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File 161543224630.png - (84.45KB , 437x700 , 13-1.png )
990619 No. 990619 ID: 07b0f1

Chapter 13
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/978484.html
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No. 997212 ID: 6c85e8

Look, you're obviously in need of assistance. Let's get you some more care, and we can talk about helping you with your mission too.
No. 997276 ID: c48caa

Well their introduction into your space was certainly inspiring. But you're pretty sure that's not how it works.
No. 997329 ID: 07b0f1
File 161914382156.png - (124.78KB , 500x700 , 13-40.png )

“Inspiration? Like a scroll or something? I think it fell around here somewhere...” Gabe shuffles around, lifting pillows and searching under the mattress for the lost message. “Uh, hang on... where is it?” he mutters, unable to find it, despite the small space.
No. 997330 ID: 07b0f1
File 161914384430.png - (214.98KB , 700x500 , 13-41.png )

“Gabe, can we look for that later? First things first, we should get get back to my house. I was to put some dressings on these burns before they get infected.” Delilah slips her arms under the fallen angel and lifts them gently. “There’s only so much I can do with just aura healing.”

The sender quickly wraps his sash around him in an attempt at modesty, before making a few passes with his hands: mentally focusing on a beacon placed months ago. He opens the crimson iris out onto a stormy plain, just a few meters from Delilah’s cottage.
No. 997331 ID: 07b0f1
File 161914386670.png - (203.89KB , 700x500 , 13-42.png )

The pair of them dash out into the rain and into the shelter of her home. Delilah lays Litany out on a rather beaten up couch, and puts on a robe as she bustles around, looking for medical supplies. “Sorry its a bit of a mess in here.”

“Nah, its fine.” Gabe remarks, looking around at the decor. “Just never been inside your place before.” The healer’s cottage is a mix of the eclectic and unexpected. One corner seems to be set aside to store a set of ludicrously heavy weights. A set of glass fronted cabinets full of scrolls and books on medicine and health occupies the space next to it. A slim bed, heavily indented from years of use sits unmade next to the window.
No. 997333 ID: c48caa

Ask how you can help. Clear space for her to work if you can.
No. 997346 ID: cdabe3

This. We can explore with Delilah later after the burns are treated
No. 997349 ID: 6c85e8

Pretty painting. Admire it later, though. Just try to clear away some space for her without breaking stuff.
No. 997354 ID: 6c227a

oh heck, that inspiration was totally delivered to Gabe's head, wasn't it?
No. 997361 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. No use worrying about it right now though.
No. 997461 ID: 07b0f1
File 161922942728.png - (91.05KB , 500x700 , 13-43.png )

“I didn’t know you paint!” Gabe eyes an unfinished work on an easel.

Delilah looks up, “Wha? Oh, yeah. I’m... not really good at it.”

“Hey, you’re better than me.” He shrugs. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Uhhh, yeah actually. Can you put some water on to boil? And there’s some bandages in that cabinet there.”

Gabe hums to himself as he rummages through Delilah’s medical supplies. He pulls out a few rolls of bandages, which he lays out next to Litany. The angel looks on with interest, taking in every aspect of the mortal household with a discerning eye.
No. 997462 ID: 07b0f1
File 161922945129.png - (202.66KB , 700x685 , 13-44.png )

Delilah sits down next to the angel and opens up a container of translucent gel. “This is going to hurt, like a lot, but should help you heal.” She begins spreading the ointment along the long, charred scar and Litany groans in response.

“I know. Hang in there, okay?” Delilah says, working quickly to minimize contact with the open wound. “Gabe, I’ve got a magelight on the cabinet over there, can you bring it over?”

Gabe approaches with the small, mana-powered lantern and asks, “Where do you want it?”

“I need you to shine it in his-“

“Uh, their if you will.” Litany interjects.

“Their face.” Delilah finishes. “I want to get a look at that eye.”

The angel squints away from the light with their good eye, while Delilah carefully pulls aside the scorched eyelid. Gabe shudders and looks away before he can see too much.

“Shit... I can’t heal that. Sorry, friend.” Del clicks her tongue and lets the eyelid close. “I don’t know much about fey medicine. Do your people have a way of healing something like that?”

“I suppose its possible. I believe we have ways of creating a facsimile.” Litany sighs, accepting the loss of their eye with angelic detachment. “It is of little concern, however. I really must find that scroll, if possible.”
No. 997465 ID: 162db5

Well, its either in the bubble or....it went right through and hit the ground, lets hope it didn't get washed away by the rain.
No. 997470 ID: cdabe3

well, it clearly bonked gabe in the noggin, so maybe it's still in the pocket dimension?
No. 997471 ID: 563489

It hit Gabe on the head so... hey uh, no way it got consumed by hitting a person, surely, right?
No. 997485 ID: e7848c

The scroll will be retrieved as soon as we do what we can for them. Let's get them cleaned up.
No. 997496 ID: b1b4f3

Alright if Gabe's done helping Delilah I guess it's time to search the bubble some more.
No. 997669 ID: c3decd

We need to search where we had the bubble. It fell in it could have just as easily fallen back out.
No. 997879 ID: 07b0f1
File 161948803348.png - (113.33KB , 538x700 , 13-45.png )

“Oh! Sure! Hang on...” Gabe opens his personal dimension up and sticks and arm in to root around. He flails about sightlessly, humming to himself as he paws though the pillows in the tiny space.

Frowning, Gabe opens the portal wider and leans inside, rummaging around for the missing item. As he does his humming intensifies, until he’s singing a kind of wordless a capella ramble. “Ba-de dee da-daaa mnah, nah doo-de dee.” He scratches behind an ear, “ I dunno what’s up. It fell in here...”

Delilah holds up a finger, “Uh, Gabe... what’s that song you’re singing?”

“Huh?” Gabe looks up, as if distracted, “I dunno. Stuck in my head, whatever it is.”
No. 997880 ID: 07b0f1
File 161948804687.png - (156.40KB , 591x700 , 13-46.png )

“I believe that’s fey pentatonic scale, sung rather badly.” Litany remarks placidly.

“Uh-huh...” Delilah nods slowly. “Litany, this process of delivering inspiration: how exactly does it work?”

“Uh, the most effective manner is to visit the recipient while they slumber and tap the scroll of inspiration to their forehead. The creative work then becomes part of their psyche, merging naturally so that it may be properly expressed.” The angel cocks their head as their feathers fan out.
No. 997883 ID: cdabe3

... we have some bad news for you
No. 997884 ID: 3ed3c3

I see.
Litany, I got some good news and some bad news...
No. 997886 ID: b1b4f3

So uh, is there any way to get the inspiration back out of someone's head afterwards?
No. 997887 ID: 36784c

>tap the scroll of inspiration to their forehead.
Yeah, so good news, we found where your scroll disappeared to. Bad news is that I don't think you're going be able to get it back.
No. 997900 ID: f8fa51

What was a moment ago but pure speculation now looks a likely explanation. Gabe was struck by inspiration, of that we can be sure, and now you tell us that is how the delivery occurs? Well, delivery complete, though not to the right place. Is it possible to retrieve it?
No. 997913 ID: 4b6ee2

Well... Someone is inspired.
No. 997919 ID: 437463

You have been struck with artistic inspiration.
No. 997923 ID: 6c85e8

Mm. Ok. Theoretically. Can you get another one of those messages?
No. 997927 ID: 094652

"And how long does it take before the construct can no longer be extracted or copied or neutralized?"
No. 997937 ID: 2e177b

The guestion Gabe should ask now is: "Do you know how to put menacing spikes on a song?"
No. 997940 ID: 5bef84

Nice dwarf fortress reference.
Also, do it like Stravinsky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiH3vA7q0jo
No. 998215 ID: 07b0f1
File 161966191805.png - (118.57KB , 700x500 , 13-47.png )

“Thaaaaat’s what I was afraid of.” Delilah sighs, “Well, the good news is we know where the scroll is. The bad news is its rattling around in your head, Gabe.”

“You mean when it landed on me...” Gabe rubs at the sore spot on his head. “Spite me sideways.”

Litany looks back and forth between the two mortals, piecing together the conversation and coming to a realization. “Ah. Well... that’s...” They blink, looking visibly more anxious by the moment, “...rather alarming.”

“I don’t wanna be inspired!” Gabe clutches his head as if it could somehow be unscrewed. “Can’t you get it out!?”

Delilah hold out her hands to stop him. “Woaaah, calm down! I’m sure we can think of something.” She turns to the angel, “Is there some way to... I don’t know... uninspire him?”

“I... I don’t know.” Litany stares ahead of themself, ears twitching with a rustle of feathers. “I’ve never encountered anything like this. Its quite against protocol.”

“Crap. Gabe you may need to hang on to that song for a while.”

“Del, what if I forget it!? I barely remember what I had for breakfast! I gotta keep singing! Da da-da daaaa dum bum baaaa.” Gabe sings to himself; folding his ears down and covering them, as if to keep the song from sloshing out of his head.

“Maybe you can write it down?” Delilah suggests.

The mouse frowns, forming a perfect arch of unhappiness, “I don’t know anything about music!”
No. 998221 ID: 6c85e8

All of you, sing together! Everyone, no improvising! Just keep it up for a bit, three minds are better than one, right?
No. 998227 ID: 2b3343

If you can sing the song, you can get a musician to transcribe if for you.
No. 998228 ID: b1b4f3

Ok let's just... contact the other Fey we know. Maybe Vivian knows enough about inspiration... but she's probably busy fucking her new girlfriend. And we know that Caleb is busy having a threesome.

Nixie is probably free?
No. 998238 ID: e7848c

gluten-free waffles, sir
Hey, why don't we call in a favor from a fav we know has songs in their heart. Let's hit up Caleb. Sure he could come up with something relating to the storm in the sea shanty style using fae pentameter. Casey might want to get in on this too.
No. 998262 ID: 9a2966

But you know MATH, right? You’re a Sender. You do.

So analyse it with math and jot it down with math notation.
No. 998263 ID: 864e49

Vivian! If anyone knows anything about fey music, or magic about, it's her.
No. 998273 ID: 24f94f

Ya, immediate expert is Viv, she's trusted, call now.

Failing that, this can't be the first time an inspiration failed, too many years gone by for that. What happens in that eventuality, Litany?
No. 998381 ID: 07b0f1
File 161974588573.png - (138.42KB , 700x500 , 13-48.png )

“In that case... I think we need to call in an expert.” The healer goes to her bed and shifts it aside. She pries up a floorboard and pulls out a carefully folded silk scarf.

“You two hang tight.” She says and throws the scarf into the air. The fabric catches on some unseen force and drapes itself into a long pair of curtains.
No. 998382 ID: 07b0f1
File 161974589084.png - (146.32KB , 500x700 , 13-49.png )

Delilah tugs the cloth aside and steps through into the realm of Vivian’s heart. The healer walks barefoot through the arches and pathways connecting the fey palace, trusting her memory to guide her towards the central chamber.
No. 998383 ID: 07b0f1
File 161974590098.png - (192.63KB , 700x500 , 13-50.png )

Entering the kitsune’s bedroom, she finds herself before the beautiful four-poster bed, its curtains glowing like a silk lantern. From within giggles are heard as Vivan and Cauldera share some private joy.
No. 998422 ID: b1b4f3

Announce yourself politely, apologize for interrupting, you have a serious problem that needs some Fey expertise.
No. 998433 ID: 6c85e8

Apologies to the lovely ladies, but it's very true still that you need help, if they'd be willing to offer it.
No. 998463 ID: c48caa

There's a different kind of song to sing, ladies.
No. 998554 ID: 07b0f1
File 161983877081.png - (134.99KB , 500x700 , 13-51.png )

“Uh, Vivian?” Delilah calls through the curtain.

The singer’s head pokes past the silk and her expression flickers between annoyance, confusion, and finally recognition. “Delilah?”

“Yeah, sorry to interrupt. Its about Gabe.”

Vivian tilts her head and gives her a wry look. “Come to join us? You didn’t break your mouse did you? I thought you were just teasing the poor boy.”

“No.” Delilah grumbles, “its not that. We ran into a... bit of a problem. We could really use the help of someone with your expertise.”
No. 998555 ID: 07b0f1
File 161983877804.png - (174.81KB , 700x500 , 13-52.png )

Intrigued, the kitsune climbs out of bed and puts on a robe. “Would you mind staying here? I won’t be long.” She asks Cauldera.

“Mm-hmm, I’ll keep the bed warm.” The phoenix purrs.

“Be back soon, my light.” Vivian bids her adieu with a kiss.
No. 998556 ID: 07b0f1
File 161983879210.png - (177.58KB , 700x608 , 13-53.png )

They reemerge from the silk curtain into Delilah’s home. Gabe is sitting, anxiously humming to himself, his eyes squeezed shut to keep from any distraction or influence that might cause him to lose his grip on the song.

Vivian takes one look at the stricken angel and says, “Oh? One of you lot?”

Litany’s un-bandaged eye widens and they mutter a word. It sounds similar to but is not quite “Vivian”, coming across the mortal ears as “Virr’viane”.
No. 998557 ID: 07b0f1
File 161983880012.png - (108.67KB , 500x700 , 13-54.png )

“It would behoove you not to use that name again.” She snaps, a slight growl to her voice. “Address me as Vivian, angel.”
No. 998569 ID: 36784c

Let’s explain the situation to Vivian.

Litany made the dumb mistake of flying through a thunderstorm and got struck by lightning. That caused them to fall into Gabe’s pocket dimension while Delilah and Gabe were fucking and they dropped an important scroll of inspiration they were delivering, which bonked Gabe on the head, which transferred a song into Gabe’s head. Now Gabe is desperately trying to remember that song so that it’s not lost, while we try to find a way to get it out of his head, so it can be delivered to who it’s supposed to go to.

Vivian, since you’re an expert on music, we were hoping you could help.
No. 998572 ID: 6c85e8

De-escalation time!! Definitely calmly explain what happened trying not to insult anybody in the process, and maybe several feet from gabe so he doesn't forget stuff.
No. 998574 ID: 3ed3c3

Litany didn't just drop Viv's True Name, did they? We should try to forget it, anyway.
No. 998576 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, let's not even comment about the name. It's clearly a touchy subject and no-one's business at all.
No. 998578 ID: 2e177b

Simply say Gabe was bonked on the head with a scroll of inspiration, and now has a song in his head but lacks the skill to transcribe it.
No. 998601 ID: 88f6f3

Bravo for your excellent summary of current event.
No. 998604 ID: 77a8ed

true name or deadname, in either case nothing to memorize or pay attention to
No. 998609 ID: c48caa

Oh wow, we see her eyes. Me thinks there's some history here. Let's make this a short as possible then. Give her the rundown.
No. 998618 ID: a0dfd2


Ah. Viv's former name, I imagine, and doubtlessly whatever "true name" she was born under.

Let's just move past this misstep and explain the circumstances before Gabe gives himself an aneurysm.
No. 998826 ID: 07b0f1
File 162009668895.png - (173.42KB , 612x700 , 13-55.png )

“My apologies, mistress.” Litany blinks and looks aside, their wings folding close to their head.

Delilah eyes the power dynamic between the two fey and asks, “Everything okay?”

“Just touched a nerve.” Vivian huffs, “Its a very old fashioned way to refer to someone. But then again the courts that still use angels haven’t changed much in the last thousand years. What happened to them?”
No. 998827 ID: 07b0f1
File 162009671254.png - (149.12KB , 700x500 , 13-56.png )

Delilah scratches at the back of her neck and shrugs. “Well, Litany here was delivering a message and got struck by lightning. They fell through the ceiling of Gabe’s pocket space and their scroll ended up... inside Gabe’s head. I patched Litany up, but we have no idea what to do from here.”

“Oh my-my-my.” She leans in, “I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anything like this before.”

“We were wondering if you could... well... I dunno, write down the song?” Delilah asks.

“Wouldn’t do any good.” Vivian taps a long, white finger against a long, white tooth. “You’d just have some parchment with some notes on it. What you need is the scroll itself. If your patient fails to deliver their message, the court will brand them a devil. Its all part of their codex of duty.”

“So how do we get the scroll, then?” The healer looks on as Gabe mumbles his strange, musical mantra.

Vivian grins, “Do you remember my performance: A Dream of Two Queens?”
No. 998830 ID: b1b4f3

Of course, it would be hard to forget! Though Gabe was distracted for some of it...
No. 998836 ID: e7848c

We remember it fondly. A play though? Think the inspiration can be drawn out with that?
No. 998837 ID: 6c85e8

Lightning is kind of hard to control, especially if someone did something like this deliberately. Branded a devil just for that? This court seems kind of messed up to tell the truth...
No. 998844 ID: 1518ae

Still need to address the issue of who the intended recipient is...
No. 999056 ID: 028f23

The more we learn about Fey courts, the more they sound like complete shitshows full of entitled ancient dicks.

I guess that goes without saying, though. They aren't just outdated hereditary nobility who spend all day smelling their own farts, they're functionally immortal outdated hereditary nobility. Socializing with them sounds like an absolutely miserable time. Make a note to avoid entangling yourself with arrogant near-perpetual monarchists.

...any more than you already have, that is.
No. 999060 ID: 07b0f1
File 162026522038.png - (154.12KB , 500x700 , 13-57.png )

“Sure, though we were kind of distracted. Plus we missed most of the last act.” Delilah admits. “What about it?”

“Its just like in the opera: we enter Gabe’s dreaming mind, hunt down the source of the song and bring it out. Then your friend here can flit away to do their master’s bidding for another day. Does that sound agreeable to you, angel?”

“I- uh-“ The feathered fey looks around, confused about being directly addressed. Litany looks unsure of what to say, as if unused to having someone ask their opinion. “Is that allowed?” They look down at the scroll wrapped around their waist and begin tracing through lines of text, “I must check my codex.”
No. 999061 ID: 07b0f1
File 162026523147.png - (135.97KB , 700x500 , 13-58.png )

“Wait, you can really do that? Enter people’s dreams and...search around for whatever you like?” Delilah looks down at Gabe as he focuses intently on remembering. “I thought that was all just part of the opera.”

Vivian shrugs, “Of course! Its a form of magic the fey have used for centuries.”

“Have you ever done this before?”

The kitsune hesitates, “I don’t suppose you count performing it on stage? No? Alright, then no I haven’t. But the magic is very simple, and to be honest, I’ve always kind of wanted to try it.”

“Is it dangerous?” Delilah asks.

“To us? Possibly. There’s really no telling what you can find in someone’s mind, but the most common one is simply getting lost somewhere in the dream and unable to escape.” Viv indicates the mouse as he hums along. “But for Gabe there shouldn’t be any danger.”
No. 999062 ID: 36784c

>“But for Gabe there shouldn’t be any danger.”
Endless portals that never lead you where you want to go. An army of Gabes wanting to have an eternal orgy and never letting you leave. A bunch of really complicated math problems that you have to solve in order to leave.
No. 999064 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds cool.
Could we use this to search a certain uncooperative undead's mind to find out how to translate some runes and operate the machine in the old mana well?
No. 999065 ID: 6c85e8

Let's talk safety! Is there anyone that you could tell that you're doing this that could potentially help out if worst comes to worst and YOU guys get stuck?
No. 999087 ID: 36784c


And we should also tell Gabe what we’re going to do. Then maybe his subconscious mind will be able to help us not get stuck in his head.
No. 999137 ID: ce25c4

Is Litany okay? They took that lightning like a champ, but this is all kind of a lot. It feels like it would be a good thing to do to reassure them if we can.
No. 999149 ID: 094652

Let me guess, we're going to find a evil-twin gender-flipped Gabe and accidentally teach her how to make portals into the real world.
No. 999196 ID: 07b0f1
File 162035460445.png - (118.08KB , 570x700 , 13-59.png )

“We should probably figure out some kind of safety then. Is there anyone we can turn to that could come find us, should something go wrong?” Delilah suggests.

Vivian flicks her tail as she thinks. “Hmmm, good point. Do you have a scrying gem anywhere”

Still humming to himself, Gabe reaches out a hand, which disappears into his private dimension. After a moment or two, he pulls out the tiny scrying crystal given to him by Kol.
No. 999197 ID: 07b0f1
File 162035461550.png - (112.48KB , 388x700 , 13-60.png )

“Ah, thank you!” Vivian takes it and concentrates. A bulky figure appears inside the perfect gem, resolving itself to be Caleb.

The kelpie pauses what he was doing and looks up, “Eh? Who’s this?”

“Its Vivian, dear. Sorry to bother you.”

“Bit busy at the moment, Viv.” There’s a needy moan as Kol’s tail whips past Caleb’s face. “Though if you want to watch, I think someone here wouldn’t mind.”
No. 999201 ID: b1b4f3

Not sure who's going to be keeping the scrying crystal and would thus have the opportunity to watch... Depends on how the dream magic works I guess?
No. 999204 ID: f8fa51

Not that that doesn't sound great, but not the best time. Maybe try someone else?
No. 999238 ID: 6c85e8

Keep doing what you're doing big guy but if you don't hear back from them in a few hours go get some help at gabe's place, ok?
No. 999244 ID: c48caa

So.. things are happening.
No. 999260 ID: a9af05

Explain the situation to them so that they can pay attention and help out.

If Vivian can put sex on hold to help out, then they can do the same.
No. 999305 ID: 07b0f1
File 162044121622.png - (125.70KB , 552x700 , 13-62.png )

“As fun as that sounds, I’m here to ask a favor.” Vivian chuckles. “Delilah and I need to do a little dive into Gabe’s dreams. If something happens where we get stuck, would you be able to give us a hand?”

The sailor cocks an interested eyebrow but holds back his questions, “Sure thing, Viv. Just send word and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you, love!” Vivian waves at the crystal. “Have a nice night!”
No. 999306 ID: 07b0f1
File 162044122503.png - (192.31KB , 500x700 , 13-61.png )

“Good luck dream hunting!” Caleb hauls Kol up by the shoulder and grins, “Give the pretty lady a goodnight, will you lad?”

The mouse blushes and moans through a lacework of semen traced across his whiskers. Loud slaps against a well ridden ass echo through the scrying stone and Kol squeaks on cue for the big sailor. The spell fades and Caleb’s lusty chuckle dissipates like fog as he goes back to fucking Kol senseless.

“Seems like everyone’s having fun tonight.” Delilah observes.

“All the more reason to get back to my own bed.” Vivian nods
No. 999319 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's get this done.
No. 999321 ID: e7848c

We'd hate to keep you, so we'll be glad to make this go as fast as possible
No. 999688 ID: 07b0f1
File 162069703360.png - (200.49KB , 700x581 , 13-63.png )

“Gabe, come over here, will you?”

The mouse follows her over to Delilah’s bed and sits on the edge.

Vivian bends down to address him and Gabe looks back, still humming. “Delilah, Litany and I are going to enter your dreams and pull out the angel’s scroll. Do you understand?”

The mouse nods.

“If I have your permission, I’m going to put you to sleep now.”

Gabe nods again and goes limp as Vivian taps him on the forehead. She lays him out comfortably inside the sizable divot left by years of Delilah’s use and stands up.

“I didn’t realize you could do that.” Delilah comments. “That’s all it takes?”

The kitsune nods back at her, “Its amazing what you can achieve when you’re given permission. Half of all fey magic is just asking nicely.” Her sharp teeth gleam as she smiles.
No. 999689 ID: 07b0f1
File 162069704884.png - (172.16KB , 700x454 , 13-64.png )

“Litany, are you coming?” Delilah asks the angel.

The fey stands on shaky legs and straightens out the codex scroll wrapped around them. “I- I suppose I shall, since I cannot find any terms that prohibit my participation. Are you sure I won’t be intruding?”

“I’d rather have you here with us, if you don’t mind.” Delilah extends a hand and the angel takes it.
No. 999690 ID: 07b0f1
File 162069705998.png - (144.10KB , 500x700 , 13-65.png )

“Alright hold on.” Vivian takes Delilah’s shoulder and places a hand on Gabe’s head. The world lurches and spins unevenly as they spiral into darkness.
No. 999691 ID: 07b0f1
File 162069706850.png - (154.08KB , 700x500 , 13-66.png )

When they find their feet again, the trio stand and look at the dream around them. Sunlight dabbles their cheeks between a broad canopy of leaves. Pencil thin trees are laid out in neat rows, whispering to one another as a breeze rustles their foliage. In the distance, a large hill rises over the scene, dominated by an imposing and lavish estate.
No. 999692 ID: 094652

Look for a fallen fruit and study it.
No. 999693 ID: f8fa51

Approach the estate.
No. 999694 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like Delilah and Vivian got new clothes, but Litany didn't? Some kinda self-image thing?

What's the inspiration going to look like?
No. 999702 ID: 36784c

Head for the estate. If the inspiration is some kind of music, then listen carefully to see if you can hear it.

While we’re walking over there, ask Vivian how exactly can we get lost in here? If there’s any trouble, she should be able to use her spell to transport all of us out, right? Unless we have to something stupid like needing to come back to this exact spot in order to leave.
No. 999710 ID: 6c85e8

Fruits edible? Or will that erase his memories?
No. 999711 ID: f8fa51

Look, I don't know the rules here, but one thing I know is that if you don't know better, don't eat anything. Especially the fruit.
No. 999712 ID: 36784c

Oh, also don't do anything stupid like split up. If getting lost is dangerous, then splitting up would lead to someone getting lost faster.
No. 999715 ID: c48caa

Think this is his childhood home?
No. 999716 ID: 864e49

Gabe was a farm boy.
And Delilah and Vivian's new clothes may be how Gabe remembers/imagines them?
No. 999739 ID: f58f70

So this chapter is about life story of Gabe. Neat

And we have a new advanture party! Let's see how the new trio work out. One of them is a healer, that's a very good start.
No. 999755 ID: a0dfd2


I always figured he was a simple country boy, but ... this kind of takes it to a new level.
No. 999838 ID: f9c4f4

Does Litany know how this particular inspiration was captured or produced in the first place? In other words, what is the song about? That may provide some hints.
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