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File 159280999777.png - (420.86KB , 1000x1000 , pl_000.png )
970260 No. 970260 ID: e24163

Their chains won’t hold me forever.
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No. 973007 ID: d817ce

When I kick your ass, I'm gonna want alot more than those "peashooters", foundry head.
You're gonna get me the good shit!
No. 973011 ID: 2aa5f0

well I have to say that it doesn't seem to fair at all. I mean even if I beat you if I take to much damage I'm at a disadvantage for the tournament and to be fair I'm sure I could find some other guns around if I looked hard enough so I'm not seeing to much incentive to actually fight you.

So why not up the anti a bit. You want to fight me early, fine. But should I when you give me access to the foundry as well as giving me my gear back. I mean if you're so sure of your victory then it should matter what I ask for should I win, it's not like it's going to happen ~right~?
No. 973074 ID: 6931f1

>while I try to rip your head off with my bare hands.
Tell her that you prefer doing other things during foreplay.
No. 973104 ID: 45acae

Never fear, you've got us. You're getting those guns.
No. 973125 ID: ecd116

is it ok to ask her why she have no eyes ? at least that what it look like to us. or does the holes on her face somehow let her see the world differently, also what the name of her species/race?
No. 973183 ID: 15a025

Those the terms then? We gotta beat you down to get our stuff back? Alright let's get this over with.
No. 973215 ID: ce39da

"One minute to prepare?" We don't want to have anything valuable and breakable on our person for this. Stash the vial in a class desk or something.
No. 973270 ID: 894f15
File 159581539746.png - (625.11KB , 1000x1000 , pl_043.png )

She's a tough one. Even if I hand her a beating with my gadgets, I wouldn't be surprised if she got back up after a couple of hours. We're all strong like that.

"Seems a little unfair, you with nothing, not even your armour - and me, with the tools I'm most proficient in. Besides, what's in it for me? I don't have to fight you - this isn't under tourney rules, now is it?"

Astrolysis laughs.

"Asking for a little something-something? That's rich, coming from someone I could pound into paste. But no, this isn't official. Let's make this an... appetizer for the actual fight."

There's a jangle as she yanks something out of her pocket. A keycard catches the light, the plastic glittering under the lights. There's a small key hanging behind it.

"The keycard to her office, and the master key for any cabinets she has. Don't go acting like that isn't what you're after."
She doesn't know that I can just hack the door open, but having the master key would mean I can search through her things without obviously breaking into it.

"How did you even get those?"

"A little six-eyed girl heard some interesting news and came up with a nice idea for a..."
She leans in.
"Greeting present."
Astrolysis must really be craving a fight - She could have called Judicium back to her office to prevent me from getting my guns.
"You won't be getting your guns. Not unless you have these. The nag isn't around, prime opportunity to break into her office... find something that'll give you the upper hand? We both know you need all the help you can get. How nice of your mommy to give you a couple of imaginary friends to help you out! I'm a good sport, I'll give them to you even if you get smashed into the ground!"

I cross my arms.

"Let's take it to the Firing Range. Wouldn't want Judicium finding out that we broke something while we're seeing who's the superior fighter."
She nods, making her way over to the nearby door.

>stash the vial
Good idea. I place the vial on top of a crate nearby, where it won't get smashed during the fight.
No. 973271 ID: 894f15
File 159581551444.png - (1.15MB , 1500x1000 , pl_044.png )

The firing range was a fun way to show off at the end of training - a reward, for the good girls who got their training done properly, it seems. It was one of the things I looked forward to the most, though I often came by to hone my skills, as did many others. The larger-built soldiers preferred wrestling and grappling instead.
I watch as Astrolysis squeezes through the stalls, strutting into the firing range like she owned the place.
Pssh. She's the only person who'd feel out of place here, being unable to wield a gun.

>Why doesn't she have eyes?
The little holes on her snout allow her to sense heat, which combined with her innate sense of echolocation, generally allows her to 'see' things close by. It makes her terrible at any of the usual combat situations we were trained for, so she was a bit of a special case. I have no clue what species she is - she and Nickel's generation were the weirdest, they were spliced with animals instead of just the four main species that we're made of. I do see a bit of Sarasol and Linharjan in her, what with the head shape and the stinger tail.

I flex my fingers, taking a deep breath in. The scent of spent bullets and gunpowder lingers in the air.
This place isn't an arena, but we're not fighting, not 'officially'. The walls are resistant enough to the exotic firearms and gadgets on my person, so it's unlikely we'll damage anything significant.
The subtext is there, though - "Let's not break each other before the actual fight."
It'll be quick, dirty. Victor is the one who lands three clean hits, but some dirty tactics are allowed, since we won't be doing enough damage to cripple each other in future.
Neither of us are going to use our Parasignias offensively, but mine is utility-based, so it's a grey-area I exploit.

As we take our positions, I call out to her.
"Oi, Foundry boss. If I win this, you owe me a favour."
She cocks her head, that stupid perpetual grin of hers on full display.

"You're a lotta talk, making demands of me. Go on, wirehead. What would you ask of me, someone far stronger than you are?"

"If I win, you give me the keys as you promised - AND, you forge something for me. I want a weapon out of this, understand? And not something half-assed, either."
With you guys along, I don't need to ask for permission to get into her sector. But presumably, I'd be fighting all of the Sector Bosses on their home turf anyway. I'm the challenger, versus all of them.
Astrolysis flexes her fingers, settling into a solid stance.
"Sure. But what could you possibly give me besides this fight, wirehead? You're going to lose."
She taps the side of her skull.
"Ahaha! I know! If you lose, you'll have to play entirely by my rules when we fight properly in the tournament. If you decline, I'll have absolutely no sympathy for you. Don't worry your little head about it - I'll be fair, as much as I can be, anyway."
Knowing her, she wouldn't want to screw herself out of a good fight - so her rules would push me into giving her a fight that she'd enjoy to the fullest.

"Alright, let's do this."
I raise my fists...
No. 973273 ID: 894f15
File 159581575437.png - (795.76KB , 1500x1000 , pl_045.png )


The Tri-A Tactical profile is a SAI module designed by [REDACTED] for the intent of supplementing SAI tactical performance in combat situations.

The current host's total health value is represented as pips - totaling six. A pip will be subtracted when the host takes damage from external forces and typically can only be recovered once combat is over.
According to combat parameters - the current fight will conclude after three pips are lost, in accordance with standard duel procedure.
It is your duty to provide the host with sufficient instruction and advice during combat to supplement decisions. In doing so, you will be able to guide the host to victory.
There are three main steps that a standard combat encounter will cycle through.

Upon initiating combat, the Host will most likely seek safe shelter, where they will be able to make a quick plan for the encounter. This is known as the Assessment Mode.
Typically, this phase detects and emphasises the environment, with the Host also reminding the SAI of information that could be used to their advantage, such as the knowledge of weak-points discovered before the battle and environmental factors that may be out of the SAI’s vision.
This stage can happen multiple times over the course of an extended combat encounter, if the Host needs to alter their combat approach multiple times, typically occurring after an opponent alters the environment or their equipment. Depending on the conditions, the host may be able to change equipment as well. [FEATURE STILL IN DEVELOPMENT]

Assault Mode happens in the moment to moment after Assessment is completed – taking the form of both offensive and defensive actions. The Host will provide default options that players can either use without alteration, or build upon to provide additional strategies.
The Host is able to make use of Gadgets during this phase, in the form of Gambits – a non-standard action that may or may not succeed. Projected success rates of gambits are displayed in increments of 10% and are provided by the Host. However, as SAI Splinters, you are capable of adjusting and suggesting alterations to the Host’s plan, which will lead to an improvement in success rates. Failing a Gambit is not necessarily harmful unless the gadget utilized is highly unwieldy. Gambits can also be made through the exploitation of the host’s environment – such as using nearby objects as bludgeoning weapons. The unusual nature of such a manoeuvre would most likely catch opponents off-guard and improve odds of success, though it may not necessarily be a damaging action. Other landscape Gambits can be like throwing sand or dirt into the eyes of the opponent, blinding them temporarily.
The Host will typically be capable of dodging attacks without SAI input, but when they are caught off-guard or have to make a defence against a significantly powerful attack, a Defensive Gambit will have to be made in the process. Defensive Gambits are calculated similarly, and gadgets or landscape props may be used to the Host’s advantage in a similar fashion, improving odds of success.

In one on one combat situations, a new mode is available - Articulation Mode.
Some opponents may attempt to throw the Host off-guard using their wit, or alternatively the Host can intentionally target psychological weak-points in order to secure an advantage on Gambit usage. Depending on the response, the opponent’s tactics may change, their approach may weaken, or the Host may receive a boost due to their perspective being justified.
Not all opponents are receptive to Articulation attacks, but unlike Gambits, they may be suggested to the Host regardless of the current mode, and may be implemented in strategies to improve odds of success.
However, it is recommended that SAI Articulation suggestions be parceled with other strategies, and to refrain from petty insults, as such suggestions may hamper the host's ability to focus and will not yield much results when delivered to the opponent.

Further clarifications on rules may be asked as needed, and rules may change.


Alright, what's the strategy? I'll need a plan to deal with this brute, and determining how I should approach her will affect how I make use of my gadgets against her.
Astrolysis is a melee fighter, without any gadgets on her. She's someone who fights purely with her body - but that includes her stinger. I get hit by that thing, the paralytic inside would make it much harder for me to dodge.
While the Explosive Barrier is a perfect counter to one of her stronger attacks, it won't last long if I'm constantly hiding behind it. She won't fall for it more than once, not in a low-stakes situation like this. I need to land three good hits on her for her to call it a victory. I'll ask you for the timings, but gimme ideas here, folks.
No. 973278 ID: 62e4df

Dodge a few attacks, put her in an offensive mindset, try to get some distance, and use the beam unit to get a cheap strike while she's busy closing the distance. It's cooldown-based, so using it early may allow you to use it a second time later.

Obviously save the shield trick for when you see a big attack coming. One hit with that and two with the beam unit (I'm being optimistic here, we can reassess if these gambits fail) should be enough to end the fight.
No. 973286 ID: 45acae

You've got a stinger of your own- those darts that you stole. She only uses her body? Prick whatever she reaches out to you with and put her to sleep. She's absolutely got a strategy in mind for your laser, if it's the most common weapon you've got. My guess is she can sense the heat buildup before it fires and plans to make an attack during the lock time, or plans to dodge the laser and put serious pressure on you afterward while she thinks you're defenseless. You've got to think steps ahead of that.
No. 973324 ID: d186fc

Hang on. She has no optical vision. Only Infrared and hearing. If we are loud enough, we can totally jam her ability to accurately use her echolocation to see. Since she would then only see thermal signatures, we could potentially lay some sort of trap that would be completely invisible to her as long as it is cold. Idk what sort of trap that would be though.

Also, assuming we are warm blooded, we could take off our jacket or shirt and use it as a one-off decoy since it will retain our body heat for a few moments.
No. 973416 ID: 677406

Hmm, she's a melee powerhouse but has no ranged capability.
She's probably used to opponents trying to capitalise on that by dodging and trying to find distance between her and them.

I'd say open with the beam immediately since it's based on cooldown and having it up again as soon as possible is ideal, even if it doesn't hit she'll likely try and capitalise on the opening it's cooldown provides her, maybe that can be used to bait her into going for a big attack we can deploy the explosive shield against. Maybe in riot shield form for more control?
No. 973423 ID: 9f00f4

Can you tweak your beams to INCREASE the ambient thermal bloom and heat-blind her thermal receptors, even with a miss?
No. 973522 ID: 894f15
File 159611160289.png - (604.93KB , 1000x1000 , pl_046.png )

Immediately, I open up with the Beam Unit.
Within a moment, the device manifests on my shoulder, built from nothing.
I pull the trigger mentally, and a jet of high-intensity energy streams through the air, striking Astrolysis in the chest. She staggers backwards, more because of the shock from being shot than the actual force behind it.

Hit 1 for me. The Beam Unit goes on cooldown, dissipating in a cloud of glowing particles.
She breathes heavily, raising her fists again. Smoke curls from the surface of her uniform, the point of impact singed black.
"Cheap shot, wirehead. But I'll give you it."
I grin, spitting back a retort.
"Cheap? I'm sure someone with as terrible taste as you can't tell the difference between vodka and watered-down beer, let alone a shot!"

She brushes herself off, before charging towards me. The options flow through my mind - fighting with you guys is pretty different to when I have to think on the fly. It's like you're injecting the ideas right into my brain!

>Disrupting Echolocation
A good enough idea, but none of my current gadgets are suited for that purpose. Maybe when we fight her again...

>Beam Diffusion
Why the hell would I want to make my weapons weaker? Sure, it may distract the meathead for a couple of moments but she can still find out where I am by detecting where the heat lamp on my shoulder is.
>Jacket distraction
I'm not going to throw my jacket, dumbass. If I take it off, I'll be vulnerable to grabs - it was designed to have very low friction to prevent grapplers from easily snagging me. As a bonus, it lets me slide for a bit if I take a dive, like a goddamn action-hero. For now though...
No. 973524 ID: 894f15
File 159611188058.png - (513.93KB , 1000x1000 , pl_047.png )

Astrolysis lunges forward. The ground shakes with each step she takes.
She's slow, in both senses of the word. I don't know if the laser winded her in particular or not, but the wind-up for her attacks make her utterly predictable as I sidestep and dodge her blows.
Still, I maintain my distance from her as she swings at me, darting back and forth as she encroaches on my side of the battlefield.
Finally, she pauses, her form looming over me. A faint scent of dried blood lingers in the air around her.

"What's the matter, big shot? Feeling under the weather?"

"Just toying with my prey, runt."
She cracks that stupid grin of hers again.

I can't play defense forever - that's not my style. Cmon, we've already got one hit in - just need two more and I can move on with what I need to do.

1. Counterattack opponent's assault [40% - Guaranteed Damage]
2. Push forwards with activated Shield Generator [80% - Consumes Shield Generator Charge]
3. Fire Beam Unit towards opponent [70% - UNAVAILABLE - COOLDOWN: 3 ACTIONS]

EX1. Use Tranquilizer Needles on Opponent on counter-attack [60% - Consumes Tranquilizer dart. No Damage. Additional Effects.]

Directive Reminder: Displayed odds are estimated. For best results, combine existing suggestions.
Success rates are not determined by dice-roll and will be affected by circumstances surrounding combatant and suggested course of action.

No. 973530 ID: e7c7d3

Counter-attack. In general, Try to go for her ankles. Makes her less stable and helps keep you out of arms reach
No. 973537 ID: b1b4f3

Don't worry, you've got this. The shield guarantees another hit, so all you have to do is hit her once with a punch or kick.
I'd recommend attempting to get both the shield hit and the melee hit at the same time. Begin straightforward melee combat to make her think you don't have any offensive Device options left; hopefully at some point she'll throw out an attack that has an opening for you to hit her at the same time she hits you. Then you just finish the fight by letting her smack against the shield.
No. 973540 ID: 62e4df

Yeah, if your jacket protects you from grapples, counter attack. She can strike, but not grapple you. Once you've got your first hit off you can use the barrier.
No. 973551 ID: 36784c

No. 973644 ID: 6e6f32

The reactive shield should be used for the last hit.
If used now she'll realize she's up against the wall and get serious.
Counter attack. Slip in and get that second fucking hit. Even if it means she's gonna get two on you, You've a secret weapon so it should be fine.
No. 973646 ID: 5faadf

She doesn't seem to have gone for a tail strike yet, I'm willing to bet that the second you try to counter one of her more predictable attacks, it'll be followed with a sting attempt.
If that seems to be the case I think her tail is what you should target. I dunno how strong it is but if you can stab her with her own stinger she'll probably get pissed and be more susceptible to explosive shield finisher.
No. 973667 ID: 45acae

She's waiting for you to use up all your options before ramping up the attack, you KNOW she's toying with you, and she's counting on you being impatient. Don't use up your shield generator. Taunt her to make her come at you stupid, then use the darts.

Say if she's going to mail it in this early, just save her breath for the tournament and give you the keycard now. You know she's a better fighter than she is boss of this place, if only by default.
No. 973672 ID: 15a025

Counter attack. If her attacks are slow and predictable side step around her, hopefully in the direction her stinger isn't pointing towards. That way if she reacts to sting you, you've got an extra moment to react to that.
No. 974621 ID: 894f15
Audio Prelude_Fight_-_Battle_C1_-_(VR_Battle)_-_SMT4OST.mp3 - (5.03MB , Prelude Fight - Battle C1 - (VR Battle) - SMT4OST.mp3 )

Should have posted this at the start of the fight.
Title: VR Battle - Shin Megami Tensei IV
Link: https://youtu.be/af9pTcq5uSo

No. 974622 ID: 894f15
File 159766718047.png - (707.79KB , 1200x1000 , pl_048.png )

Astrolysis closes the gap between us, her prodigious size making it difficult to stay away.
Wait for it...
Again, her meaty fist swings towards me, as I dodge past her initial strike.
This is it!

My fist connects with her abdomen, sending a vibration through my arm. It's like I'm punching a sandbag filled with meat! But it's a clean hit, even if she didn't react much.
"Hah! That's one for m-"
No. 974623 ID: 894f15
File 159766721144.png - (520.39KB , 1000x1000 , pl_049.png )

Something slams into me, pushing me back. Stinging pain courses through my body - her fist digs into the underside of my chest, leaving me winded. For a moment, my feet lift off the ground.
I land upright, stumbling back, the impact shaking me to my core.
Damn, that hurts. That hurts!

My vision blurs for a moment, but the constantly-smiling image of her form remains on display.
No. 974624 ID: 894f15
File 159766736415.png - (788.57KB , 1000x1000 , pl_050.png )


>Patience. Wait for her next strike
No. Screw that! I'm one hit away from victory.
I don't need any of you telling me to wait! I'm one hit away from winning this!

I yell out a battle cry as I rush forwards, hoping to end the fight.

My voice gives out, fist inches away from her chest.
Her foot impacts my chest, in nearly the same position from before, leaving me winded.
I'm thrown back a short distance, the consecutive blows leaving me standing on shaky legs.

My breath comes out ragged as I try to steady myself again, stepping back to a safe distance.
Astrolysis flexes her fingers, taunting me.
"Not bad for a warm-up, eh Wirehead? That's two hits for me!"
Shut up. Okay, get ahold of yourself...
I breathe in, wincing.
"Hit-based duels aren't as fun as slamming someone's head against a wall, but there's always plenty of room for comebacks!", she yammers on.
I hate her. So much.

I'm down two hits, in an instant. Was she holding back this whole time?

Ugh. I still need one more hit on her, but if I get caught out again...

I don't like the sound of that.

So I'll just make sure she won't get an opportunity for that last hit. I need my guns back, and she won't be putting me under her terms.

I've got the shield. The question is, when to use it? She knows we're both on our last hit. Can you guess where she'll strike? My guess is that she'll go for a straight stinger jab if I try to back off, catching me by surprise, but you're better at running these guesses than I am.


Projected Success Rates: ???

No. 974625 ID: 094652

Her arrogance demands style and splendor. I predict a tail whip or headbutt, but be ready for anything.

Remember, you have a tail. Try to use it during the fight to grab what you need.
No. 974626 ID: f56a2b

You don't want to be guessing on this last one; force her to attack on your terms. Come around to her left, your right, and prepare for a swing from her tail or a roundhouse kick in reaction.
No. 974627 ID: 4286b4

Are the 3 actions up? If so, I'd fire the beam again. If not... then I'd fake firing a beam.

As soon as you try firing it, Astrolysis will try to evade and counterattack. You should be expect this with your exploding barrier.
No. 974645 ID: b1b4f3

Insufficient data. Try to force a vector of attack so that the shield will work.
No. 974649 ID: 2e15a9

>Can you guess where she'll strike?
Why, so you can ignore us and get kicked in the sternum?

I like the sound of forcing a stinger jab by backing off; if you blow that off with the shield, it sounds like that will affect her performance in the tourney.
No. 974653 ID: ca47b5

okay this is important, has Astrolysis ever witnessed the explosive shield in use?

Not having seen it ourselves I don't know if it has a tell setting it apart from a normal shield unit, or if it it does if it's purely visual.

If no to either of these, since Astrolysis strikes me as the kind of person that prefers to break down a barrier than go around it I think if you use riot shield form and hold your ground rather than retreating she'll try and tackle you to the ground or something similar instead of anything clever.

Boom, last hit.
No. 974660 ID: d63ea8

It's not that you have to wait or attack right now, you need to find an opening.

She has the reach advantage, any action you take that doesn't prioritize defense will leave you open to an interrupting attack.
No. 975744 ID: 15a025

Agreed. Go on the defense for now.
No. 976309 ID: 894f15
File 160006144526.png - (765.62KB , 1000x1000 , pl_051.png )

>Why, so you can ignore us?
I have to make more than one decision in the moment, dumbass. If I'm standing there waiting for your input on everything, I wouldn't get anything done.

>You have a tail
It ain't as limber as hers, nor does it come with stingers.

>Astrolysis witnessing the Shield
She doesn't have eyes. I'm the only person with such an ability here anyway.
The beam's still on cooldown, but faking a shot is going on my list of potential ideas for future opponents.

If she uses her stinger...
I hold the image of the modified Shield Generator in my head, quickly stepping back.
Within a moment, Astrolysis shifts stances, crouching down on all fours.

But I'm faster.
The shield manifests in front of me, already armed.
This is it-!
Something sharp jabs into the solidified energy of the barrier, held millimeters away from penetrating through and into my hand.

A blast of hot air gushes past me as the shield's exterior explodes, prompting a roar of pain from my opponent as the offending attack is repelled by ringing fire.
No. 976310 ID: 894f15
File 160006149872.png - (585.06KB , 1000x1000 , pl_052.png )

I breathe a sigh of relief as the smoke clears and the wounded beast is on the other side, a grimace replacing that smug smile of hers.

>Impact her performance in the tournament
Tch, yeah, sure, an explosion's going to stop the monster that people claim can breathe fire and eats clones smaller than her. Even if bullets were more lethal, she still gets back up faster than anyone else I've seen.

I give a pained laugh, the stinging in my chest a reminder of the close call.
"And that's the third. You owe me a weapon, Foundry Master."

Astrolysis growls, holding her singed tail, before letting it sag to the floor. Her stingers seem to be cracked by the intense heat, but even if it had been blown off by the explosion, I'd bet she would have grown them back before we next met.
"That was a cheap trick, Wirehead. Using your 'signia like that. But I'll let it slide. You'll get your weapon - once it's time for us to duel. I'll be hitting you with everything I've got then."

She belts out a laugh, like the pain of having one of your limbs stuck point-blank in an explosion doesn't even register to her.
The logistics of a blind soldier crafting a gun for me puts all kinds of strange images in my head. Does she even know how to make the barrel rifling? Questions for later.
I open my palm, looking at Astrolysis expectantly.
"Oi, don't forget the key before you go."
She tosses me the keyring off-kilter and I snatch it out of the air. I'm a little surprised it's still intact, but Astrolysis happens to be notoriously fireproof in my experience.

I turn to walk out of the firing stalls and towards Judicium's offi-
No. 976311 ID: 894f15
File 160006153033.png - (564.60KB , 1000x1000 , pl_053.png )

I stagger back, the keycard clenched in my fist. There's a stinging pain in my chest, like she cracked a rib. That's... that's gonna take a night to heal.

"What the hell? The fight's over, asshole!" I wheeze, doubled over.
She grins, her teeth glistening with fresh drool.
"Am I dead?"

I can't respond, the stinging in my chest still aching from earlier as I struggle to catch my breath.

"Then the fight's not over! Remember that for when we fight for real next time!"
She cackles as she walks away, a faint smell of ash lingering around her. If there's anything admirable about her, it's probably her resilience.

What a psychopath.
No. 976312 ID: 894f15
File 160006165988.png - (396.69KB , 1800x1000 , pl_054.png )

Picking myself back up from the sucker punch, I make my way over to the entrance of Judicium's office, down the hall from the firing range. My chest's still stinging - she definitely broke something. While I'll be fine tonight, since there's no fights queued up... if I get injured on the day of a scheduled fight, I'm going to have to fight with the injury. I only heal well if I'm conserving my energy, but I should've expected no less from someone who thinks breaking bones in spars is a standard occurrence.

I unlock the door by tapping the keycard to the electronic lock - unlike the other doors I've seen in the compound, this one's wooden and has a handle on it, instead of sliding open once you've put in the right credentials.

Let's get down to business. Where are my guns.
No. 976313 ID: f8fa51

You surely don't need us for this. Still, if they're in this room, that locker on the left seems the most likely spot. Failing that, check for storage space behind that workbench. Then take a closer look at the brown thing in the corner. Is that a cupboard? Only if all else fails, look in the filing cabinet. Who puts a gun in a filing cabinet?
No. 976316 ID: e51896

You think we'll find a .50 calibre round in here? just a reminder.

weapons are Probably in the locked chest and we'll need to find a key. Be careful for traps, knowing this place, your weapons could be somewhere protected by a trap.

I'm interested in the picture and those written papers, but as far as the papers go, you reading it all could take waste valuable time. But lets try something: maaaaaaaybe take a quick glance at each of the papers, and we'll record it and then read it for you while you look around.
No. 976318 ID: 36784c

Is that a bed directly to your right? It looks like there’s something sticking out from under one of the corners.

If Judicium thinks you’ll be able to get in here, then odds are she didn’t hide your guns in an obvious place like that locked chest over there. She’s probably got a hidden safe behind either the clock or the poster on the wall.
No. 976319 ID: e51896

Also, should we steal the scarf? Its just laying there... mocking you...

I'm kind of a completionist, but... stealing it seems kind of petty doesn't it?
No. 976321 ID: b1b4f3

Why did Judicium just leave her scarf lying around? Okay, obviously that red part is significant. What does it do?
No. 976322 ID: 6aa114

Hmm, that looks like a sewing machine. Would be funny if this wasn't her scarf.

Search through all the drawsers for objectionable material.

Once you find it, and your guns, take the scarf and leave. Assuming the scarf is finished. If it's not, then leave it.
No. 976333 ID: 7cb155

Get inside that green locker, check the contents of the desk, search that filing cabinet, read those papers that are just left out, and peak behind the flag and the picture on the wall. We need to make sure nothing important is missed. Inspect the scarf, decide whether it properly complements your eyes before you take it.
No. 976348 ID: 2e15a9

> If I'm standing there waiting for your input on everything, I wouldn't get anything done.
Like getting kicked in the chest? Listen, if you're going to keep powering ahead with the hail-mary aggression, everyone will know that's your MO and exploit that.

Check those papers, If you've got questions there might be clues. Guns'll either be in the locked chest to your left or in a safe behind that picture.
No. 976761 ID: 15a025

I'd say the large trunk
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