re pretty interesting people. But enough about them, what’s your secrets, Mary?

Mary taps her chin. “Bein’ perfectly honest, I’m pretty much an open book. Can’t say there’s much I don’t share. I guess the most secret thing I can think of is that I won’t go on a date with a Unit Commander unless they bring all their troops back from a mission with nobody bein’ wounded or a casualty.”

Cat: Well You all already know my secret, the whole power giving thing. That’s kind of the biggest secret I have. I guess If you wanted a sexy secret…

Cat: I’m really into Kin, like their fluffy chests and musk, just oooh It drives me wild you know?

Cat lies his head on the table and rolls it around in embarrassment


Willamina just laughs at his shenanigans and gives him a pat on the back.

Willamina: There, there, nothing wrong with being a FURRY! Got lots of those already wanting to bone ya down.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Cat, I mean, didn’t you say you had some jackal blood in you? Probably doesn’t seem bad admitting that… I think?

Cat: Oh right. I forget. Hahaha. Just, yknow, is embarrassing to say out loud, hahah.

“Is that what people call fluff fetishists?” Serah asks. “Species intermarry all the time where I’m from. I mean, noble houses are forbidden from that, but that just makes it all the more-”

Serah shuts up before Franklin realizes he’s forbidden fruit.

Willamina: Cat you can be a FLUFF FETISHIST! HAH, oh I’m stealing that Mary.

"You could still mess around and stuff tho, right?" Mary asks, staring intensely at Serah and cutting her eyes over to Franklin.

“It’s very frowned upon,” Serah says quietly. "I have to maintain my propriety at all times. Mostly. It’s complicated.”

"It would be real cute if you an' Franklin kissed though," Mary says, steepling her fingers in front of her. "Just imagine holdin' on to his little fluffy hand … "

Serah refuses to continue the conversation, but she does steal a longing glance at Franklin.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Speaking of Franklin… What’s your secret, Frank?

Franklin glances away from his portal

"That party I went to that I mentioned earlier? I told everyone I didn't see the sign that it was an orgy, but I knew."

He goes back to tossing chips in the portal.

Willamina: As for me uhhhhhh. I guess the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done was have sex with my BROTHER? That DIRTY enough a secret for ya?

"Izzat bad 'r somethin'?" Mary asks.

“Oh, sweet savior,” Serah says, dumbfounded. “Um… he was your stepbrother, right?”

Willamina: Nah, blood brother.

“You seem pretty okay with it, B.B.,” Landi says. “This here is judgement-free zone. And that’s not just ‘cause of what may or may not happen under the table.”

Willamina: I mean, the ONLY problem with that was that he got too clingy and wanted to fuck too much had to yell at him and take a firm stance on the topic. I LOVED him like a brother, but not like LOVE LOVE, ya know?

Cat: That… Kind of explains some stuff, I’ll have to like mull this over.

Willamina: Yeah, Goddess, when he professed his love to me that was that, had to cut the cord ya know, then life turned to SHIT. He allegedly died, lost my family, Blah Blah Blah.

Willamina: SOMEONE else PLEASE!

Kog thinks for a moment: “Uh once when I was minding the cash, a customer gave me a twenty instead of a ten. . . I didn’t tell them and kept the money.”

Arthurius’ strong sense of judgement causes him to gasp loudly at Kog’s heinous crime.

:sp_arthurius_3: : ALRIGHT! that right there crosses the line! I’m changing the subject right now with a dare! And I dare everyone to mix Landi's absinthe with Mary's punch, and drink it!
No. 1002854 ID: afe7de
File 162312084935.png - (45.23KB , 500x500 , CW_032.png )

“I’m tired of being naked,” Serah says. “I shouldn’t have even had to have taken my corset off. Chinshebeth is mean. Mean! You’re mean!”

“Oh! Idea!” She grabs two Snortilla chips and puts them over her nipples. “It’s not clothes! I’m not breaking any rules!” Serah smiles over her incredibly clever solution.

Willamina: Hmm, if it’s not clothes then I can just go over there and EAT them offa ya. I mean if they’re not clothes then your BREASTS are just plates right?

Cat looks lost in thought, imagining Willamina biting right into Serah’s boobs. He has a doofy smile on his face.

“You can’t eat off somebody else’s plate. That’s rude!” Serah says with supreme confidence. “Who would do something so unmannerly?”

“Willamina,” says Alma dryly.

Arthurius whispers to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"err… isn't the definition of clothes any item that covers the body? Eh whatever…"
No. 1002856 ID: afe7de
File 162312091769.png - (55.96KB , 500x500 , CW_033.png )

Cat: So uh, Will, I know we just walked into Bobby’s house and all, but I’m curious, is this place like linking different realities or dimensions, is it a product of his power, I mean we had to pay him like 10 Slushees to get in.

Willamina: I never really thought ABOUT it, it’s just a fun way to meet new PEOPLE and kin.

Serah: Is this place secret? That must be why my fairy made me wear a blindfold for the last part of the trip.

Landi: Huh? No, that was just so your head didn’t explode.

Willamina: I mean to us it’s a HOUSE, so….

:sp_arthurius_3: :"You mean… a full house?"
Arthurius laughs at his own cringey joke

:sp_arthurius_3: :As for me, I got here through one of the Bounty Corral Guild’s thought bubbles.
Arthurius looks around the room at Alma, Kog, Chinzebeth, Franklin, and Mary, curiosity growing.
:sp_arthurius_3: :”Okay, now I’m itching to know, may I ask how everyone else get here?”
“I just went to Extraspace an’ they used their machine,” Mary says, shrugging.
“I simply came by chauffeur shuttle” Chinzebeth states “Dimensional travel is common in my stellar empire”
Franklin: I just took a bus and walked up to the address I was given.
Alma: I was taking a transit gate somewhere completely not here. I still don’t know where I am.
No. 1002976 ID: ca2950
File 162327820890.png - (446.10KB , 878x768 , wasted.png )

Serah looks around the table and sees a lot of topless people, but only one person wearing glasses. “Oh! Alma’s winning! Yay Alma!”

“Is she?” Landi asks. “Her royal wigginess is doing pretty good. So is the Mad Hatter. You might be out soon, Ser-bear.”

“What happens if I lose?”

“You stop playing and go do whoever, uh, whatever you want. But people can still dare you.”

Alma holds up her leg. “I still have stockings, too. I’mma win!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Hi Win, I'm Arthurius!!! Nice to meetcha!"
Arthurius continues drunkenly laughing at his dumb jokes

Alma chugs liberally from her flask and stares off blankly into space. “Oh, right. I didn’t do a sss-eccret. I kind of think one of the research scientists where I’m stationed is kind of hot, but he’s got a wife and kid and his daughter is only a few years younger than me. So he’s basically old enough to be my father,” she sniffs and takes another drink. “Thas fine though. I’d be perfectly fine with callin’ him daddy, if you get my meanig.”
Shifting in her seat, Alma turns to face Chinzebeth. “A big, burly wall of meat whosh alsho a geenus? Ya can’t not want to just get a ride on that, amirite, yer… yer queenesty?”
She scoffs and waves her hand. “I mean, you’ve been around a schuper long time, you know how it ish.”

Chinzebeth squints for a moment “Did you just try and insult me? “ she laughs “How charmingly roguish you fluffy little rapscallion” she then starts gently running her fingers over Grimothy’s armor "You are correct however about big strong gene-enhanced warriors” she keeps petting the C.Org.

"Well, anyway yer maje… magister. I dare you to dance on the table if I win. Sexy dance, too.”
No. 1003211 ID: 9b127b
File 162347244693.png - (1.36MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational12.png )

“How devilish of you!” Chinzebeth chuckles and drinks another sip of he drink “If I must! But I’ll be taking Grimothy as my dancing party, er partner”

“Dance party?” Serah says. “We’re going to be all over the floor. Or at least I am! Rolling all over the floor. Wait, we’re naked! Especially Franklin! He’d be doing the no pants dance!” She giggles.

“Rolling around sounds like a really strange dance” Franklin adds, fumbling around with his arm through a portal with no discernible exit point.

“I don’t dance” Grimothy replies coldly

“Pish posh! Anyone can dance” Chinzebeth dismisses casually “I’ll show you how!”

Grimothy gives Mary a look which is somewhere between a glare of betrayal and a plea for help.

Mary looks right back, cooly, and says, “You gotta do what she says, buddy. Better get them feets a flappin’.”

“I understand” Grimothy responds with all the excitement of a man being sent to the gallows

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I still want to tangle with someone… Wait, I mean… tango? Uummm… nah, tangle is the correct word, hahahahahaha!"

Chinzebeth remembers that she’s playing a game still, “I can’t bet my shoes if I am to dance . . . oh dear … “ the queen looks down at her remaining items in embarrassment “I suppose I must bet my slip”

Looking uncomfortable, Chinze changes the topic. “Franklin as my dare you must express your honest feelings regarding miss Kensington”

Serah’s eyes go wide.

Cat and Will: YEAH DANCING!

They both get up and start to move around, its clunky, awkward, and kind of embarrassing because neither of them know how to dance.
No. 1003238 ID: 12b116
File 162352480332.jpg - (481.59KB , 1000x750 , mk12.jpg )

Mary contemplates her own tummy.

“Only the top nipples are lewd,” she says.

“What’s that mean?” Landi asks, lounging around her glass of absinthe and letting her sodden wings dry. “Are you saying you can’t get off rubbing your six-pack a’ pop-ups?”

Cat: I think all the nipples are lewd! Just giving them little nibbles is fun!

Cat: Have you ever motorboated someone with 6 tiddies, it’s a wonderful experience.

Mary keeps staring at her tummy.

“Well, they’re all erogenous zones,” Mary says. “Dunno if I can get off just from playin with my nipples tho.” She plays with one.

“Ahm just sayin’ it’s not lewd if you show off the belly ones if’n they’re basically just nipples.” She flicks several experimentally.

“I say it’s the tiddies that are lewd.” She bounces her breasts in her hands experimentally.

“Yeah that’s how it works.” Franklin adds in, nodding sagely. “A nipple is just a nipple. There’s way too many going around for all of ‘em to be lewd”

“Ah don’t gotta get five bikini tops to to go the public pool, right?” she asks.

“But then you’d get sunburned nipples!” Serah says. “All nipples should be nice and safe in swimsuits. Offerwishe you’d have tan nipples and regular nipples. That’s weird.”

“Look,” Franklin explains, “Guys don’t have to cover up their nipples, that’s not lewd. So it’s obvious that it’s not the nipples that are lewd. It’s only when they’re on boobs.”

“Well on MY world all nipples must be covered on the beach, both men and women” Chinzebeth counters.

“A marsupial can make different kinds ‘a milk from different nipples at the same time,” Mary says. “Like a high-sugar milk for the littler fellers and a higher-protein milk for the older fellers. At the same time.”

“If I had lots a’ nipples I’d want them all the same,” Serah says, examining her dynamic duos and imagining reinforcements. “With no sunburns. Way too sensitive!”

“It would be pretty cool to have nipples that make chocolate milk”

“What’s a sun burn?” Mary asks, flicking each of her nipples experimentally as if she were playing a nipple-based xylophone.

“Your skin turns red and peels,” Serah shudders, “And it hurts for DAYS! Everything you touch is pain!”

“Well that doesn’t happen for me,” Franklin says, “Is the sun in your world really big or something?”

“I never looked into the why. Only the WHYYYYYY.” Serah wails dramatically and slouches down, covering her chest from imaginary sunburns. Then an idea hits her. “You could come over to my world and-”

“I’d kiss ‘em better if they got sunburned,” Mary says, winking at Serah. “Canine saliva is good for wounds ‘n stuff.”

Serah winces, completely thrown off what little game she has. “... ow. Um, I’m not sure how well that would work. You really haven’t had a sunburn, then?”

“All the sunlight where ah live is artificial, so I dunno if Franklin’s just extra cool or if you’re just extra burny,” Mary says, tapping her chin.

Serah is too overcome with the imagined sensation of sunburned nipples to ask Franklin to investigate the burniness of her sun.
No. 1003251 ID: fd4d13
File 162353740660.png - (1.22MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00010.png )

“Also,” Franklin chimes in, Holding a hose of some sort of dispenser coming out of a portal to his side, refilling his vial with luminous blue liquid, “That’s a pretty bold dare you made there Mary. So I’m gonna turn it back on you! When I win, YOU have to kiss everyone around the table, with tongue!”

“She can’t do that!” Serah exclaims. “She’d bonk into everyone’s nose!”

“I’m perfectly proficient in kissin’ with tongue!” Mary shouts indignantly. “I just gotta turn my head to the side a little bit!”

Serah can’t really wrap her head around the idea. “Many boops.”

“I for one welcome any Mary boops” Chinzebeth adds “She’s a good little doggy!”

Mary makes her hands into little fists. “I kin kiss without boopin’!”

“Well,” Franklin adds cheekily as the trickle of party punch gradually fills his flask, “Once we reveal these cards you’re gonna get to prove it!”
No. 1003254 ID: 8483cf
File 162353954282.png - (44.24KB , 400x240 , Businesscard.png )

The river materializes as: Arthurius’s Business Card

SERAH has: Abercrombie & Fitch gift card, One-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club
ARTHURIUS has: 1st Edition Holographic Charizard Card, 9 of Swords Tarot Card
WILLAMINA AND CAT has: UNO reverse card, Penis Voucher (good for one custom penis up to 12”)
MARY KIL has: Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Exodia the Forbidden One
FRANKLIN has: 6 of clubs, a $25 gift certificate to Mr Gatti’s Pizza with the number scribbled out in sharpie and a “$12” written next to it
ALMA has: a Hearthstone goblin and an inexplicably sexy Renamon
CHINZEBETH has: AARP Membership Card, and a TGchan premium gold card

Mary Kil wins the hand by summoning EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!
No. 1003256 ID: 8483cf
File 162354001942.png - (912.98KB , 958x1394 , Mutagenloss.png )

“Impossible!” The blue-skin white panties flaps her wings in shock. “No one’s ever been able to summon him in a poker game!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Awwww… And I really wanted to win that mutagen. What were we even supposed to be doing that round!? It was so confusing… And why is my business card the river?! Why has it betrayed meeeee!?

Arthurius drunkenly crumbles up the worthless and totally not valuable charizard card and tosses it away.

“I lost,” Serah says. “That means Mary gets the beautigen! Hehe, beautigen. Here you go!” She slides the flask across the table. “What was your dare again?”

“Wait, did I actually win?” Mary says incredulously. “Haha I win! I win! All y’all gotta kiss!” She cackles maniacally and takes her winnings.

“Kissing!” Landi cheers. “Kissing time!”

“Kissing?” Serah freezes up and stares at Franklin from across the table.. It’s now or never …

:sp_arthurius_3: :Oh… Right, k-kissing, yeah! Ahahahah! Everyone knows how to kiss… umm… hahaha

Arthurius looks around the table nervously.
No. 1003721 ID: fd4d13
File 162418373635.png - (1.27MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00011.png )

“ ‘M done being ladylike. Come on, you can do this…” Serah says under her breath, psyching herself up. She grips the edge of the table nervously. “Um ... Franklin?”

Franklin looks over from the spectacle on the other end of the table, fidgeting with something under the table; and gives Serah a big, dorky grin.

Serah stares him right in the eye, face flush with drink and mind blown with need. “I want to kiss you really bad.”

Franklin takes a swig from his freshly-filled glass of party punch, setting it down before responding, “Actually, I think it might be pretty good

Serah catapults herself across the table.

Drinks crash, cards fly and chips crunch in a great, unholy racket. Before Franklin knows what’s hit him, he’s pinned back in his seat and utterly engulfed in Serah’s eager kisses.

Franklin claims Serah’s mouth with a deep, lingering kiss of his own. He draws out the moment, teasing her trembling lips with a slow, soft nibble, until Serah can’t restrain herself a second longer and she presses herself against him even harder. With a soft, pleading moan, she reaches between Franklin’s shoulder blades and grabs ahold of his fur, tugging tight and pulling as close as she can. She accidentally kicks a plate off the table, which might have been worth noticing five seconds ago but it’s not Franklin’s lips so who cares?

Serah’s tug is just enough to slide the legs of Franklin’s chair out from under him. He goes down with it- but the two are still twined around each other so tight that Serah is pulled under the table with him. There’s a resounding crash and a yelp as the two hit the floor.

The briefest moment of silence is quickly pierced by Serah’s shocked intake of breath as Franklin slips between her lips with a deep, moist kiss that’s instantly returned with redoubled passion. Neither one backs down, and their embrace only grows more heated with every passing second.

Mary claps slowly and gives Franklin and Serah a slow, dignified wolf whistle. “Now that’s a kiss!”

:sp_arthurius_3: : Wh-WHOA! Do our kisses have to be th-that intense?!

No. 1003722 ID: e51896
File 162418473134.png - (1.80MB , 1280x1440 , poker014.png )

Author's note: Special thanks to Harbard Grim for helping me with this update drawing Morpheus, and Phobetor. You can find his artwork here https://questden.org/kusaba/draw/res/37534.html

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Soooooo... our sandmen in our dream universe tend to bring people to specific dreams based off of what is on a dreamer’s mind, or in the deepest recesses of a dreamer’s subconscious… I’m interested in knowing what’s the weirdest dream everyone had recently been sent to with that in mind. Y’know, just to get to know you all more as potential clients to help deal with any nightmares you may have better.."

Cat: Uh yeah I’ve got a weird one. I recently went to an auction run by a demon where they used my achievement points to purchase goods and it appeared in the real world. Was that a dream or was I teleported? Did my soul leave my body. I have lots of questions about that tbh.

Arthurius is thinking hard, trying to connect the dots while whispering to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Auctions with demons… Achievement points… Dungeons… Powers… Apocalypse"

His fist starts to tremble and suddenly, he pounds his fist hard on the table causing it to shake a bit, grabbing the attention of everyone on the table.

:sp_arthurius_3: :OH SHIT! I SHOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN! I should have known that's what was going on with you two!"

Arthurius takes a long deep sigh to calm himself, rubbing his forehead. and after a long pause, looks around the table at everyone staring at him weirdly. He notices Cat looking particularly really worried like he made a terrible mistake bringing up the demon auction.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”S-sorry, I'm drunk. I’m not angry at you, I’m angry at those demons and what they’ve been doing with our dream universe and the dreamers. Anyway, yes, it was a quote-unquote “dream”, no your body didn’t get teleported, and no, your soul did not leave your body, it was just your subconscious mind just like any other dream. If you’d pinch yourself, you still would have woken up… Ummm… and yeah, I’d like to on behalf of the god of dreams Morpheus apologize that you had a dream like that… I’m ashamed to admit that he played a part in a certain contract to let that happen… You had questions? Lay it on me. I’ll answer.”

Cat: I mean I got stuff out of it, and it distorted reality so that the stuff acted like it was always there? That’s not really a dream, so I dunno how that happened. And there was this like... Illusionary seed. Basically what I’m saying is I'm confused. How can they do stuff like that using a dream?

:sp_arthurius_3: :*sigh* And they’re still stealing and selling our kingdoms' seeds… Bet they didn’t mentioned it requires dreamcier or nightmarecier blood for them to work properly either… Alright, That was indeed a dreamworld created by the demons through their auction site, but what’s going on with the reality distortion is that it's one part a large MANDELA EFFECT caused by the dream god Morpheus and the nightmare god Phobetor. They alter large groups of people’s memories to account for new things that happen as a result of any demon auction, all because of some peace treaty they signed. The other part of the reality distortion is demons setting up items and certain slaves to fit the new narrative.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Millenniums ago, the current Demon Queen Proserpina and the demons decided they wanted to use the dream universe for their demon war. However, Morpheus, and Phobetor caught on early to what she was up to after looking into the dreams of dreamers who experienced being in a world chosen for demon wars previously, and compared it to what was happening in our universe. They managed to put a stop to the demons setting things up early on, but in response, Proserpina decided to retaliate.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Phobetor and Morpheus had formed a temporary truce with each other to fight Proserpina together, and she turned out to be crazy strong, strong enough to hold her ground against two gods. But in the end, the fight was a stalemate with neither side gaining an advantage over each other.

Cat: Geez a demon as strong as a god?!?!

Willamina: Are we screwed? Do S rank heroes have the STRENGTH of a GOD?

Cat: Maybe the system is designed in such a way that we could never get strong enough to touch the truly top powers.

Willamina: Yeah, something killed Saba after all and he was S ranked. Probably even SS ranked if that’s a thing.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Ehhhhhhh... As a bounty hunter, I've learned not to jump to conclusions. So please don't start thinking things are designed to make it impossible to stand a chance. After all, you do have a power that can give other people powers, and even UPGRADE them, perhaps even to demi-godlike levels? who knows? Just don't be afraid to use your power and strengthen it as much as you can every day, now more than ever.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Anyway, Since things went nowhere, Proserpina instead decided to form a peace treaty, or demon contract with the gods which stated that demons shall never use the dream universe for demon wars in exchange for letting them build their own dream world at their auction sites that they can send dreamers to without interference, and have some sandmen of their own to bring the dreamers to their dreams for auctions. The treaty also required Morpheus and Phoboter to mind whammy groups of people to adjust their minds to things in the new distorted reality that happen after each auction.

:sp_arthurius_3: : it is a demon contract though, there are some hidden consequences. For one, it didn’t say that demons couldn't steal dream objects or dream organisms that dreamciers and nightmareciers create, and pass them up as artifacts or slaves and put them as prizes at an auction, which is why you saw one of our illusionary seeds earlier.
No. 1003723 ID: e51896
File 162418477580.png - (1.15MB , 1280x720 , poker015.png )

Cat: Thanks for the history lesson, this is all just so… weird.

Cat: Well they’re demons, can’t expect them to get every item the legitimate way. Or is that racist? Racism or not they’re killing kin on Faunus so I stand by my statement.

Willamina: Hear, hear!

:sp_arthurius_3: : Speaking of demons, My sis said she danced really briefly with some kind of anthropomorphic corkscrew with demon horns at that Romance Festival... she said he wasn't bad despite himself claiming to be a sociopath. But whatever, she's weird, but then again, I can respect that she can always find the good in people.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Anyway, I think I’ll bet my dreamcatcher net this next round... It’s getting outdated, and I could use a new one anyway… and I’m down to clothes I don’t want to lose. I use it to capture nightmares and nightmareciers… though I’m not exactly sure if it works in reality. What you can do though is put it near you as you sleep, and a sandman will take it with you to the dream world so if you face a nightmare, you can capture them in its web.

“It fixes nightmares?" Landi leans over the edge of the table and yells at the two lovebirds still going at it. “Serah! Serah, you have to win it!”

Serah doesn't even notice.

"Oh, well. I'll play for her this round!" Landi says. "We have to win it! Do you have any idea how horrible it is to have a pillow that whines? It’s bad! Also, the pillow is a fox.”

Cat: That actually might be incredibly useful. We both suffer from nightmares, and I expect we’ll be going through some pretty traumatic stuff and even get some PTSD, if we could get nightmare-free rest I’d call that a win.

Willamina: We NEED this. We can put it in the Winnebago’s bedroom.
No. 1003881 ID: afe7de
File 162435296661.png - (138.08KB , 500x500 , CW_034.png )

Willamina and Cat look at eachother and give a shrug.

Willamina: SO, who do we have to KISS?

Cat: Uhhhh, anyone? I’m lazy let’s smooch the kin next to us.

Willamina: I’m GAME.

Cat gets up and saunters over towards Arthurius, getting real close and up in his business.

Meanwhile, Arthurius doesn’t notice Cat coming in close as he is lost in thought over the realization that Mary’s win means that he is going to be getting his first kiss. He nervously talks to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Errr… I’m supposed to kiss somebody too, right? Umm… hahah wow, err… I’m not even sure how to start with that, like… I always thought my first kiss would be with someone I love… and how do I go about kissing someone? Who do I even kiss? Who would even want to kiss me or get kissed by me?? What happens if I kiss somebody, but they get really uncomfortable with me kissing them and they slap me or something?!? I-I-I don’t want to get hurt again! ACK! THIS IS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

At that moment, being reeeeeeeally close, Cat taps Arthurius’ shoulder, and as he turns to face him, expecting to answer Cat’s question, Cat grabs the back of Arthurius’ head and leans him forcfully into a huge sloppy kiss, with tongues tangling each other. Arthurius is at first in huge shock, almost about to try to struggle to escape, but he soon surrenders to this new feeling he is experiencing. He shuts his eyes and relaxes himself.

Willamina with quick reflexes manages to snap a picture of this moment.

When they finally free themselves from the smooch, Arthurius sits speechless in his chair in stunned silence, blushing, pupils in a state of dilation, and trying to process this new feeling he’s never felt before. Was this what it always feels like getting kissed? He beings to wonder if this is something he actually enjoys, and if he should consider giving dating a try whenever he is off work to try getting smooches from other people.

Or was this just the alcohol making him feel this way?
No. 1003882 ID: afe7de
File 162435298722.png - (11.44KB , 500x500 , CW_035.png )

Regardless, he finally speaks up, albeit awkwardly.

:sp_arthurius_3: :ummm… Errrr… Th-thanks for loosening me up there…
Cat: No problem!
Cat gives Arthurius a pat on the head and heads back to his seat, picking up the camera and getting ready to snap a new photo.

Mary claps gleefully and gives Arthurius and Cat a wolf whistle and a thumbs-up.

Willamina then follows suit and heads over to Arthurius, feeling some competitiveness. She grabs him by the shoulders and just starts slobbering all over his mouth, sitting on him and having a generally good time.

Arthurius almost tenses up, but after experiencing his first kiss with Cat has become a little more comfortable with the second kiss. He almost raises his arm to grab Willamina’s back and lean her closer to him, but decides against it, worried about how she might react, and remembering that Mary had said her friend has romantic feelings for Willamina, not wanting to ruin that relationship. He does however allow his tongue to playfully twist around Willamina’s tongue a tiny bit this time around.

However, Willamina uses this opportunity to playfully move her arms from his shoulder to his neck and steals his bowtie. She then passes it over to Mary.

Arthurius getting the wrong idea becomes very nervous over this, thinking she might be stripping him with the intention of taking this to the next level.

:sp_arthurius_4: :Eep! Ah! Alright! Th-thanks Willamina! That was fun, and I really appreciate you and Cat for giving me a confidence boost, but th-there’s n-no need to take this further. *whispering to himself* I wanna save myself for someone I truly love with all my heart and would want to spend the rest of my life with after all.

As everyone’s distracted with Willamina kissing Arthurius Cat quickly strips his underwear, letting everyone get a peek at his shaved junk before trying to fling his donut undies at Mary, but they only get halfway across the table since the elastic is too weak.
No. 1004107 ID: ca2950
File 162460869624.png - (562.73KB , 834x768 , striipin.png )

Alma staggers to her feet and manages to get her panties off without falling over.
“Oh no… I lost,” she murmurs. “I don’t have any clothes left.”

“Your panties ‘r cute!” Mary says, scampering across the table to grab them. She scurries back to her seat and gives them a little sniff. “I’mma keep these ones.”

Landi giggles and looks up at Cat. “You wanna tell Alma or should I?”
No. 1004108 ID: ca2950
File 162460882714.png - (578.72KB , 1024x667 , licikn.png )

"I gotta kiss somboddy with tongue, yeah?"

Alma leans over and catches herself mid-stagger on the edge of the table before she schlorps her tongue up Willamena’s face.

Willamina reciprocates, grabbing the back of Alma’s head when she tries to pull away and making it last a few more seconds, surprising Alma and giving her a little wink.

Alma opens her mouth in a silent shriek at being licked by a fleshy alien.

Willamina: THERE!

Arthurius, feeling a little more confident from his kisses, whispers to Cat to sneak a picture of the licks with Willamina’s camera. Cat snaps a picture.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”There”

Mary gives a firm thumbs up. “It counts,” she says.
No. 1004336 ID: 9b127b
File 162477807855.png - (1.33MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational13.png )

“We’ll we’ve lost” Chinzebeth smiles “by the rules Grimothy we must kiss”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”W...Wait Queen Chinzebeth! I don’t think that a good idea”

“I too would advise against this” Grimothy seconds

Chinzebeh huffs in annoyance “You must obey me! Now give me a kiss”

Grimothy shrugs and moves in for a kiss

“Ow!” Chinzebeth exclaims and pulls away

Grimothy opens his mouth to reveal his tongue serrations.
No. 1004358 ID: e51896
File 162484562908.png - (1.20MB , 1280x1280 , poker016.png )

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Mary! I get the impression that you enjoy seeing people forming bonds and fall in love with each other.”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”I wanna ask, considering everyone who is in this room's personality, who would you ship each of us with? You don't have to ship us with another person In this room, it can be someone from your world, or another world too… asking because i'm kind of interested in forming a loving relationship with someone after that kissing dare.”

Mary considers the question.

“Ah think you should get with the one that ain’t your sister. I have a feelin’ she’s sweet on you.”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”You mean Lilly? Her being sweet??? HAH! Though while I will admit she is cute… I don’t think my species can reproduce with dreamers...”

She casts her eyes around the room. “Ah guess Will ‘n Cat are cute, but ah think Will is cuter with the scarred up girl back at the base.”

Will: Eh, fair, we did have some chemistry.

She turns her gaze to the general area where Serah and Franklin are on the floor. “Them two are cute. I’m for it.”

Something bumps hard against a table leg, jiggling the drinks in agreement.

She looks over at Chinzebeth. “Ah think royal majesties have concubines, so ah don’t think it’d be appropriate to ship her majesty with just one person.”

“Concubines?! How scandalous!” Chinzebeth smiles at mall little Mary“As adorable as you are, I have no lustful interests in women”

She looks over at Alma. “Ah think Alma and Landi should kiss. That’d be cute. Although ah ain’t gonna lie, if Landi wants to come over an visit, I wouldn't say ‘no,’” she winks at the fairy.

Landi blows Mary a kiss. ”Mwah.”

“Them there are mah ships,” Mary says,satisfied.
No. 1004445 ID: 12b116
File 162493862805.jpg - (492.26KB , 1000x750 , mk13.jpg )

Mary Shuffles the cards and deals. With a serene expression, she swipes her own two cards onto the floor without looking at them.

“Ah fold,” Mary says, “Ah’ve already won everything ah’d want.” She relaxes in her chair, waving to the other participants. “Go in peace, mah children.”

The turn and flop cards are 7 of Hearts, 8 of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, 9 of Diamonds

Cat: Ughhhh are we gonna lose this hand too!?!?? What is with these cards.

Willamina: You CAT win em all heheheheh.

Willamina: uhhhh if we win, let’s see…

Cat: BEANZ! I wanna touch some beans!!

Willamina: OOOH, Me too! Mary and Alma we get to touch your toe beans if we win! And Franklins if he has any!

Cat: Though uh, we’re probably going to lose this hand even if we get the ACE we need. *SIIIIGH* a man can dream.

“What’s this?” Landi kneels down and peeks underneath her cards. Her wings perk up in interest. “Oh, fuck yeah! If the river’s a five, I’ve got this in the bag! And Serah will have her one and only win thanks to me! Hehe! Now I gotta think of a dare...”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Well, as I said, if I lose, I’ll give the winner my net. I sure hope I remember I betted this thing after I sober up, or else I’d freak the fuck out, HAHAHAHA! Ha ha… haaaaa…

Arthurius thinks a moment of his dare

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Alright! If I win, I dare everybody, including myself, to play the next round… under the table! It's so hard to get a look at everyone if the table is in the way… Wait, that was perverted to say… eh, I'm drunk. So what...I might have a chance if some kind of 8 shows up… or even better, a 6. any symbol would do, spades my lucky symbol though…

:sp_arthurius_4: :”And if I were to guess, considering Franklin lost all his clothes, he might bet something he has in his bag… Maybe his ring? Whoooooo knoooows?”
No. 1004447 ID: b6ad84

It's a real toss-up, but ultimately I say give Landi the win.
No. 1004449 ID: 818106

Will and Cat for BEANZ. Ace of clubs (since ot kinda looks like beans.)
No. 1004458 ID: 8483cf
File 162494463231.png - (410.94KB , 905x771 , Lounging Landi2.png )

“Beanz, beanz, Will wants to touch,” Landi says, kicking her feet back and forth to the rhyme. “I think Cat likes, them more than butts. Hee!”

Cat: Beans are obveously superior.

Willamina: I dunno, butts are pretty COOL, especially since some of them have FLUFFY TAILZ

“This table needs more of both,” Landi agrees. “And Serah needs more clothes! If I win this hand, all the losers have to take off one additional item of clothing! And no using special items in response to this bet one- if you’re gonna bet your item, announce it now! Like Arthurius announced!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”So if I lose, I have to give up both my net and an item of clothing?”
No. 1004459 ID: 8483cf
File 162494465702.png - (192.82KB , 559x443 , Surprised_Landi.png )

“Yes!” Mary decrees from her place at the table. “An’ since Landi’s playin’ Serah’s hand she’s gotta strip down to her panties, ‘cause that’s all Serah’s got left!” She nods. “So mote it be!”

“Huh?” Landi’s mouth drops open. “What? Where’s that in the rules?”

“So. Mote. It. Be.” Mary says, her expression stern.


:sp_arthurius_4: :”Well, I'm no coward, and anyone who folds after hearing what this risky dare was, and not before it got announced is considered one, so I'm not folding!”

“Grr!” Landi growls. “All this just to hold a win over Serah’s head? Even if I win, I lose!” She whips around and looks at Willamina. “Promise there’s not gonna be any pictures!”

Willamina: I PROMISE to take pictures!

“If you didn’t give me such good absinthe, I’d put a curse on you so bad!” Landi whines. She stomps her foot and fiddles with the knot on her dress. “Something something spinning wheel!”

Landi pretends to have difficulty with the knot on her dress’s shoulder and ducks behind the bottle of absinthe like an awkward fairy ninja, hoping everyone forgets she was there a second ago.

“That river better be a five,” Landi grumbles.
No. 1004460 ID: 629f2e

I want to stoke Landi's ego with a win, so let's make the river a 5.
No. 1004462 ID: 10c07d

No. 1004465 ID: 0fae41

8. Begone, table!
No. 1004466 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, ditch the table.
No. 1004482 ID: fa88b3

It's 5 time!
No. 1004892 ID: afe7de
File 162553313934.png - (613.67KB , 969x1321 , CW_036.png )

Through the absinthe bottle, a Landi-shaped silhouette can be seen sliding off her flats.

“You all just wait and see!” Landi shouts. She chucks her flats out from behind the bottle and gets to work on her dress’s knot. “I’m the luckiest girl here. Nobody’s gonna beat my hand!”

Arthurius stares at Cat and Willamina in contemplation.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Pardon, but have you two heard of or seen a young woman named Lilly Teagarden in your universe? She has long red hair, freckles, blue eyes, in her early 20s. I wanted to know if she lives in your world since her clothing fashion looks closest to you two compared to the other humans here."

Cat: Uh, the world’s a big place, but I can do a PAWNGLE search real quick to see if there’s any missing person reports by that name. At the very least I can check if she’s from Midland.

Cat pulls out a little purple rectangular device with a touch screen, his COMM, and starts searching for her online.

Meanwhile, Landi’s silhouette is still fiddling with her dress knot.

“This is gonna be so worth it,” Landi psychs herself up from behind the bottle. “Soooo worth it. Serah’s gonna be like, ‘Yeah you are the luckiest, best poker player here, and you getting those clothes for me totally makes up for the incident with the disappearing dress! Totally!”

With a single quick, decisive motion, she undoes the knot and slides her dress down. “Hup!” She kicks it off her foot and gives a hard flap of her wings, sending the dress in a looping arc over the bottle and landing in the middle of the table. “Fuck yeah! Trick shot!”

Cat: Let’s see. Lilly Tardegrade, Lilly Loubelle, Lilly Lestrange…

Willamina: My aunt was CALLED Lilly, but she was like in her 30s.

Cat: Not finding anyone under that name, sorry.

Arthurius shrugs

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Eh, that’s alright, the multiverse is endless, so it was expected. She’s an interesting dreamer that I met under unusual circumstances. She’s a pretty curious person, loves to dress up… though, she is a bit of a teaser. Maybe you should come over to this year's Beach Day this summer, you two might get the chance to meet her then. You'd all probably make good friends"
No. 1005054 ID: 9b127b
File 162570339278.png - (1.45MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational14.png )

Queen Chinzebeth had just finished slowly removing her slip, mumbling and stuttering to herself, while hiding behind Grimothy.

Upon hearing Landi’s dare, she jumps with a start “Two items?! I simply couldn't!” she looks down at her meager remaining garments “I have nothing left to bet! I fold and surrender my throne to the victor!”

Chinzebeth tosses her Slip onto the table without leaving cover.

Mary scampers onto the table to retrieve her slip. “Ah think this’ll be a fetchin’ dress,” she says, rubbing the fabric between her fingers as she scurries back to her seat, wrapping it around her shoulders like a fancy stole.
No. 1005286 ID: ca2950
File 162594937486.png - (706.64KB , 916x797 , zap.png )

Alma staggers up and starts gathering swirling masses of energy in her hands.
“Two closs? You’re trying to get me naked! You jus’ wanna be ab to lay yer eggs in me er sothin’” she slurs, wobbling precariously while waving her hands about.
“I’mma fry all ya an’ save the worl, ya freegy aliens!”

Chinzebeth cries out in shock “My goodness! Guards! protect me from the rabid mongrel!”

In a swift motion Grimothy draws his rifle “stand down lady! I’ve not been trained for non-lethal combat!”

“You wanna go, bird man?

“AHH!” Landi shrieks. She ducks and covers behind her absinthe bottle and draws on her years of drunk logic. “You’re still wearing glasses n’ socks! You can’t get eggs in you if you’re not naked!”

“I’ve ben attag’d by aliens before. I know how it worksh!”

Arthurius grabs his net to protect himself, even though it isn't really one of his weapons that can protect him and more of a nightmare capturing device.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”You know you could always fold and just strip one item instead of two… or just quit and leave. Or maybe bet an item along with an article of clothing. And ummm… this isn't your planet you're saving, I think it's Franklin's.”

Grimothy responds “you know what glasses? I DO want to go. As far as I’m concerned you’re all drunk horny weirdos, some honest to god brutal combat would be a nice change of pace.” he clicks off the safety and levels the rifle.

Arthurius attempts to stop the incoming fight by standing between Alma and Grimothy, and arms stretched out to distance the two of them.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Now, now. Both of ya chillax, this is a party, remember? not a war zone. We're here for fun, not to kill each other like primitive cave people. If you're both gonna fight, leave and take it outside. Besides, I think killing a player is a disqualification.”
No. 1005299 ID: 96c896

No violence in the strip poker match!
No. 1005314 ID: 51ac1e

Agreed, no violence... unless it involves clothing damage
No. 1005361 ID: 10c07d

Clothing damage is always acceptable
No. 1005451 ID: bb78f2

oh my god alma, you have kids? do you have pictures?
No. 1005914 ID: fd4d13
File 162663120750.png - (1.12MB , 1400x1050 , illustrSTRIP00012.png )

“Yeah, what Arthurius said!” Landi says. “No fighting! If you’re gonna fight, take it outside! Look, you’re scaring Mary!”

Mary had immediately skittered under the table when Alma started freaking out, where the view is much better (and safer).

Cat: Woah Woah Woah, I really don’t want there to be a gunfight, this is supposed to be our fun day.

Willamina: Uhhhh yeah, I’d rather NOT have to fight right now. That gun looks like it fires METAL BULLETS and I’m not into dying right now.

Willamina and cat both fidget with something underneath their table, they seem tense.

Cat: At the very least, please don’t use guns with REAL BULLETS, just like fistfight or something.

Arthurius takes a quick glance at Franklin and Serah to see how they are responding to the situation. They are still making out not even aware of what is happening. He puts his attention back at Alma and Grim

:sp_arthurius_4: :Alma, if you don't want to risk your clothes getting stripped off, just leave the game and go home, Grim, if you kill or severely hurt Alma or anyone here, the queen is disqualified, and I think that will piss her off. Plus, scaring Mary might make your queen mad at you. Just dare somebody instead.

Alma gestures wildly. “I’m not doing anything. That guy is being a dick.”

“Ahhhh!” Landi yelps. “She’s making magical hand gestures at me! I’m too pretty to die!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :Errr… actually, I think she’s so drunk, she forgot she was threatening us… Grimothy, it is okay to put your gun away.

“It seems the hostile has ceased it’s aggression, no further action is necessary” Grimothy locks the safety and lowers the rifle “... for now, I’m watching you sorcerer”

“Wait, am I safe now? I’m not going to get blown up?” Landi asks, peeking out from behind her bottle.

“Oh my poor heart” Chinzebeth moans

Franklin pops his head up over the table, light pink smeared through the fur on his face, tossing his socks over toward Mary. “OH yeah, I guess I gotta make a dare, huh. Well, I’m already naked…”

There’s an excited gasp followed by the thump of something hard hitting the underside of the table.

“So I guess to stay in I have to bet something else. I guess … hmmm, I’ve got that magic ring I brought with me, so I guess I’m betting that for the rest of the game! You all better watch out though, I’m feeling pretty lucky!”

He scratches his chin briefly, adding “Oh and for the dare, well, Mary already got everyone to kiss each other, so when I win this hand, everyone that loses has to give Mary a smooch! How abo-” Franklin is abruptly cut off as he is dragged back under the table, with muffled giggling ensuing.

“Kiss mah foot,” Mary says blearily to no one in particular, holding up one of her paws and spreading her toes.

:sp_arthurius_4: :Didn’t Cat say he likes beans as he called them or something? He’s probably got you covered on that, Mary
Cat: I would 100% kiss your beans. As sloppily as you want!
:sp_arthurius_4: :As for me, now that I have some experience smooching, I think it's fair to practice kissing, especially if I wanna someday start a relationship, which is why I call dibs on smooching Mary’s head… I mean snoot! Yeah! Snoot![/small].
No. 1005948 ID: 12b116
File 162665222623.jpg - (1.56MB , 2000x1500 , mk14.jpg )

The river materializes as a Five of Cups.

SERAH AND LANDI has: Six of Clubs, Six of Spades
ARTHURIUS has: Five of Spades, Eight of Spades
WILLAMINA AND CAT has: Ace of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds
MARY KIL has folded.
FRANKLIN has: Six of Diamonds, King of Hearts
ALMA has: Queen of Spades, Eight of Hearts
CHINZEBETH has folded.

SERAH AND LANDI and FRANKLIN win with a straight!

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: get every character to win a round at least once

Arthurius gives his net a hug before whispering goodbye to it, hoping no one heard him.

Landi steps out from behind her absinthe bottle and examines the cards gleefully. “Holy shit! We won! Serah, we won!” She pumps her fist and lets out an elated shriek. “I did it! I got us our first win! And your boy toy won too!”

"Neat!" Franklin calls out from under the table.

“Yes! Very neat!” Serah echoes.

“I know you’re busy down there, so you can tell me how awesome I am later,” Landi says smugly. “Now gimme your clothes, everybody! I think Serah would look great in glasses!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :"So that means Mary and Alma is out of the game… unless Alma has a desperation item for the future rounds"
Mary slowly strips her garters off, letting them dangle from her feet before she places them on the table one at a time.

“One fer each ‘a ya!” she says.

“Fuck yeah!” Landi says with a clap of her hands. “What a great party. ‘Snot offen I get to have this much fun anymore now that I’m shacked up with Serah. Love ya Mary!”

“Yer a … a fuckin’ sweetheart, Landi,” Mary slurs drunkenly. “We gotta hang out again!”

Mary then addresses the table generally.

"I'm ready for mah smooches," she says, holding her hands and feet above the table.
No. 1006118 ID: 8483cf
File 162692269697.png - (787.84KB , 1006x1126 , LandiWin.png )

“I love the feeling of sweet, sweet victory,” Landi says, swaying slightly, the absinthe finally catching up with her. “Hey. I’m not cold anymore! I’m nice and hot. Hottttt. Is this what being Alma feels like?”

She flaps her wings to try and fan herself and nearly falls over.

“Oh yeah, I’m all outta dust.. ugh! Who bothers with the laws of physics anyway? Nobody cool, that’s who. And I’m super cool.”

“Ah thought you said you were hot!” Mary says, giggling.

“You know it!” Landi looks down at herself and lets out a giggle. “I can’t believe this. I mean, it’s strip poker, but still, hoooooly shit! This is, like, super weird for me right now. I feel so naked!”

“Ah don’t even feel naked and I am naked!” Mary says, lounging in her chair. “Naked is just a state of mind. Yer as clothed as you wanna be.” She taps the side of her head with one claw.

“I’d rather be much more clothed than I am right now,” Chinzeth mutters.

“Ah think you look great, your grace!” Mary says, shooting the queen a wink.

Arthurius takes his attention off his net and looks over at the general direction of Serah and Franklin who is still making out under the table and getting slightly more intense.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Soooooo... is Serah not playing anymore and you're taking her place? I'm fine with that! and I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to strip her panties off for Franklin even if she won this round when she doesn't have to with the rate they're going, heh heh heh!”

“Oooh, she might! She’s such a good party girl!” Landi rubs her hands together gleefully. “But I think she’ll pop up when she’s good and ready. I wonder if she’ll do it before or after Franklin does… hee!”
No. 1006119 ID: e51896
File 162692498923.png - (1.30MB , 1280x720 , poker017.png )

Arthurius picks up his net and places it on the table, being prepared to hand it over to Landi.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Well, this will be the last time this ol’ thing will be in my possession before I hand it over and get my sis to make me a new improved one… hahhh, the memories I had with this thing... I kind of wish I had some way to demonstrate how this net works to you by capturing one last nightmare with it... but, there aren't any nightmares around… hmmm...”

Arthurius thinks about it for a moment then gets an idea. Not a good or bad idea, but an idea nonetheless.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”I guess the best I can do with it as a demonstration right now is to kinda fan somebody with it to cool them off… so... who wants to get fanned? I’ll only do it for one person!”

Landi springs to her feet excitedly, stumbling around more than a little bit as she steadies herself. “Oh! Me! Do me! I need a good blow-dry!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Errr… my net is not a blow-dryer, it doesn’t even heat up, but whatever, I’ll give you a good fanning”

Arthurius picks up his net, gets up from his chair, and starts fanning Landi in her direction. However, considering Landi’s small size, the wind from the fanning proves to be a bit too strong for her. Her wings catch the breeze just a little too much and she whizzes a few feet across the table like a shuffleboard puck, coming to a rest just at the edge of the table next to Willamina and Cat’s seat.

“Whoa! Almost landed in Kit Kat’s lap!” Landi grabs a plate to steady herself and gives him a smirk. “Wouldn’t want that to happen, now, would we?”

Cat chuckles and gives Landi a few pats on the head.

“Still, that was AWESOME! Gravity is so weird without any dust. Do it again, Dreamboat!” Landi claps her hands and dashes back to Arthurius. “Blow me harder!”

Cat: Blow her huh? Heh. Heh. heh.

Willamina: Cat YOU’RE drunk Cat.



Annoyed by the argument, Arthurius moves to the other side of the table between Mary, and Franklin and Serah who are still making out on the floor behind the table and getting handsy with it. Arthurius does his best to ignore them and stares directly at Landi, Cat, and Willamina

:sp_arthurius_4: :”COOL IT!”

Arthurius gives large hard sways of his net towards Landi, Cat and Willamina. Landi tumbles head-over-heels off the table and flies into Cat’s lap. “Whee!”
No. 1006120 ID: e51896
File 162692502371.png - (843.07KB , 1280x720 , poker018.png )

Cat: Uh Ah Um. *hmm* Uh oops

There’s a light bump from under the table and and “OOF” from Landi

There’s a giggle from under the table. “Wow! Is this all for me?”

Cat lifts Landi back up onto the table. She’s sporting a big grin.

:sp_arthurius_4: :”Errrrrr...I don’t wanna know, just take the net, and please don’t break it. And, well, even though you have something to protect you from nightmares, I still hope you use my services all the same.”

“This is real nice! I’m finally gonna fix my fox!” Landi beams. “I’ll think of you every time I get a good night’s sleep without a squeaky pillow!”

:sp_arthurius_4: :”I… have to strip something off too along with giving away the net as the dare says, right? Lemme mentally prepare myself for this please.”
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