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File 159899002552.jpg - (146.50KB , 1192x670 , VALE.jpg )
975434 No. 975434 ID: 5bc171

EASY TO JOIN FOR NEW PLAYERS! I'm migrating my quest from 4chan.

This is a multiplayer RPG where each player controls one character. Random dungeon edition.

Kek, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, has made of a pact with the meme magicians of 4chan: when members of the imageboard die, they are teleported to an Isekai. In that fantasy world, Kek has formed an Adventurer's Guild for you to have a job in your new life. Your goal is to rise through the ranks -- working for Kek certainly will earn you great rewards!

You are going to play as yourself, the person behind the screen. The question is: how long would you survive in an RPG setting?

Mythic RPG: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12904.phtml

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mythic+RPG

Thread song: 【Hatsune Miku】 Keku-no-Isekai

Art: "VALE" by 甄立堅, Creative Commons
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No. 975746 ID: 68d83c
File 159935983589.jpg - (71.34KB , 664x664 , (points at you, dude).jpg )

rolled 84, 5, 32, 90, 1, 13, 7, 17, 18, 60, 92, 65, 5, 18, 74, 26, 34, 80, 57, 52 = 830

>first room and we're already down one, fuckfuckFUCK
>Nice move with the sun on Ayame's part, duergar hate sunlight
>now it's my turn...

>i magically amplify the shock and awe the two survivors may be feeling at seeing their buddy explode and one of them catch fire
>this should leave them open to a crippling attack from an ally, so I use Empathic Whisper on Sig and Ayame (the two I know and trust) to tell them they have an opening if my kekaiku works
No. 975749 ID: 68d83c

No. 975754 ID: f14f5f
File 159937210133.jpg - (223.53KB , 850x1232 , sample_06e3ad0172f0df9d0c784626e54caefbd9fbd243.jpg )

rolled 56, 24, 77, 38, 45, 87, 2, 72, 20, 75, 10, 49, 16, 21, 92, 62, 13, 85, 43, 24 = 911

I just met a cool paladin I wanted on my team and she died in like 30 fucking seconds of meeting her.

>Raise Milena
>Heal her too
>Throw more suns at them
>If he lives, set the non blind drawf's eyes on fire

No. 975756 ID: 5bc171

rolled 6, 88, 80, 91, 97, 9, 91, 19, 33, 10, 10, 32, 91, 68, 95, 58, 55, 18, 67, 64 = 1082

Enough spellcasting. Those small men are pissing me off and I've always wanted to participate in dwarf-tossing.

No. 975773 ID: 5bc171
File 159943198050.png - (2.56KB , 200x200 , 恐.png )

Eighth Turn

Q: Can SB amplify the shock they feel?
Willpower: High
DC: Below Avg
Roll: 84
A: Yes

Q: Do they turn invisible?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 38
A: Yes

Q: is the wounded duergar able to turn invisible?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 45
A: Yes

Q: Can Ayame raise Milena?
Wisdom: Above Average
DC: High
Roll: 56
A: No

「Empath」Sir Bacon connects to the emotion of the dwarves and amplifies the shock and awe they feel from getting pulverized. He can feel their emotions in his own thorax and raise them to an untolerable level. In his brain, the emotions translate to a word: "Flee". He feels that the dwarves want run as far away from him as they can.

Sigric lifts his club on his shoulder and charges. Both of the dwarves utter a word in an unknown language and immediately vanish from sight. They are gone!

「Raise Dead」Ayame kneels next to the paladin and lays her palms on her. She attempts to connect to the universal lifeforce to raise her from the dead, but she fails. The paladin's body remains inert. The Raise Dead is a difficult spell to cast.

"What happened? Is the fight over?" Alex asks.
No. 975776 ID: 68d83c

rolled 97, 17, 82, 29, 85, 28, 31, 29, 54, 27, 73, 10, 98, 85, 64, 30, 15, 47, 87, 2 = 990

>"Is the fight over?"
"For now, yeah. Those duergar want nothing but to run away from us after I magic'd their emotions."
>I try and sense our paladin's spirit lingering in the area
"Can we get a rez over here? If we can't, we need to secure her body outside and make sure her soul isn't trapped in this dungeon."
No. 975819 ID: f14f5f
File 159946043371.jpg - (68.15KB , 564x752 , babe90fac6ee803ceff1111940e60fb4.jpg )

rolled 57, 91, 50, 83, 88, 64, 17, 39, 13, 90, 42, 55, 83, 49, 39, 38, 1, 59, 31, 47 = 1036

Ayame points to the dudes in modern clothes. "You guys are anons, right? We have a train base with vidya and stuff. You're totally welcome to join us. Oh! Are you healers? I don't even know your names and classes."

>Create clubs for Joseph and Alex
>Create wooden samurai armor with vines and bamboo backbacks for Joseph, Alicia and Alex.
>Use intuition to see paladin
No. 975822 ID: 5bc171
File 159947312929.png - (2.29KB , 120x200 , Ur.png )

rolled 2, 7, 7, 10, 59, 97, 57, 40, 100, 86, 77, 73, 59, 9, 13, 79, 7, 14, 13, 100 = 909

>Can we get a rez over here?
I will give it a try. Odin has helped me perform the miracle of resurrection several times.

"Then Odin rode to the eastern door,
There, he knew well, was the wise-woman's grave;
Magic he spoke and mighty charms,
Till spell-bound she rose, and in death she spoke."
Vegtamskviða, 4
No. 975823 ID: 5bc171

Ninth Turn

Q: Can SB sense the paladin's lingering emotions?
Odds: Likely
Roll: 97

A: Crit No
Q: Can Ayame create two samurai armors + backpacks?
Wisdom: Above Average
DC: Avg (cf. Turn 40 of thread 8) + 2 RS (quantity of items) = High
Rolls: 56, 24
A: No, Yes

Q: Did she have a good mental picture of armor?
Memory: Exceptional
DC: Avg
Roll: 50
A: Yes

Q: Can Sigric resurrect Milena?
Roll: 2
A: Crit Yes
Crit: she's healed

Q: Does any roaming monster attack?
Odds: Unlikely
Roll: 10
A: Yes

Q: Which one?
Roll: (59 mod 5) + 1 = 5
spider swarm

Q: Will the dwarf attack too?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 97
A: Crit No
Crit: still under the effect of SB's magic

Q: Can the spiders hurt Alicia?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 57
A: No

>I try and sense our paladin's spirit lingering in the area
The paladin's spirit is not perceptible. She's still inside of her body; she's probably not brain dead yet.

>Create clubs for Joseph and Alex
Alex already has a wooden club, and Joseph is not here.
Here is the party composition:
>Sir Bacon: empath
>Sigric: priest
>Milena: paladin
>Alexander: crusader
>Alicia: psionist
>Ayame: druidess

「Nature Queen」Ayame visualizes a samurai armor in her head; at the same time, she visualizes a bamboo backpack. Because she tries to create both items at the same time, the visions mingle together and she creates a strange ball of wood, vine and bamboo. She tries again, clearing her mind and visualizing each item separately. Because of her buffed up memory, she can visualize a perfect ō-yoroi armor of wooden scales. She materializes it and then creates an elegant bamboo backpack.

「Medicine Man」Sigric recites a passage from the Vegtamskviða, another Norse poem, where Odin was resurrecting a völva. His words resonate with power.

Milena opens her eyes. Her warrior reflexes immediately kick in. She stands up and scans the room for enemies. Sir Bacon can sense that she feels deeply troubled.

"What happened?"

No one has time to answer, because a new enemy is already present. An awful, scuttling mass of legs and mandibles scrambles forward out of the tunnel. It's a carpet of swarming spiders that's crawling toward Alicia. She screams and runs toward the room's center.

The dangers of this donjon are plenty.

>Milena has been resurrected and healed
>A wooden armor and bamboo backpack have been created
No. 975828 ID: 68d83c

rolled 98, 81, 49, 61, 28, 30, 6, 63, 73, 32, 9, 99, 8, 9, 64, 57, 3, 37, 64, 9 = 880

"Nice one, Sig. Welcome back, Mile--OH SHIT SPIDERS!"
>oh shit now what, I don't have AoE damage unless you count wild swinging...
>alright, I have a plan
>as soon as an ally makes a powerful attack, I enchance the fear any surviving spiders feel and make them run away
No. 975868 ID: f14f5f
File 159954602230.png - (223.94KB , 544x572 , 1593242131368.png )

rolled 45, 26, 14, 92, 29, 60, 77, 92, 2, 46, 51, 15, 78, 86, 41, 83, 86, 77, 76, 52 = 1128

"You did it again!...Damn it! I just want to loot this bitch! You now serve under the Nature Queen!"

>Cast Tame on spiders
>If that fails summon ice spikes under them
>Let Alicia borrow my spear and Bacon my crossbow
No. 975874 ID: 68d83c

>crossbow get
>i have no idea how to use this, but i feel like now's not the time
>should be able to get the hang of it
No. 975890 ID: 5bc171

Tenth Turn

Q: Can Ayame tame the spiders?
Wisdom: Above Avg
DC: Avg + 1 DC (vermin) = Above Avg
Roll: 45
A: Yes

Q: Can SB figure out how to use the crossbow?
A: there's nothing to figure out

The crawling carpet of spiders climbs on the wall and forms a circle around the party. They move with an impressive fluidity. The spiders seem to be attracted by the smell of blood and move toward the dead body. The chittering noise they make is ennervating.

"We have to get out of here!" Alicia yells.

Ayame concentrates on her inner wisdom to communicate with the spiders. She speaks with the voice of Nature and commands them to stop. The spiders immediately stop moving.

"You now serve under the Nature Queen!"

Sir Bacon grabs the crossbow and tries it out. He pulls the trigger and shoots a bolt into the wall. Using this new weapon is actually easy. He only has to pull the trigger and then pull back the string to reload.
No. 975896 ID: 68d83c
File 159961729841.png - (96.51KB , 662x431 , optimal.png )

rolled 41, 11, 72, 23, 69, 78, 55, 65, 12, 66, 76, 82, 50, 5, 95, 97, 69, 66, 97, 5 = 1134

"This is easier than I thought it'd be. Thanks, Nature Queen."
>I reload the crossbow and keep it in my hand, just in case
"So we have these spiders under your control now. What're you gonna do with 'em?"
>I try to sense the emotional state of the spiders...their brains and souls are much simpler, probably, but I'm curious, and it may help be differentiate between sapient and simple life in the future
No. 975907 ID: 5bc171
File 159965653238.png - (10.02KB , 466x108 , Insect Emotions.png )

>I try to sense the emotional state of the spiders

Insects do not feel emotions, but the swarm as a whole has behaviours that are similar to emotions. The swarm appears nervous; at the slightest sign of danger, it will jump away. It's not just the party that makes them nervous, but also the fear of a more powerful predator they were fleeing from.

Insect information: Prof. Timothy J Gibb

I'm not using the rolls because this was part of the dungeon information.

No. 975916 ID: d00019
File 159966693639.jpg - (278.98KB , 640x619 , 1595684376715.jpg )

rolled 64, 59, 26, 84, 33, 69, 76, 38, 37, 65, 97, 30, 88, 79, 3, 63, 75, 71, 78, 45 = 1180

It actually worked? Hell yes!

>She try to talk to the spiders like she talk to Koko and tell them a bunch of lies as practice, along with stuff she believes in.
"I am the Nature Queen Ayame-sama! Master of Death and Rebirth! My kingdom is beyond this mortal realm and I've came here to save this this one from the Satan Pyramid and whoever the fuck, Kek didn't say shit and open up a portal to connect this one and my own together! I will protect you as long as you serve me and my party! Got that little dudes!?"

>Make box with handle for spiders
>Loot room and dwarf corpse and ask the party if they want anything.

"Alex? What does a Crusader do anyway?"
>When he says he doesn't know shit cut self and ask him to heal me
>Heal self if he fails
>Leave room when the party is ready to go.
No. 975921 ID: 0146da

"Uh, these little dudes are primed to run away at the slightest hint of danger. I don't think they'll be with us very long unless your magic can completely overpower their wills."
No. 975941 ID: f14f5f
File 159968700299.jpg - (70.85KB , 872x1200 , 1551535207305.jpg )

rolled 24, 84, 80, 51, 92, 33, 6, 68, 35, 18, 98, 16, 52, 36, 10, 37, 73, 78, 50, 41 = 982

"Good point!"

>Make Koko my familiar
>Raise the Willpower and Intelligence of all the spiders
No. 975993 ID: 5bc171
File 159974095507.jpg - (47.60KB , 558x341 , Alicia.jpg )

Eleventh Turn

(The pic is Alicia)

Q: Can Ayame make a box for the spiders?
Wisdom: Above Avg
DC: Low
Roll: 64
A: Yes

Q: Anything other than the listed treasures?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 84
A: No

Alex's Wisdom is not specified in his stats: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/4394449/#4405871

Q: Does Alex have Average Wisdom?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 33
A: Yes

Q: Can Alex heal Ayame's cut?
Casting: Avg (Wisdom) - 1 RS = Below Avg
DC: Avg
Roll: 69
A: No

Q: Does the chainmail fit Alex?
Odds: 20% (going with this https://forums.giantitp.com/showsinglepost.php?p=23723598&postcount=4)
Roll: 76
A: No

Q: Can Ayame cast Willpower UP?
Wisdom: Above Avg
DC: Below Avg
Roll: 24
A: Yes

Q: Can Ayame cast Intelligence UP?
Wisdom: Above Avg
DC: Below Avg
Roll: 84
A: No

The Nature Queen gives a speech to the spider, made of lies and truth mixed together. The speech contains the following five facts, with an evaluation of truthfulness between parentheses.

>She's the Nature Queen (an exaggeration)
>She's Master of Death and Rebirth (true)
>She has a kingdom (false)
>She came here to save the world from the Satan Pyramid (false)
>She will protect them in exchange for servitude (true)

The spiders seem unresponsive. She knows that she can communicate with Koko, her pet cat, but it seems that her druidic powers don't allow her to communicate on a human level with non-sentient animals. Sir Bacon thinks that they won't stay with her for very long.

Ayame searches the room for anything valuable. The duergar was carrying a few copper coins and a full warrior equipment of good quality. In a small wooden chest, she finds more money.

>10 gold, 6 silver coins
>light crossbow (19 bolts), warhammer, chain mail, heavy steel shield

She asks the party if they want anything.

>Sigric wants the shield
>Alicia wants the crossbow
>Alex wants the warhammer (he would have wanted the chain mail too, but it doesn't fit)

Milena recommends that the money be destroyed because money is the source of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).

Ayame cuts herself to test the crusader power of Alex. Alex only acquired his crusader class shortly before being isekai'd, and he hasn't been able to figure out how it works. All he knows is that he has received from Jesus Christ in a dream a sword of light blue crystal with snake patterns and a winged handle, and that it's probably a symbol of his powers. He's unable to heal the cut, so his powers still remain unknown.

「Nature Queen」Now, Ayame will display her true powers as the Nature Queen. From simply visualizing it and setting her intention to make the visualization true, she materializes a wooden box where the spiders will fit, so that she can transport them easily; a sort of primitive Pokéball for spiders.

「Buff Stat」Then, she generously increases the willpower of the spiders. It seems impossible, however, to improve their IQ. The structure of their brain is too different for them to have anything that could be considered intelligence.

From casting so many spells, Ayame is beginning to feel tired.

>Make Koko my familiar
This is a witch spell and outside the scope of the druidic powers.

>The spider swarm gains +1 RS to Willpower until the next turn
No. 975994 ID: 5bc171
File 159974164533.png - (28.99KB , 576x576 , Floor 1 Turn 11.png )

Q: Is there an enemy in the previous room?
Odds: 50/50 (possible because the swarm was fleeing)
Roll: 51
A: No

Everyone walks back to the room of the "dead paladin" (>>975579). The southern door is blocked and Milena failed to force it open when she tried earlier. The door to the north is locked.

(Map updated so that you can see where we are.)
No. 975999 ID: d7c08b

rolled 96, 59, 94, 1, 99, 5, 81, 32, 18, 6, 61, 85, 31, 74, 94, 22, 63, 28, 8, 99 = 1056

"Ayame, you ok? You're starting to look kinda tired..."

>why the fuck would we destroy the money
"Money may be evil...but it can also be exchanged for goods and services. We may need those later."
>I take 1/6 of the money, my share for being 1/6 of the party (and no more)
>I also take some crossbow bolts for my new toy (just some so Alicia gets enough to use as well), I'm gonna want those, but I'm not strong enough for chain mail or a massive steel shield yet

"The feelings I sensed up there are identical to the ones I sense further east. Basically, we've got a duergar dungeon to deal with. So, evil dwarves with good weapons for both melee and range, invisibility at-will, and a giant form...they do have sunlight sensitivity, I think. Maybe one of you holy types can conjure something."
>Alex seems a bit confused on the mechanics of his class. I theorize that it may be similar to the Crusader from Darkest Dungeon, who's primarily a front-line melee fighter with a few utility skills/spells such as a stunning attack, a ranged AoE, and a mild group heal (both physical and mental health)
"Have you tried smiting anything recently? That new hammer might help with that. See if lightning strikes where you hit or something."
No. 976015 ID: f14f5f
File 159977492544.png - (690.28KB , 1494x1095 , 1553511406720.png )

rolled 58, 15, 27, 36, 74, 100, 56, 35, 46, 5, 52, 69, 39, 47, 95, 54, 74, 84, 18, 57 = 1041

I heavily breathe against the wall."Dude, I'm cool. Just going to take it easy. Alicia. May I have my spear back?"

>Grab 1/6 money and chainmail in case I run into another anon.
>Tell Alex to explode the table with the wrath of his God and then suggest he can command monsters.
>Summon a wooden bottle and summon water into it to drink
No. 976016 ID: f14f5f
File 159977516248.jpg - (518.54KB , 962x963 , 1541480957925.jpg )

rolled 76, 38, 46, 19, 63, 24, 5, 34, 76, 50, 65, 79, 2, 22, 97, 16, 86, 90, 75, 79 = 1042

>Tell spiders to go into the box
>Leave to the next room if everyone's ready for it
No. 976066 ID: cbdbd1
File 159985650147.jpg - (108.10KB , 758x460 , 魔力.jpg )

Twelth Turn

Art by ptcrow, Creative Commons

Q: Can Ayame summon a wooden bottle?
Wisdom: Above Avg
DC: Below Avg
Roll: 58
A: Yes

Q: Do the spiders go into the box?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 19
A: Yes

"Have you tried smiting anything recently?" Sir Bacon asks Alex.

"I haven't... This was my first fight and I focused on protecting Alicia. I will try smiting the next dwarf that we encounter. Thanks for the tip."

Ayame suggests that he can make things explode or command monsters. Alex tries to to make the door explode or command the spiders, but nothing works. The spiders only listen to Ayame and they walk into the box when she orders them.

"That's OK, Alex. We will figure out how you can use your powers." Alicia says. "By the way, if anyone has electronic devices that they need charged, you can give them to me. My power is control over technology. I have received my powers from Jesus Christ too, that is why I know it will work for Alex too."

The Nature Queen uses what remains of her magoi reserves to summon a wooden bottle beautifully carved with symbols of nature and the sun. She's feeling even more tired, as if her lifeforce had been drained by an astral parasite. She tries to summon water to fill her bottle, but she's unable to. She has returned to the state of a pleb with no magic skills.

>Leave to the next room if everyone's ready for it
All exits are locked (>>975994) so you can't reach any new room.

>Everyone gets 2 gold and 1 silver (Milena refuses to take any mammon)
>Sir Bacon takes 9 bolts
>Ayame gains a wooden bottle
No. 976073 ID: d7c08b
File 159986597002.jpg - (4.90KB , 201x251 , runescape dorf.jpg )

rolled 79, 86, 41, 2, 95, 45, 69, 79, 98, 77, 61, 7, 51, 89, 7, 27, 4, 95, 83, 17 = 1112

"Ayame, *chill*. We're gonna need your nature queen stuff for actual fights and traps, not just gourds and spider boxes."
>I try and think of a way I could use my magic to re-energize her...maybe something psychosomatic? skill roll to try and think
>let's try and open those doors

>"By the way, if anyone has electronic devices that they need charged, you can give them to me."
"My phone doesn't seem to need battery, funny enough...but it can only access 4chan. It might use up power if I try and use other apps, though. Speaking of..."
>post a thread about dwarves, or "dorfs" as fa/tg/uys like to call'em
"'How do you incorporate evil dorfs into your settings, DMs?' This may get us some advice about how to deal with duergar, since the creatures of this world draw from the imaginations of ours."
No. 976116 ID: f14f5f
File 159989781366.jpg - (146.08KB , 1080x1346 , 1569388092753.jpg )

rolled 73, 78, 57, 66, 3, 18, 27, 24, 89, 52, 90, 46, 94, 72, 36, 59, 54, 22, 14, 87 = 1061

"Man! I'm really over doing it today. I'm gonna chill on the table."

>Lay down on table
>Try to think about what Alex's powers could be.
>Suggest to Alex to bless her
No. 976152 ID: 5bc171
File 159995351635.png - (24.53KB , 656x557 , duergars.png )

Thirteenth Turn

Q: Can SB think of something?
IQ: Exceptional
DC: Avg
Roll: 79
A: Yes

Q: What?
Rolls: 2, 95
A: Starting of Nature
connect her with nature

Q: Can SB transfer mana to Ayame?
Willpower: High
DC: Avg - 1 RS (idea above) = Below Avg
Roll: 86
A: No

Q: Can Alex bless Ayame?
Wisdom: Avg
DC: Low
Roll: 73
A: Yes

Sir Bacon tries to think of ways to re-energize Ayame. Since Ayame is a druid, connecting her to the forces of Nature should be helpful. He tries to transfer some of his own energy to her, while thinking about the quiet, pleasant energy of the forest. His spell comes close to completion, but he feels that Ayame is not receptive enough and it fails. The magoi he was emanating returns to his own body.

After speaking a bit with Alicia, he remembers that he has access to 4chan, the source of all true knowledge in the Anglosphere. He makes a thread about evil dorfs on /tg/ and waits for the answers. Very few DM's actually frequent /tg/, but he gets one good answer.

"Evil dorfs are basically the miners and blacksmiths of the dungeon. They mine for raw material and craft items for the other monsters. Duergars always build traps with a visual trigger, so that they can bypass them with their invisibility."

Text generated with "Text Synth", a GPT-2 AI, to generate the answer. https://bellard.org/textsynth

(There's no table in this room.) Ayame is lying down on the floor. She looks like she doesn't want to move or do anything. Alex invokes the name of Jesus Christ and blesses her. Immediately, she feels filled with joy and courage.

>Ayame gains a +1 RS bonus to combat skills and general courage until the next turn
No. 976177 ID: d7c08b

rolled 70, 14, 48, 98, 53, 9, 47, 5, 1, 38, 53, 26, 3, 5, 6, 96, 5, 99, 21, 66 = 763

"So...if the duergar here are as close to their tabletop counterpart, they're mostly miners and smiths...and their traps are based on being seen, since they can just go invisible and not trigger them. Anyone have a way we can obscure ourselves from sight?"
No. 976223 ID: 5bc171

"Odin is associated to the night sky, so I should be able to cast darkness-related spells. However, even if this should help us to bypass the traps, we still have no way of opening any of the doors."
No. 976228 ID: d7c08b

"Good point...that'll prove an issue. Did that duergar you exploded earlier have any keys or something on him?"
No. 976229 ID: 5bc171

"I don't think so. The Nature Queen seemed thorough in her search for loot, and he had nothing except gold and weapons. Maybe their leader carries the key..."
No. 976261 ID: f14f5f
File 160003265617.png - (3.38MB , 3609x3609 , 1587584917404.png )

rolled 52, 36, 69, 93, 85, 15, 62, 8, 18, 41, 33, 71, 52, 1, 81, 86, 6, 39, 70, 74 = 992

"Thanks guys! Don't worry about me because I will get better soon. Maybe we can bait them out and an invisible guy can rush in. A mage can try to use the darkness spell pass without a trace to get all of us in and a the bait can be a bolt of lightening or telepathic stuff."

>Lay and relax more
>Drink the milk and eat the cinnamon bun I got
No. 976367 ID: 5bc171
File 160011742504.png - (12.40KB , 150x150 , puzzled.png )

Q: Do the duergars attack?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 98
A: Crit No
Crit: they know they're going to lose

Q: Do the NPCs have ideas?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 53
A: No

The rest of the party doesn't have ideas to open the doors.

The current location of the dwarves is unknown. It's also unknown who can use invisibility, pass without a trace, or lightning bolt.
No. 976434 ID: d7c08b

rolled 66, 57, 20, 48, 6, 78, 69, 3, 27, 80, 37, 76, 93, 5, 59, 6, 1, 87, 78, 73 = 969

"...We wouldn't happen to have anyone who knows how to lockpick, would we?"
No. 976445 ID: 5bc171

There is not.
No. 976480 ID: d7c08b
File 160022526468.png - (15.17KB , 257x199 , clueless.png )

"Anyone? No...ok then. This just got a bit harder."
>hmmm...we can't just force our way through, that'll either trigger a trap or get us stuck in an ambush
>...or will it?
>of course, I don't have a way of knowing if or which doors are safe...
>but others might!
"Sig! Odin's a god of knowledge, right? He sacrificed an eye and went through immense pain to gain some sort of cosmic insight. Maybe you can tap into that insight to figure out how these doors may or may not be trapped."
>I turn to our resident paladin
"Milena, you should try too. Big J's omniscient, after all. I don't have any class-based divine connections I can exploit, but you and Sig do. Maybe Alex too, but I get the feeling the Crusader archetype is more of a combat-specialist than Paladin."
No. 976511 ID: 5bc171
File 160029434414.png - (10.92KB , 250x250 , evil symbol.png )

Fourteenth Turn

Q: Will Milena help?
Odds: Likely
Roll: 48
A: Yes

Q: Can Milena gain information?
Faith: Avg
DC: Avg
Roll: 6
A: Crit Yes
Crit: get extra information

Q: What information does she get?
Rolls: 78, 69
A: Cruelty of Wounds
Get details about the trap

"Sig! Odin's a god of knowledge, right?"

"Yes, that's correct. But I think it would be more efficient use of magic to heal people when they get hurt by traps, rather than to search for potential traps. I'm afraid to be tired like Ayame if I use too much magoi."

"Milena, you should try too."

"I will ask the Lord for a vision."

Milena gets on her knees and joins her hand. She's praying Jesus Christ to show her the location of danger.

"I've had a vision. The iron door to the south, the one I tried to bash open earlier, is cursed with very dark energies. There are demons behind it, who are aware of our intrusion into their lair. I also had the vision of a goat, which might symbolize a concentration of dark forces in that direction."
No. 976529 ID: f14f5f
File 160030654860.jpg - (228.27KB , 1000x1000 , 1599611950881.jpg )

rolled 66, 33, 54, 51, 84, 51, 40, 33, 45, 84, 6, 9, 6, 75, 91, 28, 100, 27, 74, 96 = 1053

"Do you know any other ways to hurt a demon, beside holy spells, holy water and silver, Milena-chan?"

I get out my small glass bottle, milk and wooden bottle. "When I can create water again I will fill these. It shouldn't be hard to bless weapons at least. In the mean time you guys can try to bless this milk, rocks or wood too. Wish I could help."

>Use intuition to find traps.
>Use occult knowledge skill check to get info on Baphomet and goat demons and how be their asses.
>Try to create water
No. 976538 ID: d7c08b

rolled 36, 94, 68, 79, 41, 81, 53, 17, 21, 62, 90, 19, 53, 71, 71, 3, 9, 1, 34, 46 = 949

"So...don't go south. Good to know. North door is probably our best bet if we can get it open..."
>a goat...perhaps a ram-headed battering ram? Or a spike trap? Or just a fuckin' evil goat? Lotta trap options there...
>I try and use 「Emotional Radar」 on the northern door and beyond it, to see if there's anything sentient in there
No. 976568 ID: 5bc171
File 160038013081.jpg - (20.42KB , 211x382 , The Devil.jpg )

Fifteenth Turn

Q: Can Ayame find traps?
Trap Finding: Exceptional (Intuition) - 4 RS (specialized) = Below Avg
Roll: 66
A: No

Q: Can she remember knowledge about Baphomet?
Knowledge (Occultism): Above Avg
DC: Avg
Roll: 33 (double digits under 5 => random event)
A: Yes

Q: What does she remember?
Rolls: 51, 84
A: Overindulge of Status Quo
A lot [overindulge] of common facts [status quo]

Random Event Roll: 51
A: Move Away from a Thread

Q: Describe the event
Rolls: 40, 33
A: Postpone of Lies
Ayame gains false knowledge

Q: Can she create water?
Odds: Impossible (out of mana)
Roll: 54
A: No

Q: Can SB detect sentient beings to the north?
Willpower: High
DC: Low
Roll: 36
A: Yes

Q: Anything?
Odds: 50/50
Roll: 79
A: No

"Do you know any other ways to hurt a demon, beside holy spells, holy water and silver, Milena-chan?"

"They are also vulnerable to salt and cold iron. But more than anything, they are vulnerable to anything that symbolizes the Lord. The reason is that they know the Lord is much more powerful than they are. They wish they could repent, but it's too late for them."

A new hidden talent discovered by Ayame is that she's pretty good at detecting traps, thanks to her magically-enhanced intuition. She closes her eyes and tries to find anything in the room, but there's nothing, other than the dark energy trap revealed by Jesus Christ.

Knowledge (Occult): Historically, Baphomet was brought to Europe by corrupted templars. His famous appearance as a goat comes from an image drawn by the occultist Eliphas Lévi, which looks similar to The Devil of the tarot. Hence, Baphomet might just be one of the many aliases of the Devil. In modern times, Baphomet is known to be worshipped by the corrupted elite. An example is Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, who would always wear a golden Baphomet pendant around her neck. In D&D, Baphomet is said to live in an endless, hellish maze.

Ayame tries to create water, but her mana reserves are too dry, and there's not enough even to summon one drop.

「Emotional Radar」Sir Bacon feels absolutely no sign of sentience to the north and the north-west. The area is emotionally empty, other than the lingering aura of lust that he's been perceived since entering the dungeon.
No. 976571 ID: 660731

rolled 62, 48, 55, 35, 5, 55, 63, 26, 10, 1, 42, 49, 20, 23, 66, 86, 73, 81, 100, 36 = 936

>hmmm...nothing sentient ahead...that can be either good or bad
"There's nothing sentient in the room to the north. So either it's clear, or it's trapped and/or has automaton guards or something. I say we take our chances."
>I turn to the exhausted druidess
"Ayame, get some rest. You gotta let your magic regenerate or else you won't be able to cast anything for a while."
>I try and cast a calming spell on her mind and body, accelerating her magoi regen
No. 976743 ID: f14f5f
File 160055435485.jpg - (25.15KB , 374x395 , 1554181129605.jpg )

rolled 63, 62, 9, 61, 88, 68, 76, 68, 76, 65, 5, 99, 63, 51, 35, 65, 25, 45, 10, 42 = 1076

"Alright. I will."

>Meditate to reconnect to the magoi.
>Write down info on new party members in notebook in code.
No. 976854 ID: 5bc171

Sixteenth Turn

Q: Does mana regenerate faster just by being calm?
Odds: No Way
Roll: 35
A: No

Q: What does Ayame get from her prayer?
Rolls: 61, 88
A: Oppress of Illusions
use random event from last turn

"I say we take our chances," Sir Bacon says.

The others agree.

"How do you plan to get this fucking door open?" Sigric asks.

>I try and cast a calming spell on her mind and body, accelerating her magoi regen
The spell does not help her magoi regeneration.

In her meditation, Ayame hears a soothing voice that introduces itself as Gaia. The voice is clearer than what can normally be heard.

"My child, you can regenerate like the nymphs of the forest. For this, you must transcend the limitations and constraints of the world. Magoi comes from the environment around you, more specifically, it comes from people. Magoi then flows through everything, which you can absord while resting. But the fastest way to obtain magoi is to take it from the other humans around you. Put your hand on their arms, and focus on absorbing their magoi."

>Spell: Ayame feels very calm
No. 976867 ID: 660731

rolled 99, 37, 84, 93, 54, 66, 31, 88, 42, 58, 11, 35, 69, 50, 76, 98, 98, 66, 83, 72 = 1310

>"How do you plan to get this fucking door open?" Sigric asks.
"A fan-*tastic* question? ...I dunno. I don't have any superhuman strength or powerful magic to bust it down, that's for sure. Though our holy warriors might have the raw force to do so..."
>it's kinda funny that we have a priest, a paladin, and a crusader. A trifecta of righteous fury...
"Could you guys maybe combine your power? Or at least have Alex and Milena try, since I dunno if a Norse god and capital-G God will get along...though this is for a just cause, so I'd be willing to bet it'd still work."
>combining our divine power might be enough to break down the door and either overload any trapping mechanisms or simply damage them beyond repair
No. 976905 ID: f14f5f
File 160071396801.gif - (0.96MB , 500x475 , 1562194156185.gif )

rolled 63, 71, 4, 33, 43, 6, 48, 16, 58, 87, 87, 62, 58, 64, 22, 64, 4, 90, 28, 38 = 946

i>That was very useful. Def going to use that later on. I wonder if should ask Alicia for help? She owes me for the stuff I gave her. If that's not enough I could just offer to pay her back. Maybe offer her my wooden shield. Doubt I would need too.

I point to Alicia. "Hey. I made you all that stuff and I'm out of mana. Can I adsorb some of your magoi now?"

>Try to adsorb her magoi.
>Then adsorb the magoi from the room.
>Write down all the info in my notebook.
No. 977024 ID: 5bc171

I'm closing the thread. I was waiting to get deeper in the dungeon, but I think it will take too many turns to finish in one thread.
No. 977117 ID: 906162

Will there be another?
No. 977193 ID: f14f5f
File 160101652447.jpg - (71.45KB , 500x515 , 68891193a996a414b14f22181c9e5021.jpg )

rolled 43, 75, 26, 19, 40, 34, 86, 63, 99, 90, 40, 61, 36, 47, 21, 43, 74, 27, 20, 69 = 1013

Whatever you do I will be waiting.
No. 977203 ID: 5bc171

Yes, I will continue this thread. I don't know when yet but I'll post a date here. Threads don't expire on tgchan.
No. 977224 ID: f14f5f
File 160107352026.gif - (403.45KB , 200x200 , 1600483765103.gif )

rolled 73, 67, 68, 2, 7, 21, 28, 82, 22, 77, 52, 35, 71, 68, 83, 68, 62, 60, 93, 70 = 1109

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