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File 158938565975.png - (104.97KB , 856x389 , JQCover.png )
966467 No. 966467 ID: ed041d

Everyone out in the galaxy is in it for themselves, to make it anywhere you gotta make it big, and in this case, bounty work seems like it'd be worth the time.

With everything else from diplomacy, to warfare, to politics, having your own brand of freedom out in the Galaxy is a hell of a thing.
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No. 972555 ID: 9876c4

By interstellar law is this strictly legal? I fully expect soldiers to defend themselves with force, but we can't afford lawsuits or system blacklists after the fact.
No. 972562 ID: 44b1b5

"Will you update the "Dead vs. Alive" statuses on these guys accordingly, or have hunting protocol loosened somehow? With an entire country interested in protecting these guys, I imagine having to announce ourselves before the capture or kill is about to get a whole lot more dangerous."
No. 972607 ID: ae9bd9

Will we have to deal with/work around spec ops spooks intermingling with targets or pmc fucks committing warcrimes so you don't have to?
No. 972815 ID: ed041d
File 159525076721.png - (10.47KB , 142x162 , JQC2P8.png )

:Smile:: What's the salvage rights on this job?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: If you take a bounty in, standard salvage procedures apply and it will be up to you to decide if you want the Bounty's salvage.

:FifiSmile:: What's the SOP? Do we choose our targets or are we assigned them?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Bountys will be handed out at Bounty Boards as per usual.

:GeneriBountyRed:: Will you update the Dead Or Alive Procedures? I imagine with an entire interstellar state protecting these guys declaring ourselves will be harder.

:JumpQuestGeneral:: We are placing a moratorium for this for the time being, if you can do so, fantastic, if not, we cannot expect so.

:GeneriBountyYellow:: Is this all legal? I don't think we can arrest enemy soldiers without getting lawsuits or being arrested.

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Good thing you are not arresting enemy soldiers, you are arresting War Criminals that were under our jurisdiction who sought sanctuary. By all standards and practices this is legal, it is in the official terms of war with the Kotyak as well.

:GeneriBountyGreen:: Will we have to work with spec ops spooks and your own Mercs committing war crimes?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: You will be only recovering bounties that escaped our jurisdiction, anyone on our side found breaking the rules and terms will be assigned a Bounty to be Captured. The L.A.W is a organization dedicated to a common good, protecting its people, our worlds have agreed to work together. Anyone who decides to ignore the Miyamoto Conventions is not someone we want working for us.

:Smile:: What if we want to take part in the war effort more directly?

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Apply for a Mercenary License, any further questions?
No. 972816 ID: df76b1

I'm informed. We look forward to assisting the defense of the system.
No. 972817 ID: 4f51b2

We are in.
No. 972819 ID: 25d308

Alright, time to earn our keep.
No. 972828 ID: ce39da

No further questions. Let's see those bounties! Ah- Maybe we should try cooperating with the others to A) Make sure there aren't any targets left unmolested, and B) That those who are doubling up can either work together or at least be aware of what competition they have.

(Also, try not to fist-pump too much at the moratorium announcement, considering we're built to snap necks and walk away with the bodies before anyone notices something amiss.)
No. 973066 ID: ed041d
File 159559421960.png - (15.94KB , 265x113 , JQC2P9.png )

:JumpQuestGeneral:: Alright, everyone dismissed!

The bounty hunters shuffle out, Sivon takes a moment to talk to Fifi.

:Smile:: Hey there, care to team up?

:Fifismile:: Really now? What do you have to offer for us working together?
No. 973068 ID: 5995c8

You make a fine meat-shield (tap chest).

And you’ll take the split 45/55 for the first three bounties or until the 50/split on the bounty you nabbed from her has been paid in, whichever comes first. Whatever she might think you’re not a (complete) asshat. You did save her ship a ding and if you weren’t a bit hard up for cash you’d have been more tempted to split the take back then.

If she doesn’t want to give it a shot, fair ‘nuff.
No. 973070 ID: ce39da

"Not just you. I was thinking more of a cooperation between a bunch of us - nothing beyond telling each other who we're going after to minimize stepping on each other's toes as much as we could be. It would be kinda embarrassing if we all went after like two dudes in a giant clusterfuck and left everyone else unmolested, right? Security's only going to go up after each mission, so we wanna hit as many of them during the opening moves as possible.

"Oh, but if you're interested in something more between us, I should tell you that I specialize in stealth takedowns - you probably saw me do a little fist-pump at the announcement moratorium. I should mention that I'm not in as deep of a shit-pile as most stealth operatives if I get caught, and I can be pretty mean in melee whether they see me coming or not. Finally, my ship has some serious firepower, though I've been hoping to improve its speed and maneuvering to what I'd like it at with my next payday. Oh, and Apex here's got mad hacking and navigation skills - it's how we were able to find you and Jackson with neither of you being the wiser. You?"
No. 973073 ID: 4f51b2

"60/40 deal in your favor for the first mission, then 50/50, as a team we could deal with the objectives with a bigger bounty more easily, you would have acces to a Reptus B-Series Light Frigate too.
No. 973076 ID: d186fc

lets not brag about our ship until we are sure they don't have something better.
No. 973084 ID: df76b1

Let's brag about our ship until it's conclusively proven we shouldn't!
Also mutual survivability and enhanced earning potential or something.
No. 973318 ID: ed041d
File 159585911212.png - (14.10KB , 267x174 , JQC2P10.png )

Sivon brings up his ship.

:Smile:: I have a Reptus B-Series Light Frigate on hand, you and I team up, maybe grab some others, and we can catch a lot of these guys a lot easier, add in the bigger payout and it's no skin off our back.

:FifiSmile:: Sounds useful, you sure it's that and not the obvious attraction?

:Smile:: I'm certain.

:FifiSmile:: Well, anything else you wanna offer? I'm gonna need more than just a ship, my pod fighter has a hyperdrive after all so.
No. 973321 ID: 4f51b2

Tell her you have a pretty good A.I and that’s the reason you got Jackson before her.
No. 973396 ID: 5dbf48

Don't tell them about the AI, that's your secret advantage. Instead challenge them to a contest to convince them, or at least prove your capabilities. Take similar bounties and see who can deliver them first.

If they need a wager. The winner gets the a 'triple' payment as the loser has to give up on the 'double' part of their payout.
No. 973397 ID: f9512f

"Asides from my ship? Well, besides my obvious modifications I have AR Scanner, BANE Enhance, Sole Enhancers and Subdermal Armor to help us in any kind of situation, you have my back and I got yours. Oh! I also have a very capable A.I."
No. 973433 ID: df76b1

You already know I'm a pro, and get jobs done. That's because I'm smart, and don't skimp on equipment.

Why should we let some amateur, or worse, some PMC, take money out of our pockets because we're shorthanded?
No. 973437 ID: 8fab7a

Repeat above.
No. 973585 ID: ed041d
File 159620400685.png - (16.89KB , 244x118 , JQC2P11.png )

Sivon smirks.

:Smile:: I make a fine meatshield, I'm loaded up with advanced cybernetics, as well as I have a excellent AI system.

Apex's hologram appears

:apexneutral: Hello.

:Fifismile:: Oh that's fancy.

:Smile:: This is how I caught Jackson before you did, Apex and I make quite the team.

:Fifiangry:: What?

:Smile:: What do you say? I'm willing to split 45/55 if you want.

Fifi looks deep in thought.

:Fifismile:: I'll have to admit, having a cybernetically enhanced meat shield sounds good, an a AI system that can run an entire ship is good. I'm in.
No. 973587 ID: 4f51b2

Glad you accept! I suggest to see the Bounty Boards and choose our objective.
No. 973589 ID: d186fc

Don't assume you are friends. She is just using you for her personal gain at the moment. While she definitely isn't hostile, your relationship is probably just ever so slightly better than neutral. You will have to work hard to make her a true friend and thus a dependable ally.
No. 973599 ID: e09282

Better find out what Fifi and her ship can actually do, no? She's a pretty good investigator, it's a heavy pod fighter, what else?
No. 973625 ID: 8fab7a

Sounds good. Want the agreement formalized and in writing? Apex can run us up a decent coop-contract and you can read it over for loopholes. One bounty or set of bounties at a time. If this works out, maybe look into something longer-term. If not, split the take, then just split.

Off to the BB!

What's her preference in targets? Obviously with two of you the range of people you can capture has gone up a bit, but if she's got strengths to ply we might as well hear of them.
No. 973870 ID: ed041d
File 159663559762.png - (10.92KB , 279x248 , JQC2P12.png )

To the Bounty Board.

:Smile:: What is your preference on bounties, what can you do?

:Fifismile:: I'm a sneaky sort, I can squeeze in and out of spaces and generally keep quiet. My Pod fighter though is a heavy weapons design and can take a beating.

:Smile:: That's good, that's useful.

:Fifiangry:: Seems we only got one bounty today, apparently this is our starting bounty.

:Frown:: Alright let's see it.
No. 973872 ID: ed041d
File 159663589651.png - (21.27KB , 460x198 , JQC2P13.png )

> Bounty: Jax Modal
> Payout: 100k

> Jax is a cybernetically enhanced Fox from Vulpis III, a pirate, and Ace Pilot space fighter. Jax's last reported location is 2 jumps away from current Galactic Positioning.

> Cybernetic Enhancements include Implanted Rebreather, Adrenaline Regulator, AR Scanner, and the SLICK Series enhanced servomuscles.

:Frown:: So we got an ace fighter with mechanically enhanced reflexes.

:Apexneutral:: This should be fun.
No. 973877 ID: 4f51b2

Is there any extra information? Like if he works alone or if he is in a frighter. Regardless, this is probably going to be a combat between ships, good we have Fifi as a partner
No. 973878 ID: 67a81f

I would see if we can get them when they aren't in their ship. Getting into a dogfight with an ace is pretty dangerous. See if apex can get some usefull info on what they've been doing and their general habits.
No. 973879 ID: ce39da

It doesn't seem to state his Dead/Alive/Or status. Did we miss it? Also, is the 100k bounty before or after doubling up? (We'd like to know whether this guy is "Jackson" or "Alpha" levels of scary; there's a big difference, I think.)

"Guy sounds like a beast in open space. Even with our combined ship-to-ship firepower, I'd prefer if we approached him on land first. If he's being sheltered in hostile territory, no sweat; we're both kitted for stealth, among other things. His reaction time might pose a problem for stealth take-downs, though. If it turns into a street-fight, leave it to me - even with his lightning-fast moves and the ability to scan my strengths, he won't be able to do much against superhuman power and endurance. Just gotta hit him once. I won't stop you from trying to blast him in the back of the head while he's focused on me, of course."
No. 973909 ID: df76b1

Seems like we track him from a safe distance, strike when he's getting the ship or himself serviced.

Gas is out of the question, and electric current is unreliable with all those enhancements. It may be time to revisit my plan of overwhelming blunt force trauma. Maybe Fifi should go in first and disable his ship.
No. 973934 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah it would be safest to strike when he's getting maintenance done on his cybernetics, but that may take too long. The faster we do the bounties, the faster we can take another one and get paid again.

That said, some information gathering is a good idea regardless. Can't just charge in guns blazing. Find out what his habits are, the places he frequents, what his ship can do and how it compares to ours, that sort of thing.
No. 973940 ID: d186fc

Bring EMPs for if we end up in a dogfight. That should stop his ship. Alternatively, we should try to get some anti-materiel railguns and snipe him. Both of you shooting from hidden locations that are perpendicular from each other. Dodging one hypersonic bullet is one thing, but dodging two with vastly different directions is virtually impossible.
No. 973941 ID: d186fc

Just make sure to time your shots so you shoot simultaneously.
No. 974081 ID: ed041d
File 159680968779.png - (21.23KB , 327x278 , JQC2P14.png )

Sivon boots up a info terminal, seems this guy has more info.

He pilots a XX-25 series Fighter, stripped of excess armor and modified with a artillery gun and a larger booster thruster. The XX-25 has autocannon blasters and the Artillery cannon, no directed projectiles.

:Frown:: Okay so he's speedy and likes to hit hard.

The Dead Or Alive status has been cleared out and just marked, "Dead", inspecting the bounty it seems he's worth 50k but is currently doubled due to the Kotyak bounties situation.

As for fighting him on the ground, seems he's a spacer and refuses to ever land on planets, preferring to always stick to his fighter.

:apexneutral:: So we're gonna have to fight him in open space combat.

:Smile:: Well the Jumpstar is a hell of a fighter, we can work around this.
No. 974082 ID: df76b1

So we either hit him while he's refueling, or in a fight with somebody else. Anything else, and we're at a real disadvantage.

What do Fifi and Apex think about how to take it on?
No. 974083 ID: ce39da

"Wait, so does he just live out of his ship? Shouldn't he at least have to stop to refuel somewhere? Groceries? Man, I was really hoping this wouldn't be a dogfight... even if we do have a similar advantage to him."
No. 974084 ID: d186fc

Use lots of missiles. Your fighters can hold a few, but our frigate could sit beyond this guy's engagement range and launch torpedos that would split into a dozen or so missiles when they get close enough to lock. Terminal guidance could be achieved through one of our fighters.
No. 974087 ID: eac2c2

We should try to predict their movement so we can sabotage their next refueling (either the fuel or the ship's software or similar) and get them when there ship shuts down and they become standed.
No. 974088 ID: 4f51b2

We could follow him and wait for him to refuld, you could ask Apex of Fifi if they thought of something.
No. 974364 ID: ed041d
File 159723890730.png - (12.99KB , 281x315 , Refueling Station.png )

> The Vote is to go search for the nearest refueling station and strike Jax there, correct?
No. 974365 ID: 4f51b2

I guess so, let's catch him while he fueling his tank.
No. 974384 ID: df76b1

It is at least a plan.
No. 974628 ID: ed041d
File 159767051091.png - (34.84KB , 262x180 , JQC2P15.png )

With the plan underway, you engage in the Hyperjump. It takes the Pulsestar 1 standard day to make the two jumps to the last reported location of Jax, Praxis.
No. 974629 ID: ed041d
File 159767056724.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P16.png )

The Pulsestar enters Praxis, a largely mining system with very little planetary activity and a singular observation rotating the Star.

:Smile:: Alright, 3 last known locations of Jax, and 2 Refueling stations. Where shall we go first?
No. 974631 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s go to Ref-19k and ask if they have seen cybernetic enchanted fox in a XX-25 fighter.
No. 974646 ID: 8fab7a

Weirdly even spacing on those observations. Is there a time log to 'em? Is he doing some sort of hidout circuit? Is this bogus to get people out in the asteroid fields where he has both a maneuverability and a cover advantage?

Hrm. Way I see it we've got two options.

We try to find whatever hidey-hole(s) he has in the asteroid field, which is a bit like searching for a needle in the haystack. Maybe we find it or him, but he'll probably see us coming and we'll have to fight it out on his home turf and he can make runner after runner. Both your ships can take a bit of a beating, but he's got a weapon that hands those out on the regular. I don't like them odds.

Or we go to the observation post, snag more intel on his movements through the systems and/or then picket the refueling stations for however long it might take for him to run out of his regular go-juice, forcing him to be careful with his one primary advantage - speed. If he tries to come at us, he'll have to do so while running out of fuel.

Of course, it does mean we're splitting up to guard each our fuel point and there's no telling how long it'll take for him to do a supply run. Grabbing observation point intel might give us an indicator on his regular movements and how long it'd take for him to run out of fuel / how regularly he makes runs - and to which point, allowing us a better chance at a focused ambush with both of us if we want to risk it.
No. 974647 ID: ce39da

"Apex, what order are those sightings in, and can you project where both refueling stations would have been at in their orbit during each?"

He's either sticking close to one station or going back and forth between them as he makes laps around the system. If they haven't significantly orbited, then it's definitely the latter.
No. 974844 ID: ed041d
File 159801335885.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P17.png )

:Smile:: Apex, see if we can get records on those last observed points, and can we dock with the Observation Satellite orbiting the star?

The screen lights up and shows the repeating pattern of Jax.

:Apexneutral:: Seems he likes to make laps.

:Fifismile:: Probably a patrol of sorts, get good sensors and just following that triangular pattern he should be able to find himself a lot of targets.

:Smile:: And the satellite?

:Apexneutral:: Just a satellite, we can't dock. The Refueling Stations are in a geosynchronous orbit with the asteroid belt, evenly spaced and are at the point where it's possible to make the Hyperjump, useful.
No. 974848 ID: 9aaeef

So we wait until he goes to one of the stations? Do we have anything to prevent him to hyperjumping if he tries so?
No. 974853 ID: 8fab7a

Hrm. We want him at a disadvantage and secure that he can't easily run away with his fast ship.

Two ideas.

Plan: Asteroid Pincer

Hide out in the asteroid field, hiding behind regular ol' asteroids (if you can find ones large enough) along the predicted patrol trajectory. Just straight up ambush as he passes and hope you manage to land enough hits that he can't just get away.

One upside/downside is that he's got to be pretty cocky, what with being built for fighter piloting and living in a long-range hit-and-runner, so he might just try to be in it to win it unless we deal hefty damage in the initial ambush.

Second plan:

Feint Ambush + Escape Ambush

One of us stays along his patrol route pulling the above plan - but do so nearer to one of the refueling stations / jump points than the other. We get up close where he doesn't want us to be and (hopefully) get a few dings in, enough to drive him off and try to escape.

We chase him to the closest jump point... where we've got a second ambush waiting to bushwhack him before he can refuel and/or flee. If he retreats again, he'll have to turn around and make a run all the way to the second point AND get past his initial pursuit.

If he manages that, we just have to hope he runs out of fuel before getting there.

Who's got the ship he's least likely to want to square off against alone and can defend themselves against long range strikes best?
No. 974864 ID: ce39da

“These fueling stations, are they walk-about or plug-‘n’-go? If it’s possible to catch him on leave, however brief it is, we gotta take it - 18B, assuming that’s where his route started... Wait, how many laps - real numbers, not necessarily integers - could a fighter make here on one tank of gas?”
No. 974865 ID: 8bd73c

Before we entertain any sort of picketing or sifting through asteroids, how much traffic is there in this system, and how many other non-refueling stations are there? Are there any known mining operations in the asteroid belt? What are the chances there are unknown operations we may end up stumbling on? How about other sorts of facilities built into the asteroids? Basically, if we picket, how many ships do we have to sift through and what are the chances of false positives, and if we search for the needle in the asteroid field, how many other needles are there?
No. 974994 ID: ed041d
File 159827298644.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P18.png )

:Frown:: We still don't have enough information.

:Apexneutral:: Not my fault you don't ask me to provide more.

:Frown:: You're perfectly capable of doing so.

:Apexsmile:: Yes but safety protocols in my programming prevent me from performing all actions on my own, squishy meat bag. Alright, let me update the scan.

The solar system map updates one last time.

:Apexsmile:: There are 5 mining stations floating around the Asteroid Belt, the refueling stations are used for ships leaving the system, which may be an advantage should they be far enough out from belt security.

:Fifismile:: Based on the fact that Jax's fighter is heavily modified, with a thruster of that size he probably completes 5 laps around the solar system in 2 days.

:Smile:: Which means we can catch him.

:Apexsmile:: There you go. The stations themselves have walkabout sections but you can easily enter a drydock and just get refueled there, so unless he's running low on food, or since he's got a bunch of cybernetics, probably IV, he'll most likely hit a dry dock.

:Fifismile:: We can use that to our advantage, dry dock can clamp ships down should security get incentive, place our ship out near one of them and just wait.

:Smile:: That's an idea, we need to be certain of a plan, and then we get him.
No. 974998 ID: 9aaeef

We should ask in the staitions if he has been there, maybe he uses just one or he follows a pattern.
No. 975000 ID: df76b1

Remember that our MO is to attack from behind so he can't fire those cannons. So we should approach from behind while he's doing the refuel.

I think the south station looks promising.
No. 975019 ID: ce39da

We do NOT shoot his ship while it's dry-docked. Exploding a vehicle while it's hooked up to a fuel line is asking for millions of credits in collateral damage plus manslaughter charges. foom!

Let's try to do this cleanly - ship-to-ship docking.
No. 975030 ID: c5322d

Perhaps a remote charge? Rig it out of spare ammo if we have to?
Attach it to his fighter, blow it up after he leaves the drydock. Have our ships complete the job if the fighter is still able to limp away.
No. 975038 ID: df76b1

What do the Miyamoto Conventions say about detonating fuel reserves? Or spiking his tank with some kind of tar?

I don't mind getting creative, as long as we avoid a stand up fight that we're hugely disadvantaged for.
No. 975057 ID: 21bd50

Lets rig all of the drydock arms with explosives. We could talk to the law enforcement beforehand about our plan and offer to pay for repairs. We would have each drydock rigged to a separate trigger so we only blow up the one with our target. One of us would wait at each station and monitor that station's drydocks.


Last thought before we put a plan into action: could this guy be flying the ship remptely from somewhere? It seems somewhat suspect that he never leaves the ship.
No. 975108 ID: ed041d
File 159844443112.png - (2.37MB , 5591x3446 , JQC2P19.png )

The Miyamoto conventions state that sabotage of enemy vessels is cleared as it falls under actions of espionage.

:Smile:: We'll head to refueling station 18B an-

:Frown:: Apex did you stick googly eyes on the map?

:Apexsmile:: I can neither confirm nor deny.

:Frown:: We'll head to Station 18B, dock, and inquire about Jax.

:Fifismile:: And I'll check into the docks and see about the costs of replacing the manipulator arms. If it's too expensive one of us could act as a distraction to Jax as the other gets close and plants a det pack.

:Apexsmile:: And det packs are cheap, thankfully this genius here actually bought some.

:Smile:: It's for archeology should I ever get bored of being a bounty hunter, I figure exploring dangerous ruins filled with traps go faster when you can just blow things up.
No. 975110 ID: d51503

If Jax becomes aware that a bounty is looking for him we could use that to our advantage would he started a dog fight you or Fifi could make a surprise attack.
No. 975200 ID: ce39da

Sounds like a plan; let's do it.
No. 975218 ID: df76b1

Yep, we're halfway there. Now we just need a little luck.
No. 975825 ID: ed041d
File 159948280656.png - (13.38KB , 281x315 , JQC2P20.png )

The Pulsestar docks at Refueling station 18B. There are hotel rooms, food courts, and a few shopping centers here.

If the plan is to wait for Jax to stop by for a refuel and catch him unawares, you have some time.
No. 975826 ID: ed041d
File 159948290035.png - (14.04KB , 178x221 , JQC2P21.png )

Sivon enters the station and is greeted by a guard.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Welcome to station 18-B, do you have your identification.

:Smile:: What like a passport?

:RabbitGuardJC:: Something like that.

Sivon trades his identification.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Very good, welcome, anything you need or want to know?
No. 975829 ID: 9aaeef

Ask if an enchanted fox has stayed here recently.
No. 975832 ID: 322eaa

We should hide that we are bounty hunters or interested in jax. They may be friendly with the people in refuel stations and get alerted to us hunting them. Not to mention the security may already get suspicious now that they have your ID and unassumingly can find out that you are bounty hunters. Just be friendly and ask if they have any recommendations to on which places have good food then have the AI check out the dry docks security system.
No. 975862 ID: 4f51b2

Better not direct any attention to us, go to a bar and maybe you may hear something interesting.
No. 975863 ID: df76b1

I'm new to this system, what's the refueling protocol on big vs small ships?

(Knowing where the target vessel will dock is key to placing the detpacks accuractely. )
No. 976329 ID: ed041d
File 160008919166.png - (21.30KB , 320x186 , JQC2P22.png )

Sivon asks where the Refueling Bay is.

:RabbitGuardJC:: Out back connected to the main hangar, it has numerous repair arms for fixing up ships as well. It isn't exactly cheap but it does its job.

Sivon then inquires about shops for supplies.

:RabbitGuardJC:: We have numerous stores on deck 12 of the Habitation block, you seem to be a cyborg, you might be interested in a nutrient solution that can be fed intravenously, quite a few cyborg pilots make use of it, sustains them for weeks if not months.

:Frown:: So that's how he's avoiding food.

:RabbitGuardJC:: What was that?

:Smile:: Nothing, thank you sir.

The Rabbit Guard walks away.

:Fifismile:: So we got an idea?

:Smile:: Oh yeah, do we wanna get onto rigging up the plan or shall we wait a bit first?

Sivon 5000 Zuni from previous jobs, Fifi has 3500 Zuni as well. Shall they engage in some shopping and light banter first or shall we continue the mission?
No. 976330 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s go shopping, maybe we can find something helpful.
No. 976374 ID: b1b4f3

Shopping and light flirting.
No. 976386 ID: df76b1

I would prefer to skip to the dangerous part, just this once.
No. 976546 ID: 4f51b2

Time to know Fifi a little more, let’s go shopping.
No. 976558 ID: 193418

Lets keep it professional for the time being.
No. 976595 ID: ed041d
File 160043041022.png - (119.21KB , 762x770 , JQC2P23.png )

Fifi and Sivon enter the Shopping district and find an area with a few options.

:Smile:: Oh hey a Bionics shop, I think that's Olympus Arms, they do great work!

:Fifismile:: Oh hey East Armaments, if you want a quality gun go there!

It seems there are options, as well as the food court.

:Smile:: Apex update us when Jax's fighter is approaching.

:Apexsmile:: That I can do.

Where shall Sivon and Fifi go first?
No. 976598 ID: df76b1

I think we need to take a peek in the gun store... then maybe some lunch if there's time.
No. 976599 ID: 9aaeef

Gun shop
No. 976892 ID: ed041d
File 160069317063.png - (12.09KB , 223x195 , JQC2P24.png )

Sivon and Fifi enter East Armaments.

They are greeted by a Vendorbot with a holodisplay next to it.

:Vendorbot:: Hello, valued customer. How can we, be of service, today?

:Smile:: So I've got a gauss pistol.

:Fifismile:: I've got a blaster pistol.

:Smile:: So I guess we just need to find something else.

:Vendorbot:: We have, a wide range, of armaments, under the classifications of: Shotgun, Smg, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, Heavy. Which would you like to see?
No. 976894 ID: d63ea8

Look at the rifles, we need to have some mid to long range options when it comes to encounters.
No. 976899 ID: 9aaeef

Let’s see if there’s a sniper that can damage a ship like Jackson’s
No. 976912 ID: df76b1

I feel like shotguns and smgs are going to do the best to justify their cost. Portability is a nice plus.

Long range options require a lot of training, which is time we don't have.
No. 976914 ID: e8cafe

Rifles + snipers.
No. 976917 ID: a9af05

No. 976948 ID: e40670

Check out heavy even if we don't get anything. Heavy would be the only ones that would actually damage ships (with the notable exception of very high-powered anti-materiel rifles, although since ships have shields and armor, you would probably need a railgun of some sort along with a very specific type of ammo to do any noticeable damage).

Since space is a vacuum, we could try using a tactical nuclear warhead. Nukes are only devastating when they are in an atmosphere, so in space, it means it will only vaporize the areas in a ship with life support (radiation would be hazardous, but a space suit already needs to shield from so much radiation that it would be like shooting a submarine with a water gun).

For general purpose weaponry, I would get something modular (like the modern day AR-15 platform). I would get a weapon with a bulkier caseless (less moving parts) rifle cartridge with a ~30 round magazine and select fire. Get a short barrel and a long barrel for it along with a folding marksman's stock (bulkier, has a cheek rest) and a variable zoom scope with backup sights. A scope with a hud or broad spectrum electromagnetic detection would be good, but it shouldn't be something that is useless if it gets fried, meaning backup manual adjustment knobs and a painted on crosshair and mildots. A bipod and a foregrip would be good to have as well.
Energy weapons and railguns are good, but they are vulnerable to emps. On that note, it may be a good idea to have some conventional sidearms as well.

Another thing to check out would be magnetic-assist packages for conventional guns. Basically a railgun that can still work as a conventional gun if the power dies.
No. 977105 ID: df76b1

I am rethinking this a little, and i'd kinda like to see how heavy Heavy is. Something to engage a battlemech or large alien might be important at some point.
No. 977112 ID: d4d69a

Unless we are fighting off the first strike of an invasion, battlemechs would be a horrible decision tactically. I doubt we will be fighting anyone stupid enough to use one. That being said, tanks and ships are definitely a possibility. I would think some sort of shoulder-launched missile or railgun would be a good idea, although they are usually slow to load. One possibility would be a disposable launcher since they are usually incredibly compact (relatively speaking) due to their one-use nature.
No. 977114 ID: df76b1

Even the spacer equivalent of a Lahti or Lynx would provide some interesting possibilities.
No. 980832 ID: ed041d

The vote is for Rifles

:Vendorbot: We have a few rifles currently in stock.

Picard Arms Energy Rifle - 2000Z
Ammo - A
Damage - C
Reliability - B

Sariff Weapons Combat Rifle - 3400Z
Ammo - C
Damage - A
Reliability - B

Zach Series PDW - 4000Z
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - A

Reyes Series Platform Rifle - 1500
Ammo - B
Damage - B
Reliability - B

:Smile:: So it's all a question of which one do we want of use versus cost.

:Fifismile:: So many choices, so little time.
No. 980833 ID: df76b1

That Reyes looks like a solid performer.

Seems a bit like an FN FAL.
No. 980834 ID: c3b783

Question: it says the Reyes is a Platform Rifle. Does that mean it is a rifle built from the Reyes series platform sort of like how an M4 is built off of the AR-15 platform? If so, that is by far the best choice since it would be modular. Modular weapons are always the best choice imo.
No. 980862 ID: 6d81f4

Reyes seems versatile, yet cheap.
No. 980868 ID: 4f51b2

rReyes seems like the more balanced and cheap.
No. 981481 ID: ed041d

> Vote is for the Reyes Platform Rifle
> Sivon has 3500 Zuni left.

:fifismile:: Not a bad choice all together, it is cheap sure, but it is pretty rounded.

:Smile:: And modifiable. You want anything?

:fifismile:: I've got stuff in my pod fighter, I'll be fine.

What shall Fifi and Sivon do next?

> Buy more weapons
> Go to the food court
> Search for other shops
> Go to Olympus Arms for bionic upgrades
> Other (Suggestion)
No. 981482 ID: 5d32e7

Olympus. I'd like to see prices, but especially, a rebreather would be good for survivability.
Also, a codec. Good comms are always key to success.
No. 981483 ID: 9aaeef

Olympus, then let’s go eat something.
No. 981486 ID: 8fab7a

Go to the food court, snag food, drink and maybe a knowledgeable local to interrogate/bribe about the comings and goings of our bounty.
No. 981488 ID: ff1738

I would like to browse the heavy weapons just to see what is available. It shouldn't take too long. After that lets check out the bionics selection.
No. 981490 ID: df76b1

Let's keep this date moving. Off to the food court for brunch and banter.
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