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File 161725761012.jpg - (1.40MB , 1400x1050 , QuestStripFinal.jpg )
994099 No. 994099 ID: fd4d13

It’s strip poker night at Questden! You help decide who wins it all- and what the losers forfeit!

This is a massive seven-quest crossover game of strip Texas hold ‘em. The winner of each hand keeps their clothes and can make anyone who doesn’t fold do a dare. Each player has brought a special item they can bet as a last resort!

Suggestors vote for the fifth community card (the “river”) based on the reactions of each player. Feel free to suggest dares, but the players might be too distracted to listen!

The Players
(From left to right. Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy (assisted by Landi the Fairy), https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Arthurius Radiant, Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid, Enclosed Curtains, https://questden.org/wiki/Enclosed_Curtains
- Mary Kil, Bitequest, SEXCOM, https://questden.org/wiki/SEXCOM
- Willamina and Cat, Edmango, Catalyst, https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
- Alma Harjula, Gnoll, Inhabiting Malevolence, https://questden.org/wiki/Inhabiting_Malevolence
- Franklin, Clockwork Seal, Porn Quest, https://questden.org/wiki/Porn_Quest
- Queen Chinzebeth VII, Lonelyworld, Chinzebeth VII, https://questden.org/wiki/Chinzebeth_VII

The Rules
- At the beginning of each round, the dealer (Blingo Bopkus) will privately deal each player two hole cards and reveal the first four community cards (the flop and the turn). Each player then decides whether to fold. Players who fold automatically strip one item of clothing, but are safe from dares that round.

- Suggestors vote on what the river card will be based on the remaining players’ reactions. Each remaining player takes turns showing their cards and announces what they will dare the other remaining players to do if they win. The winning hand does not strip, and the losers perform the dare. Tie winning hands neither strip nor perform dares.

- Players are out when they have no items or eligible clothing left to bet.
- Players out of the game can still be dared.
- A player may decide to bet their special item instead of an item of clothing for a round.
- Players keep the clothes and special items that they win.
- Suggestors may suggest dares, items of clothing to remove, topics of conversation and drinks to be enjoyed.
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No. 997725 ID: e51896
File 161939036088.png - (1.10MB , 1280x720 , poker005.png )

Arthurius takes one last glance at Mary’s party punch. After a moment of contemplation, Arthurius finally speaks up.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"hmmmmmm… I’m probably going to really regret this but… after Alma’s great display of courage when the odds were against her during that last round, I feel it is only fair for her that I take her and Serah’s dare even though I don’t have to… Mary, could you pass me a drink, please?"

Mary giggles like an imp and quickly fills a flask for Arthurius. “Here y’ go, honey,” she says, passing the somewhat sinister beverage to him.

Arthurius closely examines the drink, weighing his options.

Landi flits beside his ear. “Hi! I’m your shoulder angel. Do it! Dooooo it! Do it!”

Willamina: Cmonnnnnnnn, don’t be a WIMP, drink like the rest of us.

Arthurius gives a quick sigh to prepare for the inevitable

:sp_arthurius_2: :"As I said, I tend to be… rude when I am intoxicated. Be advised that the things drunk Arthurius says may not reflect the views of sober Arthurius…"

Arthurius cautiously takes a small sip, before allowing much more of the liquid than he initially intended to drink enter his mouth

:sp_arthurius_2: :"WHOA! Mary! This is really GOOD! It is sweet, balanced perfectly with a bit of sourness, hot, has a really strong kick to it, and *HIC!*"

Arthurius slowly puts his drink back down on the table, remembering to pace himself.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Err… *ahem* thanks for the punch, Mary… It’s one of the best I’ve ever drank."

Mary clicks her tongue and shoots him some finger guns.

“I like your hat!” she says.

Arthurius smiles at the compliment

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Thank you, Mary. Actually, my mentor Henry gave it to me to replace my other hat when I told him I was coming here… along with the vest for my business suit, the sunglasses, and our pet tapir’s bowtie. He then said with a laugh ‘here, take these! I reckon’ you’ll need em, partner’! I didn’t understand what he meant by that until now."

He takes a quick gulp of his punch upon the realization.

Mary nods along excitedly. “It sounds like you got some great friends! It’s always better when people can get along and work together! An’ it looks like Henry was havin’ a little fun with you too, but that’s all part of bein’ friends!”

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Heh, yeah… they’re good people. Though Lilly tends to go a little overboard with her so-called ‘fun’...‘"

Cat takes this moment to finally get up off of the floor, he looks dazed and finally removes the panties from his head.

Cat: What? Oh, we won the round! We won the round!

Willamina: We still have to sing though, here I picked a song from this Wano CARTOON. It’s about this beast-kin girl who's FIGHTING to stop these sentient articles of CLOTHING from ruling the world so she wants everyone to be a nudist.

Cat: I think I read the mango for that one.
No. 997904 ID: afe7de
File 161950035185.png - (56.00KB , 500x500 , CW_010.png )

Willamina: Whelp. Here we go I GUESS.
Cat: So do we like get mikes or some-

Suddenly the light goes out for a moment, plunging the room into total darkness. Landi shrieks.


The lights turn back on and Willamina and Cat are standing on top of the table. In their hands are microphones, a spotlight is also shining on them from somewhere, and on the ceiling at chest height to them are several monitors surrounding them, it’s like a karaoke screen..

Cat: Do we just? Does anyone else think that was weird?!?

“This place is psycho,” Landi grumbles, nursing her drink. Serah giggles.

Arthurius shrugs at Landi and Cat’s comment..

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Eh, not really, seems like the perfectly normal illogical kind of stuff that happens in our dream worlds to me."

Arthurius then grabs the camera and moves to a spot where he is facing the performers.

Willamina: I’ve learned not to QUESTION these kinds of FUCKING things at poker night.
No. 997906 ID: afe7de
File 161950042770.png - (14.53KB , 500x500 , CW_011.png )

The song is being sung in The language of WANO, (Japanese), but the participants and audience can totally understand what the lyrics mean. It’s a tweaked version of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dKFxu-_oIE

I’ll strip off the ready-made today
that someone else set up without asking
I’ll go run barepawwed

Even if I’m wrong and take a tumble
The pain of falling on my snoot
will become a part of my tail

The promise gripped in my upthrusted paw
will turn into power
and reach you someday, so until then
I don’t have the time to waste on crying

The passionate feelings Awakened in me
will start shining in the night sky
I realized I understand why I was born
So I’ll make every bit of our wishes come true by my paws

I’m done with the yesterday
Just fighting against my anxiety
took every last ounce of me

Now I’m wondering
if I really did need to
spend time pausing on my way

Over there in the Light
that I reached after slashing apart the darkness
You’d been waiting right there for me all this time
in a lovely, brilliant dungeon

I go beyond the dungeon fairies, up higher and higher
Past where the shout of my heart touches
So that I can give back more than what I’ve taken
Hey, I’ll make every bit of my future come true by my hands

On nights when I hugged my knees, on mornings that I met through tears
This blue planet always seemed blindingly bright…

The promise gripped in my upthrusted paw
will turn into power
and reach you someday, so until then
I don’t have the time to waste on crying

The passionate feelings Awakened in me
will start shining in the night sky
I realized I understand why I was born
So I’ll make every bit of our wishes come true by my paws
Yes, I’ll make every bit of our future come true by my paws

No. 997907 ID: afe7de
File 161950045419.png - (77.32KB , 500x500 , CW_012.png )

The duo finished, panting and exhausted from the exertion. And they look at each other and smile weakly.

Mary finally lets out the howl she’d been holding in the whole time, not wanting to interrupt the song and all.

“That was very spirited!” Serah claps. “Do you speak the language, or did you memorize the song?”

:sp_arthurius_2: :"I took a few good pictures for you two. And might I say, you two are really in sync with each other."
He hands the photos and camera over to Willamina.

Cat & Will: Uhh, thanks, haha.

Cat: I don’t speak it too well. Like I learned conversational Wano in grade school, but it’s been a LONG time. I can like kind of understand what’s being said most of the time..

Will: I actually took a class on Wano back in HIGH SCHOOL, twas where I met Gena. I’ve actually been there once or twice. It’s a cool place.

Cat: I wanna go one day before the apocalypse. Never been out of Midland.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"A-apocalypse??? Shit! Is there anything any of us can do to help?! I mean, I know you guys can just take refuge in another dimension in the worst case scenario seeing as you traveled here from your world with… Slushees? But saving your home is important!"

Will: We’re not giving up that easily. At the very least we have a few years to try and do something about it.

I saw your suggestion, I’ll have Cat investigate people’s items and powers in the next post! See you next Monday!
No. 998179 ID: ca2950
File 161964766279.png - (82.83KB , 1024x575 , cords.png )

Alma begins to deal out the new hand and lay the cards on the table.
“Um… Miss Doctor Mary, I’m out of blue stuff, could I please have some more?”

“Sure thing, honey,” Mary says, kicking the pressure vessel under the table with an ominous clang. “If we manage to empty this thing out, I’m bettin’ at least one of us ain’t wakin’ up!” She laughs, refilling Alma’s flask.
No. 998180 ID: ca2950
File 161964769089.png - (880.15KB , 1024x1052 , poke her.png )

Alma begins to deal out the new hand and lay the cards on the table.
“Um… Miss Doctor Mary, I’m out of blue stuff, could I please have some more?”

“Sure thing, honey,” Mary says, kicking the pressure vessel under the table with an ominous clang. “If we manage to empty this thing out, I’m bettin’ at least one of us ain’t wakin’ up!” She laughs, refilling Alma’s flask.

“Also, ah,” Mary continues, “I’m not a medical doctor, jus’ to be clear.”

“Or the other kind ‘a doctor, technically!” she laughs again, taking a swig of party punch straight from the nozzle before she passes Alma her newly-filled flask back.

Chinzebeth looks worried. “I’ll be switching to a safer drink, I’d favor some chardonnay I think.”

After taking a sip of his punch, Arthurius looks at the blue liquid in his flask closely and mutters quietly to himself.

:sp_arthurius_2: :hmmm… if I win, I wonder what would happen if I dared Serah to order Landi to mix her absinthe into everyone's drink… including mine..."”

Mary Kil turns slowly to look at the queen. “Queen Chinzebeth!” she shouts, not looking at her cards, “If I win, I dare you to rub my belly!”

Chinzebeth gasps “Oh my! I accept this wonderful dare, but I’ll rub Alma’s belly instead if I win with my pair!”

Cat: Your go!

Cat hops off the table taking a seat again whilst Willamina dramatically strikes a pose and points at Serah.

Willamina: SERAH! If we win this round, I dare you… to… Give HUNKY ol’ Franklin over there. The BIGGEST. SLOPPIEST, WETTEST, SMOOCH you can muster.

“S-s-SMOOCH?” Serah sputters.

Franklin's ears twitch, "wait what, I, uh… I guess thats fine" he trails off as he buries his face in his switch, staring intently at the screen.

Serah stifles something sounding suspiciously squealy.

Alma sighs and her ears droop. "I fold."

“If she’s foldin, then dare me! I wanna belly rub!” Mary Kil says, giggling.
No. 998251 ID: 1d109c
File 161967216450.png - (1.32MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational06.png )

Chinze claps her hands together in delight at Mary’s proposal. “Such an excellent offer, how could I refuse! But my hand is so strong I don’t think I’ll lose!”

While looking at her hand, Chinzebeth absentmindedly strokes a nearby fluffy tail

Franklin chirrups involuntarily and jerks upright, lowering his switch from his face and glancing over at Chinzebeth pensively.

The queen is confused for a moment until she realizes what she’s done, Chinzebeth releases Franklins tail and averts her gaze, focusing back to her cards.

Serah’s eyes narrow.

"Oh uh, sorry, you weren't bothering me your highness you just kind of caught me off guard," Franklin states, smirking toward the absent-minded monarch.

Serah glowers over her wine glass at Chinzebeth.

Chinze shifts uncomfortably. “I’m certain I have no idea what you’re talking about Mr.Franklin!” She goes to take a drink, only to find her glass empty. “Lady Kensington, it is getting a little dry in here, could you pour me a glass of Chardonnay?”

“Why, certainly!” Serah says. She gets up and pours the queen a glass. “Anything to help Her Majesty avoid drying into a prune.”

Cat squints his eyes and looks towards Chinzebeth.

Cat: Take a shot!

“I was getting a drink just for that you impatient little boy” Chinzebeth takes a drink “Now that I’ve had it there’s no need to annoy.”
No. 998326 ID: ce39da

3 of Clubs.
No. 998333 ID: 629f2e


Agreed, leaves potential for a flush or straight. 3 of clubs.
No. 998412 ID: fd4d13
File 161975175227.png - (1.50MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00005.png )

Serah scoffs and turns her attention away from Chinzebeth, focusing on Franklin with sudden intensity. “Can I see that thing you’re holding with all the flashing lights and sounds?”

“Sure, I brought it hoping to play with other people. Do you want to try a game? I can teach you how to play.”

Serah is crouching beside Franklin’s seat before she can finish her “yes please!” Landi and Willamina observe her absurdly unsubtle attempts to shove her cleavage where it can do the most good.

Willamina: She ALWAYS like this?

Landi: Only when she’s SLOSHED!

Willamina: Yo Franklin you should MOTORBOAT those tiddies!

“No it’s about podracers, they’re like hovercrafts not motorboats.” Franklin pauses for a second, adding “Oh yeah I guess it’s my turn to do a dare, right? Well then ... “ Franklin considers his options, Watto’s rendition of the Cantina theme ringing out from his switch speakers as he thinks. Then, just as Watto finishes, he snaps his fingers and grins.

“Alright well, I think it’s safe to say that turnabout is fair play so…” Franklin dramatically points toward Chinzebeth as she tips her Chardonnay Glass “Chinzebeth! When I win this round, I get to stroke your tail until the next round ends!”

Serah’s jaw drops. She looks from Franklin, to Chinzebeth, then back again, confused and wondering if her wiles have completely failed her.

“Mr. Franklin, I don’t know what you mean,” Chinzebeth states. “Humans do not have tails... or haven’t you seen?”

:sp_arthurius_2: :Wait, do humans have tails? I don’t think I’ve seen Lilly ever having a tail... maybe she hides it in her pants? maybe I should text her…
Arthurius then pulls out his phone and texts Lilly.
:sp_arthurius_2: :Hey, do humans have tails?
:ec_lilly: :Yes… yes we do. But it is retractable. To pull it out, you need to massage that spot, or sometimes a good slap could bring it out easily. If you come across any humans during your business trip, be sure to try that. Us humans love that!
He puts his phone away, unaware of his friend’s lies
:sp_arthurius_2: :My human friend says humans have tails on the contrary, just retractable with certain ways of getting it out…
Franklin pauses for a second, considering Arthurius’ words as he takes another deep swig of Party Punch. He then reaches around Serah and lets his hand creep down, feeling around the small of her back to see if he can find her tail.

Serah lets out a shrill squeal and jolts upright, which doesn’t help Franklin’s search for her tail one bit. She stares at him with a beet-red expression of shock. “Hey! What was that!?” Serah makes an effort to compose herself and slaps Franklin’s arm. “Is it common courtesy for people to just… try and feel each other’s tails where you’re from?!”

“Oh, sorry I just thought it was okay, since everyone’s talking about belly rubs and stuff” Franklin replies.

Cat and Willamina are both chuckling to themselves off in their corner, taking big swigs of their party punch.

Mary lays her head on the table, still drinking straight from the tap, seemingly just catching on to the conversation. “Humans have a tailbone that curls under their pelvis and forms a sorta vestigial structure. ’S not a real tail though, and it definitely don’t come out unless ya chop ‘em open and bust up their spine.” She makes a hatchet-swinging motion with her hand. “It’s like, how there’s a bone between their butt cheeks up at th’ top if ya mash there y’ can feel it. ‘S the analogous structure to a dock in animals with bony tails, or a tailfan in birds,” she slurs. “Os coccygis. The bottom of their vertebral column past the sacrum.” She waves her hands around in what could possibly be some attempt at a visual aid. “So to touch a human’s tail jus’ keep your hand up toward th’ top of their buttcrack, between the cheeks,” she says.

Alma gasps. "I don't think that's touching a tail at all. I think that's something else completely."

Franklin shrugs, “Well Mary’s a super genetic science person so I guess that’s good enough for me!” He smiles at his great dare idea, and goes back to showing Serah the ins and outs of Star Wars Episode I Racer: HD for Nintendo Switch. Serah accepts his tutelage with only the slightest bit of wariness of having her tail touched again.

Alma wrinkles her nose. “She just said it’s not really a tail. You’re just kind of rubbing on their spine, but on their butt.”

Cat: So uh are you going to be playing with that tablet while we play Poker? Kind of impressive you can focus on what looks to be some kind of game and poker at the same time though.

Franklin looks up from his Switch, “Well, there’s a lot of time in Poker where I’m just sort of waiting to see what happens anyway. I’m sorry if I’m being rude, I just really like video games. I have a switch lite in my backpack if other people want to play too.”

Willamina: Seems kinda ODD to come to a poker night with people you haven't met and you know, NOT oggle everyone else at the table in a very OBVIOUS manner.

“Oh well I mean; sure everyone’s really good looking, but I’m kind of desensitized to …”

Serah, sensing her chance for payback, makes her best attempt to be ogled.

Franklin catches himself looking over at her chest as his train of thought starts to trail off, “err … mostly desensi… you know maybe you have a point.”

“I dare say Lady Kensington’s actions are rather improper,” Chinzebeth addresses the table despite Serah being right there. “Before she makes a scene, perhaps someone should stop her.”
No. 998539 ID: 12b116
File 161983140839.jpg - (477.70KB , 1000x750 , mk6.jpg )

:sp_arthurius_2: :"So you're an artificial lifeform? Interestingly enough, my big sister Magnolia has an artificial lifeform that she made herself that's been living with us!"
Mary scrunches up her face. “I dunno what you mean by ‘artificial.’” She sips her drink. “I got all the same biological processes and bits and bobs as any other livin’ thing. A fertility treatment is basically ‘artificial’ too, or in vitro gene manipulation, but we don’t go around callin’ those folks ‘artificial.’” She smiles. “I am a constructed organism. T’ me, the difference is that one’s a method of creation and the other’s an end result, in my opinion anyway.”

Arthurius nods in understanding

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Thanks Mary, I think constructed organism was the word I was actually looking for. The organism we have back at our base is a pet tapir we call Sniffles. My sis Magnolia constructed that dream organism by using the blood of Morpheus within her and mixing it with an illusionary seed. She spends lots of time with the little critter and it helps us in missions by eating nightmares. "
Mary looks thoughtful. “Hmm. I dunno. An ‘Illusionary seed’ doesn’t sound like somethin’ that makes an actual for-real biological organism! Can fell sorceries dispel him? Does he have DNA or an analogue? I’m not sure exactly what a ‘dream organism’ is, but it sounds kinda like a supernatural creature to me!” She waves her hands in a placating manner, “Not to say that doesn’t make him a person or anything! We got AI and stuff where I’m from, so artificial lifeforms ain’t exactly unheard of! It just sounds more like he’s got some kind of supernatural force holdin’ him together.”

:sp_arthurius_2: :"I wouldn’t say Sniffles is supernatural, I’d say more imaginary. My species can’t create dreams through imaginations instantly with our mind and subconscious like you dreamers can, we need to take some extra steps to summon what we imagine through the seeds. The payoff however is that the dreams we create through our imaginations with the seeds are a lot more stable and better visualized than what a dreamer imagines with their mind. "

“So, I’m curious then,” Mary says. “What’s the relation between the stuff you make and the wakin’ world? To me dreams ‘r more or less nothin’ more than mental ephemera with no real substance or existence outside of a sleepin’ brain. What you do sound more like some kind ‘a magic?”
:sp_arthurius_2: :"I dunno, maybe there is some magic involved since we use the blood of the dream god Morpheus in our veins, but I still consider what we do more imaginary than magic. But as far as the relation between dream and reality with what we create goes, I think the best way to put it is that us injecting our blood containing what we want to create through our mind into an illusionary seed to create dream organisms and objects is similar to how most dreamers reproduce by using a sperm cell, and an egg cell… for lack of a better term. "

Mary scrunches her nose up, considering the information and has some chicken strips to sober up a little.
No. 998592 ID: 8483cf
File 161985238362.png - (372.52KB , 1200x1080 , PokerCat.png )

Cat stares at Landi for a moment before covering his eyes. He shakes his head and then focuses on using the Demon Eye Amulet instead.

Landi’s ears perk up and she whips around to look straight at Cat. She squints, then gasps and starts waving excitedly. Cat blushes, a little embarrassed.

Cat: Uh I was curious if you were just a ball with wings, or person shaped inside there, sorry for staring.

Landi flits in front of Cat and strikes a pose.

Landi: Hi! Did you just figure it out like Will did? Only smart, sexy special people can see me through my glowy awesomeness.

Cat: I thought I saw something earlier when you were messing with the Absinthe bottle, but I wasn’t sure.

Landi: That’d be the fires of love!

Cat: …Uh-huh. So uh, I’ve only ever heard of fairies being paired to dungeons, not people. Are you some kind of rogue dungeon fairy that bonded to the person that conquered it?

Landi: THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. Yes, that’s me!

Serah: I thought you couldn’t lie?

Landi: I’m roguish. I explore dungeons. I am a fairy. Rogue. Dungeon. Fairy.

Cat: Wait, so you don’t actually run your own dungeon? Where I come from, that’s what all fairies do.

Landi: Wait, like in that song you sang? Every single fairy gets a dungeon all to themselves? *Squee*

Serah: Cat, please stop putting these ideas in her head.

Landi: I want one.

Serah, meanwhile, smiles and crosses her arms smugly. “I do say, I am feeling quite good about my chances this round. Oh, Arthurius?

Arthurius turns his head towards Serah with a sincere smile
:sp_arthurius_2: :"Yes Serah? Do you have a question about my bounty hunting services?"

“I have some services you can perform...” Serah straightens up and looks down her nose at him. “When I win, you’re going to put on a big moppy tail extension and walk on all fours the rest of the night!”

“Ooooh,” Landi says to Willamina. “She’s really getting into this. I like Sloshy Serah!”

Arthurius’ eyes widen in shock.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Wha-WHAT!? But, I already have a tail! Is this dare because of……

… one moment…"

Arthurius grabs his phone out and starts texting again

:sp_arthurius_2: :"LILLY!!!!!!"
:ec_lilly: :”Arthurius.”
:sp_arthurius_2: :"We are going to have a long talk about your lying when I get back! "
:ec_lilly: :But I didn’t lie when I said humans love that, because I’m loving how you’re reacting right now.

Arthurius puts his phone away grumbling as he sips his punch to calm his nerves. Because of the party punch, and his frustrations with Lilly, he forgets to keep a level head.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Alright, fine Lady Kensington. I accept the challenge. But when I win, you will have to order your friend Landi to strip alongside you for the rest of the game equal to the amount of clothing you have... including the shining ball of light around her. It is kind of unfair that she gets to spectate us fully clothed after all, especially since she is supporting you."

“Is that it?” Serah shrugs. “Sure.”

“Wait, what? WHAT?” Landi protests. “Serah! That’s indecent!”

“Well, he’s right. You aren’t going to let me strip down all by myself, are you?”

“But… but… my dust!” Landi huffs. “I take back what I said. Sloshy Serah can go jump in a lake.”

Arthurius wonders to himself if Landi's panic means Serah's hand isn't as good as she is letting on. He decides not to fold.
No. 998701 ID: 8483cf
File 161992956720.png - (690.97KB , 828x1273 , ChinzPoker.png )

Cat looks at Chinzebeth with a curious expression, tilting his head to the side and suddenly his expression changes and brightens.

Cat: WOAH, you’re packing some serious heat in those cybernetics, how did you even get someone to compress all that tech into you so organically?

Chinzebeth: “OH my! What a faux pas you’ve made! Little boy, did you know it’s very rude to ask about a woman’s upgrade? I’ll forgive your naivete in this case, as I am pleased you can see that I’m more than a pretty face! “

Cat: Admittedly it’s not common where I’m from, are these sorts of modifications just in vogue where you’re from? I think I’ve only heard of augments like those in theory. I’m sure some Tinker out there could make a set, but getting the nerve to machine interface working is a whole other deal entirely.

Willamina: NERD.

Chinzebeth: “Indeed, I know you are excited. Perhaps you missed it you nosey little boy, so let me once again recite it! You are being improper, and must relent. My cybernetics are very personal, their story is not for children; are you even old enough to attend this event?”

Cat: I’m 25… Damn my baby face and slightly feminine good looks

Alma: “Is that a lot or not? Years are different lengths on different planets and it definitely gets confusing.”

Cat: uh, a day is usually 24 hours a full rotation of our two moons, with 400 days in a year 13 months of 30/31 days except FAUNUS which has 35 days, so uh it’s a lot of time I think. I mean most people or kin usually live to like 60/80 depending on the country.
No. 998761 ID: e51896
File 162000028240.png - (1.28MB , 1280x720 , poker006.png )

All the talk on cybernetics got Arthurius inspired to look for ideas. He turns his head towards Queen Chinzebeth’s direction.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Queen Chinzebeth, your majesty, may I request asking your royal servant, Kog Sillyman a question on your behalf since you … err… got stuck into being dared to rhyme?"

“I give you leave to talk to this man” Chinzebeth responds“he doesn’t know much so get one info you can”

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Thank you, Queen Chinzebeth. Mr. Sillyman, I’m interested about that gadget you have on your right eye, it looks so cool!”

Arthurius says this as he points to his own right eye

:sp_arthurius_2: : If it is alright, may you please tell me what it is and what it does? Asking because I'm looking for new ideas for gadgets that my sis can create."

Kog responds “It’s a commercial scanner unit, keeps track of products and shoplifters”

:sp_arthurius_2: : “Hmm… I’m not sure if a commercial scanner would be helpful for bounty hunting… although it would be helpful if we had a scanner that could scan nightmare creations and told us what they do and who made them… or maybe scan criminal Nightmareciers to tell us what nightmares they made previously..."

“Uh . . . it kinda just bleeps and lights up products removed from shelves” Kog says while rubbing his neck “I guess it could track people too sort of...”

Arthurius nods in understanding, but then closes his eyes in contemplation.

:sp_arthurius_2: : “Indeed… though I have to wonder, you’re not working at a shop right now, and yet you’re still wearing it. Hmmm… Now why would that be…?

Arthurius then squints one of his eyes at Kog, seemingly suspiciously, trying to figure out why he would be wearing a commercial scanner off work while being too preoccupied serving Queen Chinzebeth at a poker game.

Kog thinks for a moment: “Uh... her majesty says I gotta wear an eyepatch or blindfold if things start going bad, So I brought it along so I could avoid bumping into stuff”

Arthurius scratches his chin deep in though, but then smiles and nods his head, satisfied with Kog’s answer.

:sp_arthurius_2: : “Aha! I get what you’re saying! Perfectly understandable that you would want to avert your eyes away from your queen out of respect if she starts to lose too much clothing. Your majesty, I must say you have a very respectful servant helping you."
No. 998851 ID: afe7de
File 162011264557.png - (57.04KB , 500x500 , CW_013.png )

After hearing about Kog’s scanner, Willamina gets an idea and tugs at Cat’s arm to get his attention.

Willamina: C’mon, be snoopy, DOO IIITTTT. Ya know ya want to. Hehehehe.

Cat: Ughhh you’re right I can’t resist temptation.

Cat looks around the room and investigates the individuals surrounding him. He takes another deep swig of the party juice.

The following will be from Cat’s POV:

You look to your surrounding poker-mates and use both your POWER and AMULET to investigate them for abilities.

Alma, Chinzebeth, Kog, Arthurius, Mary, and Franklin DO NOT seem to have powers. Chinzebeth and Kog however appear to have some cybernetics. On Kog you see the following:

Scanner Unit - Created by metahumans from a different dimension, some sort of electronic device.

And on Chinzebeth you see the following:

Cybernetic Eye - Created by metahumans from a different dimension, connected to some sort of brain implant.

You assume that because it’s not made with a Mana battery or some of your universe’s equivalent that the System or whatever controls the eye can’t get enough information about it. Though when you scan Arthurius’s net you do get something interesting.

Dreamcatcher Net - A dreamcatcher butterfly net created by dreamcier Magnolia Radiant. When the target is too TIRED or EXHAUSTED enough to fight back, it can capture nightmares and nightmareciers in a small ball of light and trap it on its web. Target can be released by plucking the ball from the web. (DA: Can be tinkered with)

You’re not sure why the amulet sometimes pipes in with it’s own thoughts, but this sounds like a useful thing to have. At the very least, Mint could tinker with this and you’d have a non-lethal way to capture foes.
No. 998852 ID: afe7de
File 162011265836.png - (60.54KB , 500x500 , CW_014.png )

Your eyes flit to the last two members of the table, first you check the fairy, Landi? Yeah, that sounds right, Willamina mentioned her name before. And wait, wasn’t she on Willamina’s sports bra or something? You assume she’s some form of magic, and it’s apparent when you get a result.

Dragon’s Might [1] - Increases wing size, carrying capacity and flight speed. Extreme emotional outbursts or physical exertion will cause fairy dust to ignite, dramatically increasing spell potency and flight speed while dust is rapidly consumed.


Serah also seems to have a power, you glance over at her flirting with Franklin. Her advances seem to be working on him, and you give a light smile at the sight.

Jotund's Might [1] - DNA-bound enhancement to cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Increases size, strength, speed, endurance, and resistance to cold.


What’s really weird is that you’re not getting a cost for upgrades with them, and when you try to look at your energy total it’s kind of glitching out. You’re pretty sure you can upgrade them both once or one of them twice though and it won’t affect your energy pool when you go home. But you get the feeling that you could only give one person a new power. Strange.

End Cat’s POV
No. 998853 ID: afe7de
File 162011267184.png - (60.40KB , 500x500 , CW_015.png )

Cat: Seems those two have powers, and that net could be useful. You mentioned we’d have to bring something to bet that wasn’t clothing related, I’ve got a stupid idea, but just go with me.

Willamina: SURE, go fer it.

Cat takes a huge chug of his party juice, finishing it and going a little red. He’s getting a little DRUNK.

Cat: Alright, I think I’ve got an idea for what I’m going to bet not this round, but the next round, instead of an article of clothing. Whoever wins the next round will earn either a random superpower or an upgrade to an existing one!

Landi: Did you say superpower? I want to turn into a super sparkly invincible diamond fairy!

Cat: You and Serah already have one, so it’ll just be an upgrade. Sorry. Yours was uhhh called Dragon’s Might, and hers Jotund’s Might?

Landi: That doesn’t make sense, those aren’t superpowers, they’re our mutagens!

Serah: I think the mutagens count as superpowers from his universe.

Landi: But… but… that’s not fair! I WANT TO BE INVINCIBLE DIAMOND FAIRY!

Serah: Oh, wow. Who could have foreseen that you chugging a mixed-up mutagen cocktail would have consequences?

Cat: Oh and not to burst anyone’s bubbles, but the power’s random, well, some people say it’s the power you were destined to have, and if you have a family history of a certain power that comes up more often, it could be more than one power, or just one.
No. 998854 ID: afe7de
File 162011268452.png - (87.59KB , 500x500 , CW_016.png )

Landi: So what you’re saying is I need to bring you home with me, get Serah to make that nasty power cleansing mutagen, and have you try again and again until I become invincible diamond fairy girl… Hey Willie, can I borrow your kitty Cat for a bit???

Willamina: Cat’s his own person, I’m not his slave MASTER. But don’t threaten to kidnap him again, or I won’t be liable for how he RESPONDS.

Cat looks pretty nervous and twitchy now. He mutters to himself. That was supposed to be a cool fun thing, not a threaten me thing...

Landi: It’s not kidnapping if I seduce him! C’mere, you!

Chinzebeth: “So Mr.Cat you are some manner of magical wishing gnome? I hope that that such gift will stay when we return home”

Cat is unsure how to respond from the physical affection of Landi floating around and getting real close to him, so he distracts himself by answering Chinzebeth.

Cat: I uh, can’t grant wishes, and I mean, it SHOULD, I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t stick. If Landi and Serah can have powers I can recognize, I see no reason why others couldn't or if I couldn't give them one. Guess we’ll find out.

Willamina takes this moment to get up and grab a cup of water from the other room, heading back and sitting down.
No. 998855 ID: afe7de
File 162011269384.png - (46.59KB , 500x500 , CW_017.png )

:sp_arthurius_2: :”Superpowers? Hm. That could help with bounty hunting, I’ll accept it! Though if I do get one, I think I’ll prefer to continue using my physical strength and sis’ gadgets more than the superpower… I believe there is something rewarding about relying more on your own physical strength and intelligence than on a power.”

“I want the power to be tall!” Mary says around a mouthful of chicken tenders, just catching on to the conversation.

“How do you just give someone superpowers? Do you mean ability enhancement? Because that only lasts a short time and it doesn’t seem very fair to do that instead of stripping,” says Alma.

Willamina: If you DONT want it then he’ll just STRIP if you win, but here’s a TASTE of what he could give ya.

Willamina expends some effort to create a small vortex, sucking up water and forming it into ice crystals in her hand, eventually it forms a complete snowball. She scans the room and chucks it at Franklin’s head, you can hear it pierce the air as it darts towards him at high speed.

Unfortunately, Franklin seems to be distracted by something next to him and can't react to the frosty projectile. He yelps as the snowball splatters against the side of his head, but the yelp is quickly muffled as his face is knocked into Serah's chest!

Willamina rejoices over the momentary victory, having Franklin actually motorboat Serah.

Serah, completely shocked by Franklin’s second expedition of the evening, lets out a yelp and freezes up. Flirting isn’t supposed to be this hands-on! Or is it? Does he like it down there? ...Should I trap him? OH NO! I’m turning into Landi! Aaaahh! Anything but that!
No. 998870 ID: ca2950
File 162012595470.png - (659.56KB , 898x768 , hair.png )

SERAH has: 8 of Diamonds, 9 of Spades
ARTHURIUS has: 10 of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts
WILLAMINA AND CAT has: Queen of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds
MARY KIL has: 4 of Spades and 9 of Hearts
FRANKLIN has: 10 of Spades and 5 of Clubs
ALMA has: 6 of Diamonds, 3 of Diamonds
CHINZEBETH has: Ace of clubs, 5 of diamonds

Chinzebeth: “Of course I win, my initial losses merely a fluke”

:sp_arthurius_2: :"*whew* looks like I won't need to put a mop on my tail and walk on all fours this time… I'll still have to strip though… hmmm… I wonder which article of clothing would be fit for a queen..."

Alma sips her topped up party punch, then removes the hairpin holding her hair in a bun. “I guess I need to be more careful with what I get rid of now,” she sighs, her locks cascading down behind her.

Arthurius stares as her hair hangs down behind her, free from the hairpin that was bonding it
:sp_arthurius_2: :”W-wow… So cute! You look really pretty wearing your hair like that, Alma. I personally love hairstyles being free and long like that.”
Alma slides the hairpin over to Chinzebeth and drops back into her seat. “Oh, thank you. I hardly ever get to wear it down, because of regulation or because it gets in the way of something I’m doing, but I can’t bring myself to just cut it off..”

“Short hair for life!” Landi whoops. “So low-maintenance! Stays out of the way!”
:sp_arthurius_2: :”Oh! You have short hair in that ball of light? Cool! *quietly mumbles to himself* wish I could see it… if only I won and got to dare her… Maybe she's probably shining because she's like a shiny pretty gem...
Arthurius clears his throat
:sp_arthurius_2: :”erm, sorry, that was the punch talking. Getting back on topic, I can picture you looking pretty in any hairstyle, Alma. Even though I love long hair most, you should experiment trying different hairstyles like short hair that Landi suggested. You may discover a new hairstyle you'll adore if you're adventurous!”
Mary looks on, producing a napkin to wipe off her hands. “Hair down ‘s nice, but definitely not practical at work. I’m glad you kept it long!” she gives Alma a thumbs-up.
No. 998871 ID: 0fae41

Serah, dare Cat to upgrade you. To the max! It ain’t canon! Or is it..?
No. 999281 ID: 1d109c
File 162041958449.png - (1.06MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational07.png )

“Ah, my victory, while unsurprising, is still much a relief,” Chinzebeth says with satisfaction. “I am at last free from the rhyming curse that this ragamuffin Cat chose to put upon our royal personage.”

Cat: You did a pretty good job at it too! I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t expecting to win that round so I kind of threw it out there.

Willamina: You sounded like a FAIRY TALE queen, speaking in prose!

“Huh?” Landi says, her attention drawn away from her overeager bouncing up and down in front of Cat. “Everything fairies do is worth telling stories about, especially fairy queens. Oh, wait, you mean THIS queen! Yeah, that was sick, your royal rhyme-ness!”

“Thank you! Thank you! My poetry talents are quite impressive I know” Chinzebeth makes a slight bow

Franklin looks up slightly woozy, saying ‘Oh yeah, it was great! Like you practitsed and everything’

Willamina: Hehe, looks like Franklin’s a little BOOBAH DRUNK. If you catch my meaning.

Serah just rubs her neck and smiles, blushing a luminescent red.

Cat: I’m jealous you’re getting to pet Mary the whole round. She looks so fluffy. I UH, MEAN UH. Do you want to use this comb to brush her fur? She wanted that earlier.

Landi: Don’t be jealous! You can pet me! I’m super pettable. Just do it like Serah’s petting Franklin over there. But, you know, smaller. Join the petting zoo! You know you want to!

Serah quickly removes her petting hand from Franklin’s head and shoots a death glare at Landi.

Alma leans against the table and props her head on her hand. “You can’t be that pettable. You’d be like… fourth most pettable, at best,” she says, wobbling slightly. “I can’t compete with Miss Mary, but I’m pretty sure I’m second mos’ pettable here.”

"Almaaaaa," Franklin adds cheekily, "are you trying to say you want somebody to pet you?"

Arthurius slightly raises his hand and softly speaks.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"I can pe-"

Alma scoffs, interrupting Arthurius. “I’m just saying I’d be more luxurious than some Arca-bug… thing.”

Arthurius slowly lowers his hand back down.

“Me?! A bug?!” Landi gags. “Spoken like a girl who hasn’t pet a fairy in her desk jockey life. Look beyond those glasses and see how pettable I am!”

Willamina: To be FAIR, it seems like everyone’s starting to do their own THING, touchy wise, want me to give you some neck scritches?

Willamina does an eyebrow wiggle, which isn’t effective at all since you can only see one of them.
No. 999284 ID: fd4d13
File 162042035004.png - (1.36MB , 1050x1400 , IllustrSTRIP00006.png )

Franklin hesitantly pulls himself back to a sitting position, saying "So, I guess I lost again," he takes a deep swig from his flask, draining most of the rest of his Party Punch, " guess that means her majesty gets my Cool Tank Top" He starts to stand, but abruptly finds himself yanked to his feet!

“Let me help you with that!” Serah says, her face flush with party punch, wine and pent-up eagerness. She grips the bottom of Franklin’s Cool Tank Top and not-so-subtly washboards it up his abs, and her eyes go wide as dinner plates. She can’t help but steady herself on his hip.

“H-here you go, your highness!” Serah squeaks. She tosses the Cool Tank Top at Chinzebeth like it’s on fire.

Franklin is briefly stunned, but smirks and looks back toward Serah, "you know, I'm starting to think you aren't actually all that interested in Star Wars Episode I: Racer"

“She’s probably interested in something that involves playing with a joystick,” Alma blurts out, swaying in her seat.

“Forgive me Alma but Franklin is the second most pettable” Chinzebeth lusts after the attractive male Fennec “Franklin is a jaguar of a man, all those rippling muscles under that sleek fur . . . “

Alma turns to Chinzebeth and stares at her with her jaw hanging open. “Ehhh? What are you saying? Franklin’s fur is not nearly as soft and plush as mine, no matter how muscular and sexy he is.”

Willamina: On the one hand, stripping SOMEONE else should totally be a dare. But on the other hand. GO GET SOME GURL!

Serah pointedly ignores Alma, but she gives Willamina a small smile, clearly enjoying herself. She suddenly realizes where her hands have found themselves and lets go quickly.

“...You’re very fit, Franklin,” Serah says lamely. “Uh, another glass of punch, please, thank you.”

"Oh uh, thanks!" The Fennec replies, still grinning sheepishly, "My job is pretty demanding so I have to stay in pretty good shape for it. He chuckles and flexes a bit. "I'm about out of punch too Mary, could I get that boiling flask?"

Cat is distracted and eventually takes up Landi’s offer to pet her, but is very confused on how to actually do it. He settles on just rubbing her head with a finger or two.

Landi lets out a tinkling giggle. “You’re adorable! First time, isn’t it? You can go lower, I don’t bite!”

Seeing Serah had been touchy towards Franklin, Cat tickling Landi, and remembering Mary will be petted by Chinzebeth, he raises his hand again to get Alma's attention, but catches himself and tactically moves his raised arm to pet the side of his face instead.
No. 999291 ID: 26235b

I thought I was straight but then I saw Franklin get undressed.
No. 999365 ID: 12b116
File 162048366708.jpg - (513.76KB , 1000x750 , mk7.jpg )

Taking a cue from Alma, Mary takes off her hair tie. “This don’t count,” she says. “S’ just so I can lay my head back.” She slips her hair tie around her wrist and combs her fingers through her wavy blond hair as she shakes her head.

She reaches behind herself with her tiny arms, wiggling her torso, before the tension relaxes in her bra. She brings her arms forward, removing the undergarment in the process. Mary Kil hops down from her chair and scampers over to Chinzebeth’s throne before kneeling, presenting the brassiere like a knight offering a sword to her Queen.

Chinzebeth graciously accepts the bra, “Excellent behavior, you're such a good dog, however… Ms. Mary I believe there is one other thing you still owe me,” the queen smiles.

Mary gives a little bark then hops up on the throne, laying across the arm rests so she’s sprawled out on the Queen’s lap. She grins ear to ear and her tail goes nuts behind her as she curls her hands up next to her chest in her best ‘dog laying on back’ pose.

“Who’s a good doggy!” Chinzebeth claps in delight *belly rubs ensue*

Willamina: Yo I like this GURLS theatrics! Get a load of these two lovely LADIES eh Cat?

Cat keeps glancing between Mary and Alma and a bead of sweat is forming on his brow. Willamina looks down and chuckles.

Willamina: Looks like SOMEBODY likes what they’re seeing. Hehehehheheh.

Cat: Willamina, shhhhhhhh. You both uhh, soft very look do, yes. *AHEM* I mean you’re both very beautiful and soft looking.

Mary Kil wiggles her butt in Cat’s general direction, her tail still wagging. Even Landi is a little distracted. Cat becomes even more flushed while Willamina just laughs to herself.

Alma shifts in her seat, subtly attempting to move her arms into a position that covers her body.

Willamina: See, I told you poker night would be FUN!

Arthurius stares at Mary while blushing and trembling at the sight of her.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"N....naked..."

He then catches himself staring, and whispers to himself.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Eek! What am I doing? I can't be staring at potential clients in a state of undress, they'll think I'm a pervert and won't want my services! It has to be the party punch making me act like that... focus Arthurius"

He taps his forehead with his fist to stay proper.

One ear flicks in Arthurius’s direction.

“I ain’t naked!” she says, snapping the band of her garterbelt against her hip.

:sp_arthurius_2: :”R...right! Right. You're not. S...sorry That garterbelt is a little bit see-through though, Mary…
No. 999453 ID: 8483cf
File 162053038999.png - (966.89KB , 1010x1431 , FranklinSerah.png )

With everyone distracted by Mary and Chinzebeth’s display, Serah spies an opportunity. She takes a sip of party punch and leans down to whisper in Franklin’s ear.

“Would you be a dear?” Serah gives Franklin a coy smile. Slowly, she turns around and slides a dress strap down her upper arm. “It’s only fair…”

Franklin sets down his mostly-empty Flask. "Sure thing, milady," he giggles, stepping behind Serah and peeling her like a sexy banana. He gently trails his hands down her thighs as He brings the dress over her hips, allowing her to step out of it.

Franklin folds the dress neatly and presents it to Chinzebeth, saying “Your dress, your highness.” He walks back to his seat, looking intently for Serah’s tail as he crosses behind her, considering reaching out to feel for it again. Serah pointedly ignores his gaze and bites her tongue to keep from grinning.

Arthurius catches himself staring at Serah, and realizes it isn’t polite to stare at someone of noble blood in a state of undress. He decides to stare between Franklin and Serah to not make it obvious where he is looking, and talks to Franklin to distract himself.

:sp_arthurius_2: :”Whoa! Errr…. you’re a very lucky man to have a beautiful woman by your side, and interested in you, especially one of high nobility, Franklin.”

Franklin laughs, “Haha, yeah I guess so,” He catches himself looking back toward Serah’s behind, and snaps his attention back toward Arthurius, “Hopefully That luck means I’ll win a hand soon! I’m already almost out of clothes!” He gestures down at his nearly naked body.

Serah twiddles her fingers and eagerly accepts the opportunity to eat Franklin’s eye candy. “And that would be bad. Because you’d lose. Yes! Very bad~”

Willamina: YEAH, get some Serah! Aw, SHIT. I’m outta punch. Can I get a refill?
No. 999576 ID: e51896
File 162060729411.png - (884.57KB , 1280x720 , poker007.png )

Arthurius looks down at himself, somewhat puzzled.

:sp_arthurius_2: :”Ugh, I'm looking through my articles of clothing, and I still can't decide which would be most worthy for a queen to own… what I have is just too basic compared to royalty.”

Chinzebeth: “I’ll take your hat, it’s impolite to wear one in my presence”

Arthurius shudders a little bit.

:sp_arthurius_2: :"Ooooorrrrrr... maybe I can give you the bow? The green bow can be put on your hair and would make for a lovely color compliment to some of the red jewels on your crown and necklace, your majesty… Magnolia might get mad at me for giving away Sniffle’s bow though…

Willamina: Aww come on, it’s STRIP POKER, ya can’t be stressin' about what clothes yer losing. Just lose the hat, it’s not like you could be even more FUCKED up than me, I’m covered in GROSS burn scars. What’s the worst that’s under the hat? A bald spot?

Landi: IS IT A PENIS???

Arthurius snaps at Landi and Willamina

:sp_arthurius_2: :”W...WHAT? I’m not a dickhead! That wasn’t nice, Landi… And Willamina, I don’t really see what’s the shame in baldness… Ummm… what if I give the queen my sweater vest instead? She did lose her coat after all, so it could make for a good replacement…”

He starts chugging down the rest of his party punch.

“He doesn’t have to take it off if he doesn’t want to,” Serah says. “Besides, fewer clothes just means you lose faster, right, Arthurius?”

Arthurius places the drink back on the table after finishing it, and sighs.

:sp_arthurius_2: :”Thanks, but it’s alright, Lady Kensington. I was being unprofessional there, which isn’t good if I want to offer my bounty hunting services to you all. Sorry I snapped like that Landi and Willamina... And also, I can’t in good faith give you the hat, your majesty, it has holes for my antennas, and I do not think you’d want a holey hat making it lose its value so… as an apology for yelling at Willamina and Landi, and to compensate for not removing my hat in your presence, queen Chinzebeth, just take both my sweater and sweater vest for now, okay?”

Arthurius removes his bowtie, then his sweater vest and sweater. He then puts his bowtie back around his neck. There isn’t anything remarkable about his body except what looks like a scar from a stab wound on the right side of his abdomen. He goes over to hand the clothing to the queen.

Willamina: Ten BUX says the hat’s fused to his skull like part of his body! Maybe it’s some ALIEN parasite!

“No I don’t think he’s an Alien,” Franklin interjects, “They’re like these big purple guys with weird eyes.”

Arthurius responds in a little bit of frustration as he sits back down.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”But… What are you both talking about?aren’t we all aliens to each other already since we’re all from different worlds!? I mean, the definition of alien is…

He pauses midway, remembering to keep his cool.

:sp_arthurius_3: : *Sigh* N...nevermind, sorry, sorry. I just need a refill as well… but… hmm... Landi, would you be willing to share your drink with me? If not, I’ll just go back for more party punch…”

“Drink up!” Landi flits to the top of the bottle. She drags her foot around the lip and makes the absinthe sing. “It’s happy to see you! It’s also fucking awesome, just like your scar!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :”th...thanks. And I need some water to dilute it too… does any of you happen to have water to share, please?”

Cat pulls out a bottle from under the table and slides it over to Arthurius.

Cat: Here ya go.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Thank you sir.”

Arthurius takes some time to mix the two drinks in his empty flask, softly humming the song Cat and Willamina sang.
No. 999718 ID: afe7de
File 162072548519.png - (71.19KB , 500x500 , CW_018.png )

Willamina: Well I guess It’s OUR turn to STRIP.

Willamina bends down slightly and a pair of lacy black panties come off, appearing in her hands. She pulls them back and flings them directly at the currently distracted Chinzebeth.

An automated shield in Chinzebeth’s throne deflects the fast moving hostile projectile, making the projectile shoot faster. The deflected panties hit Arthurius right in his chest, almost knocking him back a bit, but temporarily knocking the wind out of him. He groans as he holds his chest, and just passes the panties across the table towards the queen. He notices that Chinzebeth’s attention is still on Mary.
:sp_arthurius_3: :D…*cough* did… she even notice *gasp* the projectile... and the shield activation???
Arthurius tries to catch his breath from the injury. Meanwhile, Kog silently collects the winnings, while Chinzebeth finally releases Mary. Willamina is just dying of laughter the entire time.
No. 999719 ID: afe7de
File 162072549901.png - (6.61KB , 500x500 , CW_019.png )

Cat takes this time to grab the deck, shuffle it, and lay out the cards on the table.

Cat: Huh. Real close to a straight there.

Cat then tosses out cards to the rest of the table as Willamina sits back down from her antics.

Cat: So I’ll reiterate, this round I’m betting a superpower for the winner. But if it’s some ridiculous 7 way tie, then I’ll just pick someone at random or if no one’s satisfied with that, hold it until next round.

Landi suddenly remembers why she was trying to seduce Cat. “Oh yeah! Superpowers! Serah, you’d better win!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :”A potential for a 7-way dare? That’d be crazy. I’ll have to think of a good dare...”

He remembers everyone else being close and touchy with each other at one point or another, forgetting to look at his cards.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Alright, probably the drink talking, but I think I have some excess energy I want to deplete, and I kind of feel like dancing. However, I kind of want someone to dance with me… How about…

Arthurius thinks for a moment on who to dare, and remembers that Alma hasn’t gotten much attention either.

:sp_arthurius_3: : “Hey Alma, If I win this one, would you care to dance with me if I dared you to?”
No. 999720 ID: afe7de
File 162072551308.png - (70.63KB , 500x500 , CW_020.png )

Alma leans around Will and Cat to look at Arthurius. “You’re not supposed to ask if I want to do the dare. You need to be more assertive. So if I win, I dare you to go around and grab the boob of three different ladies here!" she snorts, holding up her fingers.

Arthurius is taken aback by this, blushing nervously with his tensed shoulders raised to his cheek level.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”I-I really think it goes against my moral standards to do something like touch someone like that without consent

He takes a small sip of his absinthe, and slowly lowers his shoulders to a more relaxed position.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”But... if it is a dare, I guess It wouldn't be consensual for me either so… would the two cancel each other out?"

He sets the drink down.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Alright, I'll accept, but if you want assertiveness, let me try again: Alma! I dare you to dance with me when I win! And as for the dance, the most assertive dance I can think of would have to be the tango... I think...

“I DARE SERAH TO RUB MY TUMMY!” Mary Kil screams, not looking at her cards. “An she’s gotta hold me up and cradle me in her arms while she does it too!” She mumbles something to herself “I do wanna win that power tho, so I can be tall.”

“Did someone dare me to do something?” Serah snaps her gaze away from Franklin.

Mary puffs her cheeks out and frowns. “Yeah! I did! You gotta give me uppies and rub my tummy if I win!” She points a tiny claw at Serah.

“Oh! Um, sure,” Serah says. She swirls her glass of party punch and tries to wrap her brain around what would be considered an appropriate tummy rub zone for a mostly-naked C.Org, realizing there may be no such thing.

“Well I’M feeling pretty confident on this one!” Franklin chimes in, “Especially if we get a queen again! So for my bet …” he looks around the table, squinting, and a big silly grin grows across his face.

Cat: Hmm it’s my turn to dare I think. Give me a moment to think of it, it has to be a good dare if I’m putting a power on the table.
No. 999721 ID: afe7de
File 162072552191.png - (24.99KB , 500x500 , CW_021.png )

Mary looks hard at Willamina, and then seems to realize something. She looks deeply concerned. “You’ve gotta be the one that Extraspace troop was talking about. She’s just gonna be heartbroken when she finds out you got a boyfriend.”

Willamina: You talking ABOUT Cat? Hey Cat are we DATING?

Cat blushes and looks nervous all of a sudden. He begins fidgeting with the cards in front of him.

Cat: I uh, I don’t think we ever discussed that, no. I mean we’ve only known each other for like 5 days and that kinda thing takes time to build up to...

Mary looks obviously relieved. “That Extraspace girl is already kinda fragile, y’know? Let me tell you: she is absolutely infatuated with you. Won’t stop talkin’ to her roommate about you, sayin’ she met this girl that took her virginity and all.”

Willamina blushes and Cat pokes her in the ribs with his elbow while wiggling his eyebrows.

Willamina: Well I didn’t know I took her V-Card, but she seems pretty COOL, tell her to stop by more often and we can go on some dates or SOMETHING, though uh, preferably within the next week..

Cat: OH are you talking about that one woman you took a selfie with that’s hanging on your fridge, the one with the super badass scars? The photo with a lipstick smooch on it?

Willamina: I gave her one of those too you know.

Mary giggles behind her chubby little hands as she watches Willamina and Cat interact. “I’ll let ‘er know. She’s gonna be totally over the moon!” She points at Cat with a tiny blunt claw. “Looks like your plus one there is pretty sweet on ya too! What a playgirl!”
No. 999917 ID: ca2950
File 162087072066.png - (676.90KB , 1009x707 , bobs.png )

Mary trots back to her seat and then looks over at Alma.

“How bad’s your eyesight without them glasses?” she asks.

Alma subconsciously adjusts her glasses. “Erm… Not all that good. But I don’t really need them if I’m not doing anything that needs me to look at little details.”

:sp_arthurius_3: :”At least you're not wearing the sunglasses I gave you. Seriously, I couldn't see the damn cards that well in this dark room… and Henry told me it would help me for some reason.”

Willamina: WELL they look COOL so maybe it was a first impressions thing? Ironically I had an astigmatism in my right eye, don’t have it ANYMORE, so I didn’t end up needing glasses. Can’t shoot a gun for shit though.

“What with bein’ vat-grown super soldiers, us C.Orgs all have perfect vision,” Mary says, “but I think your glasses look cute on you. I bet you get lots of people askin’ you out on dates. You got anybody special?” It sounds like she winks when she says it.

“Sometimes, but nothing really serious.” Alma pulls herself up in her chair. “It’s fine though. One of the benefits of being in the military is that the uniform and fitness standard mean there’s a big selection of hot guys,” she grins to herself, looking a bit bleary eyed.

“Ladies’ Night! Ladies’ Night!” Landi whoops. “Let’s get laid!”

“Hot guys, huh? What about hot girls?” Mary asks. She definitely winked that time.

Alma leans on the table and picks up her flask, taking a sip. “I mean, I’m there. I might not be in the best shape… look at these," she says, cupping her hands under her breasts. "Pretty good, right?"

Mary Kil gives Alma a slow wolf whistle. "You won't hear me complainin'!" she says, grinning. She seems to think, and then takes a long draw from the party punch container. "But if you're real concerned, I'd be more 'n happy t' give ya my professional opinion. As a gene scientist, you know." She makes a grabby motion with her little goblin hands. "Maybe compare notes?" She wiggles her shoulders enticingly and waggles her eyebrows in a way that could perhaps be drunkenly construed as an attempt at seduction.

Alma tilts her head and smiles awkwardly, unsure as to how to interpret Mary’s wiggling fits.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Hey Alma, since you look so cute in glasses, I think it would be cool if you tried on my sunglasses that you won from me real quick, just for fun. I'd like to see how you'd look with them on!"

Alma wrinkles her nose. “You’re not allowed to take clothing back on after you take it off. You’re trying to trick me.”
No. 999919 ID: 629f2e

Let's toss out a Queen of Spades to give someone the straight.
No. 999931 ID: 0fae41

Make it a 6 of clubs. I hope Serah's got a good poker face.
No. 999938 ID: 7b8884

10 of spades
No. 999986 ID: 3084e9

Queen of spades.
No. 1000034 ID: 1d109c
File 162093900197.png - (1.42MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational08.png )

Arthurius responds to Alma, a little frustrated.
:sp_arthurius_3: :"I didn't mean keep it on for the whole game, I meant, just wear the sunglasses for like, 5 seconds just to show us how it looks and… nevermind. The drink’s talking again. Maybe after the game you can show us."
He quickly turns his attention toward Chinzebeth to quickly change the subject and avoid more awkwardness.
:sp_arthurius_3: :[color=#1#17b2f2]"Anyway, I should have said it earlier, but It is such an honor to have a queen grace us with her presence, your majesty. What a rare occasion! I’m dying to know, as a dreamer of royal blood, do you have access to meet the king of our dream universe, King Laurent?"[/color]
Chinzebeth: “thank you Mister...

Kog: “Arthurius the dreamcier your majesty”

Chinzebeth: Ah yes Mr. Arthurius, it is quite the honor isn’t it? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with any King by the name of Laurent, but if he is a royal of any repute I’m certain a diplomatic visit could be arranged

Franklin leans over toward Chinzebeth, “So, you’re a Queen? You seem a lot more normal than the last bit of Royalty I met.”

Chinzebeth turns her nose up at this “How do you mean ‘normal’? I am no common woman, you can be sure of that!”

Arthurius scratches his forehead, curious.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"hmm, so Franklin, what frame of reference do you have between Queen Chinzebeth, and the royalty you had met previously in comparison? Do you mean Queen Chinzebeth is normal in comparison to the royalty you met before being too weird or something?"
“Oh,” Franklin responds, draining the last of his flask, “A few years ago my friends and I ended up in Asslantis, and we met the King and there was this whole Ordeal.” He looks down at his flask as a twinge of desperation flashes across his face, finding it empty. “The Asslanteans are really weird, they are basically just these big butts with arms and mouths, we thought they were monsters at first.”

“Utter nonsense, Mr. Franklin is clearly speaking in jest.” Chinzebeth looks at her cards and turns to Landi “If I win I dare you to take a dip in a full flask of punch, your glow would look lovely in there!”

“Didn’t that punch almost burn a hole in the table?” Serah asks worriedly.

“Oh yeah! That sounds dangerous,” Landi agrees. “But on the other hand… glowy fairy punch special! It’ll put hair on your chest! Like Arthurius’s!”

“Won’t your dust wash off?”

“Maybe some? I dunno. Totally worth it. I got plenty!”

Cat: But what would happen if I drank fairy spiced party juice?
No. 1000035 ID: 1cb203

An Energy rush? Wild magic? Do it and find out!
No. 1000179 ID: a2066b


I like queen of spades.
No. 1000195 ID: fd4d13
File 162102478748.png - (1.41MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00007.png )

:sp_arthurius_3: :"So you're saying everyone in Asslantis is a big butt? Just to make sure, you meant the polite term of calling them asses, or in other words, big jerks right?[/i]"

Willamina: Pff what else could he mean, that they were a RACE of anthropomorphic Asses? That SOUNDS so dumb.

"It's true though!" Franklin protests, "I went to a party at my friend Nat's house to play Star Wars Episode I: Racer, and the building flooded and sank deep into the earth. Why would I make this up?"

Cat: So you live in a marsh and the house fell down into an underground city? I mean that sounds like Lyst only with a big lab, so I guess it’s plausible???

"No the building was in the middle of the city and the sprinklers came on," Franklin replies matter-of-factly.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I'm from the dream universe where anything is possible, and even I find that a bit unrealistic… err… not that you have any reason to lie about it, but… it would help if you had proof of some sort I think…

He then silently mumbles to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"How do they even eat? Do they eat food in their butthole mouth, and spit it out through the same butthole mouth?"

Franklin thinks for a minute, "Glyt might have pictures from his robot body, but I don't think anyone had a camera; and he left with the aliens to uh… I think he said "to fight sick-ass demons in cyber-hell." He stops and thinks a bit more, "I have a sword from when the King knighted me, but I didn't have any reason to bring that to a party… oh!" His eyes light up as he ducks below the table to rummage through his backpack.

He comes back up a few moments later holding a large, ornate loop of some shimmering, unidentifiable metal with what looks like a small clasp on it. "I found this Magic Ring there, according to Kali's translation it's supposed to "increase the wearer's endurance, vigor, and vital essence" or something. Its also supposed to change size to fit anyone trying to put it on, but I guess it must be broken because it doesn't do that." He puts his finger through the loop in the ring to demonstrate, the ring does not respond.

"Everything else still works though, if you just wear it as a bracelet or something."

Cat can be seen visibly squinting at the ring. After a moment he stops and his lips start to curl up, he cups his hands and whispers something to Willamina. After a few brief moments of them staring at each other, they both burst into laughter.

Franklin visibly deflates, adding "So you still don't believe me? This is the only proof I have with me…"

“I believe you!” Serah nods her head up and down eagerly. “Especially the part where you wanted to play your game. That was very believable.”

Franklin perks up slightly and smiles quietly.

Arthurius meanwhile has still been mumbling silently to himself throughout the whole exchange

:sp_arthurius_3: :"And if they pass gas, would it be considered a fart, or a burp? And why am I even still thinking about this?"
No. 1000446 ID: 12b116
File 162118343649.jpg - (1.73MB , 2000x1500 , mk8.jpg )

Mary seems thoroughly deflated by Alma’s absolute snub.

“You miss a hundred per cent of the shots you don’t take,” she mumbles to herself, and then takes a shot.

She wipes her nose with the back of her hand and steels herself.

“Hey Serah, I’m cute, ain’t I?”

“Wha?” Serah, obviously distracted by something not Mary, is caught completely off-guard. “Oh! Uh, yes? Yes! Very cute.”

Willamina: WELL WE think yer cute, c’mon Cat!

Cat: Duh you’re cute, sexy too. Let’s give her a hug!

The two walk over to Mary, intent on giving her a big ol hug and headpats.

“Ignore that foolish woman Mary” Chinzebeth advises “lesser people always try to denounce their betters, she is merely jealous of your splendor!”

“I think she just wasn’t payin’ attention, yer majesty,” Mary says, opening her short-ass arms wide to receive a double hug from Will and Cat. She can’t help but give Will’s ass a little squeeze in the process.

Will and Cat press her from both sides, giving her a tight squeeze and pressing their cheeks on hers. Wills gives a light squeak at Mary’s ass grab to which Will replies with a firm slap to her ass. Cat on the other hand gives her head scratches while he hugs her, Cat’s got a very pleased expression on his face.

Alma glances back and forth between everyone converging around Mary. “Huh?”

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Ouch, Got in trouble from a misunderstanding, Alma? Happens to me a lot. Especially during last year’s Beach Day… (Long story). Best you can do is apologize and move on... here!

He passes Landi's absinthe and Cat's water bottle to dilute it to Alma.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Try this, it is real strong!"

Alma narrows her eyes at Arthurius. “Trying to get me drunk so I’ll make mistakes. I’m onto you and your tricks.”

Arthurius shrugs.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"More for Landi and me then. But a simple 'no thank you' could have sufficed..."

Willamina: Oooh can someone get a picture of us hugging this CUTE corgi lady. Take two so we can give her one too!

“Me! Me! I can do it!” Landi hovers in front of Willamina’s camera. “Hmm… looks like I’ll have to use the old standby... SERAH HELP!!!”

“You don’t need to shout,” Serah says. “Here, is this how I hold it?”

Serah grabs the camera backwards. There’s a bright flash and she almost drops it.

“Oh dear. Um, is this the right way?”

Another flash blinds her.

“Stop taking pictures of yourself!” Landi says, pointing with her wings. “Just hold it this way. You point, I shoot. Hey cuties! Say fluffernutter!!”

Landi flits above and showers down a little bit of her fairy dust between Serah and the group hug to give a sparkling filter effect for the photo as Serah takes the picture.

“OH!” Franklin suddenly shouts, “I got all distracted and forgot to make my Dare!” He slams his hands and ring down on the table before pointing at Alma, “ALMA! If I win this round you have to prove to everyone how pettable you are by letting everyone at the table pet you after you strip this round!”

“Wh-Wha.. You mean actually p-pet me?” Alma sputters.

“Yeah for sure. I think everyone would really enjoy it!” Franklin replies.
No. 1000474 ID: e51896
File 162121011269.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , poker008.png )

Willamina twirls around a familiar business card in her hand before looking to Arthurius.

Willamina: So uh, ARTHURIUS, this card says you’re a Nightmare Bounty Hunter? Is that like a MONSTER hunter, so you go into dungeons and stuff and take care of the most DANGEROUS ones or something?

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Something like that. We dreamciers have a bounty hunting guild called Bounty Corral where clients request help dealing with a Nightmarecier that is tormenting a dreamcier’s dream world and its visiting dreamers with their nightmares."
Cat perks up, now curious about the topic.

Cat: Okay, so what would you say if, hypothetically, someone had nightmares every night they actually dreamed. Would that be just some Nightmare-thingy tormenting us?

Willamina: You get nightmares all the time too?

Cat: Only on nights that I dream, I don’t really have dreams mostly.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Hmm… possibly, though that situation you described sounds more like the nightmares were created by your subconscious, not from a nightmarecier. Fortunately, We can still help you deal with those kinds of nightmares too…

Arthurius leans forward towards Cats direction a bit before continuing

:sp_arthurius_3: :...Just as long as any nightmares you’re suffering from are infesting a dream world you’re visiting. If a sandman brought you to a nightmare world instead however, we might not be able to offer our services… we dreamciers have a peace treaty with nightmareciers to not interfere with their nightmare worlds, and vice versa. We can still answer your call and give you advice, however.” .

“Sooooo,” Mary says, sipping her drink thoughtfully. “Arthurius, let’s say a troop has constant nightmares ‘cause of terrible stuff happenin’ to ‘em. If you were to go get rid of the nightmares, would it help with the underlyin’ trauma, or are they totally separate?”

Arthurius gives Mary a sympathetic look, wondering if she or anyone she knows has suffered trauma, but doesn’t bring up the question.

:sp_arthurius_3: : I won’t lie, The trouble with PTSD is that it never fully goes away. The most one can do is learn to cope with it. My team can get rid of those nightmares, but the trauma could still make the dreamer create new ones during the next night through recurring nightmares. That said, our services will still help them cope with their trauma by helping them capture their nightmares each night and overcome some of their fears..

Arthurius then leans forward to Mary with a serious look.

:sp_arthurius_3: :But while our services will help the traumatized dreamer cope in some ways, I’d advise them that it’s more important to seek all the support they can from loved ones, and not be afraid to seek help from a professional therapist. I know I came to sell my services, but those two things are the most important things one can do. Our services should only be seen as a supplement in those cases.

Mary nods along, her own expression serious as well.

“It’s not exactly uncommon for folks I work with to get mutilated or killed, so people can end up pretty bad off, mentally.” She sighs. “I guess there’s no magic to wipe that kind ‘a stuff away.” She smiles, although not quite as broadly as usual. “Anyway, I’ll look into seein’ if your services are ok to use when I get back. Any little bit that helps sufferin’ folks is worth doin’ in my opinion anyway.”

Arthurius passes his business card back to Mary.

:sp_arthurius_3: :“Let me know how it turns out. And sorry if this got too real for strip poker, I only spoke from experience as somebody who personally knows someone with trauma. On a lighter note, just remember that people can grow stronger from their trauma once they learn to cope with it. It’ll take patience, so just be there to listen if they want someone to talk to, and treat them with all the support you can in the meantime… oh yeah, and just so you know, our powers aren't magic, they're imaginary.”.

Alma squints at Arthurius and holds up her flask of party juice. “Dreams are just in the mind of a sleeping person. They’re not a magical fairy tale land. This all sounds really silly,” she says, taking a drink. “So what do you really do? Is it like hypnosis? Drugs? Some kind of machine that screws with people’s minds?”

Arthurius raises one eybrow

:sp_arthurius_3: :“Ummmmmm… what? Drugs? Machines? What are you even talking about, Alma? How would we even do that to someone in reality from the dream world? And even if we could, why would we do that? All that happens is that when someone dreams and visits one of our dream worlds, and a nightmare has invaded the dreamworld they’re visiting, the dreamer can contact us for our bounty hunting service with the number on the business card to capture the nightmare for them… I mean, that makes the most logical sense to anybody really, right?”.
He then mumbles to himself, taking a sip of his absinthe, allowing it to mess with his mood a little bit more.

Alma looks over the flask as she drinks. “None of it makes sense.”
No. 1000475 ID: 8483cf
File 162121026899.png - (716.40KB , 880x814 , Dust1.png )

Arthurius’ eyes follow the glowing ball of light with wings.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Hey, may I ask what kind of magic you can do? I'd love to see a demonstration if that is alright with you and Lady Kensington.”

“I only do the best magic there is!” Landi boasts. “I blow space-time like bubble gum and twist it into taffy! And I make some sweet swag for my favorite girlfriends when I feel like it.” She cocks her finger guns at Willamina.

“Didn’t you go to fairy college?” Serah asks. “I thought they taught more than warping the fabric of reality and how to make bras that fit. Wait, were those part of the same course?!”

“Well, yeah,” Landi says. “But I kinda forgot all the boring stuff. And I’m not really feeling like using any of this awesome glow I’ve got going on just to satisfy the Mad Hatter over there.”

Arthurius is disappointed and hurt by the name calling at first, but the party punch and absinthe gives Arthurius the little bit of confidence to form an idea, and turns his attention over to Serah and shrugs.
:sp_arthurius_3: : “hmm, I dunno… what Landi said about her magic seems a bit far-fetched... Lady Kensington, can you confirm if Landi is telling the truth about how professional she is with her magic abilities? Is she really a pro at making swag and making delicious space-time taffy?
He gives a wink at Serah, hoping she’ll play along to help him get Landi to do magic.

:sp_arthurius_3: : “I mean, you both did once mention the dress Landi gave you dissolved in the middle of town... right?”

“A pro? At magic?” Serah snickers. “When we first met, she couldn’t pull a rabbit out of a hat.”

“I’m way better now!” Landi objects. “Tell ‘em, Willie!”
Arthurius also gives Willamina a smirk, and a wink.

Willamina: HMM, well we know she can MAKE things like clothes. I still have the sports bra and panties she made for me, but now that you mention it I haven’t SEEN her do anything else...

“That’s not fair! You’re supposed to be on my side!” Landi flaps her wings at the utter betrayal. “My magic has many super special secrets and it is very, very awesome! Observe!”

Landi flits in front of Arthurius and blasts him in the face with raw fairy dust from her wings. It causes him to sneeze at Landi, blowing her towards Franklin’s direction. The dust caused a sling bikini to materialize, resting across his snout.

“See?” Landi puffs her wings out proudly. “I can make awesome sexy clothes! Even if that wasn’t exactly what I expected…”

Arthurius grabs the sling bikini off his snout, a little weirded out.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Err… thanks? I guess I can offer this to Lilly as a joke for this year's Beach Day knowing that she wouldn't wear something so... revealing… then again, knowing her, I have a feeling she's going to wear it anyway just to tease me… *sigh* Well, just as long as it doesn't dissolve on beach day like how Lady Kensington's clothing dissolved and exposed her...”

“I told you, I fixed the problems with dissolving clothes!”

Cat: Hey Landi, if you can make cool clothes like this, why are you wearing a napkin of all things?

Landi blinks in shock. She grips her ‘skirts’ and stares at her outfit. “It’s... uh… most people can’t see... I mean… ssssshut up.”
No. 1000476 ID: 8483cf
File 162121036466.png - (0.97MB , 1064x1200 , Dust2.png )

Arthurius takes a look at Landi, noticing she is looking a little less glowy. He gets another idea.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”You know, it is probably only fair that everyone else gets a magic swimsuit too, not just me, right, everyone?”

Alma rolls her eyes at this exchange. “There’s no such thing as magic. It’s just altering fields that control how various physical mechanics function to produce effects with mental and physical energy,”

Noticing Alma has been trying to start a lot of arguments with him lately and is doing it again, Arthurius grins a little as he gets an idea to both tease Alma a bit, and reduce Landi’s fairy dust a bit more at the same time.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Hm hm hm… looks like Alma still isn’t convinced, Landi. wanna cast a spell to prove you’re magic?”

“How can you say magic isn’t real when it can do this with ZERO energy?” Landi zooms over to Alma and pirouettes on her head, dumping dust on her.

Alma begins to flail, swatting away the drifting sparkle cloud. “Aah! She’s trying to poison me or something!”

Cat: Some scientists also theorize that Mana is just some weird form of radiation that is naturally produced by Oxygen. And our bodies just adapted and were irradiated by it over time to cause this effect. It’s a load of bullshit, but it’s one theory.

“I know all about fairy magic!” Mary says. “If they’re doin’ it, they just do whatever. If you try’n get ‘em to do somethin’ for you, then you’re doin’ fell sorceries and they’ll typically try ‘n fuck you over, just like any other magic.” She nods.

“That bein’ said, if Landi wouldn’t mind makin’ me all sparkly, I sure would appreciate it!”

Alma shoos Landi away. "Yes. Make her sparkly, not me!" She barks, a slow, creeping wave of gaudy color spreading downward from the top of her head.
No. 1000477 ID: 8483cf
File 162121042818.png - (676.70KB , 977x1130 , PartyPupper.png )

“Party pupper needs a pick-me-up!” Landi says. She lands on top of Mary’s head and gives a big smattering of sparkly dust. “Sorry about Serah,” she whispers in Mary’s ear. “She’s two big ol’ scoops of vanilla without any sprinkles. Here’s some extra sparkle for ya.”

As she starts to shimmer and sparkle, Mary yips in delight, nuzzling her face against Landi’s entire body. “No worries,” she says. “Thanks for the pick-me-up!” She grins and gives Landi a thumbs-up. “Dang, you got real cute now that I can see you better!”

“Wow, this fluff really needs a lot of dust to look good.” Landi freezes midair. “Wait, you can see me better? How much have I already...”

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Hey Landi, didn't you say only smart, sexy special people can see you? Because I can see you now! Yay! I'm smart and sexy after all!”

Arthurius happily sways left and right in a rhythmic manner over his accomplishment.
No. 1000478 ID: 8483cf
File 162121046913.png - (788.44KB , 849x1238 , Dustbusted.png )

“Oh, shit!” Landi floats down to the table, all but drained of her magic. “Um. Could everyone just look the other way for a second?” She nervously adjusts her napkin skirt.

Mary pointedly doesn’t look the other way for a second, seemingly considering something as she looks at the fairy.

“Why look away?” Asks Franklin, “You’re just like a cute little person, I like it better than just being a little glowball!”

“How would you like it if someone shaved off all that fur of yours?!” Landi shoots back in a shrill voice. “I mean… eheh. Um, nothing to see here, everybody. Serah, do you have any, er, mana potions lying around? Please?

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any,” Serah says. “Wow, you really did spend all your dust, didn’t you? Do you want me to dare everyone to play the rest of the game without looking at you?”

“Yes please thank you.”

“Okay. That’s my dare.” Serah says, rolling her eyes. “Everyone, please ignore the fairy if I win.”
No. 1000789 ID: e4f7dd
File 162135273119.png - (884.90KB , 1018x765 , Strategery.png )

A Queen of Spades materializes as the river.

SERAH has: 3 of Hearts, 7 of Spades

ARTHURIUS has: Ace of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs

WILLAMINA AND CAT has: King of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds

MARY KIL has: 6 of Diamonds, 7 of Hearts

FRANKLIN has: 10 of clubs, 6 of spades

ALMA has: 5 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds

CHINZEBETH has: 3 of Spades, Jack of spades

Alma pats her hands on her face. "Oh, God. What is this color?! And now I've gotta take off more clothes?" she grumbles, before carefully arranging her hair over her chest and removing her bra. "Haha! Now nothing indeshent will ever happen,” she says, sauntering over to Franklin and dangling the underwear in front of him. ”Enjoy it while you can. I’m gonna be winning from now on.”

"Oh I'm definitely gonna enjoy it! Thanks!" Franklin happily barks, accepting the brassiere.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"See? Now you know the importance of long hair!"

“Um, Alma?” Serah stifles a giggle, then eyes Franklin’s goofy grin with worry. “Well, if you’re already going topless, then I guess I’m okay with betting my corset next round!” Serah makes sure to raise her voice for the last few words, trying to catch Franklin’s attention.
No. 1000883 ID: afe7de
File 162140656904.png - (55.78KB , 500x500 , CW_022.png )

Arthurius breathes a sigh of relief and silently relaxes the back of his head against the chair, glad that he doesn’t have to grope others without their permission for his dare. He decides to just remove the shoes.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"ugh, the floor is all sticky, it's gonna ruin my socks..."

Chinzebeth is taken off guard by her loss, “Oh dear! I suppose I must remove an item . . .” she considers her outfit carefully.

“Whoa hold on, you mean I actually won? Wahoo!” Franklin shouts with joy, “I don’t get a bonus for all 7 cards being a straight, right?”

Serah shifts in her seat eagerly. “Do you want one?”

“Sure!” Franklin yelps excitedly, still bouncing happily in his chair.

Serah smiles coyly and holsters her drink in her cleavage. She grabs a straw, fiddles with it gently, then slowly drinks the party punch from her cleavage cozy without breaking eye contact.

Franklin grins and bites his lip.

Cat: We lost, then. Thank goodness it wasn’t Landi who won…

Willamina: Franklin! Are you ready to GET LUCKY tonight? With what power you get, of course.

Willamina winks at Serah, who bites her lip with a flush.

Cat: I mean…

Willamina: C’mon, Cat! Loosen up. Franklin’s going off to a whole ‘nother DIMENSION. Cut loose! Enjoy yourself!
No. 1000884 ID: afe7de
File 162140660813.png - (62.18KB , 500x500 , CW_023.png )

Cat: Eh, you’re right, I need to loosen up. Still stressed over last night. Soooo, what kinda power are you hoping for?

Cat starts to walk towards Franklin, his grabby hands wiggling in the air.

Franklin turns his attention toward Cat, “Oh uh, I don’t really know, I never really thought about that. I guess something that would help with work would be really cool!” He hesitates for a second, “So uh, how do we do this? Is there like a magic scepter or something?”

Cat: I just touch you and then you get a power basically, some people get visions, others get like knowledge poured into their brain. There’s this like blue glow.

“Neat!” Franklin responds, “Well let’s just go for it I’m sure whatever happens will be fine!” He closes his eyes and bounces with anticipation.

Cat gets up close and personal and grabs his head, scratching it and petting it. Cat nods and then a soft blue glow radiates out from Franklin’s head.

“SO uh,” Franklin says, still with his eyes closed, “how do I know what happened? Do I get an upgrade screen like in a video game?”

Cat: Yeah, think the words “Status Window” and you should get some info. Basically name, age, energy, and power. Or I could just read it out for you.

Franklin scrunches up his face in thought for a few moments, then opens his eyes and looks around with a grin, “So is there like, a magic word or something or do I just do this stuff? I’m still not really sure how this works but I wanna try it out.”

Willamina: I kind of just think about using my power and it works, BUT you have to experiment. Maybe it’s easier to vocalize it for YOU.

Achievement: “Awakened a creature from another dimension” has been unlocked. +50 AP
Achievement point total is ???/???

Cat: Huh…. Neat!
No. 1001207 ID: 1d109c
File 162157939747.png - (1.07MB , 957x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational09.png )

Chinzebeth stands up and quietly removes her dress, and hopes no one notices, she then notices her underskirt is missing “I could have sworn I was wearing it a moment ago” she mutters

“You go girl!” Mary Kil hollers.

“Err yes Mary” Chinzebeth smiles, not able to be angry at her adorable fluffy face.

Franklin looks over to see what Mary is shouting about, and shoots Chinzebeth a quick wolf whistle. "Looking good, your majesty!"

“That’s right, Franklin!” Mary shouts, pumping her tiny fist.

Arthurius gives Queen Chinzebeth a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry about missing clothes, happens all the time,” Landi chimes in.

“More often when you’re around Landi,” Serah adds.

Chinzebeth waves awkwardly: “oh thank you everyone . . . you may continue your prior conversations” her smile is at least partially genuine for the attention. The queen then hands her dress to Franklin “I doubt it will suit you but I imagine one of your many lady friends might appreciate it . . . ” she gives a sidelong glance at Serah.

“Thanks your Majesty! I’m actually still single,” Franklin’s gaze follow’s Chinzebeth’s glance, “at the moment, but I’ll think of you every time I see it!”

Cat: I dunno, I think it’d look cute on Franklin.

Cat gives him a little wink.
No. 1001290 ID: 12b116
File 162165267928.jpg - (515.08KB , 1000x750 , mk9.jpg )

“Dangit! I got no luck tonight!” Mary says with a huff, tossing her cards on the table and stripping off her garter belt, leaving only her garters on.

She wads the thing up and tosses it sick layup hoopshot-style to Franklin. “I think it’d look good on you,” she says, nodding appreciatively.

"Well I can't put anything on while the game's going," Franklin responds as he nabs the lacy belt out of the air, "But I'll try it on as soon as we're done!"

“You’re staring at me,” Landi says warily. “I know that look. That’s the look of a fox about to eat me.”

Mary is taken aback “Woah! Uh, aside from questions about how you’d know that look, I uh … no, it’s just, you know, earlier ‘n all, and, uh, I was just thinkin’ about how you’re cute ‘n all, and I ain’t never seen a person like you, size-wize, y’know, and uh, how that’d … like, logistically speaking … “ Mary takes a drink with purpose, intent on not having to finish her sentence.

“If you’re asking how I manage to fit all this awesome in such a small package, the answer is practice,” Landi says, “But I think you might be asking about something else…”

Landi scales Mary’s ruff like a mountain. She flaps her heavy wings, giving her just enough lift to reach Mary’s nose and give her a dainty peck.

There’s the briefest tingle of electricity. Warmth spreads over Mary’s snout and spills downwards, filling her stomach with butterflies.

“That’s how it works!” Landi chirps, climbing back down extra carefully. “Now try to imagine how it’d feel if I was loaded up on dust…”

“Like cocaine?” Mary asks, then shakes her head, still a little dazed and feeling a bit bad for whoever will have to clean her chair.

“Where do you think they got the idea for cocaine?”

“Did you just try and take credit for cocaine?” Serah laughs.
No. 1001315 ID: fd4d13
File 162165665609.png - (1.39MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00008.png )

Franklin waves his hands around while muttering as many different magic words as he can think of, producing no noticeable effect. He leans back in his chair and sighs, clearly frustrated, before thrusting his hands in the air and shouting "GATE!"

Cat: Try putting more ENERGY into it, it might take more energy then you have to do what yer trying to do.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"What exactly is Franklin doing with his power?"

"Well," Franklin replies, "Nobody seems to believe me about asslantis, so I thought that maybe I could use this power to-" there's a sudden sound somewhere between a hushed zipper opening and paper tearing, and there is what can only be described as a hole in the air, behind which there is a small horse battling sick-ass demons in cyberhell.

Willamina: UHH WHAT?

Arthurius is a little scared.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Oh shit! Did you just rip a hole in this dimension! I-I know I asked for proof earlier, but I am NOT going to be paying to fix damages to some kind of dimensional tribunal because I asked for proof! My team is having trouble trying to find work for money as is!"

Landi: Nice! Not bad for your first portal!

Franklin seems stunned at the hole's appearance, but his eyes quickly brighten as his smile widens.

"Glyt!" shouts Franklin, "It worked!"

The tiny horseman finishes blasting away the nearest two demons “Franky! My partner in dick stomping! What’s up boonta champ?”

“Playin’ some strip poker with some new friends!” Franklin calls back happily, “One of them gave me superpowers, I opened this gate we’re talking through!”

“Your friend’s an adventurer?” Serah says, shocked. “Does that mean you’re an adventurer too? Oh! You went to that underground butt city and fought stuff!” Serah reels from the realization that maybe, just maybe, she has something in common with Franklin.

“Well,” Franklin answers, “I’m a firefighter now, but I suppose I did go on a pretty big adventure!”

Glyt peers into the portal, not even needing to look at the demons to hit them straight in the head “Wowza Franky! Who’s this skanty minx and can I get her number?? “

Franklin points over at the topless dog drunkenly swaying at the other end of the table, “Oh, you mean Alma? I’ll ask her for you!” He cranes his neck back towards her, “Hey Alma, my cool friend wants to know if he can have your number. I think he thinks you’re cute!”

Cat: Damn, that’s sick as hell. Though uh, we probably shouldn’t tell Cannie about this, or uh Bobby’s power I guess.

Willamina: Yeah, it might uh, be COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Not sure if Bobby can fully control it either? It’s at least fine when he has the slushees.

Arthurius waves one of his business cards to get Glyt's attention

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Glyt was it? Hi I'm Arthurius, a dreamcier and a nightmare bounty hunter! If the dream you're visiting is invaded by a nightmare, give us a call in your dream with this business card! We'll capture it for you, free of charge!"

He attempts to throw the card through the portal, but instead of going in it, it phases through it and lands on the floor near Franklin.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Oh, umm… can you get that, franklin?"

“Oh yeah, sure.” Franklin bends over to pick up the card, “Apparently if I make a portal really far away it takes way too much energy to go through it. I wonder if that means…”
No. 1001347 ID: e51896
File 162167591822.png - (2.99MB , 2000x2000 , poker009.png )

“Oooh, lookit the little fairy, all out of juice! Just like you wanted!” Landi shouts at Arthurius over her glass. “Well, are you happy now?”

Arthurius’ eyes light up

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I’ll say I am! Your magic was a lot more impressive than I thought! You turning Alma pink like that was fun to see, and there was something beautiful and dreamlike about seeing Mary Kil sparkle like that. And the swimsuit, errr… while really... *ahem* risque, feels nice and comforting to the touch. I’m almost tempted to have you meet my sister and maybe see about coming up with some fun dream creations together with her!"
“Do they not have sarcasm where you’re from?” Landi asks, ironically not being sarcastic. “It sounds like you’re being, uh, flatteringly honest.”

Arthurius rests his arms on the table, and then rests his chin on top of his arms to make better eye contact with Landi.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Look, I apologize for the whole, ‘trying to get your dust taken away’ thing. Part of it was because, well, that mad hatter comment you made wasn’t nice, damnit, so I wanted to get back at you for that. But the bigger reason is, I can see that you have a lot of great and untapped potential with your magic, Landi, and I wanted to see you bring it all out instead of seeing it stagnate like that. I mean, I’ll admit the glow surrounding you with your fairy dust was kinda neat, but what you were able to accomplish with that dust was a lot grander, and shows a lot of limitless potential in your magic that could use to help make a difference to better people’s lives, and even your own life if you just tried. So I wanted to help encourage your growth with my little stunt, Landi.”

“I’m gonna be one hundred percent honest with you, Professor,” Landi says, her voice wavering a little drunkenly. “I tuned out riiiiiiiight after you said you apologize and I spent the rest of the lecture staring up your nose.”

:sp_arthurius_3: :"It's actually more of a snoot, err, I mean snout… anyway, as I was saying… ummmmm… uhhh… what were we talking about again?"
Landi quickly shifts her eyes around the room, looking for something else to talk about instead of having to continue the boring lecture. Suddenly, her eyes freezes at the net behind Arthurius, and she starts to tense up.

“S-Serah! That flyswatter behind hatty boi is looking reeeeally menacing right now...”

Arthurius’ bottom right ear slightly twitches upon hearing Landi nervously talk about his dreamcatcher net. Concerned that a troublemaking nightmare creature may have somehow followed him into this realm, he decides to address the fairy’s statement.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Hm? If you feel threatened by this, then that could only mean… you’re a nightmare creature, aren’t you?
“Yeah! Your worst nightmare!” Landi hides behind her bottle of Absinthe.

“Don’t listen to her,” Serah says. “She’s harmless. Unless you give her too many margaritas.”
Arthurius looks over at Serah in confusion.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"wait, you’ve known this nightmare creature for a while? That doesn’t really make sense, the only way a nightmare could have entered this reality is if one had stealthily followed me here into this dimension just now… unless…

In his drunken state, he can only come up with an illogical conclusion.

:sp_arthurius_3: :*GASPS* SHE MUST BE YOUR SLEEP PARALYSIS DEMON! Am I right, Lady Kensington!? She hasn’t been tormenting you long, has she???"

“Yes,” Serah sighs. “Yes she has.”

“Yes!” Landi laughs. “Yes I have!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Poor dreamer." Arthurius says sympathetically to Serah.

He then reaches over to his dreamcatcher net,stands up on his chair, and begins to step onto the table about to capture what he thinks is a sleep paralysis demon. Landi is trembling in fear behind the bottle.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"My dreamcatcher can catch all sorts of nightmares that scare dreamers. Do you wish for me to capture your sleep demon, or do you want to deal with it yourself and conquer your fears?"

“I’m fairly certain she’s only a waking nightmare,” Serah smiles. “But I think I know someone who could use a good night’s sleep... I might ask for some tips later. Thank you for the kind offer.”

Arthurius sits back down, places his net back where it was, and nods in understanding as he passes his shoes over to Franklin..

:sp_arthurius_3: :"You’re a courageous dreamer, Serah. I’ll be able to answer any questions you want regarding our dreamworlds anytime."

Landi pokes her head around the side of the bottle. “Yeah, you better run!”
No. 1001399 ID: 8483cf
File 162172038194.png - (904.89KB , 764x1839 , TightsStrip.png )

Serah rolls her eyes at Landi, who is doing her best to hide behind her bottle of absinthe. “For a party fairy, you’ve got some odd hang-ups,” she says, fishing the waistband of her tights out from under her corset. She struggles to get it free with clumsy hands.

Landi grumbles.

Serah finally manages to slip her tights off and sashays over to Franklin to deposit her nylons in his lap.

“It’s not superpowers,” Serah says, tugging nervously on the trim of her panties, “But it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?”

Franklin looks down at the stockings in his lap, and then up at Serah tugging at her panties, saying, “Well that’s gonna count a lot because I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop thinking about this!” as he folds up the stockings and sets them on top of his pile of clothes.

Serah scurries back to her seat, trying to hide her smile and failing miserably.

“This sucks,” Landi huffs from behind her glass of absinthe. “I was so glowly just a few minutes ago. Now I’m stuck like this for hours. Bleh!”

Willamina: You just gotta IMPRESS us with your GLOWY personality instead, like everyone else!

“Bite me,” Landi glow-ers.

Chinze smiles maliciously “Not so proud now silly little fey! Only one person will keep their dignity at this table and I fully intend for it to be me!”

Willamina gets up and there’s a light breeze that ever so slowly pushes Landi towards a walking Willamina who opens her mouth wide pantomiming a biting motion.

“Serah? Serah! Help!” Landi flutters her wings and clutches her napkin nervously. “She’s totally joking and it’s not funny!

“Please don’t eat my fairy,” Serah asks Willamina with a grin. “Landi, you realize that no one here would think seeing you was a big deal if you didn’t make it such a big deal?”

“But it is!”

Cat starts sputtering laughter and the breeze pushing Landi towards Willamina stops, she also sits back down and starts giggling incessantly. The pair take more swigs of party juice and it looks like they’re getting to the goofy side of intoxication.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"It's probably a fairy thing, but why do you love glowing like a lightbulb so much, Landi? It was kind of hurting my eyes directly looking at your light earlier to be honest."

“Oh, now you’ve done it,” Serah groans. She raises her glass for a sip to blunt the windstorm a-coming.

“Why? Why is glowyness so great and cool and sexy? What kind of question is that?” Landi stomps her foot. “It’s literally magic! It’s me! It’s pure, undiluted me! You felt it, didn’t you? When you sneezed? That little awesome feeling of energy and drive and peppy zip-zap? That’s what it feels like to be me! Twenty-four seven! And glowyness is literally what that looks like! It keeps me safe and lets me live! A fairy that runs low on glow is just... naked!”

Arthurius is thinking about this while nodding, but the drinks had clouded his thoughts to make him think a little bit illogically.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I think I get it, so what you're saying is, if I truly want to know what it's like to be me, I need to find out how to get myself to glow? Interesting. But... Hm… It's too bad I don't have the means to do it..."
No. 1001405 ID: 8483cf
File 162172131181.png - (224.59KB , 891x1093 , Dustbusted2.png )

“Also I’m cold now.” Landi rubs her arms. “Fortunately, they make drinks for that.”

Alma sits up and smirks smugly. "It's cold? But the alcohol isn't even freezing. It’s downright tropical in here."

SparkleMary pipes up. “I get it! Now that I’m all shimmery I’m gonna feel downright boring once it wears off!”

Arthurius thinks about Mary’s statement.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Now I have to figure out a way to shine brightly..."

Mary drinks more punch directly from the spigot and seems to think about something even harder while she eyeballs Landi. “Y’know, if you’re cold … “ she fluffs her cleavage invitingly.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Landi jogs awkwardly across the table, her wings slowing her down. She holds out her arms expectantly. “C’mon, I need uppies. It’s really hard to fly like this.”

Mary doesn’t hesitate to pick her up gently, like hamburger, and bring her to the milky white valley of her fluffy cleavage. She settles Landi amongst the floof and giggles. “Pretty dang rare that I’m biggern’ anybody ever. Makes me feel all protective and comfortin’ and stuff, like I got to keep you safe.” She pets Landi’s head gently with one finger.

“Told you I was pettable,” Landi says, letting out a sigh of relief. Her wings tense and fold neatly to nestle as deep as she can in Mary’s cleavage, and soon she’s just a scruffy head poking out from a floof bunker. “Oh, yeah. I feel right at home in all this sparkle. You said I got cuter when I helped you out with that? I think you got cuter too.”

“Oh uh! Is that so?“ Mary stammers. She brushes the side of Landi’s head with her muzzle so she can whisper directly into her tiny ear in a thick, husky (corgi?) voice. “I .. I ain’t gonna lie. You got me horned up somethin’ fierce.”

“Oh yeeeeeeeah~~~?” Landi asks, shuffling around excitedly. She pokes her head up and grins. “Well, how about I tell you a little secret?”

Slowly, the tips of Landi’s wings rise up out of Mary’s cleavage.

“If you rub my wings between your big, soft paw pads, and you do it just right... it feels really, really good.”

Mary waggles her eyebrows. “Is ‘at right?” she says, keeping her voice low, before reaching down with her stumpy index finger and trying her hardest to find that spot. She even presses her snoot against the base of Landi’s spine and gives her a long lick up her back, between her wings.

Landi’s whole body shudders and she gives a quiet, quivering mewl. “Aw, yeah. Yeah, like that. Keep looking, you’ll find it.”
No. 1001550 ID: e51896
File 162180891307.png - (951.85KB , 1280x720 , poker010.png )

:sp_arthurius_3: :"My turn to deal the cards? Welllll… okaaaay… I'm pretty bad at shuffling cards though..."

Arthurius grabs the deck, and proceeds to shuffle them. However, his fingers slip which causes all the cards to scatter all over the place, some of his business cards somehow getting into the mix too.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"OH SHIT!!"

Arthurius in a panic tries to grab the cards flying all over the place back to minimize the mess being made.

“Pffft!” Serah giggles, nearly knocking her glass over. “Hehe! Someone’s drunk!”

Conveniently, everyone gets two cards slid towards them faced down as well as the flop and the turn being set in place during the incident.

The turn and flop cards are 3 of Clubs, 4 of Spades, Queen of Spades, and King of Hearts

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Oh, everything worked out in the end. That was lucky. Sorry for the mess, everyone, I’ll clean it up right away."

He proceeds to pick up the extra cards that are scattered on the table and floor.

“I’m puttin’ my Gene Point up instead of my sexy garters.” Mary Kil says, not looking at her cards. Landi is still ensconced in her cleavage. “An’ I dare Alma to gimme an open-mouth kiss with tongue if I win.” She begins rubbing the fairy’s wings between her fingertips.

Chinzebeth gasps in astonishment “I must have that gene point! I’ll bet anything on it! I’ll start with my crown!”

Chinzebeth mutters to herself “Just need a 10, a 10 of diamonds and I’ll have my dream pet!”

Upon hearing Chinzebeth betting her crown, Arthurius’ heart starts pounding fast, and he is trying to take deep long breaths to keep himself from getting overly excited. He tries to speak.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"C-C-Cro-cr"

It’s no use, his love of headwear and the chance to get a particularly good headwear for his large hat collection makes it difficult for him to form words. He decides to take a long sip of his Absinthe to calm himself as he thinks of a good way to negotiate with the Queen.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”Queen Chinzebeth, If I may ask, I would love to help you get your Gene Point from Mary, you deserve it so much more than any of us. So to raise your odds: if I win, I will be sure to give the Gene Point to you and only you… and umm… as for my dare… ummm."

Arthurius thinks for a moment, trying to think of a really good dare.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"It’s the same dare idea that I had earlier, but with something added: If I win, I dare both Lady Kensington, and Queen Chinzebeth to order their partners Landi, and Kog to strip with them to the equal amount of clothing they have for the rest of the game! They can only be allowed to put their clothes back on until after the game ends, so you can't order them to put their clothes back on until the game ends! It's unfair for them to be here and watch us strip while they’re fully clothed."

Arthurius then whispers to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"3 of spades. Please! I need a 3. A 3 of spades would really be helpful. I really need that crown for my collection!"

Will and Cat look at each other in deep contemplation for a moment before chatting.

Willamina: You know, an EXTRA body, specifically of a supersoldier would be pretty useful for the dungeon RUN.

Cat: Yeah I agree. Guess we can only leave it up to fate. Maybe a King or Queen will appear to even our odds.

Alma squints at her cards, then at the table, then back to the cards until a look of realization crosses her features.

Serah twirls her hair and furrows her brow. “Oh, dear,” she mumbles, giving her corset a forlorn look.

Franklin is busy trying to toss a snortilla chip into his mouth through a small gate, and doesn't seem to even notice his cards.
No. 1001562 ID: 629f2e

Give 'em an 8 of clubs, reminding them both that fate is cruel and uncaring.
No. 1001564 ID: 1d109c

I pick 3 of spades, It seems something cool might happen if this number wins(even more stripping)
No. 1001606 ID: 2c3010

3 of spades, let's give Arthurius the hat he craves.
No. 1001625 ID: 582e7a

I vote for 3 of Spades for more occurrings of stripping and fueling Arthurius' maybe hat fetish.
No. 1001639 ID: afe7de
File 162190311887.png - (76.37KB , 500x500 , CW_024.png )

Landi, meanwhile, is taking the time to enjoy Mary’s drunken massage. She totally misheard Landi’s direction about what to do, but feels nice enough, and Mary’s eagerness almost makes up for her mistaken technique.

“Higher… a little higher... right there…” Landi arches her back like a cat, lifting herself out of Mary’s cleavage and leaning into her touch. “Aw, yeah. That’s nice.”

Willamina grabs the camera and starts slowly pointing it in Landi’s direction. But Landi’s too alert for Willamina’s shenanigans.

“No!” Landi shrieks, retreating into her floof bunker and ending Mary’s massage. “I am not ready for my close-up!”

Mary looks confused, not being remotely alert at this point, until she notices what’s going on. She seems slightly disappointed when she realizes that Will wasn’t trying to take a picture of her breasts.

Willamina: AWW c’mon, I even got you this absinthe. PUHLEAAAAASE. I might meet another fairy soon, we can show him your picture and maybe set up a DAAAATE?

“You want to show him WHAT?!” Landi says, her voice hitting octaves unheard of. “Oh no! Nonono! That’s so… so… not classy!”

Willamina: Pshhh who cares about being CLASSY. Plus I bet it’s hard meeting another fairy on the dating market. What if he ran a DUNGEON, would that perk your interest?
No. 1001640 ID: afe7de
File 162190313011.png - (10.08KB , 500x500 , CW_025b.png )

“I didn’t say I wasn’t interested,” Landi says, “But you don’t… you don’t show the goods before you even meet the guy! That’s not how dating works! You need to build up to it!”

Willamina narrows her eyes and looks at Landi’s head poking out of Mary’s cleavage.

Willamina: DID you think I wanted to get an upskirt of you or something? It can just be like a regular PICTURE? I mean I’ll take an upskirt too, but that’s besides the point!

:sp_arthurius_3: :"What is the big deal anyway? I’m pretty sure fairy dating profiles are just pictures of lens flare."

“You can tell a lot about me by my glow. It’s tasteful to have a bit of silhouette, but… ugh!” Landi flushes a deep bluish crimson. “Just… is he hot or not? What color is his glow? Does he sparkle or shimmer?” Landi mutters something under her breath. “How big are his wings?”

Willamina: Dunno, we’ll be finding out SOON, though. It’s getting about time to meet him, for better or worse. We heard he likes girls though and wouldn't form a CONTRACT with my grandpa. I’m pretty sure he has 8 wings though.

“Eight? Oh wow.” Landi flushes deeper. “The things we could do…” Her wings quiver in anticipation.

Landi shakes her head and breaks herself out of her fantasy, realizing she can’t ignore what’s in front of her. “Uh, Mary, is it okay if I interrupt this regularly scheduled back rub to take a little time and show off? You can have some pictures of me, too!”

“I guess,” Mary says, huffing. She grins to show she’s not actually upset. “I would like to rub on your wings a little though when you’re done, if that’s ok?”
No. 1001641 ID: afe7de
File 162190314528.png - (14.45KB , 500x500 , CW_026.png )

“Yes! More than okay!” Landi says eagerly. She slowly lifts herself out of her hidey hole between Mary’s breasts.“Well, Willamina, I’m trusting you not to lead with these! These pictures have to be delivered so they make me look awesome and sexy, not like I share them with anybody who runs a dungeon!”

Willamina proceeds to coax Landi into posing in different manners, both on air and on the table, and near the bottle. At first it’s a little awkward as Landi doesn't know what to do.

“Um… I’m not exactly sure how to pose for these,” Landi says, and helps herself to a little more of her drink. “How do you dim bulbs do it?”

Cat: Well you have to like use your natural sex appeal and like sorta show off your good side. Maybe do some classic standing/sitting/laying poses. Though uh, I dunno what’s specifically attractive to Fairies.

Willamina: Maybe some nice wing shots since you seem to be fond of those. Just uh, try a variety of poses you think are cool. I’ll snap a bunch and we can pick the best ones.

“Stick yer ass out and show off your titties!” Mary loudly opines from across the table. It appears she’s been making liberal use of the party punch spigot in Landi’s absence.

“Hmm. Show off my titties…” Landi squeezes her arms together and sighs, then moves on to a different position.
No. 1001642 ID: afe7de
File 162190315322.png - (20.03KB , 500x500 , CW_027.png )

Soon, Landi leans into it and starts posing in a variety of different ways. Some are kind of subtle, some accentuate her wings (Will made sure to get her panties in that one). Another one is of her kinda sitting down with her legs splayed, bent a little forward, finger on her lip; that shot came out okay. Will gets a headshot but from a lower angle so it shows off her cleavage and even makes it seem a little larger.

Willamina: Maybe some with the bottle too!

Landi: Oooh, good idea!

They move over to the absinthe bottle. Landi gets a little into it and starts poledancing again, pictures are flying out of the camera left and right as they cycle through the film. The last few shots end up being upskirts like Willamina planned, as Landi kind of forgot the purpose of the exercise and just got carried away from all of the attention.
No. 1001643 ID: afe7de
File 162190316409.png - (16.90KB , 500x500 , CW_028.png )

Eventually, after a pile of increasingly risqué photos starts building up, the photos stop coming out of the camera.

Willamina: Oh, shoot. Out of film, hey cat, GIMME my ring.

Cat hands over a ring and Willamina puts it on, a roll of film magically appearing out of it in her hand. She then slots that into the Camera.

Willamina: I have no idea why I removed this before the game.

Landi: You have to use items to use interdimensional storage inventory? It must suck to be a human. Hey, watch this! Woo!

Landi does a full inversion, with her weight on the bottle and counter-balancing with her wings. She lands with a hard thud, dizzy and outfit horrendously out of place.

Landi: Ow. Is this what gravity feels like?

“Poor thing!” Mary says, scampering across the table on all fours. She scoops Landi up and fixes her clothes with far more rubbing and petting than is necessary before retreating back to her seat. “Lemme kiss it all better ‘n then we can get back to rubbin’ on you.”

“Whoa!” Landi giggles excitedly, the absinthe finally taking its hold on her. She leans into Mary’s hold and nuzzles up tight. “Yeah. It’s an emergency! I need lots ‘a kisses and TLC, stat! Hehe!”
No. 1001806 ID: ca2950
File 162204533390.png - (801.56KB , 1024x768 , patpetpot.png )

Serah reaches out to Alma and hesitates, but ultimately her curiosity wins out and she gives Alma a big ol’ belly rub.

“So soft,” Serah sighs. “Okay, you were right, Alma. You’re very pettable. I don’t know why Landi thinks she’sh higher on the pettability scale than you.”

Alma keeps her arms at her sides and stands straight up, failing to contain a squeaking noise when Serah makes contact. “I told you so.”

Serah hums contentedly and buries her fingers in Alma’s tummy fluff. “So soothing… I’m jealous. You can just rub your tummy whenever you want and de-stress.”

Alma squirms and shuffles her feet. “Does that work if you’re doing it to yourself? W-Wouldn’t it be like tickling and not work unless someone else was doing it?”

“I play with my hair when I get nervous,” Serah says. “If I had your tummy fluff I’d have something even better!”

Arthurius thinks for a moment about where to pet Alma, and decides to give her chin scratches.

Eventually, he drags his finger across the bottom of her chin, and lightly pokes the tip of her nose.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Boop!"

Booping the snoot seems to have caused Alma to start losing her pink color, almost like her snoot is an on/off switch. Curious, he boops the snoot again to see if the pink color will come back.

Alma hiccups as the last of the fairy coloring pops off in a cloud of sparks.

Arthurius sighs in disappointment.

“Hey, Franklin,” Mary says, “I wanna pet her upper chest area but I can’t reach. Can you gimme a hand?”

“I think so,” Franklin answers, “I’m trying to figure this out but I think I should be able to…” There’s another tearing sound, and a somewhat disorienting ripple appears near Alma’s chest through which Mary can see herself from an odd angle, and when she looks to her side she sees Alma’s chest near enough that she can almost lean into it.

Mary wiggles her fingers underneath Alma’s hair and gives her titty a solid grope.

Alma yelps and recoils from the sudden grabbly fingers. “Iiiieee! That’s not petting at all!” She screams, crossing her arms over her chest.

Mary pats Alma’s forearm instead.

“Bad dog! Bad!” Landi scolds, but can’t help herself from whispering a “Was it worth it?”

Mary just smiles.

Cat heads over and starts fondling Alma’s ears, giving them some scratches in a spot he’s known other beast-kin to like in the past. Maybe she’ll like it too. Willamina joins him in petting her ears and scratching her head, but one hand slips down and just gets a real firm grope on Alma’s ass.
No. 1001807 ID: ca2950
File 162204538643.png - (1.39MB , 1316x1080 , poof.png )

Franklin is emboldened by his success with the Mary portal and reaches forward under the table. Alma suddenly feels his Powerful Grip on her sides between her ribs and hips, which begin vigorously scruffing!

Alma shrieks and jumps in surprise, puffing off a cloud of residual magic dust.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” she wails, flailing and squirming frantically. “If I win, Franklin has to put a portal with part of his body sticking out that anyone can mess with however they want for the whole round in the middle of the table!”
No. 1002021 ID: 12b116
File 162224505864.jpg - (503.65KB , 1000x750 , mk10.jpg )

Mary is focused, intent on her goal. She approaches the problem with scientific curiosity and thoroughness. As her fingers gently slide across Landi’s wings, she varies the pressure, technique and location of her touches, mostly rubbing the wings between her finger and thumb, but also lightly trailing the edges with her blunt claws, among other various flicks, strokes and pets, her hot breath washing over Landi’s back as she works.

Landi’s wings are as silk spun into air: a faint presence at first, but while Mary works them up and down, back and forth ever so gently, her fingers begin to tingle as the insubstantial wings effortlessly flex and form themselves against her paws.

Landi tosses her head back and hitches her shoulders, leaning into Mary’s touch. Her wings tense and release, flexing and twisting, anticipating Mary’s rhythm and giving tiny jolts of excitement whenever it breaks. Soon her silken wings are quivering and parted, eagerly awaiting more.

Landi’s whole body tenses as Mary’s claws tease the inside edges of her hindwings. She squirms, grabs Mary’s fur tight and braces herself with a shimmy.

Mary is completely unconcerned with who may or may not be watching, utterly fixated on just one thing. “Close aintcha, you horny little minx,” she says as she continues to stroke Landi’s hindwings, switching between dragging the edge of her claws delicately across the rim and grasping and gripping and tugging on the tips. Landi can feel Mary’s breath hotter and more frequently across her back.

“You’re about t’ need some new panties,” Mary says, and then soft lips envelop Landi’s upper wingtip. Mary begins to nibble on the very edge of Landi’s upper wing, and her tongue slides out of her mouth along the side. Going for broke, she grips the lower wings tightly between her thumbs and forefingers, running the claw of one pinky up the inside of Landi’s thigh.

Landi’s whole body arches in shock. She bucks hard against Mary’s teething and gives a soft, wordless plea. Her thighs clench tight over Mary’s claw. She quivers, gasps, tries to hold back, but she’s already sailed over the edge. Landi bites down hard on a tuft of fur just a second too late to stifle a high-pitched squeal.

After seeing what Mary was doing with Landi, Arthurius looks up some massage chairs at an online store on his phone.

Willamina: Hmm, seeing that massage gives me an idea for a dare. ALRIGHT. If we win this round, MARY and uhhhh, Franklin. You two, you have to give me and Cat some BACK massages!

“Huh?” Mary says, suddenly realizing that people were watching her. “Uh!” She flails her arms and takes a long draw from the party punch spigot, covering her face in shame as she tries to sink down in her seat.

“I’m just gonna lie down for a second,” Landi says, utterly drained. She disappears into Mary’s ruff with a deep sigh of contentment.
No. 1002023 ID: 1d109c
File 162224677049.png - (1.49MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational10.png )

Serah sneaks between Willamina and Chinzebeth so stealthily she only stumbles once.

“Hey!” she whispers loudly. “Heeeeeey!”

“You both’re smart n’ wise n stuff,” Serah says. “He’s… like… sort of into me? But he’s also, like, a dork and maybe he’s jus’ being nishe... sssso… how do I get Franklin to really really go out with me?”

Chinzebeth sneers. “You seem to have him eating out of your hand with such . . . forward displays, I hardly think you need my help with that.” She chuckles to herself. “Though if you needed some help maintaining dignity I might be able to give you some pointers.”

“No dignity here,” Serah says, looking down at herself and giggling. “Oops. I left it at home. Do boys like dignity? Do I need more? Am I messing up?”

Willamina: I mean it seems you’ve got this kind of in hand ALREADY. Though uh, dating someone from another DIMENSION might be kind of hard? Well. He can portal now, so maybe it won’t be that hard after all. You could just ask him out? Or see if he’s into a quickie if you know what I mean?

Serah bites her lip. “You really think he’d say yes if I asked him to… uh… um… ladies don’t normally do the asking where I’m from. He wouldn’t get, um, weirded out?”

“Stop making such a fuss asking a man out is very simple, observe” Chinzebeth advises then turns to Franklin “Sir Franklin, I cordially invite you over for tea with my person, what say you brave knight?”

Franklin looks over to Chinzebeth, the Snortilla chip he was tossing clattering to the table, “Oh sure, Tea’s good. I don’t really know how to get there, but I’m sure I could figure that out.”

“Do not fear I will simply have a chauffeur shuttle pick you up. Dimensional travel is common in most stellar empires” Chinzebeth then helps herself to the fallen Snortilla chip.”oh and if you need to contact me you can use your marvelous new power!”

Serah’s jaw drops at the queen’s forthrightness. She looks at Franklin, then Chinzebeth, then Franklin again, and tries to fight off the invasive thoughts about what “tea with my person” might lead to.

“Did she jusht…” Serah asks Willamina worriedly.

“If I win this hand, Lady Kensington, you must avoid Franklin and his portals.” Chinzebeth smiles viciously “Oh, and if you could pour me another glass, that would be lovely.”
No. 1002024 ID: 1d109c
File 162224707742.png - (538.08KB , 919x938 , NofairColor.png )

“But… b-but…” Serah stutters. “You’re bluffing!”

Chinzebeth’s poker face is unparalleled.

“You’re not bluffing…” Serah says. Her eyes dart to Franklin, then back to Chinzebeth.

“You… you.... you!” Serah glowers. “You can’t keep me away from Franklin! And you can get your own drink! Willamina, unlace me! I FOLD!”

Cat pantomimes a trumpet being blared in the background as Willamina goes to remove the corset.


Alma completely gives up on trying to conceal her chest. “If everyone is doing it…”
No. 1002026 ID: 1d109c
File 162224733189.png - (600.84KB , 662x1282 , Powerfold.png )

As Willamina unstrings the corset, you can hear her giggling in anticipation. Each lace causes Serah’s bountiful bosom to bounce beautifully. As the last one is undone, her breasts pop out like a sparrow through a bush, or a weasel through their burrow. It’s beautiful and awe inspiring. Cat takes two photos to commemorate the moment. One of the photos just so happens to slide in front of Franklin, Willamina’s hand can be seen waving in his direction and a slight breeze can be felt.

Franklin turns his head almost involuntarily and his eyes go wide and his jaw hangs open; the snortilla chip he just tossed through a portal bouncing off his head instead of being caught.

Serah pouts and stares down Chinzebeth with defiance. “So there!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :W...wow… you must really really like Franklin!

Arthurius then thinks about how Franklin has been having all the girls stare at him, take pictures of him, swoon over him, caress him, and ask him out on dates throughout the entire poker game. He whispers to himself as he takes a sip of his drink,

:sp_arthurius_3: :I hate to admit that I’m a bit jealous, heh heh…

Serah sits down quickly, her courage vanishing as quickly as it came. She wraps a lock of hair around her finger and hunches down in her chair. “That was a lot more heroic in my head…”

Willamina: Hey you did a GOOD JOB. He’s flabbergasted over there, see!

“Really?” Serah sneaks a peek over at Flabberfranklin, then pretends she didn’t see him.
No. 1002105 ID: 8483cf
File 162234235234.png - (544.89KB , 846x1241 , Bigthonk.png )

Serah sits with her arms crossed over her chest, wondering if folding was the right move. Landi had disappeared into Mary Kil’s floof before Chinzebeth’s unspeakably cruel dare, so she didn’t have her fairy’s savvy to help in the heat of the moment.

At least Franklin’s definitely interested...

But it’s bad manners for a Lady to be the one asking the man out. Isn’t it? Chinzebeth’s a Queen, everyone has to do what she says. She’s not a Lady, she doesn’t count!

What’s the worst that could happen? Oh, I know! He says no and everyone keeps playing and it’s all awkward, that’s what! What if he says yes, but doesn’t want to come over until way later? Is it okay to ask him to come over right now? Is that being too forward? He doesn’t seem like he wants to come over right now. And things have to be taken at their own pace! Or do they? How fast is fast?

Why is getting a guy to come over so complicated?!
No. 1002123 ID: 5a788d

Franklin is still in, so he has to sit there and play cards. But you've already folded, so you;re free to wander around and do whateeeever you want.
No. 1002167 ID: e51896
File 162241730783.png - (1.14MB , 1280x720 , poker011.png )

A 3 of Spades is the river.

SERAH has: Folded

ARTHURIUS has: 3 of Spades, and Jack of Diamonds

WILLAMINA AND CAT has: King of Diamonds and 6 of Clubs

MARY KIL has: Queen of clubs, and 10 of clubs,

FRANKLIN has: 6 of Spades, and 2 of Diamonds

ALMA has: King of Spades, and 10 of Diamonds

CHINZEBETH has: Ace of hearts, and Jack of clubs

Arthurius wins the hand with a 3 of a kind!

Will and Cat: Goddess DAMN IT. We had a two pair!

“Wait a minute…” Serah looks at her cards. She blinks. She looks at her cards again. “I could have tied! I had a three and a seven!” She hides her head in her hands and lets out a muffled wail of frustration. “I showed my boobs for no reason at all!”

Chinzebeth gives a wide smile “poor foolish girl” she says with mock sympathy

“So, ‘r you givin’ the gene point to Her Majesty?” Mary asks Arthurius. She seems to be shifting around a bit in her chair. “Mmph,” she grunts.

“YES yes! “ Chinzebeth shrieks desperately “he swore an oath on his honor! It’s mine! Give it to meee!”

Cat just groans in frustration, laying his head on the table. Willamina is dramatically whining nonsense, they’re both obviously drunk and are being theatrical for fun at this point.

Arthurius has been staring at nothing but Chinzebeth’s crown the whole time.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"hmmmmm…… I dunnnnooooooo…"

Arthurius says with a smirk, wanting to tease Chinzebeth a little after she bullied Serah.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I mean… a gene point is preeeeeety priceless isn’t it? I can’t just give it away without compensation… and that crown of yours is looking very valuable, right? Otherwise… Maybe I should just trade it to Cat and Willamina for a weird superpower after the game and let them take the gene point to… Pervert Land as you called it?… I mean, they do seem a bit down right now…"

“You wouldn’t dare!” Chinzebeth grinds her teeth “You promised me that gene point! I must have it! I simply must have it”

:sp_arthurius_3: : “Whoa, now you’re putting words in my mouth… that hurt my feelings. I know I said I’d be sure to give you the gene point if I won, but I never used the phrase ‘I promise’, did I?”

Arthurius takes a deep breath and sips a bit of his Absinthe, to give himself a little extra courage to push just a little bit further with his negotiation.

:sp_arthurius_3: : “You seem to really want it though… and I’m feeling kinda bad about keeping it from you… tell you what, maybe I can let you have the gene point for both your crown and the gloves? Think about it, the potential to own a pet corgi soldier, it can be yours for just nothing more than the crown and the gloves! Imagine the amount of petting you can give it. The loving licking kisses you’ll receive, the amount of smothering you can give it, its unconditional loyalty…”

Chinzebeth twitches in fury “FINE, FINE! Just give me my gene point, you weaselly little troll!”

Arthurius nods at Mary, giving her the okay to give Chinzebeth the gene point. Upon receiving the gene point from Mary, Queen Chinzebeth passes the gloves to Arthurius, and then forcefully throws her crown with her wig attached to it at Arthurius’ head as hard as she can, bonking him.

:sp_arthurius_3: : “YOWTCH!”

Arthurius is knocked off his chair and falls to the floor.
No. 1002280 ID: afe7de
File 162250922472.png - (70.52KB , 500x500 , CW_030.png )

Willamina gets up on the chair and pulls off her dress from the bottom, throwing it on top of Arhthurius who is knocked out on the floor. She then plops down on the table and SLAMS her Breasts on the table with a big laugh!

Cat: How do you like THEM REDS!

Serah is confused for a moment. “Reds? Oh! You mean apples!” She cradles her chest tighter to protect her apple cart.

Willamina: APPLES? What’s that? The name of a friend of yours?

“No, they’re a kind of fruit,” Franklin interjects, suddenly aware of the other things going on around the table; “They grow in a tree, do they not have those where you’re from?”
No. 1002281 ID: afe7de
File 162250923580.png - (58.25KB , 500x500 , CW_031.png )

Cat: Fruits? You mean like REDS, ORANGES, YELLOWS, and PINKS, yeah, those grow on trees where we’re from. We’ve also got BLUES, BLACKS, MAROONS, and other kinds of berries that grow on bushes.

Willamina: Guess it makes sense that THEY’D have different words for their fruits. Different worlds and all.

Mary seems like she’s about to say something, then suddenly bites her bottom lip and sharply exhales. She breathes in through her nose and then tries again.

“Nice t-ohhhh” she moans, panting and fanning herself, and then gives Will a thumbs-up.
No. 1002452 ID: ca2950
File 162267687446.png - (623.16KB , 968x695 , drinkmore.png )

Alma takes off her boots and lobs them at Arthurius, just as he is climbing back up to the table. “I can’t keep taking off all the good stuff at once, so you can have these, but yer proloby a big perfert that gets off on women’s shoes or something. Pervert!”

“Woo!” Mary says, although her exclamation is cut short with a sharp intake of breath. She wipes her brow with a suspiciously dress-shaped napkin. “Yeah! T-throwin’ stuff!” Mary says, her breath catching again as she grips the edge of the table and bites her bottom lip.

“He’s not a shoe pervert!” Serah says. “He’s only got a hat hard-on!”

Alma waves her flask of party juice around willy-nilly. “That’s even worse! I’ve never even heard of that!”

“Ooooh, that does sound horrible,” Serah realizes. “You’d have to tell them the entire date that your eyes are down here!”

“Y-yeahhhhhh!” Mary says, breathing heavily. “That’s right!” she pants. “Just like that! What Serah said!”

“Yeah!” Serah takes a swig of her party punch and nods. “You’d be like, lower! Lower! Come on, you can pay attention to something other than that!”

“Lower! That’s right!” Mary digs her fingers into the felt.

“I can… kinda see the appeal,” Serah ponders. “In bad weather, you could kiss all you want and never get wet!”

Alma snorts. “Wow. Somebody is really bad at kissing.”

“Kisses under the hat should get you really, really wetttt…” Mary says as she exhales, squirming.

“Yeah! See, Alma? Mary gets it! Thanks Mary!”

”Fucking shit Landi” Mary mutters under her breath, “N-no, Serrrrrrahhhhh! Thank you!”
No. 1002683 ID: 1d109c
File 162291221397.png - (1.65MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational11.png )

Chinzebeth remembers something “Mr Sillyman, women are getting indecent, you best put on thatf blindfold, and take off a couple articles of clothing as per Mr.Arthurius’ Dare.”

Kog shrugs, : “Uh, yeah sure”

Kog Sillyman, manservant and part-time wallflower, removes his neckruff dutifully. He drops it on Arthurius, waking him up from a boot projectile related injury.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Ugh… whu? What happened? How long was I out?

He notices the crown next to him, gasps, and grabs it, holding it close to his chest.

Serah raises her eyebrows, but remembers that Kog is furniture and should be treated as such, and looks back at the real source of her problems: Queen Chinzebeth. So smug. So happy. So excited. So .... ah, she can’t stay mad at somebody so gleeful over getting a fluffy pet. Er, servant! Not pet. Definitely not a pet.

“So you lost, but also won,” Serah says. “Congratulations on your new Mary-like-person, I guess. Also, congratulations to you too, Arthurius. Even if you didn’t really win my corset. Why did I fold?!?!”

Kog shrugs “Seems to me both you and her majesty had your eyes on the prize, her majesty wanted the coin, and you I guess wanted Franklin . . . or maybe not, what do I know.”

:sp_arthurius_3: :And I won a golden crown... with diamonds! I’m so happy right now, that even if nobody takes my bounty hunting services here, this trip was well worth it. I actually own a huge collection of hats in my closet, and this one is a very valuable addition to my collection and is going in a special secure spot in a safe… oh yeah! Thanks, your majesty!

“This is marvelous! Truly marvelous!” Chinzebeth exclaims. “Mary, I say I am quite happy you came!”

“Ah’m real close,” Mary squirms in her seat and slaps the table, then shakes her head roughly. “Uh, yes! Glad yer’ so h-haaaaappy!”

“Did you have a particular Mary-person in mind when you asked for the Gene Point?” Serah asks, curious.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chinzebeth exclaims. “Why, I would choose an elegant but ferocious creature! One that could match my magnificence and power!”

“What about a fox?” Serah says. “Foxes are nice, aren’t they?”

Cat: I dunno I’d ask for like some kinda tiger or rhyno person probably.

Willamina: What about a HIPPO? They’re deadly!

:sp_arthurius_3: :My sis has a pet Tapir that she created, and they’re really good at eating nightmares. Imagine the sweet dreams you’ll have without having to worry about nightmares if you have a tapir soldier each night eating them!

“Um …” Serah frowns. “I think my fox- I mean, friend! Might not get along with a tapir. It’s nishe idea though.”

Arthurius shrugs

:sp_arthurius_3: :Well, it is the queen’s C.Org, not ours, so...

Alma wrinkles her nose. “Nobody else findsh it a little morally queshtionable to be fabricating people ash slaves? And this is comin’ from someone that works in a lab where they’re just growing monsters in the basement.”

Serah is too drunk to stop fantasizing about new pets.

Chinzebeth is intrigued by Serah’s earlier comments “Lady kensington you have a beastman pet? How wonderful! We should arrange some play dates!”
No. 1002687 ID: 8483cf
File 162291566634.jpg - (540.95KB , 1000x750 , mk11.jpg )

Mary slams her fists on the table, doubling over, twisting and writhing in her chair before she arches her back and screams “AH! AH! C-C!”

“Gesundheit,” Serah says with an absentminded glance leading into a wide-eyed double take.

“AHM CUMMIN!” She hollers, her words trailing off into a long, ululating howl as she rocks back in her chair, eyes rolled back, white-knuckled grip on the edge of the table. As her howl slowly tapers off, she slumps down in her chair, sliding halfway out of view.

“Huh-wha?” Franklin startles, suddenly snapping back to attention. “What’s going on?”

“Wait, is that what I think it is?” Serah studies a suspiciously-familiar napkin on the table. Then, quick as a flash, a tiny blue arm reaches up and snatches it under the table.

There’s a slight shuffling sound, and Landi clambers onto the table. Her whole body is drenched in … fluid, but her dress is only slightly crumpled and just a little sweaty.

“So what’d I miss?” Landi says with a roguish grin. “I mean, aside from Serah getting her titties out! Can’t say I’m surprised.”

Willamina: I WANT what she’s having, that looked great!

“Get in line, Bacon Bits!” Landi giggles.

:sp_arthurius_3: :... ummmm… I'm just going to let you two borrow this to clean yourselves up.

While blushing, He passes Mary and Landi what he thinks is a towel, too drunk to realize it is actually the belt he won from Chinzebeth much earlier in the poker game.

“Hey thanks!” Landi says, wiping herself down, leaving a shining sheen on her hair and wings. “Guess this rag is the closest I’ll get to a royal flush tonight.”

Mary stares off into space with a silly grin on her face.

“I can’t believe you two,” Serah says. “Why did I even bring you if not to embarrass me?”

“You’re doing a great job all by yourself!” Landi says.

Mary slowly returns to reality. “When I say that girl,” she points at Landi, “Knows her way around a pussy, I mean it pret-ty literally.” She smiles and picks the Gene Point token up from the table. “Well then!” she says. “I’d best go trade this in for Her Majesty’s C.Org.”

“Alrighty! Gimme just a sec.” She plops off her chair, wobbling slightly, and skitters off into the darkness, leaving a trail of moisture behind. There’s a bright blue flash, and silence.

“Hold on wait, is the round over?” Franklin asks, “What’d I even have? Did I win?”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Whoa! Is she alright over there?! And wasn't Bobby Slurpps over there too?! I'm concerned… should we be checking to see if they're not hurt or-

Another flash accompanies Mary scampering back to her seat, followed by a tall swan decked out in military gear.

“Grimothy, at your service, your Majesty,” the swan says to Chinzebeth, clicking the heels of his boots together and bowing.

“OH! He’s perfect!” Chinzebeth claps her hands with glee “He’s everything I could have hoped for!”

“Glad I can be of some use to you, Majesty,” he says, moving to stand behind her hoverthrone.

Mary, in the meantime, settles back down in her seat, sighs, leans back, and returns to soaking in her post-orgasmic bliss.
No. 1002690 ID: fd4d13
File 162292120138.png - (1.45MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00009.png )

Arthurius notices the portal to Cyberhell is still open, and decides to ask Glyt a question once he finds a break in the action against the cyber demons

:sp_arthurius_3: : Hey Glyt, so Franklin said that he met with some people in a kingdom that were literally butts, and opened a portal to see if you had some photographic proof...

“You just want to see big butts!” Serah teases. “Arthurius likes butts! Hehe!”

“Who doesn’t want to see big butts?” Glyt adds

Arthurius becomes very flustered

:sp_arthurius_3: :Do-don't be kink shaming-er-I mean, LISTEN! All I wanted to do was get some proof of that unbelievable statement that sentient butts exist because Im generally intrigued in knowing how they can even function in life and...

Arthurius suddenly realizes that statement came out really wrong and now finds that Serah is snickering even more. He quickly finishes his Absinthe in response. In his somewhat drunken state, he out of habit called Serah by someone else’s name as a result of her bullying.

:sp_arthurius_3: :S...STOP IT, LILLY!!

He sinks in his chair, trying to make himself invisible to everyone at the table

“Woah! Franky these hot babes . . . and less hot guys don’t believe our epic adventures? Even after you showed them your assx? That’s rough!” Glyt feigns concern

“Well in fairness,” Franklin responds, “I didn’t bring my assx with me to the party, it’s still back at my apartment.”

Cat: I mean it sounded unlikely, but if there were some kind of anthro penis people then that artifact he has totally makes sense. And if I’m making the mental leap of there being peni-people then there are probably ass-people too.

“I knew you were telling the truth, Frank...y?” Serah tests out Franklin’s nickname, hoping nobody notices.

Franklin’s ears involuntarily twitch toward Serah.

“Ass people would probably be pretty wary around penis people.You;d never want to turn your back on them… or front. How would that…” Alma trails off, squinting while staring into the distance. ”Ugh… That’s the worst.”

“I mean the Pen Islanders weren’t really people, they were like these weird Monsters that the Vagiants made for their war against the Asslanteans,” Franklin corrects Alma matter-of-factly, “But they lost control of them and it led to both of their civilizations getting fucked.”

“I got you covered boonta champ!” Glyt pulls out an Asslantian talisman, “I keep this around for luck! Only a talking butt person could make something like this . . . or like a really horny person who likes talking butts maybe!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :W...why was he looking at me when he said that???!

Tired of the bullying, Arthurius sinks further down his chair until he is hiding under the table

“Thanks for the help Glyt!” Franklin chimes in, “I need to get back to the game I think I zoned out for a minute and missed some stuff, I’ll be sure to call you back sometimes when there’s less demons around so we can catch up!”

Franklin looks around the table to attempt to figure out what happened while he was distracted, it looks like the game was a tie! He stands up and steadies himself on the table while he uncharacteristically sheepishly pulls off his Sporty Shorts, standing fully nude except for his socks! He walks around the table toward Arthurius and Serah.

Willamina: Uh-oh Serah! Watch out for the DANGER NOODLE!

Cat: The danger is his penis! So is the noodle.

Serah stiffens in her seat. She tries to hide her excitement by playing with her hair, but immediately gives up. It’s the hardest thing in the world for her to keep her eyes where they should be.

“Mmmmn delectable~” Chinzebeth coos while admiring Franklin

“Well, it looks like everyone else is giving stuff to Arthurius, so I guess since it’s a tie I should make sure that Serah gets some of the clothes, so I think I’ll give these to Serah!”

“Really?!” Serah reaches out with both hands eagerly.

Cat: Uh, I’m not sure that’s how this game work-

Willamina: SHHHHHH. Look how happy she is!

Cat: Uh, yeah. HAPPY. That’s totally the word I’d use.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Actually, I was the one who… ummm... nevermind… Serah can have it. Just don't throw any clothing at me… please!

He rubs his throbbing head in pain.

“Thank you, Franky!” Serah clutches the Sporty Shorts to her chest happily. “Um. It’ll be nice to know I don’t have to flop home- I mean WALK home naked!”

Serah’s just too excited at this point to do anything but clutch Franklin’s shorts and smile. She so, so wants to grab Franklin’s tail and pay him back for grabbing her butt earlier, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

Franklin gives Serah a wink, and then walks back around the table to his seat - picking up his fallen snortilla chip and trying one more time to toss it through a portal, with no success.

No. 1002693 ID: 8483cf
File 162292919874.png - (216.41KB , 1357x600 , BeefyarmFlop.png )

Serah tries to shuffle the cards one-handed and fails miserably. She resigns herself to doing her job properly, bites her lip and gets to work, clearly still regretting folding the round before.
No. 1002694 ID: 8483cf
File 162292922429.png - (787.47KB , 1058x1113 , Whatcardsarethese.png )

“Beefy Right Arm of the Forbidden One?” Serah says, confused. “Are these even the right cards?”

“Hmm!” Mary says, “This reminds me of a children’s card game from mah reality … “

Landi bursts out laughing. “Oh! I know these rules! Bobby’s apartment is awesome! Keep playing!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Again, how long was I passed out for?? Did poker finish and we're playing a different game now? What's happening?!

Without looking at her cards, Mary says, “If ah win, everybody’s gotta kiss somebody else at the table other’n me! With tongue!” She slaps her hands down dramatically on the green felt. “I already got enough kissin’ from Landi over there anyhow.” She winks.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Eh, Kisses? But I don't know the first thing about ki- I mean, I don't know who'd be interested in kissing me, I think I made the queen mad at me, and Alma has been trying to start arguments with me throughout the game for some reason…

Serah looks down at herself nervously. “I’m down to my last piece of clothing… but…” She frowns. “I have this, too!” Keeping one hand to her chest, she pushes her glowing orange flask into the center of the table.

Arthurius stares at the flask

:sp_arthurius_3: :Hey, so what kind of refreshment do you have there, Lady Kensington? You’re not drinking any of it.

Serah smiles proudly. “It’s not for refreshments. It’s for freshening up!”

Arthurius tilts his head.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Sooo… a freshment then? Please explain, I’m confused, Lady Kensington.

“It’sh a mutagen specially designed to give you silky smooth skin and shining shimmering lustrous locks!” Serah beams. “I’m very proud of it! It never wears off! I think. Uh, I mean, mutagens kind of... bind themselves to your essence’s re… regeneneratory index, so they should stick around for a long time. Like the one I have now that makesh me so tall!”

:sp_arthurius_3: : Whoa! Did you say… shining hair? Lustrous hair would look so fashionable with my hats! But wait... When you say shining hair, do you mean that literally? I wouldn’t want my hair glowing bright permanently like that, causing trouble sleeping at night...

“It’sh a metaphor. I think!”
:sp_arthurius_3: :Normally, that “I think” is what would make me worry the most…’ but I’m drunk, so who cares?! It is a risk to take If I want my hair looking fashionable with my hats! And even if it turns out to be literal, I can find out first hand why Landi and Mary liked to shine so much, and find out what it is to be me like Landi does!

Suggest the river card! What might it be???
No. 1002696 ID: e51896

Holographic Charizard Pokémon card
Or Arthurius' business card
No. 1002697 ID: 27edeb

Earthbind (Alpha Edition)
No. 1002699 ID: 629f2e


Agreed. Arthurius' business card is the best possible river.
No. 1002783 ID: e51896
File 162303196511.png - (1.03MB , 1280x720 , poker012.png )

“LOOK at us,” Willamina laughs loudly. “Bunch of half-naked IDIOTS fighting over crowns and potions. You know what would really be fun to argue over?”

“How many licks it takes to make a fairy-”

“SECRETS!” Willamina plows forward. “Dirty dirty secrets!”

“Secrets?” Serah asks. “What kind of secrets?”

“I don’t know,” Willamina shrugs. “Embarrassing secrets. Sexy secrets. Stuff you don’t want to see the light of day. I’d take those over a CROWN.”

“That does sound fun,” Cat says.

“It’s sounds incredibly dull if you ask me” Chinzebeth sighs “this is definitely more of Lady Kensignton’s sort of thing”

“So how about it?” Willamina asks. “Got any secrets, Lady Serah Kennnnnnnnsington?”

“Um…” Serah bites her lip. “I like muscly farm boys? That was my secret I gave up last- uh, last time I got drunk with Landi and started talking about boys.”

“That’s about as surprisin’ as the sun comin’ up in the mornin’,” Mary says flatly.

“Well…” Serah says. “I… mean… it’s not just that! I really like strong guys! I’m strong now, and I want my guys to be strong too!”

“So you like it ROUGH!” Willamina says slyly.

Cat: She wants to get taken to POUND TOWN, emphasis on POUND, and TOWN. and HARD. wait I didn’t say hard, pretend that was in there somewhere.

Serah stays silent.

Willamina: What about you hatboy? Got any secret squirmy little secrets hiding?

:sp_arthurius_3: :”eh? me? Putting me on the spot there… well… umm… ok, so… I never… ummm… I never… kissed or been kissed by another person..."

Arthurius is blushing hard, embarrassed for revealing that.

“You’ve been talkin’ about some girls you know back where you’re from. None of ‘em are sweet on ya?” Mary asks, suddenly very interested.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Well, there are two girls, but there are reasons why we can’t be more than great friends. Gimme a moment.

Arthurius pulls out his phone, and pulls up a picture of a human redheaded woman in a yellow hoodie to show to Mary

:sp_arthurius_3: : This is Lilly, a human dreamer who is working temporarily with us, and she has a life outside of our dream world which would make relationships difficult. She’s a bit of a scatterbrain, loves to cosplay and dress up for certain missions, but seems to like to pull annoying pranks and tease others for fun when she gets the chance, especially me for some reason… I think she once told me she has a boyfriend, but she never really brings him up.
No. 1002784 ID: e51896
File 162303198605.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , poker013.png )

Arthurius then swipes to the next picture of a female dreamcier in large glasses, and unkempt short hair

:sp_arthurius_3: : And then there’s Magnolia. Obviously, I refuse to date her because she is my sister. I already told you about her a bit, she creates dream objects and lifeforms. But she is not very talkative or expressive, so it is very hard to get a read on her… don’t get me wrong, she isn’t emotionless, just that she has difficulty expressing herself. I’ve been trying to get her to open up more at social gatherings like a romance festival, but the silly girl brought a teddy bear with her to date so others wouldn’t bother her.

Willamina: Oh yeah, I remember seeing her there. But I was *AHEM* distracted.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Really? Huh. small multiverse....

“I dunno why you couldn’t kiss either one of ‘em,” Mary says, shrugging. “I’m bettin’ it’s gonna be a good long time before I see Landi again. That don’t mean there was anything wrong with us foolin’ around now.” She thinks a bit. “As far as t’ other ‘n bein’ your sister, I think them two twins at the spa kissin’ would be real cute, so I’m for you kissin’ her too.”

Willamina: Me too TBH. I mean, I kissed my brother when we were younger, It’s not THAT weird if yer lonely.

Cat: Um. Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna kiss my bro though, I’m on the opposite side of that whole topic haha.

He puts his phone away.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Who knows, maybe you’ll meet them both if you come to the upcoming Beach Day? They’re pretty interesting people. But enough about them, what’s your secrets, Mary?

Mary taps her chin. “Bein’ perfectly honest, I’m pretty much an open book. Can’t say there’s much I don’t share. I guess the most secret thing I can think of is that I won’t go on a date with a Unit Commander unless they bring all their troops back from a mission with nobody bein’ wounded or a casualty.”

Cat: Well You all already know my secret, the whole power giving thing. That’s kind of the biggest secret I have. I guess If you wanted a sexy secret…

Cat: I’m really into Kin, like their fluffy chests and musk, just oooh It drives me wild you know?

Cat lies his head on the table and rolls it around in embarrassment


Willamina just laughs at his shenanigans and gives him a pat on the back.

Willamina: There, there, nothing wrong with being a FURRY! Got lots of those already wanting to bone ya down.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Cat, I mean, didn’t you say you had some jackal blood in you? Probably doesn’t seem bad admitting that… I think?

Cat: Oh right. I forget. Hahaha. Just, yknow, is embarrassing to say out loud, hahah.

“Is that what people call fluff fetishists?” Serah asks. “Species intermarry all the time where I’m from. I mean, noble houses are forbidden from that, but that just makes it all the more-”

Serah shuts up before Franklin realizes he’s forbidden fruit.

Willamina: Cat you can be a FLUFF FETISHIST! HAH, oh I’m stealing that Mary.

"You could still mess around and stuff tho, right?" Mary asks, staring intensely at Serah and cutting her eyes over to Franklin.

“It’s very frowned upon,” Serah says quietly. "I have to maintain my propriety at all times. Mostly. It’s complicated.”

"It would be real cute if you an' Franklin kissed though," Mary says, steepling her fingers in front of her. "Just imagine holdin' on to his little fluffy hand … "

Serah refuses to continue the conversation, but she does steal a longing glance at Franklin.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Speaking of Franklin… What’s your secret, Frank?

Franklin glances away from his portal

"That party I went to that I mentioned earlier? I told everyone I didn't see the sign that it was an orgy, but I knew."

He goes back to tossing chips in the portal.

Willamina: As for me uhhhhhh. I guess the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done was have sex with my BROTHER? That DIRTY enough a secret for ya?

"Izzat bad 'r somethin'?" Mary asks.

“Oh, sweet savior,” Serah says, dumbfounded. “Um… he was your stepbrother, right?”

Willamina: Nah, blood brother.

“You seem pretty okay with it, B.B.,” Landi says. “This here is judgement-free zone. And that’s not just ‘cause of what may or may not happen under the table.”

Willamina: I mean, the ONLY problem with that was that he got too clingy and wanted to fuck too much had to yell at him and take a firm stance on the topic. I LOVED him like a brother, but not like LOVE LOVE, ya know?

Cat: That… Kind of explains some stuff, I’ll have to like mull this over.

Willamina: Yeah, Goddess, when he professed his love to me that was that, had to cut the cord ya know, then life turned to SHIT. He allegedly died, lost my family, Blah Blah Blah.

Willamina: SOMEONE else PLEASE!

Kog thinks for a moment: “Uh once when I was minding the cash, a customer gave me a twenty instead of a ten. . . I didn’t tell them and kept the money.”

Arthurius’ strong sense of judgement causes him to gasp loudly at Kog’s heinous crime.

:sp_arthurius_3: : ALRIGHT! that right there crosses the line! I’m changing the subject right now with a dare! And I dare everyone to mix Landi's absinthe with Mary's punch, and drink it!
No. 1002854 ID: afe7de
File 162312084935.png - (45.23KB , 500x500 , CW_032.png )

“I’m tired of being naked,” Serah says. “I shouldn’t have even had to have taken my corset off. Chinshebeth is mean. Mean! You’re mean!”

“Oh! Idea!” She grabs two Snortilla chips and puts them over her nipples. “It’s not clothes! I’m not breaking any rules!” Serah smiles over her incredibly clever solution.

Willamina: Hmm, if it’s not clothes then I can just go over there and EAT them offa ya. I mean if they’re not clothes then your BREASTS are just plates right?

Cat looks lost in thought, imagining Willamina biting right into Serah’s boobs. He has a doofy smile on his face.

“You can’t eat off somebody else’s plate. That’s rude!” Serah says with supreme confidence. “Who would do something so unmannerly?”

“Willamina,” says Alma dryly.

Arthurius whispers to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :"err… isn't the definition of clothes any item that covers the body? Eh whatever…"
No. 1002856 ID: afe7de
File 162312091769.png - (55.96KB , 500x500 , CW_033.png )

Cat: So uh, Will, I know we just walked into Bobby’s house and all, but I’m curious, is this place like linking different realities or dimensions, is it a product of his power, I mean we had to pay him like 10 Slushees to get in.

Willamina: I never really thought ABOUT it, it’s just a fun way to meet new PEOPLE and kin.

Serah: Is this place secret? That must be why my fairy made me wear a blindfold for the last part of the trip.

Landi: Huh? No, that was just so your head didn’t explode.

Willamina: I mean to us it’s a HOUSE, so….

:sp_arthurius_3: :"You mean… a full house?"
Arthurius laughs at his own cringey joke

:sp_arthurius_3: :As for me, I got here through one of the Bounty Corral Guild’s thought bubbles.
Arthurius looks around the room at Alma, Kog, Chinzebeth, Franklin, and Mary, curiosity growing.
:sp_arthurius_3: :”Okay, now I’m itching to know, may I ask how everyone else get here?”
“I just went to Extraspace an’ they used their machine,” Mary says, shrugging.
“I simply came by chauffeur shuttle” Chinzebeth states “Dimensional travel is common in my stellar empire”
Franklin: I just took a bus and walked up to the address I was given.
Alma: I was taking a transit gate somewhere completely not here. I still don’t know where I am.
No. 1002976 ID: ca2950
File 162327820890.png - (446.10KB , 878x768 , wasted.png )

Serah looks around the table and sees a lot of topless people, but only one person wearing glasses. “Oh! Alma’s winning! Yay Alma!”

“Is she?” Landi asks. “Her royal wigginess is doing pretty good. So is the Mad Hatter. You might be out soon, Ser-bear.”

“What happens if I lose?”

“You stop playing and go do whoever, uh, whatever you want. But people can still dare you.”

Alma holds up her leg. “I still have stockings, too. I’mma win!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Hi Win, I'm Arthurius!!! Nice to meetcha!"
Arthurius continues drunkenly laughing at his dumb jokes

Alma chugs liberally from her flask and stares off blankly into space. “Oh, right. I didn’t do a sss-eccret. I kind of think one of the research scientists where I’m stationed is kind of hot, but he’s got a wife and kid and his daughter is only a few years younger than me. So he’s basically old enough to be my father,” she sniffs and takes another drink. “Thas fine though. I’d be perfectly fine with callin’ him daddy, if you get my meanig.”
Shifting in her seat, Alma turns to face Chinzebeth. “A big, burly wall of meat whosh alsho a geenus? Ya can’t not want to just get a ride on that, amirite, yer… yer queenesty?”
She scoffs and waves her hand. “I mean, you’ve been around a schuper long time, you know how it ish.”

Chinzebeth squints for a moment “Did you just try and insult me? “ she laughs “How charmingly roguish you fluffy little rapscallion” she then starts gently running her fingers over Grimothy’s armor "You are correct however about big strong gene-enhanced warriors” she keeps petting the C.Org.

"Well, anyway yer maje… magister. I dare you to dance on the table if I win. Sexy dance, too.”
No. 1003211 ID: 9b127b
File 162347244693.png - (1.36MB , 1400x1050 , QuestdenStripPokerInvitational12.png )

“How devilish of you!” Chinzebeth chuckles and drinks another sip of he drink “If I must! But I’ll be taking Grimothy as my dancing party, er partner”

“Dance party?” Serah says. “We’re going to be all over the floor. Or at least I am! Rolling all over the floor. Wait, we’re naked! Especially Franklin! He’d be doing the no pants dance!” She giggles.

“Rolling around sounds like a really strange dance” Franklin adds, fumbling around with his arm through a portal with no discernible exit point.

“I don’t dance” Grimothy replies coldly

“Pish posh! Anyone can dance” Chinzebeth dismisses casually “I’ll show you how!”

Grimothy gives Mary a look which is somewhere between a glare of betrayal and a plea for help.

Mary looks right back, cooly, and says, “You gotta do what she says, buddy. Better get them feets a flappin’.”

“I understand” Grimothy responds with all the excitement of a man being sent to the gallows

:sp_arthurius_3: :"I still want to tangle with someone… Wait, I mean… tango? Uummm… nah, tangle is the correct word, hahahahahaha!"

Chinzebeth remembers that she’s playing a game still, “I can’t bet my shoes if I am to dance . . . oh dear … “ the queen looks down at her remaining items in embarrassment “I suppose I must bet my slip”

Looking uncomfortable, Chinze changes the topic. “Franklin as my dare you must express your honest feelings regarding miss Kensington”

Serah’s eyes go wide.

Cat and Will: YEAH DANCING!

They both get up and start to move around, its clunky, awkward, and kind of embarrassing because neither of them know how to dance.
No. 1003238 ID: 12b116
File 162352480332.jpg - (481.59KB , 1000x750 , mk12.jpg )

Mary contemplates her own tummy.

“Only the top nipples are lewd,” she says.

“What’s that mean?” Landi asks, lounging around her glass of absinthe and letting her sodden wings dry. “Are you saying you can’t get off rubbing your six-pack a’ pop-ups?”

Cat: I think all the nipples are lewd! Just giving them little nibbles is fun!

Cat: Have you ever motorboated someone with 6 tiddies, it’s a wonderful experience.

Mary keeps staring at her tummy.

“Well, they’re all erogenous zones,” Mary says. “Dunno if I can get off just from playin with my nipples tho.” She plays with one.

“Ahm just sayin’ it’s not lewd if you show off the belly ones if’n they’re basically just nipples.” She flicks several experimentally.

“I say it’s the tiddies that are lewd.” She bounces her breasts in her hands experimentally.

“Yeah that’s how it works.” Franklin adds in, nodding sagely. “A nipple is just a nipple. There’s way too many going around for all of ‘em to be lewd”

“Ah don’t gotta get five bikini tops to to go the public pool, right?” she asks.

“But then you’d get sunburned nipples!” Serah says. “All nipples should be nice and safe in swimsuits. Offerwishe you’d have tan nipples and regular nipples. That’s weird.”

“Look,” Franklin explains, “Guys don’t have to cover up their nipples, that’s not lewd. So it’s obvious that it’s not the nipples that are lewd. It’s only when they’re on boobs.”

“Well on MY world all nipples must be covered on the beach, both men and women” Chinzebeth counters.

“A marsupial can make different kinds ‘a milk from different nipples at the same time,” Mary says. “Like a high-sugar milk for the littler fellers and a higher-protein milk for the older fellers. At the same time.”

“If I had lots a’ nipples I’d want them all the same,” Serah says, examining her dynamic duos and imagining reinforcements. “With no sunburns. Way too sensitive!”

“It would be pretty cool to have nipples that make chocolate milk”

“What’s a sun burn?” Mary asks, flicking each of her nipples experimentally as if she were playing a nipple-based xylophone.

“Your skin turns red and peels,” Serah shudders, “And it hurts for DAYS! Everything you touch is pain!”

“Well that doesn’t happen for me,” Franklin says, “Is the sun in your world really big or something?”

“I never looked into the why. Only the WHYYYYYY.” Serah wails dramatically and slouches down, covering her chest from imaginary sunburns. Then an idea hits her. “You could come over to my world and-”

“I’d kiss ‘em better if they got sunburned,” Mary says, winking at Serah. “Canine saliva is good for wounds ‘n stuff.”

Serah winces, completely thrown off what little game she has. “... ow. Um, I’m not sure how well that would work. You really haven’t had a sunburn, then?”

“All the sunlight where ah live is artificial, so I dunno if Franklin’s just extra cool or if you’re just extra burny,” Mary says, tapping her chin.

Serah is too overcome with the imagined sensation of sunburned nipples to ask Franklin to investigate the burniness of her sun.
No. 1003251 ID: fd4d13
File 162353740660.png - (1.22MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00010.png )

“Also,” Franklin chimes in, Holding a hose of some sort of dispenser coming out of a portal to his side, refilling his vial with luminous blue liquid, “That’s a pretty bold dare you made there Mary. So I’m gonna turn it back on you! When I win, YOU have to kiss everyone around the table, with tongue!”

“She can’t do that!” Serah exclaims. “She’d bonk into everyone’s nose!”

“I’m perfectly proficient in kissin’ with tongue!” Mary shouts indignantly. “I just gotta turn my head to the side a little bit!”

Serah can’t really wrap her head around the idea. “Many boops.”

“I for one welcome any Mary boops” Chinzebeth adds “She’s a good little doggy!”

Mary makes her hands into little fists. “I kin kiss without boopin’!”

“Well,” Franklin adds cheekily as the trickle of party punch gradually fills his flask, “Once we reveal these cards you’re gonna get to prove it!”
No. 1003254 ID: 8483cf
File 162353954282.png - (44.24KB , 400x240 , Businesscard.png )

The river materializes as: Arthurius’s Business Card

SERAH has: Abercrombie & Fitch gift card, One-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club
ARTHURIUS has: 1st Edition Holographic Charizard Card, 9 of Swords Tarot Card
WILLAMINA AND CAT has: UNO reverse card, Penis Voucher (good for one custom penis up to 12”)
MARY KIL has: Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Exodia the Forbidden One
FRANKLIN has: 6 of clubs, a $25 gift certificate to Mr Gatti’s Pizza with the number scribbled out in sharpie and a “$12” written next to it
ALMA has: a Hearthstone goblin and an inexplicably sexy Renamon
CHINZEBETH has: AARP Membership Card, and a TGchan premium gold card

Mary Kil wins the hand by summoning EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!
No. 1003256 ID: 8483cf
File 162354001942.png - (912.98KB , 958x1394 , Mutagenloss.png )

“Impossible!” The blue-skin white panties flaps her wings in shock. “No one’s ever been able to summon him in a poker game!”

:sp_arthurius_3: :Awwww… And I really wanted to win that mutagen. What were we even supposed to be doing that round!? It was so confusing… And why is my business card the river?! Why has it betrayed meeeee!?

Arthurius drunkenly crumbles up the worthless and totally not valuable charizard card and tosses it away.

“I lost,” Serah says. “That means Mary gets the beautigen! Hehe, beautigen. Here you go!” She slides the flask across the table. “What was your dare again?”

“Wait, did I actually win?” Mary says incredulously. “Haha I win! I win! All y’all gotta kiss!” She cackles maniacally and takes her winnings.

“Kissing!” Landi cheers. “Kissing time!”

“Kissing?” Serah freezes up and stares at Franklin from across the table.. It’s now or never …

:sp_arthurius_3: :Oh… Right, k-kissing, yeah! Ahahahah! Everyone knows how to kiss… umm… hahaha

Arthurius looks around the table nervously.
No. 1003721 ID: fd4d13
File 162418373635.png - (1.27MB , 1400x1050 , IllustrSTRIP00011.png )

“ ‘M done being ladylike. Come on, you can do this…” Serah says under her breath, psyching herself up. She grips the edge of the table nervously. “Um ... Franklin?”

Franklin looks over from the spectacle on the other end of the table, fidgeting with something under the table; and gives Serah a big, dorky grin.

Serah stares him right in the eye, face flush with drink and mind blown with need. “I want to kiss you really bad.”

Franklin takes a swig from his freshly-filled glass of party punch, setting it down before responding, “Actually, I think it might be pretty good

Serah catapults herself across the table.

Drinks crash, cards fly and chips crunch in a great, unholy racket. Before Franklin knows what’s hit him, he’s pinned back in his seat and utterly engulfed in Serah’s eager kisses.

Franklin claims Serah’s mouth with a deep, lingering kiss of his own. He draws out the moment, teasing her trembling lips with a slow, soft nibble, until Serah can’t restrain herself a second longer and she presses herself against him even harder. With a soft, pleading moan, she reaches between Franklin’s shoulder blades and grabs ahold of his fur, tugging tight and pulling as close as she can. She accidentally kicks a plate off the table, which might have been worth noticing five seconds ago but it’s not Franklin’s lips so who cares?

Serah’s tug is just enough to slide the legs of Franklin’s chair out from under him. He goes down with it- but the two are still twined around each other so tight that Serah is pulled under the table with him. There’s a resounding crash and a yelp as the two hit the floor.

The briefest moment of silence is quickly pierced by Serah’s shocked intake of breath as Franklin slips between her lips with a deep, moist kiss that’s instantly returned with redoubled passion. Neither one backs down, and their embrace only grows more heated with every passing second.

Mary claps slowly and gives Franklin and Serah a slow, dignified wolf whistle. “Now that’s a kiss!”

:sp_arthurius_3: : Wh-WHOA! Do our kisses have to be th-that intense?!

No. 1003722 ID: e51896
File 162418473134.png - (1.80MB , 1280x1440 , poker014.png )

Author's note: Special thanks to Harbard Grim for helping me with this update drawing Morpheus, and Phobetor. You can find his artwork here https://questden.org/kusaba/draw/res/37534.html

:sp_arthurius_3: :"Soooooo... our sandmen in our dream universe tend to bring people to specific dreams based off of what is on a dreamer’s mind, or in the deepest recesses of a dreamer’s subconscious… I’m interested in knowing what’s the weirdest dream everyone had recently been sent to with that in mind. Y’know, just to get to know you all more as potential clients to help deal with any nightmares you may have better.."

Cat: Uh yeah I’ve got a weird one. I recently went to an auction run by a demon where they used my achievement points to purchase goods and it appeared in the real world. Was that a dream or was I teleported? Did my soul leave my body. I have lots of questions about that tbh.

Arthurius is thinking hard, trying to connect the dots while whispering to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Auctions with demons… Achievement points… Dungeons… Powers… Apocalypse"

His fist starts to tremble and suddenly, he pounds his fist hard on the table causing it to shake a bit, grabbing the attention of everyone on the table.

:sp_arthurius_3: :OH SHIT! I SHOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN! I should have known that's what was going on with you two!"

Arthurius takes a long deep sigh to calm himself, rubbing his forehead. and after a long pause, looks around the table at everyone staring at him weirdly. He notices Cat looking particularly really worried like he made a terrible mistake bringing up the demon auction.

:sp_arthurius_3: :”S-sorry, I'm drunk. I’m not angry at you, I’m angry at those demons and what they’ve been doing with our dream universe and the dreamers. Anyway, yes, it was a quote-unquote “dream”, no your body didn’t get teleported, and no, your soul did not leave your body, it was just your subconscious mind just like any other dream. If you’d pinch yourself, you still would have woken up… Ummm… and yeah, I’d like to on behalf of the god of dreams Morpheus apologize that you had a dream like that… I’m ashamed to admit that he played a part in a certain contract to let that happen… You had questions? Lay it on me. I’ll answer.”

Cat: I mean I got stuff out of it, and it distorted reality so that the stuff acted like it was always there? That’s not really a dream, so I dunno how that happened. And there was this like... Illusionary seed. Basically what I’m saying is I'm confused. How can they do stuff like that using a dream?

:sp_arthurius_3: :*sigh* And they’re still stealing and selling our kingdoms' seeds… Bet they didn’t mentioned it requires dreamcier or nightmarecier blood for them to work properly either… Alright, That was indeed a dreamworld created by the demons through their auction site, but what’s going on with the reality distortion is that it's one part a large MANDELA EFFECT caused by the dream god Morpheus and the nightmare god Phobetor. They alter large groups of people’s memories to account for new things that happen as a result of any demon auction, all because of some peace treaty they signed. The other part of the reality distortion is demons setting up items and certain slaves to fit the new narrative.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Millenniums ago, the current Demon Queen Proserpina and the demons decided they wanted to use the dream universe for their demon war. However, Morpheus, and Phobetor caught on early to what she was up to after looking into the dreams of dreamers who experienced being in a world chosen for demon wars previously, and compared it to what was happening in our universe. They managed to put a stop to the demons setting things up early on, but in response, Proserpina decided to retaliate.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Phobetor and Morpheus had formed a temporary truce with each other to fight Proserpina together, and she turned out to be crazy strong, strong enough to hold her ground against two gods. But in the end, the fight was a stalemate with neither side gaining an advantage over each other.

Cat: Geez a demon as strong as a god?!?!

Willamina: Are we screwed? Do S rank heroes have the STRENGTH of a GOD?

Cat: Maybe the system is designed in such a way that we could never get strong enough to touch the truly top powers.

Willamina: Yeah, something killed Saba after all and he was S ranked. Probably even SS ranked if that’s a thing.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Ehhhhhhh... As a bounty hunter, I've learned not to jump to conclusions. So please don't start thinking things are designed to make it impossible to stand a chance. After all, you do have a power that can give other people powers, and even UPGRADE them, perhaps even to demi-godlike levels? who knows? Just don't be afraid to use your power and strengthen it as much as you can every day, now more than ever.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Anyway, Since things went nowhere, Proserpina instead decided to form a peace treaty, or demon contract with the gods which stated that demons shall never use the dream universe for demon wars in exchange for letting them build their own dream world at their auction sites that they can send dreamers to without interference, and have some sandmen of their own to bring the dreamers to their dreams for auctions. The treaty also required Morpheus and Phoboter to mind whammy groups of people to adjust their minds to things in the new distorted reality that happen after each auction.

:sp_arthurius_3: : it is a demon contract though, there are some hidden consequences. For one, it didn’t say that demons couldn't steal dream objects or dream organisms that dreamciers and nightmareciers create, and pass them up as artifacts or slaves and put them as prizes at an auction, which is why you saw one of our illusionary seeds earlier.
No. 1003723 ID: e51896
File 162418477580.png - (1.15MB , 1280x720 , poker015.png )

Cat: Thanks for the history lesson, this is all just so… weird.

Cat: Well they’re demons, can’t expect them to get every item the legitimate way. Or is that racist? Racism or not they’re killing kin on Faunus so I stand by my statement.

Willamina: Hear, hear!

:sp_arthurius_3: : Speaking of demons, My sis said she danced really briefly with some kind of anthropomorphic corkscrew with demon horns at that Romance Festival... she said he wasn't bad despite himself claiming to be a sociopath. But whatever, she's weird, but then again, I can respect that she can always find the good in people.

:sp_arthurius_3: : Anyway, I think I’ll bet my dreamcatcher net this next round... It’s getting outdated, and I could use a new one anyway… and I’m down to clothes I don’t want to lose. I use it to capture nightmares and nightmareciers… though I’m not exactly sure if it works in reality. What you can do though is put it near you as you sleep, and a sandman will take it with you to the dream world so if you face a nightmare, you can capture them in its web.

“It fixes nightmares?" Landi leans over the edge of the table and yells at the two lovebirds still going at it. “Serah! Serah, you have to win it!”

Serah doesn't even notice.

"Oh, well. I'll play for her this round!" Landi says. "We have to win it! Do you have any idea how horrible it is to have a pillow that whines? It’s bad! Also, the pillow is a fox.”

Cat: That actually might be incredibly useful. We both suffer from nightmares, and I expect we’ll be going through some pretty traumatic stuff and even get some PTSD, if we could get nightmare-free rest I’d call that a win.

Willamina: We NEED this. We can put it in the Winnebago’s bedroom.
No. 1003881 ID: afe7de
File 162435296661.png - (138.08KB , 500x500 , CW_034.png )

Willamina and Cat look at eachother and give a shrug.

Willamina: SO, who do we have to KISS?

Cat: Uhhhh, anyone? I’m lazy let’s smooch the kin next to us.

Willamina: I’m GAME.

Cat gets up and saunters over towards Arthurius, getting real close and up in his business.

Meanwhile, Arthurius doesn’t notice Cat coming in close as he is lost in thought over the realization that Mary’s win means that he is going to be getting his first kiss. He nervously talks to himself.

:sp_arthurius_3: :Errr… I’m supposed to kiss somebody too, right? Umm… hahah wow, err… I’m not even sure how to start with that, like… I always thought my first kiss would be with someone I love… and how do I go about kissing someone? Who do I even kiss? Who would even want to kiss me or get kissed by me?? What happens if I kiss somebody, but they get really uncomfortable with me kissing them and they slap me or something?!? I-I-I don’t want to get hurt again! ACK! THIS IS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

At that moment, being reeeeeeeally close, Cat taps Arthurius’ shoulder, and as he turns to face him, expecting to answer Cat’s question, Cat grabs the back of Arthurius’ head and leans him forcfully into a huge sloppy kiss, with tongues tangling each other. Arthurius is at first in huge shock, almost about to try to struggle to escape, but he soon surrenders to this new feeling he is experiencing. He shuts his eyes and relaxes himself.

Willamina with quick reflexes manages to snap a picture of this moment.

When they finally free themselves from the smooch, Arthurius sits speechless in his chair in stunned silence, blushing, pupils in a state of dilation, and trying to process this new feeling he’s never felt before. Was this what it always feels like getting kissed? He beings to wonder if this is something he actually enjoys, and if he should consider giving dating a try whenever he is off work to try getting smooches from other people.

Or was this just the alcohol making him feel this way?
No. 1003882 ID: afe7de
File 162435298722.png - (11.44KB , 500x500 , CW_035.png )

Regardless, he finally speaks up, albeit awkwardly.

:sp_arthurius_3: :ummm… Errrr… Th-thanks for loosening me up there…
Cat: No problem!
Cat gives Arthurius a pat on the head and heads back to his seat, picking up the camera and getting ready to snap a new photo.

Mary claps gleefully and gives Arthurius and Cat a wolf whistle and a thumbs-up.

Willamina then follows suit and heads over to Arthurius, feeling some competitiveness. She grabs him by the shoulders and just starts slobbering all over his mouth, sitting on him and having a generally good time.

Arthurius almost tenses up, but after experiencing his first kiss with Cat has become a little more comfortable with the second kiss. He almost raises his arm to grab Willamina’s back and lean her closer to him, but decides against it, worried about how she might react, and remembering that Mary had said her friend has romantic feelings for Willamina, not wanting to ruin that relationship. He does however allow his tongue to playfully twist around Willamina’s tongue a tiny bit this time around.

However, Willamina uses this opportunity to playfully move her arms from his shoulder to his neck and steals his bowtie. She then passes it over to Mary.

Arthurius getting the wrong idea becomes very nervous over this, thinking she might be stripping him with the intention of taking this to the next level.

:sp_arthurius_4: :Eep! Ah! Alright! Th-thanks Willamina! That was fun, and I really appreciate you and Cat for giving me a confidence boost, but th-there’s n-no need to take this further. *whispering to himself* I wanna save myself for someone I truly love with all my heart and would want to spend the rest of my life with after all.

As everyone’s distracted with Willamina kissing Arthurius Cat quickly strips his underwear, letting everyone get a peek at his shaved junk before trying to fling his donut undies at Mary, but they only get halfway across the table since the elastic is too weak.
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