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File 161369851421.png - (31.97KB , 800x600 , 1 Title.png )
988462 No. 988462 ID: f18774

This is a story about the living weapons, tossed into an uncaring world, and left to seek their own answers. Will they survive?
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No. 996794 ID: 8fb188

No. 996802 ID: 031458

Ok, have fun Honey! Call us if you need anything!
No. 996926 ID: f18774
File 161885512287.png - (104.61KB , 800x600 , 36 Page Chapter 3.png )

The Argos brings its shield down, blocking me from attacking it directly. Its engine roars as it begins to approach, ignoring the turrets firing at it from behind. I keep my eyes on it, but more importantly, the security gate. I back away slowly, trying to keep it moving at a steady, slow pace.

Agonizing seconds pass marked only by the sound of gunfire, but it finally moves into position, Argos' eye now under the gate.

"NOW!" I shout. The Argos' eye swivels around. I think it realized that I may not be alone, but it was too late. The gate descends quickly, crushing the Argos' eye into its body as it drops. I hear a small explosion and the twisting of metal as its turret snaps and its eye ruptures.

But the gate stops. Either the Argos can override the gate's protocols, or the gate is set to stop closing if it's obstructed with enough force. Either way, the gate begins to retract into the ceiling again.

"THREAT LEVEL UPDATED." Argos' voice is slightly distorted now, but just as imposing as before. "COLLATERAL DAMAGE NOW ACCEPTABLE."

I think that means it's going to use its missiles indiscriminately now. The eye and the turret are down though! Toal should be coming soon to use the cluster bombs now, but should I try to distract Argos further, or let her do her part without butting in?
No. 996927 ID: 16c77b

Keep distracting it. Surprise is out best tool at the moment.
No. 996930 ID: b1b4f3

Don't butt in.
No. 996932 ID: c48caa

Move only to make yourself a hard target but get ready to reengage as soon as Toal throws the ordinance.
No. 996955 ID: f88a6c

Close the door.
Repeat 'til it moves away from the door.
May as well maximize the damage.
No. 997158 ID: f18774
File 161902055422.png - (113.52KB , 800x600 , 37 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't have much to distract it, but I want it to consider Toal a minimal threat. I take my dart gun from my back and aim it at Argos.

The Argos begins to approach me. I'm sure it's going to try and ram me or use its spears. If it moves too much, it won't be under the gate anymore, but I don't have a means to keep it in place.
No. 997159 ID: f18774
File 161902056435.png - (177.10KB , 800x600 , 38 Page Chapter 3.png )

As Argos rocks into motion, a loud blast knocks me down. It takes me a second to get my bearings.

I scramble to my feet, but I notice that Argos is pressed against the North wall. Twisted shrapnel and bits of metal are scattered around, the remains of the Argos' left tread.

Toal came though! I just hope she's okay.

Argos' plates are intact, but also bent and warped. Its right treads scrape on the ground, the tank inching forward.

What should I do here? Try to get Toal to drop the gate again? Should I try to delay the Argos?
No. 997167 ID: b1b4f3

Time to begin the second phase of our assault. Go around the side where it's damaged, plink away at anything that looks weak.
...actually come to think of it, at this point it can't really fight back can it? Its turret is broken and it's blind and crippled.

Just get in there and start ripping it apart. Call Toal to help.
No. 997172 ID: 9aaeef

No. 997175 ID: 3a67fd

It's all but blind and immobile, right? Unless it starts firing those rockets indiscriminately, it's not going to be much of a threat to us anymore. The only thing maybe worth doing is seeing if the repair drones will attempt to fix it.
No. 997176 ID: 86aaf2

You want to specifically get in there and stop it from firing the rockets indiscriminately or setting off explosives or self-detonating in general! So go in there and prevent it from blowing the whole room up with you inside it!
No. 997248 ID: 270452

Did you guys forget?
>Its eye isn't the only thing it has to sense things. It has a sonar system that it uses to see around its shield, but the range is fairly short

Stay away. That system may detect stuff off to the side a bit.

>Try to get Toal to drop the gate again?
May as well.

Did you drop your firearm? Get it if you did.

After that, well, it's probably very slow. You've got time to replicate stuff for Toal to throw at it.
No. 997253 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, if the sonar can still work, which will result in it trying to use rockets... I guess what we need to do next is disable the rockets.
Bashing it a couple times with the door might make it raise its shield to guard, which means we could fire at its rocket launchers, and try to disable them. Or take them out with the second grenade bomb?

Well, we should at least try the electrocution, if it's not time to rip it apart yet.
No. 997275 ID: c48caa

You are still a target for missiles. Don't you dare make it easy for it. Retreat behind the corner of the hallway. Keep its attention on you with as few shots as possible.
No. 997283 ID: f18774
File 161910930697.png - (310.87KB , 800x600 , 39 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Remember that it can still use its sonar to 'see' you.

Good call. Even if Argos doesn't fire at me when I get close, it could still try to 'punch' me. The information I have on it could be outdated too, so it may be able to aim to its sides as well.

>Grab your gun, and try to get Toal to drop the door again.

I see my dart gun further down the hall. I back away, trying to get to it, but Argos decides to launch missiles at me. The turrets in the hall pepper the launcher as they deploy, to no avail. I dive out of the way, the missiles exploding and filling the West end of the hall with flames.

"Hit it again, Toal!" I shout. I'm not sure if she's able to hear me, or if she's okay. I hope she is.
No. 997284 ID: f18774
File 161910931673.png - (182.04KB , 800x600 , 40 Page Chapter 3.png )

Argos scrapes along the floor as it tries to approach me. It pushes itself away from the wall with its right launchers so it can move a bit faster.

Another loud crunch marks the second strike from the security gate. Argos' right side warping and shearing with the second strike. Since it's not flat, the door did more damage.

The door lifts again and Argos tries to move from under it. It's not fast, but I think it will be able to move out of the way before it's destroyed.

What's my plan here? Argos is down, but not out. We can't get reckless now.
No. 997290 ID: b1b4f3

Well it can barely move and Toal can just stay in the security room to avoid being targeted anyway. I say let it burn, or use the manual switch for the fire suppression then electrocute it.
No. 997291 ID: c48caa

Retreat to get one of those drones to manly start the fire suppression system. You don't want those fumes from the fire choking out the hall. Tell Toal to stay put and what you're going to do.
No. 997345 ID: 841ff7

You are out of granades, right? Electrocute it!
No. 997523 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161926880901.png - (160.01KB , 800x600 , 41 Page Chapter 3.png )

>You're out of grenades, right?

We still have the cluster bomb with 4 grenades, assuming Toal stuck to the plan.

>Let it burn since you can't move much with it active.
>Get a drone to activate the fire suppression system.

I can't be sure that the fire will destroy Argos, but I can't really move right now either. The turrets continue to fire at Argos, doing little to harm it.

I have an idea though. If I can get the launcher to stay open, it'll be a point that we can attack from. It won't deploy if I'm too close, but I could either get Toal to try and jam it open, or throw something in to block it. I get the feeling that Toal is okay, so what should I do here?
No. 997548 ID: c48caa

If you back up, you could bait it into deploying, and then have Toal toss the second concussion cluster into the missile bay.
No. 997554 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like even a single grenade would work if we got it in there.
No. 997638 ID: 15a025

This is a risky plan, but I don't think we really have any better options here. Let's go with this.
No. 997656 ID: 841ff7

Yes, maybe if you get closer it's sensors will detect you and open it's launcher. We must make sure Toal knows we are going to do this so she can throw the granades.
No. 997809 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161946348988.png - (341.87KB , 800x600 , 42 Page Chapter 3.png )

Argos' broken treads spin down as it redirects its energy. It continues to inch along the floor, leaving deep gouges in the panels.

>Toal could throw a grenade in the missile bay.

I call out to Toal. "Toal! When it's open, throw one in!" I really hope she heard me.
"Got it!" I hear her over the sound of Argos and the turrets. Thank god she's okay. I just hope that she knows what I mean.

I can bait the launcher into firing by getting in range of its missiles. Argos will also deploy the launcher to "punch" if I'm in the space the launcher will deploy to. Getting away would give Toal a better chance, so I ready myself.

I look around for my dart gun, finding it not too far behind me. I think Argos noticed too, because it opened fire as soon as I turned to get it. I manage to stay down and avoid getting hit.

I turn back to the Argos in time to see its side blow out, the missile bay spilling out. Looks like Toal got a grenade in!
No. 997813 ID: c48caa

Now would be a good time to get to one of those drones and turn on the water. Before this hallway becomes choked with smoke.
No. 997831 ID: 031458

Great. Now both of you book it out of there! Without it's missiles you are free to let it burn without you.
No. 997834 ID: b1b4f3

The launcher on one side is wrecked, why don't you attack in melee from that side now? I don't think there are any weapons left it can use.
No. 998151 ID: 5f1f8d
File 161963538255.png - (289.51KB , 800x600 , 43 Page Chapter 3.png )

We could let it burn, but the smoke would suffocate the hall. I don't know if Toal can get out with Argos burning in front of the door either.

I remember the crowbar I have, and pull it out.

It's time to end this.
No. 998153 ID: 16c77b

Smash and bash until it's done!
No. 998154 ID: b1b4f3

Summon Toal to help rip and tear.
With the prybar you can start pulling off paneling, and Toal can rip apart the insides once they're exposed.
No. 998155 ID: 9aaeef

Rip and tear.
No. 998156 ID: c48caa

Spike that into its sensitive parts. If you don't hear components breaking on the inside, hit it harder.
No. 998157 ID: 3a67fd

A dragon after my heart, with that crowbar!

But you already know what to do. Asking for input is a formality, at best.
No. 998181 ID: 777990

Well, start the destructive dismantling of this drone. I dunno, shoot for prying piece of it and destroying joints over poking holes in it with the thing, not that I likely need to tell you simple things like that.
No. 998189 ID: 031458

Oh. Oh you beautiful bastard.
Remember, for does basically nothing to you, if you can hold your breath that is.

It's time to dig into some robot!
No. 998387 ID: 59b6dd

Rip and tear. Leverage is your friend.

Aim for the soul.
No. 998502 ID: f18774
File 161981327667.png - (215.06KB , 800x600 , 44 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't know what comes over me. My body moves on its own,and I run up to Argos, not giving it a moment to react, and drive my crowbar into the hole in its armour, destroying anything I can, and pulling out every part I can get purchase on.

But I enjoy it.
No. 998508 ID: c48caa

Pry those panels open. Relive it of it's innards.

Pry and break until it is finished.
No. 998517 ID: 031458

There should be an AI core somewhere in there. RIP IT FREE FROM IT'S CONFINES
It shall be a WORTHY TROPHY
No. 998519 ID: 58bf0e

Nice! hey it can't self-destruct or anything right?
If not work on wrecking it's power source if you can get to it.
No. 998526 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, if you can disconnect the battery that'll shut the whole thing down. Though, breaking the CPU core is just as good, and you'd have to worry less about electrical shock doing that I expect.
No. 998536 ID: 3a7feb

Heck yeah.

Got any explosives left? Toss a grenade or something deep in there.
No. 998598 ID: 2e177b

Nah, if we have any explosives left better save up on them.
No. 998626 ID: f18774
File 161988925889.png - (251.14KB , 800x600 , 45 Page Chapter 3.png )

I don't know how much time has passed. Argos has been gutted, Toal and I are sitting against the opposite wall, watching as the flames die out in the wake of our assault. The Fire Suppression System kicked in at some point too, so we're also watching the water rain down on the wreck. The turrets have retracted, having decided that Argos is no longer a threat.

I look to my right and pick up a small, round, device. The ruined AI core from Argos. "I guess we win."
Toal looks to me. "I guess so." She seems to be a bit out of breath from tearing up Argos. "Now what?"
No. 998628 ID: a9af05

Move the wreckage out from under the door, close the door, lock the door, go back to the break room, and rest.
No. 998629 ID: b1b4f3

Prep for exit. That means taking what's ready from the dispensers, and grabbing any easily available superconductors from the wreck.
Leave the AI Core intact, or at least as intact as it is now. Have mercy on the fallen.

Once you're ready, open the door and breach.
No. 998631 ID: c48caa

This seems like a solid idea if you want to catch your breath. If both of you are eager to keep going, get to walking.
No. 998632 ID: 031458

Hold on to that. When you get a place of your own, that's going on the goddamn wall.

You know... You'd think that thing would have backup, but no one's showed.
I guess it's time to take a look outside.

Set a new access code for the door, and lock it behind you when you leave.
No. 998634 ID: 36784c

Other than taking a break and resting, you could go check on whatever you've got in the replicators. Don't want to leave any of that behind before you move on.
No. 998684 ID: 15a025

We press onward. Unless you think you can afford a moment to rest after that ordeal, let's grab our stuff and get ready to continue on.
No. 998693 ID: 777990

Treat yourself to one of your 'energy drinks', set some explosives cooking in the fabricator, and arm up to explore some more.

Give your partner a knowing smile too.
No. 998731 ID: 2e177b

Maybe rest in shifts? You don't want to be taken by surprise if they make a move on the entrance.
No. 998790 ID: f18774
File 162004081251.png - (25.95KB , 800x600 , 46 Page Chapter 3.png )

The FSS deactivates, so the 'rain' stops.

>Check what's in the replicators. Set them to fabricate more if they're done.
>Clear Argos' remains so you can get to the door.
>Have some of your 'energy drinks' and rest up before continuing on.

"Let's finish up here before we leave." Toal nods. "I'll make a list."
1. Make sure that Argos won't get back up.
2. Check the replicators. Collect what's done, and set some more to fabricate.
3. Get something to replenish spent energy.
4. Clear and/or salvage the remains of Argos.
5. Get some rest and get ready to forge ahead.
"We'll rest in shifts, that'll be safer."
"Alright." I slump down. The adrenaline (Do I even have that?) wearing off. "That took more out of me than I expected."
Toal places a hand on my back. "We can rest a bit now." I nod, leaning on her shoulder. She hesitates for a moment, then curls her arm around me.
No. 998792 ID: 86aaf2

Y'all are too early in your all's relationship for romance. AND you don't know how combat stress affects your all's psychology after the fact. Spend some time doing the platonic affection and comfort thing, and talk about how you two feel about what happened.
No. 998793 ID: fce0e1

You both did well! But yeah, post-combat stress crash is not surprising. Take a bit to rest, eat something, and then work on salvaging things.
No. 998803 ID: c48caa

Enjoy this brief moment of peace. Catch your breath. Pause. Take a hold of her hand. Eventually, you can get up and clear that list with your friend.
No. 998804 ID: 841ff7

Rest a little before salvaging the remains of Argos.
No. 998845 ID: 777990

Aww, you two are adorable together.
No. 998969 ID: f18774
File 162021970977.png - (20.49KB , 800x600 , 47 Page Chapter 3.png )

... What?

When I open my eyes, I find myself in the staff room, lying on the couch. I likely fell asleep, and it seems that Toal brought me here.

I look around to gather my bearings, finding my gear piled neatly under the table. On the table are some snacks and drinks. Seems Toal is returning the favour from earlier.

Now that I'm up, what should I do? Toal isn't here, but should I wait for her, or do something?
No. 998970 ID: ddcffc

Get your gear back on and look for her. Even if all is fine, she'll probably need you to take over guard so she can get some rest.
No. 998974 ID: c48caa

Stretch, wake up, eat something. Casually gear back up and wander.
No. 998999 ID: 9aaeef

Eat the snack and look for her.
No. 999248 ID: f18774
File 162039699797.png - (25.13KB , 800x600 , 48 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Get your gear back on. She could use a chance to rest.
>Eat something, then look for her.

I grab one of the snacks and pop it in my mouth. While I'm eating, I go though my stuff to make sure that everything is there. All of it looks to be in order, so I put everything back on and finish eating.

I can wander randomly, or I can look in specific spots first. Do you have any suggestions?
No. 999249 ID: f18774

If it would be helpful, I can post inventory at request as well.
No. 999252 ID: 9aaeef

Go check the replicators.
No. 999276 ID: c48caa

Toal likely took the last grenades with her. Let's just casually wander over to the replicators. Just to check up on it. Let's just peek into the doors along the way.
No. 999302 ID: 09633c

Shoulder tattoo flipped, which way is it supposed to be?

Say, that bot's mark is the same as your shoulder/hip tattoos. Got some idea what those are?
No. 999506 ID: f18774
File 162056360124.png - (21.51KB , 800x600 , 49 Page Chapter 3.png )

The symbols on A10 and Argos are supposed to be the same, but I keep forgetting how it's oriented/to draw it. It's supposed to be the first one, but I'll probably change it to the second.

>The symbols on your body are the same as the ones on Argos.

Are they? I can't see them all too well. Maybe it's the logo of the group that made us, or the one that owns this place.

>Go check the replicators, and check the other rooms on the way there.

I put on my gear and leave the break room. When I step out, I see that the maintenance drones are at work repairing the damage caused by Argos' missiles. The floor is still wet from the FSS, so I haven't been asleep long enough for the floors to dry.
I check the security room first, then go to check the replicators. I see Toal walk out of the door before I get to the room.

"Glad to see you're up." Toal walks up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?"
"I think so." Nothing feels broken, but I should probably check myself for any injuries. "What were you doing?"
"I was checking the replicators. Couldn't activate them though."
"You need an ID card to activate most of the equipment here." She nods. I guess I never told her that part. "What were you going to make with the replicators?"

>What was Toal going to make? All of the replicators would be finished by now, so we have:
-Lactated ringers
-Geiger IV solution
-1 vial of minor repair nanobots
-1 vial of general purpose nanobots
No. 999511 ID: 777990

Hah, they are a tozol, they were going to set everything to make explosive compounds.
No. 999512 ID: c48caa

Anti-suppress for tozols? Maybe some upgrade nanobots for yourself.
No. 999525 ID: 0ac9b2

Probably this.
No. 999577 ID: b8b2c2

Probably Semtex.
Also Thermate-TH3, though if that's too tough, there's always the simpler-but-weaker Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al.
No. 999742 ID: f18774
File 162073727361.png - (64.32KB , 800x600 , 50 Page Chapter 3.png )

"Just some Semtex, Thermate-TH3 or Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al, and some medicine." Toal says. "I don't think the nanobots would work for me, since Tozol bodies tend to reject foreign materials."
"The repair nanobots are designed to bridge the gap in your recovery time. Evading immune responses is part of their design." We should try some on Toal at some point though, just to see if they are rejected.
"Oh yeah, take these." Toal shoves a bunch of vials into my hands, the stuff the replicators were making. I put them with the other vials I have. I thank Toal.
"I'll go and get those compounds started." Toal follows me into the synthesis lab.

I'm getting the machines to produce what Toal was going to make, but if there's a better material to make, I can make that instead of what Toal was going to make. I also don't know what kind of medicine Toal was planning on making, so I could make anything I want in that category.

What should we do after I get the replicators set up anyway?
No. 999743 ID: f18774

Sorry for the lower quality, my arm isn't too good right now.
No. 999745 ID: e07f67

Just go for what she wanted, it's a good sign of trust. For the medicine, ask her what you should type in.
No. 999760 ID: c48caa

Toal has the right idea. Stick with her plan. After that, wash up in the nearest shower. You got got robo blood on you. You can get back to exploring casually after that.
No. 999770 ID: a9af05

Now that you've got a chance, check on your metabolic healing. Let's see how far along your Sensory, Muscular, Respiratory and circulatory, and Nervous systems have healed.

Once we see how far along everything is, we can decide on which system you should focus on healing next.
No. 999832 ID: 62e901

>Few types of explosives
Well, it's limited because the replicators just do chemicals.

Frags? Damage is mostly from shards from a specially built case.
Shaped charges/EFPs? Specially built case.
RPGs/HEAT? Specially built case plus specially built delivery device (though we'd have to be outdoors to use those safely).

Also, most explosive chemicals are volatile, too volatile for combat.
The types Toal gave just require a fuse. Maybe with a simple powder blast cap for the semtex (maybe add a bit of black powder to the replicator list for that purpose). Detcord would be ideal as a fuse for the semtex, but I doubt the replicators are up to the task of "explosives wrapped by plastic".

The obvious choice is to explore. You've got more places to go, past what's left of the bot.
No. 999853 ID: 36784c

>check on your metabolic healing.
>decide on which system you should focus on healing next.
Do this.

Ask Toal if her body is doing something similar to what your body is doing. Then ask if there’s something that can be made to help both of you speed up the healing process.

I’ve got a feeling that both of you will need your bodys to be healed more than they are now in order to prepare for future battles.
No. 999981 ID: f18774
File 162091220588.png - (116.61KB , 800x600 , 51 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Most explosives rely on the casing to be effective. You'll need a fuse to use them too.

I could make the casings if I learn how. I just have to find a source. I could make a fuse too, but I'll have to find something to experiment with before I can be sure.

>Get those explosives going. A bit of black powder could be made into a fuse for Toal's chemicals.

I get the replicators set up. They're now making:
-Semtex (6 hours)
-Thermate-TH3 (7 hours)
-Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al (5 hours)
-Black powder (4 hours)
-1 minor repair nanobots (3 hours)
-general purpose nanobots (9 hours)

>Check on your metabolic healing.

I take a few moments to focus on myself. My nanobot sub-cortex informs me that my sensory systems have been repaired, and are ready to be activated.
>Sensory traits now available: General sensory improvement, low sensitivity sonar, low sensitivity thermal scope, low sensitivity gamma scope

I can do this kind of stuff? I wonder what else I can do...

I still have a lot of general improvement I can make. I can also use the general purpose nanobots to increase the rate I can rebuild these systems.
>My current systems are:
-Sensory: Tier 2
-Nervous: Tier 2
-Respiratory/Circulatory: Tier 1
-Muscular: Tier 1

What should I restore next?
No. 999982 ID: 16c77b

Respiratory and circulatory. They're important!
No. 999985 ID: 9aaeef

No. 999987 ID: 3a67fd

I do like being able to See things we shouldn't be able to, but we should take care not to specialize too hard into something that can only, at the end of the day, give us information. Let's focus on the circulatory system next. We've got a lot of walking to do, if nothing else.
No. 999989 ID: c9ec6c

Respiratory circulatory
No. 1000020 ID: 51e016

Er, the powder was actually for the blast cap.
But hey, early fuses were just paper filled with loose powder, so it works out. Just avoid water, it messes up the powder. Or coat the fuse with wax, either works.

As per upgrades, it's a tough choice, but I'd say...
Because those last upgrades should let you detect possible threats early. If it comes to a fight, extra brute force makes it easier to deal with those threats.
No. 1000025 ID: b7a344

Can you lower the quantify of black powder since it's not intended to be the main explosive but rather a small component? Speed up the batch that way?

Also, Respiratory/Circulatory. For the senses, you want thermal. Heat management and heat awareness is CRAZY useful in space: it's why all possible stealth systems for starships and stations need Clarketech level stuff (reactionless thrusters, dumping waste heat into other planes of existence, cold fusion, things that break thermodynamics, basically magic) to work. Since EVERYTHING interesting on a space item that is expected to have people or robots or AI or anything produces heat... yea, thermal scopes. Even if only for looking out the window.
No. 1000030 ID: c48caa

Respiratory/circulatory get more use out of the oxygen taken
No. 1000306 ID: 5f1f8d
File 162109219138.png - (37.40KB , 800x600 , 52 Page Chapter 3.png )

>What do I improve?
-Respiratory/Circulatory: 5
-Muscular: 2
Looks like I'll focus my efforts on my cardiopulmonary system. When I get a chance, I'll use the general purpose nanobots to help with my musculoskeletal system. I can't have Toal do all the heavy lifting.

I wonder if Toal is going though something similar?
"Hey, Toal?" She looks up to me.
"How are you recovering?"
"From the fight with Argos?"
"No, from being in the stasis pod." She looks pensive for a moment.
"I'm alright. I only feel malnourished, but any toxins or nanomachines they were pumping into me aren't in my system anymore." Either she purged them quick, or she never had any to begin with.
"I've been trying to recover from something similar myself."
"I've been directing my recovery to my physical abilities. All I need to speed it up is food and rest."
"That's good, since my efforts have been sensory."

We discuss a few more things. Apparently I've been asleep for 3 hours and nothing else has really happened. Toal's been reading some of the notes and says that Geigers and Tozol seem to have been engineered to have very similar capabilities. At full strength, the two of us working together would be a terrifying force.

Now that we're caught up with each other, we can leave the lab, but I think it would be a good idea to let Toal get some rest too. We could also take some time to read up on stuff or make things out of the supplies we have on hand. We have no idea what's outside the lab, so we should prepare for anything.
No. 1000307 ID: c48caa

Let's do another sweep for any supplies and hunker down so you can watch over Toal while she gets some rest. You can casually gather up the weapons in the meantime.
No. 1000311 ID: 3a67fd

More supplies are always good, but rest is more important, aye. The two of you haven't been awake for TOO long, but after something like that fight... better safe than sorry.
No. 1000315 ID: a9af05

Let Toal rest and wait for the replicators to finish making whatever is in them. Do not make anything else, since that would only extend your stay here.

Once everyone is rested and the replicators are finished, we move on to the new area.
No. 1000364 ID: 841ff7

Ask her if she wants to rest before going to the new area.
No. 1000624 ID: 5f1f8d
File 162127725313.png - (34.04KB , 800x600 , 53 Page Chapter 3.png )

>Check in with Toal and ask if she wants to rest.
>She should rest while you wait for the replicators to finish. You can look for any remaining supplies or read while you wait.

"You should get some rest too, Toal."
"I'm not that tired, but that's a good idea." She starts to walk back the break room, and I follow with her.

I still remember what's in those other rooms, so between checking those out and doing some research, what should I do?
No. 1000625 ID: 5f1f8d

Here's a list of what we found in those rooms.
>In staff room in lab 4S
-Wearable Geiger Counter (contains battery)
-anti-radiation pills
-"Forbidden Romance! The Love of Weapons Against their Masters Wills! Can a Romance Between a Geiger and a Tozol Last?!"
-Second raunchy novel
-Canister of Buckminsterfullerene Carbon solution

>Left in Dr. Wu's office
-digital storage unit
-Chocolate nougat bar

>Replicators (Lab 4S)
-Semtex (6 hours)
-Thermate-TH3 (7 hours)
-Fe(2)O(3) + 2 Al (5 hours)
-Black powder (4 hours)
-1 minor repair nanobots (3 hours)
-general purpose nanobots (9 hours)

>Loot from the lockers in Lab 4S Security Room
-1 pair of protecive gloves
-1 riot helmet (I think it can be modified to fit our heads, but it would leave Toal's ears exposed, or my horns.)
-5 billy clubs (An opened box contains five. Looks like they have stun contacts built into them too.)
-Straps, holsters, and carrying bags (I should upgrade my gear, this coat can't hold a lot.)
-4 variable power dart rifles (can be loaded with solutions like the injection gun, but it requires empty darts to be loaded into the gun.)
-3 boxes of 30 empty darts (for the dart rifles)
-A collection of pills and drugs (Why aren't these labeled?)
-9 wearable flashlights (no batteries, of course.)
-1 Geiger counter (no battery, same as the one in my room.)
-Protective boots (which neither Toal nor I can wear)

>In staff lounge in Lab 4S
-Junk food, and lots of it!
-Raw ingredients for cooking
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Binder with biology references for exotic and dangerous organisms
-Binder with nanotechnology references for interactions with unique chemicals and forces
-Binder of chemistry references for several organisms (Seems to be for the creatures in the lab)
-A book titled "The Ethics of Bioweapons in Regards to Neurology"
-A binder of biological observations on the physiology of Tozol and Geigers
No. 1000635 ID: e7848c

Just casually start emptying the rooms. Pooling resources into where you're staying at now. Might be good to keep some supplies left in the kitchen area.
No. 1000696 ID: 96c896

We can't dally much longer. Spending too much time looting is why the guard robot was able to block you in.
Take some bare essentials and move as soon as you're ready.
No. 1000702 ID: 031458

If say move all loot to your main room. Best have be everything in one place. Plus if you do another search of the place later, it'll be easier to find things you missed.
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