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File 159720550968.jpg - (469.85KB , 1200x1200 , Title Page s.jpg )
974331 No. 974331 ID: 55b47c

Lazy Fairy & the Lucky Panties

You partied through Fairy College and now no self-respecting adventurer will take you. Fortunately, you have an ace up your skirt.
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No. 979579 ID: 6f7a5a

dragon mutation would be solid, tough scales, maybe winds, resistance to elements? general power . . .
No. 979589 ID: b5fb67

Night vision!
No. 979616 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers, but creatively.
Sponges, ice cream, mouths, tentacles, all working in a strange and pleasurable tandem.
Store a potion in the secret compartment, and drink potions directly from the secret compartment!
No. 979700 ID: 23bf8a

Lets start simple, stronger bones Mutagen.
No. 979724 ID: dec718
File 160376726804.jpg - (577.26KB , 1500x2000 , Rookie Mistake.jpg )

You wake up sore. Again.

You blink the sleep from your eyes and wake up to find a pile of blueberries lying next to your head. Well, at least that's an improvement. You eat one and go back to sleep.

You wake up and stumble to the nearest reflective surface to fix your hair. It's a disaster, but whatever. You'll find a brush your size somewhere in this city.

You chow down on blueberries and consider going back to sleep, but your adventurer is missing. What's she getting herself up to now? And where is that damned fox? You don't trust Dotti out of sight.

You wander around the adventurer's guild and trail in the wake of a few fairy-less losers until you find the alchemist's lab. The door is open just enough for you to see Dotti inside, watching something with all the attention span a fox can muster.

You float inside and put a hand to your forehead.

"Oh no!" Serah squeals when she sees you enter. "C-close the door! Close it fast! CLOSE IT!"
No. 979727 ID: 6f7a5a

as a tiny fairy can you even close the door?
No. 979728 ID: b1b4f3

She doesn't look particularly mutated yet. May as well close the door and ask what's up.
...wait, were her boobs that big before? God damn it.
No. 979729 ID: b5fb67

Attempt to slam door, but get caught on door and let the slamming door propel you right between the enhanced knockers.
No. 979736 ID: 6e7a99

Looks like there's plenty of mutagen left. Ask if she's planning to supplement her income.
No. 979737 ID: 0fae41

Are ya winnin', princess?
No. 979741 ID: 094652

"I'm not casting a wind spell where there are hundreds of unstable potion flasks.

So... I think they look good on you. But next, you need to strengthen your spine."
No. 979763 ID: 735fa3

It'd be remiss not to compliment the ladies new assets.
No. 979764 ID: 9f00f4

So, bone and muscle and tendon strengthening next? You'd think you would need only one, but actually, all three work together! Especially if you don't want to bulk up overly much! Also, it will be MUCH trickier if you want to do that and also maintain buoyancy in water.
No. 979812 ID: b28c0c
File 160386027618.jpg - (373.57KB , 1125x1500 , Don't Believe Her Lies.jpg )

>You're a fairy. Can you even close the door?

You boop the door lightly. It does not move. Your work is done.

>Wait, were her boobs this big before?

You giggle and give Serah two thumbs up. "Love the new and improved yous! Nice job on the tits, girl!"

"It's not what it looks like!" Serah squeaks. "T-the mutagen is making me bigger!"

"I'll say!"

"I didn't make my boobs bigger, I swear!" Serah flushes a deep red. Her corset creaks ominously and she lets out a high-pitched noise.

"Sheah, right," you say, raising an eyebrow. "Nobody needs to guess the first thing alchemists buff."

"It's not that!" Serah cries out. "I'm getting bigger! A-and there's something itching right above my... just help me!"

"Wait a minute," you say, looking closer at Serah. You didn't notice at first, but she is growing slightly taller. "I see two flasks. What did you make?"

"Exactly what you told me to! Jotund's might and some lesser dragon armor!"

Uh-oh. You may have done some brainstorming out loud. And half-asleep.

"You put those in the same mutagen?" you ask incredulously.

"Yes!" Serah continues to grow. Her corset pops a hook and she lets out a panicked yelp.

In the corner of the lab, Dotti's gaze has gone from amused to worried. Now that's interesting. You sigh and float over to Serah. "All the useful bits cancel each other out, and you're left with the, uh, not-so-useful stuff. The good news is, it probably won't kill you."

"What's the bad news?!"

"You'll see."

Serah's corset can take no more. Its hooks pop wide open, splitting the oh-so-fashionable not-underwear down the front. Underneath she's wearing a dark, stretchy bodysuit just barely keeping up with her growth.

Serah shrieks and covers herself. "How do I stop it?!"

"Can't," you shrug. "Best course of action is to pick one and double down to overpower the other. Otherwise you'll get all the bad and none of the good."

"Which one do I drink to keep my clothes?!"

You ponder deep thoughts on how to answer this question.
No. 979813 ID: 0fae41

I dunno, maybe you should wait until the current reaction's finished before inducing more mutation.
Then lie to her and say the jotun's might.
No. 979814 ID: b1b4f3

No. 979815 ID: 6f7a5a

more Jotund juice for lulz
No. 979820 ID: c5d2fe

If you wanna keep 'the girls' at all, go with the Jotun and get used to guys trying to look up. If you want to keep your clothes but lose your lady lumps, pick the dragon armor.
No. 979823 ID: 96e04f

Double-down. This will work, you just need more.
No. 979826 ID: c09af9

I mean if you want to keep your clothes you should take them off. They're not going to hold up to much more of this. Isn't there a bedsheet or dust cover you could use instead?
No. 979829 ID: cdabe3

the obvious solution

just buy new clothes later! or not at all! they might interfere with magic you know, maybe you should just stay naked
No. 979830 ID: b5fb67

Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
No. 979831 ID: 894419

gotta go dragon
No. 979832 ID: f28e46

Use Jotund's might. Removing clothes will just waste time and You might not even need to remove clothing if we can cancel it out quick enough
No. 979835 ID: b1b4f3

Jotun is why she's getting too big for clothing!
No. 979839 ID: 094652

"Your clothing sizes are six feet... under. Right now, you need to decide which is decidedly less image-damaging; bulging muscles, or reptilian features. I recommend the latter."
No. 979850 ID: 12b116

No. 979864 ID: e51896

Jotund's might plz.
No. 979867 ID: 9f00f4

No. 979868 ID: 0df397

Don’t be a coward, double down on both!
No. 979881 ID: bcda15

No. 979889 ID: e2dc7c

Dragon, definitely dragon.
No. 979902 ID: 12b113

Dragon. Remember the old idiom, always be yourself, unless you can be a Dragon, then always be a Dragon.
No. 979929 ID: e51896

Idea: what if whatever flask Serah doesnt drink, the fairy will have to drink instead somehow?
No. 979937 ID: b93bbf
File 160395414714.jpg - (375.08KB , 1500x1125 , Not a Thing that Will Happen.jpg )

You consider telling Serah to take the elixir of lesser dragon armor, put the whole thing in the mutagen mix and chug as much as she can. You like the idea of a dragon adventurer. Dragons are cool!

...but it'd still be a mutagen of lesser dragon armor. At best, Serah would get a bunch of scales over her vital areas, and maybe some on her face. Her arms would definitely toughen up and get scales, but no claws (what alchemist designs a mutagen that hurts their potion-making skills?). Legs? Probably some thigh armor. Chest? Probably cover up her ribs and heart.

What it would not give you is a super-cool adventurer with horns and wings and claws and those legs that bend in two places. That's a little more hardcore than anything with the word lesser in it.

You interrupt your pondering and remember Serah said something about itching, and she was grabbing her ass for some reason when you walked in. You quickly flit behind her and spy something red and shiny shimmering on the small of her back, through the tight-stretched fabric of her bodysuit. It's a dragon scale, and it's scraping away at the inside of her bodysuit!

Now you have a conundrum.

Serah continues to grow, if ever so slightly. Her bodysuit stretches tighter.

"I can't be naked in the middle of the adventurer's guild!" she whines. "I'll do anything, just save my clothes!"

Serah tugs the lower half of her too-small corset ensemble tight against herself, hoping against hope that the stretching and popping around her thighs doesn't get worse.

Dotti looks at you with an upset expression.

>Stop! Fairy time.

Mutagens: impossible to dispel, and a pain in the ass to get rid of. Fortunately, everyone's body remembers what it wants to be, and if an alchemist goes on the mother of all cleansing diets, they can reset their system in a few days. So whatever happens, if Serah needs to, she can undo it. It just won't be pretty.

You refuse to believe Serah's bountiful bosom isn't the work of the Jotund's Might mutagen... but you could be wrong, as much as you hate to admit it. Her newfound height is definitely the Joto juice, though. If Serah chugs more of the juice, she'll definitely get bigger, and she'll get rid of whatever scales she has- but there's a chance her bodysuit is stretchy enough to make it. Maybe.

If she chugs the mutagen with just lesser dragon armor, she'll probably shrink down again- but she also might grow too many scales and rub against the inside of her bodysuit.

Are you sure you want Serah to chug the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor?
- Serah will lose the extra strength and size (and boobs?) of the Jotund's Might mutagen. She will lose the cold resistance too.
- Serah will gain super-tough dragon scales on her vitals and limbs, plus heat resistance.
- Chugging too much may have unintended results, but it won't turn her into an awesome dragon adventurer.
No. 979938 ID: 12b116

No. 979941 ID: b1c253

She might get cold if her suit doesn't make it. Better chug that joto juice.
No. 979942 ID: cdabe3

alas! no derg

time for more boobs jotund!
No. 979943 ID: e51896

yeah, better get her more of that joto juice. Lets go Jotund's Might

But hey, what if we instead drank the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor? Think about it, dragon fairy! Has there ever been a dragon fairy before?
No. 979946 ID: 0fae41

Take that jotun juice! Serah's outfit is about to get a whole lot more breezy.
No. 979948 ID: b1b4f3

Okay let's look at this logically.
1, she asked to save her clothes. Currently, she believes her clothes are being destroyed because she's getting too big. So if you tell her to drink jotun and she gets BIGGER, she will not be grateful. She will feel the opposite of gratitude, in fact. If it turns out the scales are sharp enough to damage her clothes too then she will at least understand that it was unavoidable. Also I don't expect the scales to completely destroy her clothes.
2, the physical benefits of jotun potion aren't that great for an alchemist. strength isn't super useful when you have no combat skills. Size is inconvenient in some situations and may interfere with alchemy. Also, if she gets too big, she won't be able to fit into any of her SPARE clothes.
3, we have noone who can take a hit. Dragonscale armor will allow her to at least stand in the way of attacks directed at the smaller party members without worrying too much (and encourage clothing damage, for those of you who can only think with your dicks)
4, heat resistance is more useful than cold resistance. Fire is just more common than ice or snow, and clothing layers can protect against cold attacks. Though, to be honest, I suspect we could just get the other resistance type from magical items or buff potions if we need it, so it doesn't matter much.
5, just because it's a LESSER dragon mutation right now doesn't mean we can't upgrade it later, if we invest further in mutations. I presume the same can be said of the jotun mutation, but that means she'll get even bigger, and there are definite problems with getting too big.

So, yeah. I'm sticking with my dragon vote.
No. 979949 ID: b1b4f3

...huh, that's a good option too.
No. 979961 ID: 094652

Let's test out dragon knockers knuckles.
No. 979976 ID: 79b14f

Chug way too much Jotund then. The bigger the better.
No. 979980 ID: bcda15

No. 979981 ID: 6f7a5a

No. 979995 ID: b5fb67

Wait no, sticking with Jotund!
No. 979996 ID: abb12d

Changing my vote to dragon
But lets have fairy drink jotund juice
No. 980066 ID: 735fa3

Gotta go Jotund. She ain't going to want scales on her assets. S
No. 980067 ID: 7f1230

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