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File 160156931670.jpg - (755.51KB , 2567x2484 , 1001201142.jpg )
977676 No. 977676 ID: 67181a

Shooter has been camped out on the old trail for three days now, waiting for a hearse.

She kicks at the fresh snow and spits. Shes been with the redcap gang for damn close to a year already, but never got to tag along on any jobs - just taking care of thibgs in the camp, occasionally being a fresh babyface in meetings where they needed it. But never anything exciting. And now the first time she's out to do any proper outlawing, shes been camped under a tree waiting to steal a damn corpse.

She was already feeling grumpy after getting snowed on all night tryong to sleep,and by the time she woke up she was convinved this whole 'job' was just some kind of prank. She's still not convinced it isnt; but looking off to the south during her breakfast she saw the smoke signqling that the hearse'd be on its way.

It isnt long before she can hear the crack of the reins and rumble of a cart coming down the old road. She runs her fingers along the stock of her sawed down winchester, trying to decide how shes gonna stop the thing. There shouldnt be more than a driver and maybe one other person on board, and she'll have the advantage of surprise.

She's got seven rounds in her gun, and she can hole a silver dollar at 40 paces. However, she has never shot at a person, and isnt sure that she could.

Should she:

A - open fire on the hearse from hiding
B - step out into the road and flg down the hearse
C - step out into tge road and threaten the driver
D - let the hearse pass and try to climb onto it unnoticed
E - other (describe)
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No. 978218 ID: b1b4f3

How about you deliver some stew to Liberty?
No. 978221 ID: 094652

Add some extra spices to the stew, see if you can learn some cooking tips from Josey.
No. 978223 ID: d909cb

He didn't sound too impressed with your job. He probably doesn't know that the cart had an extra. Could've mentioned that to get some more praise~

E - Despite fatigue, being alone for three days has the shooter aching for some love, so she decides to find someone to warm her up. Altho I don't know who of these guys she's regularly with.
No. 978420 ID: cccb26
File 160255899273.jpg - (905.73KB , 2713x2716 , 1012201544.jpg )

Josey's real particular about his stew, even though it tastes the way it does, and Shooter isn't close enough with Josey to be comfortable confronting him about it.

She also has no romantic entanglements with any of the other Redcaps; while she has been 'part' of the gang for close to the year, she really doesn't have anything more than a business relationship with anyone other than possibly Owain. Between her chores around the camp and people sometimes spending days out on jobs, or staying in towns, or whatever else they get up to she hasn't really built up any kind of relationship with anyone.

She decides to head over to the stables to see if Liberty needs help with anything, and while it doesn't sound like she's shouting at this point shes still cursing under her breath loud enough to hear and kicking one of the fence posts. Shooter's notice's Liberty's ear twitching, which usually means she's pissed off about something, and her eyes drift down to the bullwhip hanging from the gunbelt that Liberty has on over her wool frock, and decides to call out and greet her from a safe distance.

This proves to be a good decision, as the lanky cat reaches down to unhook it as she quickly spins around, starting to shout something indistinct before catching herself, slowly letting her whip fall back to her hip, and hopping up to sit on the fence.

"Oh, it's you. You seen Indio around? I need to kick the shit out of him about something." She scowls as she looks around the area, clearly not seeing him anywhere.

Shooter tells her that she hasn't seen Indio around, and offers her the bowl of stew, which she quickly snatches away and starts greedily shoveling the flavorless slop into her mouth.

"So Josey made dinner, then" she states after eating about half of the bowl "At least Indio knows how to cook." She quickly scarfs down the rest of the bowl and starts twirling the spoon in her fingers. "Can't say it doesn't feel good to eat, though. I haven't had anything since Tuesday."

Shooter asks why she hasn't eaten, and she responds, "Didn't pack enough, ran out on the trail. Frank and I were watching the other routes up to the north end of the valley, I came back after Buddy came and let me know the job was done. Guess you actually managed to handle it then? Gotta admit I'm pretty surprised. You come off as a bit of a chickenshit. Must've been a pretty easy time."

Shooter tells her about the men on the cart, and how she got it stopped. She leaves out the part where she couldn't hit the fox hard enough to knock him either out or off the cart, and plays up shooting the gun out of the driver's hand.

She starts laughing so hard she nearly falls off the fence, "HOO boy those guys are lucky. They came my way, they'd be spittin' blood for a month; and if they went by Frank he'd've just shot 'em from the brush." She gets a handle on herself and settles back to a balanced position, smiling down at Shooter, "But really, good work kiddo. Sounds like I might've misjudged you a bit."

"Just a bit, though."

She's about as overbearing as usual, but Shooter has still never seen her be this nice to anyone other than Owain. So she'll have to chalk that up as a win. She asks what it was that had her so upset, and if there's anything she can do to help.

"Well, like I said I came back home after Buddy rode up; went to stable Doc and that GOD DAMNED INDIO," She raises her voice and shouts across the valley, Indio's name echoing off the nearby ridges "didn't hook the stable fences and the horses got out. I just finished rounding them up. As for what you can do to help, if you want to break the little shit's legs for me, or hold him down while I do it, that'd probably be a pretty good start."

Shooter is still feeling a bit tired, and doesn't have any particular responsibilities right now - It looks like Liberty also made sure all the horses were fed when she brought them back into the yard. Should she:

A - Keep hanging out with Liberty (suggest a conversation topic or activity)
B - Hang out with Josey (suggest a conversation topic or activity)
C - Go try to find Indio
D - Check in with Owain
E - Go back to the cabin and lie down for a bit
F - Other (Specify)
No. 978421 ID: fa2754

You earned your rest, E
No. 978422 ID: 5ee57a

C. Indio could probably use a quick heads up of what might be coming his way, if the shouting wasn't enough.
No. 978424 ID: 094652

E - You've had to make some tough choices. Good or bad, you're going to need sleep to make competent decisions again.
No. 978439 ID: 4286b4

>she hasn't really built up any kind of relationship with anyone
A year and no relationships? What a nerd. Next thing you're gonna say is that everyone here is already married which is why no one ever tried getting close to her. Or maybe they know that she's a trap.

No. 978462 ID: 82e73e

D. Might as well say hi.
No. 978472 ID: cccb26
File 160263629218.jpg - (923.88KB , 2792x2758 , 1013202011.jpg )

Even when talking to Liberty goes well her mannerisms make it all exhausting. Shooter excuses herself and makes her way back to the cabin to get some rest. Liberty goves a mock salute, and heads over to Josey's fire - presumably to get some more stew.

She opens the door and walks into the cabin. It almost feels a bit kind to call it one, the walls are plenty sturdy but there's basically no furnishings in it, even the 'floor' is just packed dirt. The gang only really uses it as a shelter when the weather's bad, but with winter right around the corner and snow already falling everyone except Josey has their own seasonal bunk set up somewhere on the floor.

Ghe only other things in the cabin's single large room are some racks by the door, where she hangs her hat, and a big cast-iron stove at the edge of the room, with a gentle glow emanating from its belly meaning somebody left coals burning in it to keep the temperature up. She shrugs off her shawl and lumbers over to the front corner, where Buddy has hung up a curtain to cordon off a little section of the room for her privacy. She figures he probably did it to make fun of her l, but she does appreciate it more than she'd admit - she doesnt have the same confidence Liberty does to sleep on the floor surrounded by a bunch of guys.

She pulls open the curtain and hears a gasp, and nearly screams herself when she sees somebody huddled up in the blankets she uses as a bedroll. But even in her tired state, she quickly recognizes the blue-black feathery tail and tip of a beak poking out from the blanket.

She asks Indio what the hell he thinks he's doing, and the shuddering pile of blankets stills for a moment before he shakes his face free from the bundle and looks up at her and grins nervously.

"O-oh, phew, its just you. I thought I was gonna die." He breaths a sigh of relief, but still has the same nervous grin as she looks down at him. "She's gonna kill me, isn't she?"

Shooter is pretty sure that Liberty doesnt want to kill Indio, but is also too tired to bother reassuring him. She asks him what the hell he was thinking leaving the stable gate open.

"Look I just, I just had a lot on my mind. This whole job seemed kinda dangerous, and everyone was getting called out for it; locking the gate just didnt register i was so worried!"

Shooter tells him to go tell it to Liberty, she's exhausted and just wants to go to bed.

"I-i can't right now - I heard her hollerin' out there!" Tears start to well up in the corner of his eyes as he continues,"she'll calm down sooner or later, can't i just stay here until then? I'll stay real quiet, you won't hear a peep."

Shooter's exhaustion is quickly overtaking her patience. Should she:

A - let Indio stay, and just go to sleep anyway
B - force indio out of her bed
C - break Indio's legs
D - call for Liberty
E - give up on sleeping and do something else instead (either from the previous update or suggest alternative)
No. 978476 ID: fa2754

Man this bird is good at his fake tears. B. He can stay in the cabin but you're taking back your corner. Tell him the sooner he gets it over with, the sooner and they can move past it.
No. 978478 ID: cc328e

B, give him a swift couple kicks and get your snooze on. Indio doesn't seem like he's in any real danger, but he's hiding in YOUR private bundle
No. 978481 ID: b1b4f3

A and B seem like the same option to me.
No. 978482 ID: 6f7a5a

A) cuddle with cute bird
No. 978483 ID: 7bc72c

B. Don't force him outta the cabin, but the bed is yours.
No. 978519 ID: d909cb

A, but under the condition that you get to use his butt instead of Liberty. You don't actually mean it, it's just a test to see if he's faking it. If his tears are fake, he'd definitely not accept getting punished by you. So if he rejects, throw his out (or slowly call for Liberty louder and louder until he leaves). If he accepts, then that would make things interesting hehe. In that case, as his punishment, just lie with him in bed, and touch him in weird places. After he can't take the abuse anymore, he'll most likely leave on his own.
No. 978581 ID: 2366df

Voting B. Tell him he needs to suck it up and talk to Liberty tho.
No. 978614 ID: 864e49

Are you...trynna make a move on me?
No. 978935 ID: 5b93d3

B - Get out of my blanket, and my bed, or I'm calling Liberty over right now.
No. 979315 ID: cccb26
File 160342073757.jpg - (733.41KB , 2633x2494 , 1022201137.jpg )

Shooter thinks briefly about letting Indio stay, but then remembers that this is her bed and she has no intention of sharing it with anyone. She stares a hole in him, and after a short moment his eyes widen as he realizes what he was asking.

"N-no, Shooter, listen that's not what I meant. I mean - look, I'm getting up," he scrambles out of her bed, tripping over her blankets on the way, before getting back up to his knees in front of her. "Please don't tell Liberty about this. She'll cut off -" he stops for a second to consider his words "Just please don't. I'll do anything."

She waves him off, telling him to just shut up and let her get some rest. He motions at his beak like he's fastening his beak shut, and shuffles away towards the stove.

Shooter slumps over to her bed and tosses the curtain shut behind her. She removes her gun belt and boots, and lays down to rest, pulling her blankets and shawl over her to stay warm.

She closes her eyes and breathes slowly, trying to just relax and think over everything that has happened today. She hears Indio stoking the fire in the stove, but he keeps his word and doesn't say anything.

She lays in the soft light coming through her curtain and the warmth of her bundle of blankets, thinking over the day's events, and the simple comforts she feels paint over the stress in her recollection.

She closes her eyes and listens to the renewed crackle of flames from the stove as Indio feeds more wood into it. Soon she realizes that, for the first time in as long as she can remember, she feels at home
No. 979316 ID: cccb26
File 160342090965.jpg - (928.64KB , 2618x2639 , 1022201312.jpg )


Shooter suddenly snaps awake at the sound of gunfire.

It is dark, and cold. The fire in the stove is out. She doesn't know how long she was asleep.

Should Shooter:
A) Stay put
B) Investigate
C) Call out for somebody (who?)
D) Other (Specify)
No. 979318 ID: 6f7a5a

see if Indio is still around?
No. 979320 ID: cdabe3

time to investigate. maybe grab a gun and boots first though
No. 979321 ID: 4f5375

No point in calling for help. Everyone must have heard the sound already and if there is an enemy you could be giving away your location.

If the camp is being attacked this blanked in the corner of the room isn't the best hideout. It work for the people who are used to see it but this curtain will be very suspicious for outsiders.

B) Investigate
Put your boots, grab your gun and try to move around unseeing.
No. 979325 ID: b1b4f3

Investigate with gun.
No. 979327 ID: 094652

Get some body armor; you're not planning on running away from your fortified hideout.
No. 979328 ID: 5778ef

Time go go out, guns a blazing.
No. 979329 ID: 0fb221

Peer through the windows after putting your boots on. Maybe you can shoot from an opening if there's a danger
No. 979337 ID: d909cb

You're going to be a prisoner soon~ how does this make you feel?

D) Reminisce about the advice Owain gave you if you found yourself in such a situation
No. 980918 ID: c8c35c
File 160529395642.jpg - (0.97MB , 2858x2849 , 1113201331.jpg )

Shooter hurries to put her boots on and pulls her gun from its holster, moving to peer out through the door - the cabin is almost entirely built for shelter from the elements and has no windows.

By the time she gets to the door, its quiet outside. Everything is dark, and the fire has been stoked to a huge size. The hearse is sitting next to the fire, the coffin has been taken out and is lying cracked open on the ground. Somebody is sitting with their back to the fire. From the size, it looks like Owain.

Should shooter:

A) call out
B) investigate
C) go back to hiding
D) other - specify
No. 980919 ID: 4f5375

Are you in his field of vision? Reveal yourself by the door to see how he react. If he doesn't go for the gun approach him.
B) investigate

If he grab the gun run away outside the cabin. Don't get yourself cornered.
No. 980920 ID: b1b4f3

B, look around. Is anyone on the ground bleeding or anything? Do you see any hostiles?

How many gunshots did you hear?
No. 980999 ID: 598c94

Where is everyone? Why would a guy trigger a gun in the middle of a camp without telling anyone about it first? Or maybe he did, that is, he told everyone to leave the camp while he does his, whatever he's doing. In which case, I'd go with C, since you shouldn't be bothering him anyway.

I would assume that the location of this camp isn't really a secret if one doesn't care about making noise, or producing large smoke clouds for that matter... say that's quite a fire he's got going there. He gonna cremate Martin or something?
No. 981410 ID: 6f7a5a

investigate, but be quiet and stealthy
No. 984704 ID: e7848c

Circle around with your gun at the ready. Come in from the other side.
No. 985035 ID: 67181a
File 160989667041.jpg - (1.41MB , 2714x2662 , 0105212000.jpg )

The camp's location is a pretty well-kept secret, smoke or otherwuse. Its a half-day's ride outside of town, so folks'd need to get quite a ways afield before theyd hear anything out here.

She thinks that she only heard one gunshot, but cant be sure subce she woke up during ut and the ridge tends to have a lot of echoes for loud sounds.

She calls put to owain from the door, as quietly as she can while still being pretty sure he'd hear her from where he's sitting, but theres no answer. She calls out again, a luttle bit louder, but still gets no response.

She holds her gun ready, takes a few sharp breaths, and heads out into thr darkness to investigate. The night is completely silent, save the crackling of the fure which grows steadily louder as she creeps closer. The air grows hot and thick as she dies, the smoke burning at her nostrils as it almost seems to wrap around her and urge her closer. As she closes on the light, she becomes aware of a large shaoe within the roaring flames, something other than wood burning within.

As she closes to within a few meters of Owain, she tries calling out to him again - but still there is no response. He stares unflinching unti the fire, his long rifke lying next to him in the snow. A fee feet away, a large pine box sits with its lid askew.

Should she -
A - More aggressively attempt to rouse Owain
B - Sit quietly next to Owain
C - Check the rifle
D - Check the box
E - Other (specify)
No. 985040 ID: b1b4f3

Is he missing an eye?
The shape in the fire is the body, obviously...

No. 985068 ID: d75ada

Check the box and sit next to him quietly. Let's play to our sharpshooter senses and wait a moment to see if there's anything else amiss. Then we wake him.
No. 985085 ID: fa2754

C. Check that gun. Was it just recently fired? Why? Don't need to shoot a dead man.
No. 985087 ID: 6f7a5a

maybe not everyone is dead? see if you can find Josie or Indio
No. 985109 ID: 5ec3f5

A - tap his shoulder.
No. 988946 ID: d8fe49
File 161413135687.jpg - (856.88KB , 2754x2733 , 0223211931.jpg )

It looks like Owain's gun has been on the ground for long enough for some snow to build up on top of it, so if it has been fired it would have been some time ago.

Shooter tries again to rouse owain, but he doesnt respond to anything she says. She taps him on the shoulder, and he glances back towards her briefly. Something looks off about his face, especially his eye, but shooter cant get a good look in the indirect firelight. He doesnt say anything, merely nods his head over toward the casket before returning to his vigil over the unsettling shape in the fire.

She wonders where Josie and Indio are, but doesnt know where they would be. She finds her attention drawn to the casket, and goes to check it out.

Its a huge pine casket with a heavy lid, and the nails have been pried up. Shooter is not terribly strong, so it takes her some effort to shift the lid over to look inside. As soon as she does, her breath catches in her throat.

A pile of hats is in the casket, each woth a distinctive red feather. Collapsed amongst them is a large, shaggy old cat with a blank, cold stare and blood freshly drying in his matted hair. She recognizes owain immediately.

Shooter hears something shifting in the snow behind her, and hears the unmistakable "click" of a rifle's hammer drawing back...
No. 988947 ID: d8fe49
File 161413166035.jpg - (858.85KB , 2884x2843 , 0223212007.jpg )

And she awakens sharply in her bed, lurching forward and gripoing her bundled up blanket tightly. She feels cool tears on her snout.

Shooter hasnt had a nightmare since she joined up with the crew.

There's a commotion going on outside, and it looks like the sun hasnt set yet from the light coming into the cabin. Liberty is shouting about something, but shooter cant make out the specifics.

The fire in the oven is still going, but it seems like Indio has left the cabin. Thats probably what Liberty is shouting about, but it could be something else.

Shooter feels even less rested than when she came into the cabin in the first place, but isnt sure if its a good idea to go back to sleep. Should she:

A: go out and see what Liberty is shouting about
B: freshen up a bit before going back outside
C: go back to sleep
D: other (specify)
No. 988948 ID: e7848c

B. Might as well keep yourself busy until real sleep can hit
No. 988949 ID: b1b4f3

Liberty is probably yelling at Indio.
No. 988970 ID: a59774

Those nightmares you had, what were they about?
No. 989002 ID: fd5772

D. Huddle by the fire for a second and think about whether you might be a bit upset over the hearse hijacking. Maybe you feel a bit guilty over stealing a coffin?
No. 989027 ID: a59168

If people shouting outside is a normal thing, then go freshen up first.
If it's not a normal thing, then check outside first.
No. 989044 ID: ce39da

A. That dream felt like a bad omen. Don't take any commotion for granted.
No. 989128 ID: 777990

It's natural to be afraid. There might be a reckoning for that man you killed stealing this body. Maybe there would be even without someone getting shot.
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