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File 160264660908.png - (125.61KB , 439x700 , 12-1.png )
978484 No. 978484 ID: c70ff4

Chapter 11
+18 Adult content

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/954051.html
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No. 981240 ID: b1b4f3

Alright I'll give it a shot.

Gabe: Go for shallow introspection. It's a personal truth? You like looking pretty.
Kol: you're looking forward to getting closer to Caleb.
or if Kol wants something deeper he can reaffirm his feelings about death.
Casey: uh
I know the least about Casey. What does freedom mean for a Binder?
No. 981241 ID: 8fab7a

Nah man, don't worry, you got this.

"I... fuckin' love boys and girls fuckin'."

Or more seriously, since this is supposed to be a proud and happy moment:

"Becoming a Sender was one of the proud-happiest moments of my life."
No. 981282 ID: fa2754

Honestly, one that applies to all three of you would be that you're happy in your relationship with each other.
Gabe, are you proud of yourself of for how far you've come as a sender? Long ways away from snipping people's tails.
Kol, Death means nothing if you didn't make your life worth it. Wouldn't you say that you've lived your best life so far? And yet more to come.
Casey, your pursuit of knowledge and learning has brought you before old gods and forgotten tribes. You know the hunt is not over yet.

And you all will do so together.
No. 981301 ID: f8fa51

You don't need anything deeply profound, just true: "little truth's". You're happy with each other, and that's a simple enough truth.
No. 981313 ID: 1ebee5

"Everything that we know and love is reducible to the absurd acts of chemicals, and there is therefore no intrinsic value in this material universe."
No. 981338 ID: eec00e

Just say you love sex with Delilah and see where it goes from there.

Also, what happens if too many people lie?
No. 981388 ID: fccbcb

I think that to keep the truth related to Miki, one of them could mention that helping her and Raithe started the spirit guides on their path of successes. Before that, they were clumsy, but helping a friend helped them out a lot.
No. 981453 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583829953.png - (128.95KB , 700x500 , 12-24.png )

The line shuffles forward as one by one, the lanterns are added to the ceremony. Murmured excitement runs through the crowd as the roaring bonfire flashes a spectrum of colors. The guides near the top of the mountain, each quietly contemplating their own truths to add to the sacred fire.

Ahead of them, Miki’s parents step up to the peak, closing their eyes and adding their flames to a line of oil. The brilliant violet fire races into the heart of the blaze and washes upwards with a roar.

“I- I hope we did it right.” Claude says, stepping back from the heat. “Uh, your turn I believe.”
No. 981454 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583830501.png - (104.61KB , 410x700 , 12-25.png )

“I guess I’ll go first.” Kol steps up and releases the lever on his lantern. As the fire roars with a sapphire hue, he thinks to himself.

”I’m living an amazing, full life; I’ll give it as much meaning as I can before I must accept its end.“
No. 981455 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583831328.png - (99.24KB , 406x700 , 12-26.png )

Casey takes his place and opens her lantern. A rich sea green flame flickers over the bonfire as she thinks.

”Ive pursued knowledge and history and seen old gods, lost tribes and spells spoken of in myth.
There’s so much more to see and learn, and I'm proud of all I've discovered.”

No. 981456 ID: 07b0f1
File 160583832263.png - (114.60KB , 497x700 , 12-27.png )

“Uh, okay...” Gabe steps into place and thinks for one last moment before opening the latch and letting a blood red flame burst forth.

”Everyone thought I couldn’t be a sender because I was just a horny goofball, but you know what? I did it! I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished!”

”Also spite me, Delilah, looking good! I wonder if she wants to hook up after the reception? I hope she likes my look: I’m feelin’ really pretty today. Pretty horny, I mean. Heheh got’em. Oh wait, is all this going in the fire? Shit-fuck, uh disregard all that. Can I start over? I- I’m just gonna stand over here.”

Gabe sidles over and joins the crowd who’s already added their flames. Blushing with a tinge of socian anxiety, he sets his empty lantern down with the rest of them and stands near his partners.
No. 981476 ID: fa2754

Amazing how something so simple as a truth makes you freeze up when put on the spot.
No. 981494 ID: 06204b

Kol no...no no no no no...
I don't like that sentence.
No. 981704 ID: 07b0f1
File 160601410544.png - (171.83KB , 552x700 , 12-28.png )

As the last of the lanterns is added the crowd murmurs expectantly. Excitement and concern flicker from person to person.

”Did we do it right?”

”Where’s Miki?”

“And Raithe? Wouldn’t he know if its working?”

“What do we do now?”

The guests mill about anxiously, watching the fire for signs of the completed spell.

As they do, a whoop calls out from above. Soaring in on blazing wings, Raithe lazily circles the monument, cradling his bride in his arms as he descends.

“Hey everybody!” Miki waves at the crowd and calls, “Sorry about the wait! I guess we could have timed this better!”
No. 981734 ID: b1b4f3

Hey Miki, you are slightly on fire, is that normal?
No. 981735 ID: 36784c

We should put out the flames on her clothes before they burn away completely and leave her naked. I don’t think Miki would enjoy being naked in front of everyone on her wedding day!
No. 981736 ID: 651ae0

It's your wedding girl! You time things however you dang well please!
No. 981738 ID: fa2754

Still a killer entrance! And that dress is lit
No. 981861 ID: 7cc864

I hope the dress is only a special effect...
No. 982023 ID: 07b0f1
File 160627311631.png - (183.08KB , 579x700 , 12-29.png )

Raithe comes in for a careful landing, his wings flapping heavily and sending a sizzling wind across the platform. He sets Miki down and stands back to admire the bonfire. “Great job everybody! I think this should be enough!”

“I knew this was going to be too long...” Miki slaps at the burning edges of her bridal gown. The boundaries of her fire ward keep the fire from spreading, but the unprotected silk scorches and drifts away in little embers.
No. 982024 ID: 07b0f1
File 160627312409.png - (229.98KB , 700x700 , 12-30.png )

“Aw, I like it.” Raithe grins happily down at her. Atop one of his horns, a band of metal glows cherry red with heat. “Its very Us.”

“Thanks, hon. All that’s left is you and me, right?” Miki takes her place beside him.

“Just us.” Raithe extends his hand and she takes it. “Ready?”
No. 982025 ID: e7848c

Don't crowd around, everyone stay seated
No. 982042 ID: 094652

Prepare for a harrowing fight, because either (A) yet another quest hook is going to ruin the wedding, or (B) while the ceremony will finish without a hitch the newlywed bride and groom will want to thank their best people very profusely and practicing your magics will get you sufficiently rowdy.
No. 982043 ID: 651ae0

Let them have this. You can applaud uproariously once things have proceeded apace.
No. 982047 ID: b1b4f3

Good view of Raithe's butt from here.
No. 982106 ID: 07b0f1
File 160635582880.png - (154.55KB , 700x500 , 12-31.png )

The couple nods to one another and take a pair of deep breaths. The guests hustle back as twin streams of fire pour into the blaze, spiraling around one another into a roaring cyclone. The bonfire takes wild and primordial shapes as the spell begins to take effect.
No. 982107 ID: 07b0f1
File 160635583385.png - (187.27KB , 500x700 , 12-32.png )

The core rises from red to orange to white hot, until its brightness is too powerful to gaze on. The guests shield their eyes as one last burst of magic ties the spell together in a dazzling flare.
No. 982109 ID: 07b0f1
File 160635583732.png - (126.16KB , 700x500 , 12-33.png )

As the guests blink away spots in their vision, they find the bonfire smoldering and extinguished: seemingly empty except for ash and soot.
No. 982116 ID: 36784c

Did it work?
No. 982118 ID: bb2f99

Let's hope we didn't accidentally signal another army.
No. 982120 ID: fa2754

Oohhs and awes!
No. 982145 ID: 8acdea

I pronounce you Chinchilla and Salamander. You may now smooch the bride.
No. 982150 ID: 8fab7a

... there’s a babby elemental in there, isn’t there?
No. 982178 ID: 07b0f1
File 160643178018.png - (187.13KB , 700x500 , 12-34.png )

Miki wrings her hands nervously, “Did... did we do it?” She cranes her neck to peer into the remnants of the bonfire.

Raithe steps cautiously into the fire pit, shouldering aside one of the logs in a cascade of sparks. He reaches down into the ash, fishing around for something before returning to his bride.
No. 982179 ID: 07b0f1
File 160643178647.png - (153.20KB , 500x700 , 12-35.png )

“Look!” He opens his hand and shows her a tiny flame, roughly the size of a grain of rice and burning diamond bright.

“Its so small...” Miki murmurs, scarcely breathing out of fear she might snuff it out.

Raithe chuckles, “Its refined. It takes a lot of work to make something so precious.” The salamander stands and holds his palm up for the curious guests to see. “Thank you, everyone! I can tell how much you put of yourselves into this. I... I want to show you how much it means to Miki and me.”
No. 982181 ID: f8fa51

Kiss de girl.
No. 982183 ID: fa2754

There really isn't much we know about this ritual. It's fun to see it all unfold in front of us. Pay attention now.
No. 982211 ID: 094652

Current observation is unconfirmed but points to "YES".

Incoming Honeymoon Orgy in 5...
No. 982212 ID: bb2f99

Wait, is this how baby fire elementals are made?
No. 982265 ID: 8b6a8c

It's tiny and gorgeous, just like the bride. But what do you do with it next?
No. 982288 ID: 07b0f1
File 160653556981.png - (142.31KB , 700x542 , 12-36.png )

The elemental gets down on one knee, holding the truefire out for his bride to see. He takes a deep breath and tells her.

Miki. I love you. I will always love you and I want to be with you until the day my fires run cold and dreams have all faded. Even then I will still love you.”

The seed sized flame pulses and spreads with every word of his vow. Raithe spreads his fingers wide as the blaze grows from a speck in his hand to a gleaming white light the size of a heart.
No. 982289 ID: 07b0f1
File 160653558026.png - (139.81KB , 500x700 , 12-37.png )

Raithe passes the flame to Miki, who takes it in both hands and marvels speechlessly. She blinks away tears, refusing to look away despite the searing light. She tries to speak, falters and starts again.

Raithe... Ever since I met you, my life has been so... full. Full of... joy a- and magic and... love and-.”

In her hands, the truefire grows inch by inch. She pauses, her heart aflutter with emotion. “Sorry. I- I thought I knew what I was gonna say... I’m... oh Fates, Raithe.”

“Its okay.” He reaches down, cupping Miki’s hands in his. “Tell it the truth,” he instructs her, gently.
No. 982291 ID: e7848c

It's okay to shead a tear here. Three simple words..
No. 982292 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you love him and want to be with him for the rest of your life.
No. 982296 ID: 094652

No bad idea do not quench the flame.

Say you can love this whole world... because of Raithe. You can experience everything this world has to offer because of him. And you wouldn't have it any other way. Then thank him.
No. 982302 ID: 041c52

Say you love him like no other, that everyday is your most special day when he is with you.
No. 982426 ID: 07b0f1
File 160668883423.png - (183.47KB , 700x608 , 12-38.png )

The chinchilla bride closes her eyes and squares her shoulders. Finding the words in her determination, Miki’s vow comes exploding out of her as she shouts into the fire.

”I love you! I love waking up every morning next to you! I love working with you and being with you and I want to keep on loving you for as long as I live!”
No. 982427 ID: 07b0f1
File 160668883940.png - (188.75KB , 700x547 , 12-39.png )

The truefire jumps and roars in her hands as Miki’s vow feeds the spell. Raithe clasps his hands around it, forcing the flame upwards into a blinding white column like a spear of pure radiance. The guests shield their eyes as the light washes over them, falling back under the power of Miki’s conviction.

I love you so much Raithe! I- I want to be with you forever! I- I- I....”

Miki’s voice gives out and she stops to finally breathe again. She opens her eyes a hairline crack to glimpse the towering flame, only to be forced to look away an instant later. “Raithe!” She calls out over the sound of the fire.
No. 982431 ID: e7848c

Now let's not panic. But perhaps Vivian and Cauldera should be on alert..
No. 982433 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, it responds to emotion too? Raithe was calm so it didn't get super big like this from his doubtless very true vow.
Um, yeah, I don't know what's supposed to be happening here so maybe Raithe can ask for help if it's needed?
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