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File 158908556530.png - (1.43MB , 1137x1479 , PentacleKing4.png )
966089 No. 966089 ID: 6f7a5a

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

A catles is built to protect, from both raider and traitor

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 985577 ID: e2dc7c

Rescue the Hydra!
No. 985582 ID: 629f2e

Obviously we need to get the hydra back. You obviously lose in terms of preparation to the seer, so you'll need to beat her in terms of cunning and power.
No. 985583 ID: 8d6356

She sends Sezeda and Azzeki in to watch for traps and then deals with her hydra thief personally.
No. 985585 ID: 7a5e43

Yeah i like this option.
No. 985588 ID: b1b4f3

We need a bit more information. How much can Vardek see into the future? How much can they use this ability? How accurate is the future sight?
Whatever you do, I expect deception to fail. Can't use any clever tactics, so any fight would just be brute force.

You should approach with diplomacy first. See if there's something Vardek wants in exchange for the Hydra.
No. 985607 ID: 0fae41

Rush :redb:!
No. 985611 ID: 3aa06e

Lets rescue our dau- our hydra. Size up Via, how powerful that future seeing is, and her personality in general.
No. 985640 ID: 322af8

Send in the troops first. Then go in after they clear the room of any visible dangers.
No. 985648 ID: 0eed73

Best to assess Via's abilities and see about a plan of action. If she can see the future, then a few extra minutes of planning wouldn't hurt.
No. 986444 ID: 6f7a5a
File 161187386961.png - (462.10KB , 657x858 , Pentacle159.png )

'What do we do, mistress?' Azzeki asks.

Yes, mistress is the right word,’ Kalez responds, ‘Just as I am mistress to you, Via Vardek was my mistress.’ Kalez takes a moment to consider, ‘Well perhaps not exactly as how I am mistress to you.
After giving Sezeda a moment to roll her eyes Kalez continues, 'Via Vardek first taught me magic; her guidance is the foundation of everything I know but I have surpassed her in all regards save one.'

None of the serpents understand anything of magic and as such remain silent.

Kalez continues, 'Divination. Through magic she can see anywhere, anytime, into people’s minds--those who lived hundreds of years ago or wouldn't be born for centuries. Nothing is outside her grasp. Even now she could be reading your darkest secret of crimes you've yet to even commit. She could see a thousand futures for anyone here and engineer the most painful outcome.'

'That's impossible! No one could have such power!' protests Azzeki.

'Impossible yes, but also true. I've doubted her in the past and was made the fool for it. However, even the greatest powers have limits. She could know or do anything I've mentioned, but she can't do all of it. Every minute she spends in the dreamscape to view the past, present or distant places is a minute she loses in the real world. In addition, she has no direct control of fate. Any action she takes based on new information can dramatically change the futures she has seen. Thus, she has to keep checking those futures to make sure her plans are intact. It's maddening, really.
‘Vardek tried to teach me but I didn't have the patience for it.'
Kalez admits, but keeps to herself the mind crushing enormity of understanding that made it impossible.

Szeda just shakes her head ’well I don't understand any of this . . .'

Kalez sighs. This is why she hates dealing with Via Vardek when it's so much easier just to avoid her.

It's a difficult question, what DOES Kalez do?
No. 986445 ID: 094652

Contemplate the heir needed to inherit your insufferable mentor's final secret. You know they are not among the fools circling your greatness, but for that you should be ashamed. You should have looked for a promising student long ago; however endangering a colleague would be to your power, such an ability is the epitome of all wisdom and to lose it forever is to fail the living you swore to protect.

Then turn your mind to less troubling thoughts, like the types of suitors Lylene would be willing to accept. Nothing too demanding, but see if the fool will follow a lead instead of wallowing in idiocy and perverted old men.
No. 986446 ID: 0fae41

Just spend a couple minutes stopping and starting various strategies and changing your mind, then bullrush her while she's busy trying to read the future.
No. 986447 ID: 10c07d

This. This is the galaxy iq play
No. 986448 ID: b1b4f3

Nah she'd predict that too.
Just go on in without any plan at all.
No. 986449 ID: 10c07d

That is true, changing my suggest to this
No. 986452 ID: dcf013

Go visit Via Vardek then. Perhaps she could give you some info on Vivian and how she's able to pull off the feats she does.
No. 986454 ID: 3aa06e

This but with a few touches. Be ready to make snap on the fly decisions without any foresight or planning on what to follow up with. At the same time, do not allow her to narrow down the potential possible outcomes, she's likely going to try and do various things that eliminate potential outcomes.

Be ready to do something she would never consider you to do. Something that might go against your very character or at least how she sees your character as.

Anything you or your allies can do that disrupts her "future sight" will also help.
No. 986461 ID: 322af8

No point in worrying about it. If shes already seen the future then you won't be able to change that. Go in quickly and try to find your hydra before getting out. If battle happens do your best.
No. 987663 ID: 8cf71e
File 161303273765.png - (571.33KB , 657x858 , Pentacle160.png )

Let's just go in and hope for the best she informs the serpents.

Kalez enters the room Via Vardek is here who ushers the scorpion closer with the motion of her hand and a rasping whisper 'my wayward *cough* pupil Zarcadia, I'm so *cough* happy you're here . . .' to someone who didn't know Via the words might sounds kind.

Kalez notes the two prismaticans on either side of Vardek as her grandsons Vadico and Vahejak, the two eye the golden scorpion in turn with an almost feral hatred yet make no sound.
Kalez scowls back 'I see you're still keeping these dimwits around'

Vardek adopts a wounded tone 'Dico and Jaki take good care of me . . . after you *cough* left me here'

Kalez caring none for the act retorts 'You're lucky I let you live, and if you just let me take my hydra back maybe I'll let you keep on living'

'not *cough* yet . . . I've been waiting so long *cough*, please sit with me a while' Vardek again motions for Kalez to come closer 'I was (cough) ab- *cough* about to do a *coughing* reading, you'll *cough* like this one' Via lies
Kalez has received countless "readings" from Via Vardek across a hundred years and never enjoyed a single one
No. 987664 ID: b1b4f3

Where's the exit? I don't see one.
Just go to the exit. See what happens if you refuse the reading.
No. 987667 ID: df76b1

You are in Rome, and when in Rome...

Diplomacy is running thin, but you're going to go along with it, because if things go loud, you'll have to kill everyone in this room.

Be regal, but be patient.
No. 987671 ID: 5b0071

Endure the old meddler. Just be prepared to cow your escorts into silence about what is about to transpire
No. 987672 ID: 10c07d

Play along and hope to get this over with without any violence.
No. 987679 ID: 2ad7db

Let her know you’ll sit with her once you see for yourself that the Hydra is safe and unharmed, don’t give in until you can confirm she hasn’t done anything to them.
No. 987723 ID: 05a075

Flip her table. She’ll never see it coming.
No. 987741 ID: 629f2e

If at any point in this interaction, we intend to become violent, she will always be a step ahead of us. The more time we take settling in, the more time we grant her to move her pieces into place to make her victory certain.

If we want to take the diplomatic route, then we need to stick wholly to it. By the time we decide to strike, it will be too late for us to win. If we want to fight, then we should strike early and strike hard.
No. 987747 ID: a59168

Tell her that you're only interested if she helps you with Vivian
No. 987778 ID: 0fae41

"Nope. 'Twas foretold that your guards would attack me while I was listening to your reading."
No. 988683 ID: 1d109c
File 161389226807.png - (538.81KB , 657x858 , Pentacle161.png )

Kalez looks around the room, she knows it should be a large chamber but tattered curtains block of most of it.

'thisss isss magic? how doesss painted wood know the futurre' Azzeki comments skeptically.

Kalez shushes the serpent and locks eyes with her former master 'I won't endure any of your drivel till you show me that my Hydra are unharmed!'

Vardek blinks feigning surprise but your hydra are already harmed *cough*, the sooner you listen the sooner you will be able to *cough* tend to them.'

'I'm not playing your games! show me my Hydra!' Kalez attempts to overturn the table, but it doesn't budge.

'oh! *cough* it looks like someone bolted the *cough* table to the floor' Vardek chuckles to herself 'why would *cough* anyone do that?'
Kalez hisses and glares at the ancient prismatican.

Vardek flips over a card '"A contest between thieves"' naming it 'Zarcadia Kalez and Garrin Veraki, desert thieves will find each other at odds, fighting for the same prize'

Kalez scoffs 'the meaning of these cards are not literal you senial old crone! you've forgotten your own game.'

Ever bemused Vardek just smiles 'have I?'

Kalez hates this, she always hated her masters games, hates feeling trapped. Kalez grits her chelicerae and tries to calm herself 'Garrin has ever been loyal to me, are you certain he wants something I have? The rogue Vivian Hearth might not the card instead refer to her?'

Vardek' infuriating smirk remains 'don't worry we'll get to Vivian Hearth, shall I continue?'
No. 988685 ID: b1b4f3

Fine. Let her continue. This almost seems like useful information. You can prepare for conflict with Garrin, or... find out what he wants, and if you can't both get what you want.
No. 988688 ID: e85a08

Just sit there silently and pretend to be bored.
No. 988690 ID: 10c07d

Just deal with the reading. If you sit through it we might get the hydra back without any violence.
No. 988701 ID: ca2950

Remember that if Garrin is going to betray you, it might be because you take action to prevent him from betraying you and he betrays you for it.

Happens all the time.
No. 988720 ID: a59774

The sooner we are done with her, the better. Besides, a little bit of future reading never does harm, as long as you don't get obsessed with it. It is as you said, it helps you see all posible posibilities in the future, not THE fututre.
No. 988722 ID: 322af8

Allow her to continue. As long as shes happy this might go without a fight.
No. 988771 ID: 3aa06e

Remember that she's possibly telling you this to engineer fate in her favor or against you. Simply take note of the information she tells you for later.

I suppose we can prod for other subjects for Via to look into, keep her distracted on the possible future of others rather than this potential confrontation. Allow her to continue while thinking of whose fates you'll ask about.
No. 988774 ID: 094652

Take detailed notes so you can forget her insufferable gloating. Offer one of your retinue as an 'intern' so she'll stop being so 'lonely'.
Remember, you intend to be the biddy old lady spouting mystic knowledge to dimwits one day. Find out if having a harem of fawning apprentices is preferred or reviled among the old, now rather than later.
No. 988935 ID: a59168

Perhaps the treasure that Vardek is referring to is the princess. If Garrin takes interest in princess Reefa, that wouldn't actually be bad. Because as long as she doesn't find out about Midas, it doesn't matter if you or Garrin has her. If this happens, the only thing you need to make sure is that Garrin takes her somewhere far away or something like that.

Anyway, tell Vardek to continue.
No. 989162 ID: 1d109c
File 161431828528.png - (420.76KB , 657x858 , Pentacle162.png )

Kalez mulls the the concept around, acting on Garrin's potential betrayal may be the exact thing to cause the betrayal Vardek wants, unless Vardek wants her to be defiant towards the prediction and not act on a suspicion she might normally feel, in which Garrin might betrayer her only if she does nothing. Kalez starts to feel a painful throb in her head and groans. 'Fine continue'
Vardek chuckles 'you don't have anything he wants, but he has something you want' she flips the card and names it '"Virgin Sacrifice"'

'Reefa Multero' Kalez concedes

Vardek claps her hands together in delight 'yes! YES! the crown princess, now you see'

Sezeda takes momentary interest'boo! I like thisss card better when it hasss the naked man on it' Kalez considers donating Sezeda to Vardek, all past donations have never been seen again so this idea appeals to the scorpion.

Kalez Glares at Vardek'you're the one who wants to hold the girl's beating heart in your hand not me! If Garrin can stop her from finding out about Midas he can keep her.'

Vardek sighs'. . . and Garrin could crown himself king'

Kalez is invested in defending her acolyte if only to counter her master 'Garrin is loyal to this cause! he desires nothing more than a taste of royal flesh, once he's had it the allure will be gone she'll be nothing more than a crooked toothed beanpole and he'll caste her aside like any other girl'

'he won't let her be sacrificed'

Kalez objects 'neither will I! That is not my plan! I won't kill her.' Kalez doesn't need Vardek to call the lie for what it is.
Vardek calls the lie anyways 'yes you will, of course you will, you need to, there's no other way for Midas to be crowned king'

Kalez is filled with doubt, her words are weak 'you don't decide the future . . .'

Vardek gives a motherly 'My dear Zarcadia, don't cry. destiny is liberating.'

Kalez fights back tears, and fights back memories of past horrors. while she still has the strength to fight she refocuses on Garrin 'he won't know'

Disappointment is clear on Vardek's face Kalez sees the temptation to torment her further, Vardek relents and answers instead 'unless someone tells him'

Hatred becomes Kalez you threaten yourself you stupid old crone! and for nothing.

'Ahahahaha *coughing*' Via Vardek cackles 'I wasn't talking about me telling him'
No. 989164 ID: 10c07d

“If not you then who?”
No. 989166 ID: b1b4f3

Who else knows about the plan? ...aside from everyone in this room, now?
Also why are you gonna kill the princess, exactly?

Wait, she said Garrin could be crowned king... maybe you could use that? Garrin's under your thumb now, you could keep it that way, even when he's king. Use him as a puppet king. He doesn't have anything you want *right now*, so let him have what he wants now in exchange for giving you something you want *in the future*.
That's the real way of using destiny to your advantage. Find victory in an inevitable defeat rather than struggling against it.

The alternative is to set up an ambush to kill or otherwise disable Garrin as soon as he comes back, so you can do what you want to the princess. That's probably the wrong move. Public opinion is against you already, do you really want to commit more crimes? Perhaps by allowing Garrin to marry the princess you could even get her on your side, somehow.

Also, obviously the third card is going to be the person that tells Garrin.
No. 989167 ID: e85a08

Trying to learn the future through Vardek seems unnecessarily risky.

Try instead to reverse engineer what she's telling you to discern her plans. If you follow her advice, who or what would most benefit?
No. 989168 ID: 10c07d

This seems like the smart way to go about things. Don’t let her get the best of you!
No. 989169 ID: 094652

Whether Garrin is killed off or becomes king, he'll point an army at the undead and that is where you need him. Any non-political enchantments preventing Midas from obtaining divine-class weapons while Reefa is alive can be worked around with careful hacking, which is what you're overtaxing the peasants for.
In short, do your job and don't listen to this predatory lobbyist.
No. 989183 ID: 629f2e

Let's make two assumptions:

1: The future isn't set in stone, and by knowing what lies ahead we are capable of changing it. We risk causing the exact predictions we wished to prevent, but we at least have the potential to steer away once knowledge of the path is granted.

2: We cannot prevent Garrin from being told about what will happen to Reefa. Even if we drastically alter our course of action to put Reefa in no harm, he could be given false information and act on it. Whoever betrays us to warn him will do so, and we lack the knowledge to prevent it. Since Garrin will be told, Garrin will betray us. This seems to be the basis of Vardek's divination. Even if she gives us a name, it may happen before we have a chance to intercept their acts.

So, what options does this leave us with? Let's go down the list:

1: Discard Garrin entirely. He is unreliable, and should be discarded.
-Pros: Straightforward, outcomes are easy to understand.
-Cons: Discards a valued minion, may cause significant problems if he escapes, definitely a case of us inciting the betrayal.

2: Persuade Garrin to stay loyal, grant him an incentive that may outweigh or invalidate whatever he's been told.
-Pros: Potential to keep Garrin, succeeding lets you tell Vardek that her destiny is to shove it up her fat ass.
-Cons: Potential to lose him anyway, working against fate is an uphill battle, you would have to make good on a generous offer for this to succeed.

3: Discredit the things he will be told, so that he has no motive to betray you.
-Pros: Potential to keep Garrin, cheap.
-Cons: Potential to lose him anyway, very very difficult since you won't know the exact details of what he will have been told, your charisma score is probably too low for this route anyways.

All in all, I think our best option is to try and persuade Garrin away from betrayal, while keeping as close an eye on him as we're able. It's very likely that we may lose him anyway with this choice, but it's a gamble that may be worth taking. Having Garrin is better than not having him, and he may be worth whatever fee it takes to keep him loyal. Even if that fee involves complicating your plan in regards to the royal family significantly. After all, you only have to make good on any promises if he stays loyal. And if he does, then that's one more piece you have on the board to maneuver around any tricky situations.
No. 989185 ID: 1ebee5

How about this. Tell him Reefa's safe if she's very far away. Omit what the threat is, or be very vague. Possibly play it off her capture as a desire to protect her. They elope. He gets the girl, she's out of the picture, somebody else has to take the seat of power.
No. 989189 ID: 86f392

Perhaps I should elaborate a bit.
He said you'd fight over the prize, which is Reefa.
However, that's a mistake. Your real prize is the rule of Midas.
Ergo, the fight is avoidable. Very much so.
Reefa is a big obstacle to the rule of Midas. However, your goal is simply to keep her out of the seat of power, so that Midas may take it.
If Reefa is very far away, maybe if she elopes to self-imposed exile or is forced to flee by "somebody" who lusts after her, the little game is avoided, as she will fail to take the seat of power.
Thus, if you, for example, tell "somebody" that a prophecy foresaw her death if she stays close to the seat of power, that the further away she is the safer she is, he'll have motive to get her to flee. Also to keep her away. Just omit that *you* are the threat. Though if he figures it out, a fight with you would still be tough, so tough that it'd still be easier to flee.
He gets what he desires. You get what you desire. If they break exile, well, as a fallback, their death still works.
No. 989193 ID: cd99b9

>>989189 >>989185
This is magnificent. Seconding this, especially the prophecy part.
No. 989201 ID: a59168

>the treasure is Reefa
Damn, I totally nailed that one.

"I suppose you wouldn't know the name of the person that informs Garrin then, would you?"
No. 989217 ID: 629f2e


That's not a bad plan. Actions speak louder than words, so if we go out of our way to show concern for the Princess' wellbeing, and take actions that wouldn't line up with whatever Garrin is told, he may decide that the rumor he's been told was a lie. Informing him that the prediction Vardek gave was that she'd die is especially clever, as it raises the stakes for going against you. Sure, you could be lying, but is he going to risk her life to determine that on little more than a hunch? Especially when your actions paint a wholly different story?

If we want to prevent a future in which Garrin works against us, this is looking like our best option. As with most, he could still choose to not trust us anyways. But if he's that insistent in not believing in us, then it was a lost cause trying to keep him loyal in the first place.
No. 989250 ID: 3aa06e

Consider this plan and continue with the reading. It'll give you peace of mind to think rationally so we can get what we came here for.

"I suppose the next card is who informs him...or is this the part where you keep that information a secret?"
No. 989251 ID: c96df6

Extra bit:
You could actually order him to flee with her. Help him get her far away. Let him borrow a ship, perhaps, as that would get them quite far.
No. 990764 ID: 1d109c
File 161552056358.png - (484.62KB , 657x858 , Pentacle163.png )

The King of Pentacles craves the princess's soul, even without divining she sense it.
He promises so much power just for one deed, Kalez won't do it for as tempting as the offer is the scriptures speak of resisting and clinging to what matters, To never give in. Kalez won't give in to Vardek, she'll achieve her goals her own way. Whether it is as simple as sending Garrin and the princess to the farthest corner of the world or some other way she'll make it happen.

Kalez centers herself and addresses Vardek'if not you than who?'

Vardek flips the card 'Liar's prison inverted: a truth speaker set free'
Kalez's immediate thoughts reach her mouth 'that's a new one'
Vardek nods in agreement 'it speaks of Daiqio Xietzu who will tell Garrin everything and beg for his aid'

Kalez scoffs 'My scribe? Laughable, she doesn't even know about Garrin let alone anything of value, and she couldn't find Garrin even she did'

Vardek Shrugs in her typical way ' . . . and yet through pure dumb luck she walks right into Garrin's lap . . . perhaps in more ways then one.'

Kalez focuses ignoring the tempting final comment 'I don't think so, she's under constant watch there's no way she can leave this city'

'Hopefully by more competent servants than the ones you brought here . . .'Vardek indicates to Sezeda, who's lost interest in the reading 'Heeyyy talll darrk annd danngerrousss, granny sssee me in yourr futurre ' she hisses as she cuddles up with Vahejak

Vardek smiles at this and licks her lips while staring at Sezeda, ' . . . but seeing as Xietzu been gone three days by now I imagine competence is in short supply among your household'

Pushing her embarassing serpent from her mind Kalez responds 'What nonsense are you speaking, do you mean in three days she will some how escape?'

'I mean what I say plainly, your scribe is gone she's with Garrin now' Delight fills Vardek's features.

'What!?' Kalez Exclaims

Via Vardek cackles with mad laughter'KREeAhaHAha! even now your Acolyte Nethaar races back to the castle to tell you what I'm telling you now! and it's more than just a missing scribe! it's so much worse!'
No. 990765 ID: b1b4f3

...and the final card is going to be you besieged by enemies, no doubt. Don't even bother letting her flip it over. Take it and look for yourself.
No. 990767 ID: e2dc7c

Defend your snake's honor! She just wants love and there is nothing wrong with that!
No. 990770 ID: 094652

Slap your mentor. However wise and prepared she may be, her bullying is a crass insult and a sign of true weakness; for all her power, all she can think about is how badly her life sucks and how to make your kingdom suck more.
Order her to get her head back in the game, and come up with a strategy that will mitigate this clusterfrack.
No. 990771 ID: 629f2e

The problem with people who can see the future is that no matter how much you want to hit them, you have to assume they've already seen the future where you try to do so.

Fun fact though: just because you see a future where you get beaten up doesn't necessarily mean you can prevent it. You may make different and smarter choices, absolutely, but you also might just fail.

What I'm saying is that your mentor has crossed the line, and is in need of some humbling herself. Though I would suggest opening with a spell rather than a slap, as it looks lamer to whiff a swing than it does to have a spell deflected. My personal spell choice would be swipe, you won't be out of luck if that gets deflected.
No. 990799 ID: e51896

Say you'd rather not look at the final card. You don't believe in destiny and make your own path.
No. 990984 ID: fcf226

So far, it'd be easy to prove/disprove, as well as deal with. You'd just have to call him up. Tell him you have to add a task. Should he see your scribe, he is to get her to arrive here. She may possess false papers placed to expose spies. Some sort of stuff like that.

However, that will have to wait. After the last card is the hydra. Get this over with. Put out the fires after.
No. 993022 ID: 1d109c
File 161665216142.png - (523.55KB , 657x858 , Pentacle164.png )

Kalez clenches her claws in frustration
she has left Vardek alone plotting in the shadows to long, her former master needs humbling-
mid thought Vadico hits her hard in a shin, the prismatican shakes his head indicating for her not to try what ever she was going to do.
She'll have to deal with the younger Vardeks if she wants to get to Via.

Kalez curses.'Damn you Via Vardek! I don't believe in destiny! I will make my own path! show me no more cards'
Vardek glares back 'YOUR path leads to annihilation, until you concede this point and are willing to obey my guidance I will show you the truth no matter how unpleasant'
No. 993023 ID: 1d109c
File 161665260240.png - (653.04KB , 657x858 , Pentacle165.png )

Before Kalez can respond Vardek flips the next card '"Treason in the streets", Nethaar will even use those words if you give him the chance'

Kalez groans 'What now? an army marching on my gates?'

'no . . . well at least no yet' Vardek smirks 'your acolyte comes bearing parchment, the words of a diviner intent on destroying all of us'

Kalez knows where Vardek is going with this and refuses to accept it 'There are no other diviners in this kingdom! and there never will be!'

I lied when I told you that, not that you have ever believed the lie' Vardek sighs 'you looked so hard to find one, to replace and destroy me.'

'yes! damn you witch! I wanted- I still want to kill you'Kalez seethes as she vents her long held hatred.

Vardek cackles again 'Khahaha but you couldn't find one strong enough! so you got desperate and you made your own!'

Kalez interrupts giving a name to her fear'that's impossible! Diavola Channler is dead! I killed her with my own claws!'

Vardek continues as if her former pupil had not spoken '-but there's the problem with diviners, just like me she saw you for you really are

Kalez paces and spits 'that disgusting minstrel is dead! ten years dead, I burned out her throat with searing oils, I tore out her tongue and stitched her lying mouth shut-

'your second attempt if I recall' Vardek adds.

the thought of handling a second diviner is nearly beyond Kalez -and then wrapped her with spiked chains hooked to her flesh and buried her in a mine I collapsed onto her, there's no way she's alive!

'indeed, A woman would need incredible foresight to survive such an ordeal' with that final comment a wide disgusting grin spreads across Vardeks sickly face.

Kalez can't handle anymore, she's at the brink, eight more cards are NOT happening, she either needs to concede to Vardek's visions of doom or stand defiantly against them
No. 993029 ID: b1b4f3

Don't be foolish. The entire point of divination is to gain information that can be used to steer your path away from disaster.
She is tormenting you, yes, but she is showing you this because apparently, she goes down after you do. Maybe what happens is that someone manages to cure the undead curse after you're taken out of power?

Tell her to give you guidance. Then take it with a grain of salt. Or maybe a mountain of salt. After all, she can lie about her divinations. She already did once, regarding there being no more diviners. That means she foretold Diavola Channler's coming, which means she predicted your actions. Did she plan so far ahead that she knew Diavola would lead to your downfall 10 years after her death? Yet, I suppose she wasn't able to see much further than that, and did not realize that your downfall would lead to hers. A Pyrrhic victory she was not able to accept.
So either she's going to help you avoid her fate and thus hers, or she's steering you into a different loss state that she can escape from. Knowing her "guidance" can help you decide which of those it is.
No. 993060 ID: 10c07d

Listening to the divination will give us invaluable information about the future that can guide our actions, it would be smart to let Via finish no matter how upsetting the news is. Perhaps Kalez should take a small break from the divinations to calm herself down a bit. We could pull one of our snake girls aside and they could help with that.
No. 993064 ID: 094652

Vardek has outed herself as a liar. Flip the remaining eight cards, but verify her claims with your spy network. You cannot trust the ramblings of a spiteful mastermind more than your own network.

You made a mistake, and gave a diviner to the undead. But Vardek sat back and laughed as you made it happen. You need to take more trust(but verify) risks, or your paranoid stagnation will only help your enemies.
No. 993082 ID: 629f2e


Information is tempting. Knowledge is power, so your gut instinct is to collect as much as possible.

But this information isn't like that. It's poison. Do you really think Vardek is telling us these things so that we can overcome it and win the day? How kind of her. No, that's not what this is about. If this was truly going to help us avert this fate, would she really be telling it to us outright?

I think she has some other agenda here. Off the top of my head, she vould be stalling us. If she holds us for just long enough, the first of her divinations may take place before we can act to go against them. Or perhaps she's preparing a powerful spell for the almost inevitable fight to wipe us out quickly. Forget stalling,.tje goal might just be to push our mental state to such a place that we make mistakes that lead to this future.

Via Vardek is not here to help us. She is not here to show us how to change fate. She wants this horrible future to take place so that she can hold her superiority above us, and we should act under the assumption that her actions are all in favor of such. Flipping over those 8 cards and hearing their meanings won't suddenly make out future better. That's too much information being controlled by this bitch, it carries an almost hopeless inevitability to it if we accept that listening to her is valuable.

We need to fight. Start throwing spells, and start paving a future that defies Vardek's predictions.
No. 993083 ID: 629f2e


Also, just gonna toss this out there:

Do you really want to spend the mext updates sitting here watching Vardek flip over cards, or do you want to get into a high-leveled magic duel with guards involved?
No. 993084 ID: f28e46

Pick up cards, rip them to pieces.
No. 993104 ID: cf481e

>I lied when I told you that, not that you have ever believed the lie
So she admits she'd previously lied?
"If you lied about that, how much have you lied to me about all this?
Why should I trust a word you say?
You just admitted you have motive to see me fall."

Whatever she says, DEFY HER.
She's admitted to your face that she'll lie. If it's at critical spots, it'd be worse to be misled.

Also, if you read a bit more deeply, there's somebody who sees the future besides your failed fabricated attempt.
You just failed to either get them, or they were all too weak.
Though if they were that good, they'd see how to avoid your clutches.

Last bit I'm curious about. Motives.
Why do you hate her?
Is it related to why she hates you?
No. 993122 ID: 322af8

Should probably demand your Hydra as that's why you're there. Then leave with said hydra.
No. 993262 ID: 3aa06e

Defy, you're not even going to consider 8 more readings unless you can see with your own eyes and feel with your own hands or claws that Via has your Hydra. Even then, these readings haven't helped us and won't help us if we just submit and accept fate.

She's admitted to lying, if Via has a solution to the futures she has mentioned it will only benefit her and her alone. The way she's delivering all this on top of you seems to be with the intent to break your morale, make you desperate for any solution: especially from her. What's to say that some of these futures are just bluffs, false threats meant to keep you paranoid and unsure of every action you take. It'll be easy for her to manipulate you if you're desperate to avoid a fate she foresees for you, real or not.
No. 993264 ID: e51896

Tell her that even if these predictions come true, she is only showing you the doom of the path you're heading down, and keeping you blind of all the triumphs, rewards, and other good fortune that you'll achieve just to scare and spite you.

Also let her know that even if you concede and change your ways by going down a different future, what is to say that the new path you decide to choose to avoid this path wont be far worse than the path you're currently heading towards now?
No. 993795 ID: 0eed73

This. Strategically, it's better to see the rest of the cards. Narratively, now's the time to flip the table, trade blows, and hope someone hot ends up naked.
No. 997565 ID: 1d109c
File 161929310828.png - (493.36KB , 657x858 , Pentacle166.png )

>Don't be foolish. The entire point of divination is to gain information that can be used to steer your path away from disaster.
>Listening to the divination will give us invaluable information about the future that can guide our actions,
>Flip the remaining eight cards, but verify her claims with your spy network.
Kalez stares the cards infused with divination they seem to grow larger in her mind,a long atrophied second sight compels her to gaze into them. she needs the knowledge
Vardek's knowledge.
The golden scorpion breaks her gaze from the cards for a moment and gazes instead into the face of her old master. A grin is spread wide across the ancient prismatican's face
'NOOO!' Kalez screams and swipes the cards off the table 'I'm done with your games! I'm done with your lies! give me my Hydra!'

Vardek attempts a calm response but the snarling anger she feels cannot be fully masked 'I lie only to protect you from your own stupidity!'

'Another lie, how many times have you lied to me before? can you even speak truth?' Kalez cannot revel in in Vardek's frustration, she desperately tries to keep her focus on the present.

'You don't want honesty you only want to be right, and you never are' Vardeks words rumble with a low growl

'All I want is my Hydra! Kalez gasps feeling great amount of pain in her head

'...and all I want is the princess,' Vardek's growling grows deeper, deeper than her withered frame should allow 'are we going to make a deal or are you going to do something very very stupid?'
No. 997566 ID: 10c07d

I say it’s time to do something stupid. Vardek can’t see our future attacks if she can’t see at all. Cast a scry ward around her to temporarily take away her sight of the room. (It works like that right?) Then before Vadico can react cast a point blank crystal barrage on him.
No. 997569 ID: b1b4f3

SHE wants the princess. Finally her true motivation is revealed. Vardek wants the princess so she can sacrifice her herself.

This is leverage. Use it. Make a deal. One that leaves enough wiggle room for you to use it to your own advantage. Or one that you can simply break.
No. 997572 ID: 094652

You are both acting like spoiled brats fighting over each others' toys. Leave her to her misery. Find the Hydra yourself.
No. 997578 ID: 629f2e


There's no way we're giving her that, and her ability to see the future means we can't even bluff it. Seems that we'll be doing something very stupid then.
No. 997632 ID: 322af8

Go for the Hydra. That's your goal. Have your guards go after the enemy guards around you. Battle is imminent.
No. 1000717 ID: 1d109c
File 162131323074.png - (525.67KB , 657x858 , Pentacle167.png )

Pain in the golden scorpion's head coalesces into the mass of traumas and manias, the dull pain she lives with every day.
A calming clarity emerges "I don't make deals with my inferiors!" She states

Kalez castes SCRYWARD on the room, As a counter it cannot be blocked! all future sight is prevented!
a glowing ward that seems to clear the air fills the room.

"I suspected as much." Via Vardek murmurs in irritation.

Kalez has defeated Vardek once before, she knows she can do so again.
No. 1000719 ID: 1d109c
File 162131353011.png - (581.05KB , 657x858 , Pentacle168.png )

With her many limbs Kalez can cast multiple spells a turn!

Dico Vardek seems dazzled and angry but ready to strike out
Kalez casts CRYSTAL BARAGE on Dico

Shards of energy blast into the Prismatican
Dico Vardek is blinded from his mindlinked foresight and is unable to predict the spell cast nor interrupt it

the knight cries out in surprise more then pain, his armour protecting him from most of the damage.

A Vardek will be acting next, brace for attack!

Can you guess the target(s),the type of attack, or the direction of the strike?
if you can guess correctly the target(s) will be better prepared to withstand the surprise strike

No. 1000721 ID: 094652

... You seriously wonder why she doesn't just scry her way to victory? There is so much context she doesn't know under the cover of a good information security system, yet she arrogantly acts like she's seen it all.

Okay I'm confused. So... Kalez was the one who mind-blinded Dico... who is Vardek's son? Or is Vardek a species name?
I expect Vardek to activate a physical trap, it's the one thing that will bypass all your magical defenses and blindside your pride between magic users.
No. 1000722 ID: 10c07d

I’m guessing an attack from Vahejak on Sezeda seeing how she’s apparently “cuddled up” with them at the moment.
I’m guessing it’ll be a panicked sliced with their hook hand or whatever weapon they’re holding. It should be easy to dodge if Sezeda knows it’s coming.
No. 1000836 ID: 322af8

I assume Via will attack Kalez with a magic attack from the front. She should brace for that.
No. 1000845 ID: 629f2e


Can you guess the target(s),the type of attack, or the direction of the strike?

I'm gonna be lame and guess these separately instead of making one specific guess of what will happen next, that way at least one of my guesses are more likely to be right.

The target will be Sezeda.
The attack will be magical.
The attack will come from behind.
No. 1001292 ID: 3aa06e

Guessing an attack from Via towards Kalez of magical nature. As far as we know, Via considers Kalez the biggest threat in the room. Our subordinates can tank a hit if we're wrong.
No. 1001438 ID: 1d109c
File 162173288863.png - (414.99KB , 657x858 , Pentacle169.png )

Azzeki cries out to her cousin "Sezeda watch that mean right hook!" and tosses her a shield

Sezzeda catches the shield and turns in time to block the strike from Jaki Vardek.
"I finally find a guys who'sss into me and I gotta kick hiss assss, I hate my life"

"If you lose on purpose again I swear to the gods I'll turn you into a pair of boots!" Kalez hisses

"Ugh, I WON'T" Sezeda groans and rolls her eyes

Kalez: Done
Sezeda: Ready!
Azzeki: Ready!
Lylene: Ready!

Select a single character to act!

No. 1001445 ID: 0fae41

Lylene: Strike Vadico for striking your duchess!
No. 1001446 ID: 10c07d

Dico dropped his weapon. Azzeki, quickly pick it up with your tail and use the blunt end to hit Via Vardeck in the side of the head to knock her out. It shouldn’t be too hard to knock someone of her age out quickly.
No. 1001448 ID: 629f2e

Vadico is disarmed, so he seems like an easy target at the moment. Lylene, deal with him.
No. 1002549 ID: 1d109c
File 162275327820.png - (545.18KB , 657x858 , Pentacle170.png )

Lylene falls upon Vadico in a flurry of flashing steel.

Unable block the younger Vardek's plate armour has to endure the attacks, a task it completes taking little more than scratches.

Vadico himself though largely uninjured is dazed and off balance from the repeated attacks, in addition a single strike tears a gash on his head that oozes oily black blood.

A Vardek will be acting next, brace for attack!
No. 1002550 ID: 10c07d

Vadico may try to reach out and grab something to rebalance himself. Lylene should make sure that something isn’t her bra which he could easily tear off.
No. 1002552 ID: 629f2e

Dico's probably going to need time to collect himself, so I suspect the next attack will be a magical strike from Via herself. Kalez seems the most likely target for her.
No. 1002560 ID: 322af8

Kalez should brace for a possible magical attack from Via. Seems like the most possible move seeing everyone else is currently reacting to being hit or has made a move.
No. 1003052 ID: 92c0f9

I think Via will attack lylene for her insolence on her allie
No. 1003860 ID: 9b127b
File 162433002417.png - (550.30KB , 657x858 , Pentacle171.png )

Vadico tumbles to the ground, at first seemingly against his will but descent turns into a fluid motion as he reaches the floor where his discarded pole-arm lies.

with and upward motions Dico stabs at lylene, the serpent dodges the strike aimed at her chest but loses a sword in exchange.

Kalez: Done
Sezeda: Ready!
Azzeki: Ready!
Lylene: Done

Select a single character to act!

No. 1003861 ID: 0fae41

Snake punch Vadico!
No. 1003863 ID: 10c07d

Knock his lights out!
No. 1003866 ID: 10c07d

Should probably clarify we want punch snake Azzeki to do the punching
No. 1003869 ID: 322af8

Sezeda take a swipe at Jadi with your weapon. Best to keep these attackers on the defensive as much as possible.
No. 1003874 ID: a8318a

Yeah it violates the normal turn order to suggest this but Sezeda and Azzeki pool your collective snakeiness and give Vadico a double uppercut, I would say give em a double wrapping but people here are already deadset on the punching idea.
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