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File 159476349052.png - (20.17KB , 800x800 , Untitled.png )
972233 No. 972233 ID: 7f716e

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No. 974985 ID: b1b4f3

This should be the Monument of Malfeasance. Try not to look directly at it. Find the road, head northwards.
No. 974990 ID: d2da5a

Man what was the public art comittee thinking when they comissioned this thing? Check ypur map, is this the Monument?
No. 975040 ID: 7f716e
File 159833600098.png - (147.28KB , 1200x1200 , map 2.png )


You check the map, getting some of your blood on it.
Yep, this is the monument.
No. 975042 ID: 7f716e
File 159833668008.png - (468.16KB , 800x800 , wound.png )

You twist to get a good view of the wound. Ouch! You really need something to patch this up.
A piece of the chasm creature's stinger remains lodged in the wound.
In this state you might be able to get there, but the bike has to stay. You're way too exhausted and simply in too much pain to use or drag it.

But, why do you even want to continue this journey? Is it worth risking your life for this slurpee? Why do you want it so bad? Is this even the same town you live in? Why is is so full of dangers?

Your head is filling with strange thoughts and notions.
No. 975048 ID: df76b1

That's a long way on foot.

I say we go to the arcade, then over to the Necro Police Station. Maybe we'll meet someone with some wheels.

You don't wanna mess with a Walmart in a Bad Neighborhood.
No. 975051 ID: dbd72b

Ok, those last two are good questions, but questioning the slurpee is unacceptable! Pull out the stinger and look around for something to patch up the wound. If there's nothing around, I guess tie your shirt around it?
No. 975054 ID: e51896

>>975051 i dont think pulling the stinger is a good idea. As far as stab wounds go, if you have something sharp like a knife in you, you gotta keep it in as it is acting as a plug to keep most of the blood in.

We might need a doc to treat the internal bleeding
No. 975068 ID: 19da02

If the stinger isn't very deep, then pull it out. if it's deep, leave it in. Tear off a strip of shirt if you can and use that as a makeshift bandage until you find something better. My vote is to go to the Wal Mart in a Bad Neighborhood and try to get some bandages or something, then past the lake and to the 7/11
No. 975086 ID: e30795

Don't panic, but you've probably caught the crazies from that stinger. Aggressively subdue any voices that try to deter you from the slurpee. I second making the Walmart in a Bad Neighborhood our target, there'll be plenty of medical supplies and plenty of people with knowledge in fixing puncture wounds.
No. 975098 ID: d2da5a

Transit man depends on us to return his bike, so we need to be in a position to ride it. You need to carefully bandage that wound with your shirt, only pull out the stinger if its not barbed/the puncture is small.
No. 975125 ID: ce39da

Can't go home even if you wanted - chasm in the way. Left or forward, the only wrong choice is back.
No. 975145 ID: 7f716e
File 159850459422.png - (81.02KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

You decide against pulling the stinger out. It would probably be incredibly painful if you tried it on your own.
You decide to rip a piece of your jacket off and tie it around the wound. At least the pressure on it will help deal with the pain a bit.
No. 975146 ID: 7f716e
File 159850481286.png - (234.84KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

You ignore the voices. Going back just isn't an option. After consulting your map, you decide that going into an area literally called "spiral into madness" is not a good direction to go into. You head towards the arcade.With your wound tied up, you find the strength to drag the bike all the way there.
No. 975147 ID: 7f716e
File 159850509927.png - (233.16KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

However, that was just about the last of your strength.You sit down on the pavement and give yourself a moment to breathe. You can't take the bike any further with the stinger still in your wound.

You can continue on your journey by foot, or maybe there is someone in the arcade that can help?
No. 975148 ID: b1b4f3

That's how dubious-canon John died, you know.

Go into the arcade and find someone to pull out the stinger that may still be pumping deadly toxin into your fragile body.
No. 975149 ID: df76b1

Yeah, I think looking for a ride and some first aid is the proper course
No. 975153 ID: dbd72b

Ya, get in there and get some help
No. 975155 ID: 19da02

Might as well do this. At minimum maybe they can call an EMT or something.
No. 975166 ID: bcda15

No one ever died at an arcade unless they were playing DDR, so you know, don't fire up sandstorm
No. 977602 ID: 7f716e
File 160144862165.png - (103.34KB , 1028x858 , 38.png )


You limp up to the arcade door. A shadow at the door resolves itself into a very sad looking man with a hook. He shakes his head at you with pity. Do you still want to enter?
No. 977606 ID: e51896

Well, there is a first aid kit back there near one of the games. We'll have to ask if we can use it.
No. 977613 ID: e30795

Hopefully none of those critters were at the scene of the murder... Beg the hookman to let you use the first aid kit, if he demands something from you in return then really talk up how epic your gaming skills are (but stress that they're only worth seeing when you're healthy).
No. 977615 ID: df76b1

We want to play your First Aid game...
No. 977620 ID: 894419

Enter, and ask the man (pirate?) if you can just take the first aid kit with you.
No. 977625 ID: 9b8547

Go on in. It’ll take more than a disapproving look, a hook and a crippling torso injury to stop me!
No. 978052 ID: 7f716e
File 160204517038.png - (30.46KB , 1028x858 , 39.png )

You push past the door, hoping to ask for medical attention
No. 978053 ID: 7f716e
File 160204546860.png - (157.80KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

"arr another specter o'mepast come t'haunt me yet again? Why have ye not done away with me yet?

oh to be free in death. Let me die I tell ye!"

He weeps.
No. 978054 ID: b1b4f3

What? Uh, hand over the first aid kit, and we'll see about that.
No. 978055 ID: 894419

With the help of first aid I sure arr reasonably confident I could maybe consider killing you. Possibly. No promises.
No. 978060 ID: df76b1

No, actually, we might be the one dying, and we're trying to fix that. You know about the giant cat thing? I guess I pissed it off.
No. 978065 ID: e51896

Ask if it is talk like a pirate day? Yar matey!
No. 978067 ID: dbd72b

Not a ghost, bleeding.

If you want to die so badly, you probably don't need that medical kit overthere...
No. 978660 ID: 7f716e
File 160282619938.png - (150.14KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

the ol' scurvy dog hands you the med-kit.
y'arr just leave me alone ye stupid fucking ghost bitch. After all these years and ye still wont let me visit the ol' locker. cruel, just cruel i tell ya
No. 978662 ID: b1b4f3

Apply medkit to self.
No. 978664 ID: 4a0869

Why not just kill yourself if you want to be dead so bad?
No. 978665 ID: df76b1

We're going to the 7/11. There might be a foot locker nearby, but we don't know if it's open?

Get healin'
No. 978668 ID: e51896

lets attempt to acquire a party member.

Tell him that the locker might be at the 7/11, and he should come join you so you can help him find it.
No. 978670 ID: b1b4f3

Weren't we told NOT to tell people where we're going?
No. 978676 ID: e51896

Maybe??? I don't remember. Maybe not tell him after all just in case.
No. 978960 ID: c5185d

A locker’s no place to die. Come with us, and we’ll show you eternal life. (The secret to eternal life is being a 7-11 hot dog.)
No. 979478 ID: 7f716e
File 160359859322.png - (124.58KB , 780x768 , 42.png )


You pull out the stinger and quickly apply analgesic and adhesive bandages to yourself. A wave of pain washes over you but quickly subsides and the bleeding stops

"Why don't I jus- What? arrr surely yar arr pulling me legs. If I could visit the locker of me own will, I would have departed long ago"
No. 979479 ID: 7f716e
File 160359871853.png - (126.02KB , 780x768 , 43.png )

you feel a surge of heat in your hand, the stinger has melted away and left behind four quarters. weird.
No. 979480 ID: 7f716e
File 160359889228.png - (21.83KB , 1028x858 , 44.png )


You thank the pirate-looking dude for the first aid kit. You say "Well, I dont know about ghosts and dying and whatever, but I think there might be a foot locker or something near the... place... that i'm heading to. you're welcome to come along if you want"
No. 979481 ID: 7f716e
File 160359910304.png - (20.15KB , 1028x858 , 46.png )

You don't really wait for a reply because you're kind of in a hurry and don't really know what to say more, so you just start to head out, but as you start to lay your hand on the door to push it open, suddenly you realize that you have had a crippling fear of the outdoors your entire life!

"Huh! That sure is a weird thing to realize just now, why didn't I remember this earlier? oh well."

Time to get comfortable, because you cannot leave due to this newly realized crippling fear.
No. 979483 ID: 894419

Oh... so this is why its called the Arcade of Agoraphobia; it makes you terrified of leaving. Uh, ask pirate friend how we can rid ourselves of this irrational fear!
No. 979484 ID: e51896

Well, I guess we have enough money to play games here and try to get a prize, maybe there is something to reduce our fear of the outdoors like a giant teddy bear or something.

Check what prizes they have here that might be able to help us.
No. 979488 ID: 40a125

Ask the proprietor if he wants to play hooky, and challenge him to DDR.
No. 979490 ID: e30795

Go so hard on DDR that you raise the roof and/or bring the house down, maybe if we defeat the building itself this weird curse will be lifted.
No. 979494 ID: b1b4f3

What's that thing on the floor?
No. 979513 ID: 40a125

Oh crap, there's a nudibranch on the floor, and your bike just disappeared.
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